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Playlist of Play Anything On Drums

  • Play Anything On Drums


    Learn how to literally play ANYTHING on drums. with Jamie Lewis.

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  • Play Anything On Drums - Thrash Beats and Blasts


    Learn how to shred

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  • Play Anything On Drums - Thrash Beats


  • DRUMMING WITHOUT DRUMS - Drum Lesson #1 : Setup & Grip


    First off, thanks for watching. I know it can be discouraging if you want to play the drums but don't have a drum set. That's where these lessons come in. If you take my lessons seriously and are committed, you can make great strides towards becoming a good drummer (which also means you'll have a solid foundation in technique and rhythmic knowledge). And kids, if you're hating on me for giving your parents a way to avoid the drum set, see my lessons as the opportunity to show your parents how much you're committed to playing the drums - that way they'll be more willing to get you a set (tip: play really hard and destroy their books!). Each lesson will be fairly short and serve as a stepping stone to the other lessons. Believe me, follow my techniques and you'll be surprised how well everything translates to an actual drum set. With that said, I hope you enjoy the lessons and I am open to any questions and/or comments you may have....until then, happy drumming without drums!!

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  • Your First Drum Lesson | How To Drums | Stephen Taylor Drum Lesson


    Your First Drum Lesson - How To Play Drums - DRUM LESSON -- Grab the lesson sheet music here:

    Here's some more beginner drum lessons:

    Easy Beginner Drum Fill System:

    Your First Drum Fill:

    How To Set Up Your Drums Correctly (3 Tips):

    How To Set Up Your Drums Like The Pro's:

    Learning anything new can be a challenge. This beginner drum lesson will hopefully help you get a great start playing the drums. This beginner drum lesson is meant to be your very first drum lesson. It will give you a foundation to start learning how to play the drums.

    I also give a TON of examples of songs that you can play this drum beat to. As soon as you learn this beginner drum beat (aka the Money Beat), turn on your choice of one of those songs and start drumming along. There's no better way to learn the drums than to play with music!

    Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

    #StephenTaylor #Beginnerdrummer

    FREE drum lesson series Creating A Drum Fill Vocabulary:

    FREE download 30 Days to Better Doubles:

    FREE practice lesson series Transforming Your Practice Time:




    Cymbal Setup From Left To Right:

    All Zildjian

    16 EFX Crash on top
    16 K Light Top Hat on bottom

    18 Kerope Crash

    22 K Custom Dark Complex Ride

    22 Renaissance Ride

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga with Tiger Wood finish

    Vic Firth 5A

    Classic Clear on toms and snare resonant
    Response 2 on toms batter
    Hi-Velocity on snare batter
    Regularor (Ebony) on kick resonant
    Super Kick 10 on kick batter

    Alclair In Ear Monitors #StephenTaylor #BestDrumLessons

  • More Than Anything Originally Performed by Lamar Campbell Drums Play-Along Track SAMPLE


    DOWNLOAD using one of the following links:

    ITUNES -
    AMAZON -



    Our newest venture! The Fruition Community!

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    ★★OK!! Here is the deal!! Anyone, play anything that you want to this drum beat.. Then upload a video with your added music!! If you play just one instrument that is fine.. In example.. If someone writes a bass part, then someone else can write a guitar part, then someone else could make the lead guitars, and then someone else could make the vocals.. Or if you want you can do everything yourself.. Doesn't matter how it happens.. There is no set rules as to how to go about doing this.. Just HAVE FUN, and BE CREATIVE!! If in the end we need to share WAV files to make a good sounding mix, then we can share sound files via SOUNDCLOUD..

    WAV file..


    THEoneNILS -
    arrackattack -
    Joaquin Gris -
    ChaoticPeace23 - vocals on Joaquin Gris version -


  • Lamar Campbell - More than Anything


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  • Me Playing Drums


    I've been playin' for 5 years and this is just a freestyle... lol... umm, I got my double-bass for christmas in 2006... this wasn't choreographed or anything in any way... I just turned on the camera and played... haha

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  • System Of A Down - Chop Suey????MINIATURE DRUMS Cover in Shower Cubicle????


    #MiniatureDrums #MiniatureInstruments #BuyMiniatureInstruments

    Would you like to support my drum tutorials and miniature drum covers? :)
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  • How to Play Anything and Everything on Drums - 7 Essential Strokes


    Seven techniques that will allow you to play anything ever. This is all you need to know to master the 40 PAS rudiments, and pretty much everything you've ever heard a drummer do. Sure, I may have missed your favorite trick, extended technique, or sound effect, but this is the basic stuff.

