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Playlist of Poor Boy ( Rare )

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    Poor Boy - CLIFF RICHARD - With lyrics


    Poor Boy - CLIFF RICHARD - With lyrics
    Oldies but goodies

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    John Fahey sings! - Poor Boy Blues


    Recorded under the name Blind Thomas Nov 15, 1959.

    Early John Fahey, with some singing too! You might recognise the first picture as well, as it is the photo used for the cover of Fahey's first album The Legend of Blind Joe Death.

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    The Canton Spirituals - Mississippi Poor Boy


    RARE FOOTAGE Original Version of Mississippi Poor Boy by the Canton Spirituals of Canton Mississippi Circa 80's

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    Nick Drake - Poor Boy - very rare


    Nick Drake - Poor Boy - very rare
    Nick Drake - Now we rise and we are everywhere

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    Poor Boy Rappers-DJ rap Rare oldschool 1982 Phoenix,AZ Hip hop


    From the Album: DJ rap(12 vinyl single) Year:1982 Rare Phoenix,Arizona 1980s Hip hop check out the facebook page

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    Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home - Gus Cannon


    Gus Cannon as Banjo Joe (vocals, banjo) with Blind Blake (guitar).

    Paramount 12571, Chicago 1927.

    The audio has been re-sampled to play at a slightly faster speed. I think Gus' voice sounds more natural this way, but others disagree. For a good example of Gus' singing, listen to the Cannon's Jug Stompers' Feather Bed.

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    King Kobra - Poor Boy


    Rare King Kobra recording from the 1984-1988 era.
    Line up:
    Mark Free - lead vocals
    David Michael-Philips - guitars
    Mick Sweda - guitars
    Johnny Rod - bass
    Carmine Appice - drums

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    Barbeque Bob - Poor Boy A Long Ways From Home - Rare Blues 78rpm record


    Barbeque Bob
    -aka- Robert Hicks
    a great 12-string blues player!!!

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    Joe Bataan - Poor boy


    Had to dig deep for this one. enjoy

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    Catfish Keith-Poor Boy Long Way From Home


    Catfish Keith playing Poor Boy Long Way From Home on a one of a kind Frank Corso signature deep body Triolian single cone. Please visit or for more information on the guitars seen in this video. Don't forget to subscribe to the National Reso-Phonic YouTube Channel!!

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    John Fahey - Poor Boy


    John Fahey - Poor Boy
    Album: The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death
    Label: Takoma
    Country: US
    Year: 1980

    John Aloysius Fahey

    Country Blues, Folk Rock

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    🎶Poor Boy🎵~~~ Joe Bataan


    ~Blackie's Oldies~

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    Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins Poor boy blues


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    Elvis Presley- Love Me Tender,Poor Boy Rare Pics.wmv



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    Canton Spirituals/ Poor Boy


    Canton Spirituals singing at the Chicago Gospel Fest

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    Warsaw Pack - Poorboy Blues


    Anthem for the Mcjob generation. Protest rock for fans of hippie jazz hip hop fusion. These guys were so fucking good and broke up WAY too soon.


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    The Knockouts - Rich Boy_ Poor Boy-1960 Shad 5018


    The Knockouts (New jersey)

    Personnel :

    Bob D'Andrea (Lead)

    Eddie Parente

    Harry Venuta

    Bob Collada

    Discography :

    1959 - Darling Lorraine / Riot in room 3C (Shad 5013)
    1960 - Rich boy poor boy / Please be mine (Shad 5018)
    1961 - You can take my girl / Fever (MGM 13010)
    1964 - Mo jo, Pt 1 / Mo jo, Pt 2 (Tribute 199)
    1964 - What's on your mind / Tweet Tweet (Tribute 201)
    1965 - Don't say goodbye / Ecuador (Tribute 1039)
    N/A - Tel Tale Kisses (Unreleased)

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    The Bates - Poor Boy - A rare and funny performance show ZDF Tv


    The Bates - Poor Boy - [A rare and funny performance show ZDF Tv] - TheBatesTributeSpain

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    POOR BOY, Cliff Richard


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    Elvis Presley - Poor Boy


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    Mat Kearney - Poor Boy


    Mat Kearney - Poor Boy from Bullet, his first album, released by InPop Records, a Christian record label.


