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Playlist of Rig Rundown

  • Rig Rundown: Eric Clapton


    At age 76, Eric Clapton remains a major presence in guitar. He’s touring again rather than simply resting on nearly six decades of laurels, and with Slowhand’s blessing, Dan Dearnley—the legend’s tech for a dozen years—showed us his boss’ setup before a September 21 concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. Three Signature Strats, Martins, and not much else. Dig in!

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:50 - Fender Stratocasters
    05:55 - Martin Acoustics
    09:41 - Dumble Fenders
    10:25 - Pedals

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  • Rig Rundown: Greta Van Fleet 2021


    Few rock bands have made a bigger splash over the past five years than Greta Van Fleet. Since their first full-length, From the Fires, won a Grammy for Best Rock Album, Jake and Sam Kiszka have constantly dug deeper to expand their band’s sonic scope. GVF’s latest, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, is packed with deep, nuanced sounds that all need to be created live by a classic rock-trio lineup with an amazing singer. The guitar-and-bass-playing team of brothers showed PG the gear they use to make it happen, at a recent tour stop at the FirstBank Amphitheater in Franklin, Tennessee. And special thanks to Greta Van Fleet’s tech Bryan Manley for helping with the details.

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  • Rig Rundown - The Black Keys 2019


    So, what lead to The Black Keys ending their unannounced hiatus? Well, for Auerbach, it was the same guitar that started the ascent up this crazy rollercoaster—Glenn Schwartz’s 10-string hollowbody. James Gang and Eagles ace Joe Walsh was jamming with Auerbach at Easy Eye and the two brought up Schwartz and how his ferocious playing impacted them both. Auerbach spent any free time he had during high school to make the trek from Akron to Cleveland to see Schwartz play. Walsh coincidentally looked to Glenn as a guitar hero and eventually took over for him in the James Gang when Schwartz left the band, moved to California, and formed Pacific Gas & Electric. (You can see the trio of guitarists jam at Nashville’s famed Robert’s back in 2016.)

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    Auerbach and Walsh got Schwartz down to Nashville to record him at Easy Eye Sound Studio. The session was inspiring and provided Auerbach the visceral memory of why he loved the Black Keys. The next day he called Carney, they put a session on the books and Let’s Rock was made.

    Premier Guitar made the comfortable drive south to Atlanta’s State Farm Arena to not only check in with Auerbach’s longtime tech Dan Johnson, but the guitar master himself makes a cameo to talk all things guitar, including Glenn’s aforementioned 10-string that was loaned to him after a recent Cleveland gig. Other 6-string highlights include a gold-foil-loaded Peavey Razer gunning for the T-Model Ford mojo, a lawsuit-era Ibanez SG, a custom-build (by Dan Johnson) that echoes back to industry heavyweight Paul Bigsby, and surprisingly enough, a ’59 burst. While there, we also spoke with new bandmembers Delicate Steve, and the Gabbard brothers (Andy and Zach who are also 2/3 of the Buffalo Killers) from Akron, who all show off the goodies they bring to the arenas to back their longtime buds.

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  • Rig Rundown: Brent Mason 2021


    It’s impossible to overstate Brent Mason’s impact on country and, arguably, even rock guitar. Over the course of his more-than-35-year career, Mason has perfected a tone that’s inspired an untold number of players, and there’s even a Tele mod that bears his name. He’s also a highly respected and successful producer and solo artist, a member of the Musicians Hall of Fame, has won the Academy of Country Music’s Guitarist of the Year award 12 times, and there’s a Grammy on his mantle. Mason’s live gear—which he showed us before his recent gig at Nashville’s 3rd & Lindsley—is simple and cool as hell, but it’s not his guitars or amps that’ve made him a hero. It’s his imagination, virtuosic chops, and pure musicality.

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    00:00 - D'Addario XS Strings
    00:15 - Brent Mason Intro
    02:00 - 1967 Fender Telecaster
    08:28 - Fender Brent Mason Signature Telecaster
    17:54 - Fender Amps
    19:52 - Pedalboard

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  • 10 Weirdest Guitars: Rig Rundown Best-Ofs


    A deadly “misfit,” a taped-together Italian antique, and a double-sided acoustic are just the beginning for this lineup of oddballs and one-offs.

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    Misfits' Doyle Rundown:
    Thom Bresh Rundown:
    Buddy Miller Rundown:
    Arielle Rig Rundown:
    Dr. Dog Rundown:
    Mattson 2 Rundown:
    Justin Johnson:
    Guns N' Roses Rundown:
    The Dandy Warhols Rundown:
    The Kills Rundown:

    00:00 - DR Strings
    00:15 - Perry Bean Intro
    00:28 - Doyle's Annihilator
    01:56 - Thom Bresh's Langejans Super Dualette
    07:53 - Buddy Miller's Wandre
    14:41 - Arielle's Patrick Yates Custom Two Tone
    17:34 - Dr. Dog's Lil' Trees & Hopf Guitars
    23:40 - Mattson 2's Telestar Doubleneck
    26:38 - Justin Johnson's 3-String Shovel
    34:57 - Richard Fortus' Carbonetti Italianesque Offset
    35:28 - The Dandy Warhols' Harvester Antonio
    37:27 - The Kills' Hofner 176

    #rigrundown #weird #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: RJ Ronquillo


    He’s played with Santana, Stevie Wonder, and a host of other greats, and his lessons and demos on YouTube have garnered more than 15-million views—so there’s a good chance you already know this Nashville-based guitarist. Now, take a look inside @R.J. Ronquillo's studio and eyeball an impressive armada of guitars, amps, and effects with PG’s John Bohlinger.

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:57 - Nash S-81
    04:27 - Jeff Senn's Fullerton S-style
    06:47 - Knaggs Doug Rappaport Kenai
    10:06 - Novo Custom Serus J
    14:18 - RS Guitarworks Twisted Strat
    18:17 - Grez Mendocino Junior
    23:10 - 1964 Gibson Barney Kessel Custom
    25:50 - Amps
    36:25 - Pedalboards

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  • Rig Rundown - Tom Morello


    #tommorello #rigrundown #premierguitar

    Article & photos:
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    During the unrivaled axeman’s solo tour supporting his 2018 album The Atlas Underground, PG’s Chris Kies stood amazed as Tom Morello revealed the tricks that fortified a legacy of riffs in Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Plus, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee member (yes, he knows that Iron Maiden needs to be inducted) breaks down how he’s still aiming to shoot the instrument into the future.

