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Playlist of Paul Stanley talks about having his ear reconstructed

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    Paul Stanley talks about having his ear reconstructed


    From Paul Stanley's audiobook 'Face the music'.

    All rights belong to the author.

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    PAUL Interviewed regarding HOF , ACE AND PETER GENE ...ETC.

    GOOGLE : K.A.B.D

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    Tutorial on how my Ace Frehley smoker mod functions Pt. 2 by Bill Baker


    I just installed the Smoker Mod in a Les Paul Custom for my friend Bobby from Bulgaria (yes, my first overseas job!) and here is Pt. 2 this is how the igniter turns on to set of the smoke cartridge, all purchased from - custom and careful work from Bill Baker - visit my site at:

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    Rig Rundown - Guns N Roses Slash, Duff McKagan & Richard Fortus


    Article & photos:

    In November at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, PG’s Rig Rundown team got the inside guided tour of the gear that’s melted a million faces. Richard Fortus and Slash’s and Duff’s longtime techs, Adam Day and Mike “Mcbob” Mayhue, tell all.

    In 1987, Gibson enjoyed an enormous jump in sales when Guns N’ Roses released Appetite for Destruction. To show their appreciation, Gibson gave Slash this ’87 Les Paul Standard, the first of many endorsement guitars. This battered ’87 LP has been broken, burned, and abused since the first tour and remains one of Slash’s favorites.

    Duff McKagan started out with a Japanese Fender Jazz special he bought with his record advance money. That bass, now stored safely at home, served as the model for the Fender Custom Shop Duff McKagan bass models. Duff tours with several of his Fender signature basses; the primary is a mid-2000s model

    Richard Fortus tours with a large arsenal of guitars, too many to cover here, but let’s start with a few of his Gretsch guitars, including a Gretsch White Falcon and Black Falcon, both Players Edition models upgraded with Arcane pickups.

    Continue reading:

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    The Dillards - Mountain Rock


    This is *not* the same recording found on CD releases of this album!

    Until recently, I assumed that this album was simultaneously recorded to digital when the lacquer was cut. As it turns out, not true. To my ears, it sounds like the digital recording was a run-through likely recorded as a test (after all, what were they going to do with a digital recording in 1979?) or warm-up for the real thing. Or maybe it was recorded after they cut the lacquer, but were tired and in a hurry to get out of there?

    Sadly, that digital recording (which survived thanks to the restoration and reconstruction efforts of a German engineer in the mid 80's) is the source from which all CD releases of Mountain Rock are derived. Understandable, because the only way the actual RELEASED version of the album could be issued on CD would've involved a dub from an LP.

    I said 'sadly' because the performance on the LP is much better than the familiar one on CD. Better performances all around. I don't know if this will make anyone a fan of this album but, if like me, you knew the CD version for so long you might like it a little better.

    Oh, and I've left those lengthy pauses between tracks in for the sake of presenting the album as it was released.

    Crystal Clear Records CCS-5007
    Recorded January 27 and 28, 1979 at Crystal Clear Studios, Berkeley, California

    Supercut Limited Edition Direct To Disc Recording

    00:00 Caney Creek (Jules Alexander)
    04:25 Don't You Cry (Rodney Dillard - Bill Martin)
    06:50 Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin)
    09:40 Big Bayou (Gib Gilbeau)
    12:27 Walkin' In Jerusalem (Traditional)
    13:57 I've Just Seen a Face (John Lennon - Paul McCartney)
    16:30 High Sierra (Herb Pedersen)
    19:33 Never See My Home Again (Rodney Dillard - Mitch Jayne)
    22:13 Somebody Touched Me (Traditional)
    25:19 The Fields Have Turned Brown (Carter Stanley)

    Rodney Dillard: acoustic guitar, dobro, vocals
    Douglas Bounsall: electric guitar, electric bass, vocals
    Jeff Gilkinson: electric bass, cello, harmonica
    Ray Parks: fiddle, vocals
    Herb Pedersen: acoustic guitar, electric guitar (Caney Creek), banjo, vocals
    Dean Webb: mandolin, vocals
    Paul York: drums, vocals

    Producer: Ed Wodenjak
    Live Mix Engineer: Pat Maloney
    Disc Mastering: Larry Van Valkenburgh
    Technical director: John Meyer
    Production Coordination: Tom Wiggins

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    2. Silkscreens & Deformities


    Annnddddd even more boring than before.
    The awesome girls who appeared in this video are:

    Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) - Phoenix


    I got a nosebleed right after I put that goo on my screen.

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    Microtia at Crucial Fest 2011


    This is Microtia from Portland, OR playing at Crucial Fest in SLC, UT in June 2011.

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    Payphone Maroon 5


    Sisters Ari (11) & Lyvi (7) jammin to their PG rated version of Payphone. Ari was born without an exterior right ear (microtia) but it has only made her a stronger singer. Lyvi aspires to be JUST like her big sister!!!!

