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Playlist of Ronald

  • Ronald Borjas - RB Live


    #RB #RonaldBorjas #Concert

    1 - Esto no es vida
    Autor - Amaury Gutierrez
    2 - Piel de Angel
    Autor - Camilo Sesto
    3- Desnunda
    Autor - Ricardo Arjona
    4- Amor y Control
    Invitado: Nelson Arrieta
    Autor - Ruben Blades
    5- Tu me haces Falta
    Invitado : Neguito Borjas
    Autor - Armando Cabrera
    6- Tu Guardián
    Invitado : Victor Muñoz
    Autor - Víctor Muñoz

    Músicos :
    Piano y Dirección Musical :
    Johann Morales
    Tomas Aquino Font
    Timbal y coros :
    Adelmo Gauna
    Cesar Borjas
    Bongo y Campana:
    Jose Ferrer (Poke)
    Teclado y Coros:
    Carlos Parra (Chupon)
    Saxofón Tenor y Soprano:
    Francisco Quintero
    Coros: Darwin Vivas
    Ingeniero de Audio, Mezcla y Master :
    Eduin Andrades (Espuma)
    Director Ejecutivo y Manager:
    Jesús Aly Borjas
    Productor General :
    Jhean Carlos Valbuena
    Red Balloom Party & Event Rental
    Director de Fotografía :
    Edward Perdomo

    Ronald Borjas | Facebook:

    Ronald Borjas | Twitter:

    Ronald Borjas | Instagram:

    Parte del InnerCat Network

    ©: 2020 B2B Music | Distributed by InnerCat Music Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Free Cover Ronald Borjas - Medley


    Sesiones EN VIVO Free Cover Venezuela.
    Artista Invitado: Ronald Borjas
    Canción: Lo eres todo, Loco por Volverte a ver, Pídeme, Te encontraré

    Lo eres todo: Rayner Machado
    Loco por volverte a ver: Nacho, Cáceres, Chair Torres, Ronald Borjas.
    Pídeme: Wiliam luke
    Te encontraré: Johan Morales, Luis Leal, Ronald Borjas.

    Alejandro Barrera “Neg”

    Producción General:
    Free Cover Venezuela.

    Redes Sociales:

    Coros: Daniel Bracho, Darwin Vivas
    Guiro: Darwin Vivas.
    Guitarra: Alejandro NEG Barrera.
    Teclados: Francisco Morales
    Piano: Johan Morales
    Bajo: Tomas Aquino Font (El hijo de Anita)
    Congas: Jose Ferrer (Pokemon)
    Percusión: Adelmo Gauna
    Saxofón: Frank Quintero

    Ingenieros de grabación:
    Tomas Aquino Font
    Daniel CHOMPA Bracho

    Dirección de arte:
    Juan Añez.

    Dirección de Cámaras:
    Alejandro NEG Barrera (@negbarrera)

    Daniel Bracho, Johan Morales, Adelmo Gauna, Alejandro NEG Barrera, Ronald Borjas.

    Mezcla y Master:
    Eduin Andrades

    Nando De La Gente
    Diego López
    Alejandro NEG Barrera

    Patrocinado por:

    Agradecimiento especial:

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  • Ronald Jenkees - Throwing Fire


    Throwing Fire is on my 2nd CD, Disorganized Fun:

    I also have some T-Shirts out now:

    SUPER FUN TIME WITH THIS JAM!!!! Thanks a lot for watching! Hope you liked it. Kindof a rough cut, but it's always fun.

    This video is dedicated to the band Papa Roach for letting me check out their studio and giving me a place to stay in LA. Those are some hard-working rockers and good guys. I got cold chills listening to the songs they're working on for their new album. I think it's coming out really soon.

    My friend Sam gave me the hat I'm wearing in this vid. It's made of 100% recycled material. Can't beat that. Here's their site:

    I'm using FL Studio software to make the beat in the background and a Korg Triton Le keyboard on top, Motif XS8 on bottom.

  • Ronald Christoph - Take Off, Baby! feat. Orlando


    Artist: Ronald Christoph
    Title: Take Off, Baby! feat. Orlando (Original Mix)
    Label: Evamore Music (EMM002)
    Genre: Tech House/Electronic

    Buy In:

    All rights reserved for the producers of these tracks.

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  • RONALD Y SUS BRAVOS Homenaje a San Antonio Sija 2014


  • Ronald RevvRon Limes - Tchetiwel Alet X Minachom I Atdao


    Ronald Limes with another oldie but goodie, originally by Arnold Kaipat.