    The guitar that’s probably most associated with Tom Morello has to be his Frankensteined “Arm the Homeless” “super strat” that he’s had since 1986. Morello admits the story on the guitar’s evolution is murky, but the only thing from the original custom-order instrument is its body. He apparently spent upwards of two years trying every combination of pickups, necks, electronics, and trems to appease his tonal aspirations, but finally settled on honing his craft through practice rather than gear lust. The final conglomeration of parts have been in place for 30 years and includes a set of EMG pickups, a knock-off graphite Kramer neck scooped up from the bargain bin at Nadine’s, and an Ibanez Edge trem/bridge. And as they say, the rest is history. For this one, he uses Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys (.009–.046, for all vibrato-equipped guitars) and always grabs Dunlop Tortex Jazz III picks.

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  • Rig Rundown - Christone “Kingfish” Ingram


    Christone Kingfish Ingram is currently putting some serious miles in on his tour to support his debut album, Kingfish. Before his show at Songbirds in Chattanooga, Tennessee, “Kingfish” met up with Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger to talk through his rig and display some fiery guitar playing.

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    The 20-year-old blues phenom shares his straight-ahead approach to burly, blues-rock tones.

    D'Addario Acrylux Picks:

    #blues #rigrundown #kingfish

  • Rig Rundown - John Mayer


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location at Tinley Park, IL, where she goes onstage and checks out John Mayer's current live setup with the help of legendary guitar tech Rene Martinez (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Prince, Mick Jones).

    In this segment, Rene walks us through John's amps (Dumble Steel String Singer, Two-Rock John Mayer Signature, and Fender Bandmaster), his cabinets (Alessandro 2x12s with Celestions), his effects (including Eventide TimeFactor, a Boss GE-7 Equalizer, an Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III Beat-Synced Filter Effects Processor, a Korg Toneworks G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator, a Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive, a small Analog Man Comprossor, an original Marshall Bluesbreaker, a Keeley Electronics Katana Clean Boost, a MXR M-108 10-band EQ, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Groove Filter FX-Amp Modeling-Drum Box Processor, a Roger Linn AdrenaLinn II Beat-Synched Filter Effects Processor, a Way Huge Aqua Puss Analog Delay, and an additional Eventide TimeFactor), which is anchored by a custom Bob Bradshaw switching system and controller. Rene even shows off some of Mayer's 40 guitars he currently has on tour.

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  • Rig Rundown - Queens Brian May


    Article and photos:

    If there was a Mount Rushmore of British guitar heroes, undoubtedly, @Queen Official's Brian May would grace that mountain. We caught up with May and his longtime guitar tech Pete Malandrone on Queen's summer tour with Adam Lambert to talk about his minimal effects, Vox amps, and of course, the Red Special.

    Brian May's entire career has been almost exclusively spent with the guitar that he and his father built in 1964. Red Special is a three-pickup, double-cutaway guitar with Burns pickups and a very unique (at the time) switching system that allows May to cover a huge range of tones. According to May, everything on the guitar is still original from when it was built except for the tuning pegs and the rollers on the bridge.

    During a typical show, May switches guitars during two songs. Fat Bottomed Girls, which is in dropped-D tuning, is played with a Red Special replica that's green and was built by British luthier Andrew Guyton.

    For Crazy Little Thing Called Love, he uses another Guyton Red Special replica with the addition of an f-hole—which was featured on May's original designs for the guitar— a non-trem bridge, and an internal piezo pickup that is utilized during the opening parts of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. All his guitars are strung with Optima 24 Carat Gold .009--.042 strings.

    For more on May's rig and setup, visit:

  • Rig Rundown - The Dead Daisies Doug Aldrich & Glenn Hughes


    The Dead Daisies play classic rock—a catalog of songs practically etched in the granite of popular music history. When we rolled into Nashville’s Mercy Lounge during soundcheck, the band was roaring through the Deep Purple classic “Mistreated,” with Glenn Hughes hitting all the requisite high notes and Doug Aldrich laying down the song’s heavy riff. Drummer Tommy Clufetos and bassist Hughes had the groove in a headlock, and guitarist David Lowy—who leads this musical collective—was grinding out the rhythm.

    After the check, we talked to legends Aldrich, of Whitesnake and Dio fame, and Hughes, whose bona fides include Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Black Country Communion, about the gear they’re using to push up Daisies, who have a new album called Holy Ground. So, get ready for gold tops, Marshalls, a killer Nash bass, and a couple stacks of Orange-flavored goodness.

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    00:00 - Intro
    01:00 - Doug Aldrich’s 2008 '57 Gibson Custom Shop Reissue
    04:53 - Doug Aldrich's Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue
    07:47 - Doug Aldrich's Leo Scala LP
    10:48 - Doug Aldrich's Marshall Stacks
    14:19 - Doug Aldrichs' Pedalboard
    19:47 - Glenn Hughes' Gear

    #rigrundown #deaddaisies #dougaldrich #glennhughes

  • Rig Rundown – Russian Circles Mike Sullivan 2017


    Article & photos:
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    Co-founding member Mike Sullivan updates PG-er Chris Kies before the band’s show at the Ryman in Nashville, TN, on what has changed in his live setup since our 2013 episode ( that was shot while the band recorded Memorial.

    Mike’s current main squeeze is a 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom that he bought in his hometown of Chicago at Rock N Roll Vintage. Since acquiring the guitar, he dropped in new pickups—a high-wound Lollar Imperial in the bridge and a standard Lollar Imperial in the neck. Sullivan goes with D’Addario NYXL .011–.056 strings and tunes this one to a DADGAD variant—C#-G#-D-G-C-A#. When it comes to picks, he’s been loyal to the Dunlop Max-Grip Jazz III since he found some inside a box for an Andy Timmons pedal.

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  • Rig Rundown - Joe Bonamassa 2018


    Article & photos:

    Winding down his recent tour with a sold-out, 3-night residency at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium, Joe Bonamassa invited Premier Guitar for a leisurely trip through his holy grail guitar vault and a lineup of ear-splitting amps.

    Joe Bonamassa rolls with two blonde Teles, both sporting ’buckers in the neck. This one is a 1952 Fender Telecaster formerly owned by Brit-rock legend Terry Reid. Reid installed the Gibson pickup in the neck around 1968. This Tele, like all the other guitars on tour, is strung with Ernie Ball (.011-.013-.018-.030-.042-.052) strings. JB plays with Dunlop JB Jazz III picks in herco gold and uses metal JB signature slides from Dunlop.

    Joe Bonamassa rolls with three Fender Stratocasters. Here is a 1955 hardtail, known as the “Best Strat.” It was purchased from Emerald City Guitars and refretted by Joe Glaser.

    Joe Bonamassa’s amps can likely be heard from space thanks to this pair of Fender Joe Bonamassa ’59 Twin-Amps. Each one packs a whopping 80 watts of power and sport Celestion JB-85 speakers.

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  • Rig Rundown - Josh Smith


    This week's #RigRundown hit the open seas on @JoeBonamassaTV's Keeping the Blues Alive cruise and checked out ace sideman and bonafide string bender @Josh Smith.

