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Playlist of Romanian humour

  • Andre Rieu Live in Cluj-Napoca. April 2019. Intro. Funny Snow Scene


    Andre Rieu
    Sala Polivalenta
    Power of Music

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  • The Third Man - André Rieu


    André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra performing The Third Man live in Maastricht. Taken from the DVD 'The Magic Of Maastricht'. For concert dates and tickets visit:

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  • The Kubasonics Toronto Ukrainian Festival 2017 9 15


    The Kubasonics are arguably Newfoundland's finest Ukrainian band. Winners of three 2017 MusicNL Awards (Group of the Year, Folk/Roots Artist of the Year, The Overcast Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year), their trademark sound combines top-flight musicianship spiced with quirky humour, a dizzying array of exotic traditional instruments, and an eclectic high-energy stage show. They have appeared in 9 of Canada's provinces and territories. In March 2017 they performed and recorded in Trinidad as one of only 6 acts selected from the Atlantic provinces for the Club One New Releases program. In summer 2017 they completed a three-week tour of Eastern Europe, with concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

    The Kubasonics’ newest CD “Kubfunland” takes listeners on a wild ride through a variety of musical styles and textures. The repertoire draws on a wealth of Ukrainian traditional material ranging from centuries old chants, ritual dance melodies, songs of love and troubled relationships, toe-tapping party music, and even a set of Newfoundland dance tunes. All are given a refreshingly new interpretation in the Kubasonics’ arrangements. “Kubfunland” was selected to the short list for the 2017 Borealis Music Award.

    The Kubasonics have been featured on national Radio and TV broadcasts, including a television documentary based on their original song Giants of the Prairies. Their original song Billy Mosienko was played during the opening of Hockey Night in Canada, while other songs are included on a variety of compilations, most notably the song Polka from Lviv on Alberta: Wild Roses and Northern Lights on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

    2018 will see the Kubasonics tour to various parts of Canada. Among their stops will be performances at the East Coast Music Awards (Halifax, NS) and a number of other summer music festivals.

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  • Ansamblul Perinita-Stefania Rares - Savetuta


    Electrocord 1966 made in Romania
    Orchestra de muzică populară a ansamblului Periniţa
    Dirijor: Ionel Budişteanu
    savetuţa The words of the song reflect lots of folk humour. An anxious mother tries to stop her daughter meet a young man , who, half frozen, is waiting for her front of the gate. The singer is ştefania Rareş
    Ion Lăceanu - solz de peşte
    Remus Bistriţa - taragot
    Eugenia Ticu - voce
    Maria Pietraru - voce
    Radu Simion -nai
    Nicolae Vişan - tambal
    ştefania Stere - voce
    Nicolae Florian - acordeon
    ştefania Rareş - voce
    Gheorghe Lazăr - voce

  • Рахів - гуцульський Париж ???? Коломийка | Hutsul kolomyika


    Kolomyjka. Ukrainian Hutsul folk music / song. Hutsuls - western Ukrainian highlanders. Kolomyjka (circling) song Rakhiv - Hutsul Paris (Hutsul humour). Коломийка Рахів - гуцульський Париж. Про Рахівщину. Гуцульський гумор. Kolomyjka (Kolomyika) & hutsulka - unique Ukrainian Hutsul & Boyko song-genres. Kolomyika are not known among other Slavs, not even in Eastern Europe. They are found among the Chuvash (ancient Bulgars) who call them tashi and in some Hungarian songs (Hutsul / Boyko influence). Співають гуцули з гуцульського селища Богдан (понад 3.000 мешканців) на Рахівщині. На світлині гуцул з Космача.

    Hutsul highlanders are among the most ancient European populations (if not the most ancient one), as they have the greatest type variety of maternal haplogroup H in all of Europe - maternally ancestral and common among all European nations (maternal genes).

    When it comes to Hutsul paternal genetics, they are the most Semitic among all of Ukrainians, as they have over 30 % of haplogroup J (80-90 % among Levant Arabs and Jews, top among Yemenites) comparing to some 9-10 % & among the rest of Ukrainians. Adding J to cleasely related nearly 30-40 % of proto-European / Dinaric haplogroup I, makes them nearly pure proto-Europeans (some 70 %).

