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Playlist of Pornogrind

  • 10 Metal Subgenres You Didnt Know Existed


    Beyond little-known, yet infamous underground sub-genres of metal like pornogrind, unblack metal and pirate metal, there are even more bizarre amalgams of the Devil’s music. For this Loud List, we rounded up some of the most obscure branches of metal’s family tree.

    #LoudLists #Top10

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  • Grindcore vs Goregrind vs Porngrind/Pornogrind


    Another installment of what better than what. This time its the grindcore video. Grindcore has inspired the genres of porngrind, goregrind and deathgrind. On this video, I took grindcore and pinned it against goregrind (sick tales) and porngrind/pornogrind (sex, perversion, tits, sex, gangrape, sex etc.). I hope you enjoy this, and if you don't whatever...
    If this goes well I'll make more... like death metal and melodic death or black and symphonic black; you know shit like that.
    Songs Used:
    Intro: Body By Auschwitz - Anal Cunt
    Grindcore: A Necessary Evil - Napalm Death
    Goregrind: Necrotic Apologies - The County Medical Examiners
    Porngrind: Penikanelul - Rompeprop
    End: Cannibal - Torsofuck

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  • Cock and Ball Torture - Sadochismo FULL ALBUM



  • Torsofuck - Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver



    Genre: Pornogrind


    Digging up her corpse, she is worm infested
    Badly decomposed, but I take her to my home
    Stench of rot turns me on and my cock grows rapidly
    I am so horny, I need to fuck that dirty whore
    I put my cock in her mouth, bitch gives rotted head
    It feels so good, I slap her pus-filled face
    Now its time to give her something
    Tonguefucking putrefying cunt
    The taste is incredible, much better than the one that is alive
    I eat maggots from her pussy
    I turn her over and start to fuck like a mad dog
    Deeper and harder, I am about to go crazy
    Now its time to penetrate ass
    Her asshole is so tight, this must be her first time
    Faster and faster, I can feel my balls banging against her cunt
    I quickly cum, squirting inside rectum
    Pulling my cock out, its covered with with sperm, shit and insects
    Fucking stupid bitch, your ass was dirty, you fucking dead slut
    I brutally smash my fist up her cunt and rip her entrails out
    Double fistfucking her asshole
    Chainsaw mutilation, she is now in pieces
    I put all parts in plastic bags and drive back to cemetery
    One by one I throw bags down her grave
    No time to bury her again, fuck you whore

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  • Pornogrind


    subgenre of grindcore

  • Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch goregrind | grindcore | porngrind | death metal | pornogrind


    Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch (2013)
    goregrind, grindcore, porngrind, dutch, death metal, pornogrind

    Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch
    Rectal Smegma - I'm Loving It!
    Rectal Smegma - Fistkiss
    Rectal Smegma - Cream Bukkake
    Rectal Smegma - De Pedofiele Pater (Goodness Graciousness From The Heavens Above)
    Rectal Smegma - Two Girls One Cupcake
    Rectal Smegma - Cillit Gangbang
    Rectal Smegma - Dikdozer
    Rectal Smegma - Double D Deathpunch
    Rectal Smegma - The Minivan
    Rectal Smegma - A Grannie Lapdance
    Rectal Smegma - Waar De Wind Ons Brengt
    Rectal Smegma - Erotic Fetus Fistfuck Fantasy
    Rectal Smegma - Strap On Saw (2013)
    Rectal Smegma - Goregangsters
    Rectal Smegma - Manobar (Lord Of The Drinks)

    This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education. Not for monetary gain.

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  • Vaginosis Bacteriana - Plastic Sensation


    Promotional theme of the new album 2018

    Romantic Mu-Sick Porno Gore Grind from Guayaquil - Ecuador


    Noisy Records ©

  • Porngrind Compilation 1


    Porngrind Compilation 1 :

    Bands :

    Extremely Hardcore Anal Slut Fucks Cock And Dies of AIDS Porn . Cum - Undead Whores Puke Sperm

    Cemetary Rapist - I want your Cunt

    Gut - Cuntshredder

    2 Minuta Dreka - Viagra Overdose

    Spermswamp - Nasty sucker bitches brass orcherstra

  • GUT - Fisted on the Dancefloor


    grind from germany

  • x
  • Composted - Plump Up The Volume 2015 brutal death | grindcore pornogrind death metal slamming death


