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Playlist of Rainy Day Modular #1

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    Rainy Day Modular #1 - Moog Mother 32, Minilogue, Volca Sample, Eurorack


    Listen to the rain,
    it slowly falls like voices
    upon a deep sky

    Check out my instagram! @annnannie

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    Rainy Day Modular #2 - Minimal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings & Mother 32


    Sound resonating within the atmosphere, full of rain. An organically inspired patch.

    - JHS alpine + Earthquake Devices Avalanche Run
    - Korg SQ-1 is providing clock and pitch for Rings.
    - Sputnik Modular WCRS strumming Rings.
    - Noise and bass from the beautiful Moog Mother 32

    Instagram: @annnannie

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    Rainy Day Modular #3 - Zvex Lo-Fi Junky, Temps Utile, Moog Mother 32


    texture for echoing strings...

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    Clarity Ambient Modular Synth Performance


    'clarity' for modular synth... on a rainy day in los angeles

    patch notes:


    Squarp HERMOD sequencing 3 synth voices:
    1. Intellijel PLONK
    2. Mutable Insruments PLAITS

    TIDES on Green mode modulating STO and MANGROVE volume with outputs 1 and 3 respectively

    uO_c on Quadraturia quad LFO mode
    A. MANGROVE Formant
    B. MANGROVE Barrel
    C. -
    D. TIDES Shift (to modulate between STO and Mangrove voices on the lead)

    MARBLES modulating PLONK Tone
    Make Noise MORPHAGENE reverse loop mixed in SOS
    Whimsical Raps THREE SISTERS processing PLAITS through Low, STO / MANGROVE through Centre, PLONK through All
    Strymon MAGNETO for delay
    MSCL for sidechain compression
    MERIS MERCURY 7 for reverb

    1U QUADRATT serving as PRIMARY MIXER for modular system:
    1: Plonk Volume
    2: Plaits Volume
    3: STO/Mangrove Volume (via Tides Smoothness from null to noon)
    4: Morphagene Loop (via SOS)

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    instagram: @harkmadley

    Check out my latest ambient album 'stream', calm ambient synth music meant for meditation, yoga, cooking, sleeping, studying, walking, thinking, etc.

    thanks for listening to my ambient synth music!!

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    Chaos Theory - Eurorack Modular ambient


    like the universe, a space of endless possibilities ~
    patch notes below


    hermod ~ rings ~ clouds ~

    All sequencing done in Hermod

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    breathe into // ambient modular w/ Rings, Peaks, Clouds, Plaits...


    washing over, waiting softly,
    to breathe into..
    (patch notes below)


    Clouds ~
    - In Granular Mode, texturizing and shimmering Rings and Plaits
    Rings x2 ~
    - receiving pitch from Hermod in Polyphonic mode, breathing into Clouds
    - Sub / Kick drum, triggered by Hermod
    Plaits ~
    - Self Triggering, mixed into Clouds
    Ornament & Crime ~
    - Running Piqued , using long AD envelopes for Modulation
    Varigate 4+ ~
    - Triggering o_C

    Pamela's New Workout ~
    - Clocking Varigate 4+ & Hermod

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    forest drop ~ ambient modular w/ Plaits, Marbles, Cloud


    second modular ambient patch in the greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes. Rainy and cold day, I got sick because of this improvisation. Thanks to friends who helped me for the setting.

    extract from my first ep greenhouse

    patch note below //

    [patch note]

    ~ Plaits as audio source, inharmonic strings and harmonic oscillator thru µBurst in looping delay
    ~ Marbles as sequencer and lfo for modulation (position and texture of µBurst and morph of Plaits)
    ~ I use dreadbox attenuator as output

    no additionnal effect
    Canon 2000D and 200D for the film
    case by Modulaire Maritime

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    Rainy Days Trip-hop beat


    In this video you will see a couple of features and limitations of Korg Electribe ES-1 mk2. It is not a complete 'how to' video but you can still find some neat tricks in it. There is also a performance at the end.

