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Playlist of Religion in Bulgaria

  • United Nations report on Government Restrictions of Religious Freedom in Bulgaria


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  • CBN News: Bulgarian Christians protest religious freedom restrictions


    CBN News: Bulgarian Christians protest religious freedom restrictions

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  • Who Sang It Better : Rauf Faik - детство


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  • Brian May of Queen Calls Sacha Baron Cohen an Arse


    More on John Beaudin

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    Rock History Book
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  • Tengri☪Shamanist Chanting☪Clear Mind and Soul GÖKTÜRKs Hungarians


    Tengrism (sometimes spelled Tengriism), occasionally referred to as Tengrianism, is a Central Asian religion characterized by features of shamanism, animism, totemism, both polytheism and monotheism,[1][2][3][4][5] and ancestor worship. Historically, it was the prevailing religion of the Turks, Mongols, and Hungarians, as well as the Xiongnu and the Huns.[6][7] It was the state religion of the five ancient Turkic states: Göktürk Khaganate, Western Turkic Khaganate, Great Bulgaria, Bulgarian Empire and Eastern Tourkia (Khazaria). In Irk Bitig, Tengri is mentioned as Türük Tängrisi (God of Turks).[8] The term is perceived among Turkic peoples as referring to a national religion.

    As a modern revival, Tengrism has been advocated among intellectual circles of the Turkic nations of Central Asia, including Tatarstan, Buryatia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1990s to present).[9] It is still actively practiced and undergoing an organised revival in Sakha, Khakassia, Tuva, and other Turkic nations in Siberia. Burkhanism is a movement kindred to Tengrism concentrated in Altay.

    Khukh and Tengri literally mean blue and sky in Mongolian and modern Mongolians still pray to Munkh Khukh Tengri (Eternal Blue Sky). Therefore, Mongolia is sometimes poetically referred to by Mongolians as the Land of Eternal Blue Sky (Munkh Khukh Tengriin Oron in Mongolian). In modern Turkey Tengriism is also known as the Göktanrı dini, Sky God religion,[10] Turkish Gök (sky) and Tanrı (God) corresponding to the Mongolian khukh (blue) and Tengri (sky), respectively.

    According to Hungarian archaeological research, the religion of the Hungarians before Christianity (until the end of the 10th century) was Tengrism

    Göktanrı,Turan,Göktürk,Tengri,Chanting,Powerful,Mongol throat,monks,buddism,Turks,Religion of Turkic peoples,Kratais,zeus,mythology

  • Dust in the Wind


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Dust in the Wind · Kansas

    Point Of Know Return

    ℗ 1977 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1993-08-23

    Viola, Violin, Vocal: Robby Steinhardt
    Vocal: Steve Walsh
    Acoustic Guitar, Composer, Lyricist: Kerry Livgren
    Acoustic Guitar: Rich Williams
    Percussion: Phil Ehart
    Engineer, Producer: Jeff Glixman

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Root Souljah ft Jahmmi Youth - Back to the roots


    Bulgarian reggae artists Root Souljah featuring Jahmmi Youth

  • Streiks & Kratchs - Religion


    Streiks & Kratchs - Religion (Tribute To Javi Boss)

  • Wahe Guru Wahe Jio Official Live Video | Jaya Lakshmi And Ananda w/ Saraswati Dream Band


    This video is part of a compilation of the best songs from 5 different shows from Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda's 2016 USA West coast Spring tour. Sonically and visually stunning, the recordings capture the ecstatic energy that these two consistently deliver and the spacious opening for sweet devotion that pours through them.

    To find out where we'll be next, please visit:

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    The videos have mantras written out so viewers can chant along and learn their meaning. This set also also correlates with a live album release of these performances and is a must-have for lovers of chant, heart songs, and healing connection with the Divine, as well as those looking to enhance their mantra/devotional practice”

    Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda were accompanied by the Saraswati Dream Band, which includes Ankush Vimawala on tabla, Will Marsh on sitar and guitar and Richard Cole on Bass. The video was filmed and edited by Bob MacColl.

