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Playlist of Rig Rundown

  • Rig Rundown - Christone “Kingfish” Ingram


    Christone Kingfish Ingram is currently putting some serious miles in on his tour to support his debut album, Kingfish. Before his show at Songbirds in Chattanooga, Tennessee, “Kingfish” met up with Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger to talk through his rig and display some fiery guitar playing.

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    The 20-year-old blues phenom shares his straight-ahead approach to burly, blues-rock tones.

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  • Rig Rundown - Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Jason White


    ( Premier Guitar's Chris Kies is on location at the NIU Convocation Center in DeKalb, IL, where he catches up with Green Day's guitar and bass techs before their spring 2013 99 Revolutions' tour in support of their three latest albums, 'Uno,' 'Dos,' and 'Tre'.'

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  • Rig Rundown - Red Hot Chili Peppers Josh Klinghoffer & Flea 2017


    Article and photos:
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    This #RigRundown checks out piles and piles of gear used by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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  • Rig Rundown - Avenged Sevenfolds Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, & Johnny Christ


    Rig Rundown Article:

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    PG's Chris Kies is on location in Omaha, NE, where he catches up with the techs behind the rigs of Avenged Sevenfold guitarists Synsyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, and bassist Johnny Christ who all used their own signature Schecter instruments during the fall leg of the Hail to the King 2013 tour.

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  • Rig Rundown - Guns N Roses Slash, Duff McKagan & Richard Fortus


    Article & photos:

    In November at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, PG’s Rig Rundown team got the inside guided tour of the gear that’s melted a million faces. Richard Fortus and Slash’s and Duff’s longtime techs, Adam Day and Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue, tell all.

    In 1987, Gibson enjoyed an enormous jump in sales when Guns N’ Roses released Appetite for Destruction. To show their appreciation, Gibson gave Slash this ’87 Les Paul Standard, the first of many endorsement guitars. This battered ’87 LP has been broken, burned, and abused since the first tour and remains one of Slash’s favorites.

    Duff McKagan started out with a Japanese Fender Jazz special he bought with his record advance money. That bass, now stored safely at home, served as the model for the Fender Custom Shop Duff McKagan bass models. Duff tours with several of his Fender signature basses; the primary is a mid-2000s model

    Richard Fortus tours with a large arsenal of guitars, too many to cover here, but let’s start with a few of his Gretsch guitars, including a Gretsch White Falcon and Black Falcon, both Players Edition models upgraded with Arcane pickups.

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  • Rig Rundown - Architects


    Observe how the U.K. metalcore warriors utilize digital stomps, profiling amps, and modern pickups to break necks and ignite pits with an old-school aggression.

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    Before the band’s first Nashville show since the early 2000s, guitarist Adam Christianson and guitarist/tech Martyn Evans talk shop with PG’s Perry Bean to illuminate their burgeoning taste for gear and tone.

    Knowing the style of heavy music Adam Christianson and the rest of Architects play would lead you to believe his main influence for his signature LSL Bari Bone T-style would be Jim Root of Slipknot but pump the brakes. The native Canuck actually is a staunch Merle Haggard fan. Furthermore, his T-style is a 24-fret, 27.5-scale baritone to compensate for the band’s low tunings and the saggy string tension. The tonewoods include a roasted ash body with a roasted maple neck. This one is loaded with a set of Bare Knuckle Ragnarok pickups and sees action during songs tuned down to F#. He picks with Dunlop Jazz IIIs, and all of his guitars implement sets of custom-gauged D’Addario strings. For F# guitars, he uses .011–.015–.020w–.030–.042–.072 and for G# he swaps the 6th string for a .070, and for C# he uses a .060.

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  • Most Iconic Guitars: Rig Rundown Best Ofs


    From Angus’ SG to Tom’s “Arm the Homeless” axe—the most recognizable guitars from our catalog of nearly 500 Rundowns.

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    Brian May of Queens’ Red Special:
    Lindsay Buckingham’s Turner Model 1:
    Angus Young’s SG:
    Tom Morello’s Arm the Homeless:
    Peter Frampton’s Les Paul:
    Jason Isbells Red Eye:
    The Edge’s 76 Exporer:
    Brian Setzers’ 59 ‘Gretch 6120:
    Steve Morse’s Music Man:
    Larry Carltons’ 335:

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  • Rig Rundown - Joe Bonamassa 2018


    Article & photos:

    Winding down his recent tour with a sold-out, 3-night residency at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium, Joe Bonamassa invited Premier Guitar for a leisurely trip through his holy grail guitar vault and a lineup of ear-splitting amps.