    If you wish to skip the tutorial part and jump straight to performance click ▸ 3:32

    The samples I have used are these amazing post-rockers:
    ▸i am no hero - Sunny days (Underwater Cities) -
    and the absolutely legendary:
    ▸Tool - Eon Blue Apocalypse (Lateralus)

    HAURU intro animation by Michal Zglinicki.

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    The Magnetic Sea // Eurorack Modular Ambient


    The Strymon Magneto is here. This is what it sounds like when you feed it 2xRings and 2xPlonks

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    Haiku Nº 01 - Oceans Away // Reflections and Modular Meditations - Self Generation


    Reflections of one,
    the ocean deep in thought,
    noise to pass the time

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    Eurorack Ambience // Movement


    movement through wind, reflection of sound -
    eurorack ambience for a returning breeze. . .

    Patch notes:
    - 2 Rings struck by Voltage Block one flowing through the Clouds and Lo-fi Junky, both mixed by Optomix
    - Elements controlled by Voltage block
    - Plonk breathing layers of noise upon clouds
    - Tides bringing in and out sources for modulation.

    Sequenced by Voltage Block and Ornament and Crime, clocking from Intellijel Dixie II and Voltage Block.



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    morning call // modular x novation peak


    bouncing along...
    (best with headphones)
    patch notes below !

    IN FRAMES @annnannie

    patch notes//

    VOICES ~
    synth keys - Novation Peak
    hi-hat & kick - mutable instruments peaks
    rim - 2hp bell
    snare - rings
    glisten - rings through morphagene
    low drone bass - mangrove
    bell lead - 2nd rings
    *both rings in easter egg mode

    sequenced with hermod
    clocked by pamela's new workout
    clouds providing mixing and a small amount of reverb
    modulated by ornament_crime

    control: doboz xiio -- mangrove & manual tuning of osc 2, 3 - novation peak

    captured by canon 60D w 50mm f1.4 lens. recorded and mastered in logic pro.

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    Spring in Blue | Eurorack Modular Ambient


    Taking a break from recording to...record. Got a new, better tripod and I wanted to try it out.

    This one is inspired by lingering feelings from winter.

    Eurorack and Audiothingies P6.

    Patch notes:

    Audiothingies P6 into Pittsburgh In/Out, multed to:
    - Mutable Instruments Clouds (looping delay mode, 3rd quality setting, no feedback or delay...acting as sort of a bit-shifting filter with tape hiss and reverb)
    - Doepfer A-189-1 (first mode) into Mannequins Three Sisters into Make Noise Erbe-Verb
    - Optodist into Alright Devices Chronoblob Delay

    Mutable Instruments Rings (modal synthesis mode, monophonic, Brightness down around 10 o'clock, Damping around 3, Position around noon, Structure around 10:30)

    Mutable Instruments Rings (non-linear string mode, quadriphonic, Brightness around 3, Damping around 3, Position around 1, Structure around 10) into Intellijel Polaris (LP mode A) into second Mutable Instruments Clouds (same mode as the other Clouds).
    - Rings in is being fed by Mutable Instruments Clouds on CLOU
    - The CV from the sequence is running through Make Noise Maths Channel 1, which is being used to add slew/glide.
    - FM of Polaris is being modulated by Qu-Bit NanoRand in stepped random mode.

    Korg Electribe 2 to Vermona QMi2 MIDI to CV.


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    Arcology | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer


    Download all my music, join Club Lightbath on Discord, and get patch notes and one-on-one lessons through my Creative Mentorship program →

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    October 31, 2017
    Arcosanti, AZ

    I had the fortune of visiting Arcosanti for a few days and meeting some wonderful souls while learning about architect Paolo Soleri's vision of the city as an organism for the transformation of the individual and evolution of the species. It's an inspiring place, and while there, I took the opportunity to create a mandala piece ( and this modular piece shot on top of The Vaults at sunset.

    Learn more about Arcosanti →


    Detailed patch notes archive available through Patreon rewards:

    Live performance multitracked on Zoom F8 and mixed in Logic with compression, eq, and effects.

    This patch is my current performance patch, sans effects. After completing the mandala piece I had less than an hour before sunset and the light was already fading. So I packed up, grabbed my synth and camera gear and headed to the highest point at Arcosanti—the roof of The Vaults. To save time I decided to go Eurorack-only, no external effects. Compositionally, I had zero prep. I just turned the system on, quickly tuned, and went for it.

