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Playlist of Scab (band)

  • ~SCAB - Our Time~


    Der sechste Song vom Album Our Time von Scab.

    Sagenhafte Band.=)

  • Scab 1992-1994


    This video contains three Scab releases paired with live images I shot over a two or three year period of their existence. Scab was a band from Lafayette, Indiana, formed in 1992. They released a demo tape (last 4 songs in this video) with Dave Mason on Guitar (TFH, Advance, Tramlaw) Pat McClimans, Vocals (Advance, Tramlaw, Endpoint, Falling Forward, Metroschifter) Cody Herr, Bass and Rory Leitch, Drums (Ativin, Early Day Miners, Songs:Ohia). In 1993 they released a two song Cassette Single (1st two songs in this video). Josh Dawkins was now playing drums. In 1994 they released a 4 song 7 shortly before breaking up.

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  • Scab Baby - Happy Daze


    Artist: Scab Baby
    Album: II
    Released: 23.02.2019
    Record Label: Angry Dog Records

    SCAB BABY are a two-piece genre blending punk band from Wollongong’s Northern Suburbs. Beginning in mid-2017, the two boys (both named Tom) have quickly identified themselves as one of the area’s most electrifying live bands—playing more shows than most have hot dinners. The band has worked tirelessly up and down the East Coast of Australia supporting the likes of The Chats, Totty, Good Doogs, Voiid and Hoon, eventuating with an invitation to perform at the Yours & Owls Festival in 2018. 2019 brings the well anticipated debut album release of Scab Baby II.

    Directed by Jack Thepsourinthone and Scab Baby
    Filming and Editing by Jack Thepsourinthone

    Footage shot on location at Thirroul July 2018 and Rad Bar & Cafe February 2019

    Follow Scab Baby online:

    Follow Angry Dog Records online:

    Follow Jack Thepsourinthone online:

  • Scab Eater - Ultra Vires


    Symphony Of Destruction/NoPatience Records (2019)

    1. Intro / Indignant 00:00
    2. Prison Fix 01:38
    3. Stop Breeding 03:32
    4. It Gets Worse 04:55
    5. Flag Bearer 06:48
    6. Fervor 08:38
    7. Better Off 10:20
    8. They Speak In Every Tongue 12:01
    9. Die Quietly 13:55

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  • SCAB - Human Garbage 2016


    released April 1, 2016
    SCAB is a grindcore band from State College, Pennsylvania,USA.

    1.Chicken Skin Teddy Bear
    2.You've Got The Drip!
    4.Lord Lard
    5.Stabbed With A Squirrel
    7.Stool Sniffer
    8.Blunts Force Trauma
    9.Crotch Taffy (Final Harvest)
    10.You're Not Supposed To Drink The Water (Bong Threat)
    11.Tipped In Spit
    12.Benefacial To Your Health
    13.Pimple Assassin
    14.Innard Skynyrd (Home Sweet Hell)
    15.Christians Vs Dinosaurs
    17.Shinihilation: Round 1
    18.Skin Tag, You're It
    20.Force-Fed Finger Sushi
    21.Gut Breath
    24.Scatological Activities
    25.Lice Crispies
    26.Tranny Fluid
    27.TrashMan (The Limb Collector)
    28.Skum Gooch
    29.Post-Mortem Catnip
    30.Tannis Root Canal
    31.Dead Hands Dragging
    32.Lightbulb Snack
    33.Sir Vick's Cervix Service
    34.Fingered Blind
    36.Birth Burn...E.T. Set Free!

  • Scab


    Provided to YouTube by Fandalism

    Scab · Jane Doe


    ℗ IOP Music

    Released on: 2018-05-24

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Beverly Crusher - Scab - Live on Band in Seattle


    Beverly Crusher performs Scab for the TV/Web show Band In Seattle.

    Subscribe to the Band In Seattle channel for more music from great bands!

    More on Band in Seattle:

  • Dickdragger - Scab Baby


    Recorded live at The Old Bar for Pester The Fiesta 18/11/18

  • Scab Eater 2015-08-22 Essendon


    Scab Eater live at Essendon on Saturday the 22nd of August, 2015.

    Recorded by KingBean.

    Video: Canon HV30 → TDK miniDV (HD, TV mode [1/50 shutter speed]) → IEEE 1394 → HDV Split 0.77 (capture) → .m2t
    Audio: Sony ECM-DS70P → Rockboxed iRiver h320 (line-in @ 16bit 44.1kHz wav)
    Lineage: .m2t and .wav files → Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (editing, fades, audio sync) → .mp4 file → YouTube

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  • 03 Scab DENT Device EP


    The Device EP was DENT's second CD release (1998). The EP had six songs which included a no name bonus track which the band cheekily referred to as Bone us. So much time was spent playing shows to support the first CD that DENT didn't make much time for writing new material. The release of an EP was in due to budget constraints and DENT's fans thirsting to hear more.