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    #joshsmith #rigrundown #guitar

  • Rig Rundown - Rick Beato


    One of YouTube’s leading music authorities @Rick Beato opens up his well-stocked studio and shares the stories behind some of his most cherished gear.

    Rick Beato has been making records and playing on sessions for decades. Over the years, he’s worked with Shinedown, Needtobreathe, Trey Anastasio, Tyler Bryant, and many others. About three years ago, Beato decided to focus on building his YouTube channel and he currently has over 1.3 million subscribers. He invited the PG team into his well-appointed studio to check out his drool-worthy gear.

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    #rickbeato #rigrundown #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown - The Darkness


    Article and photos:

    Fueled by a pair of brothers rocking Les Pauls and the bass rumbling thanks to Gibson Thunderbirds, this U.K. outfit is here to rock and roll.

    Rhythm guitarist Dan Hawkins received this 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard—his current number one—from his brother Justin when the band started in 2000. Dan refers to this instrument as “Dune,” a tribute to one of his favorite sci-fi films that was directed by David Lynch. He left the stock 498 humbuckers in the guitar because he likes that they crank out an aggressive bite thanks to their high output. The only change he’s made to the guitar is adding a TonePros bridge and tailpiece for better intonation.

    Bassist Frankie Poullain’s main ride is a 1990 Gibson Thunderbird he affectionately calls the “Brown Bastard” that he bought from a guy named Welsh Ray. He favors this beast because the aftermarket pickup “kicks serious ass and is my pride and joy.” (Frankie and his tech can’t figure out where it came from or what model pickup it is.)

    Lead guitarist and tantalizing frontman Justin Hawkins uses nothing but white 2001 Gibson Les Paul Customs. Seen here is his go-to axe that is generally used most of the night aside from any songs with alternate tunings or if a string breaks.

    To continue learning about their rigs, visit:

  • Rig Rundown - Eric Johnson 2018


    Article & photos:
    Win a Fender Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster Thinline:

    Premier Guitar’s Ted Drozdowski met with guru of tone Eric Johnson before his show at Nashville’s City Winery. Johnson revealed his absolute commitment to recreating his trademark sounds with his carefully selected array of guitars, a four-amp setup, and his resurrection of his original Ah Via Musicom pedalboards.

    Although he carries two of his new signature Fender Stratocaster Thinline guitars, Johnson mostly plays this vintage-white model. The only mod is the bridge pickup, which he replaced with a DiMarzio HS-2 to better dial in the tones from Ah Via Musicom.

    The other axe Johnson relies on heavily is a 1954 Fender Stratocaster. Note the more severe angle of the stock whammy bar. It’s a trait of ’54s that he applies to his signature models. This axe also includes the bridge pickup from the guitar he used on the original recording of “Cliffs of Dover.”

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  • Rig Rundown - Guns N Roses Slash, Duff McKagan & Richard Fortus


    Article & photos:

    In November at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, PG’s Rig Rundown team got the inside guided tour of the gear that’s melted a million faces. Richard Fortus and Slash’s and Duff’s longtime techs, Adam Day and Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue, tell all.

    In 1987, Gibson enjoyed an enormous jump in sales when Guns N’ Roses released Appetite for Destruction. To show their appreciation, Gibson gave Slash this ’87 Les Paul Standard, the first of many endorsement guitars. This battered ’87 LP has been broken, burned, and abused since the first tour and remains one of Slash’s favorites.

    Duff McKagan started out with a Japanese Fender Jazz special he bought with his record advance money. That bass, now stored safely at home, served as the model for the Fender Custom Shop Duff McKagan bass models. Duff tours with several of his Fender signature basses; the primary is a mid-2000s model

    Richard Fortus tours with a large arsenal of guitars, too many to cover here, but let’s start with a few of his Gretsch guitars, including a Gretsch White Falcon and Black Falcon, both Players Edition models upgraded with Arcane pickups.

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  • Rig Rundown - U2s The Edge


    Article & photos:

    This past June, PG traveled to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia to catch U2’s eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE Tour.  Before the band’s soundcheck, John Bohlinger hung with Dallas Schoo, who has been taking care of The Edge’s ever-changing collection for over 30 years.  

    The Edge tours with 45 guitars. He performs with 18 to 20 different guitars every show and has a backup for every one of them. The Edge does not endorse any string company but has Dallas Schoo constantly experimenting with different brands and gauges for each guitar and tuning.

    In 1978, on a trip to the United States with his family, a seventeen-year-old Edge bought this 1976 Gibson Explorer. This guitar was there for the birth of U2 and has been part of nearly every tour and session since. Edge now owns eleven ’76 Explorers and currently tours with three of them. They are all stock and nearly identical. And to be clear, Dallas Schoo is always on the look for more.

    Fender approached The Edge about a signature model based on some of his old favorite Strats. This namesake model features a large headstock, a Dimarzio FS-1 bridge pickup, and two custom staggered Fat ’50s Fender single-coil pickups. The strap on was designed by The Edge.

    Continue reading:

  • Rig Rundown - Tedeschi Trucks Band


    Article & photos:
    Win a MXR Echoplex and signature Derek Trucks slides:

    PG’s John Bohlinger caught up Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, and Tim Lefebvre of the Tedeschi Trucks Band before their 3-show residency at the Ryman in Nashville. While this might not be a gear-heavy band, there’s plenty of soul, groove, and vibe.

    Derek Trucks is not one to switch guitars. A longtime SG man, his current No. 1 is a prototype of a 2013 Gibson Dickey Betts signature custom shop SG—but with actual vintage PAF pickups. Trucks keeps a similar SG as a backup, but only plays it when he breaks a string, and then he usually switches back as soon as the string has been replaced.

    Susan Tedeschi’s No. 1 is a stock 1970 Stratocaster that was a gift from Derek after he inquired about what her dream guitar would be. She keeps it strung up with D’Addario (.011–.049) strings.

    Tim brings a pair of basses on the road with Tedeschi Trucks. Here is his custom CallowHill bass nicknamed the “asshole bass” by the late luthier Tim Cloonan. Hidden underneath the pickguard is a sopabar pickup that can be mixed in.

    Continue learning about the band's setup:

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  • Rig Rundown: Mannequin Pussy


    About 10 years ago Mannequin Pussy bubbled up from the percolating Philly rock scene. Formed by guitarist/singer Marisa “Missy” Dabice and drummer Athanasios Paul, their primary calling card was a stinging combination of snippy and sizzling ragers.

    The lineup was eventually filled out with Drew Adler (drums) and Colins “Bear” Regisford (bass). (Paul moved to lead guitar in 2013 and Kaleen Reading took over for drums in 2015. Ultimately, Paul left earlier this year after recording Perfect.)

