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Playlist of Romanian Orthodox Church

  • The Lords Lamentations


    Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there.
    — Rumi

    All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.
    — Kabir

    Lord, shed upon our darkened souls the brilliant light of your wisdom so that we may be enlightened and serve you with renewed purity. Sunrise marks the hour for men to begin their toil, but in our souls, Lord, prepare a dwelling for the day that will never end.
    — Saint Ephrem the Syrian


  • St Mary Romanian Orthodox Church


    Anaheim Arts Council presents a Sacred Arts Festival, a tour of the houses of worship in Anaheim, California.

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  • Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant-Sfinte Dumnezeule


    Holy Lord

  • Angela Gheorghiu / Sacred Romanian Orthodox Church Song


    When I publish this video it's Good Friday 2008, I guess that's why I turned my attention to this peaceful music, full of mysterious beauty.
    Famous Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu, the Romanian National Chamber Choir Madrigal and the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ion Marin, perform the sacred prayer song 'Priveghiati si va rugati' ('Watch and pray'), a gem from the Romanian Orthodox Church music repertory. The composer is Gheorge Popescu-Branesti.

    here are the lines:
    priveghiati si va rugati (watch and pray)
    ca sa nu cadeti in ispita (that ye enter not into temptation)
    sufletul este zelos (the spirit indeed is willing)
    iara trupul neputincios (but the flesh is weak)

    The recording is from Angela Gheorghiu's album 'Mysterium - Sacred Arias' (2001), that I highly recommend. Buy it and hear more of this great music!

    from the liner notes (by Alexander Gerdanovits):
    This music (..) has over the years taken on a deeply spiritual quality for Angela Gheorghiu. Its profound significance had already revealed itself to her in her Romanian childhood home of Adjud, where she and her sister Nina would sing it together. (..) these songs possess great emotional, almost ineffable power for the singer. They evoke for her the mystical aura of Orthodox churches, dominated by incense and candlelight, and the spiritual intimacy of Moldavian monasteries in Northern Romania. They express a reverent awe in the presence of the mysterium fascinans, in which the full plenitude of existence is made manifest, as is the yearning for God. Traditionally they have always been sung by a choir. On this cd they are heard for the first time with orchestral accompaniment, specially created for the recording.

    The pictures in my video are mostly beautiful icons and fresco's from orthodox churches and monasteries in Eastern Europe.

    Peace for Everyone...

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  • Romanian Orthodox consecration


  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-We magnify Thee


    we magnify Thee

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  • EVLOGHIA - Hymn of His Beatitude DANIEL, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church


    Corul bizantin misionar EVLOGHIA al Sfintei Patriarhii Romane, condus de Arhid. Marius-Stelian Militaru - Polihroniu Preafericitului Parinte DANIEL - Patriarhul Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane, glas II, facere a PC Parinte Cristian Todireanu.

  • Romanian Orthodox Prayer to Jesus Christ


    An old powerful orthodox prayer.

  • St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church Womens Day Celebration


    St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church Celebration of Women's International Day, March 8th, 2019

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  • Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant-Doxology


    Doxologia-Glasul V

  • Traditional Romanian song at St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church Fest


    Traditional Romanian song performed at the annual Romanian Festival at St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Church in Cleveland Ohio. This is the oldest Romanian parish in America, founded in 1904.

  • Romanian Orthodox Prayer to Sf. Mary the Holly Mother of Christ


    An old powerful prayer to the Holly Mary.

