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Playlist of Rammstein Paul Landers Interview Gibson Signatur Gitarre

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    Paul Landers Interview: Tech 21 PL1 Fly Rig


    Paul Landers von Rammstein ist bekannt für seinen Sound-Pragmatismus. Wie der in Pauls Signature-Fly-Rig PL1 von Tech 21 umgesetzt wurde, erzählt er uns und euch im ausführlichen guitar-Gear-Interview.

    Den Test findet ihr in guitar-Ausgabe 11/18:

    Spanish subtitles done by LIFAD CHILE Fanclub

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    Gibson Paul Landers Signature Model EPK


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    Paul Landers - Interview Gibson Signatur Gitarre


    Paul redet über seine Signature Gitarre.
    Paul talk about his Signature Guitar.

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    Paul Landers - Guitar Rig


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    Tech 21 PL1 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig


    Oliver nimmt sich das neue Signature Pedal des Rammstein Gitarristen vor und zeigt Euch die beiden Kanäle des SansAmp plus die internen Effekte Delay, Vibrato und Ambiance. Um Euch einen besseren Eindruck des XLR-DI-Out zu vermitteln, spielt Oliver zudem zu einem Track der Band Hellwerk aus Frankfurt. Beide Gitarren wurden mit dem Tech 21 PL1 aufgenommen.

    Das Fly Rig bei uns im Shop:

    Mehr von Tech 21:

    HELLWERK - Dark Tragedy (Official Video):

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    Tech 21 PL1 - Rammstein Guitar Sound Paul Landers Fly Rig


    One of my friends just got this pedal and when he showed it to me I was really suprised how much it can actually do. So I thought it's well worth doing a video about it.

    Get it:

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    Reingeglotzt Gibson Paul Landers LP


    Kurzer Test von der Gibson Paul Landers Signature Les Paul, der leider unseren positiven Eindruck aus dem MusicStore revidiert. Have fun :)

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    Интервью с Паулем Ландерсом для Gibson на русском. Из RammNews #3


    Paul Landers - Signature Model EPK

    RammNews ©

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    Paul Landers Playing Guitar


    Paul doing a sale demonstration of his pedal

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    Rammstein - Interview MTV 2002


    Interview with Christoph Schneider and Paul Landers.
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    Paul Landers Rammstein 2017


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    An interview with Paul Landers


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    TECH 21 PAUL LANDERS PL1 FLYRIG demo by Pete Thorn


    The Paul Landers (Rammstein) Signature PL1 FlyRig, an all in one pedal/preamp solution for badass industrial metal tones! For info:

    To buy the PL1:
    Get Pete's 'Space Charged jam track in E on iTunes:
    Check out A Rush To The Head: by Pete Thorn
    Check out Clean To Scream by Pete Thorn:
    Check out To Live And Die In Nashville by Pete Thorn:
    Check out The Groomed Noodler, new single by Pete Thorn here:

    Check out Pete Thorn's Guitar Nerd CD here:

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    Tech 21 - PL-1 Paul Landers Flyrig - Sound Demo


    *Buy now:
    We demoed the Tech 21 PL-1 Flyrig. This Pedal is the signature unit of Rammstein guitar player Paul Landers who love direct-to-PA sounds. Many sounds and settings.
    Read the full review in english:
    German version:
    audio and video: Haiko Heinz

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    Rammstein Paris - Interview mit Paul & Richard


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    Rammstein Rammvier guitar cover


    played using Gibson Les Paul Studio and pod hd500

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    ESP Guitars: Richard Z. Kruspe Interview -- Oct 2011


    In this in-depth interview, Rammstein's Richard Z. Kruspe talks about how he got into guitar, what he likes about ESP Guitars, and much more.

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    Rammstein’s Paul Landers Talks New Album, Fire and More GER/ENG/ES/PT/EST


    11/06/2017 - Tallinn, Estonia (DD/MM/YY)

    Special Thanks: Martin Kirast and themartin1408

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    Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound


    Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound

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    Richard Z. Kruspe on the RAMMFIRE amp emulation | Native Instruments


    Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe about the story of his setup, and about his partnership with Native Instruments.

    Setting the stage for RAMMFIRE to rock, he also talks about his quest for a unique guitar tone, and how it has been recreated in the RAMMFIRE amp emulation software.

    More info at

    Link section:

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel

    General info
    Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.