    Over the course of three albums and a remarkable brand-new EP, the band’s sound has expanded, evolved, and deepened with more engaging melodies, gallant songwriting, and stouter song structures. Through time, gigs, and reps, Mannequin Pussy progressed beyond the linear rage often dished by young punks. The brazen, brash, locomotive charm in Marisa’s lyrics and the band’s expansive sound has become fully complemented by a refined approach with smoother, swelling dynamics and sharper care of their craft.

    Touring in support of late 2019’s Patience and the pandemic-produced 2021 EP Perfect (both released on Epitpah Records), Mannequin Pussy’s Dabice and Regisford invited PG to Nashville’s High Watt for a gear chat before their sold-out show during their first-ever headlining run. Just ahead of soundcheck, Missy gushed about her first P-90 guitar, while “Bear” admits that his Player Precision proves he should’ve always been a P dude. And they each detonate the boom with their own strategic stomp of stank.

    (Sadly, shortly after this Rundown was filmed, on October 23, Mannequin Pussy had their van, gear, and band merch stolen from outside their Akron, Ohio hotel room. Brooklyn Vegan ( chronicled the disaster with some MP Instagram posts and a link to their GoFundMe page ( Thankfully, the van and some merch have been recovered, however, all their equipment is still missing.)

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    [Brought to you by D’Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    00:00 - D’Addario XPND Pedalboard
    00:15 - Missy Dabice Playing Intro
    01:16 - Missy's Fender Stratocaster MIM
    02:37 - Missy's Reverend Jetstream 390
    07:09 - Missy's Mystery Amp
    09:47 - Missy's Pedalboard
    21:34 - Colins Bear Regisford's Fender Player P Bass
    24:40 - Bear's Orange Terror Bass
    26:33 - Bear's Pedalboard

    #rigrundown #mannequinpussy #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: Torres


    Mackenzie Scott (aka Torres) likes a good juxtaposition. Her music is a tightrope act between vulnerability and violence. Scott’s lyrics often reflect introspection over a backdrop of angular, explosive guitar sounds, and those lyrics and her imagery combat the standard gender tropes by deconstructing their longstanding definitions and re-empowering them for all people. (Look no further than the cover of Torres’ latest album, Thirstier, to see her take on the “classic” guitar pose.)

    Even her playing style is at odds with itself. “I prefer fingerpicking. I like playing really crunchy, loud, aggressive stuff in the styling of a classical player. And when it comes time to play big power chords, honestly, I just make my fingers bleed,” she says. Those divergent personalities and approaches result in singular musical snapshots rather than a predictable path through each performance, song, and album.

    Sprinter, from 2015, was angsty, urgent, and erratic. And 2017’s Three Futures stripped back the guitar barrage for an electronic bent, centered around stark beats and cold synths. Last year’s self-produced Silver Tongue twisted the previous albums’ makeup into an unusual two-step that often made the guitars pretty and the synths wicked. (Don’t worry, guitar loyalists. There’s still some 6-string fire.) And now Thirstier is a concise blast of catchy, power pop numbers that are heavier and shinier.

    Out in support of her new album, Torres’ October 14 Nashville show had her headlining the Exit/In. Before soundcheck Scott introduced PG to her Tele companions, explained why she’d rather play with bloody fingers than use a pick, and showed how seven stomps cover all the shades of traditional rock guitar and much more.

    Full Rig Details:
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    [Brought to you by D’Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    00:00 - Intro
    00:58 - Fender Telecaster Deluxe
    06:20 - Fender Deluxe Reverb
    07:31 - Pedalboard

    #rigrundown #torres #guitar

  • Rig Rundown: The Sword 2021


    There’s no doubt ZZ Top trademarked Texas boogie. And over 30 years later, the Sword furthered the Lonestar shuffle’s legacy by darkening it.

    The Austin outfit’s 2006 debut Age of Winters combined the rhythmic bounce of Tres Hombres with the power and might of Master of Reality. The cross-pollination of Gibbons and Iommi continued in 2008’s Gods of the Earth, with heavier right-hand picking and tempos shading towards thrash-y Priest and Thin Lizzy’s “Emerald.” Traces of proggy psychedelia, like 2112 Rush and late-’70s Genesis, turned 2010’s concept album Warped Riders into a swirling voyage of sci-fi conquest and space exploration, with the music matching the otherworldly narrative. And 2012’s Apocryphon saw the band settle into themselves, collectively cherry-picking all the things that worked on the previous three albums. Songs like “Cloak of Feathers” and the title track show their musical certainty. High Country, from three years later, showcases a once-singular-sounding band finding a home between Houston and Birmingham that could be best classified as classic mid-’70s hard rock. And 2018’s Used Future—as its cover depicts—shows the band comfortably, calmly, confidently pressing the accelerator of their Bombshell Betty 1952 Buick Super Riviera and racing towards their own horizon.

    This fall 2021 run had the Sword members—J.D. Cronise (guitar/vocals), Kyle Shutt (guitars), Bryan Richie (bass/keyboards), and Santiago Jimmy Vela III (drums)—handling double duty, with a headline tour woven around opening shows for Primus.

    Before their top-of-the-bill show at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge, Shutt, Cronise, and Richie showed PG how consolidating gear (and volume) has helped them sharpen their blade.

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    [Brought to you by D'Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    #rigrundown #thesword #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: Dance Gavin Dances Will Swan


    Will Swan has celebrated and elevated radical guitar music through the course of nine frenetic, volatile @Dance Gavin Dance albums, a pair of releases with his psychedelic post-hardcore side project Sianvar, and the creation of his @Blue Swan Records label. The common thread is his hue of beautiful dysfunction and his ethos of pushing the instrument (and its sounds) forward.

    Make no mistake, Swan can play the guitar. His style is equal parts violence and grace, with pit stops at all points between. He terrorizes the frets as well as he tenderly dances on them—and the results can be chaotic or calming. But what most excites him about guitar is making it not sound like a guitar.

    “I really like those tones that take the guitar far away from its normal sounds,” Swan explains. “I like to layer those with typical guitar tones, and to mix cool sounds with interesting-playing parts. I need both of those elements to enjoy the experience.”

    “I’m self-taught, so I don’t know music theory, so when I’m writing I don’t know what things are going to sound like. I’m just messing around and seeing what catches my ear. It’s similar to the way I explore pedals. I don’t quite know what’s going to happen, but if I come across something that I enjoy, I’ll use it and don’t question it.”

    The afternoon of Dance Gavin Dance’s headlining show at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works, Swan detailed his signature Kiesels (and the other Kiesel he’s been preferring), explains how the Friedman Small Box is (phenomenally) filling the void of his favored vintage Rockerverb, and breaks down why his pedals help him embrace the textures and tones of other instruments.

