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Playlist of Rounded SHOULDERS workout

  • Forward Head Exercises to Fix Forward Head Posture


    Here are five forward head exercises to fix ugly forward head posture and prevent long term spinal damage.

    Click Below for the Forward Head Posture Self-Test:


    No one wants to have poor posture. Droopy shoulders, forward head, hump back...not a pretty picture or a picture of health for that matter. These Forward Head Exercises to Fix Forward Head Posture will help to fix your posture by building up your upper back, neck and rear shoulder muscles.

    Stand taller, improve ugly head posture and upper crossed syndrome and have healthier shoulders by doing these two posture correction exercises!


    #1 Program to FIX Ugly Forward Head Posture

    FREE Report: 3 Best Ways TO IMPROVE Your Posture

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  • Yoga ~ Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Health - Full Class - Pain Discomfort Stress Relief


    DVD, add to cart: - 2 full classes on one DVD disk.
    Free download:

    YogaYak presents Michael Riel leading you through a one hour yoga flow designed to release those hard-working neck and shoulder muscles as well as loosening the related muscles and joints through the whole body. This class is designed to decrease headache and shoulder pain as well as increase awareness of how the whole body interrelates. Using twists, strength building postures and backbends, this class will help you bring circulation to your body after a long day.

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  • Super Hot Sunny Mornings | Lower Body Conditioning | Sunny Leone


    Watch the 'Lower Body Conditioning' routine from Super Hot Sunny Mornings featuring Sunny Leone.

    Super Hot Sunny Mornings has been designed by Mickey Mehta with Sunny Leone to share with everyone the secret to Sunny’s fabulous film star body. It features Sunny Leone sweating it out with some amazing workouts to give you a toned and healthy body.
    The workouts are simple, mostly equipment free and can be done at home, in the office, at the gym or just about anywhere. Follow it regularly and watch all those extra calories just burn away as your body transforms.

    Workouts designed by Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta & Sunny Leone.

    Directed By
    Sunny Arora

    Production House
    Marinating Films Private Limited

    Shoot Location
    JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai.
    Sun n Sand Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai

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  • Yoga Morning Heart Expanding Practice ~ Intermediate Yoga Class ~ Full Length 49 minutes


    Latest info:

    Yogayak presents Dagmar from Montezuma Yoga and in our first HD production. Shot on location, very close to the beach, in Montezuma Costa Rica

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  • Breathing for Singers - Part 3: Breathing Exercises



    This is the 3rd part of the series Breathing for Singers. Make sure to watch the Part 1 and the Part 2 before going through this video.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    There are two things that every singer needs to acknowledge: Endurance and Strength. Endurance will allow you to go the distance and to have stamina during the concert. Strength is the power and the energy, it's also called Resistance. The main idea is to keep the body active and responsive, otherwise, it is weak and would not react in the desired manner.

    Endurance could be running, biking, fast walking. And Strength is resistance exercises and training. Either one should never exhaust the body. As long as you are doing the right movement without forcing your muscles, there is balance and the body will react in a good way. Many trainers worship exhausting their clients, but I object. There is a difference between feeling tired and feeling like you're going to lose it. So try to be objective and know when you need to stop.

    The same applies to the exercises below. You may practice them on a daily basis as long as you do not feel that you're about to lose it.

    Place your hand below the sternum. This area is where you will feel the breath cycle.
    The breath cycle is the Inhalation & Exhalation; they come as one entity. One breath means Inhalation + Exhalation, so they are never really disconnected from each other. The area below your sternum represents your diaphragm. We do not control it but we let it do its job; taking air in and out. Many use the word control, but in reality, we shouldn't. We let the body do this for us by simply commanding the brain to execute the task.

    THE S
    Keep your hand on the sternum and breathe in by means on A from the mouth, then immediately exhale on an S, slowly, without forcing the air out. Repeat for 4 to 6 times.

    Keep in mind that the S comes from the sternum (in your hand) and should not be forced from the throat nor the mouth. This exercise will help you balance yourself and put yourself back into place just when you're about to sing. This S breathing is exactly what happens physically when you are singing, except that instead of singing on S you are singing on words and lyrics.

