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Playlist of Pura Fé

  • Pura Fe - My people My Land - clip


    New Album 2015 : SACRED SEED Out on January 27th 2015 !
    Title : My People My Land
    keep in touch on
    Dist. Harmonia Mundi / MDC
    #Pura Fé

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  • Pura Fé - Summertime HQ


    A stunning cover of Gerschwin's song

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  • Pura Fe - Roots/Find The Cost Of Freedom


    Pura Fe from her 1995 release Caution To The Wind. This is Roots/Find The Cost Of Freedom. Check out her bio & album info on MusicMakers & her home site:

  • Pura Fé - Hard Time Killing Floor


    Pura Fé covers a Skip James song on her latest album Full Moon Rising.

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    Pura Fe: gran cantante y guitarrista, una representante de la cultura indígena norteamericana de folk-rock de la tribu Tuscarora de North Carolina.

  • Pura Fe - Great Grandpas Banjo - Live Native American Music


    Pura Fe performs a capella on loop pedal - Written in honor of her great grandfather.

    Che chegahweh chegahwah che eejheh cha
    Che eejheh chajah che eejheh chajah che eejheh chajhah cha-gwhee-oo-n banjoo-ko ahnah
    Heh ee eh heh ee eh hee hoo heh-hah

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  • Pura Fe-Home


  • Pura Fé & Rhiannon Giddens - Mahk Jchi - Native American music


    Pura Fé (Tuscarora) & Rhiannon Giddens (Ocaneechi) of Carolina Chocolate Drops perform Native American music at UNC Chapel Hill's Sounds of Globalism Festival on April 2009.

    Mahk Jchi lyrics written by Pura Fe'

    Mahk Jchi tahm booee yahm pigihdee
    Mahk Jchi tahm booee kahn spehwah ehbi

    Mahmpi wah hoka yi nonk, tah hond tahni kihyee tiyee
    Ghee weh meh yee-tiyee, Nanka yaht yah mooniyeh wahjhiseh

    (English translation)

    Our hearts are full and our minds are good
    Our ancestors come and give us strength
    Stand tall, sing, dance and never forget who you are
    Or where you come from

  • Pura Fe - Ulali - Grandma Easters Lullaby - Native American Music A Capella


    Pura Fe performs Grammah Easter's Lullaby with the singers of Dark Water Rising and Layla Rose Locklear at the River People Music Festival.

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  • Pura Fe: Great Grandpas Banjo


    Pura Fe performs Great Grandpa's Banjo Live in Germany at theLeverkusener Jazztage this past November.

  • Pura Fe with John Trudell - Wild Seed


    Last tune of Pura Fe's Show, she is joined by John Trudell for a special version of his song Wild Seed

  • Pura Fé Alhambra True Freedom


    05 Février 2015
    Dans le Cadre du Festival Au Fil des Voix

  • Pura Fé - Shakori Hills Festival - Pick and Choose


    Pura Fé performs Della Blackmon (Pick & Choose) at the Shakori Hills Festival in N.C. The song is written about her great aunt Della who was murdered by the Klu Klux Klan in North Carolina in the early 1900s.

    From the album: Follow Your Hearts Desire:
    Della Blackman married a white man
    Who lived on the other side of town
    Her husband had friends
    That disapproved of the marriage
    They wore white hoods
    Saying Klu Klux Klan

    Aunt Della was told
    To forget about her ancestry
    She denied her mama's blood was red as the land
    If she would ever see her family or people
    Della was warned to walk on by

    You've got to pick and choose in this world
    There's a right and wrong
    You gotta know it in your heart
    But when the time has come
    Creator will do what is done
    But until then you've got to pick and choose

    One day a postcard came in the mail
    A family picnic, she was invited to
    Della was warned that she had better not go
    Well, what do you think this woman did do?

    Aunt Della remembered the strength of her family
    Yeah, the singing, laughter, and mama's love she missed
    Therefore she said, I'll be damned if I don't! I'll go
    Pack up my bags and see my folks!

