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Playlist of Progressive jazz

  • Best of Jazz Fusion and Funk Music - Too Hot Too Tight


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    01. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Soul Sister 00:00
    02. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - So Easy 04:49
    03. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Temptation 11:49
    04. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Too Hot 17:59
    05. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Beat Your Booty 23:32
    06. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Boogie Day 28:20
    07. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Rio Soul 34:04
    08. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Touch 39:31
    09. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Pride and Glory 44:30
    10. Lo Greco Bros, Fusion Funk Foundation - Too Tight 51:25

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  • Psychedelic Jazz Rock Fusion - Gambardella from Barcelona, Spain @ White Noise Sessions 30-10-2017


    On the 20th of October 2017, Gambardella from Barcelona, Catalonia, visited the White Noise Studio to record a White Noise Session.
    Jazzrock? Fusion?
    Energetic, jazz rock - Psychedelic fusion with an edge! Groovy as hell. Check em out! They're about to record their second album.

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink


    Band Bio ( Short):
    Gambardella is a trio of psychedelic jazz-rock and instrumental dub settled in Barcelona. Gambardella experiments with Mediterranean, African and American sounds of the 70s and 90s. Gambardella is formed by Oscar Altaba (drums), Jaime L. Pantaleón (guitar and synthesizers), and Victor Teller (bass).

    White Noise Sessions - Live sessions from the White Noise Studio in Winterswijk, The Netherlands.
    Home of the underground. Sort of ;-) The sessions are live recorded performances in which bands bring their best! We love bands who are left of center, interesting, thought provoking, weird, awesome, mind blowing or just plain good.

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  • Motown Jazz - Smooth Jazz Music & Jazz Instrumental Music for Relaxing and Study | Soft Jazz


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    ???? Motown Jazz Playlist ????

    00:00 Let's Stay Together
    04:15 You Are My Lady
    09:26 Just My Imagination
    14:25 Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
    20:40 Inner City Blues
    25:27 My Girl
    29:57 Use Me
    34:54 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
    39:40 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
    44:25 Mercy Mercy Me
    48:50 Let's Get It On
    54:21 Where Is The Love?
    59:22 Dance With Me

    This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:

    Reuse of audio/video not permitted. ©️2021 by SaxLove Productions, Inc

    Dr. SaxLove specializes in smooth jazz, jazz music, soft jazz, jazz instrumental music, jazz saxophone, saxophone music, motown jazz, and relaxing music


  • Ghost Rhythms - Madeleine Progressive/ jazz France, 2015


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    For todays album description, I'll let Xavier Gelard of Ghost Rhythms do the talking: Madeleine is a hidden soundtrack for Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock's movie.
    Ghost Rhythms exists since 2005.
    All of our work explores the theme of the ghost rhythm, the idea that a simple change of pulsation can change the music completely.
    Madeleine in Hitchcock's movie is a ghost of some sort, so we thought we'd try to change the way the film works by changing its music,
    like Dark Side of the Moon, from Pink Floyd, is rumored (falsely) to be a hidden soundtrack for Victor Fleming's 'The Wizard of Oz'.


    2. I DID NOT
    5. APPARITION #2
    6. FALAISE
    7. FREE FALL
    8. APPARITION #1
    10. L'ALPHÉE
    11. APPARITION #3
    12. ALEPH
    13. RELIEF
    14. RAVIN
    16. I DID
    17. MARY ROSE
    18. APPARITION #4
    19. A BRIDGE



    This double disc pays homage to the wonderful Vertigo movie.
    released March 28, 2015

    Composed and arranged by Camille Petit and Xavier Gélard.
    Artwork by Jonathan Martin.

    Recorded & mixed by Maxime Lefèvre (Claudia Sound)
    Mastering : Jean-Pierre Bouquet (L'Autre Studio)

    Musicians :
    Guillaume Aventurin: guitare
    Sarah Baroux: voix
    Maxime Berton: saxophone soprano, flûte (2, 22) et clarinette basse
    Julien Bigorgne: flûte
    Julien Blanchard: contrebasse
    Sonia Bricout: voix
    Alexis Collin: accordéon
    Xavier Gélard: batterie, guitare, voix
    Grégory Kosovski: basse
    Morgan Lowenstein: percussions
    Nadia Mejri-Chappelle: violoncelle
    Camille Petit: claviers, voix
    Régis Pons: trompette
    David Rousselet: saxophone ténor
    Maxime Thiébaut: saxophones soprano, alto et baryton
    Virginie Boulignat: violon