    Joe Bonamassa rolls with two blonde Teles, both sporting ’buckers in the neck. This one is a 1952 Fender Telecaster formerly owned by Brit-rock legend Terry Reid. Reid installed the Gibson pickup in the neck around 1968. This Tele, like all the other guitars on tour, is strung with Ernie Ball (.011-.013-.018-.030-.042-.052) strings. JB plays with Dunlop JB Jazz III picks in herco gold and uses metal JB signature slides from Dunlop.

    Joe Bonamassa rolls with three Fender Stratocasters. Here is a 1955 hardtail, known as the “Best Strat.” It was purchased from Emerald City Guitars and refretted by Joe Glaser.

    Joe Bonamassa’s amps can likely be heard from space thanks to this pair of Fender Joe Bonamassa ’59 Twin-Amps. Each one packs a whopping 80 watts of power and sport Celestion JB-85 speakers.

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  • Rig Rundown - Queens Brian May


    Article and photos:

    If there was a Mount Rushmore of British guitar heroes, undoubtedly, @Queen Official's Brian May would grace that mountain. We caught up with May and his longtime guitar tech Pete Malandrone on Queen's summer tour with Adam Lambert to talk about his minimal effects, Vox amps, and of course, the Red Special.

    Brian May's entire career has been almost exclusively spent with the guitar that he and his father built in 1964. Red Special is a three-pickup, double-cutaway guitar with Burns pickups and a very unique (at the time) switching system that allows May to cover a huge range of tones. According to May, everything on the guitar is still original from when it was built except for the tuning pegs and the rollers on the bridge.

    During a typical show, May switches guitars during two songs. Fat Bottomed Girls, which is in dropped-D tuning, is played with a Red Special replica that's green and was built by British luthier Andrew Guyton.

    For Crazy Little Thing Called Love, he uses another Guyton Red Special replica with the addition of an f-hole—which was featured on May's original designs for the guitar— a non-trem bridge, and an internal piezo pickup that is utilized during the opening parts of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. All his guitars are strung with Optima 24 Carat Gold .009--.042 strings.

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  • Rig Rundown - Slayer


    Article and Photos:

  • Rig Rundown - Tom Morello


    #tommorello #rigrundown #premierguitar

    Article & photos:
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    During the unrivaled axeman’s solo tour supporting his 2018 album The Atlas Underground, PG’s Chris Kies stood amazed as Tom Morello revealed the tricks that fortified a legacy of riffs in Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Plus, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee member (yes, he knows that Iron Maiden needs to be inducted) breaks down how he’s still aiming to shoot the instrument into the future.

    The guitar that’s probably most associated with Tom Morello has to be his Frankensteined “Arm the Homeless” “super strat” that he’s had since 1986. Morello admits the story on the guitar’s evolution is murky, but the only thing from the original custom-order instrument is its body. He apparently spent upwards of two years trying every combination of pickups, necks, electronics, and trems to appease his tonal aspirations, but finally settled on honing his craft through practice rather than gear lust. The final conglomeration of parts have been in place for 30 years and includes a set of EMG pickups, a knock-off graphite Kramer neck scooped up from the bargain bin at Nadine’s, and an Ibanez Edge trem/bridge. And as they say, the rest is history. For this one, he uses Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys (.009–.046, for all vibrato-equipped guitars) and always grabs Dunlop Tortex Jazz III picks.

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  • Rig Rundown: Monty Macalino


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  • Rig Rundown - John Mayer


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location at Tinley Park, IL, where she goes onstage and checks out John Mayer's current live setup with the help of legendary guitar tech Rene Martinez (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, Mick Jones).

    In this segment, Rene walks us through John's amps (Dumble Steel String Singer, Two-Rock John Mayer Signature, and Fender Bandmaster), his cabinets (Alessandro 2x12s with Celestions), his effects (including Eventide TimeFactor, a Boss GE-7 Equalizer, an Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III Beat-Synced Filter Effects Processor, a Korg Toneworks G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator, a Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive, a small Analog Man Comprossor, an original Marshall Bluesbreaker, a Keeley Electronics Katana Clean Boost, a MXR M-108 10-band EQ, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Groove Filter FX-Amp Modeling-Drum Box Processor, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn II Beat-Synched Filter Effects Processor, a Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay, and an additional Eventide TimeFactor), which is anchored by a custom Bob Bradshaw switching system and controller. Rene even shows off some of Mayer's 40 guitars he currently has on tour.

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  • Rig Rundown - U2s The Edge


    Article & photos:

    This past June, PG traveled to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to catch U2’s eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE Tour.  Before the band’s soundcheck, John Bohlinger hung with Dallas Schoo, who has been taking care of The Edge’s ever-changing collection for over 30 years.  

    The Edge tours with 45 guitars. He performs with 18 to 20 different guitars every show and has a backup for every one of them. The Edge does not endorse any string company but has Dallas Schoo constantly experimenting with different brands and gauges for each guitar and tuning.

