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Playlist of Rhythm N Bass

  • Rhythm N Bass - Wembley Stadium - UK Welcomes Modi


    Our performance with Shree Muktajeevan Band @ Wembley Stadium Friday 13th November 2015

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  • Rhythm N Bass practice


    Heres a quick video of a few of us practicing our set before we go on stage for Shreya Ghoshal's concert at the silver dome in Zoetermeer Holland.

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  • Rhythm N Bass - Albumsampler


    Hope y'all dig it !-.-!

    This SNIPPET is for promotional use only, i don't support filesharing, if you like this song try to get your own copy by buying it directly from the artist or search it on Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, eBay and so on...

    I always present 64 Kbps quality on my SNIPPETS, the quality is good enough gettin' a feeling for the song and the length of each song is long enough to make ur own decision if you wanna spend money on it.

    Go and support the artists, it's the only way for hearin' more quality music in the future!!!

    Positive & helpful comments are always welcome , show sum luv !-.-!

  • rhythm n bass


    Rhythm n bass at V.I.P lounge bollywood english set

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  • Rhythm N Bass dhol entrance


    Heres a quick video of a groom entrance we did in wembley.

  • Rhythm N Bass - Reception Performance @ Ditton Manor


    Our 5 drummer performance at a wedding in August 2015 with Professors DJs

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    ─▄██▄▄█▀▀▀─────▀──▄██▄▄▄█✫♥¸.•​°*˜˜*°•. ✫♥

  • Rhythm N Bass dhol players at Diwali on the Square 2010


    Rhythm 'N' Bass dhol group performing at Diwali on the Square 2010 in London.

    Visit for bookings and more information.

  • Rhythm N Bass - Cant Stop This Feeling


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  • Rhythm N Bass - Boreham House Reception Set


    Reception set at Boreham House

  • Best Drum & Bass Mix 2019


    Best of drum and bass mix 2019. Our Fourth year, and our biggest dnb mix so far????! Enjoy the long journey :). Thanks again to redemptive for mixing.

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    ~ First artwork made by 'Paul Brennus'