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  • Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion Drummer


    3 tunes featuring Mike Trabulsie drumming and drum solos.
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  • Arcing Wires - Prime Full Album JAZZ METAL // PROG ROCK // MATH ROCK


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    0:00 The Lizard
    5:37 Catacaustic
    11:21 Blue Steel
    18:07 Arc9
    24:57 Enlargim
    30:15 Merits
    32:16 Serotonin
    39:38 Bobbin Head

    Sydney, Australia

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  • Progressive Fusion


    00:00 Meridian - Intervals
    05:08 Remarkably Human - Nick Johnston
    11:46 Atlas - Plini
    15:40 Sweaty Knockers - Aristrocrats
    23:50 Perfect Pillow - CHON
    27:27 Cascade - Plini
    33:28 Whales - Scale The Summit
    39:57 Waves - Guthrie Govan

  • Nord Live Sessions: Jesús Molina - #5 Jazz Fusion Mass Ave Blues / Grace


    The incredible Jesús Molina performing his own jazz fusion pieces Mass Ave Blues and Grace on the Nord Piano 4 and Stage 3 feat. Morgan Ågren (drums) and Gustaf Hielm (bass) in this fifth episode of our exclusive Jesús Molina Sessions.

    00:00 Mass Ave Blues (Jesús Molina)
    02:31 Grace (Jesús Molina)

    The Jesús Molina Session was recorded live at Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm on September 26th 2018.

    Audio Engineer: Willem Bleeker/Baggpipe Studios
    Audio Mixing: Johan Eckerblad
    Cameras: Oscar Barkenbom/Benjamin Cotton

  • Late Night Deep Progressive & Jazz House Music DJ Mix by JaBig - DEEP & DOPE 167


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    0:00:00 Delerium feat. Sarah McLaughlan - Silence (Sanctuary mix)
    0:10:20 Sasha - Belfunk
    0:18:59 Blaze - Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Remix)
    0:26:58 Spiritchaser - Ever Increasing Circles
    0:37:00 Planet Funk - Inside All The People (Deep Dish Mix)
    0:45:00 Karizma - Damn Thing
    0:55:00 Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face

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  • Centipede Septober Energy 1971 UK, Progressive Jazz Rock


    Centipede - Septober Energy 1971 (UK, Progressive / Jazz Rock)

    The project is free jazz pianist Keith Tippett, known for working with King Crimson. Album was produced by Robert Fripp. Recorded involved 55 people , including members of groups such as the King Crimson, Soft Machine, Nucleus and Blossom Toes. The album was recorded in the Wessex Studios in London in June 1971. It is recommended to listen to all fans of Robert Fripp and King Crimson.

    01. Septober Energy - Part 1 - 0:00

    02. Septober Energy - Part 2 - 21:38

    03. Septober Energy - Part 3 - 45:07

    04. Septober Energy - Part 4 - 1:06:16



    Wendy Treacher
    Jihn Trussler
    Roddy Skeping
    Wilf Gibson (lead)
    Carol Slater
    Louise Jopling
    Garth Morton
    Channa Salononson
    Steve Rowlandson
    Mica Gomberti
    Colin Kitching
    Philip Saudek
    Esther Burgi


    Michael Hurwitz
    Timothy Kramer
    Suki Towb
    John Rees-Jones
    Katherine Thulborn
    Catherine Finnis


    Peter Parkes
    Mick Collins
    Ian Carr (doubling flugelhorn)
    Mongezi Feza (pocket cornet)
    Mark Charig (cornet)

    Alto Saxophones:

    Elton Dean (doubling saxello)
    Ian Steel (doubling flute)
    Ian McDonald
    Dudu Pukwana

    Tenor Saxophones:

    Larry Stabbins
    Gary Windo
    Brian Smith
    Alan Skidmore

    Baritone Saxophones:

    Dave White (doubling clarinet)
    Karl Jenkins (doubling oboe)
    John Williams (bass saxophone, doubling soprano)


    Nick Evans
    Dave Amis
    Dave Perrottet
    Paul Rutherford


    John Marshall (and all percussion)
    Tony Fennell
    Robert Wyatt


    Maggie Nicols
    Julie Tippetts
    Mike Patto
    Zoot Money
    Boz Burrell


    Roy Babbington (doubling bass guitar)
    Jill Lyons
    Harry Miller
    Jeff Clyne
    Dave Markee
    Brian Belshaw


