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Playlist of Roger Glover

  • Deep Purple - Roger Glover bass solo LIVE @ Montreux


    This is a short part of the DVD Deep Purple and Orchestra Live At Montreux 2011
    I have cut the part when Roger Glover performs a solo on his bass guitar and it is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!

  • Roger Glover of Deep Purple - Gear Run


    We caught up with Roger Glover of Deep Purple in Copenhagen for a quick chat about his TC bass rig, songwriting, and staying original in the increasingly generic world of rock music.

    Learn more about Roger here:

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  • Roger Glover - Made in Wales


    Roger Glover's Biography - Made in Wales part.1

  • Roger Glover About Ritchie Blackmore


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    *Memories In Rock II (2018)

    *Memories In Rock (2016)

    *Carry on Jon - Song (Live, 2018)



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    British guitarist and songwriter, began his professional career as a session musician as a member of the instrumental band The Outlaws and as a backing musician of pop singers Glenda Collins, Heinz, Screaming Lord Sutch, Neil Christian, etc.. Blackmore was also one of the original members of Deep Purple, playing jam-style rock music which mixed simple guitar riffs and organ sounds During his solo career, he established neo-classical metal band called Rainbow which fused baroque music influences elements with hard rock. However, Rainbow gradually progressed to catchy pop style hard rock. Blackmore formed the traditional folk rock project Blackmore's Night transitioning to vocalist-centered sounds.


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  • Roger Glover Masterclass


    Roger Glover is doing a masterclass where he talks about his style of playing, Deep Purple, Rainbow and his musical history.

    Roger Glover artist story:

  • Roger Glover & Guests - Love Is All


    (320 kbps stereo muziek)
    De klassieker van de ex-Deep Purple bassisit en hitsingle van zijn album The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast.
    De zanger is Ronnie James Dio.

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  • Deep Purples Roger Glover and Jon Lord in conversation 1988


    Check out Deep Purple's Roger Glover and Jon Lord in conversation in 1988 to discuss the release, at that time, the forthcoming Live album 'Nobody's Perfect' . This is a terrific piece worth checking out.

  • Roger Glover - The Mask


    Peter lippman Director - for (Roger Glover/PolyGram Records). Gotta say, this was a unique video to work on! Roger's song is very interesting and he has excellent showmanship!

  • Deep Purple - Black Night, 2012 in Berlin, opened with a bass solo of Roger Glover


    Deep Purple were playing a great concert in front of 6.000 people in the O2 World in Berlin on November 27, 2012. Their all time hit Black Night was opened with a cool bass solo by Roger Glover. Ian Paice was on drums again, Steve Morse on guitar and singer Ian Gillan might have had a little cold. I felt sorry for him when he had his cough attacks. But his voice was still there and they all seemed to have a lot of fun. So did I. :-)

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  • Roger Glover - Made in Wales


    Roger Glover's Biography - Made in Wales (part. 2)

  • Roger Glover - Dont Look Now


    a song from Glover' s last album If Life Was Easy (2011)

    i do not own the song

  • Roger Glover - Bass Guitar Solo


    Roger Glover playing a Bass Guitar Solo, which is kinda rare actually....


  • Roger Glover first impression of the BG250-210


    In this video Roger Glover is playing on the BG250-210 from TC Electronic.

  • Roger Glover & Friends - Behind The Smile


    Filmed on October 16, 1975 at the Royal Albert hall, mixed with theatrical scenes.

  • Vigier Roger Glover Bass | Review


    From the makers of the Vigier Excalibur and the Vigier Fretless Guitar. Vigier brings us the Vigier Roger Glover Bass Guitar. In this review, Dan Veall tests drive this brand new edition to the Vigier range.

    Read the Full review at

  • Roger Glover - Burn Me Up Slowly


    From Snapshot (2002)

  • Roger Glover And Guests - Love Is All


    Titre : Love Is All
    Interprète : Ronnie James Dio
    Année : 1974
    Auteurs compositeurs : Roger Glover - Eddie Hardin
    Durée : 3 m 09 s
    Label : Purple Records
    Video: Upscale & Denoise
    Audio : Remastered

  • Deep Purples Ian Paice & Roger Glover discussing touring in 1969


    In 1988, Deep Purple played with Aerosmith and Guns n Roses at Giants Stadium USA. This interview was taken before the show with Ian Paice and Roger Glover. They are having laugh about touring with Rod Stewart & The Faces in 1969.