    To get to the picknick, Della walked through the woods
    She heard footsteps of the living dead
    Aunt Della started to run, screaming to her family
    But no one heard the final warning had come
    A group of angry men violated Della and
    Left her in the woods, hard to identify
    When her family got the news,
    They summoned all her people
    In silence they carried her body home.


    Della Blackman, was buried with her people
    Many who'd been taken down from the land
    Everyday you'd see her husband standing by her grave,
    As if he were the ghost and Della had been saved!

  • Pura Fe Follow Your Hearts Desire


    A slideshow of the artist, Pura Fe', with images of members of her tribe, The Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina.

    Follow Your Hearts Desire is the title of the song.

  • Pura Fe - My People, My Land - Native American Music ACapella


    Pura Fe' sings with several other young native ladies including Charly Lowry, Brittany Jacobs, Ciera Dial Locklear, (members of the group, Dark Water Rising) and Layla Rose Locklear, at the River People Music and Culture Festival at UNC Pembroke, NC. Pura Fe' wrote this song to unify the tribes throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.

  • Pura Fé Trio & Justin Robinson - Sea of Love


    Pura Fé Trio & Justin Robinson (of Carolina Chocolate Drops) perform live in Durham, N.C. The live album is now available on iTunes at:

  • Pura Fé 6-29-12


    a moment of euphonic bliss that makes it all worthwhile

  • Pura Fe - Mahk Jchi


    Pura Fe's vocals soar in the manner of early Joni Mitchell. Her slide guitar is haunting. This is a totally new twist on Mahk Jchi & is a stunning musical treat! Originally released on Full Moon Rising, this is from the compilation album, The Rough Guide to Native America. Enjoy.

    Lyrics & Translation thanks to Ptay.MakaNahimana:
    *Mahk jchi tahm buooi yahmpi gidi Mahk jchi taum buooi kan spewa ebi Mahmpi wah hoka yee monk Tahond tani kiyee tiyee Gee we-me eetiyee Nanka yaht yamoonieah wajitse

    *English Translation: A hundred years have passed Yet I hear the distant beat of my father's drums. I hear his drums throughout the land. His beat I feel within my heart. The drum shall beat so my heart shall beat. And I shall live a hundred thousand years

  • Dreamlike. Featuring Pura Fé


    The prequel to my first album

  • Pura Fe: Summertime


    Pura Fe and the Music Maker Blues Revue perform Summertime Live in Germany at the Leverkusener Jazztage this past November.

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  • Pura Fé Trio Live - Hard Time Killing Floor


    Pura Fé Trio perform Hard Time Killing Floor during a live recording in Durham, NC. This album is now available on iTunes at:

    New lyrics by Pura Fe':

    Hard Times are here and everywhere you go
    Times are harder than ever been before...
    Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmm. hmmmmmm.

    You know, people they're shoppin from door to door
    While others they ain't got nothin, but ole hard time killing floor...
    Hmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm...

    War and it's men, they don't ever change
    Desecrate the land and women, decorate in the blood of babes...
    Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm... Hard time killin in Darfur!

    Earth shakes, Thunder rains, her flood ocean floor
    What you take out the ground, she'll burn dry and melt a hot globe!
    Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm... the smell of the world that burns, Hard time killing floor

    Say you got money, well you better be sure.
    Cause the debt we owe, we pay heaven, lay down your body, heart and soul...
    Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm... oh you got to pay heaven when you get to her door...

    Well, if I ever get up from this Hard time Killin floor,
    Gonna help brothers and sisters of the world, no matter where they come from
    Hmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm... when I get up off this ole hard time killin floor...

  • Mahk Jchi written by Pura Fe of Ulali as sung by Dark Water Rising


    Performance at Muddy Creek Music Hall on January 30, 2016. A beautiful Native-American song, that is also written in the Tutelo language. This language was spoken by Native Americans in the regions that is now known as Virginia and West Virginia. Our hearts are good. Our minds are full. We should sing and dance and never forget where we come from.

