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Playlist of Philip Sparke

  • The Year of the Dragon - Philip Sparke


    Luxembourg Wind Orchestra
    Conductor: Philippe Noesen

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  • Orient Express


    Orient Express Philip Sparke

    El Orient-Express es un tren de lujo que, desde 1883 , ha hecho el viaje entre París (Estación del Este) y Estambul , con paradas en distintas capitales europeas . Tanto la decoración como la vajilla fueron diseñadas en los años 20 , por René Lalique .

    Después de algunos cambios de trayecto y de dos interrupciones a causa de la Guerra Mundial , entre 1914 y 1921 y entre 1939 y 1945 , finalizó su servicio regular en 1977 por la competencia del avión .

    La obra Orient Express fue un encargo que la BBC realizó a Philip Sparke en 1986. Debía presentarse a un concurso de composición de nueva música para banda; ganó el primer premio.

    Durante la audición de la partitura se pueden imaginar los diferentes escenarios por los que el legendario tren transcurría desde que abandonaba la estación de París hasta que llegaba a Constantinopla (Estambul).

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  • Music of the Spheres / Philip Sparke 宇宙の音楽 龍谷大学吹奏楽部


    龍谷大学吹奏楽部 第42回定期演奏会 ≪大阪特別公演≫
    2015年12月25日 ザ・シンフォニーホール
    Ryukoku University Symphonic Band

  • Music for a Festival - Philip Sparke; Musikkapelle Villnöss - Osterkonzert 2012


    Music for a Festival - Philip Sparke; Musikkapelle Villnöss - Osterkonzert 2012;
    Musikalische Leitung: Sonya Profanter

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  • Dance Movement / Philip Sparke ダンス・ムーヴメント 龍谷大学吹奏楽部


    0:00 Ritmico リトミコ
    3:23 Molto vivo (for the Woodwinds) モルト・ヴィーヴォ
    8:14 Lento (for the Brass) レント
    12:44 Molto Ritmico モルト・リトミコ

    龍谷大学吹奏楽部 サマーコンサート2019
    2019年6月30日 滋賀県立芸術劇場びわ湖ホール大ホール
    Ryukoku University Symphonic Band

  • Harlequin of Philip sparke by Bastien Baumet and the Taichung philharmonic Wind Ensemble


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  • Hanover Festival - Philip Sparke


    I don't own the copyright of this music

  • To A New Dawn – Philip Sparke


    Anglo Music Midway Series Grade 4 – Duration: 09:40

    To A New Dawn was commissioned by the United States Continental Army Band - Captain Timothy J. Holtan, Commander and Conductor. The brief was for a piece to celebrate the 3rd Millennium and it was the composer’s aim to provide a work which, as well as looking forward to the challenges of the new century, also contained moments of reflection about the last one. After a bright introduction featuring the trumpets a perky theme, passing quickly through several keys, appears on the woodwinds. A solo trumpet takes up a new theme over bubbling quavers (eighth notes) and this leads to a rhythmic figure on low clarinets, followed by the upper woodwinds. A brass interlude follows and, after a short bridge passage, an oboe takes up a contrasting legato tune that builds to a climax.An andante section follows with solos for horn and flugelhorn (or trumpet) and a florid flute cadenza. A passionate climax leads back to the faster music and, eventually, to a full recapitulation, revisiting the earlier material before a lively coda close the work as it began.
    AMP 008-010