  • SCABS - Demo CS


    This is a rip of a self-released cassette from the Scabs. Put out in 2011, and considering that they’re yet another NWI punk band, it’s no surprise that not many of this cassettes were put out. It’s a real treasure, considering how great each track is. Scabs is, straight up, a punk band. No “hardcore” prefixes or fancy crossover/hybrid genres, just some grody punk. The female vocalist sounds both disinterested and angry enough to match the pop-esque, energetic music. The rip itself isn’t so great, but hey, you gotta make do.

    Peeping Tom - 0:00
    Funeral Home - 0:45
    This Is My Home - 2:01
    Pervert - 3:37
    Negative Ten - 4:15
    Homophobic Faggot - 5:53
    Dead Dog - 7:23

    If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.

  • Scab Eater - Ultra Vires


    Scab Eater - Ultra Vires. LP, 2019.

    Track List:
    1. Sewer Slam / Indignant
    2. Prison Fix
    3. Stop Breeding
    4. It Gets Worse
    5. Flag Bearer
    6. Fervor
    7. Better Off
    8. They Speak In Every Tongue
    9. Die Quietly

  • The Life of Experiments by Dirt Scab Band


    Homemade video for Life of Experiments by Dirt Scab Band.

    Visit for more.

  • Scab Eater - Scab Eater


    Scab Eater - Scab Eater EP 2015
    01.Constant Future 00:00
    02.Red Eyes 02:03
    03.Caged Life 04:27
    04.Uprooted 06:03
    05.Wasteland 08:19
    06.Distraught 09:50
    hardcore punk band from Melbourne Australia

  • SCAB - Sounds From The Sewer 2015


    released 13 March 2015
    SCAB is a grindcore/crust/d-beat band from State College, Pennsylvania/USA.

    1. Amniotic Sacrifice
    2. We'll Give You Hearing AIDS
    3. B.T.B.T. (Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow)
    4. Gorged
    5. Dead By Deaf
    6. Human Claw Machine
    7. Sex Pig...If There's A Bill, There's Way
    8. Krokodil
    9. Worm Feast
    10. Helicopter Rage
    11. Jager Bomb Squad
    12. F.O.R.P. (Hammered & Screwed)
    13. Tale Of The Pale Exposer
    14. Staple Gun Succubus
    15. Placentipede: Part I (After Birth)
    16. Placentipede: Part II (After Death)
    17. Staring Down The Barrel
    18. Inbred & Butter
    19. City Of Piling Guts
    20. Rodent Beverages
    21. Shit Spit
    22. Unlimbed

  • Scab Addict - Sick And Suffering 2017


    Scab Addict - noisecore band from Ithaca, New York, USA


    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.

  • Scab - Demo | ©1992 Lafayette, Indiana


    0:00 Taken
    2:46 Mold
    6:25 Go Ahead
    8:58 paper chains

    Good local band from Lafayette, Indiana. We would travel from Logansport to neighboring towns to skateboard during the early 90s. Through the skate scene we became friends with these guys and another band from Lafayette named blue. Skating around Purdue campus, hanging out and seeing local great bands and going to underground raves are some of my favorite memories. I thought I'd share the demo since it hasn't been uploaded to youtube yet. I used to have the ac/dc black in back SC/AB shirt, but is long gone. I do still have my 6th and new york scab shirt though. Eventually I'll get my podcast up and running and talk about those good old days. If you happen upon this video and want to share some stories about Indiana local bands, the skateboarding and underground rave scene drop a message or comment

  • SCAB - SunnyDays


    SCAB - Sunny Days

    Copyright @
    Fs Location - Red Corner Festival 2009
    Scab Band

  • German Punk-Rock Band, SCAB in East Germany


    Traveling through East Germany with the German punk-rock band No Opinion, we saw this band SCAB

  • Scab Live @ Morton CC Lafayette, Indiana 1994


    Scab Live Morton CC Lafayette, Indiana 1994

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  • Scab On My Brain


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Scab On My Brain · Rkl

    Rock N Roll Nightmare

    ℗ Epitaph

    Released on: 2008-08-19

    Artist: Rkl

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Golem - Visceral Scab / Mutilated Organs


    Golem -- Visceral Scab 7 EP 1992
    Label: Cannibalized Serial Killer Records

    A: Intro / Visceral Scab
    B: Intro / Mutilated Organs

    Cult release by this german Death Metal Project! Deathgrind at its best!