    Hutsuls have Dinaric (ancient non Indo-European proto-Europeans) anthropological features. It means, they are the original ancient population of Europe before arrival of Indo-Europeans (Aryans). Today Hutsul speak Indo-European (Ukrainian - were linguistically assimilated after the arrival of Aryans) language but 1000 years ago they must have spoken some weird non-Indo-European tongue, which, most likely had Arabo-Circassian h / ah whistling / throat phonetics (J-G haplogroups). Ancient proto-Europeans settled Europe from the Middle East much earlier before warlike Indo-Europeans (carriers of R1a & R1b haplogroups) arrived from the North (Baltic coast) and the Eastern steppes. They totally crushed and subdued the native proto-Europeans, taking wives from them (thats why maternal genetics of Europeans is Hutsul). Aboriginal proto-European men (of Middle Eastern & Caucasus origins - carriers of I-J-G haplogroups) had to rereat into the mountain regions of Europe, where they survived to our days in the Carpathian mountains basin (Ukrainian Hutsuls, Romanian highlanders), Dinaric Alps (Bosnian highlanders) and Scandianvian mountains (Norwegians and Swedes and their Norse offsprings - Icelanders, all, like Hutsuls have one of the highest amounts of proto-European I haplogroup) plus Sardinian islanders & Circassians (esp. Shapsugs) - carriers of a related proto-European G haplogroup. But all Ukrainians, though being mainly Indo-Europeans (some 48%) have high amount proto-European I (some 20-30%). Proto-European population got very much preserved in Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia, Bulgaria as Aryans were moving from the north Prussia & Lithuania, European Russia. Balts, Poles, Celts, European Russians, Germans, Frenchmen, Britons, Irishmen, Spaniards, Cezchs, north Italians along with Afghanis, Pakistanis, north Indians these are all warlike Aryans (Indo-Europeans). They were moving into Europe from the east by waves via Poland - Belarus. Prussia & Lithuania are regarded as a cradle nestling spot of Indo-Europeans. Othhers went sout-east to north India, Tajikistan.

    Interesting fact ancient proto-Europeans (non Aryan Europena aborgines) have something to do with American Indians, as it is precisely among them occurs high rate of Q haplogroup (American Indian) found (at rate of 5 to 10 %) only among proto-European non-Aryan peoples (concentrated mainly in Norway, Ukraine, Iceland, Bosnia, Romania, Circassia). Some Hutsuls look very much American Indian in appearance. In fact Ket language (Kets are the only Q (American-Indian) people in Siberia) indeed has this Arabo-Circassian throat / whistling sound. Everything points to that (and it is established fact) that proto-Europeans originate from the Middle East and are related to Semitic peoples in long run). Romania & Moldova can be called European Syria, not just because its population has signficant amount of proto-European / Dinaric genes (I group), but also bcs Trajan when conquered Dacia moved lots of Syrians there from Middle East, but these are newcomers.

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  • Let It Die


    Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and...come on! Who's with me?!

    0:00 English
    0:06 Cantonese
    0:11 Croatian
    0:17 Czech
    0:22 Danish
    0:28 Dutch
    0:34 Estonian
    0:39 Finnish
    0:44 French
    0:50 Greek
    0:56 Hebrew
    1:02 Hungarian
    1:07 Japanese
    1:13 Latvian
    1:18 Lithuanian
    1:24 Chinese
    1:29 Persian
    1:35 Polish
    1:40 Portuguese
    1:46 Romanian
    1:52 Russian
    1:57 Slovak
    2:03 Spanish
    2:09 Swedish
    2:14 Thai

  • R3HAB x Sofia Carson - Rumors


    R3HAB x Sofia Carson - Rumors (Official Video)
    Listen now:

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    Snapchat: r3hab-official

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    Director: Mario Gonsalves
    Production Company: Recent
    Producer: Valentino Angela, Nadir Soltane
    EP: Stephanie Ramirez
    DP: Sean Vogel
    Location Manager: Diego Santangelo
    Styling: Marco de Lucia, Rodolfo Nenni, LuisaViaRoma
    MUA: Nicoletta Pinna
    Hair: Fulvia Tellone
    PA: Joel Woods, Ahn-Duc

    Weekly Updated Music

    #r3hab #sofiacarson #rumors

  • Ken Lee or Without you,Mariah Carey-improved English


    Valentina Hasan returned to Bulgaria to sing her international hit single Ken Lee. Her English has definitely improved.

    Go to the international Ken Lee community's site

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  • GRINIS SHOW : Carnaval de la Musique 7/8


    Le GRINIS SHOW constitué de Gala la violoniste et Vadim le claviste et chanteur, vous entraîne dans des spectacles musicaux étourdissants!!!
    Entouré par un défilé éblouissant de costumes c'est la vraie fête de la musique, où le public se laisse emporter par le merveilleux et l'émotion que suscite ce spectacle unique en son genre. Le rythme , la musique et l'humour font partie intégrante du spectacle, où des mélodies populaires de Strauss, Rossini, Bizet vous seront présentées, ainsi que les musiques Françaises, Italiennes, Russes, Espagnoles et bien d'autres.
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  • INTERVIEW | Valer Sabadus XERXES Handel - Deutsche Oper am Rhein


    Valer Sabadus plays the title role in Deutsche Oper am Rhein's production of Xerxes. In this video, the Romanian countertenor discusses the history of his voice type, his character's tangled web of love interests and why Xerxes is a bit like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean!

