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Playlist of Ride for Revenge

  • Ride for Revenge - On The Rays of Victory


    Ride for Revenge

    Black/Death Metal

    Lyrical theme(s) :
    Darkness, Evil

    Origin: Formed in : Current label: Status :
    Finland (Lappeenranta) 2001 Bestial Burst Active
    Current line-up
    Harald Mentor (Sami Kettunen) - Instruments, Vocals (Conjuration (Fin), Incriminated, Irritate, Nailgunner, Siviilimurha, Malicious Death, Flooded Church of Asmodeus)
    Spirit Krusher (Riku Taipale) - Bass (Death Toll 80k, Irritate, Skullfuck)
    Additional notes
    Ride for Revenge's logo was drawn by Satanic Tyrant Werwolf aka Nazgul (Satanic Warmaster).

    Participated on the compilation Helvetin Musta Peto (2009, with the track Apoliteia.

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  • Eternal Champion - Ride For Revenge/Retaliator


    Arioch! Knight of Swords, deceitful god.
    Beyond the sealed sign of chaos. I held your heart, destroyed it.
    So Arkyn, Law may right the scale when the balance falls.
    The Earl will ride and I will follow. When he's under my blade, then I can die.

    I've banished Gods, The Rulers of Swords and giants, I do not fear The Dog and The Bear.

    Fhoi Myore, you ride in mist by chariot.
    Bryionak, Retaliator! From an ancient forge the anvils sing!
    The Dagdagh Harp, I fear it's song though I don't recall (why).
    Moon-colored sword, I name you Traitor, from a dream I remember, and to which I am tied.

    Upon the field, the Mabden have rode and they are ready to die for the Silvern Hand.

    With this spear I have brought green back to my land,
    and I've seen kings restored by a golden Oak and Ram.
    With this steel I have brought doom upon my foes,
    Now it seeks my heart and returns me to my home

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  • Ride for Revenge - Disturbing the Dream


    Disturbances - 2001-2013
    Parts 1 & 2

  • Ride For Revenge - Second Gate Opened With Power


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  • Desaster - Ride On For Revenge


    Old school black/thrash metal band from Germany !!


    In the Night of Revenge
    When the moon is full and high
    Coming from the darkened hills
    In an endless silhouette
    Riders who hold high their swords
    Battlescreams sound all around
    We must bring you down

    And now we are riding on
    Now the beast is free
    Lusting for Torment
    By the sign of the Ancient Flag we Strike
    Army of his might
    Beat them Slaughter

    Oh, rise infernal Power
    Make this come true
    Invoke me the father
    So, let our force unite
    Let our weapons speak
    And beat them Satan

    Now wretched god of heaven
    can ever make us blind
    No words of Love and peace
    can make us turn our mind
    Too late to reach for deliverance
    Too late to beg for life
    Symbols drown in blood
    as heaven find it´s end

    Feel the Blade of Steel
    Pushing to your Bones
    Hear the sons of Satan´s throne
    Don´t know humility
    Hate shines in my eyes
    As i Tear your Flesh
    Clasping on your Fukkin Cross
    You make your final breath

    And if you religious slaves
    Fear the dead of the Night
    The Days of your Plague are counted
    Speak to your Final Prayer
    And remember this curse of mine
    Hell´s Legions will come to fight


  • Ride For Revenge - Disturbed By Spiritual Tormentors


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  • Ride For Revenge - Ridiculed by Ladies of the Moon


    sludgey bm, intro ends at 8:03

  • Ride For Revenge - Dedicated To Destruction


    Great song from Wisdom Of The Few

  • Ride for Revenge


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Ride for Revenge · Chevalier

    A Call to Arms

    ℗ 2018 Cruz Del Sur Music SRL

    Released on: 2018-04-27

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    2011 split album between German/Hungarian band Undor and Finnish band Ride for Revenge. Two twenty-plus minute tracks of hypnotic mid-paced black metal, released by RfR mastermind Harald Mentor's label Bestial Burst.

    Purchase some of Ride for Revenge's material on Bandcamp here:

    Bestial Burst's website can be found here:

    If you're in North America, check out Hells Headbangers for distribution of Bestial Burst titles:

    00:00 - Undor — Sanguis Sacer
    21:39 - Ride for Revenge — Ridiculed by Ladies on the Moon

  • Ride for Revenge


    Provided to YouTube by Zebralution GmbH

    Ride for Revenge · Dragon's Kiss

    Barbarians of the Wasteland

    ℗ 2014 Dragon's Kiss

    Released on: 2014-05-30

    Lyricist: Adam Neal
    Music Publisher: Copyright Control
    Composer: Hugo Conim

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ride For Revenge - Justine


  • Ride for Revenge - Enter the Gauntlet


    Ride for Revenge - Enter the Gauntlet (Full)

  • Ride For Revenge - From Darkness We Ride


    Taken from: Ride For Revenge - Under The Eye (Kvlt & Bestial Burst 2011)

  • Ride For Revenge - Disturbed by Spiritual Tormentors


    Band: Ride For Revenge - Disturbed by Spiritual Tormentors
    Album: The King Of Snakes - 2007
    Media: LP
    Country: Finland


    Night takes over the world of colors
    The ruler is black
    Cursed eclipse appears
    Fullmoon of darkness is back
    Priest is cursed by the one about to be blessed
    Unbaptise me lord Satan
    Make me whole as the beast and the man
    Howls under the moonlight
    Predict innocent blood to be sacrificed
    Horny beast to be satisfied
    Distrubed by spiritual tormentors
    Psychotic pathfinders ready to die for the cause

