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Playlist of Rainy Day Modular #1

  • Rainy Day Modular #1 - Moog Mother 32, Minilogue, Volca Sample, Eurorack


    Listen to the rain,
    it slowly falls like voices
    upon a deep sky

    Check out my instagram! @annnannie

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  • Rainy Day Modular #2 - Minimal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings & Mother 32


    Sound resonating within the atmosphere, full of rain. An organically inspired patch.

    - JHS alpine + Earthquake Devices Avalanche Run
    - Korg SQ-1 is providing clock and pitch for Rings.
    - Sputnik Modular WCRS strumming Rings.
    - Noise and bass from the beautiful Moog Mother 32

    Instagram: @annnannie

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  • Cauline // a desktop eurorack recording


    CAULINE (adj) - (of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground.
    cauline from Wander Into - Available on bandcamp (
    Vancouver, BC April 2019, patch notes below...

    transcription -
    in frames - @annnannie
    by view -

    // voicing
    Guitar -- Reel to Reel at 1/2 speed
    Pad -- Peak -- Reel to Reel at 1/2 speed
    Chimes -- Morphagene -- Clouds -- Rosie out

    // modular
    Hermod sequencing rings
    rings -- morphagene -- clouds
    rosie in the output stage

    // post
    audio mix and mastered in Logic Pro X
    shot on Canon 60D w/ 50mm f1.4 EF lens,
    visually color corrected and edited in Final Cut Pro.

  • Volca Keys & Mother 32 Live Jam - Intermission No. 1


    Ambient time with the Korg Volca Keys and the Moog Mother 32!
    The Volca becomes a ghost thanks to the Transmisser from Earthquaker Devices.

    Hope you like it!

    The jam is recorded with a UFX1204 mixer.

    You can follow me on:

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  • Reason Complex-1 // MEGA TUTORIAL


    TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW - My index is so long (aka so much in the video) I have no room to write anything else! So here's Complex-1 which is a rack extension for Reason. I worked with them making some patches (bonus free patches to come) and there's a few videos coming too. Here's the first! Enjoy, grab a drink and skip around below.

    Try Reason and Complex-1 free for 30 days:

    00:00 introduction

    00:28 Complex-1 overview


    Complex Osc

    01:00 Buchla 259 heritage and features

    01:40 Waveforms and waveshaping

    02:28 Mod bus - FM / frequency modulation and modulating FM depth

    03:03 Mod bus - AM / amplitude modulation and modulating the AM depth

    03:53 Mix output - modulating the crossfade between the oscillators

    04:18 Building complex tones with internal modulation, cross modulation and feedback

    05:05 Audio rate modulating waveshaping

    Osc 3

    05:16 Osc 3 overview

    05:40 Osc 3 as even more audio rate modulation for the Complex Osc

    06:29 Range control, turning the Osc 3 into a sub audio rate LFO


    06:46 Noise overview and sound demos

    06:58 Red noise

    07:15 Noise as a FM / modulation source (tool for learning and new sounds)

    07:59 Blue noise

    08:13 Jitter, instability and “life” with noise modulating oscillator pitch … or “how to make an angry bee in a can live in your waveforms

    08:55 Resonant noise

    09:52 Band noise

    10:01 Static noise

    10:10 Binary noise

    10:16 How to make dial up internet modem sounds … wooohooo!!!

    11:00 Modulating / sequenced noise as an audio rate modulator for oscillator wave shape

    11:22 Buffer noise



    11:58 Shaper set up and functions

    12:26 Saturate - overdrive and PWM like FX

    12:52 Wavefolders - what are they? How do they work?

    13:08 Fold 1 - wave folding and PWM-like symmetry FX

    13:36 Fold 2 - more VCO sync like tones with the second fold mode

    13:59 Bipulse - wave-wrapper-esq. tones with a curved, folded, rectified like wave

    14:25 Pickup - pick up style overtones, great when modulated with an envelope

    14:40 Processing external audio through the Complex-1, hit tab and patch the rack!

    15:01 Glitch - adding kinks and inaccuracies in the waves for rich and buzzy overtones


    15:43 Low pass filter

    16:14 Audio rate filter cut off modulation for formant / vocal / vowel / glottal tones.

    17:03 LFO filter wobbles

    17:17 Filter drive - filter burn and fattening

    17:26 A word on filter key tracking

    17:44 High pass filter

    17:57 LPGs / Low Pass gates - what are they? How do they work? What’s unique about them?

    19:29 Percussive LPG set up

    20:32 Alternate ways to use the LPG

    Comb Delay

    20:52 Comb Delay set up and explanation

    21:13 Karplus Strong Synthesis - what is it? Set up and sounds.

    22:30 Using modulation for chorus / flanger like sounds



    22:53 LFO functions - rate, shapes, sync/reset, positive and inverted negative outs.