    Like a breath of fresh air and the wind at my back
    Toe to heel with strong strides taking miles off the map
    In this journey called life where I've walked so far
    Under the heat of your sun and the shine of your stars
    Step by step I've crept, I've crawled, and I've run
    Felt the palm of your hand and the barrel of death's gun
    I ran for my life stood strong through strife
    From a miscarried life to waiting for my wife like
    I heard it sung a thousand strong all night long
    Heard heaven's bell going something long, it's like
    I've been there in total despair
    Now I've tasted and I've touched
    A breath of fresh air

    'Cause I do live and I hope and pray
    For something better and brighter today
    For something there for something there

    'Cause I was just a poor boy living in a poor world
    But you gave me more love that set me free
    'Cause I was just a poor boy living in a poor world
    But you have gave me more love that set me free

    Like road trips on open roads
    Windows down sun setting and fresh new clothes
    Shoes off so you can stop reflect on all these paths unfolding
    With these staffs that are pulling in this world so controlling
    It's not always best to take the interstate
    Sometimes the most is on the windy coast way
    'Cause wide is the path pulling astray
    Narrow is the truth in these days
    But all the while I hear a still small voice say
    You climbed the cliffs rocked the desert on your very own
    Swam the seas, sang the songs with the sweetest tones
    The beaches you've combed, moons you've roamed the love you've shown
    But all the while a voice calls you home

    'Cause I do live and I hope and pray
    For something better and brighter today
    For something there for something there

    Written by Mat Kearney and Robert Lawrence Marvin

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    Merle Haggard - Poor Boy Mansion


    Merle Haggard - Poor Boy Mansion - 2007 album - Working Man's Journey - requested by Anne Marie Haugland -

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    Poor Boy, Long Way From Home by BARBECUE BOB


    Poor Boy, Long Way From Home by Barbecue Bob, from original 78-rpm disk, not CD.

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    The Canton Spirituals Mississippi po Boy


    The canton's most recent version of their classic hit. Recorded live @ the soulink theatre in Atlanta GA

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    poor boy-the canton spirituals


    gospel, musik

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    Jeff Buckley - Poor Boy Long Way from Home


    Buy You and I:
    iTunes -
    Amazon -

    About the album:
    You and I is an album featuring previously unheard outside the studio, these seminal recordings are a fan's Holy Grail, a rare opportunity to hear Jeff Buckley in peak form, developing his artistry through a series of spellbinding solo performances, each one captured in pristine sonic detail.

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    John Fahey 07 Poor Boy


    The dance and death and other plantations favorites - 1964

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    Poor Boy


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Poor Boy · Nick Drake

    Bryter Layter

    ℗ 1970 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

    Released on: 1970-01-01

    Producer: Joe Boyd
    Studio Personnel, Engineer: John Robert Wood
    Associated Performer, String Arranger: Robert Kirby
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Dave Pegg
    Associated Performer, Alto Saxophone: Ray Warleigh
    Associated Performer, Piano: Chris McGregor
    Associated Performer, Drums: Mike Kowalski
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Pat Arnold
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Doris Troy
    Composer Lyricist: Nick Drake

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Outsider - CLIFF RICHARD - With lyrics


    Outsider ( Rare ) - CLIFF RICHARD - With lyrics

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    The Canton Spirituals - Mississippi Poor Boy


    The Canton Spirituals - Mississippi Poor Boy

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    Poor Boy


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Poor Boy · Ulysses James

    100 Rare Blues Masters

    ℗ 2011 Master Classics Records

    Released on: 2011-07-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown - Poor Boys Dream | Sofar Dallas - Fort Worth


    Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown performing Poor Boy's Dream at Sofar Dallas - Fort Worth on March 10th, 2013
    Sofar puts on hundreds of intimate shows each month around the world. Find an upcoming date in your city: 
    For playlists, features and more, subscribe to our channel here:

    (Sofar Sounds Dallas/Fort Worth/Dallas - Fort Worth, Show #304)

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter for more information -

    Artist: Tyler Bryant

    Filmed by : Jay Simon & Dan Tossing & Brian Hamm

    Edited by: Jay Simon

    Audio by: Jay Simon

    Special thanks to White Space for hosting the show

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    Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town - - Bubblerock - HD



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    Poor Side Of Town
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    Lawrence Taylor - Poor Boy


    Listen to Poor Boy -

    Follow Lawrence

    Lyrics -
    Would you still love me if I was a poor boy?
    and all I had to give you was me?
    Would you still open up all your doors for me?
    Would you treat me differently?

