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Playlist of Pouring Molten salt into Water

  • Killing Maggots With Bleach


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  • Tom Rossing - Acoustics of Eastern and Western Bells, Old and New


    CCRMA Colloquium. May 4, 2016

    Abstract: Bells of different types have played important roles in many cultures, past and present. We discuss the acoustics of church bells, carillon bells, handbells, and ornamental bells, large and small, along with methods used to study them including holographic interferometry and finite element methods. We discuss ancient two-tone bells from China and temple bells from China, Japan, and Korea.

    About Tom:
    BA, Luther College; MS and PhD (physics) Iowa State University. Areas of research: Musical acoustics, acoustics of musical instruments, psychoacoustics, condensed matter physics, magnetism, magnetic memories. Author of 17 books and over 400 scientific publications, 9 U.S. and 11 foreign patents, mainly in acoustics, magnetism, and condensed matter physics.

    After 3 years of research on magnetic memories with UNIVAC, he became a professor of physics at St. Olaf College, where he remained until 1971. From 1971 until 2005 he was professor of physics at Northern Illinois University. Since retirement, he has been a visiting professor at Edinburgh University (Scotland), Seoul National University (Korea), and Stanford University (since 2005).

    Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, the American Association for Advancement of Science, American Physical Society, and IEEE. Biography in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Who’s Who in America.

    Received the Gold Medal in Acoustics and the Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics (Acoustical Society of America); the Millikan medal (American Association of Physics Teachers); the Rayleigh Medal (Instituto Mexicano de Acustica).

    Event page:

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  • Clare Dunn - My Love ft. INGRID


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  • World History Ep. 5: The Postclassical Era in the East or, Yes we Khan!


    An overview of the rise of Islam, the Caliphates, the great African trading states, Tang and Song China and, of course, the Mongols!

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  • The History of Hong Kong Part 1 - The China History Podcast, presented by Laszlo Montgomery


    Laszlo begins his ten part overview of the History of Hong Kong. Rather than taking the more Erocentric viewpoint that starts HK history in 1842, Laszlo goes all the way back to before recorded history.

    -uploaded in HD at

  • Cuz Science! When Molten Salt is dropped into fish tank.


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  • Pouring Water In A Glass Free shot for vlog


  • Dirt for dinner lead break


    Modified Peavey Predator through Guitar Rig 5

  • Pouring sugar


    My music video project.

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  • Sweet Salt Water - Z e r u k o


    My first Music Audio Spectrum. I used After Effects to make everything. And Particular for the Audio Effects. I alsoused FL Studio to Produce this.

    Like this song? Find me here:

    Need some music made for your project,game,etc?
    Message me hear on YouTube or on Sound-cloud.

  • Molten Lead The unreachable


    Brano composto e arrangiato dai Molten Lead
    Lorenzo Matteuzzi, Basso e voce
    Marcello Stride, chitarra
    Lorenzo Comparini, chitarra
    Mattia Altamore, batteria

  • snail salt remedy


  • Paramagnetism of Liquid Air


    Liquid nitrogen boils at 77K while air liquefies at 83K. Liquid air contains at least 20% oxygen, and this percentage increases as the nitrogen boils away. The oxygen is paramagnetic, and the liquid air therefore sticks to the strong magnet.

  • How To Repair A Lava Lamp


    This video shows you from start to finish; how to repair a messed up lava lamp globe. You can also use this video to guide you in making a new lava lamp if you wanted (steps are basically the same). Thanks to Jason for the goo kits used in making this video. You may need to turn up the volume. The audio quality wasn't what I expected. Oh.. and don't ask me why I was cutting to commercial.. There are no commercials. LOL Oh.. and by the way; do not hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions about a repair you are working on. P.S. You can go to for the kit used in this video. Just so everyone knows sucks. I prefer to go to, and am a member, of See below:

    P.S. If you like lava lamps and have a mello lava personality; please come join us over at OozingLava The lava community that cares

    [updated link info:] For the goo in a kit go to:

  • Lead Bismuth Eutectic


    Brendan Kelley 100337511 Assignment 2

  • boling ice cream


    haha ice cream. oj. baked beans. salt. pepper. cinnamom. calcium pill.

  • GRAIN Electronic Beach short promo cut


    The concept behind the Music of Electronic Beach, long time producer from Köln, Germany, represents the result of a perfect synthesis between man and machine. The textured electronic beats are the grid where the dreamy melodies can comfortably lay, a relaxed mood is flowing all along the tracks, pulling the imagination to stray away from reality, to get deep into a soft dream. This well balanced seven tracks album, GRAIN, is definitely the mature work of a skillful and talented artist.
    Artist: Electronic Beach
    Label: Jambalay Records
    Genre: Dance - House - Tech / Minimal
    Main Release Date: 04/17/2017
    Production Year: 2017
    # songs: 7 (00:53:24)

  • 05Deu001


  • silly science stuff :lava bottle


  • Hot Glass Sandcasting fun at Doug Beckers


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  • Fred Kaemmer


    Glass Artist Fred Kaemmer isn't afraid of a little heat. This is probably true of most glass artists but Kaemmer takes it one step further by capitalizing on the interior of a freshly blown vessel as a decorative surface. Protective glove in place, he pulls a delicate piece of cooper or silver foil from the sheaf and plunges his hand into the vase, tapping the foil onto the molten glass as the excess pieces burst into flames. Kaemmer's unconventional approach creates unique, elegant sculptures that belie their perilous conception.

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