    23:26 Clock sync-like effects with the reset input

    24:17 A basic look at uses of normal and inverted LFO outputs used in a patch

    24:58 Decay shape - falling envelope like shape

    25:23 Step up 3 and 4, Step up and down

    25:44 Smooth random - the secret sauce! :) … using it to create drift, “life” and an organic moving base texture to patch around.


    26:44 ADSR, set up, patch, inverted outputs

    UTILTIES aka the real magic of a synth!


    27:56 Mixing oscillators pre-filtering

    28:31 Mixing CV modulation for more complex interesting and animated modulation

    29:14 Mixing unit “offset” voltages

    30:18 Modulating modulators

    30:40 Chaining mixer channels for up to 4 channel mixing

    Lag Processor

    30:58 Lag processor - slew, lag, glide, portamento - what is it?

    32:08 Using the lag processor as a second low pass filter

    32:41 Creating more fluctuating smooth random voltages

    Scale & Amp

    33:24 Scale & Amp as attenuators or VCAs

    33:41 Modulating modulation depth with VCA and making the classic fading vibrato modulation

    34:55 Using the MIDI / sequence inputs or controllers to create velocity dependent modulation depths

    Clock, quantising, sequencing, function generator and oscilloscope

    36:01 Building a quick sequence

    36:32 Creating sequencer patterns, controlling the range and quantising

    36:59 Gate pattern sequencing

    37:18 Changing sequencer step length

    37:52 Clock 1 - a bonus LFO!

    38:32 Clock 2 - with modulatable clock multiplication

    38:45 Clock 2 - freeze / on/off control

    39:31 Using the lag processor with modulated clocks for complex LFO shapes

    40:05 Sequencer reset

    40:28 Sequencer Curve output as a modulation source

    41:03 Using an offset to transpose a sequence

    41:39 Quantizer 2 - quantising LFOs for arpeggios

    42:03 Function generator overview

    42:26 Sample and hold S&H - making stepped random voltages

    42:47 Sample and hold - LFO inputs for stepped LFO movement

    43:16 Min/Max for audio processing

    43:55 Onboard FX - building a sequence to demo the FX


  • Chaos Theory - Eurorack Modular ambient


    like the universe, a space of endless possibilities ~
    patch notes below


    hermod ~ rings ~ clouds ~

    All sequencing done in Hermod

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  • Modular Piano Music ~ Eurorack Ambient


    Another example of the Mangrove oscillator being able to emulate real acoustic instruments with some help from the ER301 and modulation... I am experimenting with downsizing to 6U thanks to monome and my newly acquired ER301. It feels good to pare everything down to favorites+essentials and be just as inspired by the secret world of modules. Sometimes less is definitely more...


    Mannequins Mangrove - “piano” voice
    knob clock positions:
    formant @ 11
    barrel @ 1
    air @ 1:30
    air attenuator @ 1:30

    formant out to er301 in 1

    ER-301 sound computer
    Ch1 (input mangrove) is Linear VCA controlled by ADSR - Ladder Filter Out 1 to mixer - reverb from BAM
    Ch 2 white noise going to Rings IN

    Ansible (grid)
    TR 1 - Ornaments and Crime TR in 1
    TR 2 - ER301 Gate 1 (triggering ADSR)
    TR 3 - Rings strum

    Ansible (arc)
    TR 2 - Frames FRAME
    CV 1 - Just Friends intone
    CV 4 - Frames input 1

    Ornament & Crime - Quantermain mode
    CV source is turing machine

    Out A - Mangrove 1v/oct
    Out B - Ring 1v/oct
    Out C - Tides 1v/oct

    Just Friends (cycle.shape)
    2n - Rings position
    3n - Mangrove AIR
    5n - Ansible (grid) IN high

    Out 1 - Morphagene gene size

    Tides - bass voice
    Out to mixer - reverb from BAM

    Rings - high texture voice
    (quad, first mode)
    L + R out to Clouds

    knob positions:
    position @ 9:15
    size @ 10:30
    pitch @ 12
    density @ 11
    texture @ 3
    L + R out to Morphagene

    Reverse real speed
    settings change throughout video
    L + R out to mixer - reverb from BAM

  • Clarity Ambient Modular Synth Performance


    'clarity' for modular synth... on a rainy day in los angeles

    patch notes:


    Squarp HERMOD sequencing 3 synth voices:
    1. Intellijel PLONK
    2. Mutable Insruments PLAITS

    TIDES on Green mode modulating STO and MANGROVE volume with outputs 1 and 3 respectively

    uO_c on Quadraturia quad LFO mode
    A. MANGROVE Formant
    B. MANGROVE Barrel
    C. -
    D. TIDES Shift (to modulate between STO and Mangrove voices on the lead)