    Chords: D-Am

    Mantra-Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

    Wahe Guru: Great beyond description is the experience of God’s wisdom Wahe Jio: Great beyond description is the experience of God blessing the soul

    More Information:

    • This is a mantra of ecstasy. Wahe Guru is said to not only be the experience of the divine, but also impart the experience of the divine. Jio is said to impart an affectionate relationship to/with the divine. Yogi Bhajan said that this mantra means “clear perception of what is important to preserve,” and that it “links the essence of your purpose to the greater minds and souls in the cosmos.”

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  • War/No More Trouble/NRG Riddim - Sen I | ROOT SOULJAH | ft. NRG_D, Uplifta, Kappa I, Irie Bear


    Live performance from Bob Marley Earthday (10 Feb 2017) @ club Mixtape 5 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

    full show -

  • Brazen Abbot - Bad Religion


  • service, pastor Encho bulgaria guest Irem church


    Pastor Encho fr.o.m. Bulgaria in the gypsy church irem Stockholm.

  • The Weeknd - In The Night


    In The Night (Official Audio)
    Song available on the new album Beauty Behind The Madness

    Stream/Share “In The Night” on Spotify:

    Connect with The Weeknd:

    Music video by The Weeknd performing In The Night. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • In the Ocean of Land: The History of Central Asia -- pt. 1


    We consider the vast sweep of Central Asian history, from the first nomads to tame the horse and gain mastery of the steppes, to the splendrous cities of the first Silk Road, to the rise of Ghenghis Khan. Few Westerners learn the dizzyingly complex and tumultuous history of Central Asia, even though it forms the linchpin connecting all the major civilizations of the Old World, from Europe to Persia to China. Finally, we consider the unsettling paradox of the Mongol empire, which fostered a vibrant cosmopolitanism at the same time that it brutally repressed subject peoples.

    Please support this podcast! --

    Suggested further reading: Peter Golden, Central Asia in World History; Gavin Hambly, Central Asia; Rene Grousset, The Empire of the Steppes

  • Irino, You White Thracian Maid.


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Irino, You White Thracian Maid. · Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria

    Bulgarian Choral Folk Songs, Vol.1

    ℗ 2006 Kr. Kiurkchiiski

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Brady Lecture 2018 - Professor Brendan Simms


    Brady Lecture 2018 - Professor Brendan Simms 'England and Germany in the age of schisms' delivered at the Goethe Institut, London.

  • 15 Curiosidades Que No Sabías de MORAT


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  • The Big Four - Interview About Ronnie James Dio


    Scott Ian, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine and Kerry King speak about Ronnie James Dio, taken at Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. 22 June, 2010. In Full HD!

  • WEBCAM HI-FI feat. Jahmmi Youth, Zafayah & Sen I - Message To Di Youth


    Fredread is releasing a new album of WEBCAM HI-FI feeding my faith, already the 15th reference on his record label Tube Dub Sound Records. This second albumFeeding my faith comes after the highly acclaimed album Livity is my temple which was acknowledged by the international dub scene where singers such as Horace Martin, Joseph Cotton, Dan I, Parvez, Madu Messenger appear.
    Once more, the riddims admirably bear singers come from various horizons.
    From El fata's (born Niger and living in London) rub a dub to Kiko (singer of No More Babylon), from Lyrical Benjie's mysticism to Ras Zacharri's Jamaican singjay, the coming together of 3 Bulgarians singers from Roots Rocket crew Zafayah, Jahmmi Youth & Sen I to Faye Houston (singer in the English band Resonators produced by Manasseh) from the German Mighty Howard (Dubmatix / Irie Ites Music Germany) to the Jamaican veteran Trevor Junior, all together contribute towards the excellence of this new album.
    All Fredread's experience is reflected when listening to dub versions where one is hypnotized by converging analogical effects and syndrums. Dub fans will appreciate.
    Inspired by the work and message from those legendary people such as King Jammy, Soljie Hamilton, Sly & Robbie, Dennis Bovell, Lloyd Bullwackies Barnes, Channel One and Roots Radics, Fredread continues the tradition and sets himself as a defender of the roots, rock, reggae and dub culture along with contemporary current producers such as Dubkasm, Twilight Circus or Lone Ark.
    Outernational reggae music & original dub from the hill seen!