    Full Rig Details:
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    [Brought to you by D’Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    00:00 - Intro
    00:52 - Kiesel Custom Delos
    07:15 - Kiesel Will Swan Signature
    09:13 - Friedman Small Box
    14:00 - Boss SY-300
    16:13 - Eventide Harmonizer
    17:45 - Pedals

    #rigrundown #dancegavindance #willswan

  • Rig Rundown: Steve Earle and the Dukes


    Songwriter, performer, producer, author, actor, and activist Steve Earle has arguably influenced a paradigm shift in country music. His poetic storytelling mixed with folk, bluegrass, rock, and traditional country has expanded the music’s boundaries and made him a pillar of the umbrella genre called Americana. Before their August 30 sold-out show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Earle and longtime Dukes’ guitarist Chris Masterson took PG through their touring rigs.

    Full Rig Details:
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    #rigrundown #steveearle #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale & Joe Hottinger 2021


    Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger of the Grammy-winning rock band Halestorm recently took a break from rehearsals for their 2021 tour to talk rigs with Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger. Shortly before this interview, Hale had become the first woman to be named a brand ambassador by Gibson. With several signature models under her name, and Hottinger’s apparent obsession with SGs, it’s not surprising this rundown features some primo Gibsons.

    Full Rig Details:
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    [Brought to you by D'Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    #rigrundown #halestorm #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: Microwave


    Music—and guitar—are therapeutic. The songs we write and riffs we play help reduce the pain, alleviate the stress, and produce some positivity in our lives. Microwave’s singer/guitarist/lyricist Nathan Hardy has been using the studio and stage as his leather couch for nearly 10 years. Stovall, in 2014, saw him question his Mormon missionary upbringing. Two years later, Much Love focused on realities versus the romance of the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle. And 2019’s Death Is a Warm Blanket is a dark, heavier, raging deep dive into his nihilistic thoughts. All three albums are honest, coarse evaluations of the pushing and pulling in Hardy’s head and heart.

    Musically, the band has matured alongside Hardy’s contemplative subject matter. Stovall and Much Love harness the teeter-totter dynamics mastered by Nirvana and also felt in Microwave’s post-hardcore contemporaries like early Citizen and Turnover.

    While their loudest, most aggressive tendencies were unleashed in Death Is a Warm Blanket, Microwave’s melodies and hooks can still be sticky and sweet as honey. Finally able to tour in support of that album, Microwave packed Nashville’s Mercy Lounge on October 15. Just after soundcheck, Hardy and guitarist Travis Hill introduced PG to their favorite battle axes, walked us through their Odd Couple pedalboards, and Hill explained how an outdated laptop and trial version of Logic Pro provides a universal “poor man’s Kemper” for guitars and bass.

    Full Rig Details:
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    #rigrundown #microwave #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown: Thrice 2021


    Recently @Thrice’s Dustin Kensrue (vocals/guitar) and Teppei Teranishi (guitar) participated in PG’s Hooked. (The video series features musicians talking about a moment, riff, or song that turned their world upside down and sideswiped them into playing.) Kensrue raved about the Pixies’ dissonant melodies, while Teranishi highlighted Metallica’s heavy impact. And at the conclusion of the video, they both admit the band has a lot of “Pixies” parts and “Metallica” moments throughout its catalog.

    Over the course of 11 studio albums—with the help of brothers Eddie (bass) and Riley (drums) Breckenridge—Thrice has explored odd-timing metal (Identity Crisis and The Illusion of Safety), thrashy screamo (The Artist in the Ambulance), maturing post-hardcore (Vheissu and Palms), all-encompassing prog-rock with ethereal escapes and mammoth, surly riffs (The Alchemy Index: Vols. I-IV), and an amalgamation of it all (To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere and Horizons/East). And even after all those years, all those albums, and all their discovered sounds, the Pixies and Metallica continue to be musical planets they orbit while exploring the outer realms of the sonic solar system.

    Prior to headlining Nashville’s Mercy Lounge in support of the just-released Horizons/East, Kensrue and Teranishi spoke with PG’s Perry Bean about the changes (and reductions) in their symbiotic setups. Kensrue explains why he’s shifted his live tone (and Horizons/East recordings) to be fully dependent on the Line 6 Helix, and how that impacted the design of his signature Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay. Teranishi chronicles how the pandemic-created time void sent him down the lutherie rabbit hole and resulted in a familiar-looking-but-original build.

    Full Rig Details:
    Watch Thrice's Hooked:
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    [Brought to you by D'Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    #rigrundown #thrice #premierguitar

  • Trey Anastasios Phish Summer 2021 Guitar Rig Tour


    A complete rundown of Trey Anastasio's Summer 2021 guitar rig. Recorded September 1, 2021 in Mountain View, CA.

    Special Thanks to Bob Bradshaw, Paul Languedoc, Gene Sinigalliano and Justin Stabler

    Love and gratitude to the family and friends of Bobby Niebish for the gift of Bobby's vintage Mutron pedal.

    #Guitars #LanguedocGuitars #Phish #Gear #TreyAnastasio

  • Rig Rundown - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Mike Campbell



    Rig Rundown Playlist:

    Premier Guitar's Jason Shadrick is on location in Milwaukee, WI, where he catches up with Steve Winstead, guitar tech for Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers during the band's 2013 US tour.

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  • Rig Rundown: Rise Againsts Tim McIlrath & Zach Blair 2021


    Rise Against rose out of Chicago around Y2k on the back of roaring Gatling-gun guitars, blast-beat rhythms, and defiant, sharp-tongued social commentary. The band’s first pair of albums—2001’s The Unraveling and 2003’s Revolutions Per Minute—are blistering bangers rooted in traditional hardcore chaos, spiced up with fist-pumping, boot-stomping choruses.

    Siren Song of the Counter Culture in 2004 was their major-label debut, on Geffen. That album highlighted a broadening hardcore sound buffed up with more melody. (Think ’90s Bad Religion messaging cloaked in early 2000s AFI harmonies.) However catchy they became, their message still ripped like a dagger. Appealing to a bigger audience with bouncier hooks, acoustic numbers, and string overdubs earned them their first splash into the Billboard 200 albums chart (eventually certified gold in the U.S.).

    Elevated visibility scored them back-to-back platinum albums—2006’s The Sufferer & the Witness and 2008’s Appeal to Reason, and that momentum carried over to a continued residency in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 with 2011’s Endgame, 2014’s The Black Market, and 2017’s Wolves. And 2021’s Nowhere Generation represents a maturing, melodic hardcore outfit that continues to stand up for what they believe in and still provide the revolutionary attitude to back it up.

    The continual growth and evolution of their melodic-hardcore formula has allowed them to roll into mainstream airwaves like a Trojan horse. Newcomers who were enamored with anthemic choruses (“Savior,” “The Prayer of the Refugee,” “Nowhere Generation,” “Give It All,” “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore”) quickly became dancing disciples because of the band’s knack for earworms.