    In 1978, on a trip to the United States with his family, a seventeen-year-old Edge bought this 1976 Gibson Explorer. This guitar was there for the birth of U2 and has been part of nearly every tour and session since. Edge now owns eleven ’76 Explorers and currently tours with three of them. They are all stock and nearly identical. And to be clear, Dallas Schoo is always on the look for more.

    Fender approached The Edge about a signature model based on some of his old favorite Strats. This namesake model features a large headstock, a Dimarzio FS-1 bridge pickup, and two custom staggered Fat ’50s Fender single-coil pickups. The strap on was designed by The Edge.

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  • Rig Rundown - Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is on location in Rosemont, IL, at the Allstate Arena where she catches up with Tracy Robar, tech for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea. In this Rig Rundown, we get to see what Flea is currently using on the I'm With You Tour, which includes Modulus Basses, Gallien Krueger amps and cabs, GHS Strings, and various pedals from MXR, Malekko, Moog, and Electro-Harmonix.

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  • Rig Rundown - Maroon 5s James Valentine


    PG's Chris Kies is On Location in Des Moines, IA, where he catches up with Maroon 5's guitarist James Valentine. In this video Valentine talks to Chris about the gear they use while out on the road on the 2011 Summer Tour with Train.

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  • Rig Rundown - Lindsay Ell


    Article & photos:
    Read Lindsay's PG lessons:

    Lindsay Ell hung with Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger before her show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena where she was opening for Sugarland. Ell, a full-on guitar geek, could not wait to spill the details on her rig.

    Lindsay Ell personally painted a guitar for each song on her 2017 album, The Project. Several of these guitars join her on tour and become a big part of her show. Betty Van Halen #1 is a Fender American Standard Strat that she uses each night on “Waiting On You,” Ell’s first single off The Project. All her guitars are strung with D’Addario EXL140 (.010–.052) or D’Addario NYXL (.010–.052). She plays with D’Addario Heavy (1.0 mm) picks.

    Lindsay Ell received this relic’d Strat as a gift from Brad Paisley after spending some time out on the road opening for him. Paisley asked her what her dream guitar would be and worked to create a replica of a ’57 “Mary Kay” Strat. Paisley contacted Fender to get all the period-correct parts and then assembled and relic’d the guitar himself. She named it “Herbert” since its color reminded her of sherbet.

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  • Rig Rundown - Eric Johnson 2018


    Article & photos:
    Win a Fender Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster Thinline:

    Premier Guitar’s Ted Drozdowski met with guru of tone Eric Johnson before his show at Nashville’s City Winery. Johnson revealed his absolute commitment to recreating his trademark sounds with his carefully selected array of guitars, a four-amp setup, and his resurrection of his original Ah Via Musicom pedalboards.

    Although he carries two of his new signature Fender Stratocaster Thinline guitars, Johnson mostly plays this vintage-white model. The only mod is the bridge pickup, which he replaced with a DiMarzio HS-2 to better dial in the tones from Ah Via Musicom.

    The other axe Johnson relies on heavily is a 1954 Fender Stratocaster. Note the more severe angle of the stock whammy bar. It’s a trait of ’54s that he applies to his signature models. This axe also includes the bridge pickup from the guitar he used on the original recording of “Cliffs of Dover.”

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  • Rig Rundown - Incubus Mike Einziger


  • Rig Rundown - Panic at the Discos Nicole Row


    Musician’s Institute grad @Nicole Row—who’s backed up the likes of Miley Cyrus, Fat Joe, Ty Dollar Sign, Dallas Austin, Remy Ma, Aussie Troye Sivan, and (normally) touring with Panic at the Disco—bassist Nicole Row carved out some time just before releasing her debut solo single “Headspace,” to virtually welcome PG’s Chris Kies into her Cali tone retreat. In this Rig Rundown, she goes through her stable of Ps, Js, and custom basses, details how the neck profile dictated her connection to the Jazz model, and details her powerful pedalboard that amps up the snarl, bite, and oomph.

    [Facing a mandatory shelter-in-place ordinance to limit the spread of COVID-19, PG enacted a hybrid approach to filming and producing Rig Rundowns. This is the 36th video in that format. ]

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  • Rig Rundown - Covets Yvette Young


    Observe Yvette Young apply her formal piano background to musically communicate on a fretboard while expressing how modulation pedals have made her a better bandmate and a more dynamic writer.

    Article & photos:
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    One would never confuse music as sport. However, for Yvette Young, who took up strict piano lessons at four and added on violin at age seven, the internal pressure and external expectations became too much and broke her. The weight of it all hospitalized her due to an eating disorder. And while still in the hospital, rehabbing from her battle, the struggle’s silver lining appeared in the shape of a guitar. Yvette’s love affair with the instrument began while she was still in bed and has remained tried and true ever since.