  • UP Symphonic Band - Music of the Spheres | Philip Sparke


    Music of the Spheres was commissioned by the Yorkshire Building Society Band and first performed by them at the European Brass Band Championships in Glasgow, May 2004. The piece reflects the composers fascination with the origins of the universe and deep space in general. The title comes from a theory, formulated by Pythagoras, that the cosmos was ruled by the same laws he had discovered that govern the ratios of note frequencies of the musical scale. ('Harmonia' in Ancient Greek, which means scale or tuning rather than harmony - Greek music was monophonic). He also believed that these ratios corresponded to the distances of the six known planets from the sun and thatthe planets each produced a musical note which combined to weave a continuous heavenly melody (which, unfortunately, we humans cannot hear). In this work, these six notes form the basis of the sections Music of the Spheres and Harmonia. The pieces opens with a horn solo called t = 0, a name given by some scientists to the moment of the Big Bang when time and space were created, and this is followed by a depiction of the Big Bang itself, as the entire universe bursts out from a single point. A slower section follows called The Lonely Planet which is a meditation on the incredible and unlikely set of circumstances which led to the creation of the Earth as a planet that can support life, and the constant search for other civilizations elsewhere in the universe.

    Asteroids and Shooting Stars depicts both the benign and dangerous objects that are flying through space and which constantly threaten our planet, and the piece ends with The Unknown, leaving in question whether our continually expanding exploration of the universe will eventually lead to enlightenment or destruction.


    UPSB in Symphonicity: Sonic Imagery and Videographic Vignettes
    Abelardo Hall Auditorium
    UP College of Music
    26 October 2018

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  • The Land of the Long White Cloud - Philip Sparke door Brassband Scaldis


    Brass Band Championship 2014 - Belgium
    November 29th and November 30th 2014 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg.

    Brassbandkampioenschap 2014 - België
    29 en 30 november 2014 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg

    Brassband Scaldis o.l.v. Raf Van Looveren
    Keuzwerk/Own Choice Piece: The Land of the Long White Cloud - Philip Sparke

    Productie: Vlamo vzw (
    Opname: Motor Music Company

  • A London Overture - Philip Sparke


    Played by Britannia Building Society Band. 25 Years of EBBC

  • Earth Symphony no. 1 for band - Philip sparke


    Just for sharing purposes, :) it's a fantastic piece :)
    Composer: Philip sparke
    *There's other mvts (water, Sun and wind) but i think it's better to separate it into 4 mvt. :)

  • Dance Movements - Philip Sparke door Kon. Harmonie van Peer


    VLAMO OPEN Harmoniekampioenschap 2017 - VLOH
    19 maart 2017 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg.

    VLAMO OPEN Championships for Wind Bands 2017 - VLOH
    March 19th 2017 at CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium)

    Kon. Harmonie van Peer o.l.v. Kevin Houben
    Keuzewerk/Own Choice piece:

    Productie: Vlamo vzw (
    Opname: Motor Music Company

  • Theatre Music, de Philip Sparke


    Esta actuación foi realizada durante o XII Certame Galego de Bandas de Música, un evento organizado pola Federación Galega e impulsado pola Xunta de Galicia, a través da Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais.
    Coñece todas as nosas actividades en


  • Bohemian Rhapsody – arr. by Philip Sparke


    Anglo Music Midway Series Grade 4 – Duration: 06:35

    Bohemian Rhapsody is undoubtedly one of the most important songs in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. The song defied all convention in terms of form. It has no chorus. Instead, it comprised of an introduction, ballad, guitar solo, operatic interlude, hard rock section and coda. Perhaps the most mystifying aspect of the song is the lyrics, which are commonly thought to be autobiographical, although members of the band have never fully explained them. Bring the house down with Philip Sparke’s authentic arrangement!
    AMP 316-010

  • A Tale As Yet Untold


    [IBE Concert 2018~ Graham v.s. Sparke~ ] Jun.16th
    Live at Abeno-ku Citzens Center Main Hall
    A Tale As Yet Untold / Philip Sparke
    performed by Immortal Brass Eternally

    Cond by Kazuyuki Kouno

  • Music for a Festival - Philip Sparke


    Fra trekorpskonserten i Bodø Kulturhus 3. november 2012.
    Dirigent: Børre Birkeland