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    Stanley Myers - Wish You Were Here


    My first Stanley Myers was No Way to Treat a Lady from 1967 a movie without weak element ~ A chilling murder story with a difference against a New York skyline starring Rod Steiger George Segal Even if todays realism has caught up ~ the movie underrated.Layered with macabre black comedy Rod Steiger did what Steiger did magnificently mixing eruptive power with forays into scenery chewing but late actor deserves a thumbs up for contributions to silver screen On the Waterfront taxi scene with Marlon Brando is a draw Steigers restrained pathos anticipating a gory outcome ~ equals Marlons heavyweight performance ~ A momentary aside ~ why does world of cinema jump up and down over modestly talented Tom Cruise compelling us with ~Tom does his own stunts ~ Is that it is the rant over? just this~ more Tom tries to impress with sincerity the more etc etc. The score for No Way etc ~evincing an especial musical gift with Dances Sacree et Dances profane Debussy a distant harp inspiration and whats wrong with that but the score for No Way covered a wider gamut with rock pop 60s music on board .I had the album in late 1960s. similarly atmospheric if more low key music by Myers a year earlier 1967 for James Joyce Ulysses filmed in Dublin to savour strolling renovated Sandymount seashore on to Merrion strand His haunting melodic gift to gently rolling piano accompaniment takes centre stage here the musical gem from Wish you were here. Why it didnt enjoy similar acclaim as Myers famous Cavatina featured often by jazz singer Cleo Laine ~ . one for the books To summarise ~ the instrumental account of Cavatina~ evokes a rarefied atmosphere ~
    Music such as present piece can be snuck as a nocturnal into a prosaic if cheeky holiday snapshot movie which caused something of a stir in late 1980s Star of the Film Emily Lloyd was member of acting family including Charles Lloyd Pack famous character actor from 1950s British films . Watched Corridors Of Blood from 1958 starring Christopher Lee Francis de Wolff and abovementioned Charles Lloyd Pack well crafted storytelling propped by excellent acting. and burly De Wolff perfect villain in the Oliver Reed tradition. You see best stuff is now free on U Tube. think how the money sharks are hating things going free I would prefer such movies ~above mentioned a particular favourite~ to most todays big dealed horror rubbish a different world perhaps todays horror wants to dine out on graphics a license to bore? ~to detriment of storyline. Saw on telly ~ of course~ Amazing Spiderman part two glad i missed part one. ~ Am i permitted a convicted persons question? Whatever happened~~~ to Baby Jane??? ~~~ NO~ TO GOOD BOG STANDARD STORIES
    contact care of ifcopod boasting top quadrant big band mainly white jazz remember Paul Whiteman ??
    Better still remember hero Stan Kenton chunky brass music not heavy on the swing not even lissome and light but who cares Calling all trombone bods Wake the town and tell the people Stan the Man Kenton is open for business Sixty years ago Kenton Band was todays hard rock. ~white boys noisy music and good luck to them~ brass more than soul so to speak
    Pardon adventitious Stan Kenton rolling unheralded across the sounds of time Kentons music featured in a tumbledown musical mishmash fondly remembered Blackboard Jungle from 1955 when two musical worlds collided head on ~ emerging world of Rock n roll and behemoth jazz of Stanley Newcomb Kenton. The movie propounded the theory that rock n roll was discovered under a rock in the desert ~ anyway something along those lines ladies and gents ~ we seque with this tidbit Another horror endeavour Mania or its English title Flesh and the Fiends with Peter Cushing I saw circa 1960 highly enjoyable if such is appropriate for horror genre

    Sharing honours with Hans Zimmer ~Myers composed music for movie Castaway for which Kate Bush provided main theme in Kate's pounding drive style of the time and the composer turned in another good score catching the flavour of the 1950s Festival of Britain for Joe Orton biopic Prick up your Ears boasting a chirripy saxophone main theme. Somewhere between confession and apologia such is Ifcopods plight ~ shovelling music up on U Tube but I didnt anticipate the musical return just listening to the stuff ~ all day .Evoking layers of distant emotion this Stanley Myers music listen anytime anywhere

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    Music with Artificial Intelligence | Andrew Huang


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    Danne Farrell
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    Music with Artificial Intelligence | Andrew Huang

    Andrew Huang

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    432 Hz Classical Guitar: One Summers Day From Spirited Away


    I am playing One Summers Day from Spirited Away in the forest while my friend Videos me...Thank you Kyoshi! Please enjoy everyone!

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    Prophetic Prayer: The Power Of Focus!


    Press into prophetic intercession and teaching with Jennifer LeClaire. You can find Jennifer's ministry online at You can sow into the ministry at You can get equipped at

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    Episode 61 The Rolling Stones Some Girls 40th Anniversary


    Today Terrence looks back at 40 years since The Rolling Stones released their classic Some Girls with glee and joy while goes off the rails about Vinnie Vincent for pissing off The Decibel Geek Podcast FOR NO REASON AND THE NAME OF A NEW CLUB FOR JERKS THAT TERRENCE DOESN'T LIKE.

    Link to join page :

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    Episode 70 Styx Pieces of Eight 40th Anniversary with Dr Fukk Ralph Viera


    Today, Terrence celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the 1978 Styx classic Pieces of Eight! Plus Terrence is joined by Dr Fukk Ralph Viera from Rock and Metal Combat Podcast and the following YouTube pages Cheap Trick Tube, Eternal Idols, Almosthuman56.

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