  • Ian Gillan & Roger Glover - Clouds and Rain 1988


    Ian Gillan & Roger Glover - Clouds and Rain 1988

    The time is always now
    the call is always loud
    whithout a movement a word,
    without a sound

    Love comes crashing in again
    brings along the clougs and rain

    You've got to take a chance you haven't got a choice
    somewhere in the rain you hear a distant voice
    Love has come to stake its claim it's
    when you reach the clouds and rain

    If I close my eyes I can picture you
    this is the place I get the clearest view
    beyond the happiness and pain
    this place they call the clouds and rain


    First, first you are a lover then you become a friend
    and then you start to wonder will it ever end
    I'd like to ask you just the same
    without feeling any shame
    did you touch the clouds and rain


  • Dio and Roger Glover - Homeward


    Roger Glover - The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast

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  • Ian Gillan & Roger Glover being interviewed by John Laws on Australian TV 1999


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    Ian Gillan & Roger Glover being interviewed by John Laws on Australian TV 1999

    Australian radio legend John Laws takes Deep Purple's Ian Gillan & Roger Glover through their musical history discussing the band, their relationship with Ritchie Blackmore and how much fun it must have been through the classic period. A fantastic interview.

  • Roger Glover & Guests - Love Is All - Vinyl Play


    The Human Jukebox presents a collection of original vinyl singles that can be seen and heard in best possible mono or stereo audio quality. No monetary gain is taken from any video on my channel. Part of my vinyl collection. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

  • Roger Glover 1981 Rainbow Interview


    When Roger Glover played his final shows with Deep Purple in 1973, he wouldn't have imagined that he would be back playing with Ritchie Blackmore less than a decade later. But he did and it was a big thing with massive chart successes and some huge concert performances. This interview piece from 1981 gives us some insight into what was happening at the time.

  • Deep Purple - Space Truckin


    Roger Glover's bass track for Space Truckin'
    Machine Head (1972)

    No copyright infringement intended.

  • Roger Glover - Elements


    Elements is the second solo album from Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover. It was recorded in early 1977 but wasn't released until April 1978 . The album's main concept is based on the four elements.
    1. The First Ring Made Of Clay 00:00

    2. The Next A Ring Of Fire 07:47

    3. The Third Ring's Watery 17:26

    4. The Fourth Ring's With The Wind 26:19

    5. Finale 32:56

  • Gear Run - Roger Glover from Deep Purple


    Roger Glover from Deep Purple is presenting his setup for the 2012 Kiel Koncert, which includes a bunch of TC Electronic products.

    RS410 Bass Cabs

    Blacksmith Bass Amps

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  • Ronnie James Dio & Deep Purple - Love Is All


    Ronnie James Dio & Deep Purple With The London Symphony Orchestra Performing Love Is All (Written by Depp Purple´s Bassist, Mr. Roger Glover) Live At The Royal Albert Hall-London-25 September 1999

  • Hanging with Deep Purples Roger Glover & Steve Morse


    Eddie Trunk hangs with Deep Purple's Roger Glover & Steve Morse to discuss their critically acclaimed album 'Rapture Of The Deep' which was released in November 2005.

  • Roger Glover & Friends - Butterfly Ball 1975 40th anniversary


    I've made this video for the 40th anniversary of the event.

  • Roger Glover - Stand Together


    a song from Glover's last album If Life Was Easy (2011)

  • Roger Glover - If Life Was Easy preview


    If Life Was Easy is the new studio album by Deep Purple´s bass player, songwriter and historical member Roger Glover.
    An album of great variety and depth.
    Out in July 2011.