    I find this exercise really useful because it reinforces the abs and the diaphragm. In other words, it develops Strength. Your abs are entirely supporting your structure. Watch out for your back and your lower back, that should remain inactive. It is also good if you are looking to develop abs muscles, so you're a winner twice!

    Get in a prone position on the floor supporting your weight on your toes and forearms. Your arms are bent and directly below your shoulders. Keep your body straight at all times and hold this position as long as possible.

    If you have never done this exercise before, it may seem wiser to hold it for 15 seconds, doing 3 to 5 sets. With time, you will be able to hold this position for up to 1 minute, or even more. Be patient!

    This exercise will not only develop Endurance, but also Resistance because you are holding your breath in and out. This will train your body to maintain a position in place, which is useful when you are singing for long periods of time.

    Lie down on your back, lift your knees to not hurt your lower back. Your chest is elevated/straight, and your shoulders are rested with your neck and head (in a resting position).

    Breathe in on a count of 4.
    Hold on a count of 4.
    Exhale on a count of 4.
    Hold on a count of 4.

    With time you can add up to 8 counts. But be reasonable and patient. Never exhaust yourself.

    The Acrobat is similar to the previous exercise, but with a more advanced technic. This one will not only develop Resistance, but will also train the diaphragm to react to singing.

    Sit down straight. Place one arm on top of your head (any arm), then direct your upper body to the opposite side while exhaling. Once you reach a 35-40 degree angle, exhale as much as you can then hold this position without breathing in. Hold as much as you can then breathe in deeply while going back to a straight position.

    You may do this exercise up to 2 or 3 times in order to regulate and awake your abdominal structure.

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  • How to futureProof your body with Myodetox executive Nick Lo


    This week we learn how to ‘FutureProof our body’ with the COO and physiotherapist at MyoDetox - Nick Lo. Nick is a movement specialist who stays curious about all facets of life and Is an abundance of knowledge in both entrepreneurship, movement and philosophy. The two talk about how he has helped to scale Myodetox into a multinational movement and highly successful enterprise. Breaking points along the way, and mindsets throughout this ongoing journey. The two also expand on their thoughts around physical performance in an extremely insightful and high-level conversation on this week's podcast.

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  • How to Improve Breath Support for Singing - Apply it CORRECTLY!


    How to improve breath support for Singing - make sure you apply it CORRECTLY in your songs! We will review breath support, including exercises, and how to apply it to your songs. Some people call this singing from the diaphragm although this terminology is incorrect. You will learn about appoggio and how to build breath support for singing into your daily practice habits which will make your singing easier and more fun.

    I highly recommend that you watch my video, *Supporting the Voice (Breath Support) - CLEARLY & CORRECTLY explained - FINALLY! that goes into great detail about breath support.

    I have taught thousands of singers in all styles for 29 years, and have studied voice for 41 years! I always explain everything in everyday language, besides being entertaining! My videos give you quick fixes as well as long term solutions. SING BETTER NOW! Follow Victoria’s Victorious Vocal Tips!

    Here are my other videos that I recommend to be able to apply support:
    Posture & Body Alignment for Singing - Sing Better Now!

    Breathing (Inhalation) for Singing

    Helpful or Hype? Lip Trills - Exercises, plus Alternatives!

    This is Video #32 of Victoria's Victorious Vocal Tips. I have many performance videos posted as well, with music ranging from classical to pop. Also included are highlights of some of my students. Subscribe to my YouTube channel:

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  • Breathing for singers Part 1 - Observing your body


    I'd like to make some short videos about singing and techniques. I'm very much a believer in the extreme importance of understanding our body, as our body is our instrument. This first video will cover some breathing observation and hopefully give you a little bit to work on. The next video will cover some excercises to apply these breathing techniques.

    visit my website for more info and to book your one on one lesson!

  • Classical Guitar Technique Lesson for Beginners: Posture, Technique, and Hand Positions


    How to hold the classical guitar and position your hands. Classical Guitar Technique Lesson for Beginners. Learn classical guitar posture, technique, and hand positions.