  • Huasos Pura Fe gala casa de la cultura cuadro LATINO Colombia


  • Pura Fe Trio - Red, Black on Blues - River People Music & Cutlure Festival


    Pura Fe Trio perform Red Black on Blues at the River People Music and Culture Fest, which showcased Native Americans from North Carolina.

    Red, Black on Blues
    Written by Pura Fe'

    Oh Afrika washed up chains on these shores
    Sailed Indians back over to the Ole Ivory Door
    The trade of these stolen people from these very stolen lands,
    Was a stolen tribal trade connection, song and paddle, sand to sand

    Red and Black shared the trade water ten thousand years long before
    Anglo-Spanish slave ships learned the magic current flow, shore to shore
    Ancestral path wind songs, followed star, sun and moon
    Mapped cross these waters to the crossroads of Red, Black on Blues

    Chorus (Tuscarora canoe song and Amazing Grace)

    N'awleans, Mardi Gras Indian, Delta fife and drums of Yazoo
    Chicago, Texas, Piedmont, field hollerin, chain gang paying dues
    Dixie, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, Rhythm and Blue suede shoes
    Tears that trail the railroad under and war clubs of Baton Rouge

    Cry Bee Bee, Hendrix and Jessie Ed's guitar croon
    Carries the voice of the Indian War Song and Stomp Dance tune
    Back to the old soul connection, paved the way by ancient canoes
    The call of Afrika singing them ancient Blues

  • Pura Fé - Home


    Home - Written by Pura Fé; from Promotional CD Love Like Mine
    Performed by Pura Fé & Derek Miller

    In these hard times I pray

    This is the last time I come back to this here earth place
    Peace and purpose you got to draw from within
    Connects me to other worlds where I begin

    Pulling me adorn a familiar light
    Reminds me that love is not far from sight
    Where are you in all this chaos and human pain
    Relieve me from what feels so insane

    Love, well I'm dreaming your way
    When my time is up I'll be coming home with you to stay
    Love here on earth and on the other side
    It's where your family awaits for our loved ones to arrive

    Youre gone... sun would never meet the dawn
    Like a shadow in the endless night
    Find me. don't you leave this earth without thee
    Like a ghost chasing you through time

    Roaming searching yearning longing for loving you
    Don't care what galaxy this time I'm coming through
    I know your spirit and in every way that you move
    Cause you're my soulmate and I'm calling home to you

    Your eyes I do recognize
    It's a familiar joy
    Your eyes from another life and time
    Yes, it's a familiar joy

  • Pura Fe - Mahk Jchi


    Our hearts are full and our minds are good
    Our ancestors come and give us strength
    Stand tall, sing, dance and never forget who you are
    Or where you come from - Mahk Jchi

  • Pura Fe - Going Home/Stomp Dance


    Pura Fe with Going Home/Stomp Dance from the Music Makers release, Follow Your Heart. She is backed by The Deer Clan Singers on vocals. Cool John Ferguson (of Captain Luke fame) and Willie Lowrey do guitar backup. Enjoy!

  • Pura Fé Trio - If I Was Your Guitar


    Pura Fé sings If I Was Your Guitar in Durham, NC, 2010: A live album is available at iTunes at: Cary Morin on Guitar, and Pete Knudson on percussion.

  • Pura Fe´ talks about the Indian Blues


    Pura Fe´ talks about southeastern Indian music and the Native American Blues.

    With her voice soaring, foot stomping, this beautiful songbird transcends time and brings the message of our Ancestors who have sewn this beautiful seed, that makes powerful music.

    -Taj Mahal

  • Pura Fe Trio - Let Heaven Show


    Pura Fe Trio performs a reggae version of Let Heaven Show in Durham, NC - Aug. 21, 2010. This live album is available at iTunes at:

  • Pura Fe-If i was your guitar


    If i was your guitar i'd be the happiest woman alive...

