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Playlist of Roland Space Echo

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    Roland Space Echo - RE - 201


    Roland Space Echo - RE - 201

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo


    Roland RE-201 Space Echo

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    Boss RE 20 Space Echo | Reverb Demo Video


    A Roland classic reborn, the Boss RE-20 Space Echo returns in this twin pedal. All the flair and nuance of the original Roland RE-201 has been recreated as the RE-20 in stunning detail by Boss. However, 12 Mode selections, analog warmth, tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation with a longer delay time, as well as a handy Tap Pedal, put the Boss Space Echo leagues ahead of its predecessor. Get a retro-modern makeover of the classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo with Boss’ RE-20.

    Compare prices on new and used Boss RE 20 Space Echo pedals here

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo




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    Roland Dimension D&C, RE-201 & RE-20 Space Echo… And Matt Schofield! From TGU18


    Welcome to That Pedal Show! Please subscribe to our channel and visit our store

    Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

    In this video we find ourselves at the Thomann Gear University 2018. It was an event held at the retail giant’s headquarters and store in Germany, where a bunch of us descended for a few days to hang out and make videos. We were given the run of the store to use literally anything we wanted.
    So, of course Dan and I found two blokes from Boss who came armed with a bunch of discontinued old gems. Old sheeeat – we love it!
    First we plug in the sweetest Roland RE-201 Space Echo we’ve ever seen or heard, and compare it to the current Boss RE-20. Then we move on to something absolutely unique: the Boss Dimension D and C devices, famed for their classic take on chorus.
    The following day we bumped into Matt Schofield who had a theory about the Dimension D and Stevie Ray Vaughan. So back into filming we went!
    What follows is what went down, so we hope you enjoy it.

    Before that, a couple of apologies…
    First, sorry the pedal cams aren’t better. It was a fast turnaround time with limited options, so we did what we could.
    Second, sorry about the clipping audio in places. We tended to play a little louder than the other TGU18 attendees and we caught the engineers a little off guard from time to time…. Nevertheless we thank them MASSIVELY for their help and diligence in what was an extremely hot and fast-moving environment with a whole slew of people in and out. They did a great job and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

    As for the audio itself. You’re hearing two mic'd guitar amps as the main mix, plus each of those amps through a Universal Audio Ox (right) and a Two-Notes Torpedo Reload (left). The physical, mic’d 1x12 cabs are about 85 per cent of the mix. The remainder is the Ox and the Reload, doing something approaching what our room mics usually do (sorta, kinda) to add a bit of spread. And yes, the direct signals are the ones that are clipping. Doh. See apology 2, above.

    Please enjoy the video…

    Pedals in this episode…

    • TheGigRig Three2One

    • Roland RE-201 Space Echo
    Only available used

    • Boss RE-20 Space Echo
    UK & Europe:

    • Roland Dimension D Rack Unit
    Only available used

    • Roland DC-2 Dimension C Compact Pedal
    Only available used

    • Analog Man Bad Bob Booster

    • Mad Professor Twimble
    UK & Europe:

    • Keeley D&M Drive
    UK & Europe:

    • Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay
    UK & Europe:

    • TheGigRig G2

    Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

    Interesting bits and go-to sections…
    - Intro playing, background and context: 00:00
    - What are we doing? And where are we for that matter? 1:24
    - Roland RE-201 Space Echo: 2:30
    - Playback heads? 4:10
    - Today’s amps: 5:12
    - Boss RE-20: 9:16
    - Controls on the RE-20: 12:35
    - Hold down the tap button? 13:55
    - Dimension D: what is it? 14:50
    - But what about Purple Rain? 17:30
    - Dimension C: 18:50
    - 24 hours later… Hang on, is that Matt Schofield? 22:10
    - Matt’s theory on SRV and the Dimension D: 24:19
    - Mad Professor Twimble: 25:17
    - Dimension D again. This time with Matt! 28:35 (29:45)
    - And with some TS-style gain? 31:10
    - Twimble and D&M Drive? 32:25
    - Ash guitar in standard, or alder and E flat? 35:00
    - Two amps with a short delay? 39:20
    - And what about phase? 40:15
    - Matt plays us out: 43:40

    Guitars in this episode:
    • Fender Custom Shop ’59 Telecaster Relic
    • Fender Custom Shop LTD ’59 Stratocaster Heavy Relic
    • SVL Guitars Reserve (in this case with ash body and hardtail)

    Amps in this episode (see above for how they are mixed)
    Mick and Dan part
    • Mad Professor Old School 21RT head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and UA OX
    • Revv Dynamis head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and Two Notes Torpedo Reload

    Mick Dan and Matt part (see above for how they are mixed)
    • Morgan SW22 head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and UA OX
    • Laney GH50R head and Harley Benton G112 Vintage cabinet and Two Notes Torpedo Reload

    We hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe to our channel.