  • Gwyn Ashton - Prohibition Sessions pt 2. Ted McKennas Shaman Stick


    Most disease can be traced shamanically to spirit possession. Spirit possession is found in the book of knowledge of almost every religion in the world. For example, the Catholic Church and Lutheran Church offer Exorcisms. Soul retrieval is one Shamanic way to heal spirit possession. Soul Retrieval can be described as a Shaman going to these spirit entities and bartering, tricking, negotiating or forcing these spirit entities to leave the person afflicted. It is highly dangerous for the Shaman, as the entities do not wish to leave and can attack the Shaman causing mental or physical harm and more. It takes a strong Shaman who can protect himself or herself from harm and use his or her power to wield the shaman stick effectively.

    As you can see, it didn't work. Chris Glen was still there until the end!

    Australian blues guitarist Gwyn Ashton with Chris Glen and Ted McKenna.

    Australian blues guitarist Gwyn Ashton and Kev Hickman Live in Bristol at O2 Academy.


    Radiogram - 2012

    Personnel - Gwyn Ashton, guitar, bass, vocals, harmonica. Kev Hickman, drums. Kim Wilson, harmonica. Don Airey, organ. Robbie Blunt, guitar. Mark Stanway, organ. Mo Birch, backing vox. Johnny Mastro, harmonica.

    CD AMAZON mailing worldwide to all countries.

    iTunes mp3 download for 'Little Girl' single


    Two Man Blues Army - 2009

    Personnel - Gwyn Ashton, guitars, vocals, harmonica. Dave Small, drums

    CD AMAZON mailing worldwide to all countries.



    Prohibition - 2006

    Personnel - Gwyn Ashton, guitars, vocals, harmonica. Chris Glen, bass. Ted McKenna, drums.

    CD AMAZON mailing worldwide to all countries.



    Fang it! - 1999

    Personnel - Gwyn Ashton, guitars, vocals, harmonica. Gerry McAvoy, bass. Brendan O'Neill, drums.

    CD AMAZON mailing worldwide to all countries.



    Beg, Borrow & Steel - 1996

    Personnel - Gwyn Ashton, guitars, vocals, harmonica. Anthony Harkin, harmonica. Mick O'Connor, organ, piano. Chris Farmer, bass. Ken Farmer, drums

    Amazon - CD worldwide mailing to all countries.



    Feel The Heat - 1993

    Personnel - Geoff Brown, bass. Rich Treadrea, drums, backing vox. Colin Mack, harmonica. Adam Quaife - organ

    Amazon - CD worldwide mailing to all countries.


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  • Skeem Saam Sonti Car, House, Husband & Son


  • Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche at Bongeunsa part 1


    Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche at Bongeunsa part 1

  • Volga Tatars ☀️ Bulgars ☀️ Tatarstan ☀️ Suas El


    Kazan Tatars / Volga Tatars. Kazan Tatar song Tuhan yak. Republic of Tatarstan of Russian Federation. Music and culture of Kazan Tatars. Tatarstan is one the most powerful republics of Russia with the great degree of autonomy. Kazan Tatars, formerly known as Bulgars (Bulghars) speak Turkic language of Qipchak group, very similiar to Crimean Tatar (spoken in south Ukraine), Nogai (ancient Cumans of south Ukraine and of Hungarian puszta / Kunsag province), Turkish, Kazakh, Bashqir, Azeri, Uzbek. Unlike Turks, Tatars use Cyrillic script. Most of Volga Tatars are Moslems but many are Orthodox Christians. Kazan Tatars consists of 2 groups: Mishars and Teptiars. Modern Kazan Tatars are great mixture of peoples (ancient Bulgars & Qipchaq Turks (East Kazakh Tatars & north Kazakh Madiars). Ancient Bulgars spoke Oghur Turkic (Chuvash) language (not Oghuz as now). Oghuz Turkic language was imposed on Bulgars during invasion of Qipchaq (Tatars & Madiars (all from Kazakhstan) were among them) hordes. So in a way, neighboring Chuvash are more Bulgars, at least lingistically. Important: The Chuvash still refer to Kazan Tatarstan as Suas El (Land of Suas). Su-as (Water Asses) - Asses (Jass, As) are selfname of Alans & Sarmatians (Ossetians, Alan Jasses (Jasz/ Jaszok) of Hungary, extinct Burtas (Burt-as / beehive asses) of Volga). All these were Sarmatian (Alan / Scythian) tribes who spoke N. Eastern Iranian language (close to extinct Sogdian, Yaghnobi, Avestan). Thats why some Bulgars have pure Iranic looks (like Alsu, famous Kazan Tatar singer, pop star in Russia). Oghuz tribe / Qipchaq (Kazakh) tribe of Madiars picked up Ugrians on the way during their migraion. Madiars with Ugrians settled Pannonia (Hungary). Bulgars of Bulgaria and Macedonia come from Old Bulgaria (Ukraine) not from Kazan Volga. Kazan Bulgars moved to north also from Old Bulgaria (Ukraine). Grave of Great Bulgar king Kubrat is in Ukraine (in Poltava region). Kubrat was of Dulo clan that was Scythian / Sarmatian (Iranian) royal line.

