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Playlist of Rammstein's Richard Kruspe

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    Rammsteins Richard Kruspe - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?


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    Richard Kruspe of Rammstein and Emigrate sits down with Graham 'Gruhamed' Hartmann for a round of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?'.

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    Richard Z. Kruspe on the RAMMFIRE amp emulation | Native Instruments


    Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe about the story of his setup, and about his partnership with Native Instruments.

    Setting the stage for RAMMFIRE to rock, he also talks about his quest for a unique guitar tone, and how it has been recreated in the RAMMFIRE amp emulation software.

    More info at

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    General info
    Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

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    Rammsteins Richard Kruspe on New Album, Fire, Musical Orgasms + More


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    Rammstein's Richard Kruspe talks with Graham Hartmann (@grahamwire) about the band's next album, their live show, Rammstein being a 'marriage without sex' and more.

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    Richard Z. Kruspe talks new Emigrate Album & Rammstein


    Mitten im Herzen Berlins im 5. Stock eines Mehrfamilienhauses hat Richard Z. Kruspe sein Studio gebaut. Anlässlich des flammneuen Emigrate-Soloalbums A Million Degrees sind wir Richards Einladung gefolgt. So erfuhren wir vom Rammstein-Saitenmeister aus erster Hand, wie er den Sound für seine Songs auf Band rockte und noch viele mehr teils kuriose, teils tragische Geschichten ...

    Das Interview findet ihr auch in guitar 1/19:

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    Rammstein Buck dich Intro con teclado de Richard Kruspe


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    #Rammstein #LiveParis

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    Rammstein in Graspop: Richard Kruspe Interview ENG/ES/PT


    Richard talks about his first live performance ever, the first live performance with Rammstein and about when the pyrotechnic effects of the band have become something professional.

    Richard Kruspe Interview (2017) - Graspop Metal Meeting
    Friday, June 16, 2017 - Boeretang, Dessel - Belgium
    Tour: SUMMER 2017



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    10 Greatest Rammstein Riffs


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    Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rammstein Riffs!

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    Rammstein VIVA JAM Interview 1997


    Full interview with English subtitles.
    I removed fragments that were copyright claimed (some shots of live performances and a fragment of a music video by D. Bowie) so hopefully it won't be removed again.


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    Rammstein: Paris Premiere - Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe Interview


    Video by:
    Subs by Bucksttabu

    16. March. 2017 Volksbühne, Berlin: Premiere von Rammstein: Paris a film by Jonas Åkerlund


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    Rammstein , Richard Kruspe Tribute !!! Hot & Nummy


    Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. I do not own any rights involved in the making of my video. Nor do I make any money.

    Its a Tribute to Richard Z Kruspe lead guitarist of Hot German rock band Rammstein , Hot and Nummy :D
    hope u like , and please dont forget to comment and rate .
    thank you for watching Enjoy :D

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    Emigrate - You Are So Beautiful


    Emigrate - You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic)

    Emigrate's new album A million Degrees out now:

    Starring Maxime Alaska Kruspe Bossieux
    DoP - David Gesslbauer
    Camera - Pierre Castillo Bernad
    Production - Emigrate Productions

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    #emigrate #amilliondegrees #whatsinsidethebox

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    ESP Guitars: Richard Z. Kruspe Interview -- Oct 2011


    In this in-depth interview, Rammstein's Richard Z. Kruspe talks about how he got into guitar, what he likes about ESP Guitars, and much more.

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    Richard Kruspe tribute


    A Richard Kruspe Tribute!!

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    Lets Go


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Let's Go · Emigrate · TILL LINDEMANN

    A Million Degrees

    ℗ A Vertigo Berlin recording; ℗ 2018 Emigrate Production GmbH, under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH

    Released on: 2018-11-30

    Producer: Emigrate
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Olsen Involtini
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Sky van Hoff
    Studio Personnel, Editor: SASCHA MOSER
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Svante Forsbäck
    Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Sequencer: RICHARD Z. KRUSPE
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Arnaud Giroux
    Associated Performer, Drums: Mikko Sirén
    Composer Lyricist: RICHARD Z. KRUSPE

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Rammstein - Du Hast intro with Paul and Richard - live at Waldbühne Berlin 09.07.16


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    Rammstein - Richard Kruspe Tribute


    Proud to give you my original video!

    Hope you enjoy!

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    RAMMSTEINs Richard Kruspe Explains why EMIGRATE Hasnt Toured YET!


    EMIGRATE, the side project of Richard Z. Kruspe from RAMMSTEIN, recently unleashed a brand NEW album entitled 'Silent So Long' via Spinefarm Records.

    We recently sat down with Richard and his EMIGRATE bandmate Arnaud Giroux and we asked them about the production of their NEW music video for Eat You Alive, and why they haven't announced any touring plans yet. Watch our EXCLUSIVE interview below.