    This is a basic technique tutorial for students of classical guitar and a general guide on how to play classical guitar. This lesson is focused on basic technique, posture and sitting positions as well as left and right hand positions for classical guitar. This is an excellent beginner lesson but also a very useful review for intermediate classical guitar students. Just remember that this is a reference for guitar and not necessarily how you will sit. Everyone's body is different so you'll have to experiment to see what works for you. However, as a basic reference these photos should guide you in the right direction. Sofia is one of my students. She posed but also helped with the photography and concepts. - Bradford


    Classical guitar lessons in Victoria, BC:

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  • how to get big rounded shoulders


    this video will demonstrate a great workout to get big, wide, and rounded off shoulders. A key link to the aesthetic physic is to have a large shoulders and this workout will target your key shoulder muscles in getting that wide look you are looking for!

    copy right notice:
    i do not own ANY songs i upload unless i specifically say that i own the video or song being used.
    if you want a video that belongs to you to be taken down please by all means message me
    i only upload videos for entertainment purposes only i do not make any profit from doing this.

  • Forward Head Exercises to Correct Posture


    Click Below for the Forward Head Posture Self-Test:

    How to STOP Ugly Forward Head Posture

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    The best forward head exercises to correct posture and prevent unnecessary strain, pain and damage to your spine. These exercises will help you stand taller, look leaner and stop your spine from aging too fast or developing ugly texting neck.

  • How to improve your posture! 3 physical therapy exercises!


    Strengthen your back with this 3 exercises taught to me by my physical therapist! If you are in the Haverhill, MA area book an appointment with Mark Messinger of Messinger Chiropractic! He’s one of the best doctors out there to help with any physical body issue.

  • Proportion; Narrow Shoulders in 5 Days ✧ subliminal


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  • Build Boulder Shoulders With This Workout


    ◢ Big, round delts make good bodies look great. And strong, functional shoulders make your good lifts even better. Here's how to trains his shoulders for boulder size and strength!
    ◢ Today's shoulder workout is going to be a lot of fun.
    ◢ There are only seven exercises in this workout, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. It's your responsibility to keep the intensity high. Nobody is going to build your dream physique for you.
    ◢ Focus just on your lifts and building your best self. That's how you find success.
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  • Adarsh Williams - 聰明練習:後彎


    Adarsh Williams
    2017/8/5-9/3 200小時師資培訓課程

    此 200 小時師資培訓課程都將引領你打下穩固的根基 。





    * 熟悉如何教授 5 種獨特的體位法排序,包括傳統八肢瑜珈、現代體位串聯法與瑜珈療癒
    * 對瑜珈技巧、理論與哲學的廣泛理解
    * 密集練習之經驗
    * 專業度與個人成長
    * 台灣 SPACE YOGA 結業證書
    * 美國瑜珈聯盟 (Yoga Alliance) 200 小時師資培訓認證


  • Tai Chi - Basic Stacking & Alignment


    At the heart of our study of Tai Chi, is the study of 'how we move' - with the intention of taking care of ourselves. The first key element in this is our basic alignment. In Tai Chi we accomplish comfortable proper stacked body alignment without the use of excess tension. Shoulders over hips, hips over knees, knees over feet. Allow the body to feel as if you are standing in water. The body moves just like the breath and circulation, smooth & continuous. Notice the importance of the foundation, the feet and legs, in particular. No leaning, to tilting. Allow the body to find its comfort ease and stability.

  • How to get broad back and shoulders



  • perfect posture


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  • Grounding Afternoon Yoga Practice ~ Full Length Intermediate Class ~ 45 minutes


    Latest info:

    Dagmar from Montezuma Yoga, and was filmed on location, very close to the beach, in Montezuma Costa Rica. This is an intermediate class.

  • Yoga with Alex- SLIM WAIST FLOW -


    An easy beginners series flow targeting how to warm up and keep a slim waist, strong core, abdominal strength and tone!

    Video by B Wong

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  • singing exercises breathing for singers or, finding the back


    This video show how to find the back and how to learn to breath into the back. The full power of the voice will be determned by your ability to use open the back.

  • Insight: Ballet glossary - arm positions


    Romany Pajdak, Royal Ballet First Artist, demonstrates arm positions.
    Ballet uses strictly defined positions through which most arm movements travel. There are five basic positions: first, second, third, fourth, fifth.