    Streamed live on OperaVision on 1st February 2019 at 19:00 CET and for 6 months:






  • Panfluter Gheorghe Zamfir vs Jon Skäre: Breaza de la Dragodana


    Pan flute hero George Zamfir vs Jon Skäre on metal drums: Breaza de la Dragodana .
    Enjoy! :-)

  • Jerusalema || Master KG || DANCE CHALLENGE || flashmob | Ballo| Choreo | line dance| Baile en linea


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  • Babeli / Horizon - GBBB 2017


    Babeli from Germany performed this beatbox composition for BTV behind the scenes at the Grand Beatbox Battle 2017.
    Follow Babeli online:
    Instagram: @babelifacemusic
    Video Production By Beatbox Television.
    Video, Editing and Sound by Adam Andrew Corre.
    Audio Mastering by Mr. Wobbles.
    Beatbox Television produces professional quality videos of beatboxers from all around the world. BTV features professional, expert, medium and beginner level talent in an effort to both nurture and feature the community. We Produce performance, documentary, narrative and live event content including competitive battles. Follow our channel on Facebook for live stream performances featuring beatbox talent from all around the world everyday.
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  • Free IAMX Mental Health Gathering July 2020


    In an attempt to remove the stigma from talking about mental health issues, to connect by sharing stories, to help by educating and giving advise, to free humans from the never-ending nagging voice inside their heads and add humour to it - Chris & Janine continue their FREE gatherings about mental health.

    Between riots and protests and the continuing pandemic, Chris wants to check in with you all and see how you are doing in these strange times we find ourselves navigating. That will be the beginning topic that we will focus on for the first part of this gathering, before opening up to questions of any kind.

    Submit your questions in advance to: happiness@IAMXmusic.come

    Gatherings usually last about one hour. You can rewatch previous gatherings on

  • Pierre-Octave Ferroud : Foules


    L'Orchestre national de France dirigé par Emmanuel Krivine joue Foules, composé en 1922 - 1924 par Pierre-Octave Ferroud (1900-1936). Extrait du concert donné le 31 mai 2018 à l'Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio (Paris).

    Organisateur de concerts et chroniqueur à Paris-Soir, en même temps que compositeur, Pierre-Octave Ferroud fut une personnalité importante de la vie musicale de l’entre-deux guerres. Il fut en particulier le créateur, en 1932, du Triton, société de musique « pour stimuler la création et la diffusion d’œuvres de musique de chambre ». « Ardent à la lutte, enthousiaste dans ses admirations et ses amitiés, féroce dans ses antipathies, il était l’image même de la vie, de l’entrain, de la bonne humeur. (…) Si on voulait camper Ferroud en deux mots, il faudrait dire : lucidité, dynamisme. On aurait défini à la fois l’homme et la musique », écrivait Claude Delvincourt.
    Le catalogue de Ferroud, interrompu par sa mort accidentelle à trente-six ans, regroupe une trentaine d’opus : pièces pour le piano, musique de chambre, pages orchestrales, mélodies, sans oublier un opéra-comique (Chirurgie, 1927), un ballet et une participation à L’ Éventail de Jeanne, ballet collectif réunissant dix compositeurs dont Ravel, Schmitt, Milhaud, Poulenc, Ibert. Foules « évoque le grouillement d’une ville moderne, le halètement des souffles, la pulsation des cœurs », mais loin de tout programme descriptif. Page claire, fluide, elle s’inscrit dans la mouvance du groupe des Six dont Ferroud était proche et joue d’allusions au Stravinsky du Sacre du printemps et des Symphonies d’instruments à vent. Elle commence par deux thèmes et leurs variations : le premier, d’un tempo modéré, parfois orientalisant ; le second noté « très énergique ». Suivent un intermède, un passage fugué, un épisode en contrepoint. Le titre ne doit s’entendre que « dans une vue synthétique qui ne retient de l’âme collective d’une cité vivante que l’essentiel, le principal, l’universel. Le sujet proposé n’est qu’(…) un point de départ pour l’inspiration qui se libérera bien vite de tout lien trop étroit avec la vision première », écrit Paul Landormy dans son Histoire de la musique française après Debussy (Gallimard, 1943).
    La musique de Ferroud était particulièrement appréciée du chef d’orchestre roumain Georges Georgescu qui l’invita à Bucarest. C’est en allant le voir que Ferroud mourut dans un accident de voiture près de Budapest. Poulenc écrivit à sa mémoire ses célèbres Litanies à la Vierge Noire .

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  • Miley Cyrus SNL Romania promo


  • Ca-Bach-Ret au Château de Chazeron


    Bernard Loonen accompagné de Patrick Ayrton nous offre une belle performance où se mêle humour et musique classique au château de Chazeron.

