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Playlist of Paul Landers

  • Paul Landers - Interview und Live Tagesthemen November 2004


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  • The reporting on Rammstein concert in Lyon: interview to Paul Landers Lyon - 24.04.13


    Music from iphone: Michel Berger -- Le Monde Est Stone (Fabienne Thibeault)

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  • Paul Landers - Interview and Live 15.5.1997 Düsseldorf


  • Paul Landers Take Me Home - Tribute


    I finnaly figured out how to add music! LOL! couldn't add video unfortunetly. but anyways, this is my paul tribute vidd, cus i love and adore him. the song is by Phil Collins. Hope Yall Enjoy!

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  • FOXYs GEAR RUN SERIES: Tech 21 Fly Rig PL 1 Paul Landers Signature 4K / REVIEW)


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  • Rammstein - Paul Landers


    Vidéo sur le guitariste du groupe Allemand Rammstein

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  • Tech21 Paul Landers Fly Rig Pedal Demosu


    Rammstein gitaristi Paul Landers, Tech 21 gitar efektlerini uzun zamandır kullanıyor. (Özellikle dünyaca meşhur Du Hast adlı parçalarında iyice belirginleşen SansAmp GT2 ve SansAmp PSA kullanıyor. Şimdi ise tamamen kendisine özgü tonları yaratacağı bir pedalı var. Hemenl bir tane almak için tıklayın :

  • Rammstein: Entrevista com Paul Landers


  • Rammstein - Paul and Flake on RadioEins,Germany


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  • Paul Landers - Interview in Russia


  • Paul Landers about Tallin


  • An interview with Paul Landers


  • Paul Landers and Christian Lorenz Interview - MTV Germany 2001


    Short Interview.

  • Обзор гитарного процессора TECH 21 Fly Rig PL1 Paul Landers Signature


    Новая рубрика - разбор гитарных девайсов от основателя - Дмитрия Лебедева. Обзираем гитарный процессор TECH 21 Fly Rig PL1 Paul Landers Signature.

    Получи бесплатный гайд о том, как исправитьТОП-5 ошибок гитаристов. Сделай так, что твой уровень игры улетит в космос! Детальная инструкция тут -

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  • Feeling B - Space Race HD


    Feeling B was a German punk rock band. They were known as being one of the first punk bands in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
    Rare video by Rammstein , film Flake - Mein Leben
    Aljoscha Rompe , Christian Flake Lorenz , Paul Landers , Christoph Schneider

  • Rammstein - Sonne Paul Landers Version


    Perfoming Sonne, made by Rammstein
    Im playing Paul Landers version of this song

    Background sound im using paulvangoogh's background for sonne, check out his channel:

  • GIBSON Les Paul Paul Landers Satin EB


    In dieser Folge zeigen wir euch die GIBSON Les Paul - Paul Landers im Satin Finish. Olli hat die Gitarre für euch angespielt. Viel Spaß mit dem Test!

    Du suchst die passende E-Gitarre:

    GIBSON Les Paul Modelle bei uns:

    Mehr von GIBSON auf einen Blick:

    Auf der Suche nach Tipps und Tricks? Hier sind unsere Tutorials:

    - - - - -




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    #session #makemoremusic #gibson

  • Tech 21 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig


    This is how Paul Landers gets his sound from the bedroom to the stadium. Be sure to turn up the volume!

    For full details, click here:

    Special thanks to Anna Pesavento and Sven Offen for their excellent cinematography!

  • Tech 21 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig Demo


    Guitar World tech editor Paul Riario checks out the Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig from Tech 21.

  • Paul Landers tribute


    description in title

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  • Paul Landers new video 2019 Вот нахуя ты руку убрал


    Подпишись на канал если тебе понравилось это видео!

  • Paul Landers - Interview MTV Russia


    A Interview with Paul Landers from 2004.

  • Пушной - Тест гитар Gibson!


    Тест гитар Gibson Les Paul Studio (490R 498T pickups), Gibson Les Paul Paul Landers (EMG JH SET), Gibson SG (Dirty Fingers pickups)

    P.S. Блин! Видео Тест гитар Gibson куда-то слетело...
    Пришлось перезалить!