    MARBLES modulating PLONK Tone
    Make Noise MORPHAGENE reverse loop mixed in SOS
    Whimsical Raps THREE SISTERS processing PLAITS through Low, STO / MANGROVE through Centre, PLONK through All
    Strymon MAGNETO for delay
    MSCL for sidechain compression
    MERIS MERCURY 7 for reverb

    1U QUADRATT serving as PRIMARY MIXER for modular system:
    1: Plonk Volume
    2: Plaits Volume
    3: STO/Mangrove Volume (via Tides Smoothness from null to noon)
    4: Morphagene Loop (via SOS)

    Subscribe for more synth and tape videos, and follow me here:

    instagram: @harkmadley

    Check out my latest ambient album 'stream', calm ambient synth music meant for meditation, yoga, cooking, sleeping, studying, walking, thinking, etc.

    thanks for listening to my ambient synth music!!

  • Quarantine Day 2 | Modular Pajama Jam


    Stuck inside for quarantine, so here's a modular pajama jam!

    - Acid Rain Technologies Chainsaw
    - Make Noise STO
    - Mutable Instruments Warps (crossfading between STO's variable and sub outputs)

    - WMD Crater
    - WMD Crucible (through Alright Devices T-Wrex)
    - WMD Chimera
    - WMD Fracture
    - ALM Akemie's Taiko
    - SSF Quantum Rainbow

    - Make Noise QPAS
    - Make Noise Erbe-Verb
    - Make Noise Mimeophon
    - Alright Devices Chronoblob 1
    - Alright Devices Chronoblob 2
    - Mutable Instruments Ripples
    - Mutable Instruments Shelves
    - Worng Sound Stage

    - Mutable Instruments Veils
    - Mutable Instruments Yarns
    - Mutable Instruments Stages
    - ALM Pamela's New Workout
    - ALM Beast's Chalkboard
    - Omiindustries Dual Shift Register (sequencing Chimera and Fracture)
    - WMD Metron
    - WMD Voltera
    - WMD Arpitecht
    - WMD MSCL
    - Make Noise Maths
    - mxmxmx Ornament & Crime (quantizer mode)
    - Transient Modules 8S
    - Korg SQ-1

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  • Music with Modular #1 : Microtones 101


    First installment on a new series about practical musical applications of modern modular synthesizers.

    Some links:

    Xenharmonic Alliance Facebook Group:

    Xenharmonic wiki:

    Please consider supporting this channel :

    Stay Noisy!

  • RAINY DAY AMBIENT JAM with Korg Volca Keys & FM


    Jamming with my Korg Volca Keys. There are mistakes here an there of course, but it's spontaneous.
    The arpeggio is made by the Volca FM, while the ambient drone was previously created from a recorded sound using PaulStretch.
    I also used Valhalla Shimmer.

  • Live Jam #102 - Melodic exploration - Eurorack modular synthesizer and Arturia Beatstep Pro


    Unfold for more info!
    A short melodic session with a simple looping sequence and some live played low drones.

    If you are still interested in obtaining one of the 50 tape's, or a digital version of the 100th Live
    Jam release, please visit my bandcamp:

    If you want to be part of my project, support future video's and receive special patron bonuses, such as free mp3's of all my livejam's, please visit:


    Stuff used:
    Arturio Beatstep pro and Eurorack modular synthesizer with:

    Doepfer: a-118, a-119, a-124, a-143-4, a-148, a-156, a-160-2, a171-2
    Erica synths: Black wavetable VCO
    Expert Sleepers: Disting MK4
    Intellijel: Dixie II, uFold, Quadra, 2xTriat , Linux, mult
    Malekko heavy industry: Unity mixer
    Make noise: MMG, Lxd
    Mutable instruments: Clouds, Peaks
    MFB: Dual LFO
    Synthrotek: Echo, Deluxe power
    Tiptop Audio: BD808
    Diy: Quad attenuator

    Audio via the Mackie 1202vlz4 mixer to a Moto Ultralite MK3 hybrid.
    External effects: T.C electronics M350 for reverb

  • Superbooth 2018 Day One - Expert Sleepers


    Andrew demos the new USB MIDI host module FH2 from Expert Sleepers. The FH2 makes interfacing with your DAW or midi devices a snap. Full set of configurable parameters accessible through handy webpage. Looking forward to receiving these in our store soon

  • How I Use IT The Eurorack Module Series EPISODE 1 Featuring: Mutable Instruments Rings


    This series will go over musical uses of the modules that i have. I will give examples of how i tend to use my modules. Hope you enjoy feedback is greatlly appreciated.