  • Antiquarks feat. Pura Fé ● BORDERS ● Live Détours de Babel


    Antiquarks feat. Pura Fé (France-USA) ● BORDERS ● Live CIMN/Festival Détours de Babel 2014
    Border (musique et paroles : Pura Fé Crescioni, arrangements Richard Monségu et Sébastien Tron)
    Cette création a été commandée et produite par le Centre International des Musiques Nomades (Grenoble - 38) dans le cadre du Festival Détours de Babel 2014, en coproduction avec L’Heure Bleue (St-Martin-d’Hères - 38) et Coin Coin Productions/Cie Antiquarks (69), en partenariat avec Nueva Onda (34).
    This song is called Borders and it's about the networking of all the indigenous people in the western atmosphere from the top of Alaska all the way to Chile and the little islands on the sides.
    We are one family, from the same family tree.
    And today, we are now becoming together again.
    So this song is in honor of all the people and the ancestors.
    Pura Fé
    _We didn't cross the borders.
    The border crossed us !
    Cette chanson s'appelle Borders (Frontières) et parle de la mise en réseau de tous les peuples natifs des Amériques, du haut de l'Alaska jusqu'au Chili, y compris les petites îles de chaque côté du continent.
    Nous sommes une famille, d'un même arbre généalogique.
    Et aujourd'hui, nous sommes de nouveau réunis.
    Cette chanson est en l'honneur de tout le peuple et des ancêtres.
    _Pura fé
    _Nous n'avons pas traversé les frontières
    La frontière nous a traversé !
    Richard Monségu & Sébastien Tron
    Pura Fé : chant
    Richard Monségu : chant, tama, tambourin
    Sébastien Tron : vielle à roue électro, piano, pédalier, timbalès, choeur
    Jean-Claver Tchoumi « Chouchoubass »: basse, chœur
    Guillaume Lavergne : guitare électrique, claviers, mélodica, cloche, choeur
    Julien Lachal : clarinette basse, saxophone ténor et alto,
    flûtes ethniques, accessoires
    Guillaume Chappel : batterie
    Pascal Pellissier : lumière & régie générale
    Pascal Cacouault : son face
    Raphaël Guénot : son retour

    Enregistrement son, prise de vue, montage : Palm Prod
    Mixage musique et réalisation : Sébastien Tron, Coin Coin Prod.
    Mastering musique : Pascal Cacouault, Coin Coin Prod.

    Festival Détours de Babel 2014, CIMN, L'Heure Bleue (38), Nueva Onda Productions, Houcine Haddouche – Collectif Filtrages, Denis Rideau, Chritophe Cadet, toute l’équipe de la clinique du Grésivaudan et les participants des ateliers complices, la MPT salle des Rancy, Fa Musique, Custom 77, Paul Wiel, la famille Cacouault, Guillaume Chappel, toute l'équipe d'Antiquarks et de Coin Coin Productions

    Pura Fé, Benoît Thiebergien, Jean-Hervé Michel, Sarah Battegay


    © CIMN & CCP 20I4

  • making-of album Sacred Seed Pura Fé FR&AN


  • Video Spotlight: PURA FE


    This is Pura Fe and her performance from the 8th annual Native American Music Awards from the Seminole Hard Rock Resort Casino in Hollywood Florida.

    This Renaissance woman is the founding member of the internationally renowned native woman's a capella trio, 'Ulali', and is recognized for creating a new genre, bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of the mainstream music industry.

    Vist Pura Fe on-line at:

  • Mantenerse A Pura Fe - Carlos Mostro Cortés


    Lyric Video de mi canción, espero a todos y les guste. Si es así deja un like y también si quieres déjame tu comentario. Música y Letra por mi. Les deseo mucha felicidad en estas épocas de navidad y un prospero año nuevo 2017.

  • Pura Fe live at the Parc Floral, Vincennes, France 28/06/2009


    Pura Fe live at the Parc Floral, Vincennes, France 28/06/2009

  • Pura Fé Trio - My Angel


    Pura Fe Trio perform My Angel from Full Moon Rising album. This album is available on itunes at:




  • Pura Fé Trio My Angel


    Some fantastic soul singing from Pura Fe'
    Pura Fe' - vocals, slide guitar
    Cary Morin - guitar
    Pete Knudson - beat box

  • banda pura fé una ves mas contrataciones-322-131-27-56


    de san jose el valle nayarit...