  • Romanian orthodox church Psalm 102


    1. Binecuvintează, suflete al meu, pe Domnul şi toate cele dinlăuntrul meu, numele cel sfânt al Lui.
    2. Binecuvintează, suflete al meu, pe Domnul şi nu uita toate răsplătirile Lui.
    3. Pe Cel ce curăţeşte toate fărădelegile tale, pe Cel ce vindecă toate bolile tale;
    4. Pe Cel ce izbăveşte din stricăciune viaţa ta, pe Cel ce te încununează cu milă şi cu îndurări;
    5. Pe Cel ce umple de bunătăţi pofta ta; înnoi-se-vor ca ale vulturului tinereţile tale.
    6. Cel ce face milostenie, Domnul, şi judecată tuturor celor ce li se face strâmbătate.
    7. Cunoscute a făcut căile Sale lui Moise, fiilor lui Israel voile Sale.
    8. Îndurat şi milostiv este Domnul, îndelung-răbdător şi mult-milostiv.
    9. Nu până în sfârşit se va iuţi, nici în veac se va mânia.
    10. Nu după păcatele noastre a făcut nouă, nici după fărădelegile noastre a răsplătit nouă,
    11. Ci cât este departe cerul de pământ, atât este de mare mila Lui, spre cei ce se tem de El.
    12. Pe cât sunt de departe răsăriturile de la apusuri, depărtat-a de la noi fărădelegile noastre.
    13. În ce chip miluieşte tatăl pe fii, aşa a miluit Domnul pe cei ce se tem de El;
    14. Că El a cunoscut zidirea noastră, adusu-şi-a aminte că ţărână suntem.
    15. Omul ca iarba, zilele lui ca floarea câmpului; aşa va înflori.
    16. Că vânt a trecut peste el şi nu va mai fi şi nu se va mai cunoaşte încă locul său.
    17. Iar mila Domnului din veac în veac spre cei ce se tem de Dânsul,
    18. Şi dreptatea Lui spre fiii fiilor, spre cei ce păzesc legământul Lui
    19. Şi îşi aduc aminte de poruncile Lui, ca să le facă pe ele. Domnul în cer a gătit scaunul Său şi împărăţia Lui peste toţi stăpâneşte.
    20. Binecuvântaţi pe Domnul toţi îngerii Lui, cei tari la vârtute, care faceţi cuvântul Lui şi auziţi glasul cuvintelor Lui.
    21. Binecuvântaţi pe Domnul toate puterile Lui, slugile Lui, care faceţi voia Lui.
    22. Binecuvântaţi pe Domnul toate lucrurile Lui; în tot locul stăpânirii Lui, binecuvintează suflete al meu pe Domnul.

  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-Imparateasa mea


    Holy Mother of God

  • eyes wide shut - masked ball - in romanian



  • Romanian Byzantine Chant-St Gregory Palamas-Stihovana


    Saint Gregory Palamas (Γρηγόριος Παλαμάς) (1296 - 1359) was a monk of Mount Athos in Greece and later the Archbishop of Thessalonica known as a preeminent theologian of Hesychasm. He is venerated as a Saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, as well as the Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic Churches. Some of his writings are collected in the Philokalia. The second Sunday of the Great Lent is called the Sunday of Gregory Palamas in those Churches that commemorate him according to the Byzantine Rite. He also has a feast day on November 14.

  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-Imparateasa mea


    Most Holy Mother of God

  • St Mina Romanian Orthodox Church, Mar., 19th 2015 001


    Buzau, Romania. Panagia and Christ above the altar and more of the right side of the church.

  • Romanian Byzantine Chant-The Beautitudes-Fericirile


    Blessed art thou...

  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-Confess to the Lord


    Confess to the Lord!

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  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Sfinte Dumnezeule


    Corul Byzantion-Sfinte Dumnezeule, glas 1, de Kiriac Ioanid

  • Romanian Orthodox Church - Byzantine Music - Aliluia


    Byzantine Music

  • The Saint Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church Choral Project


    Sfinte Dumnezeule Concert of Spring 2012

  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-The Beatitudes



  • Romanian Orthodox Chant-Come to worship Christ


    Veniti sa ne inchinam,gl.VIII,de Amfilohie Iordanescu

  • Romanian Orthodox Byzantine Chant - Cherubic Hymn


  • Romanian Byzantine Chant-Holy Theotokos


    Holy Mother of God

  • Romanian festival at St Mary Orthodox Cathedral Cleveland OH


    Fantastic music, food, excellent hospitality all this in one place at St.Mary annual Romanian festival Cleveland OH, Aug-23-2015.

  • The Nightingale Trio | Sub o Salcie Pletoasă | Romanian Orthodox hymn


    Under a weeping willow the holy mother prayed, and in a soft voice to the willow she spoke: “If you could know my pain, and had heart to soothe me, you would give me your branches.” Then the high willow bowed its head and dropped its branches, and the mother gathered them and wove a crown with no thorns.

    filmed at the Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis, MN
    video/audio by Gordon Byrd ...
    music written/arranged by Ayanna Woods ... @yaddawould

    Download and hear more at

    The Nightingale Trio is Rachel LaViola, Nila Bala, and Sarah Larsson

    Sarah Larsson is a fiscal year 2018 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

  • Romanian Orthodox Church - Byzantine Music - Gustati si vedeti


  • Romanian dance at St. Marys Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Cleveland


    Men and Women from the Doina Romanian Folklore Ensemble perform a lively, a traditional Romanian dance at the 2009 Romanian Festival at St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Romanian Orthodox Chant - Psalm 1,2,3 at Putna Monastery


    Psalm 1,2,3 at Putna Monastery, Romania

  • Pilgrim Romanian Orthodox Choir


    Pilgrim Romanian Orthodox Choir singing in St George's Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral, London