    Listen on Soundcloud →
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    Eurorack case:
    Case stand:
    Eurorack modules:
    Monome Grid:
    Audio Recorder:
    Video Software:
    Music Software:


    Hi, my name is Bryan Noll and I make music as Lightbath. My primary instrument is the modular synthesizer, but I also play other synthesizers, guitar, and a few other things. For more info visit my website:

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    Thanks for watching, listening, and sharing!

    #eurorack #ambient #arcosanti

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    Woodbine | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer


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    July 22, 2017
    Live in Ridgewood, Queens

    This is a live set I played at a house party (rained-out rooftop party) in Ridgewood, Queens on July 22nd, 2017.

    Detailed patch notes archive available through Patreon rewards:

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    Eurorack case:
    Case stand:
    Eurorack modules:
    Monome Arc:
    Video Software:


    Hi, my name is Bryan Noll and I make music as Lightbath. My primary instrument is the modular synthesizer, but I also play other synthesizers, guitar, and a few other things. For more info visit my website:

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    Thanks for watching, listening, and sharing!

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    Dulcinea | Eurorack Modular Ambient


    Song/patch inspired by Don Quixote. First uses of Moog Mother-32 and Mutable Instruments Warps.

    Patch notes to follow.

  • desc

    Haiku Nº 07 - Cordillera // Two Rings, Clouds & Mangrove


    parallel peaks hush,
    listen to the wind and trees,
    echoes to rest by
    ~ from the album Cordillera.
    patch notes below..

    Cordillera - bandcamp:
    instagram: @annnannie


    high and mid melody //
    - two rings pitched by voltage block processed by clouds

    drones //
    - mangrove processed by three sisters
    - clouds in looping delay mode

    ambience //
    - provided on cassette with a tascam porta ii
    Ch. 5 & 6 used live for the modular

    utility //
    - varigate 4 as clock source
    - triatt as a mixer
    - ornament and crime to quantize
    - rosie as an output stage

  • desc

    Modular Field Trip Ep. 1 - Tidal Ambience with Mutable Instruments Rings, & Moog Mother 32


    tidal ambience to soothe the shaking sea,

    Took the station wagon, Wilma (Wilma Wagon) out to the beach today for some nice ambient patching. This will be the start of a new series, each episode with a new natural wonder, each with a new patch and each episode featuring Wilma. Enjoy!

    Follow my instagram!! @annnannie

    This Patch’s Secrets:
    ***Power was graciously received from Wilma Wagon’s battery and a power inverter. Audio was recorded with a Scarlett 2i2, and some DI boxes.
    // Key Pings: Moog Mother 32
    LFO Rate is randomly controlled by its own assignable output
    Sequencer is randomly reset at random intervals also from its assignable output.

    // Drone: Rings
    Rings is receiving Mother 32’s KB output for the v/o
    Intellijel Dixie II in LFO mode is controlling Ring’s Structure CV using the sine wave output
    Ring’s is being strummed by Mother 32’s LFO Square Wave
    Brightness is controlled by Mother 32’s VCO Pulse Wave
    The triangle wave output from Dixie ii attenuated by Triatt is controlling the Position CV.
    Mother 32’s triangle wave is attenuated then sent into Rings frequency CV for a very small amount of vibrato.

    // Effects
    The Mother 32’s output is being fed into a Boss ME-50 which supplies heavy amounts of reverb and delay. It is also run through the JHS Alpine and then into a second delay, the MXR Carbon Copy.

    Rings output is being sent though into Ocean Verb set in Shimmer mode. The mix is 75% Wet output.

    Faintly in the background is the natural audio captured by the camera’s mic. This is unaffected.

    Follow my Instagram! @annnannie

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    Durham Preparation | Ambient Eurorack Modular Synthesizer


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    Durham Preparation
    May 14, 2018

    Patch notes archive available through Patreon rewards:

    All hardware performance/improvisation recorded straight to 2-track and mastered Premiere with compression and eq.