    Would you still fuck me if I was a poor boy?
    Give me what I want so easily?
    When the show is over will I still be your boy?
    Yeah, will you tell your friends about me?

    Cos everybody's coming round, coming round
    head up in the clouds
    Saying I can't live without them
    who can I, who can I trust?
    I’m just trying to not get burned

    Maybe that’s the reason why I’m cold baby
    Yeah I’m just trying to save my soul baby
    and when the rain comes down
    will you stand there and watch me drown?
    If I was a poor boy
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold

    Would you still love me if I was a poor boy?
    pledge all your allegiances to me?
    Would you still wanna own the keys to my heart?
    Give all your attention to me?
    Cos everybody's coming round, coming round
    head up in the clouds
    telling me I can't live without them
    Who can I, who can I, who can I trust?
    I'm just trying to not get burned

    Maybe that’s the reason why I’m cold baby
    Yeah I’m just trying to save my soul baby
    and when the rain comes down
    will you stand there and watch me drown?
    If I was a poor boy
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold
    maybe that's the reason why I'm cold

    cos all my life I've been a poor boy
    You’ve only scratched the surface of me
    and in the end, I’ll always be a poor boy
    cos nothing in this life comes for free
    maybe that's the reason why I’m cold
    maybe that's the reason why I’m cold
    maybe that's the reason why I’m cold

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    Poor Boy - Lomax Prison Recording


    Recorded by Alan Lomax in 1939, picture taken by Jack Delano.

    Sorry if any confusion was caused over this though the song and the picture are unrelated, I just like the picture so thought it was some what fitting for a song recorded in prison :)

    This song is by Bukka White, though i wasn't 100% sure of this when I first uploaded this as I lifted it from a large archive of LOC recordings and it didn't have an artist listed.

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    Split Enz - Poor Boy


    re uploaded version of nzoz1980's oddly synched video...check more classic tracks here :

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    Barclay James Harvest - Poor Boy Blues; Mill Boys; For No 1


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    Mississippi John Hurt-Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home


    Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home

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    Poor Boy Down


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino Atlantic

    Poor Boy Down · Mike + The Mechanics

    Living Years

    ℗ 1988 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

    Keyboards: Adrian Lee
    Background Vocals: Alan Carvell
    Additional Guitar: Alan Murphy
    Background Vocals: Chris Neil
    Producer: Christopher Neil
    Choir: King's House School Choir
    Percussion: Luis Jardin
    Percussion: Martin Ditcham
    Choir: Michael Stuckey (Leader)
    Bass, Guitar, Producer: Mike Rutherford
    Engineer: Nick Davis
    Background Vocals: P. Young
    Background Vocals: P.Carrack
    Vocals: Paul Carrack
    Assistant Engineer: Paul Gumersall
    Vocals: Paul Young
    Drums: Peter Van Hooke
    Assistant Engineer: Terry Irwin
    Writer: Chris Neil
    Contributor: Geoff Callingham
    Contributor: Mike Bowen
    Writer: Mike Rutherford
    Contributor: Sal Galina

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    ggnzla KARAOKE 105, The Lords - POOR BOY


    or ggnzla music here:

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    Stan Webb´s Chicken Shack - Poor Boy - Ludwigshafen 1992 - Underground Live TV recording


    Stan Webb´s Chicken Shack ...
    live - with the song:
    Poor Boy ...

    check all releases of this
    really great musician ...
    great music ... blues rock
    but with an own touch ...

    filmed and broadcasted by
    Underground Live TV

    recorded live
    in Ludwigshafen,
    Haus der Jugend
    13.5.92 ...

    only a rough
    one camera
    recording but a great

    check also another
    live song of this gig
    on this channel

    for more old
    Underground Live TV
    and new
    stuff go to:

    or here:



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    The Canton Spirituals Mississippi Po Boy.wmv


    The Canton Spirituals Mississippi Po Boy

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    Poor Boy - solo performed by David Reed 4-23-2016


    David performed a solo at the recent Kansas State Solo and Small Ensemble Festival in Topeka on April 23, 2016. He received the highest possible rating in conjunction with his performance.

