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Playlist of Punk rock in Yugoslavia

  • CBS: Pop Rock and Funk Records from Yugoslavia


    All music rights belong to their rightful owners. Please support the musicians and buy their music.

    In this episode of Coffee Break Sessions, I'm playing some of the records that I have been collecting over the last few months. During the lockdown, I've done quite a lot of online digging. As a result I've found some amazing records from the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania. Let me know if you guys enjoy this one. There's more to come!

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  • Folcvagen - Fotoaparat


    Obscure Yugoslavian Synth Punk and New Wave / Post Punk band from early 80's.Not On Discogs.

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  • Pauk-Mumije


    Cult Bosnian New Wave band from small town in Bosnia, zavidovići.Enjoy..

  • Morbidi I Mnoći - Put


    Someone removed channel where was this rare video, so I put this one again. amazing Yugoslavia Goth Rock similar to early-mid 80's Sisters Of Mercy in music and voice.

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  • Phantasmagoria - Boje


    Phantasmagoria is cult Croatian Goth Rock band formed in 1988, Zagreb. Great song from their second demo cassette.

  • Demolition Group - You Better...


    EBM /Experimental / Industrial / Industrial Punk / Art Rock / Minimal Electronics period from this cult band.

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  • D&N - Stvar Prosecna


    Obscure Yugoslav Alter /Pop Rock/New Wave project from 80's

  • Indust Bag - Psihoza


    Cult Slovenian Punk / Post Punk- Dark - Alter band formed in 1979. This period is pretty much similar to UK early 80's Post Punk wave , like UK Decay or some early Theatre Of the Hate stuff.

    Thnx Bayonet Massacre on this mid 80's Slovenian Post Punk masterpiece album !

  • Termiti - Vama Je Važno Da Love Bude


    Demo song from this cult firstwave Yugoslav punk band formed in early 1978.

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  • Žak Fatalist - Bijeg


    First and only Yugoslav No Wave-Post Punk/Proto Noise Rock band in Yugoslavia along with Šarlo /Early Disciplina Kičme

  • Boa - Jer ljubav je


    This song is one of my favourite from the masterpiece BOA album Ritam Strasti, and this is the opening track on the record. The Zagreb based BOA formed in the late 70s, and they were very popular in Yugoslavia, released 3 very good albums between 1981-1983.
    The song meaning: Because this is love.

  • Duh Nibor - Ruže


    Live from Kulušić, Zagreb (Now Croatia). Duh Nibor was Yugoslav Alternative -New wave band active from 1981 till 1985. They were one of the most perspective Yugoslav Alternative rock/ Darkwave bands , but they never actually recorded real cassette or LP.

  • Paraf-Odlazak


    Great song from their last album.Noone uploaded, so here it is.My fave song from zastave along with song Zastave..This one is far away from their classic punk roots but still with lots of energy and great sounds..

  • Dorian Gray - Grad


    First demo recordings of this cult Yugoslav-Croatian alternative-art rock-dark band from Zagreb founded in 1981.

  • Trivalia-Poreklo 1987


    Great song from this cult Serbian Goth Rock band from Niš, formed in 1986.

  • VA - Electronic Jugoton - Synthetic Music From Yugoslavia 1964 - 1989


  • La Card - ... Za Tebe


    Yugoslavian Synth Pop-Electro Pop from Serbia formed in 1984.On this photo is their singer Biljana Krstic, , their style is pretty much similar to Denis & Denis (Croatia) and Videosex (Slovenia) from the same time

  • Kaos-Cemu Sve To


    Kaos to legendarny zespół z Rijeki, założona w 1979-tym roku i działała do 1984 roku.

  • Kontraritam - Pesma Bez Imena


    Extremely rare but cool videoclip from the Novi Sad new wave band, Kontraritam! Look at their cool mixtured image: leather jackets and skinny ties and suits! Excellent stuff, enjoy!