    This piece happened as I was preparing for Moogfest. I had discovered a new approach of sending Marbles' X3 to Rings while sending its paired trigger, T3 to Peaks' bass drum. It's nice how when the pitches coming out of X3 are repeated, Rings doesn't retrigger, but the bass drum does. It makes for a nice variation.

    Can you find the part of my Moogfest set that uses this approach? It's the same technique, but a different result:

    Listen on Soundcloud →
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    ✶ GEAR ✶

    Eurorack case - 7U x 104hp:
    Eurorack modules:
    BAM + BIM (Reverb + Delay):
    Audio Recorder:
    Video Software:


    Ryan Kunkleman
    Guy E White
    David Knight
    Curtis Baigent
    sergio borges
    ashique subhan
    Paul Boechler
    John Schussler
    Ryan Blum
    Michael Manning
    Bryce Poole
    Ryan Crowther
    Patrick Scully
    Joe Lowery
    Dave Casey
    Arushi Jain
    Rachel Alex Crist
    I don't know, like a butt or something.
    Matt Jones
    Daniel Hubbert
    Daniel Dale
    Will Pragnell
    Jarret Clement
    Ilia Onic
    Damon Barbieri
    Alice Noll
    Chris ONeal
    Ian Guisard
    Valentin DVL
    kenny andrew
    Marco Hediger
    Kris Keyser
    Fredric Isler
    Joshua Christenson
    Brian Danos
    Eric Kuehnl
    Bill Piyatut H.
    Pascal Jaeggi
    Sergey Potanin
    Jose Maria


    Hi, my name is Bryan Noll and I make music as Lightbath. My primary instrument is the modular synthesizer, but I also play other synthesizers, guitar, and a few other things. For more info visit my website:

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    Thanks for watching, listening, and sharing!

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    Rings & Clouds - Eurorack Ambient Patch Tutorial #1


    The first in my series of eurorack ambient patch tutorials - learn some good starting points for what are probably the most commonly used modules in ambient - Rings and Clouds.

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    Parasites Firmware -

    #eurorack #ambient #tutorial

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    Modular Monday 180521


    Another rainy day patch

  • desc

    Pipe Dreams | Eurorack Ambient


    Ambient piece with eurorack modular and Audiothingies P6 synthesizer. Patch notes upon request.

    Sort of a lost video...I thought I had lost any good takes I had of this patch, recorded a few weeks ago. Found this one tonight.

  • desc

    Modular Tips: Sequencing eurorack with the Korg SQ-1


    A look at some basic ways to use the Korg SQ-1 to sequence a eurorack modular synth.

  • desc

    Modular Étude #1 | LFO, Disting, Rings


    An experimental self-generated patch using LFO, Disting and Rings

  • desc

    in view // guitar tape loop x ambient modular ~ w/ rings, clouds, morphagene


    - within view -
    (patch notes below)

    in frames / @annnannie
    by transcription /


    sequencing //

    ~ Hermod
    CV - rings (x2)
    2 voice polyphony

    ~ Pamela's new workout
    Providing clock and modulation

    voices //

    ~ guitar
    tape loop

    ~ shimmering voices
    rings - morphagene - clouds

    production //
    ~ Captured w/ blackmagic design ursa mini 4.6k x Canon 50mm f1.4 USM in ProRes 422, colored and edited in Final Cut Pro X, audio production in Logic Pro X, recorded with Tascam Porta Two -- Scarlett 2i2.

    - 2019 ann annie -

  • desc

    tape loop x modular // self-generative ambient


    upon the trees...


  • desc

    Blade Runner Theme w/ Moog Mother 32 Minitaur, OP-1 Volca Kick. Custom Eurorack Case


    Blade Runner Theme Vangelis w/ Moog Mother 32, Minitaur, OP-1, and Volca Kick. Mutable Instruments Braids & Warps not hooked up yet. In custom Eurorack case.