  • Party Piece - Philip Sparke performed by Steven Mead and Rena Hashimoto


    After the success of their recent collaboration on Youtube , with Bert Appermont's The Green Hill, Steven Mead and Rena Hashimoto turn to one of Philip Sparke's most popular euphonium solos, Party Piece.
    This is part of Rena's popular series of virtual piano accompaniments #PlayWithRena.
    Party Piece was commissioned in 1986 by the Cambridge Co-op Band for their long-serving principal euphonium (and later, conductor) Charles Shipp. It falls into two sections which are jointed by a short cadenza: the first is a tender Andante with a simple tune which is then decorated, and the second a breezy Allegro with a darker central episode.
    We hope you enjoy this!

  • Music for a Festival, de Philip Sparke


    Music for a Festival. Philip Sparke. Obra libre
    Union musical de Cabral. Director: Eduardo González López

    Sección Terceira. Primeiro Premio.

    VI Certame Galego de Bandas de Música. 16, 17 e 18 de novembro de 2012
    Auditorio de Galicia. Santiago de Compostela

    Music for a Festival. Philip Sparke. Free score
    Union musical de Cabral. Conductor: Eduardo González López

    Third Section. First Prize.

    VI Galician Music Bands Contest. November 2012
    Galicia Auditorium. Santiago de Compostela
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  • A Tale As Yet Untold - Philip Sparke door Festival Brass Band


    Brass Band Championship 2018 - Belgium
    November 24th and November 25th of 2018 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg.

    Brassbandkampioenschap 2018 - België
    24 en 25 november 2018 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg

    Festival Brass Band o.l.v. Steven Verhaert.
    Keuzewerk/Own Choice Piece: A Tale As Yet Untold - Philip Sparke

    Organised by Vlamo vzw (
    Audio: Motor Music Company
    Video: Evil Penguin Productions

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  • Philip Sparke: Diamond Concerto


    史蒂芬‧米德與台北青年管樂團 2013跨年音樂會
    Steven Mead with TWO - 2013 New Year's Concert

    地 點:台北市中山堂

    上低音號獨奏:史蒂芬‧米德(Steven Mead)

    1st mov. Earth Star (00:35)
    2nd mov. Ocean Dream (06:30)
    3rd mov. Blue Heart (13:15)

  • Pantomime - Philip Sparke - David Childs


    CD recording from May 2000 by Greve Harmoniorkester.
    Euphonium soloist: David Childs
    Conductor: Philip Sparke

  • Yorkshire Building Society Band, Music Of The Spheres by Philip Sparke


    Yorkshire Building Society Band
    Principal conductor - Professor David King
    Music Of The Spheres by Philip Sparke

  • Manger Musikklag - Raveling, Unraveling Philip Sparke - NM 2018


    Sjølvvald avdeling under NM Brass 2018 i Grieghallen i Bergen. Raveling, Unraveling - In search of 'La Valse' [Philip Spark].
    Dirigent er Peter Szilvay
    Own Choice piece from the Norwegian Nationals 2018 in the Grieg hall, Bergen - Norway.
    Raveling, Unraveling - In search of 'La Valse' [Philip Spark].
    Conductor: Peter Szilvay

  • Philip Sparke: Suite from Hymn of the Highlands - 2. Strathcarron


    2013 史考特‧赫曼與台北青年管樂團
    2013 Scott Hartman with TWO


    長號獨奏:史考特‧赫曼(Scott Hartman)

  • Scaramouche- Philip Sparke


    Euphonium Solo

  • Grunos Postharmonie


    Opname gemaakt tijdens het Jaarconcert 'Bye Bye Britain?' van Gruno's Postharmonie o.l.v. Peter Kleine Schaars in de Oosterpoort in Groningen op zaterdag 3 maart 2018. Video-registratie ABCD-TV Groningen. Geluid: Arnoud van der Laan (AE-Audio Producties)

  • Celebration.Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.


    Recording of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.A Composition by Philip Sparke.