    Read more:

    First position: Both arms are held out in front of the body at approximately
    80 degrees, maintaining rounded elbows and an oval shape, sloping down a little from the shoulders.
    Second position: Both arms are held out to the sides to form a strong horizontal,
    but with a slight slope downwards from shoulders to wrist.
    Third position: One arm is held forward in first position, the other is held to the
    side in second position.
    Fourth position: One arm is held to the side in second position, the other is raised
    up, slightly in front of the head.
    Fifth position: Both arms are raised up high almost vertically, but held slightly
    forward of the head.

  • May 14 Bakasana


    Open your hips and shoulders and practice the balancing Crane pose!

  • Rear Delts - Bodybuilding, Fitness, Training, Workouts


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Rear Delts - Bodybuilding, Fitness, Training, Workouts · MyBodyBeats, Dave Palumbo

    Shoulders With Dave Palumbo

    ℗ 2009 MyBodyBeats

    Released on: 2009-11-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 20 Minute Upper Body Workout Videos by ExerciseTV


  • Your best sitting posture is your NEXT posture!



    Our videos are for educational purposes only. When watching our videos, please use common sense to reduce and avoid further injury or pain, please check with your health practitioner before starting or changing your current program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk. Bostock Institute will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our videos or information shared on our website. This includes emails, videos and text. We thank you for your understanding.

  • What is the Only Word You Need to Know about Nithyananda Yoga #Nithyananda #Kailasa


    Understand! The first word and last word on fitness through Nithyananda Yoga is p.r.a.c.t.i.c.e. First word and the last word is p.r.a.c.t.i.c.e. I tell you, at least, there is one million Yogic Scriptures in Sanatana Hindu Dharma’s Veda- Agamic Tradition. Yoga in all Sampradayas: Adi-Shaivism, Lakulisha Shaivism, Pashupata Shaivism, Kaula Shaivism, Smira Shaivism, Baudham, Samanam, Tantram, Aghoram, Vaishnavam, Saktham, Sauram, Gowmaram. In all Sampradayas of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, at least we have one million Yogic Scriptures. Please understand, not for any arrogance or pride, i have distilled the essence, the best of the best of the one million Yogic Scriptures and compiled it and offered it to all of you in the form of Nithyananda Yoga. All the best thing makes you fit to manifest the State, Space, Powers and Being of Paramashiva. Let me define fitness, fitness means having body, mind, consciousness fit to manifest Oneness with Paramashiva, Paramashiva’s State, Space, Powers and Being is fitness. This is the definition of fitness as per Paramashiva: Having a system, complete system to manifest the State, Space, Powers and Being of Paramashiva is fitness and that fitness through Nithyananda Yoga is simply possible.

    Original Satsang ( 10 Nov 2018 ) :

    Have a SuperConscious Breakthrough in Your Life - Learn More :

    Main Channel :

    Register & Receive the Most Initiation for a Shaivite (Worshiper of Lord ParamaShiva)

    The Revival of the Enlightened Ecosystem - Shri Kailasa, The Abode of Paramashiva. The Only & Greatest Hindu Nation.

    Learn More about the Avatar's Upbringing :

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    This Youtube Channel is a Space for Sincere Seekers and for People who Respect Sanatana Hindu Dharma and The Guru Parampara (The Guru Disciple Realtionship). It is a Sacred Space where we enquire into the truth of My Guru's Teachings and the Scriptures of Hinduism. All comments expressing Gratitude or share a sincere question without any form of abuse will be appreciated, respected and answered (in comments or other videos). All abusive comments will be removed and if users spam abusive comments on various videos their right of posting comments will be removed completely as they will be blocked from this channel permanently.

  • Cable Flyes With Decline Push-Ups - Bodybuilding, Fitness, Training, Workouts


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Cable Flyes With Decline Push-Ups - Bodybuilding, Fitness, Training, Workouts · Tanji Johnson, MyBodyBeats

    Chest and Shoulders With Tanji Johnson

    ℗ 2009 MyBodyBeats

    Released on: 2009-11-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Shoulders Right round


    Shoulders - Right Round

  • Alumni Webinar Series | Episode 9: Alexander Technique & Self-Care


    Boston Conservatory at Berklee alumna Holly Cinnamon leads a class through concepts of Alexander Technique and tips for engaging in self-care within your space.