    NOT included on purpose: Rimshot, rim knock/click. stick shot, ping shot, rim tap, cross shot, freehand, snare scrape, lion's roar, anything with brushes. These are extra credit. These are not necessarily essential in my opinion. Are they cool? yes. Do they make you sound better? yes. Do I use them? yes. Should you learn all of them at some point? YES. Are they the essential basics to learn the drums? no.

  • How To Play Drums


    Current version of the electronic drum kit I am using in this video:
    Drum sticks I use (5A or 7A):
    Stick Control book:
    Another book:

    If you are starting from day 1 it should take approximately 1-6 years to learn everything in this video. If you have a better estimate leave a comment below. Practicing 1 hour per day, five days of the week, is better than practicing 5 hours on only one out of seven days of the entire week. If you practice 2-5 hours most days of the week and have a goal each time you practice and aren't exclusively messing around playing stuff you already know how to play, that will speed things up dramatically. It may not be a good idea to practice EVERYDAY, 4-5 days per week may be optimal but I am not sure.

    IN SUMMARY, here is what to do as a BEGINNER:
    - After mastering the foundational beat by playing it smoothly with no resistance, master many variations of the beat. This is includes adding kicks and snares in different positions (listen to your favorite song to get inspiration if you want), as well as mastering all those variations with 4th notes, 8th notes, AND 16th notes on the hi-hat/cymbal. Continuous 8th notes on the hi-hat might be easy to play but you might mess up when trying to play the beat with 4th notes instead! If you mess up, that is an opportunity to slow the beat down and work it out until you can play it at regular speed.
    - Master the RLRL hand pattern so you can play it as 4th/8th/16th notes smoothly from 80 to 160+ BPM - this takes hours/days/weeks/months+ of diligent repetitive practice. Practice other patterns in the same session, such as LRLR, LLLL, RRRR, LRRR, RLLL, LLRR, RRLL, LRLLRLRR, RLRRLRLL, LLLR, RRRL, etc. as well as hitting L and R both at the same time continuously as 4th/8th/16th notes. +/- velocity.
    - Learn to play many of the patterns above with just your feet.
    - Play patterns on your hands AND feet, simultaneously.
    - Master triplets, rolls, rim-shots (when on acoustic), flams, ghost notes, and a basic shuffle on the hi-hat and cymbal.
    - Mess around and have fun and play whatever you can/want, as well as playing along with songs you like, but know that you won't really be able to improve your speed without practicing the boring stuff listed above. Be able to play everything with and without a metronome or song.
    - Here is an example of what a really good practice session looks like:

    Some INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level stuff:
    - Master playing two or three 16th notes as a single-pedal kick as it comes in handy.
    - Learn to play 16th notes on the hi-hat with one hand instead of two (see funky drummer video below)
    - Learn to play all your beat variations with triplets on the hi-hat
    - Learn how to play all beat variations using your left hand on the hi-hat
    - Master different stick holding positions
    - Master one handed rolls
    - Master metal brushes if on acoustic.
    - Be able to play different time signatures and styles, such as jazz, somba, etc. None of that is covered in this video. Only 4/4 time signature is covered here, but 3/4 and others can be learned.
    - Master your playing speed to 200+ BPM

    Some stuff you COULD practice but is IMPRACTICAL to practice 99% of the time:
    - Systematically master all possible stick/feet combo patterns.
    - Talk or sing while playing drums at the same time
    - Play with human voice:
    - Learn stick tricks, throws, floor-bounces while playing with the sticks on fire, blind-folded, outside as it is raining while doing ridiculous/unusual tricks like playing a 5th drum with a stick in your mouth, jumping, drumming while running, underwater, skydiving, in space, etc. with nails in the drum stick. You could MIDI-trigger your eye twitches

    Once you get all that you should be able to play pretty much anything possible with no resistance and be at God Mode 9000 of drums (Drum Independence), as there is nothing more you can really do to possibly progress further than that.

    If there is a beat in a pre-recorded song you want to learn how to play but don't know how to decipher what you are hearing, there are a few things you can do: 1- slow the beat down a lot ideally using software/hardware and try to figure it out on your own by listening carefully. 2- find an instructional tutorial video on YouTube that breaks it down for you. 3- go to a drum teacher and have them figure it out and teach it to you.