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  • Roger Glover interview in 1987 promoting Deep Purples The House Of Blue Light


    Check out his cheeky little interview from early 1987 with Deep Purple's Roger Glover promoting 'The House Of Blue Light'

  • Roger Glover And The Guilty Party – Snapshot


    Snapshot is the fourth solo album by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover released in September 2002. It features Randall Bramblett, Warren Haynes and Gillian Glover (Roger's daughter). It is credited to Roger Glover & The Guilty Party.
    1.Queen of England (4:24) 00:00
    2.My turn (3:39) 04:20
    3.Burn me up slowly (4:05) 07:48
    4.Beyond Emily (4:05) 11:51
    5.No place to go (3:33) 15:53
    6.The bargain basement (3:21) 19:23
    6.What you don't say (3:51) 22:44
    7.Nothing else (4:11) 26:27
    8.Could have been me (3:24) 30:35
    9.The more I find (2:46) 33:57
    10.When it comes to you (3:48) 36:41
    11.Some hope (3:48) 40:12
    12.If I could fly (4:19) 45:16
    13.It's only life (5:13) 49:28

  • Deep Purples Roger Glover in conversation 1990


    Roger Glover has been constant force in Deep Purple since 1969 when he joined with Ian Gillan. His story is one of passion for his band and his love of music. Even though the vision quality is a little poor, this is well worth watching. This is a very forthright and frank discussion from the period when Joe Lynn Turner replaced Ian Gillan for Slaves & Masters.

  • Roger Glover interview from 1981 discussing working with Rainbow


    Recorded in October 1981, Roger Glover discusses working with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow as both the producer and bands bass player. This is a great piece from the period.

  • Roger Glover and Joe Lynn Turner discuss the track Tite Squeeze from 1982


    Straight Between the Eyes was the sixth studio album by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and was released in 1982. Roger Glover and Joe Lynn Turner discuss the track 'Tite Squeeze'.

  • Roger Glover Elements


  • DEEP PURPLE - Roger Glover Bass guitar solo / ŠTARK ARENA BEOGRAD - 2019


    Roger Glover - Bass guitar solo.

  • Roger Glover - interview @Linea Rock inFinite 2017 by Barbara Caserta


    On March 28th 2017 Mr ROGER GLOVER of DEEP PURPLE had a videointerview for breakfast, 10 a.m., in a luxury suite in Milano, with yours truly Barbara Caserta of Linea Rock! Well, when you find yourself in the presence of such Rock Majesty (and realize once again that magnitude of the real great ones is always inversely proportional to their ego!) the emotion is flowing strong and those 20 precious minutes literally fly away! The opportunity (very special thanks to earMusic & Spin-Go) comes from the release of new album “inFinite”, DP’s 20th studio chapter, out April 7th 2017. We go “deep” into the mechanism of coming once again in the studio, the vintage approach to recordings, the docufilm “From Here to inFinite” (which came out from a precise idea and turned out very human and revealing, thanks to Craig Hooper, the filmaker, being a perfect fly on the wall), then the marvellous cover artwork (how it was conceived and you’ll discover if Roger’s talent also as a painter and photographer was any determinat in this concept), the choice of “Roadhouse Blues” (The Doors cover, why that, why now) and about working once again with Bob Ezrin who confirmed himself as one of the most dynamic, direct and intelligent producers in rock. But… is it any more difficult for somebody like Roger to work with another producer since he is a valued producer himself as well? And what about the EP with the leftovers which came out February 3rd: were maybe those songs too good to be ignored but still not fitting the new curse? And is that really it with “The Long Goodbye Tour”? About “the eternal Holy Trinity of Hard & Heavy rock” – LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH & DEEP PURPLE - is there anything that he has ever envied to the other two bands thru the years? His concept of heavyness + loudness + attitudeness will blow you away… because humility is what it comes down to, always… About tecnique and being a repented guitarist, Mr Glover has never been a virtuoso but he is certainly a pillar of bass playing… and such a humble one, get it listening to his point of view… Of course I coudn’t resist to make that Rainbow question… but did I get the answer? You check it out!
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  • Deep Purples Roger Glover and Jon Lord interview in October 1984


    Following the release of Perfect Strangers in late 1984, Deep Purple found themselves in New York City on the promotional trail. This interview is with Roger Glover and Jon Lord before the band started the tour. It is really interesting in hindsight to hear their thoughts on what had taken place over the previous 12 months.