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    UK & Europe: Andertons Music
    USA: Riff City Guitar & Music Company
    Australia: Pedal Empire

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo VS Boss RE-20 at #TGU18


    A dream truly came true at #TGU18 where I had the pleasure of playing a real vintage Roland RE-201 Space Echo and then comparing it with the digital pedal version of it, the Boss RE-20.

    It would mean the world to us if you followed our social channels:

    Facebook Group:
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    BOSS RE-20 Space Echo In-Depth Review


    This is a full in-depth review of the BOSS RE-20 Space Echo delay pedal. Evan used a Gibson SG Custom for the demo. Skip to part three if you want to hear it in action.
    Section links:
    Introduction: 0:00
    Part One - Background: 0:45
    Part Two - Back Panel: 2:42
    Part Three - Front Panel Walkthrough/ Sound Demo: 4:17
    Part Three cont. - Extra Functions Incl. Expression Pedal: 22:50
    Part Four - Buying Tips/ Practicality: 36:53

    Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, follow us on twitter and check out our other videos!

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    Roland RE-501 Tape Delay In Action


    On this video we demonstrate the vintage Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo - Tape Delay. We pass a drum machine and some vocals to it, end experiment with combinations of the 3 different effects available on this rare piece of gear. #roland #tapeecho #spaceecho

    Find out more about our Music Production Services on

    More about the RE-501 on our full article:

    More tape machines here:

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo tape echo/reverb


    Jammin' with the Roland RE-201 Space Echo with a little bit of overdrive. Vintage Floyd-esque and Post Rock tones!

    RE-201 Space Echo units, which used the standard 1/4 tape of the open-reel variety, but made as one, continuous loop. It uses no reels of any kind; the tape is transported via a capstan drive. The tape loop is contained in a loose, constantly moving jumble in the tape chamber (also known as the tape tank) under a plastic panel which protects the tape and keeps it from getting tangled. The design resulted in lower levels of noise, wow, and flutter, and cut down on tape wear.[1] Replacement tapes were sold as well, named RT-1L.[2]

    There are several control dials on the device that alter such aspects as tape speed, repeat pattern (an 11-position rotary switch), one instrument and two microphone inputs, a single analog backlit VU meter for all three inputs, wet/dry mix for both echo and reverb, and intensity (number of repeats, in a sense; it actually reduces how much the erase/record head erases the tape), that can be adjusted to a user's liking; and bass/treble controls to EQ the sound of the repeats (not the dry signal), as well as dry and effected Echo output jacks with a switch for output setting (-10, -20, -35db levels.)

    Used as a delay/echo, the Roland RE-201 is said to produce an unpredictable delay that is warm and gritty sounding. It is also capable of producing a large variety of its own sound effects, even without an input signal (by turning the intensity control to maximum and allowing the unit to self-regenerate, or self-oscillate, while manipulating the tape speed and other controls).

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    Roland RE 201 Space Echo - Tape Delay SofaDemo


    We are very lucky to have an old vintage tape delay. The Roland Re-201 Space Echo convinces with its warm analog sound. Everything is possible, from rhythmic to absolutely spherical sounds, even in combination with distortion pedals the Space Echo is impressive. But check it out for yourself!

    Two guys, one passion: guitar effects! So we were wondering why don't share this passion with the world? and we now just do. Just bring the pedals and plug them in, play some music and enjoy the endless possibilities. Meet people, play music, experience different style and discover new pedals.
    If you enjoy this, feel free to leave a like and follow us everywhere via:


    You want to support us? When buying something after using this affiliate link we will get a small amount of money - from which we will get things to improve our videos.

    Wanna buy a RE-201?

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    1970s ROLAND RE-201 Space Echo DEMO


    Quick walk-thru and kinda demo of my old Space Echo, which i might be selling... or not. :/

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    Echoplex vs Space Echo vs Flashback 2 Delay


    Lars and Kasper Falkenberg team up to compare three types of tape delay: the Roland Space Echo RE-201, the Echoplex EP-3 and the TAPE setting on our very own Flashback 2 Delay.