  • Tallis Variations - Brass Band Lötschental


    Live Performance at the 45. Swiss National Brass Band Championships 2019
    Section: 1th Division
    Location: Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland
    Conducter: Aldo Werlen

  • Harlequin - Philip Sparke by Robbert Vos.wmv


    Harlequin by Philip Sparke
    Played by Robbert Vos on Euphonium and Brassband Schoonhoven.
    Recorded on the cd Silver & Gold

    For more information:

  • Sunrise at Angels Gate: Philip Sparke


    Sunrise at Angel's Gate By:Philip Sparke, played by the US Air Force Band

  • Shalom! By Philip Sparke - Fresno State Wind Orchestra


    I know this video seems a little self oriented, but it is a requirement as part of my studies for a Masters in Music Performance Conducting. The Wind Orchestra played amazing in spite of my efforts, and I am most grateful for their kindness and generousity.

  • Euphonium Solo Harlequin by Philip Sparke


    Here's a performance of the euphonium solo Harlequin composed by Philip Sparke. The euphonium soloist is Jeff Binns and piano accompaniment is played by Janet Coleman. For best results, please click on settings and change 'quality' to 1080p HD.

    This solo was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, euphonium virtuoso David Childs for a CD recording in 2004. He gave the first live performance at the Gala Concert following the first All England Masters International Championship on 29th March 2005, accompanied by the BAYV Band, conducted by his father, Robert Childs.

    The piece takes as its inspiration the happy and sad masks which symbolise the Commedia dell'Arte (which features Harlequin as one of its main characters) and comprises two movements, a slow modal ballad followed by a frenetic faster movement.

    If you are a brass player and interested in learning how to improve all aspects of your playing, please visit my website at

  • Invictus - Philip Sparke


    Invictus - Philip Sparke

    West Winds in Concert 2015
    Victoria Concert Hall

    Band Director: ME5 Philip Tng

    For Archival Only

    Presented by West Winds, Band of the Bukit Batok Community Club, Singapore

  • Philip Sparke: The Unknown Journey / Conducted by Navi Hongskul · Thailand Wind Philharmonia


  • A Weekend in New York – Philip Sparke


    Anglo Music Elite Series Grade 5 – Duration: 07:45

    Philip Sparke was so inspired and moved by his first visit to New York, that he had to capture the moment in one of his compositions. At first a general picture of New York is presented as all the sights and sounds are taken it. Eventually the composer finds himself in Manhattan. Walking along a street, music can be heard wafting from one of the jazz-clubs. This musical representation of personal impressions creates an extremely memorable work.
    AMP 268-010

  • Euphonium Concerto No 2 / Philip Sparke


    2013年9月17日(火)、SHOBIバリオホールにて『尚美ウインドオーケストラ 第38回定期演奏会』が開催されました。
    第1部では、G.ヴェルディ、P.スパークの楽曲と福島 弘和先生の作品をプログラムに据え、本学客員教授 小澤 俊朗先生の指揮で、それぞれの作品が持つ色彩感や立体感あふれる響きをお楽しみいただきました。
    今回はその定期演奏会から「ユーフォニアム協奏曲 第2番 / P.スパーク」をお送りいたします。 -
    ▼SHOBI NET-TV チャンネル登録はこちら 随時更新中!


  • Philip Sparke Jubilee Overture for concert band | West Point Band


    West Point Concert Band performs Philip Sparke's Jubilee Overture at a concert celebrating Labor Day on September 3, 2017 at West Point's Trophy Point Amphitheater.

  • Philip Sparke - Carnival 협연:박훈성


    고려대학교 윈드오케스트라 2013 신춘연주회
    시간 : 2013년 3월 9일(토) 늦은 7시
    장소 : 고려대학교 인촌기념관

  • The Unknown Journey – Philip Sparke


    Anglo Elite Series Grade 6
    AMP 418-010

    The Unknown Journey was commissioned by Kwansei Gakuin University Symphony Band which was established in 1954 and has grown to become one of the top college bands in Japan. The composer chose the title as the piece seemed to create its own momentum as it developed, starting slowly and continuously increasing the tempo. Towards the end it gradually transmogrifies into the closing bars of Ravel’s La Valse, a piece which perfectly characterizes the idea of unstoppable momentum.