  • Paul Landers FAIL


    Wacken 2013

  • PL1 FLY RIG 100% TONES: Tech 21 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig Demo


    Today we check out Paul Lander's Fly Rig, the multieffects unit is being plugged directly into my Audient ID14 interface

    Buy Online:
    Tech 21 Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig Multi-effects Pedal

    Equipment Used:
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    MXR DC brick Power Supply
    Audient ID14 Interface

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  • Tech 21 - PL-1 Paul Landers Flyrig - Sound Demo


    *Buy now:
    We demoed the Tech 21 PL-1 Flyrig. This Pedal is the signature unit of Rammstein guitar player Paul Landers who love direct-to-PA sounds. Many sounds and settings.
    Read the full review in english:
    German version:
    audio and video: Haiko Heinz

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  • Tech 21 PL1 Paul Landers Fly Rig - Euge Valovirta esittelee


    Euge Valovirta esittelee Rammstein-kitaristi Paul Landersin sounditarpeisiin rakennetun 2-kanavaisen Fly Rigin huippuhyvillä SansAmp-etuateilla. Myös kaikki oleelliset efektit löytyvät metallikitaristin tarpeisiin!

    Biisi: 0:09
    Yleiskatsaus: 1:42
    Feuer-kanava: 2:28
    Wasser-kanava: 2:43
    Wasser + Bite: 3:23
    Eugen soolosoundi: 3:54

    Lisätietoja, kuvia, osta omasi:

    Käytössä myös:
    ESP E-II Eclipse Evertune:

    Katso lisää Eugen videoita ja sisältöä:

  • Gibson Paul Landers Les Paul demo - Ich Tu Dir Weh


    Recorded with an iPhone so i'm sorry about the quality. Both me and my amp do not do this guitar justice but it is simply wonderful. the best playing guitar i have ever used/owned and it is the only guitar i have that i would never think about selling.

  • Paul Landers Playing Sehnsucht Of Rammstein Live


    Paul Landers Tocando Sehnsucht de Rammstein en Vivo (Guitarrista de Rammstein)

    Paul Landers Playing Sehnsucht Of Rammstein Live (Rammstein Guitar)


    ▶ Suscribete:
    ▶ Sígueme en Facebook:
    ▶ Sígueme en Instagram:
    ▶ Sígueme en Twitter:
    ▶ Spotify:

    ▶ Rammstein Spotify:

    ▶ Rammstein Official Youtube:

    RammBoy Channel

    #Rammstein #PaulLanders #RammsteinLive

  • Rig on Fire - #278 - Fly Rig Rammstein Paul Landers Signature


    Compre aqui distribuidor oficial:

    Mais Informacões:
    WhatsApp: 13 99632 9322

    Apoie o canal:

    Loja Rig on Fire:


    Official music video ( The Demon called Algorithm)

    Improve (Guitar Playthrough)

    Google Play:


  • TECH 21 PAUL LANDERS PL1 FLYRIG demo by Pete Thorn


    The Paul Landers (Rammstein) Signature PL1 FlyRig, an all in one pedal/preamp solution for badass industrial metal tones! For info:

    To buy the PL1:
    Get Pete's 'Space Charged jam track in E on iTunes:
    Check out A Rush To The Head: by Pete Thorn
    Check out Clean To Scream by Pete Thorn:
    Check out To Live And Die In Nashville by Pete Thorn:
    Check out The Groomed Noodler, new single by Pete Thorn here:

    Check out Pete Thorn's Guitar Nerd CD here:

  • Tech 21 PL1 - Rammstein Guitar Sound Paul Landers Fly Rig


    One of my friends just got this pedal and when he showed it to me I was really suprised how much it can actually do. So I thought it's well worth doing a video about it.

    Get it:

  • Paul Landers


    да ещё кажись и петь умеет вау вотето да 10 балл

  • Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound


    Paul Landers vs. Richard Kruspe about their guitar sound

  • Rammstein’s Paul Landers Talks New Album, Fire and More GER/ENG/ES/PT/EST


    11/06/2017 - Tallinn, Estonia (DD/MM/YY)

    Special Thanks: Martin Kirast and themartin1408

  • Paul Landers dancing


    taken from documentary where Paul and Flake talk about Feeling B and dancing a il

  • Paul Landers...