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    Gus Cannon and Blind Blake: Poor Boy Long Ways From Home Fixed Pitch


    Gus Cannon/Blind Blake's Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home (Paramount 12571, 1927) was either recorded by Paramount at 85/86 RPM, or was incorrectly transferred by the late Nick Perls at essentially 90% speed. The result is an unpleasingly slow recording ( ).

    In this video, I've fixed it to match the pitch of the banjo on Money Never Runs Out ( ) and Blind Blake's vocals on He's In The Jailhouse Now ( ) done at the same time, if not the same session.

    While it doesn't match either perfectly (since Paramount apparently never recorded at the same speed twice :) ), this comes quite close to both. If I knew music, I could make claims that the the key is right, but I couldn't tell a musical key from my locker key.

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    Bob Dylan ~ Po boy


    Man comes to the door—I say, “For whom are you looking?”
    He says, “Your wife,” I say, “She’s busy in the kitchen cookin’”
    Poor boy—where you been?
    I already tol’ you—won’t tell you again
    I say, “How much you want for that?” I go into the store
    The man says, “Three dollars.” “All right,” I say, “Will you take four?”
    Poor boy—never say die
    Things will be all right by and by
    Been workin’ on the mainline—workin’ like the devil
    The game is the same—it’s just on a different level
    Poor boy—dressed in black
    Police at your back
    Poor boy in a red hot town
    Out beyond the twinklin’ stars
    Ridin’ first-class trains—making the rounds
    Tryin’ to keep from fallin’ between the cars
    Othello told Desdemona, “I’m cold, cover me with a blanket
    By the way, what happened to that poison wine?”
    She says, “I gave it to you, you drank it”
    Poor boy, layin’ ’em straight—pickin’ up the cherries fallin’ off the plate
    Time and love has branded me with its claws
    Had to go to Florida, dodgin’ them Georgia laws
    Poor boy, in the hotel called the Palace of Gloom
    Calls down to room service, says send up a room
    My mother was a daughter of a wealthy farmer
    My father was a traveling salesman, I never met him
    When my mother died, my uncle took me in—he ran a funeral parlor
    He did a lot of nice things for me and I won’t forget him
    All I know is that I’m thrilled by your kiss
    I don’t know any more than this
    Poor boy, pickin’ up sticks
    Build ya a house out of mortar and bricks
    Knockin’ on the door, I say, “Who is it and where are you from?”
    Man says, “Freddy!” I say, “Freddy who?” He says, “Freddy or not here I come”
    Poor boy ’neath the stars that shine
    Washin’ them dishes, feedin’ them swine

    written by Bob Dylan
    © 2001 by Special Rider Music

    Germany 2009

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    Mississippi Fred McDowell - Poor Boy, Long Way From Home


    -Video Upload powered by

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    BO WEAVIL JACKSON - Poor Boy Blues


    BO WEAVIL JACKSON - Poor Boy Blues

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    Poor Boy O V Wright


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    Karaoke Poor Boy Blues - Chet Atkins *


    Download MP3:
    Sing Online:

    * This version contains a low volume vocal guide to help you learn the song. The karaoke version without the vocal guide is available on This recording is a cover of Poor Boy Blues as made famous by Chet Atkins - This version is not the original version, and is not performed by Chet Atkins. This instrumental/playback version contains a vocal guide, the lyrics and backing vocals.

    All the assets on KaraFun channels are used by permission under licensing agreement with rights holders (music composition, sound re-recording).

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    Bonepony: Poor Boy Blues


    Bonepony at the Sugar Grove Corn Boil
    7/31/2011; Sugar Grove, IL



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