  • Low Gear - 3. Scab Lab


    This is off the album Siktunes by my favorite Dallas/Ft. Worth band Low Gear featuring my friend Rojo Johnson.. The band has a new line up with a new album soon to come.. Go like them on Facebook...

  • The Rolling Scabs - Were The Scabs


    The Rolling Scabs were a short-lived punk group fronted by two 11/12 year old boys. The group played several gigs in and around San Francisco in 1988. They weren’t brothers, but they acted like it, they were best friends, and were born the same day on the same year.

    One of the kids, Giuliano, died two years later, crushed by an elevator when he was horsing around in an abandoned building in Connecticut.

    The scabs first ever gig was at the legendary punk haven The Gilman Street Project in Berkeley. A cassette board tape of this was released by band member Li’l Mike on a limited edition of 500 7-inch EP on pus-colored vinyl.

  • Tom Dirtty Music - Scab


    Acoustic Original by TomDirttyMusic.
    Please Subscribe:

    ©2015 TomDirttyMusic

  • Six Cents - Skab


    Music video from the Sacramento punk band Six Cents.

    Six Cents/Pete's 9mm Rec Hords
    Guitars, Vocals: Crow Witchel
    Bass, Vocals: Danny Stewart
    Drums, Vocals: Jim Webster
    Guitar, Vocals: Mike Attilano
    Dead Guy: Pete Mannino

  • Orion Velvet - Scab Baby


    Orion Velvet - Scab Baby
    Recorded live at The Old Bar for Pester The Fiesta 18/11/18

  • Have a Good Season - Scab


    Have a Good Season perfrom Scab from their Decemeber 1st set at 4333!

    Check out more from the band!


    Want more? Stay in touch with us!

    Filmed by: Zack Rosfjord and Jayce Williams
    Edited by: Ed Wilkinson
    Audio: Jack Meidel and Stephen Kummer
    Lights: Ian Bley

    Want to collaborate? Interested in doing a live session? Want to join our mailing list?

    Email us at:

  • Scab - Disfigure It Out


    Band: Scab
    Album: Disfigure It Out
    Year: April 2017
    Genre: D-Beat/Crust Punk/Grindcore
    Format: Digital
    Label: Do It Yourself
    Country: State College, Pennsylvania
    Download it from Bandcamp:

    01 - Pound For Pound (Flesh & Bud)
    02 - Fart Murmur
    03 - Face Sled
    04 - Pig Shit Burial
    05 - Attack Of The Sun Worms
    06 - Exhaustdead
    07 - Salmonella Wafers
    08 - A Fine Collection Of Skin Luggage
    09 - Excrementally Challenged
    10 - Already Been Chewed

    Contact and more info:
    -- Scab --

    -- Pirate Crew Records --

  • SCAB - EPK 2008


    Electronic press Kit of the German band SCAB.

  • LACERATION- Scabs Demo 1992FULL DEMO


    Scabs Demo 1992
    Track List:
    1. Crown Of Thorns 6:21
    2. Winter Solstice 3:27
    3. Mammaliferous Earth 3:30
    4. Scarification 4:29

  • SCAB COMA - Skinhead


    Québec City Oi!

    - video upload powered by

  • Scab


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Scab · Dave Hoffheimer Band

    Dressing Room

    ℗ HoffRecords

    Released on: 2016-11-28

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Scab Eater // Abject Flesh demo 2013


    1 // Sewer Slam 2 // Living Death 3 // Pound of Flesh 4 // Wasteland // 5 Gluebag Suicide 6 // Caged Life 7 // Distraught 8 // Unplug ////// hardcore punk Melbourne AUS

  • S.C.A.B. - Chartreuse


    Debut single for the NYC post-punk band S.C.A.B. & their upcoming album

    Stream on Spotify / Apple:

    #scab #chartreuse #postpunk

  • Johnny Dole And The Scabs - Aggro


    Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1977:

    Johnny Dole And The Scabs' promo-video for the track 'Aggro'.

    Note: Johnny Dole And The Scabs were Sydney's first punk band. The track 'Aggro' received play on Sydney's Double J, but was not officially released at the time. This promo-film was directed by Peita Letchford, a student at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). This film was unearthed thirty years later at the AFTRS archive. A very special thank you to Greg Morris for so generously passing on a copy of this film to me, as well as, the audio.