  • Rammstein - Du Hast intro with Paul and Richard - live at Waldbühne Berlin 09.07.16


  • ESP Eclipse CTM 1 Paul Landers - A short review


    I got this guitar on a pretty good deal from a guy that had owned it for about 10 years.

    The guitar was in a very good condition (aesthetically) when I bought it but the guitar setup was horrible so I had to send it to a guitar tech for a proper setup ( the neck was bowed and had to adjust the action). The frets were still pretty good after all these years so I am very happy about that.

    This is the only link that I could find that has the specs info of the guitar -

    The guitar seemed to be neglected by the owner as it had unusable strings on it (not rusty just unplayable) when I got it and like I said earlier, the setup was way off (maybe that was the reason why the previous owner was turned off by this guitar..i dunno).

    This video is to give a rough idea on what you can expect from this guitar if you ever stumble across it in the used market. Still is a very good guitar in my opinion and I'm very happy to finally own an ESP guitar! :)

    #espguitars #gearreview #especlipse

  • Paul Landers


  • Tech 21 FlyRig PL1 Paul Landers Signature


    Nth American friends can check out the product here:

    Fire, Water, Rock, Roll, Clean, Dirt, Reverb, Delay, Vibrato, Compression, Tuner ... Paul Landers' Signature FlyRig has it all. And it's light, tiny and brutal. If you're into stellar clean tones coupled with unabashed British grind, you will absolutely love the PL1. It's literally all you need to take to a gig, rehearsal or recording session. Tech 21 NYC, the original and still the best.

    Today's tools:

    Guitar: 2017 Epiphone Lee Malia Signature Explorer. Stock.
    Amp: Tech 21 NYC Paul Landers Signature FlyRig PL1
    Cables: Various
    Power Supply: Eventide PowerMax by Cioks
    Mic: Samson Airline77 (me)
    Camera: Canon 60D (me) and Nikon D5100 (pedal)
    Soundcard: PreSonus Quantum
    Monitors: Blue Sky Media Desk 2.1
    Computer: Apple iMac 27 i7 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM
    Software: Logic Pro X, Waves Plugins, Apple Final Cut Pro X (video editing and Youtube compression).

  • Paul Landers Playing Guitar


    Paul doing a sale demonstration of his pedal

  • Tech 21 PL1 Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig


    Oliver nimmt sich das neue Signature Pedal des Rammstein Gitarristen vor und zeigt Euch die beiden Kanäle des SansAmp plus die internen Effekte Delay, Vibrato und Ambiance. Um Euch einen besseren Eindruck des XLR-DI-Out zu vermitteln, spielt Oliver zudem zu einem Track der Band Hellwerk aus Frankfurt. Beide Gitarren wurden mit dem Tech 21 PL1 aufgenommen.

    Das Fly Rig bei uns im Shop:

    Mehr von Tech 21:

    HELLWERK - Dark Tragedy (Official Video):

    - - - - -




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  • Paul Landers - Guitar Rig


  • Paul Landers Rammstein 2017


  • Paul Landers Transformation From 1988 to 2020


    Подпишись если тебе понравилось видео!

  • Rammstein: Paris Premiere - Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe Interview


    Video by:
    Subs by Bucksttabu

    16. March. 2017 Volksbühne, Berlin: Premiere von Rammstein: Paris a film by Jonas Åkerlund


  • Gibson Paul Landers Signature Model EPK


  • Paul Landers Interview: Tech 21 PL1 Fly Rig


    Paul Landers von Rammstein ist bekannt für seinen Sound-Pragmatismus. Wie der in Pauls Signature-Fly-Rig PL1 von Tech 21 umgesetzt wurde, erzählt er uns und euch im ausführlichen guitar-Gear-Interview.

    Den Test findet ihr in guitar-Ausgabe 11/18:

    Spanish subtitles done by LIFAD CHILE Fanclub

  • Rammsteins Paul Landers Talks Next Album, Thinks LINKIN PARK Changed Their Sound Too Much


    Rammstein guitarist, Paul Landers, talks about the upcoming new album in the works, making music videos, and his thoughts on Linkin Park's new music direction.

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