    Some beats for learning/study/inspiration:
    - Amen break
    - James Brown Funky Drummer
    - Bernard Purdie shuffle
    - Neil Pert solo
    - DnB:

  • PlayAnything Drums The Pots


    Harvey from PlayAnything drums on pots, bowls and buckets.
    we'll try and upload as much as possible although we do not yet have a upload schedule

  • The Drums - Money


    Check out and Pre-order the new Drums album Encyclopedia:

    Also get tickets for their upcoming tour :

  • Can You Learn Drums WITHOUT a Drumset?


    Can you learn drums WITHOUT a drum set? The truth is…you CAN. No, it isn’t ideal, but anyone can get started on the drums without a drumset if they approach this task with the right mindset. Mindset is everything with drumming. Getting your “mental game” on point is a massive step toward maturing as a drummer - even early on in your learning. Today I talk about 3 steps toward learning to play drums without a kit. If you can make the investment of buying a kit, don’t NOT buy one. But if you need to hold off, no worries. I hope my tips can help you out :)
    We kick off today’s discussion by talking about “musicality VS technique”, giving some examples of world class drummers we can learn from. Then we launch into the 3 steps toward learning the drums “musically.” These all center around learning from our favorite drummers and bands and building our drumming repertoire in a musical way. I hope this video helps you guys out, especially those of you new to the drums.

  • Ask Earl Anything - Building a Recording Studio, Why No E-Drums, Cymbal Stacks


    This week's show includes questions about:

    1) My recording studio construction and how to sound proof a room
    2) My views on why I refuse to play e-drums - benefits, disadvantages, personal thoughts, etc.
    3) My cymbal stacks for my pop cover of Thank U Next - Ariana Grande

  • metal drum backtrack for guitar players to play along to


    ATTENTION ALL GUITARISTS WHO WANT SOMETHING METAL SOUNDING TO PLAY TO BUT HAVE JACK SHIT! HERE IS A VID OF ONLY METAL DRUMMING WHICH YOU CAN PLAY YOUR SOUL OUT WITH! JUST PLUG YOU INSTRUMENT INTO AN OUTLET NEAR YOU COMPUTER AND PLAY ALONG! Sorry i didnt relize caps was on and i dont feel like retyping. I made this because whenever i went on youtube i could never find anything to play along with, and now i can. Thats when i said i think ill let all the other people use this to. Its a lot more fun then playing by yourself trust me. Please comment, rate, and subscribe!

  • How to Create Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats? Part 1 - Drums & Structure


    Get Outstanding Lo-Fi Samples and Loops:

    0:00 Intro
    1:06 Structure
    3:12 Start with the drums
    6:05 Hi-Hats and Percussions
    8:57 Mastering Plugins

    In this series we're going to explore how to create a nice lo-fi hip hop beat in FL Studio. We're starting with the drums (kick, snare, hi-hats, percussions) and show the structure theory of the whole track.

    Be prepared for the next parts and don't miss to subscribe to our channel!

    Feel free to ask anything music production related in the comments :)

  • Drum Lesson 4 - How To Start Playing The Drums


    My Drum Lessons!

    Love drumming but don't know how to start learning? In this video I describe the easiest way to break down playing simple beats. This method can also be applied to anything that you'd like to learn. Just go from slow to fast gradually as well as break the concept into different pieces and practice each part separately before combining them.

    COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays:

    Pearl Drums:

    Pearl Icon 3 Sided Rack and all Pearl Hardware
    Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator 3001 Double Pedals
    Pearl ELX Series Ruby Fade 7 Piece -
    10 x 8 12x10 13x11 Rack Toms,
    16x16 18x16 Floor Toms,
    22x18 Bass,
    14x4.5 Snare
    Pearl 13x3 Piccolo Snare
    Pearl 13x4.5 Steel Shell Snare
    Pearl 10x4 M-80 Firecracker Snare

    Zildjian Cymbals:

    16 & 18 A Custom Crashes (A Custom Projection Crashes in some Vids)
    8 & 10 A Custom Splashes
    20 A Custom Ride (20 K Custom Ride in some Vids)
    14 A Custom Hi-Hats (14 K Custom Session Hi-Hats in some vids)
    12 Oriental Trash China
    16 Oriental Trash China
    8 & 10 ZXT Trashformer Splashes (Only in Some Videos, They Are The Bent Colorful Cymbals)

    Vic Firth Sticks:

    Vid Firth Buddy Rich Signatures
    Vic Firth 5A/5B (White)

    Remo Drumheads:

    Toms - Clear Remo Pinstripe
    Snare - Controlled Sound or Emperor X (Coated)

    COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Records Using:

    Presonus Audio:

    Firestudio Tube - (16 Channel Firewire Recording Interface w/ Tube Preamps)

    Shure Microphones:

    Rack Toms - PG56 x3
    Snare Drum - SM57
    Overheads - PG81 x2
    16 Floor Tom - SM57
    18 Floor Tom - PG52
    Bass Drum - PG52*
    *Some videos an AKG D112 is used on the kick as I only have 1 Shure PG52.