    Composted - Plump Up The Volume (2015)
    brutal death metal, grindcore, pornogrind, death metal, slamming brutal death metal

    Composted - Loggin' On To Get Off (Intro)
    Composted - Trollin_4_Hogan
    Composted - SIDS & The City
    Composted - Brass Moose Knuckles
    Composted - BB(W)Q
    Composted - OB/GYN O.G.
    Composted - Slit 'N Slide
    Composted - Toddler Cobbler
    Composted - Sausage Cathedral
    Composted - Gone Baby Gonorrhea
    Composted - The Proof Is In The Pudding

    This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education. Not for monetary gain.

  • Nun Devourer - PORCINE FETISH 2019



  • pornogrind SUCKS


    worst genre ever

  • 01. Jig-Ai - Japanese Gut Cake


    Track 1 from the self-titled album.
    Jig-Ai is a pornogrind band from Prague, Czech Republic that assembled in 2004. Their music and lyrics are inspired by Guro, style of Hentai which is characterized by extremely violent images of anime characters, often female, being mutilated and tortured whilst in a pornographic setting.

  • Dankophiliac Loli Wife SINGLE


    Digital Copy:

    Album/EP: Single
    Released: July 19, 2019
    Genre: Pornogrind


    (Raw Black Metal)
    (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal)


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  • Aborted Pig Fetus - Pornogrind is The Best Genre EVER!


    Artist: Aborted Pig Fetus
    Song: Pornogrind is the Best Genre EVER
    Album - Putrid Cattle Carcass Balls (2010)
    Label: WillxRawnor Records(tm) 2010

    This song is in no way mocking the simply amazing style of music known as pornogrind. basically its the best genre ever,... nuff' said.

    Gurgle gurgle rahhhrahhhh/ balls balls balls (unrecognizable gutteral noises) rahhhhhh/ This is J-pill'sand we takin' ova and imma big ol gay lulululululu/ rahhhhhhhh gurggle rah /rahhhrahhrahhh gurgggggggggglelalalalalalalala.

    Lyrics Translated: decaying cattle penis in the mouth of the ones who like this music/ THEIR EARS DESERVE TO FALL OFF AND ROT/ Hey, my name is Jacob Pills and we are taking over the music industry to promote love and happiness/ KILL THE SLUT, SHE LIKES ASSES/ ORGANS SPEW ON THE GROUND AS I EAT PENGUIN SHITTTTT.

  • Bill Nye Da Nazi Spy - Sexual Supremacy


    ARTIST - Bill Nye Da Nazi Spy
    ALBUM - Sexual Supremacy
    GENRE - Pornogrind
    YEAR - 2017

    track list

    1. Bill Nye Da Nazi Spy 0:00
    2. Rape Her Kill Her 5:30
    3. Tupa Turtle 10:06
    4. Messy Pants School Dance 13:49
    5. Methamphetamines 18:00
    6. Whore Stories (featuring Goremonger) 21:04
    7. Predators (featuring Menstrual Bubbles) 24:45


    We DO NOT own this music. This is for PROMOTIONAL USE only. Rights belong respectively to the band BILL NYE DA NAZI SPY and it's label Fuck the Ass Records.

  • Kawaii - Que te valga verga si me gustan los trapos


    Si te gusta mi material puedes añadirme en mis redes (comparto Shitposting)

  • vaginitis - memekmu surgaku


    post Metal / Brutal Porno Grind / Tangerang,ID

  • Pornthegore - The Impaling Rites Of Count Dickula FULL ALBUM


    Groovy goregrind band from Buzău, Romania since 2008. This is their first full length album.

    Released on January 2018 (CD format) by Rotten Roll Rex.