    As a nation, Kazan Tatars are a great mixture of peoples (they say the very name Bulgar means mixed) and officially consist of two major subgroups:

    1-st subgroup of Volga Tatars: western Mishars (Mazhars-Meshchera) - remnants of turko-ugric Magyars (Magyars were originally Turkic tribe from north Kazakhstan who mixed with Ugrians coming from northerly Perm region). These Mishars also absorbed a number of local warlike scytho-sarmatian Burtasses (Beehive Alans / Ossetians) and Suasses (River Alans / Ossetians) who lived along Volga basin - that's why they have a lot of paternal R1a group. The dominant were Turkic (Qipchak) speaking Magyar tribe (Magyar tribe of north Kazkahstan are quite mongoloid) and their language is a modern western Tatar (Mishar) dialect. 80% of Tatars who live in Moscow are mainly Mishars. Mishars also have some admixture from Volga Finns (Mordvin related tribe) evident in birch weaven artefacts.

    2-nd subgroup of Volga Tatars: Teptiars / eastern Kazan Tatars (Bulgars proper) who are the dominant group. It is believed that Bulgars were originally also a Scytho-Sarmatian tribe, later tatarized / turcosized. Thats why many Tatars have pure European look and paternal R1a goup (Tatar women clothing is very similiar to Gilakis of north Iran and Lemkos of Ukraine, all of same scytho-sarmatian stock), while others have mongoloid features (from invading Ugrian & Turco-Magyar tribes in 8th cen., and later again 12th cen from powerful Mongol invasion who formed Golden Horde centered on Volga.
    Modern Russia (originally Muscovite tsardom) is often regarded as successor of Golden horde politically. But ethnically and genetically just Russians of Ivanovo and Ryazan regions (historic Meshchera, original home of Mishar Tatars) are related to Mishar Tatars (and Hungarians themselves, having the most similar genetic Slavic-Mishar pool).

    Modern Hungary, however was inhabited by Slavic tribes (Great Moravia) before arrival of turco-ugrian Magyars (Mazhars) from Volga, these Pannonian Slavs never moved but became part of Hungarian nation. Thats why they look European.

    Similiar case was in Bulgaria where Volga Bulgars settled too mixing with Slavs and adopting their language. Otherwise said -original Bulgarians are related to eastern Tatars (Bulgars), while original Hungarians are related to western Tatars (Mishars / Mozhars).

    Ukrainians too absorbed much of Qipchak culture by assimilating Torks (bearers of Ukrainian last name Torchenko are clear mongoloids) and many Cumans (much evident in cossack culture) related tribes of Qipchak tongue, as Ukrainian Crimean Tatars speak same Qipchak tongue as Kazan Tatars).

    Paternal genetics: Tatars have haplogroups I, J2, G and plenty of R1a (Scytho-Sarmatian / East Slavic) and even L.

  • The tragic fall of Constantinople to Islam---May 1453


    Bible historian and archaeologist John Romer describes with obvious sadness the fall of Constantinople to Islam in May, 1453. Mr. Romer describes the importance of this Christian city to Western civilization and the history of Christianity. Listen to his dramatic narration as he tells about the final hours of the city, and what was lost to the West on the day the city fell. A city that for a thousand years had been a citadel in defense of Western Europe and of Christianity.

    The belief of liberals and cultural relativists in the West that Islam is somehow a peaceful and tolerant religion has more to do with wishful thinking then what the historical record says. And that record shows that Islam is the implacable enemy of Western values and will not be appeased until all other beliefs are either subjugated or destroyed. It is NOT interested in peaceful co-existence with other religions!