    Brian Godding
    Keith Tippett (musical director)
    Robert Fripp

  • Unitopia - The Garden FULL ALBUM - progressive rock/jazz


    Artist: Unitopia
    Album: The Garden
    Origin: Australia
    Genre: Progressive Rock/Jazz (influenced by Genesis)
    Year: 2008

    Mark Trueack - lead vocals
    Sean Timms - acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
    Matt Williams - acoustic & electric guitar, backing vocals
    Monty Ruggiero - drums
    Shireen Khemlani - bass
    Tim Irrgang - percussions
    Mike Stewart - saxophone, flute, clarinet (wind instruments)

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of this music, nor am I making a profit off of it. The music and material in this video belongs to Unitopia and their record company - InsideOut Music.



    1. One Day - 00:00
    2. The Garden - 2:27
    3. Angeliqua - 25:00
    4. Here I Am - 34:52
    5. I Wish I Could Fly - 38:13
    6. Inside The Power - 45:01


    7. Journey's Friend - 49:36
    8. Give And Take - 1:06:04
    9. When I'm Down - 1:11:15
    10. This Life - 1:17:00
    11. Love Never Ends - 1:21:45
    12. So Far Away - 1:25:35
    13. Don't Give Up Love - 1:27:47
    14. 321 - 1:35:40

  • PROGRESSIVE JAZZ Osamu Kubota - foreplay


    from beatmania IIDX 7th style ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (August 2002)

  • Acid Jazz Instrumentals - 2 Hours non stop


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    Perfect music to listen to while you work, while studying or while you're eating

    Acid Jazz music is a mix of soul, funk and jazz with the rhythmic danceable club dancefloor.
    Versatile sounds suitable for all situations, relaxing but intriguing at the same time. In this compilation there are 30 instrumental songs played by excellent musicians of the Italian and international independent scene.

    1) Blooming - Bossa Nostra - (00:00:00)
    2) Fluid - Jestofunk - (00:05:37)
    3) Whisky A Go-Go - Capiozzo E Mecco - (00:12:11)
    4) West 42nd Street - Gazzara - (00:16:58)
    5) Kontaminazione II - Bossa Nostra - (00:21:50)
    6) Vertigo - Legato - (00:26:56)
    7) Tribal Boogaloo (Reprise) - Black & Brown - (00:31:45)
    8) Argentina - Man Sueto - (00:32:49)
    9) Anamaria - Key Tronics Ensemble - (00:37:20)
    10) Moai Message - Jestofunk - (00:41:40)
    11) Man Sueto Theme - Man Sueto - (00:48:39)
    12) Hot Shit - Orange Factory - (00:51:40)
    13) Virtual Bossa_acidtake - Guido Guidoboni Quintet - (00:57:50)
    14) Two Hearts Together (Absolute Contrast) - Soul Etico - (01:02:51)
    15) Jazz Brake - Ohm Guru - (01:08:34)
    16) Scream - Bossa Nostra - (01:12:36)
    17) Mosquito - Legato - (01:18:44)
    18) Suono Vecchio - Man Sueto - (01:24:51)
    19) Ju Ju - Capiozzo E Mecco - (01:30:17)
    20) Fly Love Song - Jestofunk - (01:34:06)
    21) Groupin' - Bossa Nostra - (01:39:33)
    22) Love Potion - Gazzara - (01:45:34)
    23) Funk My Ass - Ohm Guru - (01:49:56)
    24) Theme From Jfk - Jestofunk - (01:55:15)
    25) William's Style - Capiozzo E Mecco - (02:01:16)
    26) If You Suck My Soul - Legato - (02:06:55)
    27) Grunge Street_acidtake - Sandro Comini & Sagittarius Trio - (02:13:30)
    28) Kontaminazione - Bossa Nostra - (02:19:49)
    29) Back On The Block - Orange Factory - (02:27:37)
    30) Airto - Man Sueto - (02:32:20)

    Enjoy Acid jazz Music
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    #jazz #nujazz #relaxingmusic

  • Jazz/Fusion Mix 2012-03-19


    2012-03-19 Jazz/Fusion Tracklist:
    1. Jamhunters - Ice-J.Am (00:00)
    2. ΠR2 - Nowe Buty (04:53)
    3. NANIWA EXPRESS - Early Bird (09:38)
    4. John Patitucci - Tell Tale (16:06)
    5. Pilichowski Band - Bass Dance (20:56)

  • Final Step - Live at Estival Jazz Progressive Jazz Switzerland, 2017


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    This is the first of two uploads by the amazing Progressive Jazz band Final Step.
    The band plays a mix of styles from jazz to blues, from rock to funky, exploring popular music from all over the world.