    For more info visit our website:

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    Rammsteins Paul Landers Talks Next Album, Thinks LINKIN PARK Changed Their Sound Too Much


    Rammstein guitarist, Paul Landers, talks about the upcoming new album in the works, making music videos, and his thoughts on Linkin Park's new music direction.

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    Gibson Paul Landers Les Paul


    Gibson Les Paul Paul Landers SE Signature / Rammstein - Satin Ebony Demo von Hardline Music TV

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    Rammstein - Funny Paul Landers


    Channels of video:

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    Rammstein - Sonne Paul Landers Version


    Perfoming Sonne, made by Rammstein
    Im playing Paul Landers version of this song

    Background sound im using paulvangoogh's background for sonne, check out his channel:

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    Tech 21 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig


    This is how Paul Landers gets his sound from the bedroom to the stadium. Be sure to turn up the volume!

    For full details, click here:

    Special thanks to Anna Pesavento and Sven Offen for their excellent cinematography!

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    Paul Landers - Interview


    A Paul Landers Interview in German.Enjoy it. :)
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    Paul Landers - Interview MTV Russia


    A Interview with Paul Landers from 2004.

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    Paul Landers - 11.12.2009 Interview


    Paul Landers Interview @ LIFAD-Tour

    Follow us:

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    The reporting on Rammstein concert in Lyon: interview to Paul Landers Lyon - 24.04.13


    Music from iphone: Michel Berger -- Le Monde Est Stone (Fabienne Thibeault)

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    Tech 21 Paul Landers signature PL1 Flyrig Review


    Reviewing the new Tech 21 Paul Landers (Rammstein) signature Flyrig. Fantastic new Sansamp guitar pedal with two channels, clean and distorted, a delay section and a boost, rolled up into a single pedal. I even forgot to mention the built in tuner that can handle the low tunings as well.

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    Rammstein guitar tech about life on the road


    Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe's guitar tech Lutz Buch talks about life on the road together with Rammstein. We met Lutz at Copenhagen Live, July 2010.

    Richard Kruspe uses: Nova Dynamics, Nova Delay, Nova Modulator, D-Two and PolyTune from TC Electronic.

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    Tech 21 PL1 FLYRIG - Paul Landers Rammstein SETTINGS VIDEO


    As many of you requested here is the follow-up to my first review video of the Tech 21 PL1 Rammstein FLYRIG pedal. This time only the unit and some favourite settings directly from the DI output to the computer. Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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    Rammstein bei Tracks!


    Die umstrittenste deutsche Band gewährte uns exklusiv das einzige TV-Interview zur Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums.
    Hier gibt es noch mehr:

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    Rammstein - Paul Landers Interview 08-11-2009, Portugal - Cotonete


    Rammstein - Pavilhão Atlântico 08-11-2009

    Rammstuga - O site da comunidade de fãs de Rammstein em Portugal

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    Richard Kruspe Gear Run


    Guitar tech for Rammstein, Lutz Buch, takes us backstage for an exclusive look at the band's heavy weapon collection, which includes Nova Delay and Nova Dynamics from TC Electronic.

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    Paul Landers Interview in Mexico


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    Richard Kruspe x Paul Landers 3



    This is a video for all Richard x Paul Fans.
    They are members of the band Rammstein.
    And I love them so much *.*

    Music: 1st Song: NEFFEX - Hate It or Love It
    Music promoted by FreeMusicWave.

    2nd song: Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat. Jex)
    Provided By: NoCopyrightSounds

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    Richard Z. Kruspe talks new Emigrate Album & Rammstein


    Mitten im Herzen Berlins im 5. Stock eines Mehrfamilienhauses hat Richard Z. Kruspe sein Studio gebaut. Anlässlich des flammneuen Emigrate-Soloalbums A Million Degrees sind wir Richards Einladung gefolgt. So erfuhren wir vom Rammstein-Saitenmeister aus erster Hand, wie er den Sound für seine Songs auf Band rockte und noch viele mehr teils kuriose, teils tragische Geschichten ...

    Das Interview findet ihr auch in guitar 1/19:

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    Rammstein - Interview Viva Part 1/3


    With Christian Flake Lorenz and Paul Landers.

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    Fly Rig Paul Landers Tech 21 en NAMM 2019


    Andrew Barta creador de Tech 21 nos platicó acerca del nuevo Fly Rig signature de Paul Landers de Rammstein. Se trata de una unidad compacta y con un sonido directo y poderoso.