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  • Ronald Reagan Humor


    One of the things I liked best about Reagan was his sense of humor. Today's politicians are way too serious. He poked as much fun at himself as he did others, and never got butt-hurt when someone criticized or made fun of him. I decided to put together this video (in his honor) to capture some of his finest moments. The Cold War era was a spooky time; thank God we had a President that kept things lighthearted enough to get us through it! Arguments

  • Ronald Borjas - Te encontraré


    Ronald Borjas - Te encontraré 

    Comparto con ustedes el  video oficial de mi tema Te Encontraré, el segundo sencillo promocional de mi carrera. 


    Director: César Velázquez
    Producción: Jennifer Gimenez y Gilberto Ríos
    Director Fotográfico: Gerhard Rodríguez
    Cámara: Ernesto Borjes
    Colorización: Kenzo Mijares
    Modelo: Lea McGowan
    Coreógrafo/Bailarín: Jorman D León
    Edición y Montaje: César Velázquez
    Producción General: RapLatino Progress / Flow Gallery

    iTunes Venezuela - Te Encontrare versión Salsa

    iTunes Venezuela - Te Encontrare versión Pop

    US iTunes - Te Encontrare versión Salsa

    US iTunes - Te Encontrare versión Pop

    Ronald Borjas





    Te encontraré 
    Letra: Johann Morales

    Debí correr mas fuerte
    debí darte un abrazo y no perderte
    decir que tu amor me ha hecho fuerte
    pero faltaron veces
    para convencerte 

    Como te extraño tanto
    Y siempre pasa igual cuando se pierde algo 
    no dices cuánto vale quien está
    a tu lado y ahora yo
    me quedo sin tu amor,
    perdido y sin razón 

    Te encontraré, yo seguiré tu piel
    No perderé la fe 
    Yo quiero estar contigo 
    otra vez 
    Me rendiré a tus pies 
    sabrás lo que yo sé 
    Que no te queden dudas
    Prometo hacerlo bien 

    Quiero desearte suerte
    si a otros brazos ya le perteneces
    Mi amor lo guardo intacto
    para que regreses otra vez
    Te extraño corazón 
    Me duele tu adiós 

    Te encontraré, yo seguiré tu piel
    No perderé la fe 
    Yo quiero estar contigo 
    otra vez 
    Me rendiré a tus pies 
    sabrás lo que yo sé 
    Que no te queden dudas
    Prometo hacerlo bien 

    Y fue tu adiós puñal directo al corazón pero yo al fin del mundo iré...  

    Coro II 
    Te encontraré yo seguiré tu piel, te encontraré... 

    Letra y música: Johann Morales
    Producción musical: Johann Morales
    Músicos: Jesús Aly Borjas, César Borjas, Johann Morales
    Músicos invitados: David Montenegro
    Mezcla y master: Eduin Espuma Andrade

    Créditos del video
    Director: Cotur

    Nueva York - diciembre 2014

    Ronald Borjas - Te encontraré

  • Ronald Rodrigue - Souvenirs


    Song: Souvenirs
    Artist: Ronald Rodrigue
    Album: Santiman
    Year: 1993
    Country: Haiti

    Ronald Rodrigue is a singer from Haiti who was very popular in the 90s.

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  • Ronald Jenkees - Try The Bass


    PSST. You have to look for it on this page, but my Full Digital Discography (4 albums) is 30% OFF on Bandcamp right now:

    Try the Bass (on Bandcamp) --
    Direct from me --
    CDs and stuff --
    iTunes --
    Goog --

    CDs & Shirts (like the one I'm wearing in this vidya) --
    Alpha Numeric (my 4th album, in case you missed it) --

    There Came an Echo on Steam (I wrote tracks 1-6 on Alpha Numeric for this game) – hey, it happens to be 50% off right now:

    RJCD5 is in progress now and for me, it doesn't get much more fun than this jam. I always like making music, but this one was just particularly fun to play and work on, and thankfully (and finally), I got it on camera. I worked like crazy on it, and already miss working on it. That's something to be thankful for in itself I guess. Anywho, thanks for checking out my tunes - I truly do appreciate it! Be sure to support other artists you like (bandcamp happens to be great place to do that). It goes a long way. Even a super small purchase. THANKS AGAIN! Back to work on RJCD5. :)

    Thanks to Lorrin Liang for her album art, and thanks to the folks at Image-Line Software for making FL Studio 12 so awesome. Also thanks to Jason Wishnov of Iridium Studios and T-Nevs (a good friend) for their help on RJCD4. They were amazing w/ their constant feedback (I'm talking like 3-4AM type feedback - really appreciated it). :)

  • Ronald ft. Derka - Agent 8008



    Vergeet Agent 8008 niet te delen met al jouw vrienden & familie en vonden jullie het een leuke video? Druk dan op het duimpje omhoog en vergeet niet te abonneren.