    0:00 Netsky & Stargate - Nobody (Lexurus Bootleg)
    2:12 High Maintenance - Breathe In ft. Ayah Marar
    3:53 Raise Spirit - The Temple
    6:20 T & Sugah x NCT - Say To Me
    7:56 Dawn Wall - Blinded
    9:24 Bop & Subwave - City Lights
    11:36 Dossa & Locuzzed - Slap!
    13:47 Polar Youth ft. Georgie Allen - All Night (Metrik Remix)
    15:39 Feint - Defiant (ft. Laura Brehm)
    17:04 Itro - Promises
    18:08 Urbandawn - Sleeping Awake
    19:58 Djah - Dialogue
    21:45 Crissy Criss - Need You Now
    23:35 Maduk & Dennis Pedersen - Miles Apart (Instrumental)
    25:04 Dawn Wall - Rain God
    26:55 Logistics - Signs ft. Changing Faces
    28:42 Macca & Loz Contreras - Woman Like This
    30:34 Andromedik - Forever
    32:48 Andromedik - Colours
    34:16 Showdown - Freedom (feat. IMAN)
    36:04 Logistics - Piston Blues
    37:57 Commix - Only
    40:20 Bert H & Edlan - Intercept
    42:11 InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds - Split In 2 (ft. Laville)
    43:50 Voicians - Remember
    45:18 Sub Focus & Dimension - Desire
    47:08 Champion - Breathe (ft. Veela)
    48:37 Nexus & Tight - All I Need
    50:38 Clark Cables - Don't Just Stare (Flite Remix)
    52:26 Flite & Boxplot - Sunroad (ft. Audioscribe)
    54:18 Break - Last Goodbye (ft. Celestine)
    56:53 Lexurus - Out Of Love (ft. Leah Rye)
    58:55 Cyantific - Fade Into The Night
    1:00:23 Hillsdom - Colours (ft. Novokan3)
    1:01:50 Logistics - Been Dreaming (feat. In:Most & Lyra)
    1:03:39 Pola & Bryson - Alkaline
    1:05:28 Bert H & HumaNature - Blackhouse
    1:06:57 Logistics - Let The Senses Clear Your Mind
    1:08:15 Danny Byrd & Maduk - Better Life (ft. I-Kay)
    1:09:43 T & Sugah - Back In Time (ft. Luna Morgenstern)
    1:11:33 LQ - Show Me
    1:13:12 Brookes Brothers - So Many Times (Blaine Stranger Remix)
    1:15:03 High Contrast - If We Ever (Unglued Remix)
    1:16:51 Ownglow - LA
    1:18:17 Air.K & Cephei - Way Back
    1:19:47 Dawn Wall - Devil's Night
    1:21:17 Rameses B - Twilight Zone (ft. Laura Brehm)
    1:23:07 Rameses B - Story
    1:24:38 Keeno - Foxes
    1:26:17 Jareth - Kaleidoscope (Hybrid Minds Remix)
    1:28:30 Aperio x Kasger - Night Flight
    1:30:17 Break - Mind's Eye
    1:31:27 Low:R - Reorient
    1:32:55 Au/Ra - Panic Room (Culture Shock Remix)
    1:34:34 Deflo & Lliam Taylor - Reflections
    1:35:29 T & Sugah - Time (ft. Bensley & C.)
    1:37:14 High Maintenance - Know The Way
    1:38:26 Krakota - Callback
    1:39:55 Blaine Stranger - Body & Mind
    1:41:24 Ownglow - Wonder
    1:43:14 Krakota - See For Miles
    1:45:05 Cyantific - Bloodline (ft. Raphaella)
    1:46:34 Fox Stevenson - Bruises
    1:47:50 Brookes Brothers - New Wave
    1:49:02 Friction & JP Cooper - Dancing (Dawn Wall Remix)
    1:51:10 Volatile Cycle & Philth - Nowhere
    1:53:04 Break - Take Me Away
    1:54:56 Andromedik - Don't Say
    1:56:25 Sekai - Rain (feat. Aleana Redd)
    1:57:31 Polygon - Is It You
    1:58:59 Pola & Bryson - Floodgates
    2:00:49 Brookes Brothers - Now I'm Found (Hillsdom Remix)
    2:02:17 Matrix & Futurebound ft. Alex Hepburn - Live Another Day (M&F's Smoke & Mirrors Mix)
    2:04:08 Feint - Mirror Signal
    2:05:14 NCT - In The Sun Again ft. Laura Brehm
    2:07:13 HumaNature - First Light
    2:08:43 Pola & Bryson - Night Dawns (ft. Lauren Archer)
    2:10:55 Djah - Galactic Agreement
    2:12:58 Whiney - Darkest Night

  • Rhythm N Bass - Cant Stop This Feeling



  • Rhythm N Bass Dhol Players at Northolt Diwali Fireworks 08


    Rhythm N Bass performing at the Northolt Diwali Fireworks 2008. Visit for more info.

  • Tribal Rhythm - Deep Bass & Drum - Tribal Spiritual Music


    This music has some energy.
    Shall make you visualise Village Tribal Dance, Fire, Circle Seating, Story Telling, Healing, Inner Journey, Connecting to some network of energy & much more.