  • Beogradska Devojka — Yugoslavia mixtape vol.1


    1. Trivalia — Sveta Zemlja-Sve Je Krenulo Nizbrdo 0:00
    2. Luna — Nestvarni Stvari 4:45
    3. Paraf — Javna Kupatila 7:55
    4. Idoli — Kenozoik 10:27
    5. Dobri Isak — Sinoc si sanjao da si pas 14:09
    6. Morbidi i Mnoći — Put 17:07
    7. Мизар — Дождот 21:27
    8. Avangarda — Apokalipsa 24:49
    9. Max&Intro — Beogradska Devojka 28:17
    10. Boxer — U Neko Doba Dana 31:00
    11. Phantasmagoria — Ja 34:42
    12. Paraf — Odlazak 39:06
    13. Data — Ne zovi to ljubavlju 42:17
    14. Padot Na Vizantija — Pouetok i kraj 44:05
    15. Idoli — Odbrana 51:53
    16. Pekinška Patka — Monotonija 54:57


    I don't own any rights to the songs in the video. This video is only for promotional and entertainment purpose and will be removed by request from the owners.

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  • Prljavo Kazaliste - ... U Ratu


    First ever written song by this Yugoslav Punk band from Zagreb. This song is recorded in late 1977/early 1978, but it was realised one year later in 1979 as a single. here on yt I found few uploads but with very bad quality which I cant stand , so here is greater version. Pure Proto hardcore Punk with strongly political and antisocial anti war lyrics..

  • Sindrom-Ljudske Nepravde


    ex yu, Croatian 80's Extreme Hardcore Punk band, enjoy..

  • Saraceni - Daj


    Cult Yugoslavian (Macedonia) Punk band from Skopje active from 1979 to 1982.They could be also considered as one of the first Yugoslav hardcore Punk bands in some elements.

  • Negra Bulbulija - Šo Baš Ja


    Early Bosnian New wave /Rock N Roll-Punk and Synth Pop Queen from Sarajevo.

  • Pankrti - Ubi če hočeš umret


    Pankrti were the one of the first punk bands in SFR Yugoslavia in the mid 70s, they formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1976.
    Their first recording was Lublana je bulana (Ljubljana is sick) released in 1978, and after they released their first LP Dolgcajt (Boredom) in 1980. Their first LP immediately became a cult album.
    This song (Kill if you wanna die) taken from their 2nd LP, Državni ljubimci (State lovers), released by ZKP RTL label in 1982.
    The record became the best rock LP in Slovenia at that time.
    The band split in 1987.

  • Pankrti - Za železno zaveso


    Another cool song from Pankrti's second LP Državni ljubimci (State lovers) from 1982.
    The song meaning: Behind the Iron Curtain.

  • Šund - Punk In...Slovenia


    First prototype of Yugoslav Hardcore Punk sounds along with their hometown brothers from the same town of Idrija( Kuzle ) , who played a faster style of punk (in some stuff, and also post punk sound in the other side)

  • Gregor Samsa - High In Sky


    Yugoslav Garage/Punk band from Zagreb active in the second half of the 80's, and early 90's till war.

  • Lublanski psi - TV - Večerna revolucija


    Lublanski psi was a punk band from Ljubljana, between 1979-1981.
    This song taken from the punk/new wave compilation, Lepo Je... from 1982.

  • Tamnichars - Still Love You


    Cult Yugoslav Alternative / Punk Rock band active from mid-late 80's

  • APC - Konflikt


    One of the earliest Yugoslav Punk songs.

  • Stb - Idijot


    Great but little known Croatian, Yugoslav New Wave/Punk band from late 70's, early 80's

  • Blue Noise - Sok Od Malina


    Yugoslav Noise Rock band from Banja Luka (Bosnia) which was sounding somewhere between emotional noise pop sound of early Jesus And Mary Chain, and agression of bands like Big Black..
    They dissbanded in the early 90's when the war started here in ex Yugoslavia.

  • Rosenkranz- San


    Another song from the cult and little known serbian punk band, Rosenkranz. The band formed in a small city, Bačka Topola, Vojvodina.
    They operated with punk tunes and mixed with some industrial noises and cold & dark wave sounds. Enjoy!