  • Romanian Orthodox - Chant-We magnify Thee


    შემოგვიერთდით facebook-ზე

  • Orthodox Choir | Slavic Trap Music ☦✝


    ☦✝ Slavic Orthodox Choir Trap ✝☦
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    Orthodox Choir | Slavic Trap Music

    Production (remix): Slavic Affairs
    Name: Orthodox East
    Program used: FL Studio 11

    Original choir: Agni Parthene - Valaam Brethren Choir

    #Slavic #Trap #Choir #Orthodox #Rap #Beat

    Massive thanks to my Patrons!
    Benjamin Huard
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    Permission for music usage | My music can be used if the following conditions are met:
    Trap/House music:
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    - Copy the permission rules above in the description box so other people can understand them.

    Pagan music:
    - You can not use it unless I give you a special permit - in case you have a great idea for the video (A lot of effort is put in making pagan music, it takes me few weeks and simply allowing reposting would lost the value of it, thank you for understanding).
    Patreon only: Patrons (Gold tier or above) can use any type of music (full lenght) in the time of their patronage, however have to also credit me and copy the permission rules in the description box.

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Aliluia


    Corul Byzantion-Aliluia, glas 2, de Anton Pann

  • Romanian orthodox chant


    Doamne Iisuse Hristoase,
    Tu eşti zori prea luminoase.

    Tu eşti raza cea curată
    Şi lumin-adevărată.

    Dumnezeu fiind din fire,
    Ai luat chip de omenire.

    Pentru a noastră mântuire
    Ca să ne scapi de pieire

    Şi Te-ai dat spre răstignire
    Ca să ne dai nemurire

    O, Iisuse, nume dulce,
    Ne-ai scăpat prin Sfânta Cruce!


    Lord Jesus Christ
    You are the Brightest dawn.

    You are the pure ray
    You are the true light.

    Being God by nature,
    You took on a human face.

    In view of our salvation
    You released us from death.

    And you let yourself be crucified
    To offer us eternity.

    O Jesus, sweet name,
    You redeemed us with Your Holy Cross.

  • Romanian Orthodox Church - Byzantine Music - Axion


    Byzantine Music

  • Theotokos Children Choir - Glasgow Romanian Orthodox Church.mp4


    The Children choir Theotokos from Alba Iulia - Romania performing Chritmas carols at the Romanian Orthodox Church from Glasgow Scotland on the 12th of December 2010.

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Toată suflarea


    Corul Byzantion-Toată suflarea, glas 3, de Iacob Protopsaltul

  • Psalm 50-Romanian Orthodox Chant


    Glory to Jesus Christ,our Lord!

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Mulțimile călugărilor


    Corul Byzantion-Mulțimile călugărilor, glas 8, de Dimitrie Suceveanu

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Mass Music / 루마니아정교회 미사 음악


    [세상의 끝에서 만난 음악] 336쪽 - 산 자와 죽은 자가 함께 드리는 미사
    Music: Desești Church Choir
    Place: Desești Church, Maramures, Romania
    Date: April 22, 2018
    Recorded by Sangil Choi

    루마니아 북부 마라무레슈 지역의 데세슈티 정교회당은 유네스코 문화유산으로 등재된 교회 중의 하나다. 우리가 방문한 날은 날씨가 아주 좋았기 때문에 신부님은 야외정자에서 미사를 집전하고 신자들은 그 주변의 정원처럼 꾸며놓은 묘지들 사이사이에 자유롭게 흩어져 선 채로 미사를 본다. 동방정교회의 미사는 처음부터 끝까지 의례 위주로 진행되며 아카펠라 합창단의 도움이 없이는 미사를 진행할 수 없다. 신부님이 경전의 말씀을 읽거나 기도문을 읽을 때마다 성가대의 노래가 이어지기 때문에 미사의 대부분은 음악으로 채워진다 해도 과언이 아니다.

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Gustați și vedeți


    Corul Byzantion-Gustați și vedeți, glas 5, de Petru Lampadarie

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Terirem


    Corul Byzantion-Terirem, glas 3, de Hurmuz Hartofilax

  • Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant


    There is one video in Youtube Hristos Anesti Romanian Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant but not every word are heard well. Thats why I decided to add subtitles to the video.
    If the owner Sunyaaa read this words and want to get subtitles, I can give them and may be delete my video.