    01.[00:00] Summoning an ethereal energy accumulation through dark realms and esoteric spheres into the eternal void of cum (intro)
    02.[01:31] Big clits small dicks - Welcome to Romania
    03.[02:52] Count Dickula
    04.[06:53] Merciless Dickfaces revenge on your anal virginity
    05.[10:23] Impaled by the dick
    06.[14:42] Licking the cunt of a renstruating ebola infected mentally metarded ginger lady
    07.[17:23] Goreministers gruesome attempt to poison some drinking fountains in the beautiful Transilvagina
    08.[18:06] Grigores force feeding school
    09.[21:15] Red Beard, Small Cock
    10.[24:47] Pussy portal to Count Dickulas Castle
    11.[25:59] Shoot her in the head
    12.[29:53] Your daddy sends dickpics to underaged children
    13.[33:33] Deep in the woods where ancient gods philosophize about the sorcerous meaning of Porngrind

    More info at:
    -- Pornthegore --

    -- Rotten Roll Rex --

  • Goretastic Orgy Original Pornogrind Song


    Listener's discretion is advised...

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  • Anal Grind - Chronic Pornoholic


    Genero: Pornogrind
    País: Bielorrusia
    Año: 2012


    01.- Intro (00:00)
    02.- Menstrual Fetish (01:22)
    03.- Latina Face Fucking (02:55)
    04.-Cock For Hot Dog (05:54)
    05.- Hells Balls (07:05)
    06.- Scat Wars (09:26)
    07.- Multi Vaginal Organism (11:53)
    08.- Scat Carnival (13:25)
    09.- Aunt Cunt (15:53)
    10.- General Perversation (18:10)
    11.- Pissbukkake (21:17)
    12.- Dicks and Chicks (22:36)
    13.- Chronic Perversity (23:57)
    14.- Spermoholic Slutfest (26:30)
    15.- Imbecile Sexual Operation (28:34)
    16.- Throat Sperm Load (31:03)
    17.- Anal Auto De Fe (32:48)
    18.- Compulsory Cunnilingus (34:06)
    19.- Nun Cunt Expansion (35:44)
    20.- Outro (37:58)



    artist:Porn Murder song:Loose Bitch
    recorded sometime in 06'


  • Sordid Clot - ПодвидЪ grindcore | goregrind | funny grind | pornogrind | porngrind


    Sordid Clot - ПодвидЪ (2013)
    grindcore, goregrind, funny grind, russian, pornogrind, porngrind, russian grindcore, grind

    Sordid Clot - Своевременные Спазмы
    Sordid Clot - Гостеприимные Выделения
    Sordid Clot - Бабкины Придатки
    Sordid Clot - Рыхлые Мотивации
    Sordid Clot - Трохи О Тимохе
    Sordid Clot - Бытовой Протест
    Sordid Clot - Трофейные Клопы
    Sordid Clot - Шутки В Желудке
    Sordid Clot - Барыня
    Sordid Clot - Муравьед
    Sordid Clot - 14 Незванных Гостей
    Sordid Clot - Инаугурация Рвотных Масс
    Sordid Clot - После Первой И Второй
    Sordid Clot - Дары Черной Дыры
    Sordid Clot - Бобыль
    Sordid Clot - Мозолистое Дно
    Sordid Clot - Медвежий Пасынок
    Sordid Clot - Ржаные Крепыши

    This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education. Not for monetary gain.

  • GUT-The Cumback


    Album:The Cumback

    Pls help!! :) Check out my New FB page.thx
    1.Pimptro feat.MC Unilingus
    2. Pimpin' The Underground
    3.Jenna Haze (You're A Pro)
    4. Freestyle Fuck-O-Rama
    5.Three Handsome Guys (Rock The Block)
    6.Reign in Bukkake
    7. Let Me Be Your Sperm Factory
    8.Girls (Just Wanna Have Cum)
    9.Drink My Spit
    10.Mrs. Boomfuksicc
    11.G.U.T. Forever
    12. Fuckology Inc.
    13. Aurora Snow (You're Not Bad, Ho)
    14.Throatjob (It's A Dirty Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It)
    15.Pussy Pitch And Penis Punch
    16. How Low
    17.Choke On My Rock
    18. Nymphos Without Pants
    19. Anal Tambourine
    20.I Hate Chicks (But I Love Pussy)
    21. My Boner, Your Dinner
    22.Song For Heather
    23. Panzerwoman 666
    24.Next Level Shit
    25.Strap It On (Outro)
    26.Catch Your Snatch
    27. Gag School Exam 1+
    28.The Magic Sound Of Lonely Hearts

  • best death metal/pornogrind songs



  • Anal Dismemberment Full EP


    Anal Dismemberment is an instrumental pornogrind project.