  • Horia Surianu - Double Concerto for Piccolo, Flute and Piano


    Horia Surianu - Double Concerto for Piccolo, Flute and Piano -German Premiere (Orig. version with orchestra)
    München Flöten Festival (10-12 March 2017)
    Romanian Contemporary Flute Music Recital
    Vlad A. Colar - Braun C-Foot Small flute
    Horatiu Roman - Flute
    Valentina Peetz - Piano
    Work published by Edition Kossack-Germany

    Double Concerto pour Flûte Piccolo, Flûte Traversière et Orchestre, is a new work in the flute repertoire requested by the Banatul Philharmonic of Timisoara for the presentation of a new instrument, the C-foot small flute (piccolo) by Anton Braun and also a musical project dedicated to the candidacy of the city of Timisoara for the title of European Cultural Capital, a competition that was won by the city of Timisoara for the year 2021.
    The meeting point between two ideas about a new musical creation that represents the present time but also a project anchored in the traditions of the city, among which the manufacture of musical instruments which in the past was a very important profession in Banat Region through the presence of the German and Hungarian communities, Timisoara being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of the First World War.
    The composition’s three movements (allegro-lento-allegro) played without interruptions are inspired by very popular Romanian music from the Banat region and develop short explicit quotations evocative of the culture of the geographical area of Banat, folklore that has remained over time in the collective memory of the population. The folk songs are being stylized and modally harmonised. The so called Pavel din Banat, Ana Lugojana with very humoristic lyrics in the first movement, a very sad song about longing for the beloved persone is used in the second, and a more dancing character in the third movement with the thematic inceptions overlap or intertwin. Through this colourful and virtuosic orchestral writing the two soloists evoke the brilliant tehnique and sound of a traditional instrument called taragot (part saxophone, part clarinet) tipical wind instrument from the Banat region, along that of the trumpet and solo violin. The two flutes are in a constant ”rivalry”, especially in the two cadenzas of the first and last movements. The piccolo shows that it can stand beside the big flute through a writing not lacking in humour and that highlights its technical capabilities, thus showing that this instrument is not just the simple orchestral component that is regulary considered to be, but capable of articulating musical structures of great virtuosity or delicate lyricism (specially in the second), as the normal flute does.
    Even though the flute repertoire of the last two decades gives us some concerts dedicated to the smallest of the instruments of the orchestra (the piccolo flute) its use along with the big flute is a rare timbrical combination, effervescent and very scintillating that has not been exploited by any other composer so far. With the Double concerto we have a composition that puts the piccolo in a position of equal expresive qualities and supporting a dialog on the same level as the big flute, this being the generating idea, more precisely to show the solistic possibilities of a modern outlook piccolo flute that Mr. Surianu had previosly the occasion to hear through recordings I made.
    The balance between the 2 flutes is perfect, they are really blending and there are some places when one almost can not distingushe the piccolo from the flute.
    The piano version of the concerto has the potential to highlight the 2 soloists. It is possible that some details in the solo parts become less obvious with the orchestral texture. However, if the orchestral accompaniament offer a complete and timbral spectrum which is also relevant for preserving the humorous character of the short folkloric explicit quotations, the piano version is somehow more close to western sonorities and makes the ethos of ethnic music to receive a wider range of understanding, more distant from the roots maybee but closer to an universal understanding.

  • Les nouveaux nés: Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin HD1080p


    Voici une très bonne reprise de Led Zeppelin par un groupe qui ne se prend pas au sérieux malgré un très haut niveau musical. Bref, un très bon moment ponctué d'humour et de déconne qui est un peu leur marque de fabrique...

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  • Quartetto Gelato LIVE at Zoomer Hall


    The Zoomer Hall Concert series featuring Quartetto Gelato was live at Zoomer Hall on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. For 25 years, this dazzling ensemble has enchanted audiences and critics worldwide with their exotic blend of musical virtuosic showpieces and humour.

  • Merry Xmas! - from Fur TV #2


    Christmas dinner with Fat Ed, Mervin and Lapeño

  • Jauh Jauh | Cover by Samba Selamba


    Samba Selamba is the musical train where Brazilian rhythms meets Malaysian flavours! From P. Ramlee favourites to Jimmy Boyle classics, come and unwind as we take you on a fun ride. Travel with guitarist Az Samad, vocalist Viv Adram and saxophonist/flutist Arif Yusof as they infuse these timeless melodies with anecdotes and humour. Ready to groove? Let’s go!

    For performance & booking inquiries, please contact us at:



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    حصريأ على هيت راديو | Hit Radio 2017

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  • Be Svendsen - Drop the Gun


    ???? Stream Drop The Gun here: Spotify Burning Man playlist

    Be Svendsen is back with Drop The Gun. Drop The Gun is the first track from Be Svendsen forthcoming album 'Between A Smile And A Tear' coming later this autumn.