  • A London Overture


  • The Sun Will Rise Again – Philip Sparke


    Anglo Music Press Midway Series Grade 3

    AMP 337-010

    The composer writes:On March 11th 2011 a massive 9.0- magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of north-eastern Japan.I'm writing these programme notes barely a week later and the death toll caused by the quake and resulting tsunami already exceeds 6000, with thousands of people still unaccounted for. I have many friends associated with many bands throughout Japan and one of these, Yutaka Nishida, suggested I write a piece to raise money to help those affected by the disaster. I was immediately attracted by the idea and have arranged Cantilena (a brass band piece recently commissioned by the Grenland International Brass Festival, Norway) for wind band, giving it a new title to honour my friends in the Land of the Rising Sun.I will be donating royalties from this piece to the Japanese Red Cross Society Emergency Relief Fund and am delighted to say that my distributors, De Haske, who will generously also donate all net profits from sales of this piece, have pledged a substantial advance payment to the Red Cross so that what little help this project generates can be immediate.It is my sincere wish that this 'Band Aid' project will allow wind bands around the world support the people of Japan, where bands are a way of life for many, in this difficult time.Philip Sparke

  • LFO - David of the White Rock - arr. Philip Sparke


    LFO speelt David of the White Rock tijdens LFO meets Philip Sparke in Parkstad Limburg Theater te Kerkrade.
    Componist: Welsh Traditional
    Arr.: Philip Sparke
    Dirigent; Philip Sparke

  • Between The Two Rivers


    Between The Two Rivers (Philip Sparke)

    Optreden van 'Muziekgezelschap Juliana Holtum' tijdens het Wereld Muziek Concours (WMC) 2005 te Kerkrade. Het orkest werd in deze editie wereldkampioen in de eerste divisie met 96,83 punten.

  • TIWSC2020 : Santa Cruz Convent Concert Band 2020 Orient Express / Composer Philip Sparke


    Santa Cruz Convent Concert Band 2020
    TIWSC 2020
    Pre-screening Repertoire

    บันทึก วันที่ 22 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2563
    ณ โรงเรียนซางตาครู้สคอนแวนท์

  • LFO - Hymn of the Highlands - Philip Sparke


    Tijdens het benefietconcert KLANGBILDER in Gemünd tbv Hilfsgruppe Eifel speelt het Limburgs Fanfare Orkest het werk
    Hymn of the Highlands
    Dirigent : Juri Briat
    Componist : Philip Sparke

  • Little Overture by Philip Sparke, Alto Saxophone


    Little Overture by Philip Sparke, from Super Solos for Alto Saxophone

    This is an ABRSM grade 6.

    For more exam pieces for grades 3-6 see my ABRSM Grade Tunes playlist:

    Please give a thumbs up if you like and subscribe for more videos!

  • Skyfall, Adèle, arr. Philip Sparke


  • Evolution-Five States of Change - Philip Sparke door BrazArt


    Brass Band Championship 2014 - Belgium
    November 29th and November 30th 2014 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg.

    Brassbandkampioenschap 2014 - België
    29 en 30 november 2014 in CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg

    Braz'Art o.l.v. Geert Verschaeve
    Verplicht werk/Test Piece: Evolution-Five States of Change - Philip Sparke

    Productie: Vlamo vzw (
    Opname: Motor Music Company

  • ZNFI - The Sunken Village - Philip Sparke


    Zuid Nederlands Fanfare Initiatief speelt The Sunken Village.
    Dirigent: Chris Derikx
    Componist: Philip Sparke



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