  • Modular Field Trip Ep. 03 - Valley Textures with Telharmonic, Mutable Instruments Rings and Clouds


    For today's field trip, Wilma took us to the Columbia Gorge for some sunrise atmospheres centered around the Clouds. Patch Notes below

    Follow my Instagram for weird posts and even more nonsense! @annnannie


    TEMPS UTILE - Providing generous clock, modulated by Dixie II in LFO mode.

    CLOUDS - Processing Rings, modulated by dixie II and West Coast Random

    RINGS - Processing Mother 32 in Sympathetic String mode

    TELHARMONIC - Receiving pitch from Mother 32's KB output, sending P to Mother's ext. in and H to Rosie's Return input.

    MOTHER 32 - Providing Modulation and Melodic Sequencing. Sequencer tempo is controlled by Temp's CH. 6 in Euclidean mode.

    EFFECTS //
    Strymon Blue Sky - Reverb

    MXR Carbon Copy - Delay

  • Modular Jam #23 - SunriseAmbient 3a 90bpm


    Update (2018-01-23): This track appears on my album Assorted Ambient Compositions - Vol. 1 on Bandcamp. W00t! Check it out at:

    Update (2017-12-11): I've just released an album under the moniker Neolithic Ceremonial Headdress. It's pretty great. You can check it out at:

    Another chill ambient piece recorded on my back patio as the sun crested the treetops. About halfway through you'll see the sun hit. Glorious, am I right? Patch notes below. Enjoy and carpe diem!

    Patch notes:
    I'm using a simple but flexible ambient patch I've been refining. I think this patch could serve as a great basis for a lot of ambient and drone work.

    The DPO serves as the only sound source. The Wogglebug's stepped output plus a slow LFO ire sent to Maths channels 3 and 4 respectively. The sum and or outputs of Maths are then sent to the Ornament and Crime in Quantermain mode (quad quantizer) whose A&B channels control the 1V/Oct on each oscillator of the DPO.

    The DPO's Final output is sent to a 2hp filter and the sawtooth wave from oscillator 1 is sent to the MakeNoise MMG.

    Both filters are output to the MakeNoise Morphagene, which provides some background layers as the piece progresses. The Morphagene starts pitched up an octave and down an octave at various times. A splice is recorded and rerecorded periodically with a trigger from Pamela's Workout.

    The Morphagene outputs are summed and sent to the MakeNoise ErbeVerbe, whose output is sent to the final mix.

    The sine output of the second oscillator of the DPO is sent to Optimix, whose LPG is opened and closed with an envelope from channel 1 of Maths, triggered by a random-ish trigger from the Wogglebug and'd with a trigger from Pamela's Workout.

    The output from the Optomix is sent to the Chronoblob, with the Send and Output being sent directly to the final mix.

  • 3 Modules #1: Maths, STO, Rings


    My eurorack setup looks like this:

    Disregarding the 1U row, there are 10 separate modules. This means that there are a total of 120 different three-module combinations possible with my setup. In this video series I intend to explore each and every one of those combinations.

    To start it all off: Here’s a drone piece featuring Maths, STO and Rings. I’m using a feedback loop through Rings, which is in «sympathetic strings» mode, over a low drone from the STO. And, of course, Maths provides some complex modulations of the sounds.

    Patch illustration:

    In principle, each patch will consist of only the three modules in the given combination. HOWEVER, the 1U row is «fair game». Some combinations may necessitate mixing, attenuation or an input clock signal, and this is why I won’t count the bottom row of utilities as separate modules. I’ll be happy to take requests as to which combinations to try out next.

    Thanks for watching!

    The series overview spreadsheet can be found here:

    Feel free to request upcoming module combinations from the overview in the comments!

    Check out the #3modulechallenge for more 3 module patches!

  • Volca jam for Jamuary 2018: day 1


    “Jamuary” is a yearly event where people upload short music jams every day throughout the month of January. This submission is for January 1st.

    Korg Volca Sample + Retrokits RK-002 + Korg Monotron Delay
    Korg Volca Bass
    Korg Volca FM + Zoom MS-70CDR
    Korg Volca Keys + GFI System Specular Reverb V2
    Arturia Beatstep Pro
    Arturia Keystep
    Retrokits RK-004
    Behringer XENYX QX1002USB

    Recorded with iPhone 7.
    If you have questions about how everything (Volcas, effects, controllers) is connected (power, audio, MIDI), check out this video:

    Download our music:

    Follow us for frequent clips and updates:

  • How I Patch // tiny ambient modular patching process


    Finally, here is one of my patch, I don't know if it's a tutorial or not. Excuse my poor langage, I'm French. Thanks for listening and viewing.

    // instagram //

    // my first EP with Rural Sounds label //

    // link //
    modulaire maritime case & modules

    // modules
    - MI
    Marbles Rings Plaits Clouds (uBurst) Ears
    - Make Noise Morphagene
    - Modulaire Maritime Victor Alpha I
    Hyrlo Ooots
    - Dreadbox multiple

    no external processing

  • Spring in Blue | Eurorack Modular Ambient


    Taking a break from recording to...record. Got a new, better tripod and I wanted to try it out.