    We know, we are comparing apples to oranges, but we had a lot of fun!

    Flashback 2 Delay is available here:



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    Universal Audio Roland® RE 201 Space Echo Tape Delay


    El equipo de Universal Audio tardó casi un año en desarrollar la recreación del plugin Roland® RE 201 Space Echo Tape Delay. La Space Echo puede esucharse en grabaciones míticas de los 70´ como Pink Floyd o David Bowie, hasta bandas más recientes como Portishead y Radiohead, pasando por una infinidad de albums de Reggae y Dub.

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    Binson Echorec vs Roland Space Echo


    In this video I compare 3 Binson Echorecs with a Roland RE201 Space Echo.
    I played a Gretsch '57 RI Duo Jet through a Fender Vibroking.
    Recorded with a SM57 into a Neve 1073 to Protools. Just a little bit of reverb.

    The 4 units I compared are:

    0:35 Binson Echorec 2 T7E
    This unit has old tubes, bad heads and the transport is not very stable.
    4:31 Binson Echorec 2 T7E in good condition
    9:43 Binson Echorec P.E.603-T in good condition
    14:18 Roland RE-201 Space Echo in good condition

    All units have a higher noise level compared to modern day delays.

    I noticed on the P.E.603-T in particular, the input level is set too high which results in a distorted delay signal.

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    So the FM has arrived. My first question was: Can it do Dub Chords?

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    Klangteppich music - Moog Prodigy and Roland Space Echo


    Moog Prodigy through Space Echo and Ditto Looper

    a' = 432 Hz

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    Moog Model 15 with Roland RE-201 Space Echo


    Using the 921 and 921B oscillators to form an analog three-operator FM voice, the Moog Model 15 and Roland RE-201 Space Echo form the basis of this patch, which harkens back to the sound of science fiction film scores of yesteryear.

    Moog products available here:

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    Roland re-101 space echo


    Time lapse of a clean up and partial service of a re-101. Music is electric violin though the re-101 only. Please check out my facebook page

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo Service


    This is my second time preforming this service on a space echo so I'm not claiming to be a professional, but hopefully you can learn something from this video if you are trying to do the same thing.

    First off I bought my parts from EchoFix Australia. I got the Roland Tape Echo full service kit. here is the link...

    Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and thanks for watching!

    Song in the background is just an improvised A minor add 9 arpeggio through a Juno 106 and into the space echo with filters, lfo, time and intensity being messed with to create the sound.

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    Close to the Effect #7 | Boss Space Echo + Giga Delay | VIDEO REVIEW


    CLOSE TO THE EFFECT #7 | Boss Space Echo + Giga Delay
    #boss #spaceecho #gigadelay

    ROLAND BOSS Space Echo RE-20 + Giga Delay DD-20

    Video Demo by Perry Frank
    All music is written and performed live by Perry Frank

    Recorded live with two Shure SM57 (Orange's sounds) and a Zoom H2n (Ambience sounds)
    Location: Under a tree in the Countryside 10.09.2018

    Guitar: Fender Stratocaster

    Boss Giga Delay
    Boss Space Echo

    Amps: Orange Crush 35 LDX in stereo set

    Info about PERRY FRANK:

    Soon other Close to the Effect videos. Stay tuned!

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    Recreating a Roland Space Echo RE-201


    We set out to recreate the awe-inspiring tones of a Roland Space Echo RE-201 with the help of an old friend, Mr Kasper Falkenberg, and we harnessed this vintage-flavored power in the form of a sweet TonePrint for Flashback 2 Delay!

    - The Buffered Space Echo TonePrint created in this video can be found as an editable Template under the TC Electronic artist for Flashback 2 Delay in the TonePrint App/Editor so you can tweak to your heart's content and dial in that vintage delay flavor to taste!

    Don't have the the TonePrint App/Editor yet? You can download it here:

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    Rhodes 73 Mark 2 + Roland space echo RE-201


    Rhodes - Space echo - Hughes & Kettner guitar amp. Ebay Listing by yurianouk

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    Doctor Guitar Episode #103 - Boss Space Echo vs DM 2Waza


    In this episode i compare two great delay pedals by Boss. The Space Echo RE-20 and the Waza Craft DM2.