    Puedes ver mas información del Fly Rig signature Paul Landers de Tech 21 acá:

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    Interview with Christoph Schneider & Thomas Lang


    Last year we had the great Thomas Lang in from Los Angeles visiting Drumtrainer online. Three days of filming, from morning to night at different locations in Berlin. We shot two days at the Backline Berlin (BLB) workshop of Rossi Rossberg – and since Rossi was the chief Backliner of Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider for many years, his workshop is located at the Rammstein warehouse in the northeast of Berlin. And since we were there anyway and Christoph and Thomas have been friends for many years, it was just natural to bring the drummer of the currently most famous German band for an interview in front of the camera. Interviews with Christoph are very rare and on top of that Thomas Lang is asking the questions!? ... what can we say: We are very proud of this Interview. An interesting and relaxed conversation among friends ... Thanks to Christoph & Thomas! Enjoy...
    //Im letzten Jahr hatten wir den großartigen Thomas Lang aus Los Angeles zu Besuch bei Drumtrainer Online. Drei Tage filmen, von morgens bis abends an verschiedenen Orten in Berlin. Zwei Tage haben wir im BackLine Berlin (BLB) Lager von Rossi Roßberg gedreht – und da Rossi jahrelang der Chef-Backliner von Rammstein-Drummer Christoph Schneider war, ist eben dieses Lager in der Rammstein Lagerhalle im Nordosten von Berlin untergekommen. Und wenn wir schon mal in den heiligen Hallen drehen und darüber hinaus Christoph und Thomas seit Jahren befreundet sind, lag es natürlich nahe, den Drummer der derzeit berühmtesten Deutschen Band für ein Interview vor die Kamera zu holen. Interviews mit Christian gibt es so gut wie nie und dann stellt auch noch einer der berühmtesten Drummer der Welt die Fragen!? …was soll man sagen: wir sind sehr stolz auf dieses Gespräch. Herausgekommen ist ein interessantes und entspanntes Gespräch unter Freunden.

    Vielen Dank Thomas & Christian! Viel Spaß ...

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    Paul Landers - Чебурашка


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    Rammstein- Interview with Paul Landers 2


    Another Interview with Paul Landers
    ok!! some people keep asking what language is this. i don't know for sure but i think its cz

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    Paul Landers


    Nov. 12, 2009

    Rammstein: Metal Rock Made in Germany.
    Around 17,000 fans flocked to a concert hall in Lyon recently to see German metal band, Rammstein. The band have sold over 10 million records worldwide. Their latest album Liebe is fur alle da has been a great success. However, it is banned from shop shelves in Germany because of its explicit cover.

    Copyright © 2010 euronews

    DISCLAIMER: Rammstein and euronews trademarks are property of their respective owners

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    ✪✪✪ Пауль Ландерс - октябрь 2018


    Улыбчивый, всегда позитивный Пауль Ландерс, гитарист Rammstein, выпустил свой именной педальный гитарный процессор Tech 21 PL1 Fly Rig.
    В данном видео интервью для немецкой редакции журнала Guitar, Пауль подробно рассказывает о своем изобретении и демонстрирует возможности уникального именного процессора.

    Страница ВКонтакте -
    Сообщество Переводы - (рок-архив)
    Переводные рок-статьи и интервью -
    Электронная почта -
    Заказ книги Настоящий Рок-н-ролл, самая полная история AC/DC на русском -

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    Rammstein: Entrevista com Paul Landers


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    Rammstein - Paul Landers


    Paul ist einer der Gitarristen von Rammstein und ein gaaaanz lieber symphatischer Typ,der erzählen kann wie ein Märchenerzähler.... ich würde ihm gerne zuhören, unseren Knuddelpaule.
    Ha, die Rammsteiner sind schon echt was besonderes!!! Sie sind einfach genial!!

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    Gibson Paul Landers Les Paul demo - Ich Tu Dir Weh


    Recorded with an iPhone so i'm sorry about the quality. Both me and my amp do not do this guitar justice but it is simply wonderful. the best playing guitar i have ever used/owned and it is the only guitar i have that i would never think about selling.

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    Links 2 3 4 Rammstein Gibson Les Paul LPJ 2014


    Gibson LPJ 2014 (humb Gibson 500t / 57 classic)
    VOX AmPlug 2 Metal
    Sony HDR -PJ260
    Dunlop sharp 1,35 mm
    Crooked hands )))

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    Paul Landers - Interview in Russia




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