    Custom Eurorack case from:

  • desc

    rainy modular


    Analogue synths having a conversation in the rain

  • desc

    Modular Synthesis with Moog Mother-32 and Werkstatt-01


    Check out exclusive Mother-32 BUNDLES at Kraft Music:

    Will from Kraft Music explores some of the possibilities that are opened up by using the Moog Mother-32 and Werkstatt-01 synthesizers together in a modular fashion. Will creates an entire composition using some creative sound design and multitrack recording into Ableton Live.

    Intro to Moog Synths :28
    Ableton Live Integration 3:14
    Mother-32 Sequencer 3:57
    Patching in the Werkstatt 6:34
    Tracking into Ableton 19:38
    Hi-Hat Sound Design 22:21
    Kick Drum Sound Design 31:36
    Snare Sound Design 41:48
    Playing in a Lead Line 50:20

    Want to learn more about Mother-32?

    The Moog Mother-32 is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that can function on its own or within a larger Eurorack modular system. Mother-32 combines classic Moog analog sound with sequencing and extensive interconnectivity. 32 modular patch points offer complex synthesis options and connection to external modules.

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    Modular ambient but using only passive modules


    Modular ambient using only passive eurorack modules.

    Modules used: Bizmuth, Strymon aa.1, Meng Qi Please Exist 2, Make Noise MULT, Erica Synths Pico Switch, 42, Brighton Modular Meet blind panel.

    Happy April Fools Day!

  • desc

    Eurorack Modular Synthwave


    Drink The Corpse Vomit presents Rings Ritual 1. An unholy furrow. Worship at the foot of the inverted attenuator. Simple synthlines going into Mutable Instruments Rings and Braids, Intellijel Atlantis.

  • desc

    Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV1 & Eventide Space


  • desc

    Modular cinema #1


    Just wanted to show off the deep-sounding capabilities of the Mother-32.
    2x Moog Mother-32
    Mutable Instruments Elements (1:00)
    2x Expert Sleepers disting mk4 (wave multiplier algo)
    ValhallaDSP Vintage Verb
    Logic stereo delay

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    - LINKS and STORES -
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    © Music Copyright 2019 Mattia Cupelli

    --For the LICENSE to use my tracks please contact me on my email or facebook page-profile.Thanks--

    #MattiaCupelli #ElectronicMusic #AmbientMusic

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    Modular Ambience - Ornament & Crime, Rings, Clouds, Telharmonic, & Mother 32


    Quick afternoon ambience centered around Ornament & Crime and Temps Utile. Finished filling my case with liquid TV! (maybe expanding to a full video synthesis system someday..) Can you name that 80's Sci-Fi film? Patch notes below..

    Check out my Instagram!! There might be surprises :) @annnannie


    Temps DAC (t_m) -- o_C -- Rings -- Clouds

    Mother 32 -- Lo-fi Junky
    Telharmonic -- Mother 32 ext. in

    *Clocked by Temps Utile (Also sending random pitch to o_C)
    *Attenuated by Intellijel Triatt
    *Modulation from Intellijel Dixie II
    *Make Noise Rosie in the Output Stage

    Reverb - Earthquake Devices Avalanche Run
    Delay - Ibanez DDL & Delta Labs Effectron III
    Shure M67 Mic Preamp - Grit

    No post processing other than leveling.

  • desc

    Modular Field Trip Ep. 03 - Valley Textures with Telharmonic, Mutable Instruments Rings and Clouds


    For today's field trip, Wilma took us to the Columbia Gorge for some sunrise atmospheres centered around the Clouds. Patch Notes below

    Follow my Instagram for weird posts and even more nonsense! @annnannie


    TEMPS UTILE - Providing generous clock, modulated by Dixie II in LFO mode.

    CLOUDS - Processing Rings, modulated by dixie II and West Coast Random

    RINGS - Processing Mother 32 in Sympathetic String mode

    TELHARMONIC - Receiving pitch from Mother 32's KB output, sending P to Mother's ext. in and H to Rosie's Return input.

    MOTHER 32 - Providing Modulation and Melodic Sequencing. Sequencer tempo is controlled by Temp's CH. 6 in Euclidean mode.