    1. Sultans
    2. Obatala
    3. Jojo's Blues
    4. The Two-Bear Mambo
    5. Code AP
    6. Essaouira
    7. In A Brooklyn Store
    8. Desert Trolls
    9. Uncle Joe's Space Mill



    From the polyglot border region of Ticino in Switzerland – well-known for its beautiful Lake Maggiore and the International Film Festival in Locarno – comes Final Step, the band of guitarist Matteo Finali. “Live At Estival Jazz” is the band’s fourth album since its formation in 2003. The diverse musical backgrounds of all the band members shine through on the album: a fusion of jazz, rock, funk, blues and ethnic music.

    The album was recorded during 2016 Estival Jazz Lugano edition by swiss italian national broadcasting radio and was the opening show for Mike Manieri's Steps Ahead Reunion Tour and Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra's weird show.
    released May 15, 2017

    Matteo Finali - guitar
    Fabio Buonarota - trumpet
    Mirko Roccato - saxophones
    Gabriele Pezzoli - keys
    Alessandro Ponti - hammond
    Francesca Morandi - bass
    Dario Milan - drums
    Silvano de Tomaso - percussions

    Recorded live by RSI @ Estival Jazz Lugano on July 2nd 2016
    Mixed and mastered by Mauro Fiero @ Recording Studio Canaa
    Graphics by Calzebue (
    Pictures by Corrado Calvi and Roger Salem

  • Soft progressive jazz music • Lighthearted sounds to elevate your mood • Brighten your atmosphere


    Modern progressive jazz-style music you can play on any work or study place to improve your motivation and mood, these melodies will cheer you up and influence positively all your activities. Ideal to use as ambient and chill out music, we recommend you to listen to it while cooking, enjoying dinner with your family, reading, and all indoor and creative activities we find ourselves doing during the current times... make this video your companion and ally....hope you all enjoy!

    I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below. Thanks for listening!


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  • Quality Music - JAGA JAZZIST Live at Tokyo Jazz Festival 2012


    * Don't have any rights - Just wanted to spread the word around ♫
    encourage everyone to buy their Videos/Disks in better quality and go to their shows...

    Great quality progressive Jazz band I came across, on amazing show
    להקת פרוגרסיב ג'אז

    * Don't have any rights - Just wanted to spread the word around ♫

  • Prism - Karma Akira Wada guitar


  • Progressive Jazz Quintet - Lumen Aire - Jazz - Full Album


    Enjoy: Lumen Aire - Jazz - The best Italian Jazz of all time!
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    Jankatam 00:00:00,00
    Raggio Di Sole 00:05:57,16
    Pin 00:12:04,23
    Sequenza 00:18:39,05
    Bunny 00:25:50,21
    Felene Flanate 00:30:48,10
    Louise 00:37:13,20
    Lumen 00:46:20,04
    C'é Tanto Da Scegliere 00:56:02,16
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  • Progressive Jazz


    Provided to YouTube by o2digitale

    Progressive Jazz · Bebo Best Baldan & The Italian Jazz Art (Session One)

    The Oslo Sessions

    ℗ Caligola Records

    Released on: 2011-05-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Acoustic Progressive Jazz - Labyrinthos


    Acoustic Progressive Jazz - Labyrinthos

  • Lost in Istanbul - progressive jazz fusion


    Got to play some Hammond on Gabriel's new track!

    Gabriel Kabadais - bass, composition
    Nick Vell - drums
    Steve Langemo - guitar
    Stefan Olofsson - keys

  • Labyrinthos -Accoustic Progressive Jazz-


    Wonder if you have ever heard of this awesome japanese group? it's the perfect mix of jazz and videogame stage, the album is wonderful, with different styles

  • Ambient Progressive Jazz Set - E Spot Live - The Stratos Ensemble


    This is our full set from our first performance at the E Spot Lounge in 2016. The audio can be downloaded for free on the Fateless Flows Soundcloud page:

    Band Website:

  • Acoustic Progressive Jazz - Rose & Science


    A.P.J is composed by
    - Hiroyuki Namba
    - Masatoshi Mizuno
    - Kazuyuki Komuro

    From their homonym album from 2000

  • Jellyfish Garden - Acoustic Progressive Jazz


  • Robert Genco Beyond The Life Oltre La Vita 1977 Italia, Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion


    Robert Genco - Beyond The Life (Oltre La Vita) 1977 (Italia, Progressive / Jazz Rock / Fusion)

    Robert Genco, a drummer from Reggio di Calabria, wrote and published privately his only album in 1977. The disc accompany him such excellent musicians as guitarist Giorgio Cocilovo and saxophonist / flutist Hugo Heredia. Music ranges from rock through a brass-prog and jazz fusion in particular (classic design) progress.