    It the first Be Svendsen track featuring his own vocals hence Lasse Bruhn Svendsen as featuring artist.

    2014 was the year that electronica’s cognoscenti fell for Be Svendsen. Following the success of live performances at Fusion and BOOM, the Danish musician has be- come a treat on the global festival scene and proponent of a uniquely organic, genre-bending sound that could best be described as ‘Tarantino Techno’.

    Rather like Tarantino, Svendsen’s art has the distinction of being rooted in both the familiar and the obscure. The playful and the ironic. His is an alluring fusion of syncopated beats, rendered vocals, world-music, a-typical sampling and live in- strumentals, synthesised by the mediative qualities of repetition.

    A borrower, an inventor and an art-chemist. He plays first from the soul. He is a warm outsider in a psychedelic bowler-hat. His music, an audial rendition of the memories of his own shamanic vision quest. Your ears are to be led by a naive melody up some curious audio-ornamental highway. Your expectations as listener, deliberately, mindfully overthrown.

    After starting his solo project in 2011, Be Svendsen - a namesake of his native Danish peninsula- released a series of EPs and remixes which spun across the in- ternational scene. Inspired by acclaimed live festival performances at Portugal’s BOOM, Fusion, Burning Man, AfrikaBurn Symbiosis and and tours through Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Africa, an increasingly intoxicated fanbase followed.

    Surprisingly then, he’s a man who rarely listens to electronic music. As an artist, you’ll find him aloof from of the conventional electronic music world altogether. Deliberately distant, so as to quieten any easy influences and create something en- tirely new.
    Vehemently defiant of both trends and hype, it is a sound that deliberately skirts the digital and plays on the low-fi. This is musician over machine. A musician who can breathe fresh life into sounds that recall old nomadic stories, making them resolutely modern.
    Perhaps explaining why the Burning Man crew get turned on by for his music, it straddles the melodic, the euphoric and evocatively sombre. Sounds that can be playful one Nevada sunrise and obscure, on a starry BOOM midnight.

    It mobilises everything from Tribal-tech, field-teased vibes, woozy Arabic melodies, via the rusty spaghetti-western soundtrack, into an almost mythical manifestation of the deserts and planes of the old American West.

    It is through these playful interchanges of style that Be Svendsen expresses a pro- found and ever self-interrogating talent for innovation and alchemy. This talent takes him out of the tired end of techno, away from any easy neat and tidy genre classifications and firmly into the avant-garde.

    He explains: ”The music should ultimately connect you to a bigger picture”. The goal is to express and convey a feeling, and to behold the moment - the essence of oscillating between a smile and a tear. “I like to bring tragedy and humour togeth- er, and invite them up for a dance.” This is in some way, a a celebration of what he calls chiaroscuro - the light and dark - of existence. His sets are transporting, providing a cinematic swagger to the listener submersed in his soundscape.

    Never failing to provoke a sense of shared intensity, his sets induce broad, knowing smiles and the acknowledgement and gratification that can only accompany the truly unique. You’ll find a collection of world-wise, wide-open hearts, made whole by a hypnotic, electronic vigour on this particular desert-circus-shaman-cowboy’s, dance-floor. You’ll find it somewhere between the ornamental East and on a barely trodden path called Be Svendsen, way out, in the untamed West.

    #BeSvendsen #BurningMan #BurningMan2019

  • 10 Types of Pianists


    Been a while since my last silly video, so why not end the year with 10 ways people tend to play the piano!

    DISCLAIMER: This video is intended for humour only. Do not take it as a personal judgement on your terrible piano skills.

  • Dactylologie


    Voici une petite vidéo pour apprendre la dactylologie. C'EST L'ALPHABET EN LSF. 1ere partie, moi signant, seconde partie, Tjs moi signant, mais gros plans sur mes mains, sous 2 vues différentes. J'espère que ça vous plaira, et que ça vous aidera. Réalisation : Eric Nivot / Son : FROM THE VOID

  • Michel Tirabosco Tu seras flûtiste, mon fils!


    Tu seras flûtiste, mon fils!

    Je suis ravi de pouvoir vous présenter le teaser de mon dernier spectacle.

    Dans ce premier one man show, Michel Tirabosco, l’artiste qui a plus d’un tour dans son sac, souhaitait partager son histoire, ses anecdotes, son amour pour sa flûte de pan qu’il nomme son alter ego. Michel Tirabosco se livre totalement avec beaucoup d’humour et d’authenticité tout au long de ce spectacle, rythmé de textes, de musique, de projections d’images de son enfance ou des gens qui ont marqué sa vie. Cette belle narration nous conte la découverte de la flûte de pan, instrument qui marquera sa vie à tout jamais… ses premiers cours de musique, sa vie de musicien, ses rencontres décisives, ses concerts à l’étranger, ses répétitions et son travail… Alternance de théâtre et de musique, ce spectacle laisse sans voix… à part les rires du public !