    From Testament--a History of the Bible (1988).

  • Religion in Bulgaria: state of play in 2019 #artcastradio 2019 ep.1


    Welcome again here on #ArtCastRadio.

    This is the first episode of our new 2019 format. This time we will take you to hear interesting voices about religion here in Bulgaria and how the three major faiths (Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Jewish) have been living together for many centuries.
    We interviewed ordinary people and listened to experts to get a more detailed picture.
    Good listening!

    Thanks to:

    Relaxing Piano Music by Kevin MacLeod (

    Licence: CC BY (

    Junkyard Storytellaz from Fugue

    Gabriel from Fugue

    Hard Boiled by Kevin MacLeod (

    Licence: CC BY (

    Aspen Grove from Fugue

  • Palm Sunday in Bulgaria 2017


    Palm Sunday Church Service in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak.

  • Prayer for religious freedom in Bulgaria


  • Brazen Abbot Live in Bulgaria 2010


  • Гардијан:Bо Бугарија се зборува македонски јазик


    Освен бугарски, главни јазици се македонскиот и турскиот. Вака, влијателниот лондонски „Гардијан во профилот за Бугарија пишува за јазиците што се зборуваат кај нашиот источен сосед.

    The British newspaper 'The Guardian' states that Bulgaria's main languages are Bulgarian, Macedonian and Turkish.
    The newspaper published on its web page information about history, population, geographical position, economy, religion and climate in Bulgaria.

    According to The Guardian, corruption and organized crime are spreading in Bulgaria despite ruling coalition's promises to deal with these issues:

  • Marios Tofi - Boro


    Music: Christodoulos Siganos / Lyrics: Christodoulos Siganos; Valentino • Marios Tofi performed in Bulgaria in 2007 with the song Boro at the International Pop Song Festival Discovery 2007 as a guest.
    Copyright © 2007 Marios Tofi. All Rights Reserved.

  • ||Prem Bhakti Chandrika Harikatha|| by ||Srila BV Narayan Goswami Maharaj|| in •Hindi


    Prem Bhakti Chandrika of Narottam Das Thakur
    Harikatha by Srila Bhakti Vedanta Narayan Goswami Maharaj in Hindi

    Archana Vidhi, Advaita Acharya and Nityananda Prabhu Lila,

  • Asia - Faithful


    In memory of John Wetton (June 12th 1949 to January 31st 2017). Taken from Asia's XXX album which is an fantastic album. Uploaded so others can enjoy this video.

  • Godsmack - Bad Religion-Drum Cover


    my favorite godsmack song

  • Bulgaria - Eurovision 2007 Helsinki


    Bulgaria - Eurovision 2007 Helsinki

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  • Jerihon - Smile


    From Jerihon's second album Step Through.
    You can hear the whole album on
    Share your thoughts with us, don't be a stranger - write a comment bellow :)

  • Ronnie James Dio - 1994 interview Joan Quinn Profiles


    Ronnie James Dio - 1994 interview Joan Quinn Profiles



    (traditional folk tune - Bulgaria)


    Live Concert (Sicily, 2013)


    ALBA MARYAM project

    Ziad Trabelsi, Oud
    Fabrizio Cardosa, Violone & Colascione
    Gianni La Marca, Viole da gamba
    Giordano Antonelli, Ribeca & Rabab
    Michele Carreca, Tiorba
    Arnaldo Vacca, Percussioni

    Giordano Antonelli, Artistic Direction

    The project ALBA MARYAM is an original production of the baroque ensemble MUSICA ANTIQUA LATINA.

    A cross-over, visionary, musical journey on the footprints of Maryam from an-Nāṣiriyya, known in the Christian and Judaic world as Mary of Nazareth.

    Alba Maryam is a crossing show where diverse styles, instruments, ages, languages, religious perspectives meet together.
    It is blending together Ancient Italian (medieval, renaissance, baroque) and Oriental traditional music from the Mediterranean and the Middle-Eastern area.

    Historians agree about the latter presence of Maryam in Ephesus (Turkey) after the sacrifice of her beloved son.
    The Kirkindjotes people, living near Meryem Ana, every year used to climb the Salnisso Mountain, where the tradition kept memory of her last home.