    She admits to starting out like any guitarist, learning basic chords and shapes in standard tuning, but never really finding her voice. The generic, sounding-like-everyone qualities plagued her until stumbling upon alternative tunings by way of influencers like Japanese post-rockers Toe and math-rock aerialists American Football. Through these open tunings (for example: F–A–C–G–B–E), Yvette unlocked her guitar creativity and began expressing herself in solo two-hand tapping compositions. One way she pushes her dexterity and fretboard knowledge is to start an idea out as a vocal melody. Yvette then chases that vocal melody for hours on the fretboard, trying to accompany it with simpatico harmonies on the guitar.

    Eventually, electric guitar grabbed ahold and the need for fuller, collaborative jams took root and she began work as a power trio with bassist David Adamiak and drummer Keith Grimshaw. (Now Forrest Rice is the band’s drummer.) Over the last five years she’s released a handful of records and EPs (full band and solo), including 2014’s acoustics, 2015’s Currents, a live performance at Audiotree in 2016, 2017’s Ares, 2018’s effloresce, and most recently, acoustics2.

    Before Covet’s Nashville gig at the High Watt, PG’s Chris Kies swooped in for a post-soundcheck hang with the band’s founder and 6-string melodist, Yvette Young. Within the 30-minute video, you’ll witness how her finger-tapping approach, bolstered by gobs of modulation and influenced by formal training on the ivories unlocks fresh, polyphonic compositions that flourish over a bed of atmospheric, transcending post-rock clouds.

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  • Rig Rundown - The Black Keys 2019


    So, what lead to The Black Keys ending their unannounced hiatus? Well, for Auerbach, it was the same guitar that started the ascent up this crazy rollercoaster—Glenn Schwartz’s 10-string hollowbody. James Gang and Eagles ace Joe Walsh was jamming with Auerbach at Easy Eye and the two brought up Schwartz and how his ferocious playing impacted them both. Auerbach spent any free time he had during high school to make the trek from Akron to Cleveland to see Schwartz play. Walsh coincidentally looked to Glenn as a guitar hero and eventually took over for him in the James Gang when Schwartz left the band, moved to California, and formed Pacific Gas & Electric. (You can see the trio of guitarists jam at Nashville’s famed Robert’s back in 2016.)

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    Auerbach and Walsh got Schwartz down to Nashville to record him at Easy Eye Sound Studio. The session was inspiring and provided Auerbach the visceral memory of why he loved the Black Keys. The next day he called Carney, they put a session on the books and Let’s Rock was made.

    Premier Guitar made the comfortable drive south to Atlanta’s State Farm Arena to not only check in with Auerbach’s longtime tech Dan Johnson, but the guitar master himself makes a cameo to talk all things guitar, including Glenn’s aforementioned 10-string that was loaned to him after a recent Cleveland gig. Other 6-string highlights include a gold-foil-loaded Peavey Razer gunning for the T-Model Ford mojo, a lawsuit-era Ibanez SG, a custom-build (by Dan Johnson) that echoes back to industry heavyweight Paul Bigsby, and surprisingly enough, a ’59 burst. While there, we also spoke with new bandmembers Delicate Steve, and the Gabbard brothers (Andy and Zach who are also 2/3 of the Buffalo Killers) from Akron, who all show off the goodies they bring to the arenas to back their longtime buds.

    D'Addario XT Strings:

  • Rig Rundown - Greta Van Fleet


    Article & photos:

    Brothers Jake and Sam Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet serve up buckets of old-school, paint-peeling tone and deep riffs. Fueled by a big industry buzz, the Kiszka brothers have been logging some serious miles across the globe. During a recent two-night, sold-out stay in Nashville, Jake and Sam talked to PG’s John Bohlinger about their live setups and musical influences.

    Jake Kiszka records and tours with his beloved and abused 1961 Gibson Les Paul which features two PAFs. The LP is strung with D’Addario .010s. Currently, gaff tape holds the lower bout of the guitar together.

    Sam Kiszka’s favorite bass is an early ’80s Fender Precision Bass body with a Jazz Bass neck. Although between string changes during our interview (the first since he’s owned the instrument), Kiszka usually keeps it strung with D’Addario flatwound (.050–.070–.085–.105) strings.

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  • Rig Rundown - Fall Out Boys Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, and Pete Wentz


    Article and photos:

    Premier Guitar met with Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman and their techs Brian Diaz and Josh Newton before their sold-out show at The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel just outside of Nashville on July 13, 2014. Each FOB member loyally plays his own signature model, but amps and pedals are in nearly constant rotation.