    Apple D.A.W. - Logic Pro Studio 9

    Firewire in through Presonus FireStudio Tube

    Go Pro Cameras:

    4 Go Pro Hero2 HD Cameras
    11 megapixels - 30fps - 1080p - 170 Degree field of view

    Canon Cameras:

    Canon t2i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080p
    Canon t3i - 18 Megapixels - 30fps - 1080p

    Apple - Final Cut Studio

    The brands and equipment above are absolutely the best in the industry. Whether you are a beginning drummer, or a veteran drummer, the companies above provide the best possible gear for your drumming, recording and video needs. I personally highly recommend the gear above, as well as the other equipment and gear produced by these companies. You won't find better sounding, looking, and better quality equipment anywhere else. I'm only satisfied with the best, and thats why I play the best :D

    COOP3RDRUMM3R does all of the video/audio recording, mixing, and editing for his current and past videos.
    From September 2011 - May 2012, Video was recorded and edited by Zach Sturino of Recollections Media. He was a huge part in making my videos look as good as they do and getting me and my videos to where they are today. He is an EXCELLENT videographer and Video/Photography specialist. I highly recommend him for any of your video/photo needs.
    Please check out Zach Sturino & his media company Recollections Media.

  • Avril play drum in Minneapolis


    Avril play drum in Minneapolis

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  • How To Play Drums Turning Basic Rudiments Into Cool Drum Fills EricBlackmonMusic


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  • How to play punk drums


    Here is a quick lesson on 3 or 4 beats I use frequently in my punk band. We play fast skate punk and have our second album coming out very soon.
    Please like and sub. Hit up the comments if you have questions

  • Levi Baker playing Anything You Want by Kim Burrell


    Levi Baker playing Anything You Want by Kim Burrell

  • How to play DRUMS - Your FIRST drum lesson!


    Hey Everyone, I created this video for those who have never played drums before! You'll learn the names of the drums as well as how to play a basic groove. I hope you enjoy!!
    **Check out these links that help support the channel by earning me a small commission at no cost to you! After clicking any of the links below, ANYTHING you purchase through Amazon will earn me a small commission. Thank you!**

    Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Crash 20
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    Evans G2 clear bass drum head, 22:
    Evans G2 Tom pack:
    Evans G2 Coated 14:

    -- MY WEBSITE --

    Instagram: @chontosdrumlessons

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  • Colton Playing Drums


    How about celebrating the new year by banging on some drums? Just a little fun jam thing I decided to do.

    Also want to say thanks to my friend Danny, 1800PUCK, for getting me motivated to post more videos. Now that I see that it doesn't take that long, I'll be posting more frequently. Thanks Danny!


    Sorry for those few lapses in the beat. I didn't rehearse anything, I was just jamming, and I would be thinking of some different stuff in my head, so it threw me off, therefore I messed up a couple times. Also, I'm not very practiced in keeping steady double bass drum beats, so I am well aware I messed that up. So for all the haters out there, I hope you read this first before you decide to post comments like you suck and all's not necessary.

    OK, I'm done now, enjoy :)

  • Fix You by Coldplay |Drums Play | Dr.Utkarsh Srivastava


    Dr.Utkarsh Srivastava is 26 year old drummer from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, who has been playing the drums for the last 8 years.

    Presenting a drums play of 'Fix You' originally by Coldplay, played by Utkarsh on his Alesis DM-6 electronic drum set. He can also be found playing on the Mapex Meridian Maple acoustic drumkit.

    Utkarsh cites Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Chris Adler, Lars Ulrich, Tre' Cool as musicians which inspire his drumming and his music has been influenced by bands such as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Avenged Sevenfold, Rush, Lamb of God and Tool.