  • Roger Glover - Moonlight


    a song from Glover' s last album If Life Was Easy (2011)

    i do not own the song

  • Deep Purple - The Ivors 2019 International Achievement Award Winners


    Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice of Deep Purple talk to us after picking up their Ivor Novello International Achievement Award at the 2019 Ivor Novello Awards.

  • Deep Purples Roger Glover & Ian Paice interview and live 1985 Texas Jam video.


    This is something special to look back on - Deep Purples' Roger Glover & Ian Paice on The New Music show in 1984. They discuss the band, music videos and were it is all heading ....Its incredible to look how Deep Purple perceived the age of the music video concept and how the bands reunion had progressed to date. Living breathing working and progressing musicians according to Roger Glover!

    The clip also feature live concert material from the bands final show of the USA tour at the TEXAS JAM.

    Much TV was launched in Canada in 1984 and the program 'The NewMusic' was a weekly music and culture television newsmagazine that aired on the Canadian television station. the concept was to encapsulate the spirit of magazines like Rolling Stone and New Musical Express with the format of a television newsmagazine.

  • Roger Glover - An interview from 1987 discussing The House Of Blue Light


    Roger Glover, as Deep Purple's bass player and producer, was a constant voice on the promotional trail. Check out this cool piece from 1987 discussing The House Of Blue Light.

  • Roger Glover & Friends - Love is All at the Butterfly Ball High-Quality


  • Deep Purples Jon Lord and Roger Glover discuss the release of Nobodys Perfect in 1988


    Deep Purple's Jon Lord and Roger Glover discuss the release of Nobody's Perfect in June 1988. It was an interesting time for the band with problems between certain members of the band. Having said that, Nobody's Perfect was an exciting live album celebrating Perfect Strangers and The House Of Blue Light.

  • Roger Glover - TonePrint for Hall Of Fame Reverb: Rogers Fun At Home


    Roger Glover has designed a TonePrint for the Hall Of Fame Reverb pedal. It gives you the feeling of playing in a hall, which makes home practice a lot more fun.

    What products where used in making this video:
    Hall Of Fame Reverb

    RS410 Bass Cabs

    Blacksmith Bass Amps

    What is TonePrint?
    TonePrints are signature effects. Dripping with the DNA of rock,TonePrints are free, custom tuned tweaks of your favorite pedals, provided by your favorite guitarists and bassplayers! TonePrints give you access to an effect as it is used by the artist of your choice - so you can tap directly into the TC tones used by rock royalty and turn your stompbox into the signature pedal of your favorite axe-slinger.

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  • Roger Glover And Friends: The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshopper’s Feast


    Following expanded reissues from the resurrected Purple Records by Deep Purple's Jon Lord, Glenn Hughes, Silverhead, Elf and Hard Stuff, Cherry Red are proud to announce the new 3 disc edition of The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper’s Feast.

    After leaving Purple in 1973, Roger Glover was asked to compose music to the illustrated book of the same name by William Plomer and Alan Aldridge. His first major project since leaving Purple, Roger was able to enlist many top names to help him realise his vision, including Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale, then both in Deep Purple as well as Elf’s Micky Lee Soule and Ronnie James Dio. Not included on the original vinyl LP, the single ‘Little Chalk Blue’ featuring future Uriah Heep singer John Lawton is also featured on CD 1.

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  • Deep Purples Roger Glover in London March 1987


    This really great piece from back in 1987 features Deep Purple's Roger Glover in London 4th March 1987 prior to the bands Wembley Show that evening. Enjoy this hilarious video from over 30 years ago!

  • Roger Glover – The Butterfly Ball


    In 1973, Jonathan Cape Ltd published a children's book called The Butterfly Ball and Grasshopper's Feast. The book then prompted this jubilant live production of The Butterfly Ball that took place at the Royal Albert Hall on October 16, 1975. This performance, magically narrated by Vincent Price, was a benefit for Bud Flanagan's Leukemia Fund and Action Research for the Crippled Child. Roger Glover, who recently departed from Deep Purple was able to get most of the artists who had taken part in the studio recordings to perform.



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