  • Rhythm N Bass - Roses



  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast ft. SGTM


    Alpha Rhythm is on haitus this week, so enjoy this liquid mix courtesy of SGTM. You can check out SGTM's channel at:
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    Mistical Soulution (Ft. Ras T-Weed) - Mist:ical
    Drifting - Alix Perez
    Half Makes Whole - Emperor
    Only - Commix
    Paragov - Calibre
    Ric Flair Strut - Breakage
    Windtalkers - Tokyo Prose
    Twenty Questions - Ivy Lab
    Recall & Reflect - Alix Perez
    Make Me Feel - Hyroglifics & Signal
    True Romance - D Bridge
    Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix) - Mefjus & Skeptical
    Roseland - Lenzman
    Run Away (feat. Fox) - Calibre & Marcus Intalex
    Innate Motion - Tokyo Prose
    Love Is The Law - Dogger x Mindstate x Liam Bailey
    BXL - Alix Perez
    Step Forward - Marcus Intalex
    Silence (Feat. LSB) - SpectraSoul
    Simple Sa (Original Mix) - Calibre
    Jazz Strings - LSB
    Reach for the Sky (Biome Remix) [LVL 38.2] - LEVELZ
    SLINK - Alix Perez
    Broken Home - Dogger x Mindstate x Liam Bailey
    Fool Of Me - Redeyes
    The Optimist - LSB
    I Need You (feat. Vector) - Macca & Loz Contreras
    Keeper of the Sun - Villem & McLeod
    Silenced - Emperor
    String City (Artificial Intelligence Remix) - Lenzman

  • 【パンデイロ/pandeiro㉚】ドラムンベース風リズムパターン



    ★ハセタク(hase-taku) プロフィール
    マルコス・スザーノ(Marcos Suzano)が革命をもたらして使い方が一気に拡がったブラジルのタンバリン「パンデイロ」の名手。スザーノ奏法を日本に広めた貢献者の一人・故小澤敏也に師事。師匠譲りのパワープレイに加え、カホンやハイハットで優しくしなやかなビートにも対応する、剛柔兼ね揃えたパーカッショニスト。
    自身のバンド『マチルダマーチ』ではRISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL、りんご音楽祭などの大型フェスに出演。また、カホンとパンデイロによる打楽器デュオ『Coggio Nensil』、トランペット、エレキギター、パーカッションの変則ロックトリオ『Trio Oddball』、バンドネオン小松亮太のコンサートのゲスト参加などでも活躍。その他、日テレ学院の特別講師や各地でのパンデイロWSなど後進の指導にも力を注いでいる。



    ■Coggio Nensil

    ■Trio Oddball

  • International Crowd goes crazy on the beats of Dhol Tasha in Dubai


    Trivikram Dhol Tasha Pathak Dubai is the first and only dhol tasha pathak in entire middle east region.

    This is a performance on the occasion of Diwali in Dubai organized at Madinat Jumeirah - 5 Star Resort in Dubai. The place is visited by people from various nationalities.

    Maharashtra's Pride Dhol Tasha makes the audience go crazy !

    Like it & Share it!

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  • Pendulums KJ Sawka gives Rhythm tips on drum n bass drumming


    Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka gives Rhythm magazine tips on drum 'n' bass drumming

  • Drum n bass type rhythm with Pure Data synths controlled by padkontrol


    Coded in puredata. Quick jam of a dnb-ish rhythm. All synthesized, all one shots.

    More pd drums:

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  • The History & Progression of Urban Rhythm Drum n Bass Drumming Promo in Stunning 4K UHD


    A Performance excerpt from The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm Instructional Video Series by Simon Greenhill (Daddy Funk Drums)

    Filmed in stunning 4K Ultra HD.

    Using multiple cameras at all times to make sure you gain a full appreciation of the techniques involved.

    This Drum n Bass Drumming Performance is taken from Episode 3 of 6.

    All 6 Episodes of The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm are available to buy on Vimeo On Demand, simply click on the link for this & other Episodes:

    for all 6 Episodes:

    or go to:


    The History and Progression of Urban Rhythm is a Series of Videos Filmed & Edited by Mike Smith at Boxhead Media.

    The Series covers the Amen Break, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Broken Beats & Soloing & Improvisation with Single & Double Paradiddles.

    Simon Greenhill / Daddy Funk Drums is an Istanbul AGOP Cymbals, Los Cabos Drumsticks & Yamaha Drums Artist in association with BR Distribution in the UK.

    All 6 Episodes feature The DF Signature Snare Drum, a Custom, Bespoke Creation by Rich at RT Customs.