    Patrick Stump's Gear
    Patrick Stump tours with three Gretsch Electromatic CVT Patrick Stump Signature “Stump-O-Matic” guitars strung with Dean Markley NickelSteel Signature Series LTHB .010–.052. These sexy white beauties feature MegaTron pickups, Adjusto-Matic bridge, a killswitch, rotary switch, and a middle pickup blend. Tech Brian Diaz added a Hipshot Xtender tuner and DiMarzio clip guitar straps.

    When not on his signature model, Stump plays his black Martin 000CXE acoustic, which utilizes a Fishman Presys + Preamp and Pickup.

    Stump currently does it all with an Orange Dual Dark 100W guitar head, channel switching between the dirty A and clean B. He keeps an Orange Dark Terror as a backup, and runs the amps into an Orange PPC212 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s. The cab is miked offstage with a Shure KSM32. This signal is combined with a direct signal that runs through a Palmer PGA-04 ADIG-LB to the front of house.

    To see and read about the rest of the gear behind FOB's live setup, visit:

  • Top Rig Rundown - Roll Martinez


    Roll Martinez of Hale, shares his top rigs with us. Find out what those are and why they’re on his wish list!

    #JBMusicPhilippines #JBTopRigRundown #Hale #RollMartinez #RigRundown

  • Rig Rundown - Soundgardens Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, and Ben Shepherd


    Premier Guitar's Chris Kies is on location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Eagles Ballroom, where he catches up with Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, and Ben Shepherd to find out all the gear they're using during their King Animal tour.

    12:10 -- Kim Thayil demos pedalboard
    21:06 -- Thayil's tech Josh Evans demos pedalboard
    27:40 -- Thayil's tech Josh Evans demos amps
    32:35 -- Ben Sheperd/tech Nate Yaccino talk basses
    38:03 -- Shepherd's tech Nate Yaccino talks effects/rack
    42:03 -- Shepherd's tech Nate Yaccino talks bass amps
    43:16 -- Chris Cornell's tech Stephen Ferrara-Grand tours Cornell's guitars
    52:29 -- Chris Cornell's tech Stephen Ferrara-Grand covers Cornell's amps
    54:04 -- Chris Cornell's tech Stephen Ferrara-Grand talks Cornell's pedalboard

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  • Rabatech Audio Rig Rundown 2020


    Today we explore Migs' rig from guitars to amps and both pedal boards. Get a peek into his creative process as he uses his gear to produce the sounds he makes.

    Instragram: @rabatechaduio

    Omega Drive and Omega Prime available on Shopee:

  • Rig Rundown - Joe Satriani


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location at the Chicago Theatre, in Chicago, IL, where she catches up with guitarist Joe Satriani before his 'Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards' Winter 2010 tour. In this Rig Rundown segment, Satriani walks us through all the gear and equipment he's using during the tour. Also, he talks about how this rig differs from the one he uses with supergroup Chickenfoot.

    For his effects, Satriani uses a Vox Satriani Big Bad Wah Wah, Vox Satriani Ice 9 Overdrive, Vox Satriani Satchurator Distortion, two Vox Satriani Time Machine Delays, a Voodoo Lab Proctavia, a DigiTech Whammy, and a custom true bypass switch built by amp guru Ben Fargen (Fargen Amplification and Sonic Edge Effects).

    For his amps, Satch is using three Marshall JVM410 heads that have been converted into working prototypes for a future signature Marshall head that should be released sometime in 2011. The heads are based on a JVM410 format, but each one has been tweaked and altered throughout his current tour.

    And for his guitars, Satriani has been using two different Ibanez signature models--the JS1000 and the new JS2400. All of his Ibanez guitars are loaded with DiMarzio pickups.

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  • Rig Rundown - Def Leppards Phil Collen


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location backstage at a Def Leppard show to catch up with guitarist Phil Collen and check out his live rig. Phil details his many Jackson PC1 guitars, and later demonstrates how he uses the Floyd Rose and Sustainer pickup. See more Rig Rundowns at

  • Rig Rundown - Def Leppards Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell, & Rick Savage


    Article and photos:

    Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen took a break from their current arena-filling tour to discuss the rigs they are using on their current tour with Kiss. Campbell filled in the history of his life-long love of Les Pauls while Collen took us through his collection of Jacksons and one Strat with serious sentimental value. Guitar techs Scott Appleton, Roger Veage, and Dave “Wolfie” Wolff fill in the details on the rest of the gear.

    Phil Collen travels with several vaults of spectacular guitars; way too many to cover here, so let’s just go with a few of his favorites. Collen’s Jackson X-Stroyer is based on his old Ibanez Destroyer, but the contours of the body have been inverted. It has DiMarzio Super 3 pickups and a Jackson Sustainer, however the center pickup is just a dummy. It did have an additional volume knob when it was first built, but it was in the way of Phil’s picking technique, so the volume pot was removed. The X-Stroyer features a Floyd Rose trem upgraded with FU-Tone titanium saddles and block.