    EFFECTS //
    Strymon Blue Sky - Reverb

    MXR Carbon Copy - Delay

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    colorful trees ~ ambient eurorack modular // Mutable Instruments Plaits, Marbles, Clouds


    is a modular improvisation, performed and filmed at the Erdre house in Nantes in April. A Japanese-inspired garden in early spring, peaceful sound of a semi-rainy weather. Thanks for listening.

    patch note below //

    [patch note]

    ~ Plaits as audio source, chords recorded thru µBurst in looping delay mode (medium melody emerging) and inharmonic strings for melody.
    ~ Marbles as sequencer and lfo for modulation
    ~ Clouds (µBurst) as effect
    ~ Dreadbox attenuator for mixing

    no additionnal effect, mix on Cubase 10
    Canon 2000D for the film

    Thanks to my friends Nathan and Eric for coming to help me.

  • desc

    Rainy Day Jam / sam barsh


    sam barsh

  • desc

    Blossom // Mannequins Mangrove, Three Sisters, Rings, Clouds, Tides


    a deep mangrove flowing through looped clouds.
    Patch Trails below...


    Drone ~
    - Tascam Porta II playing tape loop

    Bass ~
    - Rings pitched by Voltage Block

    Bells ~
    - Rings processed by clouds pitched by 2hp TM quantized by Ornament and Crime.

    String Sound
    - Mangrove processed by Three Sisters and Clouds. Modulated by Tides also creating minimal percussion.
    ~ using the Tascam as a mixer, with Ch. 5 & 6 being used for the live modular input. The beginning tape loop was sampled from a drone based upon the wonderful Mannequins Mangrove.

    instagram: @annnannie

  • desc

    Will the Rain Ever End | Eurorack Ambient


    Just keeps on raining!
    Mutable Instruments Rings on strings. Mutable Instruments Tides on bass. Doepfer Dark Time and Microbrute sending sequences. Molten Voltage Master Control providing midi clock. Recorded in one take to the Zoom H5 recorder. No effects or processing.

    Free Download:

  • desc

    Rain Day


    And just like that, summer is over. I’ve been working on this patch based on the Disting wavetable VCO algorithm (K1 for those keeping track) as the weather turns cool and wet again. Perfect weather for modular exploration! I found a bunch of wavetables from Adventure Kid, loaded them onto the SD card, and away I went! I’ll be exploring them in greater detail, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to discern any difference between the several dozen wavetables on offer. Time spent playing with them and observing them through DATA’s scope will hopefully provide some insight and payoff. The main sequence for the first part is provided by quantized CV from René and actualized by the Disting mk4. The wavetable is being swept by the SUM output of Maths, which consists of a slight negative offset from channel 2, the unquantified CV from René on channel 3, and a slow envelope from channel 4. Disting responds with two audio signals: the morphing waveform and a square wave at one octave below the main output. The morphing output is split off and sent into both the mixer and the FREEZ, with all three (sub, morphed and FREEZ output) mixed down and sent to the VCA, where I can choose the raw output or the output with an envelope from the 2hp ADSR. I’m playing the keyboard here again, the sound is pure Moog Mother 32 loveliness. I had a sequence set up here in case I wanted to play around with other stuff while Mother was doing her thing, but I never ended up using it. About halfway through, I bring int he E330 in FM mode, its depth slightly modulated with an LFO from Mother. This is sent to the VCA and enveloped by Maths. Its sequence comes from the unquantified CV from René run through the Disting mk2 quantizer. Grids and Pico drums take care of the percussion. I’m using some classic Yamaha samples, which always sound nice. The accent outputs are routed to the X-MOD and Y-MOD inputs on René for some added interest in the sequences. towards the end I play a little bit with René’s keypad, but while it can sound really cool, I have a hard time making smooth transitions. I love René, but this is my biggest gripe with it. I saw with great interest today the announcement of the new René. I’m not putting it on the list, but I’ll be keen to see whether any of its performance issues are addressed. I have Googled around a little bit for what I’m talking about but no real luck, so I’m left wondering if it’s just me, haha! Thanks for watching/listening/subscribing, you’re the best!

  • desc

    Amnion - Modular Synth Ambient Music Video Glitch


    Ambient music made with eurorack modular synthesizer, Folktek Resonant Garden, and some outboard effects.