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    Christoph Schneider back on DW drums - Interview / Rammstein Stadium Tour 2019


    For the new Rammstein album, Christoph Schneider remembered the start of his drumming career in newly reunited Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christoph Schneider had seen a DW kit - on the recommendation of Richard Z Kruspe, who later became Rammstein‘s lead guitarist. This kit became Christoph's most faithful companion at the beginning of the 1990's and is still on duty in Richard's studio in Berlin today... In 2018, Christoph Schneider and DW drums got together again and joined forces for one of the world's biggest stadium tours ever.

    Also read the blog entry about Christoph and DW on the GEWA drums Blog! 👉

    #gewadrums #dwdrums #christophschneider

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    Richard Kruspe Talks Rammstein Future + Most Memorable Band Moment


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    RAMMSTEINs Richard Kruspe on New Album, 3D Stadium Tour & Stealing A Cow With TILL LINDEMANN


    Multiple bands, new albums, long tours. Rammstein guitarist and Emigrate front man Richard Z. Kruspe is a busy man. On November 30th his band Emigrate released their third studio album ‘A Million Degrees.’ This album has been years in the making as Richard originally started the process in 2015.

    Metal Wani’s Jessie David had a chance to chat with Richard Z. Kruspe about the album process, collaborating with multiple musicians and what’s instore for Rammstein as they prepare to go on tour in 2019.

    Originally the process for ‘A Million Degrees’ began in 2015, but due to flooding in Richards house he had to start from scratch. As Richard said “Life has its own plan, and you have to follow it.”

    In Richards words “Every song has a different story” making ‘A Million Degrees’ an eleven chapter book. The album features multiple musicians. Including Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, Billy Talents Benjamin Kowalewicz, and Ghost’s Cardinal Copia. Each with a very unique story of how they came together. When first approached Cardinal Copia didn’t want to collaborate until he heard the song that Richard had in mind, birthing the song ‘Im not Afraid.’

    During the interview Richard talks about working with longtime friend Till LIndemann. The two work together in Rammstein, Till is featured in the Emigrate song ‘Let’s Go” which is one of the first songs that him and Till wrote together, but the two have a bound that started much sooner. In the interview Richard discussed how Till was the one there for his first heart break, they’ve had wild experiences together one that even resulted in the two of them stealing a cow!

    Unfortunately, there is no plan for Emigrate to go on tour, but there is hope that Rammstein could potentially play some Emigrate songs.

    Rammstein are preparing to release a new album in 2019. At first Richard was a little hostile about the idea, until they tried with no pressure to create a few songs. Once they started rehearsing they found that there was a respect and good chemistry which reminded him of the first time Rammstein started.

    The goal is to focus on the music, not their pyro work but to create “Rammstein 3D”. Currently, Rammstein has recorded 16 songs, the plan is to cut it down to 11, but the end goal is to release the new album in April, then begin their stadium tour.

    Earlier this year Richard said that Rock is dead. During the interview he was asked if he thinks it could be resurrected and why he thinks its “dead.” He said “Rock music has a certain kind of energy to rebel against parents. Young people they have to rebel that’s how they operate. Rock music or the sound of the guitar is not what it used to be. Where you put out rock music and parents say ‘It’s too loud.’ Now a days parents are saying make it louder.” Does he think that rock music will come back? – He says “Everything goes against it. All the big bands the stadium bands don’t get invited anymore. It’s like the dinosaurs dying at the moment. The only advance that we have is that rock has good live shows.”

    Emigrates album “A Million Degrees” is available now!

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    Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound


    Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound

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    Rammstein - Deutschland


    New Single / New Album:

    Video Director: Specter Berlin
    Production: Mmaattcchh Berlin

    #Rammstein #Deutschland #duhastvielgeweint

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    Rammsteins Richard Kruspe interacting with crowd at beginning of Buck Dich Chicago 5-4-12


    Probably one of my favorite parts of the night. Richard Z. Kruspe interacts with the crowd as the rest of the Ramm men prepare to come out on the platform dressed in their Mein Teil attire. Till humps Flake near the middle of the video. xD

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    Richard Kruspe Gear Run


    Guitar tech for Rammstein, Lutz Buch, takes us backstage for an exclusive look at the band's heavy weapon collection, which includes Nova Delay and Nova Dynamics from TC Electronic.

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    Richard Kruspe verlässt Rammstein! Kassierer Frontmann bei der SPD | Musik News


    Ein neuer Montag, eine neue Ausgabe Musik News. Heute unter anderem mit Bela B, Die Toten Hosen und eine Menge Rammstein.

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    Richard Z. Kruspe interview New Zealand 2011


    Richard looks great here! :D
    What's with the guy at the beginning with 'Rammschteen'? xD
    Also the interviewer wearing a Justin Bieber shirt, WTF!??