    Maryam is a crossing Topos for the meeting of styles, instruments, ages, languages, religious perspectives, blending together Ancient Italian and Oriental traditional music from the Mediterranean and the Middle-Eastern area.
    Miriam of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus is a particular person in history.

    She was a Jewish woman who lived in first century Palestine, particularly, Nazareth, a small farming village in Galilee.
    She was married to Joseph, a tekton. Her son, Jesus of Nazareth, later became known as the Christ. As wife and mother, she was probably skilled in various life-sustaining activities like food and clothing production.
    During her lifetime, Palestine was part of the vast Roman Empire.

    Alba Maryam sings the emotions for Maryam along the ages in Latin, Arabic, Galizian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Armenian language
    Sacred yet secular concert, Alba Maryam has no boundaries, a message of embracing peace, chanting the mediterranean, medieval, middle-eastern heart, the only separation being the oblivious salted water of the Mediterranean sea.

  • Armin Only - Sofia, Bulgaria, 07.02.2014 - D#FAT


    Armin van Buuren - D#FAT - Live (Concert) in sports hall 'Arena Armeec' in Sofia, Bulgaria, 07.02.2014

  • Ambient Chillout Music of 2000s


    Chillout, New Age & Ambient

    00:00 - L'Art Mystique - Le Jardin Secret - 04:30
    04:32 - Jjos - Stars on The Sea - 09:45
    09:47 - Jjos - Blue Ocean II - 13:18
    13:19 - Jjos - Good Times (Chill Mix) - 16:39
    16:44 - Melodic Brothers - Short Novel (KiWi's Ambient Mix - 22:48
    22:53 - Kazusa & Shingo Nakamura - Dice (Ambient) - 27:40
    27:45 - Bluesolar - Believe in Me (Chill Out Mix) - 33:50
    33:52 - Tolerance - Dejection - 38:22
    38:23 - Jjos - Promise II - 43:21
    43:23 - ATB - Future Memories - 48:57
    49:00 - Vinid & Vla-D ft. The Great Voices of Bulgaria - Black & White (Vinid Ambient Mix) - 56:50
    56:59 - Airstream - Electra (Religion cut) - 01:02:40
    01:02:43 - Jjos & Fede Garcia - Evolution (Ambient Mix) - 01:07:45
    01:07:47 - Sequentia - Don't Surrender (Lukas Termena Chillout Remix) - 01:12:46
    01:12:49 - Linkin Park - In The End (Piano Chill Out Remix) - 01:17:25

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  • Dio Monument in Kavarna-Bulgaria


  • The Privilege of Prayer by Hattie Hammond


    The Privilege of Prayer by Hattie Hammond

    Hattie Hammond: Calling Christians to a Deeper Walk with God
    By Glenn Gohr
    Originally published on PE-News, 18 August 2016

    Hattie Hammond (1907-1994) was one of the premier preachers of the early Pentecostal-holiness movement. How did she gain that reputation? It was by preaching a simple gospel message of wholeheartedly serving God.

    Born and raised in Williamsport, Maryland, she was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit in a tent meeting at age 15, conducted by John Ashcroft, the grandfather of former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Even at that young age, she boldly began witnessing to her teachers and classmates, which was the beginning of her lifelong calling as an evangelist.

    She was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1927, and soon had invitations to speak in large churches in Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles and Oakland, California; Philadelphia; New York City; Washington, DC; and other places.

    She also became a popular camp meeting speaker and Bible teacher. Her simple messages prompted abandonment of worldliness and inspired walking into a “deeper life” of consecration and holiness to God.

    In a sermon called “Drawing Nigh to God,” published in the August 18, 1928, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel, she encourages people to develop a strong, devotional life: “As we enter into the presence of the Lord we should realize we are in the presence of a great, almighty, eternal God.” She also promotes waiting on the Lord: “We should not rush into His presence with haste, nor come as though we were coming into the presence of an earthly friend. We should take time to realize that He is God and beside Him there is none else.”

    In this sermon she also talks about the need for God, salvation, spending time with God in prayer, and the importance of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

    She says, “The first thing necessary is that we become still, and know that the great I AM is God. Be still and know that it is God for whom we are waiting, that we are sitting in the presence of God, and that it is His great name upon which we are calling.” She concludes by saying, “We need the Holy Spirit to keep us true to the Cross, and to Jesus our Lover Lord, to be real overcomers.”