    The twin-guitar team of singer Tim McIlrath and lead guitarist Zach Blair welcomed PG down to Birmingham, Alabama’s Avondale Brewing Company to see how their simple-but-stinging setups have morphed since 2015.

    Full Rig Details:
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    #rigrundown #riseagainst #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown - Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Jason White


    ( Premier Guitar's Chris Kies is on location at the NIU Convocation Center in DeKalb, IL, where he catches up with Green Day's guitar and bass techs before their spring 2013 99 Revolutions' tour in support of their three latest albums, 'Uno,' 'Dos,' and 'Tre'.'

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  • Rig Rundown: Descendents Stephen Egerton


    It’s pretty astonishing that a sophomoric band of misfits and outcasts have chiseled a 40-plus-year legacy of punk rock, but that’s what the improbable Descendents have been doing since 1977. Their brand of snotty, snarling, snarky, succinct songs have endeared them to rock titans like Dave Grohl.

    “[They have] this shameless, love-song aesthetic—none of the other bands had the balls to do that,” proclaimed Grohl in 2013’s documentary Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All. “Everyone was screaming about Reagan or whatever.”

    Additionally, through their blending of hardcore, drag-strip tempos, and melodious harmonies, they designed a vehicle for the ’90s pop-punk explosion—paving the expressway for bands like Green Day and Blink-182 to crash into the mainstream. “They’re like the punk-rock Beach Boys,” said Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus in Filmage.

    And don’t forget their iconic, line-drawn mascot Milo, patterned after lead singer Milo Aukerman. That nerdy caricature’s singular outline comically defines the Descendents’ simplicity, humor, subtle brilliance, and everyman appeal. It also reflects the persona of Aukerman, who stated in Filmage, “I have this dichotomy of desires. I wanna rock out. I wanna be a punk-rock guy, but I also have this really strong ambition to be a scientist.”

    The band’s redlining riffer Stephen Egerton welcomed PG down to Birmingham, Alabama’s Avondale Brewing Company, where he blasted through his punk-rock-approved, simplistic-yet-seething setup.

    Full Rig Details:
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    #rigrundown #descendents #punk

  • Mark Bowens Angry Piano IDLES | Rig Rundown Trailer


    IDLES guitarist/producer Mark Bowen details his Electrical Guitar Company EG 500 that he calls the angry piano and wouldn't hit the stage without it.

    Full Rig Details:
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    [Brought to you by D’Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    #rigrundown #idles #crawler

  • Rig Rundown - Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit 2019


    Bursts, and Benders, and Js, oh my! A pioneer of the new Nashville sound and his tone-heavy tag team spend 90 minutes to cover the gobs of new gear that have joined their ranks since 2015.

    Watch the episode:
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    Back in the fall of 2015 PG traveled south to the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to catch up with Jason Isbell, guitarist Sadler Vaden, and bassist Jimbo Hart. At the time, the band gave us so much time and so much gusto about their piles of gear, the resulting Rundown became the longest ever at 65 minutes.

    Fast forward four years and now Premier Guitar’s Perry Bean finds himself onstage, surrounded by even more gear, at the historic Ryman Auditorium in the middle of Isbell’s annual October run. This year saw the Alabama native and his bandmates sell out seven consecutive shows at the Mother Church. And before the 4th night, we basically filmed a feature film spotlighting all the new inspiring additions to their arsenal and how it all further propels the 400 Unit’s sonic quest.

    D'Addario XT Strings:

  • Rig Rundown - Alice in Chains Jerry Cantrell


    PG's Jordan Wagner is On Location in Milwaukee, WI, at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom where he catches up with Alice in Chains' guitarist, singer/songwriter Jerry Cantrell.

    Jerry walks us through his current live rig for the ongoing Black Gives Way to Blue tour where he's using Bogner and Dave Friedman Marsha heads, G&L Rampages, Gibson Les Pauls and of course some effects including his original Dunlop Crybaby wah used on the epic Man in the Box.

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  • Rig Rundown - Samantha Fish


    The rising blues guitar star demos her No. 1 SG with her expanded pedalboard, and goes deep with her workhorse Jaguars, Stogie Blues cigar box, Delaney 512, Taylor acoustic, and Category 5 amps.

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    D'Addario Trigger Capo:

  • Rig Rundown: White Reaper


    Tired of pretentious music? Are you looking to just have fun and rock out? The good-time, make-you-move-and-groove medicine you’re after is what White Reaper dispenses.

    The band’s core was formed in 2012 when Louisville high schoolers Tony Esposito (guitar/vocals) and Nick Wilkerson (drums) started jamming as a duo. Then Nick recruited his twin brother Sam (bass) and Esposito added friend Ryan Hater (keys). And the fearsome foursome released their rowdy, ripping 2015 debut, White Reaper Does It Again, on Polyvinyl Records.

    Carrying forward their blend of lo-fi garage rock and pop-punk hooks, the quartet added second guitarist Hunter Thompson in 2016, before recording 2017’s (tongue-in-cheek) The World's Best American Band. The glee blossomed with shinier, poppier melodies that soared over harmonized guitars—think crossing Cheap Trick with Thin Lizzy.

    The World’s Best American Band graduated them to major label Elektra, where they earned studio time with producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Halestorm, Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, Emmylou Harris). With Joyce providing a slicker, tighter sound, the quintet unveiled an even catchier package that employs the sheen of peak Cars and early Maroon 5 in danceable tracks like “Might Be Right” and “Eggplant.” (The former earned them a No. 1 slot on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.) But rock purists still got to stomp and howl with the hard drivin’ “Headwind” and redlining “Raw.”

    Hours before their headlining gig at Nashville’s Exit/In, White Reaper’s Esposito and Thompson checked in with PG to talk tone. The guitar duo showed us how the rigors of the road have impacted their touring gear decisions and why COVID-19 handcuffed one of them to the digital life.

    Full Rig Details:
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    #rigrundown #whitereaper #premierguitar

  • Rig Rundown - My Chemical Romances Frank Iero


    A gift from Gary Holt, a bastardized Jazzmaster, a Squier baritone, bountiful boards, and stacks of amps litter the rocker’s tone bunker.

    Article & Photos:
    Frank Iero on Black Flag's Rise Above:
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    D'Addario XPND Pedalboard:

    00:00 - Intro
    02:35 - Gary Holt ESP
    06:22 - Fender American Professional II Jazzmaster
    16:26 - Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster
    24:13 - '50s Fender Jazzmaster
    30:50 - Gibson Les Paul Custom
    38:06 - Epiphone Coronet
    40:40 - Amps
    43:53 - Pedalboard

    #rigrundown #mychemicalromance #frankiero

  • Rig Rundown - The Late Show with David Lettermans Will Lee, Sid McGinnis, and Felicia Collins


    PG's Rebecca Dirks is on location at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, NY, where she catches up with CBS Orchestra bassist Will Lee and guitarists Sid McGinnis and Felicia Collins. In this segment, the three discuss the guitars, amps, and effects used nightly on the Late Show with David Letterman.