    Precies een jaar geleden kwam Die Verdomde Buurman online en die is in een jaar tijd meer dan 6.000.000 keer gezien op YouTube en 900.000 keer gestreamd op Spotify. Dit had ik nooit verwacht en daarom leek het mij leuk om precies een jaar later een nieuw nummertje te uploaden genaamd Agent 8008.

    24 december, 2019 nog een liedje maken?

    == Special Thanks ==

    Deze video werd mede mogelijk gemaakt door Nvidia Benelux -

    Beat by: Dazers (

    Lyrics: Derk Weber (

    Agent Number Two: Wilbert Beltman

    • Pascal Scherpenkate (
    • Joost Bouhof (
    • Harm: (
    • Vincent Dik: (
    • Timo Mangelaars: (

    Super Bedankt voor het meedoen!!

    • Director: Lyon Pol (
    • Edit: Lyon Pol (
    • Camera: Daan Van Der Voort
    • Colour Correction: Daan Van Der Voort
    • Production Design: Joardy Tummers
    • Production Assistent: Danny Gelder
    • Make-up Artiest: Elvira Hilgevoord
    • Focus Puller: Ivo Groenendijk
    • 2D pixelartiest: Maddayum (
    • VFX: Robin Gelder
    • Productie Design Assisistent: Louana Tummers, Desiree Brands en Daylène Kroon

    #Agent8008 #MuziekVideo #GunMijEenLike

    Ronald ft. Derka - Agent 8008 (Prod. Dazers)

  • Ronald McDonald Drumming Insanity!!!


    It's time to get McCRAZY over here! You stare at the McVoid too long... the McVoid stares back!
    Mon, Tues, Fri and Sat at 4:30 Eastern!

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    Discord |
    Twitter |
    Instagram |
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    Business Email |


    #The8BitDrummer #DrumCover #Music

  • Ronald Rodrigue - Koute Mizik Sa


    Ronald Rodrigue - Koute Mizik Sa (1991)

  • Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine ft. Ronald Isley, R. Kelly


    Music video by Kelly Price performing Friend Of Mine. (C) 1998 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  • Ronald Jenkees - Stay Crunchy


    From his album ''Disorganized Fun''. Full song in HQ. Enjoy!
    Order the album:
    Music made by Ronald Jenkees, he can be found at
    Buy the music here:

    Google Play:
    All rights reserved. From his album ''Disorganized Fun''. Full song in HQ. Enjoy!
    Order the album:
    Music made by Ronald Jenkees, he can be found at
    Buy the music here:

    Google Play:
    All rights reserved.

  • Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History


    #EpicRapBattlesOfHistroy #ERB #EpicRapBattles

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  • 50th Presidential Inauguration Ball for Ronald Reagan - Part 1: Rich Little


    To kick things off on this night, Rich Little came out and did his impersonation of the continuing sitting President, Ronald Reagan. He is introduced by 80's icon, Mr. T.

  • Danger Zone ABEs aboard the USS Ronald Reagan


    This video is my son and his fellow ABE's or as they are know The Green Shirts launching aircraft aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. My son is the green shirt standing with his arms crossed, looking like he has nothing better to do once the jet takes off, you see him only for a split second. He said they were having a little fun that day.

  • 50th Presidential Inauguration Ball for Ronald Reagan - Part 13: Ray Charles


    Frank Sinatra introduces Ray Charles to end the night with America The Beautiful

  • Ronald Jenkees - Try The Bass


    From his album ''Rhodes Deep''. Full song in HQ. Enjoy!
    Order the album:
    Music made by Ronald Jenkees, he can be found at
    Buy the music here:

    Google Play:
    All rights reserved.

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  • Ronald Bruner Jr Ft. Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Anderson Paak, Camron Graves, And More!