    *Dedicated to someone special on their birthday*

  • NF - The Search


    Official music video for “The Search” by NF.
    Get the new album ‘The Search’ here:
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    Stream ‘The Search’ album
    Apple Music:
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    Download ‘The Search’ album
    Amazon Music:

    The Search Tour 2020 tour dates listed below.
    Tickets on sale now at

    JAN 31: Melbourne, AU – Forum Melbourne
    FEB 01: Melbourne, AU – Forum Melbourne – SOLD OUT
    FEB 03: Sydney, AU – The Enmore Theatre – SOLD OUT
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    MAY 16: San Francisco, CA -- Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    MAY 17: Los Angeles, CA -- Greek Theatre
    MAY 18: San Diego, CA -- Park at the Park - Petco Park

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    Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
    Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

    #NF #TheSearch #NFTheSearch

    Music video by NF performing The Search. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

  • Pepe Silvia w/drums


    This was really challenging. But also MEGA fun and rewarding.
    Hope you like it!

    Reach out:

    Vater 8A sticks
    Yamaha Rydeen drums (20, 10, 14)
    Supernova Helion Snare 14
    Sabian HHX Legacy Hats 14
    Dream Dark Matter Ride 22

  • Michael Jackson BEAT IT How To Play On Drums 5 Min Lesson / Cover EricBlackmonMusic


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  • The BEST Way to do Drums on Logic PRO X


    In this one, I show you how to make drums easily in Logic Pro X. I show you how to use Ultrabeat sampler to make your drum patterns better. It's easier than dragging samples to the timeline in Logic Pro X. This tutorial will make your beats better! Enjoy ;)

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  • Ask Earl Anything - YouTube Success, Steel Drums, K Cluster, Gig Stories


    Ask Earl Anything - this week:

    YouTube Success and when to release videos
    Do you play Steel Drums?
    What do you think about the K Cluster crashes?
    What are your favorite Gig Stories ... good, bad, the ugly!

  • Daft Punk Style Disco Funk Beat How To Play On Drums EricBlackmonMusic


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    EricBlackmonMusic DRUM LESSONS

  • Funky Slap bass no drums - for drummers


    I was asked by a drummer to upload this track minus the drums so here it is. If you're a drummer you are welcome to use this track and I'd love to see/hear your videos/recording. Please ask my permission if you wish to sample this track. Video recorded by Justin Hodgett aka Wob Barley

  • Play Drums Like Justin Tyson 1 - The 80/20 Drummer


    - click on this link to get the transcription

  • Ask Earl Anything - Improving your YouTube channel, 16 Bass Drums, Largest Crowd Played To, MORE!!!


    Please read ... Okay, I'll admit that I was rushing this show ... because of the camera battery life! I made it to the end, but I flubbed quite a few things in this show!

    Here are the highlights of my mistakes ...

    I really messed up my shoutout to singer/songwriter, Kelly Kusumoto - KMDrums
    Kelly asked me to play drums on two songs of this project! Thank you for letting me contribute to your project!

    Here are the songs I played on:
    It's Better to Forget -
    Then, Would You? -
    Check out the whole project here ---

    The question about 16 Bass Drums was stated as 18 Bass drums by me ... just a brain fart or too old??? Sorry, 2112 Drums - You all know I have an 18 bass drum - it's in the video!

    Here are the questions for this week:

    1) Thoughts on Cymbals Companies discontinuing lines of cymbals

    2) Have you ever played a 16 BASS DRUM (NOT 18!!!!)?

    3) Bass drum us a soft beater or internal muffling?

    4) In-ear-monitors or wedge monitors?

    5) What's the largest crowd you ever played to?

    6) What is that weird instrument that makes a crunch sound?
    (Ribbon crasher or RATCHET! Yes, this is what I meat RATCHET!)

    7) Any advice on how to improve your YouTube Channel?

    I hope you all enjoy it!

  • Avenged Sevenfold-Bat Country????But Played On Miniature Drums????


    #MiniatureDrums #MiniatureInstruments #BuyMiniatureInstruments

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    This song is a tribute to one of my favorite and in my opinion most underrated singers Mitch Malloy if you have never heard him sing you really should check his music out it is great!!!! I've wanted to play this song for awhile now!! Thanks to Mitch Malloy for making some great music over the years!! I hope you all enjoy listening to this song as much as i enjoyed playing it!! Comments welcome!!

  • Drums at Stacey De & Company | Why Play Drums?


    Our drum instructors teach rock, metal, jazz, funk, blues and many other styles. Drum language can be complex and our instructors will challenge any drummer with a wide variety of technical exercises designed to improve your speed and comfort. All drummers bring in their favorite drum parts to learn in their lessons and theory is encouraged. We have many drum students who play in local bands be it in rock clubs or their local churches. You do not have to purchase a drum kit to take lessons. Beginning students can learn with a drum pad and sticks for only $25.00. Students use our drum set at their lessons and do not have to bring anything except their drum sticks and a notebook.