    By the 1930s, Hattie Hammond had become one of the most powerful speakers in the Pentecostal movement. There are reports of remarkable miracles and healings which took place in her ministry.

    She ministered all over the U.S. in colleges, conventions, Bible schools, churches of all denominations, and in more than 30 countries of the world.

    Read Hattie Hammond’s article, “Drawing Nigh to God,” on pages 6-7 of the August 18, 1928, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel.

    Also featured in this issue:

    • “Elijah’s God Still Lives Today,” by Leonard G. Bolton

    • “The Marks of Holy Ghost Converts,” by Stephen Jeffreys

    • “Pentecost in Bulgaria,” by Martha Nikoloff

    And many more!

    Pentecostal Evangel archived editions courtesy of Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.
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  • Bishop Santo Loku Pios Sunday Homily


    At St Theresa Cathedral #Juba on 26 March 2017

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  • Asia - Faithful


    XXX is the twelfth studio album by British rock band Asia, released in 2012.
    Video made by Gabriela Gomes.

  • Armin Only @ Sofia, Bulgaria, 07.02.2014 - Apprehension


    Live (Concert) in sports hall Arena Armeec in Sofia, Bulgaria, 07.02.2014 - Apprehension

  • Akademic Folk Choir - live concert


    Bulgaria sings - live concert of the Academic Folk Choir

  • Eurovision 2018 vs 2019


    ► Hello and welcome to my personal ESC 2018 vs ESC 2019 battle! In this video I will showcase my personal favourite from the countries that participated in both 2018 and 2019.

    ► I hope you enjoy the video and if you do, feel free to like, subscribe or leave a comment!

    ► Credits:
    Intro: ScottFeuerhelmFilms
    Intro song: All my love by Major Lazer ft. Ariana Grande
    Flags: Dreval Maxim
    All rights go to their respective owners. I do not own anything.

    ► Eurovision is a place for everyone, regardless of differences in race, nationality, identity, sexual preference, religion or opinion. Therefore, disrespectful or rude comments will be deleted immediately.

    ► 2018 songs:
    Albania: Eugent Bushpepa - Mall
    Armenia: Sevak Khanagyan - Qami
    Australia: Jessica Mauboy - We got love
    Austria: Cesár Sampson - Nobody but you
    Azerbaijan: Aisel - X my heart
    Belarus: Alekseev - Forever
    Belgium: Sennek - A matter of time
    Bulgaria: EQUINOX - Bones
    Croatia: Franka Batelic - Crazy
    Cyprus: Eleni Foureira - Fuego
    Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef - Lie to me
    Denmark: Rasmussen - Higher ground
    Estonia: Elina Nechayeva - La Forza
    Finland: Saara Aalto - Monsters
    France: Madame Monsieur - Mercy
    FYR Macedonia: Eye Cue - Lost and found
    Georgia: Iriao - For you / Sheni Gulistvis
    Germany: Michael Schulte - You let me walk alone
    Greece: Gianna Terzi - Oneiro mou
    Hungary: AWS - Viszlát nyár
    Iceland: Ari Ólafsson - Our choice
    Israel: Netta - TOY
    Ireland: Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together
    Italy: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro - Non mi avete fatto niente
    Latvia: Laura Rizzotto - Funny girl
    Lithuania: Ieva Zasimauskaite - When we're old
    Malta: Christabelle - Taboo
    Moldova: Doredos - My lucky day
    Montenegro: Vanja Radavanovic - Inje
    Netherlands: Waylon - Outlaw in 'em
    Norway: Alexander Rybak - That's how you write a song
    Poland: Gromee ft. Lukas Meijer - Light me up
    Portugal: Claúdia Pascoal - O jardim
    Romania: The Humans - Goodbye
    Russia: Julia Samoylova - I won't break
    San Marino: Jessika - Who we are
    Serbia: Sanja Ilic & Balkanika - Nova Deca
    Slovenia: Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne
    Spain: Amaia & Alfred - Tu canción
    Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance you off
    Switzerland: Zibbz - Stones
    Ukraine: Mélovin - Under the ladder
    United Kingdom: SuRie - Storm