    This Rig Rundown is a component of a Late Night Gear feature Premier Guitar did with 6 of the main late-night TV programs including Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel -- click the link above to read the article and be sure to watch out for all the Late Night Rig Rundowns and our 1800 other clips online by visiting

  • Metallica: A Look at James & Kirks Guitar Rigs


    Guitar techs Chad Zaemisch & Justin Crew walk us through James & Kirk's WorldWired guitar rigs.

    © 2017 Blackened Recordings

    Follow Metallica:

  • Rig Rundown - Gary Clark Jr. & Eric Zapata 2019


    Gary Clark Jr.’s longtime tech Dave Holman met with Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger before their three-night sold-out run at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium for a look at Gary Clark Jr.’s simple, yet stellar, setup. Later, JB met with King Zapata who showed off how he uses his complex rig for layering deep soundscapes.

    Article & photos:
    Don't Miss an Episode:

    When Gary Clark Jr. took over the scene with his debut Warner release, Blak and Blu, he did it armed with this 2007 Epiphone Casino packed with the stock P-90s. “Red” stays strung with D’Addario Chromes (.011–.014–.018p–.028–.038–.049).

    This ’90s Ibanez Blazer, a gift from Gary Clark Jr.’s mother, is where it all started. The Blazer stays strung with D’Addario Custom Nickel Roundwounds.

    American Stage Cables:

  • Rig Rundown - Steely Dans Walter Becker


    PG's Jason Shadrick is On Location in Milwaukee, WI, where he catches up with Steely Dan's guitarist Walter Becker. In this Rig Rundown video, we get to see what guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals he used during the band's Shuffle Diplomacy 2011 US tour.

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  • Rig Rundown - Henry Kaisers Five Times Surprise


    Article & photos:

    Premier Guitar’s Ted Drozdowski dropped into Nashville’s POGO studio to eavesdrop on the sessions for the new improv/art-rock group Five Times Surprise—and, of course, to do a Rig Rundown with the three string-playing virtuosos at its epicenter: famed free-ranging guitarist Henry Kaiser, guitarist Anthony Pirog of the Messthetics, and the Dixie Dregs’ legendary bassist Andy West. Actually, there are four, since the group also includes eclectic electric violinist Tracy Silverman. But hey, this ain’t Premier Fiddle, so… 

    For the Five Times Surprise sessions, Henry Kaiser’s big dog was a prototype built by Michael Spalt of Austria’s Spalt Instruments. It has a 27 scale rosewood neck, but its superpower is a Don Ramsay Linear Tremolo, which rolls on a linear bearing and stays in tune like Pavarotti. The 6-string has Seymour Duncan pickups.

    When you see Anthony Pirog with Five Times Surprise—who have yet to play a live gig—or the Messthetics, which is anchored by Fugazi’s rhythm section, he’ll likely have this 1962 Fender Jazzmaster in his hands. He scored the guitar, his favorite, on eBay in 2007 and put in Joe Barden pickups with coil-splitting, as well as a Mastery bridge, although the vibrato system is original.

    Continue reading:

  • Rig Rundown - All That Remains Oli Herbert & Mike Martin


    Photos & Article:

    Rig Rundown Playlist:

  • Rig Rundown - Quicksands Walter Schreifels


    The post-hardcore heavyweight lays out the tonal road map for the new Distant Populations—including a shocking secret-weapon practice combo. Plus, he explains his pedal evolution from abstinence to indulgence.

    [Preorder Quicksand's Distant PopulationsDistant Populations (out 8/13 digitally; 9/24 vinyl) -

    Walter Schreifels has played foundational foil for over 25 years, with his focused, angular, coarsely melodic guitar grounding his more adventurous, effected counterparts in Quicksand, Vanishing Life, and Rival Schools. (The later even released an album in 2011 called Pedals.)

    Originally in Quicksand, my background was coming into music through a straightforward hardcore perspective, so I took on that simplified aesthetic, similar to Fugazi, says Schreifels. Both our bassist Sergio Vega and other guitarist Tom Capone were adding in pedals, so I earthed the band playing the straight man and opted for the more direct tone.

    The Quicksand quartet rose from the ashes of New York City's late '80s hardcore scene, featuring guitarist/singer Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today), Vega (Absolution and Carnage), Capone (Beyond and Bold), and drummer Alan Cage (who was in Burn with Capone, and Beyond). A self-titled four-song EP scored them a major-label deal with Polydor, where they released the seminal 1993 classic Slip. (It even landed in Decibel's Hall of Fame.) Both recordings are equally abrasive and melodic. Then the quartet moved to Island to release 1995's Manic Compression, an album unrelenting as a sledgehammer. But as quickly as they rose, the band dissolved into the time capsule of N.Y.C.'s once-rich alternative music scene. Yet they still influenced the Deftones (where Sergio now splits time playing bass), Thursday, Glassjaw, At the Drive-In, Torche, and many others.

    Schreifels went on to form other two-guitar bands, including Rival Schools with Ian Page and Vanishing Life with Rise Against's Zac Blair. And he's continued to flourish as a frontman and the midrange mattress, allowing his fellow guitar mates to bend solos, color outside the lines, and leave the pocket.

    However, life has a way of challenging us and putting us out of our comfort zones. (I mean, hello, 2020!) Ian left Rival Schools, Tom departed from Quicksand, and Walter formed the bluesy, psych-rock Dead Heavens, engaging in celestial spaces and thick, sizzling guitar parts.

    At that point, I sorta had to become the 'pedal' guy, so I was like, 'screw it, I'm gonna get a wah wah. [laughs] I've heard a lot of good things!' That led to a delay, then a tremolo, then a phaser, and now he reserves a row on his pedalboard for experimentation and tone testing. I slowly became an effects guy, still knowing I needed their applications to our music to be tasteful. And with Dead Heavens, I wanted to broaden my palette by getting better as a player and creating a space where I could really indulge the sounds in my head.

    What sort of positives has Walter recognized from his pedal liberation? Understanding how to use a piece of equipment that before was mysterious or intimidating, and now, by having broken through that mental barrier, you can get to some new shit and create something you otherwise might not have.

    And his longtime straightforward, get-the-job-done, hardcore DNA has avoided any gear-snob blind-spots and pitfalls. I sound just lazy, but I don't have any care or concern about how I get to a result if I'm happy with it. If it takes a long time, and there's something I have to shelve for a bit, that's fine. If it's with a Roland CUBE practice amp that inspires a song or tone, that's fine, too. I just don't care.