  • Rhythm-N-Bass


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Rhythm-N-Bass · Bass Man DJ Fury

    This Is The Way Its Done, Not The Way It Should Be Done

    Writer, Composer: Brian Graham

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Liquidsoundz Drum n bass - Rhythm Tek - Zero. Gravity n Rizing


    mellow liquid style dnb by me Rhythm Tek

    Liquidsoundzuk is a new channel bringing you the best in unsigned drum n bass liquid and dubstep.
    you can send demos via AIM check channel for details.
    please rate - comment -subscribe...

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast ft. SGTM


    Alpha Rhythm is out for the week, so enjoy this mix courtesy of SGTM!
    Calibre - Peso
    Paul SG - FASO
    DJ Marky - Silly (DJ Marky VIP)
    Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy (Makoto DnB Edit) -
    Random Movement - Upcycle
    Brunno Junglist - Little Birdie
    Macca & Loz Contreras - Honey Sugar
    Random Movement - Down Somehow
    Kasper - Summertime Hustle (Original 12 Mix)
    Unknown Artist - The F Word (Bootleg)
    Lurch & Al Pack - 90's Kid (Silence Groove Remix)
    Makoto & MC Conrad - Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP)
    Hugh Hardie - Colourful Language
    A Sides & MC Fats feat. Regina - What U Dont Know (Makoto Remix)
    Karamel - Wanted ID
    Calibre - Feeling Happy
    Silence Groove - Viber
    ATP & Dave Owen - Way Back When
    Random Movement - Still Ain't Changed
    Calibre feat. DJ Marky - Amen Tune
    DJ Marky & XRS feat Stamina MC - LK
    A Sides & Makoto - Searchin'
    Nu:Logic - Sanctuary
    Dave Owen - Deep Breathin (Original 12 Mix)
    Total Science & S.P.Y feat. Riya - Piano Funk
    Western Sea - The Amazing World
    Submorphics - Pacific Heights
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  • DJ Fury - Rhythm-N-Bass


    DJ Fury
    This Is The Way Its Done, Not The Way It Should Be Done

  • Rhythm N Bass dhol players at Diwali On The Square 2009


    Rhythm N Bass dhol players performing at Diwali On The Square 2009!
    Happy Diwali!

  • Rhythm N Bass - Tell Me - 90S R&B Old School


    Rhythm N Bass - Tell Me
    90'S R&B Old School - 1993

  • Rhythm N Bass dhol players Rehearsal


    Rhythm 'N' Bass dhol players rehearsal

  • Maestro Rhythm and Sound for Guitar Demo


    This is a short demo of the Maestro Rhythm 'n Sound for Guitar. Guitar skill is not in the demo just the sounds and effects of the unit. Drum, bass, and treble sounds. Plain tuned guitar straight into the amp.

  • RHYTHM N BASS - Roses



  • Rhythm N Bass dhol players at Lyceum Theatre


    Rhythm 'N' Bass dhol players performing at Lyceum Theatre, the home of the Lion King at the West End, for LSE Timeless 2012.

  • Rhythmn Bass


    Rhythm'n Bass · Tinyi Mohl & Gary B. Lovestone


    ℗ 2018 DjEef's Records

    Released on: 2018-07-06

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    Alpha Rhythm is back with more beautiful Liquid Drum and Bass from Dawn Wall, LSB & DRS, Bop & Subwave, & so much more!
    Dawn Wall - I Should Have Been There [Ekho]
    Madcap - You [Soul Deep Digital]
    LSB & DRS - Like it Used To [Footnotes]
    Sinic - Exit Blue [Flexout]
    Lordel - Ennui [Deadbeats]
    Klinical & Objectiv - Phenomenal [Flexout]
    Kasra - Ski Mask (Enei Remix) [Critical]
    Amoss - Before It’s Too Late [Flexout]
    LSB & DRS - Could Be [Footnotes]
    Matt View - All I Want [Celsius]
    Channell - Motionless [Celsius]
    LSB & DRS - Keep the Time [Footnotes]
    Bop & Subwave - Space Warp [Hospital]
    ID - ID [Differential Recordings - Out December 27th]
    Gerra & Stone - Sprung [Shogun]
    Silence Groove - Sky Beams [31 Recordings]
    Bop & Subwave - Teardrops [Hospital]
    Ben Snow - Dreamin’ [Born On Road]
    Need For Mirrors - Son of Sorrow [Liquid V]
    Redeyes & FD - Evergreen Dub [The North Quarter]
    Icicle - Exiled ft. MC Mush [Shogun]
    Villem & McLeod - Break Neck [Murkt]
    Bassi & PRTCL - Sonar [Flexout]
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  • Rhythm N Face GST - Stage 1 - Happy Peace Smile