    This one is inspired by lingering feelings from winter.

    Eurorack and Audiothingies P6.

    Patch notes:

    Audiothingies P6 into Pittsburgh In/Out, multed to:
    - Mutable Instruments Clouds (looping delay mode, 3rd quality setting, no feedback or delay...acting as sort of a bit-shifting filter with tape hiss and reverb)
    - Doepfer A-189-1 (first mode) into Mannequins Three Sisters into Make Noise Erbe-Verb
    - Optodist into Alright Devices Chronoblob Delay

    Mutable Instruments Rings (modal synthesis mode, monophonic, Brightness down around 10 o'clock, Damping around 3, Position around noon, Structure around 10:30)

    Mutable Instruments Rings (non-linear string mode, quadriphonic, Brightness around 3, Damping around 3, Position around 1, Structure around 10) into Intellijel Polaris (LP mode A) into second Mutable Instruments Clouds (same mode as the other Clouds).
    - Rings in is being fed by Mutable Instruments Clouds on CLOU
    - The CV from the sequence is running through Make Noise Maths Channel 1, which is being used to add slew/glide.
    - FM of Polaris is being modulated by Qu-Bit NanoRand in stepped random mode.

    Korg Electribe 2 to Vermona QMi2 MIDI to CV.


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  • Structures Ambient Eurorack Modular Synth


    'Structures' for 2 voice Modular Synthesizer

    Music theory is one of my passions. One of my favorite concepts that I learned while studying jazz guitar in college is Upper Structure Triads. Upper structure triads are a way of extending the notes in a chord by superimposing a related triad on top of it. For example, in this piece, I have one voice using only the notes in a C# minor triad: C#, E, G#. To open the harmony up and add richness, you continue adding thirds on top of that chord, here those notes are B, D#, F#. Looking at this three notes alone you notice they make up a B major triad. There we have it, using the upper structure triad of B major superimposed on a C# minor triad to paint a beautifully suspended-minor mood. This concept can go as far as you want to take it. Another thing I like to do is consider any normal scale with 7 notes. Remove the least important note, now you’re left with 6, and divide those 6 notes into 2 groups of 3 anyway you want. Experiment and appreciate the beautify of music theory.

    Make Noise DPO sequenced by MARBLES, quantized with Arpitect
    Mutable Instruments PLAITS sequenced by uO_c on Quantermain mode
    All voices processed by Whimsical Raps THREE SISTERS filter and Strymon MAGNETO delay.

    ***LATEST RELEASE: Cambria Sessions: A Tidal Meditation
    download the album:

    Climate change is the greatest threat our generation and future generations may face. We must step up in our individual lives and in our policies to confront it.

    *** Check out my 2019 ambient album 'stream', calm ambient synth music meant for meditation, yoga, cooking, sleeping, studying, walking, thinking, etc.

    *** my eurorack modular system:

    Subscribe for more videos, and follow me here:


    thanks for listening!!

  • Suzanne Ciani On Modular Synthesis & The Buchla 200e | Composer Magazine


    Suzanne Ciani gives an in-depth demonstration of how she composes using the Buchla 200e for our latest Composer Magazine feature.

    See our previous features here:

  • Rainy Day Modular #3 - Zvex Lo-Fi Junky, Temps Utile, Moog Mother 32


    texture for echoing strings...

    Follow my antics on Instagram! @annnannie

  • Rainy day modular synth improv.


    Rainy day modular synth improv.

  • Gleeman Pentaphonic on a rainy day


    No external effects - Pure Gleeman

  • Modular #1 Shades Eurorack ambient


    Eurorack modular newbie patch.
    No post process ! Headphones are better.
    Patch notes to come

  • a glorious blue between storms // ambient drone improvisation, eurorack modular & cassette tape


    a live performance in one take. an ambient drone improvisation for modular synthesizer, monome grid, cassette tape, effects, and field recording. gentle music for winter weather.

    it's been mostly cold and gray where i live; intermittent rain showers and chill winds. yet every now and then, the clouds vanish entirely, and the deepest, palest winter blue fills the heavens. i wanted to put all that loveliness into a song for two projects this week: disquiet junto 0258 and weekly beats 49. (

    i recorded four long rhodes and juno 106 improvisations to tape in advance, then played them throughout the piece with the mt4x faders. this was my first time using the cassette deck as an instrument and not just as a recording endpoint. on the modular synthesizer side of things, the monome grid is used to play melodies via earthsea, controlling a mannequins mangrove oscillator running into the three sisters filter, and then into mutable instruments clouds for granular fx. from there, it went out to the strymon delay and reverb pedals. another channel of the modular played back the rain sounds via the music thing radiomusic at far right.