    Next is “Felix,” a late ’70s Japanese Strat that was a gift from Collen’s mother. It was notably used on almost the entire Hysteria album. It has sported various trems over the years, but recently Mike Kotzen at Jackson refitted the guitar with a Floyd Rose trem and a new set of DiMarzio Tone Zone S pickups.

    The Jackson PC-1 “London 57” is a stock Jackson PC-1 made for Collen’s 50th birthday. The custom graphics include the year Phil was born and the Collen family crest. It has been equipped with FU-Tone titanium saddles and block.

    To finish reading (with photos) the gear behind DL's setup, visit:

  • Rig Rundown - Deep Sea Divers Jessica Dobson


    Jessica Dobson started her music career early as she was signed to Atlantic at just 19. She recorded two solo albums, but both her and the label did not like the end result, so they were ultimately shelved. Some would see this one-two punch of disappointment a crippling blow, but she took it in stride focusing on her more indie-orientated jams. This led her to a string of supporting guitar roles with Beck, the Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spoon, and Conor Oberst. Each of these stops gave her the stripes and positive energy to revisit a solo career that was earlier stifled.

    In 2009, the hired gun transformed into a bandleader under the Deep Sea Diver moniker and alongside husband Peter Mansen (drums), she released the New Caves EP. Garrett Gue (bass), and Elliot Jackson (guitar/synth) joined them and quartet self-released their full-length debut, History Speaks, in 2012 (while she was still in the Shins). 2014 was the year for DSD’s Always Waiting EP that was succeeded by 2016’s Secrets.

    Just ahead of Deep Sea Diver’s third full-length release, 'Impossible Weight', Dobson virtually welcomed PG’s Chris Kies into her friend’s Seattle-based studio. The Deep Sea Diver captain opens up about aligning her offset guitar choices to indie icons Elvis Costello, Johnny Marr, and Jonny Greenwood, crediting Nels Cline for introducing her to a must-have pedal, and twisting her band’s sound from “strangled cats to glassy Johnny Greenwood” and everywhere in between.

    [Facing a mandatory shelter-in-place ordinance to limit the spread of COVID-19, PG enacted a hybrid approach to filming and producing Rig Rundowns. This is the 24th video in that format. ]

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    00:00 - Intro
    01:39 - Elvis Costello Jazzmaster
    06:29 - 1964 Fender Jaguar
    13:58 - BilT S.S. Zaftig
    18:58 - Fender Starcaster
    21:38 - Amps
    24:33 - Pedalboard

    #rigrundown #deepseadiver #jessicadobson

  • Metallica: A Look at James & Kirks Guitar Rigs


    Guitar techs Chad Zaemisch & Justin Crew walk us through James & Kirk's WorldWired guitar rigs.

    © 2017 Blackened Recordings

    Follow Metallica:

  • Rig Rundown - Julien Baker


    #rigrundown #boygenius #julienbaker

    Article & photos:

    PG’s Chris Kies visits Nashville’s Diamond Sound Studios before Julien Baker ventured on her joint tour performing as a solo act and with her songwriting compatriots Phoebes Bridgers and Lucy Dacus who all compromise boygenuis. Before launching the tour at the Ryman, Baker walks us through her sparse rig, before getting colorful and spacey with a plentiful pedalboard of modulation and ’verbs.

    Julien Baker favors T-style guitars because of their breadth of tonal varieties, how easily they can be modded, and their dependability. She has a blue Fender Tele that has a wiring mod that unlocks both series and parallel modes, but the above butterscotch model has its stock wiring intact. It has been upgraded with a G&L ASAT pickups with a P-90 in the neck and a MFD in the bridge. She goes with Ernie Ball Slinky .010 –.046 strings and digs in with Dunlop 44P88 Nylon Standard .88 mm picks.

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  • Rig Rundown - Aerosmiths Joe Perry


    PG's Jason Shadrick is On Location in Milwaukee, WI, where he catches up with Trace Foster guitar tech for Aerosmith's Joe Perry during their Global Warming 2012 tour. In this segment, we get to see Perry's collection of touring gear.

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  • Rig Rundown - Hall & Oates John Oates and Shane Theriot


    Article & photos:
    Never miss a Rig Rundown:

    John Bohlinger hung with John Oates and Shane Theriot before soundcheck at a recent sold-out show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Each night, the guitar duo splits duties on the vast catalog of platinum-selling hits that have propelled the group for nearly 40 years.