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    Richard Z. Kruspe Bernstein und Till Lindemann Rammstein


    Fotos from Till and Richad and the Music Bück Dich

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    Rammstein | Paulchard Moments | Richard Kruspe x Paul Landers


    • Photo and video credit to owners

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    Rammstein - Richard Zven Kruspe


    Richard ist auch ein toller Gitarrist,der seine Gitarre perfekt beherrscht und damit uns Rammsteinfans das Herz höher schlagen lässt. Vor seiner Zeit als Musiker war er Koch und Boxer....

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    Richard Z Kruspe - Eine kleine Überraschung...


    Ich wünsche allen einen schönen Tag!
    Meiner Meinung nach ist es sehr schwierig, einige der vielen Bilder und Videos auszuwählen. Das ist hier passiert. :)

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    Rammstein - Rock and Pop entrevista a Richard Kruspe HD


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    Richard Z. Kruspe - Emigrate


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    RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe talks about PLASMA Pedal


    Video credit:
    Guitar Magazin


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    Rammstein - Richard Kruspe Promo


    Rammstein - Richard Kruspe Promo

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    Rammstein - Links Solo Kruspe


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    Rammsteins Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe on stage with Combichrist - Forum Los Angeles


    Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe on stage with their supporting act Combichrist.
    Forum Los Angeles
    May 20 2011

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    Rammstein Richard Zven Kruspe almost trips


    They were live at Las Vegas. Saying their goodbyes. And then Richard almost tripped.

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    Richard Kruspe : RAMMSTEINs Future & U2s FREE Download APPLE iTunes Campaign!


    EMIGRATE, the side project of Richard Z. Kruspe from RAMMSTEIN will be unleashing a brand NEW album entitled 'Silent So Long' that is set to be released on November 7th.

    We recently sat down with Richard and his EMIGRATE bandmate Arnaud Giroux and we asked them to share their thoughts about U2's FREE download APPLE iTunes campaign for their NEW album entitled 'Songs of Innocence' and how it's sending the wrong message to young up-and-coming bands.

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    Richard Kruspe viene tranquilamente hacia nosotros...


    Richard Kruspe viene tranquilamente hacia nosotros... disculpen lo mal filmado.

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    Rammstein - Richard Kruspe


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    Rammstein - Deutschland Rmx by Richard Z Kruspe @EUROPE STADIUM TOUR 2019 - Dresden


    Die Brachial-Rocker Rammstein setzten am 12. Juni mit ihrem ersten von ingesamt zwei Konzerten in Dresden ihre Europatournee fort und boten ihren Fans mal wieder ein (routiniertes) Spektakel.
    Rammstein haben im Dresdner Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion ihre bisher größte Europatour fortgesetzt. Für alle, die nicht das Glück hatten, eines der heißbegehrten Tickets zu ergattern, habe ich einige Videos der ersten von zwei Dresden-Shows zusammengestellt. Auch dieses Mal haben sich die Industrial-Rocker ordentlich ins Zeug gelegt und nicht an Feuer, Pyro und weiteren beeindruckenden Showeinlagen gespart.

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    The rammstein cover version of Aria's Shtil from the Kein Engel bootleg album

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    Rammstein — DEUTSCHLAND Live in Riga, Latvia, 06.08.2019


    Rammstein — Live aus Lucavsala, Riga.
    06 August 2019

    This video contains originals and covers. All copyrights revert to the song authors and/or copyright holders.

    Original music copyright by RAMMSTEIN

    This video is not for commercial use or publication.

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    Emigrate - Rammstein musician goes solo | PopXport


    Richard Kruspe is the man whose guitar produces the wall of sound for the band Rammstein. He also fronts another metal band, Emigrate. For his new album, Silent So Long, the Berlin musician gathered a star-studded lineup.
    Read more:

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    Rammstein Ausländer Kiss Richard Paul Kuss Barcelona


    Richard and Paul kissing at the end of Ausländer in Barcelona, 2019

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    Der Wahnsinn ??? Rammstein funny - Richard Kruspe - Du riechst so gut


    Richard tried to tell Der Wahnsinn fancy way

    Рихард попытался сказать Der Wahnsinn нестандартным способом

    Rammstein - Izod Center - 05.05.2011

    Rammstein funny

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    Interview-Richard Kruspe 2009 from the Tour Liebe ist für alle da


    A Interview with Richard Kruspe(Lead-Guitarist from Rammstein) in December 2009.

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    2009.12.15 Richard Kruspe interview Denmark tv 2 go



    a new Interview with Richard Kruspe from Rammstein.Its done in Denmark.Have fun

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    Richard Z. Kruspe about Rammsteins new album


    Ultimate Guitar's Justin Beckner recently checked in with our friend Richard Z. Kruspe to discuss the new #Rammstein record, the newest record from his solo project, #Emigrate. Read the full interview here:


    ▶UG MERCH:




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    Rammstein - Sonne Richard Zven Kruspe Version


    Perfoming Sonne, made by Rammstein
    Im playing Richard Zven Kruspes version of this song

    Background sound im using paulvangoogh's background for sonne, check out his channel:



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