    ► 2019 songs:
    Albania: Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju tokës
    Armenia: Srbuk - Walking out
    Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero gravity
    Austria: Paenda - Limits
    Azerbaijan: Chingiz - Truth
    Belarus: ZENA - Like it
    Belgium: Eliot - Wakeup
    Croatia: Roko - The dream
    Cyprus: Tamta - Replay
    Czech Republic: Lake Malawi - Friend of a friend
    Denmark: Leonora - Love is forever
    Estonia: Victor Crone - Storm
    Finland: Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman - Look away
    France: Bilal Hassani - Roi
    Georgia: Oto Nemsadze - Sul tsin iare
    Germany: S!sters - Sister
    Greece: Katerine Duska - Better love
    Hungary: Joci Pápai - Az én apám
    Iceland: Hatari - Hatrid mun sigra
    Ireland: Sarah McTernan - 22
    Israel: Kobi Marimi - Home
    Italy: Mahmood - Soldi
    Latvia: Carousel - That night
    Lithuania: Jurijus - Run with the lions
    Malta: Michela Pace - Chameleon
    Moldova: Anna Odobescu - Stay
    Montenegro: D Moll - Heaven
    Netherlands: Duncan Laurence - Arcade
    Northern Macedonia: Tamara Todevska - Proud
    Norway: KEiiNO - Spirit in the sky
    Poland: Tulia - Pali się (Fire of love)
    Portugal: Conan Osíris - Telemóveis
    Romania: Ester Peony - On a sunday
    Russia: Sergey Lazarev - Scream
    San Marino: Serhat - Say na na na
    Serbia: Nevena Božović - Kruna
    Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gaspar Santl - Sebi
    Spain: Miki Núñez - La venda
    Sweden: John Lundvik - Too late for love
    Switzerland: Luca Hänni - She got me
    United Kingdom: Michael Rice - Bigger than us
    (Ukraine: MARUV - Siren song)

  • Pavlevski - Electro Dance


  • Sumiant la religion


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Sumiant la religion · Elsa Martin · Stefano Battaglia


    ℗ 2019 Amerio Stefano Edizioni Musicali / Artesuono

    Released on: 2019-01-25

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • We Wish You Happiness Stas Namin + guests. One World festival on The Red Square. 1997


    One World festival on The Red Square (1997). We Wish You Happiness Stas Namin + guests. (Live).
    The concept of the Stas Namin Centres project One World festival is to gather performers of different nations, races and religions at one stage. The global aim of the festival is to overcome national, social and religious segregation of people of our planet, search for effective ways to achieve actual international unity and fraternity of people.

    The idea of one world set and consolidated as the future movement in 1986 during the festival Arena of Hurricanes in Tokyo where Stas Namin was invited by Peter Gabriel. During the festival they spoke a lot about social problems of today, the role of arts and music in the world. It became evident that using such popular genres as pop and rock music and taking into account the great expressive force of art understandable in any language it is possible to demonstrate real urge for unity and understanding of all people of the world irrespective of race, nationality and religion. Positive energy of art provides for natural coexistence at one stage of representatives of the most politically implacable regions and can be naturally perceived by audience with equal delight. Such events help people to understand that national, religious and racial conflicts are not conflicts between people but especially provoked conflicts of interests related just to power and money.

    Such festivals demonstrate that people living under the same sky on the same planet Earth are eager and can live together as one family, one home, one world.

    Stas Namin
    Sailender Pardesi (India/England)
    Angelit / Huun-Hur-Tu / Moscow Art Trio (Bulgaria/Tuva/Russia)
    Yair Dalal & Al Ol Ensemble / Saweiti Brothers (Israel/Palestine)
    Vershki Da Koreshki (Senegal/Tuva/Russia)
    Troitsa (Belarus)
    Va-Bank (Russia, Moscow)
    ChaiF (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
    Chizh & Co. (Russia, St. Petersburg)
    Zhanna Aguzarova (Russia, Moscow)
    Andrei Bartenyev (Russia, Moscow)
    Special guests: Nuance, the Flowers; Ober-Mannequin

  • New Religion


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    New Religion · Igor Shabov

    New Religion

    ℗ 2011 Universal Music Bulgaria, Universal Music Bulgaria

    Released on: 2012-01-01

    Associated Performer, Recording Arranger: Kiril Marichkov
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Petar Georgiev
    Composer Lyricist: Igor Shabov

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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