    01. Angoscia - 0:00

    02. Beyond The Life - 10:14

    03. All Recomposes - 15:28

    04. Nature And Transmigration - 20:54

    05. Passaggio - 39:34


    06. Rock And Rock - 44:37

    07. Una Notte Per Danzare - 47:42


    Robert Genco - drums, percussion, vibes, lead vocals, producer
    Hugo Heredia - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, quena
    Luciano Biasutti - trumpet, flugelhorn
    Giorgio Cocilovo - electric & acoustic guitars
    Tuccio Garofalo - electric piano, organ
    Silvio Condemi - bass, cello

  • progressive jazz improvisation


    a complete improv session from my progressive jazzy trio. tim charles[ne obliviscaris] on violin and youngie[ex alarum] on guitar.. some rough moments but pretty smooth considering total uncharted improvisation. i was really feeling this groove. Will post up some more soon

  • progressive jazz


    progressive jazz 6-19-10
    Jamie : tenor sax
    Jeff : bass
    Joe : drums

  • Riff Raff Original Man 1974 UK, Jazz RockFusion, Progressive Rock


    Riff Raff - Original Man 1974 (UK, Jazz-Rock/Fusion, Progressive Rock)

    In mid-1970 the guitarist John Mark (Jon Mark) and horn players Johnny Almond (Johnny Almond) left the band John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and formed a new band Mark-Almond. Taking the soft harmonies of folk-rock, the band recorded several works, interest in which is shown to this day. The first two records - Mark Almond (1971) / Mark Almond II (1972) he was assisted by two very talented but little-known performer. One of them, keyboardist Tommy Eyre (Tommy Eyre), began his professional career in the group of Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker) in the late 60's (by the way, Tommy arranged and played by all the well-known version of With a little help from my friend), two years later joined the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation. There he met Paul Williams (Paul Williams), who later invited Tommy into the Juicy Lucy. For some time there, he served as a guitarist, but soon joined the Mark-Almond, which followed its fame as a great session musician. Roger Sutton (Roger Sutton) - bassist and guitarist was less well known than Tommy Eyre, but had a remarkable talent of the composer. In 1972, Roger had a conflict with John Mark, and he left the group Mark-Almond, taking Tommy with him. In early 1973 the couple was going around the backbone of the new group - Riff Raff. Vocalist Alan Marshall (Alan Marshall), and drummer Kenny Slade (Kenny Slade) were only temporary members, while guitarist Peter Kirtley (Peter Kirtley) quickly found a common language with the founders. Deciding to move in the direction of progressive jazz-rock band vocalist left post free, as all the attention was given to the instrumental parts. Finally, having found in the person of Oreo de Sousa (Aureo de Souza) suitable drummer, Riff Raff began recording their first album. In September, the 73rd of the same name with a group album went on sale. He did not impress the mass audience, which in fact does not upset the musicians - they realized that the music of this kind are unlikely to achieve success. Early next year, Riff Raff released their second album and the strongest - Original Man. Music has become an even more integral and assertive. She combined her passions blues and jazz improvisation, cold and dispassionate vocals with violent keyboards finally Kirtley has recorded one of the most brutal guitar solos that the world has ever heard. But the failures are increasingly surrounded by musicians. In addition to a faded interest from record companies (contract with RCA expired, and the new was not signed), trouble befell drummer. A native of Brazil, he had to quickly return to their homeland, so to remain in England, he was not entitled. Immediately after his departure, musicians dismissed the band ...


    01. Original Man (Pete Kirtley) - 0:00

    02. Havakak (Craddock / Kirtley / Gibson) - 7:47

    03. Goddamm the Man (Roger Sutton) - 13:57

    04. In the Deep (Pete Kirtley) - 20:11

    05. The Waster (Roger Sutton) - 24:16

    06. Tom's Song (Tommy Eyre) - 29:31

    07. Speed ??(Roger Sutton) - 33:58


    - Pete Kirtley - guitars, vocals
    - Tommy Eyre - keyboards, string synthesizer, vocals
    - Roger Sutton - bass, cello, vocals
    - Aureo de Souza - drums, percussion
    - Bud Beadle - baritone / alto / soprano saxophones
    - Steve Gregory - tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
    - Jo Newman - female vocals (04)
    - Joe O'Donnel - viola (01)

  • Fré Lectro - Seven New Official Video Minimal Progressive Jazz Fusion 2021 - 4K


    This is the new official music video Seven by Fré Lectro in 4K. It's an instrumental piece that I would classify as minimal progressive jazz fusion, which is, of course, a well-known genre ;D

    Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, and more.