  • Ride for Revenge - The Hawk Appears


    Under the Eye

  • Ride for Revenge - The Circle Remains Closed


    Wisdom of the Few

  • Ride For Revenge - Eternal Woman


  • RIde For Revenge - Remember The Curse


  • Ride for Revenge - We Rise Above


    The King of Snakes

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  • Ride for Revenge - Under the Eye


    Under the Eye

  • Ride For Revenge- Second Gate Opened With Power


    Ride For Revenge- Second Gate Opened With Power second track off their 2011 album: Under the Eye

  • Ride for Revenge - The Renegade Temple


    The Renegade Temple

  • Ride for Revenge - The Vision Remains


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride for Revenge - Vuohennussijan Ralli


    The Renegade Temple

  • Ride for Revenge - Through


    Under the Eye

  • RIDE FOR REVENGE / RxAxPxE RxFxRxRxAxPxE Full Album


    Split album between Ride for Revenge and RxAxPxE released by Bestial Burst in 2015. Here Ride for Revenge contribute a couple of extended hypnotic noise tracks, while RxAxPxE's side begins with a heavy power electronics/noise piece followed by a few more droning tracks with tribal percussion.

    This album is not available on Bandcamp, but you can find several of RfR's others on there:

    Bestial Burst's website can be found here:

    RxAxPxE's website can be found here:

    For North American buyers, Hells Headbangers carry a lot of Bestial Burst titles (including this album) along with a variety of Ride for Revenge merch. You can check that out at these links:


    Ride for Revenge side:
    00:00 - The Venom Garden
    13:48 - Prevail in Hell (and in Heaven)

    RxAxPxE side:
    30:01 - Chalice Full of Poison
    40:10 - I Will Obey
    47:24 - Deconstruction
    54:16 - Arson

  • RIDE FOR REVENGE - Secrets Of Cryptic Metal


    From the album Thy Horrendous Yearning, out on Bestial Burst April 14th 2016.

  • Ride for Revenge - Death of the Feeble Masses


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride for Revenge - Crawl in the Mud


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride For Revenge - Devil´s Star On The Rise


    Album: Ride For Revenge ‎– Thy Horrendous Yearning
    Label: Hells Headbangers ‎– HELLS LP 194
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Oxblood Red
    Release Country: US
    Band Country: Finland
    Released: 27 Jan 2017
    Style: Black Metal

  • Ride for Revenge - Crush the King of Snakes


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride For Revenge - The Renegade Temple


    Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions
    Format: Vinyl, 7, EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Country: Finland
    Released: 2008
    Style: Black Metal

  • Ride for Revenge - Disclose the Chapter of Alchemy


    The Renegade Temple

  • Ride For Revenge ‎- Through


    Artist: Ride For Revenge
    Album: Under Thge Eye
    Track: Through
    Label: KVLT -- KVLT004LP
    Format: LP
    Country: Finland
    Released: 2011


    the beginning with the end in mind
    to reach new levels one must die a thousand times
    travel outside my kind
    ready to commit inhunman , unnatural crimes

    a glance of suffering
    one peek at death
    bound to watch
    the last bloodshed

    masses wear that mask of life
    few can see the light through darkness
    face of death painted white
    refuse to be buried in earthly nothingness

    i walked in circles and saw through their lies
    no peace without a conflict
    i'm through all your rites
    victory in defeat
    a healthy disease
    i'm finally ready
    but far from finished

    i see the face of death
    i see the real face of death

  • Ride for Revenge - Commands from the Antichrist


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride For Revenge ‎-- Chords Of The Left Hand


    Band: Ride For Revenge
    Album:Chords Of The Left Hand
    Media: LP
    Country: Finland
    Label: KVLT -- KVLT003LP
    Release Date: 1 December 2010

    Note: First several songs from this split. Since they're too short I decided to upload several of them.

    Barbarian Death Command -- Intro
    Glory Of The Barbarians
    Unearthly Terror
    Venomous Lizard Demons
    Holy Sister Sodomy
    Taste My Poison (Armed By Sathanas)
    Despise From Hell
    Cum Upon The Altar
    Mortality Of Morality (Harsh Attack)
    Barbarian Death Command - Outro

  • Chevalier


    Chevalier live at Muziekcafé ELPEE, Deinze, Friday 25th May 2018

    Track from their A Call to Arms EP.

  • Ride for Revenge - For Those About to Kneel


    Under the Eye

  • Ride for Revenge - From Darkness We Ride


  • Ride For Revenge - The Aerospace Age Inferno


    Ride For Revenge - Black Dream Inferno EP 2014

  • Ride for Revenge - Punished for What You Didnt Do Unto Them


    Ride for Revenge / Meti Bhuvah (split)

  • Ride for Revenge - Wir sind Götter I


    RfR / Meti Bhuvah

  • Ride for Revenge - Erotic Needs in Emotional Void


    -last track from The King od Snakes
    -released in 2007 by Northern Heritage

  • Ride for Revenge - The Endless Flood


    Under the Eye

  • Ride for Revenge @ FDMF 2017


  • Ride For Revenge - Prevail in Hell


    From: Ride For Revenge / RxAxPxE ‎– RxFxRxRxAxPxE Split CD
    Bestial Burst ‎– BeBu-081
    24 Jun 2015

  • Ride for Revenge - Initiation Interrupted


    The King of Snakes

  • Ride for Revenge - Ghostship


    Ride for Revenge - Wisdom of the Few - Ghostship

  • Ravenlord - Ride for revenge and glory


    Ravenlord - Ride for revenge and glory (Live @ Schlichtenfest 2016)

    Weitere Infos:



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