    Here is Ronald Bruner Jr Feat. Thundercat, Kamasi Washington, Anderson Paak, Cameron Graves, Brandon Coleman, Ryan Porter and many more during a surprise show in December with so many of our friends in the audience and on stage! PLEASE FORGIVE ME BUT I HAD TO MAKE ROOM ON MY PHONE AS I'M FILMING SO SORRY ABOUT THE TINY GAPS IN THE SHOW LOL

  • 50th Presidential Inauguration Ball for Ronald Reagan - Part 14: Ronald Reagan Thanks


    Ronald Reagan steps out to thank everyone for their performances and welcomes America to 4 more years of Reaganomics.

  • Ronald Rubinel - Fanm Fo 1997


  • Ronald Bruner Jr. Drum Solo from the GospelChops SHED SESSIONZ VOL. 2 DVD


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    In this epic scene from SHED SESSIONZ VOL. 2, Ronald Bruner Jr. and Justin Raines perform over a smooth groove that breathes and allows a memorable drum solo. For more info, visit

    GospelChops on iTunes:



  • Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound


    Download the MP3:
    Shirts and CDs:

    **this tune is on my 2nd CD, Disorganized Fun. I named it Guitar Sound.

    just havin some fun with a guitar sound (Hard Ramp AS1&2) on the Motif XS8. Some have asked about the low notes that come out when I hit those two keys up top - those are guitar effects built in the patch and for whatever reason, Yamaha put those effects on the high keys.

    I made the background beat using FL Studio. I start the beat by hitting the space-bar on my computer keyboard before I play on the synth.

    PS. I've read some reviews of this vid as if I'm trying to be a keytar player (apparently not a desirable thing, but how can you not like Edgar Winter's Frankenstein) and that I should just play a real guitar. LOL @ some of those same people who probably play guitar hero (nothing against it but hopefully you see my point). The point is, folks, if you find a fun/inspiring sound to jam with, by all means, you should JAM WITH IT! I don't care if you find a $3.00 plastic trumpet. Don't worry about the technicalities and what people say. In the long run it's about the fun that YOU have making music.

    Thanks for watching!!!

  • Ronald Jenkees - Sidetracked


    Ronald Jenkees - Sidetracked from the album Days away full song in HD and HQ.
    Buy the song here: also avalible on iTunes, Google play and Bandcamp.

  • Ronald Jenkees - Disorganized Fun


    From his album ''Disorganized Fun''. Full song in HQ. Enjoy!
    Order the album:
    Music made by Ronald Jenkees, he can be found at
    Buy the music here:

    Google Play:
    All rights reserved. From his album ''Disorganized Fun''. Full song in HQ. Enjoy!
    Order the album:
    Music made by Ronald Jenkees, he can be found at
    Buy the music here:

    Google Play:
    All rights reserved.

  • Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Terrace Martin, Ronald Bruner Jr & Chris Dave


    Recorded live at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles, CA on April 5, 2018 during Robert Glasper's 40th birthday show. Crazy night of talent in the house in addition to those guys - Lianne La Havas, Derrick Hodge, Don Cheadle, Goapele, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Hadrien Feraud, Common, Luke James, BJ the Chicago Kid, Jesse Boykins III, Greg Phillinganes, and Dr. Dre.

  • 50th Presidential Inauguration Ball for Ronald Reagan - Part 5: Sinatra and Martin


    Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin jab and weave into song to celebrate Ronald Reagan's Presidential night. Frank also serves as the MOC.

  • Sonic vs Roblox Ronald


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  • Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach - A House Is Not A Home


    Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach live PBS Soundstage july 2004

  • Talking with The Bass Eps. 10: Ronald Steven // Barry Likumahuwas Podcast


    Ngobrol bareng Ronald Steven, bassist fenomenal yang menjadi Music Director untuk Asian Games 2018.
    Yuk dengarkan kisah Ronald mulai dari menjadi bassist gereja, band rohani, session player pengganti, arranger, sampai akhirnya jadi Music Director untuk Asian Games.
    Elowen Cafe, Puri Kencana - Jakarta Barat

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    ENJOY!! GOD bless you!!

    Video Footages:

  • Ronald Jenkees - Almost Undamaged


    From the album Derty
    Buy the music here:


    A Quote from Ronald Jenkees:
    If someone has no way of paying for my music, or if it's'against their religion' to pay for anything digital (LOL), whatever the reason, I'd personally rather those people be able to enjoy my music rather than to not hear it at all. I'm not going to give a tutorial on how to download torrents of my album (google it, it's simple stuff) but I'm also not going to hate on anyone that downloads my music or shares it with a friend. That said, I still think it's important to support the stuff you like whether that's software, music, whatever... I hope that everyone will keep it in mind that Im an independent artist. I make most of my music from scratch and I'm not signed to any record label.