    0:00 - Intro
    0:26 - Rhythm
    0:57 - Bridge
    1:28 - Guitar Solo & Fractal Kaleidoscope Animation
    2:26 - Inspirations Playlist

    Lately, I experimented a lot with sound an visuals again, which I used to do quiet often a few years ago. But after somehow losing that spark of creativity within the daily grind and mental health issues, it took a long time to understand and overcome these inner conflicts. Luckily some creative impulses are now coming back and I'd like to share them with you, just in case the flow won't last, haha. But then at least they will be sent out into the ether, hopefully fueling the flame of inspiration further.
    Everything will be published in the spirit of #everythingisaremix

    So feel free to steal, twist and add something to my work. Let me know if you created something new with it. I would love to hear from you.

    Let us find ways to open creative spaces in the midst of restrictions and lockdown and let's turn 2021 into a year of collaboration and creation of art. After all, that's what makes us human.

    Thanks for watching this video, feel free to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon ???????? for more updates. Like, comment, and share with your friends and family.

    ????????????Follow Fré Lectro on Social Media:
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    ????????????Also, check out this Playlist to listen to my main inspirations for Seven:

    It was inspired by bands like Plini, Toe, Special Others, Chon, Intervals and Covet. I shaped these inspirations into a minimalistic piece with an acoustic percussion bed, which flows into an electric guitar solo at the end.

    #minimal #progressive #jazz #fusion #music #4k

    CC BY-NC 4.0 Resonaut Records
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    ▶️▶️▶️???? Available on:

    ???????? Spotify:
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    ???????? YouTube Music:
    ???????? YouTube:

    and many more...

    You’re free to use this song in any of your YouTube videos, but you MUST include the following in your video description (Copy & Paste):

    Seven by Fré Lectro
    Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 Unported — CC BY 4.0
    Stream / Download / Support:
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  • Jazz Rock Jam | Progressive Guitar Backing Track


    Support and get Quist TABS & SCALE MAPS → Play-along starts 0:30
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    Addictive jazz rock type of groove jam track in good old A minor with a challenging beat - to tickle those musical brain cells, work on your musicality or just have some fun :)

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    You can either feel this as 3/4 time (100 BPM) or 6/8.

    Chord progression:

    It's a totally open 1-chord vamp!

    II: Am :II

    Scale suggestions:

    A minor pentatonic scale - A C D E G

    A minor blues scale - A C D D# E G

    A minor scale - A B C D E F G

    A dorian mode - A B C D E F# G

    I also recommend experimenting with:

    E minor pentatonic - E G A B D

    B minor pentatonic - B D E F# A


    Guitar Strings (Ernie Ball Paradigm) →

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    Listen to debut instrumental Quist album Trigger

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  • Iwan Hasan Progressive Jazz Ensemble - Transcultural Echoes @Jazz Buzz Salihara 2019


    Transcultural Echoes
    Composed and arranged by Iwan Hasan

    Iwan Hasan Progressive Jazz Ensemble: Reinterpreting the Third Stream

    Iwan Hasan: Guitar and Harp Guitar
    Mery Kasiman: Piano
    Adi Darmawan: Bass
    Gabriel Laufer: Vibraphone
    Didiet Violin: Violin
    Ava Victoria: Violin
    Sanjung Prima: Viola
    Billy Aryo Nugroho: Cello
    Kevin Rusli: Drums
    Andika Candra: Alto Sax, Suling & Slompret Ponorogo
    Hendricus W Groho: Kendang, Waterphone, Percussion
    Enggar Widodo: Trombone

    Recorded live at Teater Salihara, Jakarta by Danny Ardiono 16 Feb 2019
    Mixed by Kelana Proehoeman
    Photography by Witjak Widhi
    Special thanks to Tony Prabowo and everyone at Teater Salihara,

  • Progressive jazz house


    Tune I made in logic pro 9 pretty quickly :) I am remixing this, just to make it sound beter, take the reverb out a little more from the piano etc, make it sound better in general.
    took the picture myself

  • Progressive Jazz Rock Trio - Hot Instrumental


    The band HOMEWORLD at Chaplin's Music Cafe, 8-23-2009

  • Ikarus Ikarus 1971,German Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion ,Krautrock


    Ikarus - Ikarus 1971,German Progressive Jazz / Rock Fusion ,Krautrock

    IKARUS played progressive rock that sometimes was in the vein of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR. The sound is dominated by emphasis on guitar and organ interplay, but the use of flute, saxophone and clarinet add more color to their compositions. A solid album.