    this song isn't identical to the recorded version on soundcloud, as i didn't have time to film that session before the weekly beats deadline. but this video does show the same process.

    you can listen to the original on soundcloud:

    recorded for weekly beats 2016 #49 and disquiet junto 0258. december 12, 2016.
    #monome #isms #tape

  • Haiku Nº 01 - Oceans Away // Reflections and Modular Meditations - Self Generation


    Reflections of one,
    the ocean deep in thought,
    noise to pass the time

  • Modular Field Trip Ep. 1 - Tidal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings, & Moog Mother 32


    tidal ambience to soothe the shaking sea,

    Took the station wagon, Wilma (Wilma Wagon) out to the beach today for some nice ambient patching. This will be the start of a new series, each episode with a new natural wonder, each with a new patch and each episode featuring Wilma. Enjoy!

    Follow my instagram!! @annnannie

    This Patch’s Secrets:
    ***Power was graciously received from Wilma Wagon’s battery and a power inverter. Audio was recorded with a Scarlett 2i2, and some DI boxes.
    // Key Pings: Moog Mother 32
    LFO Rate is randomly controlled by its own assignable output
    Sequencer is randomly reset at random intervals also from its assignable output.

    // Drone: Rings
    Rings is receiving Mother 32’s KB output for the v/o
    Intellijel Dixie II in LFO mode is controlling Ring’s Structure CV using the sine wave output
    Ring’s is being strummed by Mother 32’s LFO Square Wave
    Brightness is controlled by Mother 32’s VCO Pulse Wave
    The triangle wave output from Dixie ii attenuated by Triatt is controlling the Position CV.
    Mother 32’s triangle wave is attenuated then sent into Rings frequency CV for a very small amount of vibrato.

    // Effects
    The Mother 32’s output is being fed into a Boss ME-50 which supplies heavy amounts of reverb and delay. It is also run through the JHS Alpine and then into a second delay, the MXR Carbon Copy.

    Rings output is being sent though into Ocean Verb set in Shimmer mode. The mix is 75% Wet output.

    Faintly in the background is the natural audio captured by the camera’s mic. This is unaffected.

    Follow my Instagram! @annnannie

  • Woodstock 1 - Eurorack Modular Generative Ambient


    Triple Sloths

  • Rainy Resonance - Eurorack Modular


    Patch Notes:
    Intellijel uVCF in self oscillation modulated by random hits on the Dixie LFO for water drops. MakeNoise MMG with a slightly out of sync Function for the rising tone. Simple 4-note melody from DPO sequenced by Rene. Delay courtesy of Memory Boy.

  • LMS: Moog Mother-32 Course Overview


    Getting into modular synthesis by starting with a Moog Mother-32? The Learning Modular Synthesis introductory course for the Mother-32 is now online. It starts with the basics of using the synthesizer, sequencer, and patchbay portions. Then it moves onto my favorite part: moving the Mother-32 into a Eurorack case and patching in additional oscillators and envelopes, including how to use attenuators, multiples, and mixers.

    The introduction video is posted here; the full course is at Two more movies – an overview of connecting and playing the Mother-32, and one on sequencing with glides and repeats (ratchets) – are free to all visitors; the rest require a subscription. If you don’t already have one, you can use the link to sign up and they will not bill your credit card for 30 days while you try out the service and sample as many courses as you like – including my other Learning Modular Synthesis courses. (You can also access the course through LinkedIn Learning:

  • Rainy night ambient Eurorack Modular music...


    Mutable instruments braids 4msDLD Dual looping delay intelligel Metropolis 20bpm Eurorack Modular synth

  • Modular Session 1


    My first recording on my home-built modular rack!

    All circuits are by Ray Wilson from Music From Outer Space.

    PCBs and panels made on CNC router using Convertio, Diptrace freeware version, Flatcam, bCNC, Front Panel Designer, and Easel.

    Modules so far:

    Micro Sample and Hold (S&H)
    Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
    Wave Freaker
    Voltage Controlled 12 db Filter (VCF)
    Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) [unused]
    Envelope Generator (EG) [unused]
    Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO)
    Delayed Modulation Module (LFO, EG, VCA in one)
    Voltage Controlled Echo Module
    Audio Mixer

  • Haiku Nº 06 Latitudeº // Elements, Rings, & Clouds,


    Watching the weather,
    Shifts forward then back again,
    Sipping on the rain.
    - Self Generative Version of Latitudeº Feeling the warmth from this patch in the increasingly cold weather..