    Stage 1
    Genre: Pops

    Please note that these are the previews of the four iterations of the song.
    Download link for each separate song will be available later.

    Rhythm 'N' Face is a PSX game by Outside Directors, or popularly known as Osamu Sato. It was published by Asmik Ace Entertainment.

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    Lots of great new music in this week’s podcast, including one final release from Med School, new Pola & Bryson, Atlantic Connection, and so much more!
    Scott Allen - Soul Signal (Jamal Remix) [Soul Deep]
    Whiney - Stop the Clock [Med School]
    Survey - Plastic Velvet (Amoss Remix) [Flexout]
    Whiney - Breadcrumbs ft. Bop [Med School]
    Sam Binga - Vandilero (Particle Remix) [Critical]
    Sam Binga - Organic (Enei Remix) [Critical]
    Revaux - Abducted [Vandal]
    Atlantic Connection - Mothership [Soul Deep]
    Minos - Candid [Fokuz]
    Shimah - Hide Away [Liquid Lab]
    Dave Wallace - Light Phase [Subtitles]
    Makoto - Nexus ft. Pola & Bryson [Hospital]
    Atlantic Connection - Caramel [Soul Deep]
    Makoto - Illuminate ft. Degs [Hospital]
    Deeper South - Life 2 U [RSTLSSNSS]
    T:Base - Is It True [Fokuz]
    Minos - Voices in My Mind [Fokuz]
    Charli Brix & QZB - Kinstugi
    Pola & Bryson - Running in the Dark ft. Ruth Royal [Shogun]
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  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    No talking this week, just mixing. Enjoy!
    Halogenix - Out of Line [Critical]
    Surreal - Foreign [Fokuz]
    Nostre - Stay With Me [Celsius]
    Halogenix - Gaslight [Critical]
    Monty - Intoxication [1985]
    Monty - Legion [1985]
    Ed:it - Generally Speaking [Shogun]
    Bassment - Time and Space (2019 VIP) [Fokuz]
    Fracture & Alix Perez - Realise [1985]
    Rockwell - Full Circle [Shogun]
    Arcatype - Yakima Dub [CIA]
    The Vanguard Project - 12 Hours [Spearhead]
    R1C0 - The Last Time (Accelerated Remix) [Soul Deep Digital]
    Ownglow - La [Drum&BassArena]
    QZB - Delirium [Critical]
    Reso - Focus Inwards (TMSV Remix) [Albion Collective]
    Alix Perez - Last Rites [1985]
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  • Roccas Rhythmn Blues Revue - The Weight


    Pakkasukko On The Road - Hullu Poro Areena Levi 08.02.2020

    Roland Berg - Vocals
    Eveliina Halme - Vocals and Percussion
    Tuomas Laajoki - Guitars
    Kari Hautalampi - Keyboards
    Pasi Hautalampi - Drums
    Seppo Salmi - bass