    You can listen to my music here:

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    Boss RE-20 Space Echo Pedal | Gear4music demo


    For more information on this product:

    The Boss RE-20 Space Echo Effects Pedal recreates the tonal capabilities and sonic character of the legendary Roland RE-20 Space Echo in a compact and modern pedal.

    Delivering the classic spacious analogue delay, tape flutter, and magnetic head saturation, the RE-20 also features the same 12 position control as the original to offer a variety of echo and reverb combinations. With a few modern features like an extended delay time, tap pedal and expression pedal input, the Boss Tape Echo can seamlessly integrate into any rig and deliver stunning soundscapes with its stereo ins/outs.

    Featuring a roadworthy construction, the Boss RE-20 Space Echo delivers that legendary tape echo sound and feel, without worrying whether a delicate vintage unit will make it through the gig.

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    Outer Space - Tape Echo / Space Echo Plugin - AudioThing


    Get this plugin here:

    Outer Space is a faithful emulation plugin of a famous vintage tape echo made in the early seventies. As the original unit, Outer Space features an echo section with three playback heads and a spring reverb tank.

    Outer Space is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Roland.

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    Roland Space Echo RE-201 and Juno 106


    A quick demo of this pair of RE-201's played in stereo. All sounds were played on the Juno 106 with the exception of the 808 kick drum that was programmed in Ableton.

    I recently cleaned and serviced the space echo on the left with new tape, felts, bearing, and pinch roller. It is now for sale at

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    A.L.I.S.O.N - Space Echo


    Super nostalgic sounds on this gem by Alison.

    Follow me!

    Submit your tunes:

    Image source:

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    Arturia keystep × ARP Odyssey module ×Roland Space echo RE-201 demo track


    I did a demonstration play using Arturia keystep, ARP Odyssey module and Roland Space echo RE-201.
    This is a sweet sound. . . .

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    Space Echo vs El Capistan = Jazzmaster


    Jazzmaster '62 AVRI
    Strymon El Capistan -- RE-201 Space Echo -- Neunaber Immerse -- 1968 Princeton Reverb

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    BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Stompbox Demo by Daniel Fisher - Sweetwater


    Get more info here: If you're wondering how to nail that warm tape-saturated echo effect, check out this demo with of the BOSS RE-20 with Sweetwater's Daniel Fisher. This pedal emulates the classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo — sounds great in your guitar rig, equally sweet for keyboards.

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    TEST ROLAND Space Echo RE-201 For Sale


    Cette vidéo traite de re201

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    Minibrute through a Roland RE 301 + sound on sound


    First doodle with a Roland Chorus Echo RE 301 (from 1977)
    Playing with all echo modes (6 combinations of 3 heads) + chorus and spring reverb.
    Really nice self oscillation.
    Sound on sound from 4:20
    I give it the odd shake and tap for some extra welcome artifacts.

    Lovely bit of kit. Hope it lasts.

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    Roland space echo tape echo demo re-101


    Demo of a Roland RE-101 Space Echo

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    Vintage 1980s Roland RE-501 Chorus Space Echo tape delay - quick demo


    currently selling on ebay...

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    Roland RE 201 Space Echo


    more items up sale @
    demo of re 201 space echo with violin

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    Roland RE-201 Space Echo & Juno 60 Test / Demo


    Just got this Space Echo back from my tech - new tape loop, de-magged heads, cleaned the rollers and adjusted internal trimpot for Reverb

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    Rhodes & Space Echo - Koh-Rah Live


    Thanks for checking this out! I made a wee video today of a live jam of a track from my new 'Petrichor - Cloud Chamber' EP which is out now on Soma Records.

    The track is Koh-Rah (named after my gorgeous little baby Cora who was born in March). In it the Fender Rhodes is running into my Eurorack modular and being modulated along with some vinyl crackle samples, field recordings and granularised Rhodes recordings. The output of everything is then running into the RE-201 Space Echo to be dubbed out to oblivion. There are more vids like this on my Facebook page:

    and if you'd like to support the EP then it's out now:

    Thanks for all the support, would be great to hear your thoughts and questions as always.