  • SUPERB: Vecernia Invierii - STIHOAVNA glas 5 tetrafon - Stavropoleos - Romanian Orthodox Easter


    BLOGUL si Site-ul


    1) The Eastern ORTHODOX Church is the ONLY TRUE and Apostolic CHURCH. part 1 of 3 - American documentary: The Ancient Church

    2) Arhimandrit Arsenie Papacioc(94 de ani) Dovada ca ORTODOXIA este singura credinta adevarata! ANTI-Ecumenism!

    3) Articolul How old is the orthodox faith?

    Sa iti dau si 3 exemple de Ortodoxie autentica:

    Arhim. Arsenie Papacioc (94 de ani)- Sa Pretuim Timpul

    Arhim. Sofian Boghiu - Purificarea sufletului

    Părintele Ilie Cleopa despre Ortodoxie şi Românism

    Filmare Februarie 2009.
    Parintele AMFILOHIE BRANZA este ucenicul marelui duhovnic JUSTIN PARVU.

    Parintele Amfilohie,Diaconesti - Casatoria si Calugaria, doua cai spre mantuire

    CONFERINTE SUPERBE cu Parintele Amfilohie Branza de la manastirea Diaconesti:

    Conferinta Dan Puric, Pr. Amfilohie Branza de la Man. Diaconesti, si Monahul Moise de la Manastirea Petru Voda - Lansarea Cartilor ' Valeriu Gafencu - Sfantul Inchisorilor ' si ' Viata Parintelui Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa '

    Pr. Amfilohie - Intoarcerea la HRISTOS - Conf. la Academia Studii Economice (ASE)
    Partea 1

    si Partea 2

    Pr. Amfilohie Diaconesti - Credinta nadejdea si dragostea: Conferinta

    si Partea2

    Pr. Amfilohie Branza - Postul Ortodox: libertate sau constrangere

    si Partea2



    Site updatat (inoit ) zilnic.
    Unul dintre putinele site-uri ortodoxe romanesti, daca nu chiar singurul, care mai spune adevarul in problemele cu adevarat importante care ne framanta: pasapoartele, permisele de conducere si chipurile biometrice 666, transformarea Romaniei , Uniunii Europene, si a intreg Pamantului in general intr-o uriasa inchisoare, oamenii fiind supravegheati in cele mai intime detalii de stat, planurile masoneriei si multe alte aspecte omise special de mass media....

    De asemenea sunt publicate articole ale marilor duhovnici: Arsenie Papacioc, Ilie Cleopa, Justin Parvu, Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa, etc... si articole ale unor mari oameni de valoare cum ar fi Danion Vasile, Savatie Bastovoi, etc.


    Blogul ieromonahului Savatie Bastovoi:

    . . . . . . . .

    Citat din brosura Introducerea actelor de identitate cu Cip in Romania - mijloc de ingradire a vietii personale si libertatii religioase :

    Romani, pastrati-va libertatea!

    Ni s-a spus ca libertatea pentru care s-a murit in decembrie 1989 va fi garantata pe deplin odata cu integrarea in structurile euro-atlantice. Inregul sistem de supraveghere electronica reprezinta o invadare a vietii noastre private intr-o masura nemaiintalnita in istorie.

    Dupa 20 de ani in care am nadajduit ca vom reveni in sfarsit la o viata normala, eliberati de cosmarul dosarelor de urmarire ale securitatii in care eram incatusati fara voia si stiinta noastra, noile acte de identitate biometrice deschid calea pentru initierea unor noi indosarieri.

    Daca primim acum pasapoarte si carnete de conducere cu cipuri, vom primi incepand cu 1 ianuarie 2011 si cartile de identitate cu cip.

    Peste cativa ani vom accepta fara probleme de constiinta imbogatirea cipurilor cu noi informatii, care ne vor usura legatura cu diverse institutii medicale, informationale, comerciale, apoi va deveni fireasca unificarea lor intr-unul singur, care sa incorporeze si cartile de credit.

    Peste cativa ani se va spune ca, pentru a preveni pierderea sau furtul, este mai eficienta implantarea chipului in corpul uman.

    Va mai trece inca o perioada si se va ajunge la concluzia ca, pentru buna functionare a societatii, este strict necesar ca toti oamenii sa aiba implantate aceste cipuri pe frunte sau pe mana.

    Ce vom face atunci?

  • St Mina Romanian Orthodox Church, Mar., 19th 2015 003


    Buzau, Romania. Theotokos and baby Jesus above the altar and right side

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Sfinte Dumnezeule


    Corul Byzantion-Sfinte Dumnezeule, glas 1, de Ioan Palassis

  • Romanian Orthodox Church Music-Cine este Dumnezeu


    Corul Byzantion-Cine este Dumnezeu, glas 8, de Filotei Moroșanu



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