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    Fresh new music from Camo & Krooked, Alex Perez, Makoto, Macca, and much much more on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!
    Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Kallisto [Hospital]
    Ninjaman - Murder Dem (Danny Byrd Remix) [Hospital]
    Jackie Edwards - So Jah Seh (Quadrant, Kid Hops, & Iris Remix) [Hospital]
    Enei - Divided Mode [Critical]
    Arcatype - Space Age [Symmetry]
    Macca & Vector - All The Time [Integral]
    James Blake - Limit to Your Love (Ritual Remix) [Dub]
    Alix Perez - White Lies [1985]
    Scepticz & Lavance - Flatline [1985]
    Submarine - Grunge [1985]
    Bassment - No Light [Fokuz]
    Ophobot - Hardbreath [Subplate]
    Mollie Collins - Lost & Found ft. Leah Guest (Macca & LozContreras Remix) [Down 2 Earth]
    dBridge - So Lonely (Satl Remix) [Integral]
    Dreazz, Emery & Silence Groove - Better Place [Fokuz]
    Villem & McLeod - Gifted Lover ft. Leo Wood [Fokuz]
    Makoto - Kosa ft. Keeno [Hospital]
    Karl K Fundraiser:
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  • RhythmNBass - Ill Do For You


    Created with

  • Suv + Don-E - Rhythm N Bass - Slow


    Suv + Don-E - Rhythm 'N' Bass

    Label: Playside Recordings
    Catalog#: PSCD001
    Format: CD, Album
    Country: UK
    Released: 2007
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Drum n Bass

    1 Intro
    2 Fusion Soul
    3 Slow (DNB)
    4 Make A Difference
    5 And My Feet
    6 Always
    7 Just Us
    8 Love You Better
    9 What I See (DNB)
    10 Little Time
    11 Get Wile (VIP)
    12 And My Feet (Raggaeton)

  • Rhythm N Bass Dhol Players at CBC Charity Event


    Rhythm N Bass dhol players performing at CBC Charity Event.

  • Roccas Rhythmn Blues Revue - Woman


    ANKKURI 17.01.2020
    Roland Berg - Vocals
    Eveliina Halme - Vocals and Percussion
    Tuomas Laajoki - Guitars
    Kari Hautalampi - Keyboards
    Pasi Hautalampi - Drums
    Seppo Salmi - bass

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    NOTE: The Chase and Status track at 19:05 was edited out and the audio resumes at 22:23 . You can download or stream the audio version of the podcast if you want to hear the podcast in its entirety.
    We kick this week off with some smooth liquid, before delving into the deeper and darker regions of Drum and Bass.
    EVABEE - Unconditional ft. DRS (LSB Remix) [Space Cadet]
    ChAnGeR - Dusty [Soul Deep]
    Conspire - Emotions [Soul Deep]
    Villem & Addiction - Tunnel Vision [MURKT]
    Chase & Status - Shut Up ft. Suku (Benny L VIP) [MUTED BECAUSE VIRGIN EMI ARE C*NTS]
    Submarine - Fate [1985]
    Malaky - Stolen Love [Shogun]
    Esc - Choose One [Hustle Audio]
    Monty - Blood Stream [Dub]
    Emperor - Gambit [Critical]
    Kasra - Umami [Critical]
    Submarine - Return of Enel [1985]
    Kasra & Enei - 40Hz [Critical]
    One87 - The One [Flexout]
    Conscience - Execute [Flexout]
    Submarine - Thug Copper [1985]
    Mefjus & Camo & Krooked - Sidewinder [Vision]
    LSB & DRS - Letting Go [Footnotes]
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  • Drumnbass rhythm on Handpan, Online lesson by Pasha Aeon


    Handpan lessons by Pasha Aeon
    ( )
    For Skype lessons please contact:
    Instagram: pasha_aeon,
    Instrument made by Overtone Handpan,
    Video by Polina Shadrina
    #handpan #хэндпан #handpanlesson

  • Ableton Live - A Beginners Guide to Music Theory: Rhythm -- 7 Creating a DrumnBass Beat


    Ableton Live Tutorial by Sonic Academy

  • Rhythm N Bass Dhol Players at London Mela 2009


    Rhythm N Bass dhol players performing at Gunnersbury Park, London Mela 2009. Visit for more information.

  • Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 79 - Guest Mix: Alpha Rhythm


    Liquid drum + bass mix.
    Mixed by Alpha Rhythm.

    You can catch more of Alpha Rhythms' mixes over at:

    Also catch his podcasts here:




    00:00 - Set You Free - Melinki & Lenrod
    04:25 - Next to You - Redeyes
    06:59 - Soul Head - DuoScience ft. mSdoS
    10:18 - The Blue Odesi - Greekboy
    14:01 - U & Me (Scott Allen Remix) - Critical Event, Askel & Monika
    15:52 - Yesterdays - Redeyes
    17:42 - Coltrane’s Truth - Monument Banks
    21:23 - Safety Beach - Forge
    24:19 - The Whisper of the Wind - Mage
    28:22 - Way Home - Air.K & Cephei
    32:52 - Illusion - Serpico
    35:05 - Love Hurt - Alexvnder
    36:55 - Twin Falls - Dawn Wall
    40:44 - Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) - Lenzman
    42:56 - Days of Rage - Artificial Intelligence
    45:31 - By the Time My Light Reaches You I'll Be Gone - Blu Mar Ten
    49:55 - Be True - Commix
    50:40 - Nothing Makes Any Sense - Bop
    53:14 - Girl With Flower - B Complex
    57:16 - Beatnik - Nu:Tone
    59:07 - If I Could ft. Joe Killington (SpectraSoul Remix) - Camo & Krooked

    DISCLAIMER: Any ads in this video are not connected to me, I do not make any money or receive any remuneration from these ads. I make these mixes purely for the music and to share with you. Big ups!

  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    Alpha is back with another podcast full of Liquid Drum and Bass, including new music from Redeyes, Halogenix, Charli Brix, and Alpha Rhythm himself!
    Cnof - Sincere Joy [Fokuz]
    DuoScience - Sunrise [Smooth N Groove]
    Matt View, Marvel Cinema & T:base - Need to Know [Celsius]
    HEFT - Goodbye [The Earth Music]
    Charli Brix & Phaction - Say No More [Flexout]
    Redeyes - Fine Again [The North Quarter]
    Joakuim - Night [Fokuz]
    M-Church - Refuse [Soul Deep]
    Smote - Give Me More [Fokuz]
    Critical Event, Askel & Monika - Purple Skies [Fokuz]
    Magnetic Soul - Assembly [Soul Deep]
    Magnetic Soul - Maverick’s Soul [Soul Deep]
    R1C0 - Mission [Celsius]
    Misanthrop - Non Stop [Neosignal]
    Vromm - Decentralized [Cosmic Bridge]
    Alpha Rhythm - 4th Dimension [Dub]
    Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix) [Critical]
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  • Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast LIVE


    Alpha is back with more liquid drum and bass, plus some real bangers to boot!
    TRAC & Paul SG - Let Me Show You (Phase 2 Remix) [Liquid V]
    Melinki - Rosies Song [Fokuz]
    Dawn Wall - Legends [Ekho]
    Melinki & ALB - Breathe Easy ft. Anastasia [Fokuz]
    DJ Hazard - Far Fetched [Playaz]
    Emperor & Dread MC - Backchat [Critical]
    DJ Hazard - I Am Darkside [Playaz]
    Proxima - Limestone [Shogun]
    Camo & Krooked - Set it Off ft. Jeru the Damaga [Hospital]
    Joe Ford - Sevens [Shogun]
    Taelimb - Back Up [Flexout]
    Skeptical & SP:MC - Smelly Button [Shogun]
    Melinki & Low:R - What’s Real [Fokuz]
    ID - ID [Out December 27th on Differential Recordings]
    Silence Groove - Motions [31 Recordings]
    Zero T & Phase - Never Loved (Like This) [Shogun]
    BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Grow [Spearhead]
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  • RhythmNBass- Tujh Mein Rab Diktha Hai


    Rhythm'N'Bass- Tujh Mein Rab Diktha Hai (Bass Head Dubstep Remix). By Suruj Halai