  • Subversion - For You


    Female Fronted Darkwave, Noise Rock and Post Punk band from Banja Luka ( Bosnia, Yugoslavia )active in the late 80's and early 90's..

  • Problemi-Religija 1978


    Classic Yugoslavian punk rock from late 70's..low quality of demo, but kick ass lyrics and song..Problemi along with Paraf, Pankrti etc.. were one of the first ex yu punk bands..

  • BGD - Znam Kako


    Obscure Yugoslavian experimental band from early 80's

  • Tužne Uši - Ti me uši


    Tužne Uči was a post-punk band from Split, between 1982-1988. They never released any records, they have just some couple of demo songs.
    This recording taken from their promo cassette from 1986.

  • Boa-Milion


    Legendary Croatian Post Punk-Synth-Dark-New Romantics-New Wave band formed in 1974!

  • Paraf - Pobuna Bubuljica


    Another classic track from the 2nd Paraf LP, Izleti.
    The Rijeka based punk/new wave band released their 2nd album in 1981, and it was completely different like their first record.
    They changed their music and moved away from punk and became a post - punk band.
    Synthesizers and depressed guitar chords - described their new sound!
    Izleti became a cult LP in Yugoslavia.

  • Berlinski Zid - Po cestah mesta


    Berlinski Zid (Berlin Wall) was a punk-rock band with synthesizers, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 1978-1981.
    This song taken from the legendary yugoslav punk/new wave compilation Novi Punk Val (1981).
    Po cestah mesta meaning On The City Streets

  • Transmisia-Snaga Straha


    Legendary Croatian darkwave Post Punk band, later Industrial Crossover-Noise Rock band formed in mid 80's...enjoy in their darker early stuff..

  • Rosenkranz- Gospodar


    Rosenkranz was a local serbian punk/new wave band from Vojvodina, Backa Topola. They released only a 6 track demotape in 1991 and split up. This tape is a really good stuff, with some dark wave, cold wave guitars sounds, and with some industrial noises.
    This song taken their demotape, and it's the fast & angry punky song from them. Enjoy!

  • E. Orgazam - Ja Znam


    Amazing early Orgazam, for sure one of the best Yugoslav Post Punk bands ever. this version is fast, agresive, noisy and even more experimental than on the second studio album LPL.

  • Arhivska Zabava - Previse Kasno


    Great and only Yugoslav Anarcho punk band from early 80's in vein of Rudimentary Peni etc..

  • Yugoslavia Rock Legends -- Maribor, Slovenia



  • Art Act - Sati Anatomije


    Yugoslav/Croatian Post Punk-Art Rock/Darkwave band from Sisak formed in 1982 and active till 1984.

  • Oko - Hoces z menoj 1976


    The band OKO (Eng. „The Eye) was formed in 1972 in Ljubljana (Slovenia, at that time a republic within former Yugoslav Federation) by the lead singer and guitarist Pavel Kavec. The original line-up included also Miro Tomassini on bass and Jani Tutta on drums. In 1973 the drummer Tutta was replaced by Dragan Gajič.

    In this period they played mostly blues-based hard rock repertoire with Kavec developing unique although largely Hendrix-influenced guitar style. Later on they also included innovative elements of jazzrock into their songs. In early 1975 the rhythm section joined another prog rock band from Ljubljana - JUTRO, so Kavec assembled the new group with drummer Tone Dimnik and bassist Franjo Martinec, which recorded the 7 single Vse sem dal ti.

    During the recording sessions for their debut LP „Raskorak in 1976 Kavec again lost his rhythm section Dimnik moved to avant-rock group BULDOŽER, while Martinec left music business in order to study at a college. In late 1976 OKO re-grouped, this time with drummer Zlatko Klun (ex BOOMERANG) and bassist Igor Bošnjak, who played on tour promoting Raskorak.

  • Berlinski Zid - Moji Lepi Uci


    Legends of Slovenian, late 70's punk and synth punk

  • Osaka Flu - Utilizzo dei Rudimenti di Batteria nel Punk Rock


    Gli Osaka Flu vi spiegano come utilizzare doppi colpi e paradiddle nel punk rock.

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