    Création en février 2019 à Genève
    Comédien et musicien: Michel TIRABOSCO
    Mise en jeu: Patrick BRUNET
    Texte: Sophie TIRABOSCO
    Création lumières: Jean-Michel CARRAT
    Technicien son: Éric HENRY

  • Rachel Laurin :: Festival de Folklore :: Violin and Piano


    Rachel Laurin

    Festivals, op. 27
    VI. Festival de folklore

    Anne Robert, violin/violon
    Marc Bourdeau, piano

    Doberman-Yppan, publisher/éditeur

    CD Atma Classique
    iTunes :: Classics Online :: Amazon :: Qobuz :: Naxos Music Library

  • Tartarov improvisation in the style of Cage - Swiss anthem


    Pianist: Jean-Jacques Hauser alias Tartarov was the leading ad hoc improviser in the style of the great masters.
    One told him let it be in the style of Beethoven and you got a new bagatelle.
    Video: Hannes Keller

    John Cage 1912-1992

    I experience his music like writings of which I know they are
    important messages adressed to me. I should understand them
    but fail to do so. Kafka described such situations, however, he
    lacked the good humour of John Cage.

  • La Fanfare La CacoPhoniE au Festival Brass Dans La Garonne 2017 Toulouse Hot Stuff


    Hot Stuff interprété par La Fanfare La CacoPhoniE La Fanfare de Lyon (69 Rhône) au Festival Brass Dans La Garonne 2017 Toulouse

  • Dimitri Shostakovich -Jazz Suite No.2 - Waltz No. 2


    Dimitri Shostakovich -Jazz Suite No.2 - Waltz No. 2

  • Suite Hébraïque No. 4 for Alto Saxophone and Piano


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Suite Hébraïque No. 4 for Alto Saxophone and Piano · Srul Irving Glick · Paul Brodie · Valerie Tryon

    Glick: Works for Saxophone & Piano

    ℗ 2008 S & S Productions

    Released on: 2008-09-12

    Music Publisher: Srul Irving Glick - Estate

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pigeon Parade


    We could skip work, and join in the pigeon parade
    If I were a bird I’d be the general, shouting orders to the ranks below
    The water is low, but morale is high
    And no one can challenge me on my light post perch, my light post perch

    Or maybe it’s me and you, alone
    Take your shoes off and feel the weight
    Take, take your shoes off
    Feel, feel the weight, the weight of the earth

    Oh I see your eyes, reflected in the stars this is the night
    I have cried but now the breeze is blowing life into your smile

    In the pigeon parade no matter how strange every bird is a friend
    I’ve got a collection of the finest things
    Wrappers, a worm, two pine cones, piles of snow
    Take a bite of a cloud as we drift away
    And land for an early brunch on my light post perch, my light post perch

    And baby it’s me and you, alone
    Take your shoes off and feel the weight
    Take, take your shoes off
    Feel, feel the weight, the weight of the earth

    Oh I see your eyes, reflected in the stars this is the night
    I have cried but now the breeze is blowing life into your smile

    Facebook Page:

  • GOPR8274 blues brothers-zikautain



  • Phossilah - Disco Fever



  • Rumanian Concert - Part 12


    DAJOERI Panflute Festival 2010 Arosa Switzerland. Radu Nechifor (Panflute), Jon Micu (Taragot und Gesang), Marius Preda (Cybalon), Julian Jantea (Accordion) and Zoli Kekenj (Bass).

  • Armin playing Gaia - Jai Envie De Toi @TMDW 2012 Romania


    Armin van Buuren playing Gaia - J'ai Envie De Toi (Tom Fall Remix)@ The Mission Dance Weekend 0.5 4 August 2012 Hanul Piratilor Navodari Romania

  • Tunak Tunak Tan parody.WMV


    This is Tunak Tunak Tan parody, very very funny... those indians put so much soul in their music lol

  • Joyeux Anniversaire Ycare !!


    Vidéo faite par les ycariens, pour les 33 ans d'Ycare.

    Forum officiel d'Ycare

  • zencha - dalai lama ... ocean of compassion... om mani padmé hum , hang drum


    Zencha - Dalai lama ... océan of compassion... spéciale dédicace au Dalai lama...cet homme qui est un océan de sagesse...d'humour...


    Facebook: Zencha-voyage-sonore

    hang massive , hang drum , handpan , rammerdrum , tongue drum , zen , méditation , dalai lama , om mani padmé hum

  • I Love to Tour Michael Jackson Cute & Funny Moment


    Haha I love love this video, when Michael was bieng honest. Gotta love him, cutest man alive!!!!.
    Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Enjoy :)

  • Mihai Traistariu - getting his own STAR on the Walk of Fame in Romania, 2009 ...