    Track Listings :
    1. Eclipse: (0:00)
    a) Skyscrapers
    b) Sooner or later
    2. Mesentery (15:30)
    3. The raven (including Theme for James Marshall) (21:37)
    4. Early bell's voice (33:22)

    Line-up/Musicians :

    - Lorenz Kohler / lead vocals
    - Wolfgang Kracht / bass, back vocals
    - Jochen Petersen / acoustic & electric guitars, alto & tenor saxes, flute, clarinet, back vocals
    - Bernd Schroder / drums, percussion
    - Manfred Schulz / guitar, lead vocals (4), back vocals
    - Wulf-Dieter Struntz / organ, piano

    A very good addition for your Krautrock collection !!!

  • Empty Space Is Not Empty


    Pablo -Guitar/Harmonizer, Mitch -Bass, Chris Rue -Drums, Dave Keenan -Sax.
    (Progressive Jazz Rock)
    Jazz Rock Jam Session with Sax. Improvised music.
    Symphonic Rock, Sound Track, Majestic Rock, Jazz Rock, fusion Fusion (music) Jazz Fusion Rock Music Soundtrack

  • ACID FUCHSIN acid fusion Jazz Power Trio progressive jazz music


    Note: this is roughly recorded, free improvisation... music executed on the spot, without preparation of any sort. Notes that literally didn't exist in our head or hands prior to this moment in time. Always hesitant to post... but, please do use headphones. ????????

    #Gratitude. What a wonder is this #life, #powerful things on the #pyschedelic #horizon. ????????????????????????????????

    #jazzfusion #basssolo #progressivemetal #spacejazz #throwdown
    @artfulmind_vincent #5stringbass +
    @dougweiand #shredguitar +
    @ericawwesome #drums #hippylove

    #6stringfretless #musician #california #snowboarder #losangeles #countyourblessings #Improvisation #markbassamps #emgpickups #ehx #musicoftheday #progressivejazz #thunderous
    #guitarporn #bassporn #bassguitar

  • Progressive Jazz


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Progressive Jazz · Montana


    ℗ 2006 under Michael Donati

    Released on: 2006-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Progressive Jazz Suite - Gary Powell Nash - Jeremy Smith | On the Stage Together


    Jeremy Smith performs Gary Powell Nash’s Progressive Jazz Suite (2005).

    Gary Powell Nash (1964) is a Professor of Music at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. At Fisk, Nash teaches music classes in theory, technology, and composition, as well as directing the Fisk Jazz Ensemble. Nash’s Progressive Jazz Suite is a three-movement work written for unaccompanied bass trombone. The first movement features jazz riffs similarly found in the music of the jazz fusion band Weather Report. The second movement allows for a soulful ballade to be heard in triple meter form while the third movement showcases the instrument performing grooves of salsa music.

    Jeremy E. Smith is a doctoral student at Ohio State University, where he serves as the Graduate Associate for the Jazz Studies area and the Trombone Studio. He received music degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Grace College. As an educator, Jeremy also teaches in the brass areas at Ohio Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, and Mount Vernon Nazarene University. In 2014, Jeremy founded Last Row Music, an online resource that contains auditions, news, links, and articles relevant to the brass musician and enthusiast. He currently lives in Central Ohio with his family and is a member of the International Trombone Association, Jazz Education Network, and the Jazz Journalists Association.

    On the Stage Together is a YouTube series created by Ohio State’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota celebrating diversity and inclusion in music. Performances include works by female and BIPOC composers, while lectures and discussions surround topics of diversity and inclusion in music.