    This 1958 Fender Stratocaster has been featured on some of Hall and Oates’ biggest hits. Oates purchased it in 1973 and since then the original finish has been removed and the body was routed to fit humbuckers. The bridge pickup is a Gibson PAF and the neck pickup is a very early PAF-style ’bucker from Seymour Duncan. He keeps the Strat strung up with D’Addario XL116 (.011–.052) strings.

    Oates also brings this TV Jones Model 10 in Lake Placid Blue on the road. It features TV Jones pickups, Sperzel tuners, and a Bigsby B5 with Vibramate Spoiler.

    Shane Theriot’s No. 1 is a 2014 Gerard Melancon Aged Artist with a roasted maple neck, rosewood fretboard, Gotoh bridge, and vintage Kluson tuners. The guitar is strung D’Addario NYXL (.011–.049) strings and tuned down a half step.

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  • Rig Rundown - Dream Theater 2019


    The progressive metal band’s sultans of shred talk about the gear on their 2019 The Distance Over Time tour, including John Petrucci’s brand-new Music Man Majesty Series signature models and Myung’s potential 2020 signature bass.

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    Dream Theater’s The Distance Over Time Tour is nirvana for the band’s fans, who are devout. It’s a three-hour sonic journey through the new The Distance Over Time album, a selection of fan favorites, and the entire Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes from a Memory, which is being played in full to mark the 20th anniversary of its release.

    We met with Petrucci, Myung, and chief axe tech Maddi Schieferstein onstage at Nashville’s Tennessee Performing Arts Center before a soundcheck for the band’s sold-out April 17 concert. The video covers everything—and the still photos provide a closer look at Petrucci’s new-for-2019 signature models, Myung’s bass, effects, amps and more.

    And yes, I know I said “speakers” instead of “pickups” and “alder” rather than “ash” early in the video. Send coffee and hate mail in care of the magazine. Or just troll me in the video’s comments section, for your convenience. But more important, dig into this supercool Rig Rundown.

    D'Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap:

    The latest and most primo entry in John Petrucci’s signature line of Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitars is the Tiger Eye Limited. As its name implies, only 300 total 6-string and 7-string models were built. The headstock, the bulk of the neck, and main body are all one piece of mahogany, with alder sides. “That’s where you get all the meat and sustain, and the alder shapes the sound,” Petrucci explains. There’s also a tiger-stripe maple top, and the same pattern is in the wood on the back of the 3-piece neck and the headstock.

    All the Majesties come with DiMarzio pickups that Petrucci helped design. The Dreamcatcher, in the bridge, is built for a bold, aggressive, and tight sound, and the guitarist jokes he named the neck pickup the Rainmaker “because it makes people cry when you solo on it.” There’s a 3-way toggle and, as with all of his previous Majesty models, a piezo bridge (with tone and volume control) with a floating tremolo tail. There’s also coil-splitting and a 20 dB boost on the volume control, plus a built-in preamp to combat tone degradation with long cables, should they become necessary.

  • Rig Rundown - Bad Religion


    What’s more punk rock than dueling angry P-90s straight into classic Marshalls? Answer: Nothing!

    Nearing their fourth decade as a band and celebrating their just-released 17th album, Age of Unreason, the punk-rock pioneers toured the south including a rare Nashville stop.

    PG’s Perry Bean stopped by Music City’s Cannery Ballroom before soundcheck to check out how punk’s elder statesmen Mike Dimkich, Brian Baker, and bassist Jay Bentley still don’t use pedals, why they prefer P-90s over humbuckers, and explain what piece of their rig was inspired by our AC/DC episode.

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  • Rig Rundown - Kiss Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Tommy Thayer


    Article and photos:

    Not many bands can claim as much influence on today’s hard rock and metal scene as the makeup-wearing, blood-spitting, pyro-shooting foursome. PG caught up with current guitarist Tommy Thayer, along with Francis and Michael Berger, to dig into all the axes (in some cases, literally), effects, and amps that the band brought out on their 2014 tour with Def Leppard.

    Tommy Thayer is a longtime Les Paul man and brings several on the road with him. A Custom Shop ’59 Standard with Seymour Duncan JB pickups sees most of the action. Gibson had just delivered a new white Les Paul Custom that could see some considerable onstage time. Thayer’s black Les Paul Classic houses the classic Kiss pyro behind the headstock. When he needs some midrange honk, he reaches for a Custom Shop Gibson Explorer decked out in silver sparkle.

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  • Rig Rundown - Arch Enemy Guitarist Michael Amott


    Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott takes some time out to give All Axess a rundown of his gear. For more videos like this, check out

  • Rig Rundown - Dashboard Confessionals Chris Carrabba


    Article and photos:

    In early May 2015, Premier Guitar crashed Dashboard Confessional’s rehearsal in Nashville and met with Chris Carrabba between songs. Carrabba revealed the acoustic/electric rig that drove Dashboard from emo obscurity to the soundtrack of Spider-Man 2.