    Booking, concerts : +40 721 144 210
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    Partnership : Fullscreen Inc

    Mihai Traistariu Mihai Traistariu - Mos Craciun ... esti nebun Mihai Traistariu - Nu mai vreau iubire ( BALADE - 2012 ) - Balads Mihai Traistariu - Je t'aime - Official video - HD version Eurovision 2006 Romania (Final) - Mihai Trăistariu - Tornero Mihai Traistariu - Cat de frumoasa esti (versuri) MIHAI TRAISTARIU -Cat de frumoasa esti (You`re so beautiful) new music hits best romanian dance slow blues music instrumental guitar rihana psy beyonce 2013 cea mai noua piesa mihai traistariu new hits officialcont youtube facebook LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (?????) M/VWaka Waka (This Time for Africa) Michel Teló Adele Gotye Bruno Mars Rihanna Jessie J Katy Perry Pitbull usa sports new hd inna flo rida White Sensation best songs best music ever valahia The Black Eyed Peas Avril Lavigne eminem 50cent movies online hd what Lady Gaga Selena Gomez sports hollywood highlights muzica romaneasca stiri news recording studio appel iphone 5 6 7 8 2014 2015 vevo Chris Brown Enrique Iglesias Guns N' Roses David Guetta Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars [OFFICIAL VIDEO] final christmas songs funny video home phillip phillips justin bieber kendrick lamar lil wayne queen rihanna diamonds taylor swift i knew you were trouble youtube usher i knew you were trouble taylor swift one direction alicia keys national anthem zero dark thirty trailer va va voom nicki minaj beyonce super bowl 2013 minecraft raywilliamjohnson ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT karaoke instrumental piano rock pop bulgaria germany uk radio original hits free music best ever track hd sound creation new style romania mihai traistariu best artisti eurovision final this muzica noua cea mai noua muzica treistariu tristariu trestariu Booking, concerts : +40 721 144 210 Subscribe : Partnership : Fullscreen Inc Mihai Traistariu Mihai Traistariu - Mos Craciun ... esti nebun Mihai Traistariu - Nu mai vreau iubire ( BALADE - 2012 ) - Balads Mihai Traistariu - Je t'aime - Official video - HD version Eurovision 2006 Romania (Final) - Mihai Trăistariu - Tornero Mihai Traistariu - Cat de frumoasa esti ( versuri ) MIHAI TRAISTARIU - Cat de frumoasa esti ( You`re so beautiful ) new music hits best romanian dance slow blues music instrumental guitar rihana psy beyonce 2013 cea mai noua piesa mihai traistariu new hits officialcont youtube facebook LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock PSY - GANGNAM STYLE Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Michel Teló Adele Gotye Bruno Mars Rihanna Jessie J Katy Perry Pitbull usa sports new hd inna flo rida White Sensation best songs best music ever valahia The Black Eyed Peas Avril Lavigne eminem 50cent movies online what Lady Gaga Selena Gomez sports hollywood highlights muzica romaneasca stiri news recording studio appel iphone 5 6 7 8 2014 2015 vevo Chris Brown Enrique Iglesias Guns N' Roses David Guetta Travie McCoy Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars [ OFFICIAL VIDEO ] final christmas songs funny video home phillip phillips justin bieber kendrick lamar lil wayne queen rihanna diamonds taylor swift i knew you were trouble youtube usher i knew you were trouble taylor swift one direction alicia keys national anthem zero dark thirty trailer va va voom nicki minaj beyonce super bowl 2013 minecraft raywilliamjohnson ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT karaoke instrumental piano rock pop bulgaria germany uk radio original hits free music best ever track hd concert concerte live life sound creation new style romania mihai traistariu best artisti eurovision final this playback negativ muzica noua cea mai noua muzica treistariu tristariu trestariu voce vocal range octava octave octaves high ambitus record guiness tornero eurovision eurovizion mihi romania 2006 range tromero cit ce

  • Edo Berger - Almost a romantic moment during the show... - comedy


    During the show, in a bit about the Greek crisis, I mention that even Romania is a member of the EU now. The response comes from a girl sitting in the audience next to het Romanian boyfriend.

    Taped at de Nieuwe Anita during the Nutty Anita Comedy Night, 05/02/2015.

    Footage Courtesy of Dam Funny.

  • young hearts dancing to serbian gypsy buskers on the street


    after the sydney festival we walked through hyde park only to find people dancing freely in the street.

  • American Chamber Ensemble - Srul Irving Glick - Suite Hebraique


    The American Chamber Ensemble, celebrating its 54th Anniversary, presented Music of the Americas: Part 2 on Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 3 PM at Hofstra University's Monroe Lecture Center Theater, California Avenue in Hempstead, NY, presented by the University’s Music Department.