    0:00 - This Whore Squirt So Much That She Can Feed Africa
    1:52 - Swallow That Cum, You Fucking Bitch
    4:01 - Homage To Mister Mudbone
    5:39 - Masturbation
    8:24 - Poor Blonde Destroyed By a Huge Big Black Cock
    10:05 - Maximal Slut Penetration (feat. Limpy)
    11:43 - Dicks Out For Harambe
    13:04 - Drown In Cum
    14:54 - Anal Doomsday
    16:26 - Brutal Pounding

  • Vorax Virosus - Satanic Octopenis Sodomiser Incubus FULL ALBUM


    Cool band from Bruxelles/Quito/Nîmes Belgium, including a wide spectrum of influences in their grind-based music, like grindcore, brutal death metal, deathgrind, goregrind, pornogrind, black metal and even some punk! This is their debut full length album.

    Self-released on August 2016 (digital format).
    To be released on November 2016 by Base Record Production.

    01.[00:00] Satanic Octopenis Sodomiser Incubus
    02.[03:53] Full Metal Jacket
    03.[05:17] Ocho Dias Violada En Prison
    04.[09:00] Edipo
    05.[11:00] Antropophagical And Bulicmic Vagina
    06.[13:03] 120 Jours
    07.[15:49] Rotten Potatoes Into The Vulva
    08.[17:10] The Army Of Genitals Eating Zombies
    09.[19:28] Infected And Mortal Excision In Onan's Land
    10.[21:51] Die Hippie, Die ! Die Hipster, Die!
    11.[22:25] Dionysos Phalus

  • SxTxAxRxWxAxRxSx - Another Pornogrind Song About Porn


    Shellys Traumatic Anal Revenge With A Rusty Spoon

    Corny Songs About Anal From The Meth Fields Of Iowa

    Split with Poop Dick

  • Gonorrea & Arschloch, Der Das - Conexxxión Durango/Culiacán


    Genero: Goregrind, Pornogrind
    Pais: México
    Año: 2018



    Arschloch, Der Das:

    01.- XXX (00:00)
    02.- PxPxPx (01:40)
    Arschloch, Der Das
    03.- Chipe (03:23)
    04.- Uporaba Storitve Google Prevajalec (Ali Umre) (05:50)

  • PREDATOR Pornogrind


    The Predator sings ANAL NOSOROG song Scrambled Masterkiller, from the album, You are a fat putridity.
    Anal Nosorog are a Russian Grindcore, Pornogrind outfit with self released Albums and strange low- fi videos. for the past week I've been revelling in the similarities between the Pornogrind vocals, and the frogs in my backyard. But once I realised the vocals sound a bit like the Predator, I got cracking. Enjoy metal people.

  • Gut-Sperm Poisoning



  • Piggys Holiday PORNOGRIND :-D


    Engulfed In Flies performs his track Piggy's Holiday
    Ian Goodman, Engulfed In Flies

  • Extreme Violent Goregrind - The Most Raw Brutal Pornogrind


    - The most extreme goregrind, pornogrind, deathgrind and grindcore music ever produced. The song featured is Key to the Mausoleum from the extreme goregrind band Phantom and from the album Divine Necromancy (2013 / LP).

    Video courtesy of heavy metal record label The Satan Records.

    Extreme Violent Goregrind - The Most Raw Brutal Pornogrind

  • Pornogrind: el genero mas perverso


    Como no tenia que hacer me puse a hacer la remasterizacion de este vídeo viejo teniendo ahora mas conocimientos sobre el tema, y ya de paso haber si vuelvo a ser activo en el canal.

  • LOG TOUCHER Pornogrind Oh Great Doctor of Feces


    Pornogrind band LOG TOUCHER staring Pig & The Doctor of Feces.
    LOG TOUCHER Oh' Great Doctor of Feces
    Ian Goodman, Engulfed In Flies, Log Toucher,
    Piggy's Holiday, Doctor Morgue, HoU531

  • Neuropraxia Interview Part 2 Metal Rules! TV Pornogrind


    Metal Rules! TV with Neuropraxia! Check them out and like them at
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    Metal Rules! TV Official Channel
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    Metal Rules! TV
    3 Overbrook Circle
    Moorestown, NJ 08057 USA

  • Defornicated - Another Shitty Pornogrind Album **FULL ALBUM**


    Defornicated's July 2017 album full length.