    Stacey De & Company
    1946 University Lane
    Lisle, IL 60532

    (630) 541-6072

    for more information, go to

    Directed by Marlo A. Viriña
    Edited by Marlo A. Viriña

  • Sivamani Best drums Performance | plays ghatam | sivamani playing drums | solo performance | india


    sivamani plays ghatam , its a fusion performance with multiple ghatam mixed with other instruments. sivamani as a famous name called all over the world sivamani drums.

    Not only sivamani plays ghatam he plays all type of rhythm instruments. In a stage show sivamani drums appears means everyone will get into joy.

    Sivamani Best drums Performance plays ghatam sivamani playing drums

    Sivamani Best drums Performance plays ghatam sivamani playing drums

    Sivamani Best drums Performance plays ghatam sivamani playing drums solo performance tamil india

  • Justin Bieber playing drums on BBC1



    Justin Bieber plays drums on BBC1, Blue Peter. This is the first video!
    Sorry, the quality is not as good.

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  • I ATTEMPT To Play The Drums


    I'm not anything close to a drummer haha.

  • Adams song - Blink 182 drum cover explained



    I know i fucked up badly in one part, but i dont care, i was really tired so whatever.
    Here im trying to make a detailed instructional video on how to play specific cover songs on drums. In this case its ADAMS SONG BY BLINK 182. I'll try to explain fills or parts and help kids/people how to play the song properly, kind of like an online drum school. I always looked for something like this in youtube and never found anything... so I decided to start it myself. Im not the best drummer, so expect mistakes. If you have suggestions or comments please send me a message and ill do my best to help. Thanks for watching

  • Me playing I hate everything about you on drums


    Im no good at reading music, and i didnt have anything i needed for the i just kinda went with what i had, enjoy :)

  • Sivamani - Solo Performance at Berklee College of Music


    #berklee #berkleecollegeofmusic Sivamani performs on his suitcase and drum set at the Berklee Performance Center for the 2015 Berklee Percussion Weekend.

    Recorded live in the Berklee Performance Center
    Rob Rose: executive producer
    Ed Liberatore: house sound
    Alex rios: lighting
    Rodrigo Gramitto: spot
    Chris Higgins: spot
    Santiago Banuelos: stage crew
    Chenao Wang: stage crew

    Filmed by Berklee Video Services
    Reggie Lofton: video producer
    Ken Shifman: video production manager
    Katerina Tolkishevskaya: director/switcher
    Ulises Estrada: video engineer
    Ye Julie Almer: camera
    Simon Benegas: camera
    Nicole Dillman: camera
    Nicole Egidio: editor #berklee #berkleecollegeofmusic

  • sivamani plays ghatam | sivamani drums | solo performance | tamil | india | 2018


    sivamani plays ghatam , its a fusion performance with multiple ghatam mixed with other instruments. sivamani as a famous name called all over the world sivamani drums.

    Not only sivamani plays ghatam he plays all type of rhythm instruments. In a stage show sivamani drums appears means everyone will get into joy. solo performance tamil india percussion last updated 2018

  • me playing the drums :D


    READMEMO VERY IMPORTANT hi guys!!! soo a lot of people wanted me to upload a video of me playing the drums :) but u should know that i have only been playing for about a month i am an amateur drummer so its not going to be perfect sooo plz no bad comment or anything i will just delete them. im sorry that the audio doesnt fit with the video and the phone was a little to close to the speaker sooo i apologize. but other then that...enjoy!!! :) i DO NOT own the song Doves and grenades by Hollywood undead.

  • REAL reggae drum lessons


    dancehall lesson next.this is a reggae drum lesson more about feel then anything else.still deals with numbers but more about feel.



    JAMMIN' ON THE NEW ELECTRONIC SET I JUST GOT... figured i would share a video of my progression of getting my chops back ...its been awhile but ive been slowly getting some practice in so i can comfortably get back to where i left off years ago.... i use to be able to play anything i i will keep practicing until i am where i need to be...and then i will go even harder... just getting there
    #YakNasty #thatNiLLa #NWEiRDOZ #FuNKoFF

  • Qayyum imitate JUSTIN BIEBER play drums


    He's my son and he luvs sounds of drums or anything else sounds like drum =) n he play his wawa bob new drum..!!