    In my opinion this is inspiring and because of that quote alone I believe you should support this artist if you can.


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  • Rod Stewart - This Old Heart of Mine


    Official music video for Rod Stewart – “This Old Heart of Mine (with Ronald Isley)” from 'Storyteller - The Complete Anthology: 1964 - 1990' (1989)
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    The Rod Stewart channel is the official YouTube home of musician and songwriter Sir Rod Stewart, whose unmistakable voice has graced the world with an oeuvre than spans 5 decades. Sir Rod Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, selling more than 200 million records worldwide during a stellar career that includes a staggering nine #1 albums and 31 Top 10 singles in the U.K. plus, 16 top 10 albums and 26 Top 10 singles in the US. His classic hits include “Maggie May”, “Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright)”, “Sailing”, “I Don’t’ Want To Talk About It”, “Stay With Me”, and “Forever Young”. The Rod Stewart YouTube channel is proud to present Rod Stewart’s entire catalogue including the more than 50 music videos that trace an incomparable career and a Rock ‘N Roll story that continues to unfold. Subscribe to the channel today to enjoy Sir Rod’s music videos and to stay up to date with the latest announcements.

    #SirRod #ThisOldHeartOfMine #Storyteller

  • Gamer Girl Karina OMG Vs Ronald OMG | The Best Musically Compilation


    In This New Video Gamer Girl Karina OMG vs Ronald OMG Musically Videos Compilation Includes: - Gamer Girl Karina OMG & Famous Ronald OMG


  • Ronald mcdonald Mod - Friday Night Funkin


    Touhou song called Deaf to All But the Song

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  • FGTeeV - I Want Some McDonalds - Piano Tutorial - Ronald Roblox


    How to play I Want Some McDonalds on piano by FGTeeV
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  • I Want Some McDonalds - FGTeeV Official ROBLOX RONALD


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  • Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding | Drum Cover


    Love Me Like You Do
    Ellie Goulding
    Drum Cover
    Ronal Fristianto

  • Ronald Romm - Somewhere Over the Rainbow


    Ronald Romm performs Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the memorial service for Fred Mills. Romm and Mills were the trumpet players in the Canadian Brass for almost 25 years. Mills was on the faculty of The University of Georgia when he died. This performance was given on September 20, 2009 at Hodgson Hall in Athens, Georgia. Romm is currently on the faculty of The University of Illinois. Avis Romm on piano.

  • Ronald Christoph - Live set - Waagenbau Hamburg 2015 -


    Electronic music
    Electronic music
    Electronic music by Ronald Christoph

  • Of Human Bondage - Bette Davis - Ronald Colman - W. Somerset Maugham - Oboler


    Sensitive, club-footed artist Philip Carey is a Briton who has been studying painting in Paris for four years. His art teacher tells him his work lacks talent, so he returns to London to become a medical doctor, but his moodiness and chronic self-doubt make it difficult for him to keep up in his schoolwork. Philip falls passionately in love with tearoom waitress Mildred Rogers, even though she is disdainful of his club foot and his obvious interest in her.

    Of Human Bondage is a 1934 American pre-Code drama film directed by John Cromwell and is widely regarded by critics as the film that made Bette Davis a star. The screenplay by Lester Cohen is based on the 1915 novel Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham.

    Ronald Colman hosts and calls US soldiers in Iceland after the show.

    Originally Broadcast 3/7/1944
    Episode 8

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  • Sound Legacy - Ronald Bruner Jr.


    Zildjian Artist Ronald Bruner Jr. talks drumming inspiration and finding a unique voice with your cymbals.

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  • Ronald Isley Make Love To Your Soul


    OUT NOW: Ronald Isley' new album 'This Song Is For You' -

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  • Elizabethan Serenade by Ronald Binge


    I first uploaded this piece of music several years ago however I don't think the images I put up with it back then did it justice so for that reason alone I have made a new copy .

  • Ronald Bruner Jr. -STAR Maple sound check @ Blue Note Tokyo.


  • Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach - Windows Of The World


    Ronald Isley & Burt Bacharach Live PBS Soundstage july 2004

  • Tony Ronald - Help



  • Ronald Isley This Song Is For You


    OUT NOW: Ronald Isley' new album 'This Song Is For You' -

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  • ronald jenkees - guitar sound metal cover




    or here:


    a friend of mine asked me to cover this song. the original is played on a piano with a guitar sound so i thought that´s just perfect. hope you guys like it.
    please also watch my other videos and subscribe me.



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