    Bass / Chords ~
    - RINGS // in Sympathetic String Chord Mode sending audio to Lo-Fi Junky.
    - Brightness and Damping Modulated by Voltage Block
    - Receiving pitch from Voltage Block

    Lead Voice ~
    - STO // sine wave out processed by Clouds.
    - Receiving pitch from Voltage Block

    Clicks & Percussive Grains ~
    - ELEMENTS // processed by Three Sisters Formant mode High and Centre inputs and outputs.
    - Receiving pitch from Voltage Block

    Voltage Block The Brains ~
    - Clocked by Intellijel Dixie II
    - Modulating sound sources and Three Sisters
    - Providing Pitch

    Make Noise Rosie in the Output Stage

  • Modular in the Bush - Tower Hill - battery powered eurorack


    can you power a case full of eurorack modular gear on a battery? YEP.
    Should you do it on a kinda rainy day? noooo...
    But I tried.
    Here I've dragged out some gear to a place about 400 km west of Melbourne, and in a mad rush due to the weather recorded a jam on my Zoom Q4. It was also an experiment in seeing how melodic I could get with a rack full of drum orientated modules.

    Plan is to do more of these, but with a little more forethought, and in better weather...
    Hopefully ;-)



    - LINKS and STORES -
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    © Music Copyright 2019 Mattia Cupelli

    --For the LICENSE to use my tracks please contact me on my email or facebook page-profile.Thanks--

    #MattiaCupelli #ElectronicMusic #AmbientMusic

  • Let go .. Modular ambient with Rings, Mother 32 & Telharmonic


    First video with my modular! 2 main voices (Mutable Instruments Rings & Moog Mother 32) with additional noise by Make Noise Telharmonic. Focus on textures and movement.


    Voice 1:
    M32 (VCO Pulse) - Unity Ch1 - LxD (6dB) - M32 (Mix) - Clouds

    Voice 2:
    Rings & Telharmonic (N out) - Unity Ch2 - LxD (12dB) - M32 (Mix) - Clouds

    Maths modulating Clouds & Rings
    Maths providing enveloppes for LxD
    M32 sequence is going to O&C, is quantized and octave-shifted and back to M32
    Temps Utile striking LxD
    O&C clocked by Temps Utile

    Big up to these artists for their awesome & inspirational work:
    ♥ ann annie
    ♥ Emilie Sprague
    ♥ Lightbath
    ♥ Marcus Fischer
    ♥ r beny
    ♥ Taylor Deupree

  • nostalgic jamuary 2020 // modular , minilogue xd


    Jamuary session with some modular stuff and Minilogue XD

  • Outside Jam with Small Eurorack System


    Dawless jam with Squarp Hermod,Nebulae2 ,Zdsp,Magneto,Rings Clouds,Basimilus Iteritas Alter,Elements,Qpass,Batumi, Cwejman VM-1, JPSynth Stereo mixer

  • Pamir // Novation Summit, Modular & Argon8


    First patch with the Novation Summit in a clam and rainy day,
    Hope you enjoy it

  • Modular Jam w Pittsburgh Modular SV-1, Mutable Instruments Braids and Rings + Softube Modular


  • Korg Volca Modular - American Musical Supply


    Order Your Korg Volca Modular Synthesizer Now at AMS!

    A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before.

    Creating new sounds that don’t exist in the outside world is an unending dream which has continued since the birth of electronic musical instruments. This dream has evolved and expanded throughout the development of new and unique music production devices.

    The popularity of modular synthesizers around the world has generated new excitement and interest in the so-called West Coast style of synthesis that deviates from traditional synthesis norms.

    The compact body of this volca synth features eight modules and 50 patch points. While learning the basics of a modular synth, you can use popular features of the volca synthesizer line to control a unique and different flavor of analog sounds.

    An analog synth composed of modules

    Eight modules
    The volca modular is a semi-modular synthesizer consisting of independent analog synth modules, digital effects, and a sequencer. Each of the modules has been carefully selected for its stand-alone completeness. The modules are internally connected so that sound can be produced even before connecting the included pin cables, and the routing is shown by white lines on the panel. Module connections via a pin cable take priority over the internal connections, bypassing them.

    SOURCE: This consists of a triangle VCO carrier and a modulator. The complex overtones generated by FM modulation are sent through a wave folder circuit to add additional overtones, producing a distinctive sound. This module is important in determining the basic character of the sound of volca modular.

    FUNCTIONS: This section consists of two function (envelope) generators. In addition to an ADH generator with attack, hold, and release, there's a Rise-Fall generator, also known as a slope generator, which not only applies time-varying change to the sound but also lets you patch the end trigger out back into the trigger in as a loop, making it usable as a VCO or LFO.

    WOGGLE: This is a random signal generator containing a sample & hold circuit that uses pink noise as its source. Two outputs are provided, allowing it to output either stepped or smooth random noise.

    SPLIT: This module distributes one input to two outputs. It can also be used in the reverse direction, combining two control or audio signals into one.