    Holly is currently offering online classes on AT through her business, Teaching Presence. For more information, visit:

  • Healthy Body Basics: How To Improve Your Standing Posture


    Have you thought about your posture lately? We tend to live our lives without giving much thought to how we stand, sit, or sleep until we experience an ache, pain, or injury.

    But with some awareness and effort, you'll be able to improve your posture and feel better in your body. Keep in mind you should always check in with your doctor before beginning any kind of fitness regime.

    Learn more:

    More from WUWM

  • Drummers Avoiding Thoracic Kyphosis


    Enjoy the video? Get over 300 more for free:
    Enjoy the video? Get over 300 more for free:
    Not improving much? Try for over 250 FREE HD video lessons. All topics from Rock, Metal, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Covers, Percussion and more! Over 100,000 worldwide subscribers.

    This lesson looks at how to avoid the common condition drummers get - Thoracic Kyphosis.

  • Corner Chest Stretch


    Begin by standing upright in your neutral position facing the corner of your wall.

    You should stand at roughly arms length away and place your hands at shoulder level either side of your corner.

    Now take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, bend your arms and lean your chest towards the corner.

    Once you feel a comfortable stretch, hold the position and breathe normally.

    You should feel the stretch in the outsides of your chest and into your shoulders.

    Try to keep your body as straight as possible, maintaining your neutral position and do not allow your back to arch into the stretch.

    To come out of the stretch safely, carefully push your arms against the wall and walk your feet into the corner to help you return to your upright starting position.

  • 3. Bending Exercises


    Here a few exercises you can use to improve your bendings. Technical proficiency is very important with this technique because bad bends really do sound awful. Take your time and be methodical. Once you have the technique down, you can forget about tit and just go for the sound you have in your head.

    ALL TABS at:

    Follow Andre on Facebook:

  • 10 Minute Sexy Legs Workout Videos by ExerciseTV


  • DANCERS! Is Cross-Training REALLY that important!?


    Hey Team! In today’s video I am going to be talking about Cross-Training for Dancers. There are so many myths out there about what it takes to be a great Dancer and what you should and should not do, and today I wanted to try and help dispel some of those myths for you guys and get you dancing to the beat of your own drum!!

  • 10 Minute Fitness Routines - Absolute Abs


    Join world-renowned fitness presenter Elise Lindsay in this quick abs workout!

    Either follow the whole series of Ten Minute videos for a full workout, or use each clip individually for quick fitness burst!

    Always make sure you warm up before doing any form of exercise and cool down afterwards. Pure Living and its parent company The Music Factory Entertainment Group cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred whilst using this video or any others on the Pure Living YouTube Channel.

  • 10578 WLS 2010 05 13 1149 Big Yoga


  • Back problems? Check out this amazing gizmo for guitarists! The Sissel SITFIT Plus


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    In this video we're checking out a really cool tool that is helping my lower back pain. Great practice tool... play longer with less pain and better core strength!

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    See for over 1500 completely free lessons - not random stuff like you find on YouTube, but well-structured courses so you can see your progress. Register on the site (still free) get PDF downloads for many lessons, your own dashboard to keep track of your practice, get help with lessons and make requests.

    It's nearly all 100% free and card details are not needed to register. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose! My theory course is the best on the web (and one of the very few paid parts of the site) and it's awesome - if your theory is lacking and you wanna fix it - that's the place to go! At my store, you'll find a huge range of super cool guitar themed t-shirts, all my (paper) books, merch and lots more ???? and we got proper fun backing tracks for you to jam along with too!