    Music of the Americas: Part 2 was the second part of ACE's season-long exploration of the music of North and South America, as well as those who emigrated to this country.

    Canadian composer Srul Irving Glick's Suite Hebraique consists of six movements:

    1. Cantorial Chant
    2. Chassidic Dance
    3. Hora
    4. Lullaby
    5. Dialogue
    6. Circle Dance

    ACE performers were Mindy Dragovich, clarinet; Marilyn Lehman, piano.

    The composer lived from 1934–2002. More about him at

    Directed by Marilyn Lehman, ACE was founded by pianist Blanche Abram and clarinetist Naomi Drucker. The ensemble explores the great chamber music literature for clarinet and piano in combination with strings, woodwinds and voice and presents performances featuring world-class artists. ACE consists of the finest freelance musicians in the New York area and has been cited by critics for their superb presentations of chamber masterworks. Their latest CDs on Elysium are American Clarinet Treasures, featuring core members of ACE performing works by George Kleinsinger, Virgil Thomson, Daniel Gregory Mason, Elliott Carter, Douglas Moore and Gary Schocker, with guest artist Stanley Drucker and The American Chamber Ensemble Plays Peter Schickele, which features five of this modern master’s most important chamber works.

    ACE’s concert season is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and by private contributions.

    For the latest American Chamber Ensemble concert listings, updates and information, log on to the newly redesigned Follow ACE on Facebook at

  • Funny Q&A With Enrique On Billboard Conference 2014


  • Nôze - You Have To Dance



    Nôze, AKA Parisian pranksters Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes, are back with a new single: 'You Have To Dance'. In addition to the original version, taken from their acclaimed Get Physical album Songs on The Rocks, there are scene-stealing remixes by Mathias Kaden and Lee Jones (Aus/MyMy).

    Mathias Kaden is one of the most respected names in contemporary techno thanks to a run of immaculate productions for the Vakant and Freude-am-Tanzen labels, as well as remixes for the likes of Trentemøller, Terrence, Dixon and Dapayk Solo. Here he turns out a 'Beatpolka' version of 'You Have To Dance' -- an irresistibly clicky, jazz-tinged effort which takes the freewheeling cabaret spirit of the original and runs with it. Kaden builds up layer upon layer of skippy rhythm, dropping in sampled snatches of Nôze's vocal, horn and piano parts to create a madly complex but effortlessly swinging house groove. Check out the 'Mouthacapellapolka' too, which foregrounds Nôze's almost scat-like vocals and will serve as a wickedly effective tool for all the DJs out there.

    Lee Jones is a member of MyMy, who have released numerous 12s and remixes on labels like Playhouse, Ostgut Ton and Nôze's own Circus Company. His remix of 'You Have To Dance' is a precision-edited dancefloor bomb; there are so many things going on, so many interlocking elements, and yet the groove is always stripped-back, snappy, well-defined. Jones is one of the most imaginative producers around right now, and here he proves exactly why, building the track around 'You Have To Dance''s almost bossa-style snares, adding heavy electronic stabs and a funked-up bassline. This mix is a triumph not just of texture, but of architecture -- with enough peaks, drops and cannily deployed FX make to carve up any dancefloor.

    The album version of 'You Have To Dance' will lull you into a false sense of security with its skippy techno rhythm, before Nicolas and Ezechiel pipe up to remind you that You have to dance, you have to dance, you have to drink, you have to drink all night to remember that you're a light!. At once tongue-in-cheek and totally sincere, this unhinged anthem is a staple of the duo's infamous live sets.

    Nôze have that rare ability -- to incorporate their sense of humour and mischief into music which is totally serious and, moreover, seriously danceable. The four tracks collected here embody this paradox beautifully.

  • Vitas - Ciocarlia / Minsk 2010


    3rd March 2010 - solo concert in Minsk, Belarus

    source: Vitas' Official Site

    Polish Vitas' Fan Site:

  • Le groupe EN SCÈNE présente: 50 ANS DHISTOIRE!


    UNE REVUE MUSICALE DE 50 ANS D'HISTOIRE DE LA MUSIQUE!!!! Direction artistique et mise en scène: Cynthia Paquin...! 4 formules de spectacles différentes pour tous vos événements! (Veuillez noter que ce montage-vidéo est un mélange des 4 formules et une version grand public avec invités: Bruno Labrie, Michaël Rancourt et les danseurs de la troupe Tendanse!!) La nouvelle formation est: Cynthia Paquin, Steve Hamel, Mylène Houle, Mélyssa Morneau, P-A Lemay, Caroline Marcil et Émily Rajotte...accompagnés de nos charmants musiciens!!!



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