  • A Peso El Minuto - Banda Pura Fe


    •Tema: A Peso El Minuto
    • Interprete: Banda Pura Fé

    • (Letra)
    A un peso solo vale el minuto agarra el telefono & pideme perdon
    inventa la exscusa que quieras valdria la pena por salvar nuestro amor
    hablame por lo que mas quieras este mundo no vale la pena sin ti
    a solo un peso vale el minuto no cuesta caro para nuestro amor
    te costaria mucho mas perderme porque en mis labios tengo tu perdon
    te sigo amando con la misma fuerza mi corazon no te guarda rencor
    una disculpa creo que es suficiente & dar reinicio a nuestro nuevo amor
    a solo un peso sale esta llamada con un minuto salvas nuestro amor
    solo repite que en verdad lo sientes pero hablame esta noche porfavor.
    hablame por lo que mas quieras este mundo no vale la pena sin ti
    a solo un peso vale el minuto no cuesta caro para nuestro amor
    te costaria mucho mas perderme porque en mis labios tengo tu perdon
    te sigo amando con la misma fuerza mi corazon no te guarda rencor
    una disculpa creo que es suficiente & dar reinicio a nuestro nuevo amor
    a solo un peso sale esta llamada con un minuto salvas nuestro amor
    solo repite que en verdad lo sientes pero hablame esta noche porfavor.

  • If I was your guitar Id be the happiest woman .. - Pura Fé


    Magic Pura Fé! Such a great native american blueswoman with awesome guitar playing and touching vocals.
    From Hold the rain CD. The entire song's tittle is: If I was your guitar I'd be the happiest woman alive! Funny, isn't it? Enjoy!

  • Nishin - Kanatan Aski with Pura Fe


    Juno Nominee: 1994
    Kanatan Aski with Pura Fe
    Album: Condor Meets The Eagle

    Band Members: Marcos Arcentales, Luis Miagua, Luis Abanto, Antonio Maldonado, Fernando Hinojosa. With Pura Fe

    Special Guest: Pura Fe




  • Pura Fe - Duhngeh


    get thils music for free at Pura Fe - Duhngeh Pura Fe - Duhngeh Pura Fe - Duhngeh

  • Pura fe


    Provided to YouTube by Farolatino Music

    Pura fe · Carlos Sarabia

    Tu y yo

    ℗ 2017 3MusicMexico

    Released on: 2018-04-18

    C O M P O S E R_ L Y R I C I S T: Carlos Sarabia

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pura Fé Trio 6-29-12


    here is a nearly complete set list for the really hot 105 degree concert:

    LAKOTA JOHN - Reap What You Sow - Crossroads Blues - Charley Stone - flute mating songs - Crooked World Blues - San Francisco Bay Blues -

    LAYLA & LOCKLEAR FAMILY - Women Be Wise -




    PURA FÉ TRIO - Red, Black on Blues - Della Blackman / Pick and Choose - Hold the Rain - Borders - Flight Tonight - Mahk Jchi - Ole Mid Life Crisis - Witchi Tai To -

  • Pura Fe at Music Maker 25th Anniversary


    Pura Fe performing Borders at Music Maker 25th Anniversary

  • Pura Fe performs improv jam with Danny Godinez


    Native American performer, Pura Fe' & Danny Godinez improv at the end of Scarlet's Walk at the Shakori Hills Festival in Silk Hope, N.C.

  • Banda Pura Fe - Perdóname Mi Amor en el En Vivo Para Que Se Agarre La Banda Radio Web


    Un En Vivo mas.. ahora.. con una exitosa banda,, desde San Jose Del Valle Nayarit México Banda Pura Fe.. con su rola Perdóname Mi Amor



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