    • Website
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    • JustinGuitar Beginner Song App
    • Store (books/t-shirts/more)
    • Jam Tracks

    • Instagram
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  • Tileyard Health Stretch and Mobility Session with Ellie English


    By Ellie English

    Tileyard Health and Wellness Website:
    Tileyard Health and Wellness Instagram:
    Tileyard Health and Wellness Facebook:
    Ellie English Instagram:

  • Shoulder finisher


    10x muscle snatch, 10x behind the neck snatch grip press, 10x in front of the neck press. 3 sets

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    ♡ supernaturally strong, tough, durable knees (so you could move around with those tiny leg elbows)
    ♡ super slim, thin, delicate ankles with 0% fat
    ♡ beautiful, delicate, smooth, feminine, proportionally small feet

  • Bridal Body Burn Workout Videos by ExerciseTV


  • THE SOFT SHOULDERS - Little Things -



    Created and hosted by Dave Tone on CJLO, Pancake Party airs from 1 to 2 PM on Sundays. Featuring live performances from indie bands and fresh pop jams.



    Video by Alexis Gagnon
    Audio captured and mixed by Dave Tone

  • Chopin Etude Op.10 No.2 TUTORIAL in 5 Stages of Difficulty - P. Barton FEURICH piano


    This tutorial is for pianists of all levels wishing to improve their piano technique by strengthening the weaker fingers of the right hand.

    Download NEW practice sheet music PDF (free) made in collaboration with Mercuzio:

    Mercuzio's channel:

    For those that like to support the projects of online creators from as little as 1$ a month:

  • Only Girl


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Only Girl (In the World) (Workout Mix + 136 BPM) · 2011 Ultimate Workout Hits

    Hits 2011 Workout

    ℗ 2011 Ultimate Workout Hits

    Released on: 2011-02-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Yoga Asana - Matsyasana


    Yoga Asana - Matsyasana -

    Matsya, the fish, was one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who assumed this form to save the world from Floods. The Matsyasana or Fish Yoga Pose is the counter pose

    to the Shoulder stand and must always be practiced after it. Having stretched the neck and upper spine in the Shoulder stand, you now compress them as you arch back,

    relieving stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles and correcting any tendency to develop rounded shoulders.

    To perform the asana ......

    Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor.

    Inhale, lift your pelvis slightly off the floor, and slide your hands, palms down, below your buttocks. Then rest your buttocks on the backs of your hands and straighten the legs.

    Be sure to tuck your forearms and elbows up close to the sides of your torso.

    Inhale and press your forearms and elbows firmly against the floor.
    Now as you inhale , lift your upper torso and head away from the floor. Then place your head back onto the floor.

    Depending on how high you arch your back , either the back of your head or its crown will rest on the floor. There should be a minimal amount of weight on your head to

    avoid crunching your neck. Keep your thighs active, and press out through the heels.

    Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds, breathing smoothly.

    With an exhalation lower your torso and head to the floor.

    Matsyasana exercises the chest, tones the nerves of the neck and back and ensures that the thyroid and parathyroid glands obtain maximum benefit from the Shoulder


    It also expands the ribcage fully and increases the capacity of the lungs.

    As a rule of the thumb the duration of hold of the asana must be at least half the time spent in the Sarvangasana. This helps to counter-balance the stretch of the

    Sarvangasana. While performing the asana we should maintain our focus on the Belly, Chest , Spine , Shoulders and Neck .The asana gives relief for individuals suffering

    from Constipation , Respiratory ailments , Mild backache , Fatigue , Anxiety and menstrual pain.

    Once again as a word of caution those having high or low blood pressure , Migraine , Insomnia , Serious lower-back or neck injury should not perform the asana.

  • Posture and Singing - Stavanger Sangtimer


    Private Sangtimer Stavanger
    Stavanger Singing Lessons This is a video designed to help you with your singing through better use of posture! To have singing lessons

  • Healing Meditation


    Provided to YouTube by Symphonic Distribution

    Healing Meditation · Yoga Workout · Yoga Workout

    Yoga Workout Training

    ℗ 2019 Abysoma Records

    Released on: 2019-08-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • ICMP Together - Community Wellbeing: 3 Simple Steps To Let Go Of Your Body Tension


    ICMP Alexander Technique tutor Jane Gregory explains the importance of being aware of your own body in order to release tension and find a better posture.

    ICMP Together is an initiative aiming to offer music content for our community during these difficult times. Whether you are a beginner or an expert player, ICMP Together is here to inspire you and give you the chance to develop your skills or embrace a new musical interest.

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