  • E.X.P.


    this is a song two of my friends (keybord player from vrbas and disdained drummer zoli) and i recorded about a year ago. a bit crappy home production, but idea is important. after i realised i would never gather group of people to play this, i decided to put it on youtube and share it with world :))) doesn't have name, EXP is working title and i kept it untill i come up with something better

  • Iwan Hasan Progressive Jazz Ensemble - 1998 parts 3 & 4


    Composed by Iwan Hasan

    Iwan Hasan: Guitar
    Mery Kasiman: Piano
    Adi Darmawan: Bass
    Gabriel Laufer: Vibraphone
    Didiet Violin: Violin
    Ava Victoria: Violin
    Sanjung Prima: Viola
    Billy Aryo Nugroho: Cello
    Kevin Rusli: Drums
    Enggar Widodo: Trombone
    Muhammad Nur Ikhsan: Clarinet
    Andika Candra: Flute

    Recorded live at Jazz Buzz Salihara 2019 by Danny Ardiono
    Mixed by Danny Ardiono
    Video by Witjak Widhi

  • 2B3 - Jimi. 2021. Progressive Rock. Fusion. Jazz Rock. Full Album


    01. Purple Haze 04-53
    02. Manic Depression 09-13
    03. Little Wing 05-16
    04. Foxey Lady 05-01
    05. Hey Joe 08-25
    06. Fire 05-17
    07. Etched In Stone 04-12
    08. Jimi 06-24
    Mike Abbott - Guitars
    Jeff Jenkins - B3 Organ
    Mike Marlier - Drums

  • Progressive Jazz Georgy


    Check out everything you need to know about music education here:

    The Cameron Weckerley Band Live in the Studio

  • Requiem pour les abeilles. Par Jan V. VANEK. Progressive jazz saxophone


    Le requiem pour les abeilles par Jan VANEK, Laurent DUJIN, Bertrand MONNERET, Laurent SIGRIST

  • 1980s Gretsch Progressive Jazz Rosewood Drum Kit


    For sale at

  • Birds Eye Survey Progressive Jazz Universal World Music


    Your destination is your safe return

    take a birds eye survey inflate your soul inflate your mind
    take a birds eye survey inflate your soul inflate your mind
    inflate your soul inflate your mind inflate your soul inflate your mind
    escalate your soul escalate your mind escalate your soul escalate your mind
    your destination your destination your destination is your safe return
    inflate your soul inflate your mind escalate your soul escalate your mind
    free your soul free your mind
    take a bird's eye survey
    inflate your soul inflate your mind
    your destination is your safe return
    takin' a birds eye survey
    inflate your soul inflate your mind
    free your soul free your mind
    takin' a birds eye survey
    your destination is your safe return
    inflate your soul inflate your mind
    takin' a birds eye survey
    takin' a birds eye survey
    takin' a birds eye survey
    inflate your soul inflate your mind
    your soul your mind
    copyright @2020 cosmic moxa

    spotify, itunes, soundcloud or wherever you stream your music too!!!!

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    and for one of a kind wearable art , downloadable astrophotography and more

  • Turning Point - Creatures Of The Night. 1977. Fusion. Canterbury. Jazz. Progressive Rock. Full Album


    Tracks Listing
    1. My Lady C (5-28)
    2. The Journey (4-31)
    3. Vanishing Dream (5-35)
    4. Creatures Of The Night (6-02)
    5. Princess Aura (8-29)
    6. Rain Dance (7-28)
    7. Better Days (7-27)
    Line-up / Musicians
    - Pepi Lemer / voice
    - Brian Miller / acoustic & electric pianos, synth
    - Dave Tidball / tenor & soprano saxes
    - Jeff Clyne / bass
    - Paul Robinson / drums, percussion

  • OdisseAlea Collective - Poetic License - Free Rock, Avant Prog, Progressive Jazz


    OdisseAlea Collective - Poetic License - Free Rock, Avant Prog

    Piertomas Dell'Erba: synth, tenor sax
    Leonardo De Rose: hollowbody 5 string bass
    Carlo Montuoro: drums, percussion
    Matteo Patelli: guitar

    I Love Music studio, Roma (Italy)

    Recording and mixing: Piertomas Dell'Erba

    1 / 12 / 2018

  • Toto Compilation | Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock instrumental


    Toto Compilation | Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock instrumental
    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBCRIBE, Like and Share my video if you enjoy it!

    1- Child's Anthem (Toto live) 00:00
    2- Change Of Heart 2:45
    3- Falling In Between 3:08
    4- Hydra 5:03
    5- Better World 6:10
    6- Great Expectations 8:30
    7- Dave's Gone Skiing 9:20
    8- Jake To The Bone 12:13
    9- Never Enough 16:04
    10- Drag Him To The Roof 17:36

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.



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