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    Boss RE-20 Digital Space Echo Demo


    by Gig Stig If you were previously a fan of the Roland RE-201, or are just looking for a retro delay/echo pedal, then the RE20 was designed with you in mind. A variety of different echo and reverb settings allow you to dial up some real interstellar sounds. I know of many tribute bands and musicians who are passionate about retro sounds that will be left drooling over this re-issued and updated Space Echo unit.It has a great range of effects and thanks to the updated digital componentry the quality of the echos and reverbs is much better - although purists may complain that it doesn't have the same warmth as the original analogue model. This unit has all the great sounds of the original analogue unit, but with some neat contemporary touches that makes the RE20 a great addition to anybodys stomp box arsenal.


    Find us on social media

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    Original Roland RE-201 Space Echo vs. BOSS RE-20 - BOSS RE-20 vs Roland RE-201


    The team in PMT Manchester compare an original 1974 RE-201 Roland Space Echo with the new BOSS RE-20 pedal.

    Which one do you think sounds better? How does the Boss RE-20 compare to a vintage, original Roland RE-201 Space Echo?

    The Boss RE-20 perfectly recreates the beautiful, analogue sound of the original Roland Space Echo Unit. By using BOSS exclusive COSM technology you get the same style delay and spring reverb sound in a pedal board friendly double stomp box unit.

    As you can see here, our team in Manchester show us how the Boss RE-20 sounds amazing when used with guitars AND keyboards or synths.

    View the Boss RE-20 Roland Space Echo Tape Delay / Reverb Pedal:

    Roland Aira SYSTEM-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer:


    Find us on social media:

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    Roland Space Echo RE-201


    This video is about Roland Space Echo RE-201

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    Mini Space Echo Dub w/ RE 20 Rocket and MFB-522


    Testing my new Boss RE-20 + Waldorf Rocket and my MFB-522 for Dub Stuff. My only Hardware so far :-(

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    Manual Presets reproduced | Boss Space Echo RE 20


    The Boss Space Echo comes with an Owner's Manual where there are 4 suggested presets. In this video I recreate them so you can hear them in their stereo glory.

    Support the channel and buy through this link: 

    Disclaimer: I only post my own music which i own all rights for. Photos or videos used are with permission or credited to artist (often Creative Commons).

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    Roland Space Echo RE-201 test with 303.


    I tested RE-201 with TT-303.
    RE - 201 is a very interesting effector!
    Analog tape is a unique echo.
    Feedback is also amazing!

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    Review - Roland Space Echo RE-301 - Sounds, tones, timbres, recursos


    Roland Space Echo RE-301 - Delay de fita, reverb de mola e chorus fabricado no Japão nos anos 70

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    Outer Space VST Space Echo by Audio Thing


    A quick overview and demonstration of the new Outer Space tape echo plug-in from Audio Thing. It's an amazing emulation of the famous Roland Space Echo and sounds fantastic!

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    Roland Space Echo RE-201


    Signal Chain - PRS Custom 24/P22 - Fender Super Sonic 22 Head - Mesa Rectifier Slant 4x12 Cabinet - AKG C414 XLii - API 512c - API Lunchbox - Universal Audio Apollo Duo - iMac 27 - Universal Audio Console Software - Roland RE-201 - Logic Pro X

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    The tape loop in a Roland Space Echo


    Quick test with a x0xb0x running through a mixer into a Roland RE-201 Space Echo. I'm fascinated by the way the tape loop pops and moves.

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    Roland re-201 space echo + iPad fugue machine + electric violin


    Another one of my restored space echo's now for sale on ebay.

    Ive got an iPad with the app 'Fugue Machine' playing through one input and live electric violin on another. Just a quick jam showing that this space echo is working as it should.

    My cat loves the space echo... unfortunately she cannot be left alone with it because she'll chew up the tapes!

    ROLAND Re-201 Space Echo $899USD
    Its just been cleaned, serviced and checked. Cosmetically very good condition!
    Internally and externally cleaned. Pots cleaned and lubricated with contact cleaner.
    Serial number: 653577
    PLUS! 1 tape installed and 5 spare tape loops!!! (new loops)

    Pinch roller and tape heads are in excellent condition. Sounds great , with minimum wow and flutter.
    Very nice unit!
    Full service has been done on this unit including polished tape heads.
    youtube demo coming soon…
    $145US SAL economy Air (approx 1-2weeks) .
    This item is 100v 50/60hz you may need a power converter depending on your country.

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    Boss RE-20 Space Echo Demo


    Ryan plays with the RE-20 Space Echo from Boss/Roland.

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    Roland Space Echo demo RE-101


    This video is about Roland Space Echo demo RE-101



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