    Carrabba loves old guitars. For electrics, he tours with a 1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr. and a racing striped 1967 Fender Mustang with a matching headstock. Both are strung with D’Addario EJ21.

    For acoustics, Carrabba goes with his beloved and beaten 1970 Martin 0-18 and his 2014 custom-made Martin 00-18 with 3-piece back. The acoustics are strung up with D’Addario EJ17 strings and Carrabba prefers Dunlop Shell Plastic thumb picks and Paige capos.

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  • Rig Rundown - Rob Zombies John 5


    Article & photos:

  • Rig Rundown - Nickelbacks Chad Kroeger & Ryan Peake


    PG's Jason Shadrick is On Location in Moline, IL. at the iWireless Center where he catches up Nickelback Guitar tech Kris Dawson who shows us
    Chad Kroeger & Ryan Peake's gear and talks about their tour set up.

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  • Rig Rundown - Lindsey Buckingham


    PG's Jason Shadrick is on location in Iowa City, IA, at the Englert Theatre where he catches up with Lindsey Buckingham's tech Stanley Lamendola to find out with the he's using on his current solo tour. The gear includes a collection of custom Rick Turner guitar, Taylor Acoustics, amps from Fishman, Trace Elliot, Mesa, and SWR, while hosting just a few Boss pedals on his pedalboard.

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  • Rig Rundown - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Mike Campbell



    Rig Rundown Playlist:

    Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick is on location in Milwaukee, WI, where he catches up with Steve Winstead, guitar tech for Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers during the band's 2013 US tour.

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  • Rig Rundown - Earthless


    Article & photos:

    Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger did a pre-soundcheck hang with Isaiah Mitchell and Mike Eginton of Earthless. Check out how both Mitchell and Eginton conjured up earthy, yet cosmic, tones with minimal gear.

    Isaiah Mitchell’s No. 1 is this well-worn Fender Stratocaster that he bought in high school from a friend’s dad. The body parts are impossible to identify by this point, but this loved and abused Franken-Strat has a medium-soft “V” neck (that could be from a ’55), Brierley Pickups, and a Callahan tremolo system. The strat is strung with Jim Dunlop .010–.046 nickel wound strings and played with Jim Dunlop Tortex .88 mm picks.

    Mike Eginton tours with his 1970 Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass, strung with D’Addario flatwound strings and played with Dunlop .88 mm nylon picks.

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  • Rig Rundown - Rise Against


    Article and photos:

    Zach Blair is a PETA-supporting, straight-edge vegetarian who, when he’s not on tour, does his best to help keep Austin weird. The humorous, mild-mannered hardcore vet recently took time during Rise Against’s 2015 arena tour with Linkin Park to meet with Premier Guitar and share in-depth details on his gear.

    Blair is a longtime Gibson Les Paul player who isn’t afraid to mod his axes. He brings a trio of LPs on the road, and each one has some unique features. His main guitar is a black Classic Custom with an EverTune bridge and Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups. All of Blair’s electrics are strung with Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys gauged .010–.052.

    A natural-finished Classic Custom pairs an EverTune bridge with Lace humbuckers.

    And a black Les Paul Custom also loaded with Duncan Distortions rounds out the trio.

    For acoustic numbers, Blair reaches for a Gibson J-160. His favorite picks are Dunlop 1.5 mm Primetones.

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  • Rig Rundown - Keith Urban


    Article and photos:

  • Rig Rundown - Don Felder


    Article and photos:

    Shortly before a recent show at Nashville’s City Winery, Don Felder took a few minutes to talk to Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger about everything from his first garage band with Stephen Stills to his years with the Eagles and beyond.

    Felder is best known for slinging his iconic Gibson EDS-1275. The model shown here is his signature Gibson “Hotel California” model with separate outputs for both the 12-string and 6-string. The original inspiration for the dual outputs came when Felder attended a Chet Atkins concert when he was a kid and Atkins routed the lowest three strings to one amp and the top three strings to another allowing him to play (and amplify) “Dixie” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy” at the same time.

    Felder has also been closely linked to holy grail-era Gibson Les Pauls. His original ’59 is safe at home but this Custom Shop ’59 reissue with custom-wound Seymour Duncan pickups joins him on the road.

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  • Rig Rundown - The Aristocrats Guthrie Govan


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Chicago, IL, where she catches up with The Aristocats' guitarist Guthrie Govan who walks us through his entire live rig on the band's US summer tour, which includes his Suhr signature guitar, Suhr amplifier and cab, and a pretty extensive pedalboard with stompboxes from TC Electronic, Providence, Dunlop, and Ernie Ball.

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  • Lockdown Rig Rundown -Bikrant


    Lockdown Rig Rundown, Nepal



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