    Artist Origin: Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Artist Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Release Date:
    Chart Position:
    Produced by:
    Featured on:
    Footage Information:

    Artist(s) link:

    This video is not owned by this channel, and is only featured on this channel for historical, educational and entertainment purposes.


  • SCAB ADDICT - Worship Monsters 2016


    SCAB ADDICT - Noisegrind/harsh noise band from Ithaca, New York,USA.

    1.Friday The 13th Date Night Ends With Obvious Deaths
    2.Bogus Theory Of False Beer
    3.Cocktail For The Massacre Party
    4.Get Stabbed Poser
    5.The Song That Tanked Razorback Records
    7.Your Ears Quit on You
    9.Sissy Chapstick
    10.A Kaiju Stomped On Your Uncles Grave
    11.Worship Monsters
    12.Bullshit Jazz Interests
    13.Songs About Excrement
    14.Gut Puke Up From The Wine Night
    15.How Will I Know I'm Good Enough
    16.End of A Noyance

  • Pissin In The Wind by Dirt Scab Band @ Sipsey Tavern


    Short clip of the Dirt Scab Band performing Pissin' In The Wind at Sipsey Tavern in Five Points in Birmingham, AL on July 2nd, 2011.

  • S.C.A.B. - Patterns


    Full album coming out January 2020 on Spirit Goth Records:

    S.C.A.B. Spotify


    #scab #patterns #lofi

  • SCAB COMA -Dans la Rue


    Québec City Oi! Band Tribute To The Herberts..( All Right Reserved To The Band) EnjOi!

    - video upload powered by

  • Scab


    I wrote the thing on guitar, but only had my mandolin with me to Ireland cause that’s what i could fit in my bag and on top of that, I’m still working the whole thing out. Anyway, it could be better is what I’m saying, but it was my last day over there and you know, when in Dublin and so on. Also: I’m bad at everything. There, I think that’s enough disclaimers to cover the bases.

    My heart’s a scab
    I keep on picking at
    Trying to get through
    To something true
    Maybe to you

    My heart’s a scab
    I keep on picking at
    The buildings and cars
    Consumers and shopping carts
    Callus my dream
    But luckily for me
    Rose light glistening
    In Douglas fir trees
    Reminding me
    That maybe...
    I don’t know just maybe...
    Did you ever stop to think that maybe...
    I’m digging to you

    My heart’s a scab
    I keep on picking at
    Got nothing to do
    But gnaw and chew
    Trying to get through
    Through tendons and sinew
    All the way down...
    To you

  • SCAB BABY @ Rad Bar | Dusty Toothbrush Promo


    Scab Baby performing a few at Rad.

    Filmed by Lochy for Dusty Toothbrush Promotions. 25-01-18

  • Screech Rock - Baby, Youre a Scab


    Travellers Aid Trust, 1988

  • Scab live at 924 Gilman St 7/1/17 - Blue, Indeed


    San Francisco Bay Area Indie/Alternative Band

    Contact us at

  • Emo-Scab Lixx


    This is a cover of Blink's Emo a Dude Ranch song, which is the second studio album by the American rock band Blink-182. Recorded at Big Fish Studios in Encinitas, California with producer Mark Trombino, the album was released in the United States on June 17, 1997, jointly through independent label Cargo Music and major label MCA Records. MCA signed the band in 1996 following moderate sales of their debut Cheshire Cat (1995) and growing popularity of the trio in Australia. Dude Ranch was the band's final recording released on Cargo and their last with original drummer Scott Raynor before he was dismissed from the band in 1998 and the last to feature their full original lineup.

  • The Black Lips ! Time of the scab


    Garage Flower Punk /// The Black Lips have a reputation for crazy live shows that have included vomiting (Cole's medical condition), urination, nudity, band members kissing, electric R.C. car races, fireworks, a chicken, and flaming guitars. The frequency of the group's outrageous stage antics has declined, as they claim to have matured a little bit.

  • Chasin Time by Dirt Scab Band @ Sipsey Tavern


    Short clip of the Dirt Scab Band performing Chasin' Time at Sipsey Tavern in Five Points in Birmingham, AL on July 2nd, 2011.

  • Muscle Vest Scab @ New Cross Inn, London 17/7/19


    Muscle Vest Live at New Cross Inn, London, 17 July 2019

  • 05 Scab City


    Cleveland hardcore

    -uploaded in HD at

  • HORSEHUNTER scab eater aus tour 2015 sunshine coast


    HORSEHUNTER are relatively a new band slaying their way out of melbourne playing at advanced studios, these guys are a definitely a band to keep an eye on and watch them blow up over the next year



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