  • desc

    Evergreen - Hermod, Rings, Plaits & Clouds


    returning for the spring ~
    please use headphones :)
    patch notes below...

    Instagram: @annnannie

    Hermod ~
    - Sequencing and Modulating
    Rings (x2) ~
    - High Voices
    Mangrove & Plaits ~
    - Low Voices
    Clouds ~
    In Looping Delay Mode, processing Rings
    Ornament + Crime ~
    - Modulations

  • desc

    Modular #1 Shades Eurorack ambient


    Eurorack modular newbie patch.
    No post process ! Headphones are better.
    Patch notes to come

  • desc

    Modular Field Trip Ep. 04 - Road Trip w/ Mutable Instruments Rings & Clouds, + Ornament & Crime


    Today's field trip consists of 4 different locations in 4 different states. After two weeks of traveling, the pieces finally are together. Everything you see was played live. Patch notes and Location jumps below...

    **Patch notes and location jumps below**
    Follow me on instagram! @annnannie

    00:00 - Skidmore Bluffs (Portland, OR)
    02:11 - City of Rocks (Idaho)
    04:01 - Goblin Valley (Utah)
    05:48 - Old Snowmass (Colorado)


    - CHIMES//
    Rings — Clouds — Lo-Fi Junky

    Mother 32 — Clouds

    - Temps Utile Providing Clock
    - Ornament + Crime in Quantermain mode Providing Pitch and Modulation

    ** To those of you who helped me finally leave my beautiful city, thank you. May our paths cross again in better times.

  • desc

    Generative in the grass w/ Constant Shapes


    Within the park...
    spring has sprung

    IN FRAMES //


  • desc

    modular shades #03 | feat. rings / vcf 74 / lo-fi junky / borderlands


    Modular Shades #03 on a rainy sunday feat. Mutable Instruments Rings / VCF 24 / ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky

    Mutable Instruments Rings
    Even Out / VCL VCF 74 / 4MS DLD Input 2 / Clouds
    ODD Out / ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky / 4MS DLD Input 1 / Clouds

    4MS DLD (3:00 in loop mode)
    Send Return / Dreadbox Gamma (VCA Filter)

    Intellijel Dixie 2 / Dreadbox Lamda

    Background Noises / Voices / Strings
    Borderlands Granular (Ipad)

    Sequencer: Arturia Beatstep Pro

    For the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers.

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    Modular Essay #4: One Noisy Mother32


    I started out by exploring the 'random' assignable output from the Moog Mother 32, and pushing the limits of how much I could use it in one patch. A little audio-rate LFO providing frequency modulation to the VCO and the VCF, combined with using the sequencer to control things it normally doesn't (such as filter resonance), produced seemingly random sounds with little connective tissue.

    Since this turned out pretty percussive, I added some drum and bass from a PO-32, and used the Volca FM for some background ambience. I have my qualms with the Volca FM - that 3-voice limitation on an FM synth is frustrating - but being able to play multiple 16 step patterns in succession and at 1/4 of the tempo was instrumental (hah!) in playing friendly with other equipment without resorting to a separate clock divider. It's not all modular, but it's nice to not have to resort to modular *all* of the time.


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    Rainy night ambient Eurorack Modular music...


    Mutable instruments braids 4msDLD Dual looping delay intelligel Metropolis 20bpm Eurorack Modular synth

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    Sébastien Léger - Christmas Modular Live Session


    used in this patch:

    Sequencer: Intellijel Metropolis (Rings lead), Make Noise Rene (Bass), Mutable Instruments Grids (Shaker/WoodBlock), 4ms Quad Clock Divider
    VCO: Mutable Instruments Rings (lead) & Braids (strings), Intelljel Dixie II (bass)
    FX: 4ms Dual Loop Delay, XAOC Devices Kamieniec (6 stages phaser), Qu Bit RT60 (reverb)
    LFO: Erica Synths, XAOC Batumi
    Mixer: WMD Perfomance Mixer, Intellijel Dubmix
    Transpose: Make Noise Pressure Point, Frequency Central Trans Europa, Intellijel Unity Mixer.

    No computer has been used for this performance (apart from recording)



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