    DUAL LPG: This consists of two low-pass gate circuits. Typical of the West Coast style of synthesis, the module packages a filter with an amp, allowing the brightness and volume of the sound to vary together.

    UTILITY: This is a mixing scaling module that combines two signals in various ways. It can mix not only audio signals but also control signals, as well as inverting or attenuating those signals.

    SPACE OUT: This is a stereo module that applies a reverb-like effect to the audio signal.

    SEQUENCE: This module is for connecting to the internal sequencer. You can set the tempo, and select different rhythm divisions to output via the gate counter.

    Find Your New Gear at

  • Lluvia de Mayo | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer


    [Patch notes below]
    Check out Almanacs website for more music:

    April 30th,
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras

    This is the first rain of the year after one year of drought in my country, I wanted to make a small track to celebrate it.


    Main melody with Rings, lead provided by Plaits, both being processed by Clouds. The Behringer Neutron is providing the bass drone and also serving as modulation source and attenuator/mixer for Plaits & Rings.

    External Effects: Zoom MS-50G, MS-70CDR & Behringer Vintage Delay pedal.

    Field recording of rain: Tascam DR-05

    Sequencer: Ableton Live with some midi randomizations.

    Mastering: Waves J37 + Izotope Ozone Elements



  • Octatrack & Modular - Full Track #1


    Octatrack playing drum samples and sending midi to Mutable Instruments Yarns. Bells and chimes are from MI Rings driven by Arpitect into Roland Demora Delay and Cursus Iteritas through Befaco Spring reverb. Joystick tweaking cutoff/resonance after Rings. Minibrute keyboard broke so it got chopped off and now it gets its midi from Octatrack too.

    Multi-track recorded into Ableton for some comp/EQ/reverb/delay

  • Drone music: BD 1


    Drone music. From the album One.

  • #jamuary2019 Day 3 // chill eurorack & minilogue jam


    For this jam I started with a chord sequence on my minilogue, added some drums with my modular and jammed over the minilogue sequence.

    That's pretty much all, I don't think that it will be the best of jamuary :P


  • Moogfest 2018 - Modular on the Spot, Moogfest | Eurorack Modular Synthesizer


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    Moogfest 2018 (live edit)
    Modular on the Spot
    Durham, NC
    May 19, 2018

    Patch notes archive available through Patreon rewards:

    All hardware performance/improvisation recorded straight to 2-track and mastered Premiere with compression and eq. This performance is an edit of the full 36-minute set available exclusively on Patreon.

    I'm so grateful to have been a part of Moogfest 2018. It was great to hang a bit with lightbeams Emily Sprague, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Sean Hellfritsch and to see some cats—like Waajeed and Jamire Williams—from my 'past life' as a guitarist in NYC. Thank you to Yoga After Dark and Modular on the Spot for having me.

    It was an honor to play another MotS event, this time alongside Rodent, Peter Speer, Sarah Belle Reid, Jake Pugh, Jerry Kaba, and Lee Coleman. As with my first MotS experience, the vibe was one of immense support. It was so much fun to lead the audience through some air guitar moves. Truthfully, I don't know how that happened, but I'm glad it did. Thanks to all who participated!

    And lastly, it was great to meet some of you IRL after my set. I also finally got to meet Richard Devine and talk shop (thanks to his wife and family for giving us some time to do so). Many thanks to Iain Smith for helping to cart my gear up the hill to the car.

    Listen on Soundcloud →
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    Eurorack case - 7U x 104hp:
    Eurorack modules:
    The thing with all the buttons:
    BAM + BIM (Reverb + Delay):
    Pelican 1560 sc:
    Pelican Air 1535:
    Audio Recorder:
    Video Software:


    Ryan Kunkleman
    Guy E White
    David Knight
    sergio borges
    ashique subhan
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    Alice Noll
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    kenny andrew
    Marco Hediger
    Kris Keyser
    Fredric Isler
    Joshua Christenson
    Brian Danos
    Eric Kuehnl
    Bill Piyatut H.
    Pascal Jaeggi
    Sergey Potanin
    Jose Maria


    Hi, my name is Bryan Noll and I make music as Lightbath. My primary instrument is the modular synthesizer, but I also play other synthesizers, guitar, and a few other things. For more info visit my website:

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    Thanks for watching, listening, and sharing!

  • Ambient Modular Vocalizations #1 | Eurorack Ambient


    My first patch with my new Make Noise CV case. Sampled a MIRings/MakeNoise STO sequence I recorded the other day into the Morphagene running through MIClouds and Intellijel/Cylonix Rainmaker. Very slow LFO is modulating the slide on the Morphagene. Vocal improvisation utilizing the external input on the case into the Morphagene and again into the Rainmaker. Enjoy!

  • Winter Sessions: Episode 3


    Modular jams for this winter, from this winter.

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