  • P.R.O.S.T.I.T.U.T.A. - Homo No Erectus Stupidus Deficientus


    Genero: Pornogrind
    Pais: México
    Año: 2010


    01.- Paletas De Semen (00:00)
    02.- Harry Putter (02:37)
    03.- Chubaka Zombie Homosexual (03:54)
    04.- Penesaurio Rexxx (05:07)
    05.- Lesbian Show (07:07)
    06.- M.A.N.I.A.C.A. (08:49)
    07.- Sushi De Verga (10:25)
    08.- El Hombre Manos De Puñeta (12:19)
    09.- Muerto (13:56)
    10.- Beso Anal (16:06)
    11.- El Señor De Los Fundillos (18:28)
    12.- Panocha Escarlata Y Verga Radioactiva Contra Los Zombies Clitorianos (19:09)
    13.- Hombre Murcielago Chupa Pijas (20:50)
    14.- Prostitupa (21:58)
    15.- Esclava Sexual (24:14)

  • HoU531, Piggys Holiday: Hainal Anal, Pornogrind, Goregrind!!!


    HoU531, Piggy's Holiday: Hainal Anal, Pornogrind, Goregrind!!!
    ゴアグラインド ゴアグラインド ゴアグラインド

  • Kawaii - No es gay si no lo haces por amor


    El grupo idol de Pornogore más kawaii c:

  • N.T.R - She loves my cock more than her children


    Band : N.T.R/Netorare
    Genere : Pornogore, cybergrind, noise grind
    year : 2019
    From : Argentina (un país con buena gente)

    Todos putotes
    BandCamp :
    el 8in :

  • Penile Conjunctivitis - Human Meat Stew


    2 man groove gore pornogrind band from canada. inspired by SxRxOxMx

    full album cuming soon full of gore, porn, meat and blasphemy!

  • N.T.R - Fuck u cuck


    Band : N.T.R/Netorare
    Genere : Pornogore, cybergrind, noise grind
    year : 2019
    From : Argentina (un país con buena gente)

    Todos putotes
    BandCamp :
    el 8in :

  • Brutal deathmetal/goregrind grindcore/pornogrind logos made by Cameron Cryptic


    Brutal death metal, goregrind, cybergrind, logos made by Cameron Cryptic



    MEATKNIFE - Porn HD from Split CD with PxExNxEx (23 Stabwounds | Exquisite Quartening Sexual) 2011
    goregrind, pornogrind, grindcore

  • Kawaii - Raped By Goblins


    Versión con la voz de Ramón Quintanilla de Tacos de Prostituta Violada

  • Barbie Girl


    Grant and Kelly at Spacebar karaoke. Epic as fuck.

  • Queefhuffer - Live at the Brass Mug - Tampa, FL - May 9, 2014 - Pornogrind


    Queefhuffer - Live at the Brass Mug - Tampa, FL - May 9, 2014

    Sick pornogrind from Jacksonville, Florida.

    Features current and ex members of Vomit Spawn, Leprosy, Eviscerated Zombie Tampon, Scab Maggot, Dead Centre.

    Current Lineup:
    Josh Goremaggot Jetty-Drums
    Brian Smith-Guitar
    Mike Torment-Vocals
    Dave Carrin - bass

    Band Page

    Event Page

  • PORNOGRIND... ¿Se puede tomar en serio?


    Un subestilo ó subgénero del Death Metal que en mi opinión no a evolucionado y quizá no le dan importancia ni las mismas bandas. Acepto sus sugerencias si conocen alguna banda de propuesta de ésta índole.

  • 01 Pornogrind - Bekaphatod


    A szolnoki Pornogrind zenekar 2005-ös demójáról! Az album a Grind Generation facebook adatlapján is elérhető, egyben letölthető, a 2012 áprilisi lap mellékleteként!
    [Grind Generation| Szolnok, Extreme Underground Fanzine]



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