    These new gear avenues and the rekindled Quicksand officially downsizing to a trio are creating new paths for Schreifels. I'm just really excited to continue telling Quicksand's story, carrying on from Interiors, but also through our OG catalog, and a focus on growth has been improving my playing guitar and finding new ground to break.

    In this episode, Quicksand's founding frontman details why oft-forgotten Fenders and a spooky gold-foil Harmony were 6-string cornerstones for Distant Populations. He explains how an 8 practice combo was an ace up his sleeve while recording, and chronicles his slow embrace of effects and how they've shaped his sound and vision.

    Full Rig Details:
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    [Brought to you by D'Addario XL Strings:

    Preorder Quicksand's Distant Populations (out 8/13 digitally; 9/24 vinyl) -

    And watch videos for their two singles:

    Inversion -
    Missile Command -

    #rigrundown #quicksand #distantpopulations

  • Rig Rundown - Volbeats Rob Caggiano and Anders Kjølholm


    Article and photos:

    On April 28th, 2014 Danish metal band Volbeat met with Premier Guitar before their show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville TN. Guitarist Robert Caggiano, formerly of the band Anthrax, reveals the secrete of his signature ESP guitar that helps you see where you are on a dark stage. Bassist Anders Kjølholm shows how he gets his thunderous tone with minimal gear. Gear: Volbeat has three complete backline systems; one setup for U.S. tours and two more setups for Europe allowing them to leapfrog from show to show. Here's what they carry in The States.

    Founding member/bassist Anders Kjølholm is a MusicMan man, touring with seven different MusicMan Stingray four strings. He tunes six of them down a full step and keeps one at standard E for a couple of songs. When not playing his MMs, Kjølholm plays a bass custom-made by Bill Baker of New Jersey.

    Kjølholm uses two TC-Electronic RH450 amps, each one packing a bone-crushing 450 watts. He runs the amps into four TC Electronic RS4-10 bass cabs for a total of sixteen 10 speakers blowing loud and proud.

    Bass Effects: Kjølholm is not an effect guy. The signal starts at the Sennheiser EW500 G3 wireless system that runs into a Whirlwind Selector. The Whirlwind allows fast switching between the receivers and a tuner-out that runs to a TC Electronics Polytuner on stage and a second Polytuner in a Furman powered rack backstage.

    Rob Caggiano exclusively plays his ESP signature guitar exclusively, touring with two identical production models. The signature was based on the ESX horizon. Caggiano's ESP features glow-in-the-dark neck-dot markers, Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge and Tailpiece, a Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck and a Dimarzio signature RC Custom in the bridge. Caggiano strings his ESPs with D'Addario EXL140-3D Nickel Wound Electric, 10-52.

    AMPS: Caggiano runs two Fryette Sig:X G100SX 100W Tube Guitar Amp Heads. One acts as a main amp, the other as a slave. The main amp runs two Fryette Deliverance D412-P50E 200W 4X12 cabinets. The slave amp runs two Fryette Fatbottom 4x12 cabinets. All cabinets live on stage.

    Effects: Caggiano runs his ESP into a Sennheiser Ew500 G3 wireless systems which runs into his Jim Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Wah into a Musicomlab EFX MKIII Effects Controller which handles channel switching on the amps and at the same time turns on and off presets of his peddles. Looped into the switcher is a TC Electronics Polytuner, a MXR Custom Comp, a TC Electronics Spark Booster, a MXR Smartgate then a Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock Compressor/Sustain/Distortion. Next inline is a MXR Micro Chorus then a Boss DD6 Delay connecting to a custom Tap-tempo pedal. Next is a Tech21 RVB Boost then a Death By Audio -- Interstellar Overdrive Deluxe. A Rocktron Hush runs through the amp's effects loop.The Musicomlab has four presets and 3 amp sounds: lead, rhythm and clean. The switching presets are as follows Preset 1. Amp channel Rhythm , MXR comp,TC spark, Boss delay tap Preset 2.Amp channel Rhythm , MXR comp, death by audio, Boss delay tap, Preset 3.Amp channel Lead , noise gate, and micro chorus Preset 4. Amp channel clean, philosophers rock, reverb

    Special thanks to Volbeat's Guitar Tech, Tue Bayer for all of his help!

  • Rig Rundown - Meshuggahs Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, & Dick Lövgren 2016


    Article & photos:

    Enter to win an Ibanez RG8:

    Premier Guitar’s Perry Bean hung out with Meshuggah's tech, Kent Eriksson, who walks through the bone-crushing, cabinet-free rigs of Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, and Dick Lövgren, the three Viking warriors of the extreme prog-metal apocalypse.

    Fredrik Thordendal’s newest addition to his arsenal is this 2016 Ibanez LACS (Los Angeles Custom Shop) Stoneman with three Lundgren M8 pickups and a push/pull coil-split option. This Stoneman, like all of Thordendal’s axes, is strung with DR Tight Fit (.009-.072) strings and is tuned F–Bb–Eb–Ab–Db–Gb–Bb–Eb.

    Hagström's main guitar is his Ibanez LACS M8M with an alder body and one mighty Lundgren M8 pickup. This one is tuned a half-step down with a foam mute and strung with DR Tight Fit .009-.070) strings.

    To continue learning about the band's gear, visit:

  • Most Iconic Guitars: Rig Rundown Best Ofs


    From Angus’ SG to Tom’s “Arm the Homeless” axe—the most recognizable guitars from our catalog of nearly 500 Rundowns.

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    Brian May of Queens’ Red Special:
    Lindsay Buckingham’s Turner Model 1:
    Angus Young’s SG:
    Tom Morello’s Arm the Homeless:
    Peter Frampton’s Les Paul:
    Jason Isbells Red Eye:
    The Edge’s 76 Exporer:
    Brian Setzers’ 59 ‘Gretch 6120:
    Steve Morse’s Music Man:
    Larry Carltons’ 335:

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  • Rockway Rig Rundown: Ursus Factory


    Rundown kuvattiin helmikuussa Tavastialla Ursus Factoryn loppuunmyydyn keikan yhteydessä 2020.

    Ursus Factory on Jussi Pelkosen ja Aleksi Ripatin rock-duo. Kulttimainettakin nauttiva Ursus Factory on levyttänyt kaksi studioalbumia, Älä lopeta uskomista rakkauteen baby (2017) ja
    Pinkki pilvi (2019).

    Lunasta ilmainen kokeilusi heti:

    Rockway on suomalainen verkkopalvelu musiikinharrastajille. Rockway tarjoaa sinulle kaiken, mitä tarvitset soittoharrastuksesi aloittamiseen, ylläpitämiseen ja kehittämiseen. Tuhansia videosisältöjä nuotteineen ja taustanauhoineen käyttää jo yli 120 000 suomalaista.

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