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Playlist of Patch of the Week 41: ARP 2600 – Destructive Feedback Loop

  • Patch of the Week 41: ARP 2600 – Destructive Feedback Loop


    The 2600 is well known for its pre-amp which can be used to bring external sounds into the synth. But what happens if we patch the output of the VCA back into its pre-amp for overdrive?

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  • Patch of the Week 40: ARP 2600 – First Patch


    How to get your first sounds out of an ARP 2600 that has had all its sliders zeroed out. Adding in oscillators by patching and breaking the normalled connections that the 2600 is known for.

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  • Patch of the Week 42: ARP 2600 – Approximating R2D2


    The sounds for R2D2 for the original Star Wars were created using an ARP 2600 synthesizer, with some vocal input as well. How do we approximate the patch that was used?

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  • Korg ARP 2600 FS Hands-On Demo


    At the 2020 NAMM Show, we talked with product specialist Nick Kwas about the new Korg ARP 2600 FS.

    The Korg ARP 2600 FS is a very close recreation of the original, with full-size synth & keyboard, lids and road case.

    It sounds massive, too, and everything is immediately available on the front panel for you to grab and tweak.

    Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

    From Synthtopia's 2020 NAMM Show coverage:

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  • Korg ARP 2600 FS Synthesizer - Overview with Nick Kwas


    Get a great deal on the Korg ARP 2600 FS at Kraft Music:

    Nick Kwas Gives a full overview of Korg's latest reissue. The ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer System at Kraft Music.

    Is less talk and more playing what you seek? Here you go!

    The ARP 2600 FS is a complete sound design studio, retaining all of the versatility of a massive modular system in a portable and eminently playable synthesizer. Now, one of the most sought-after and coveted instruments of the vintage synthesizer era has been brought back for a single, one-time-only production run. The limited-edition ARP 2600 FS includes USB and DIN-style MIDI connections, XLR audio outputs, plus the improved ARP 3620 duophonic keyboard with an added arpeggiator/sequencer. Also included is a custom-branded hard shell case, complete with casters.

    Looking for the best deal possible? Please contact us for a great deal on a custom ARP 2600 FS semi-modular analog synthesizer package. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors are happy to assist with finding the solution that's right for you!

  • ARP 2600 V3 Arturia VST Arpeggiator VST


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  • NAMM 2020: Korg Arp 2600 FS Sounds


    Korg's ARP 2600 FS is one of the best-received synth announcements in some time: an authentic recreation of one of the greatest synthesizers of all time. Keep up to date with our NAMM coverage on our blog Signal:

    ARP's 2600 shook the synthesis world when it was first introduced: it provided all of the convenience of a fixed architecture synth, but with considerably greater sonic breadth than possible with its competitors. By combining all the best aspects of a modular synth with all the best aspects of a fixed synth, the 2600 captured the imagination of countless musicians of all styles.

    The ARP 2600 FS is an exact recreation of the original 2600, adding selectable filter type, MIDI input, XLR outputs, keyboard aftertouch, and an integrated arpeggiator/sequencer. Bringing one of the most beloved synths of all time into the present, Korg's 2600 is an absolute pleasure to see and hear.

    #PerfectCircuit #NAMM2020 #Korg

  • Korg NAMM 2020 | ARP 2600 FS | Thomann


    Korgs new ARP 2600 already stormed the The semi-modular synth convinces with its two-part ARP 3620 keyboard and vcos. Jason already fell in love - what about you?

    #thoNAMM20 audio quality is made possible with the support from Izotope and Sennheiser USA.

    Find your ARP 2600 here soon:

    Interesting bits and pieces:
    0:00: playing
    0:05: introduction
    0:27: ARP 2600 FS
    1:15: oscillators and filters
    1:58: sound and demo
    2:20: comparision to the Odyssey
    3:48: order numbers and price
    4:26: outro

    Twitter: @thomann

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  • NAMM 2020 // ON THE STAND WITH.... KORG ARP2600 FS


    Keep up to date with everything NAMM related over the next week in the links below, head over to Studio D!

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  • Korg ARP 2600 at Winter NAMM 2020


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    NEW at #NAMM2020: Sweetwater checks out the Korg ARP 2600 at Winter NAMM 2020.

    Sweetwater NAMM Report ????

    After you watch, check out today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! ????

    #Sweetwater #NAMM2020 #ARP2600 #KORG

  • Korg Arp 2600 FS Sound Demo


  • NAMM 2020 - KORG ARP 2600 FS


    The recreation of the classic ARP synth from the early '70s. Feat. Gianni aka Synth Guru - Please consider channel support by buying gear via the affiliate links:
    NAMM Show Report:
    Win Free Gear!
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  • Richard Devine demonstrates new ARP 2600 reboot


    From NAMM 2020

  • Jarre bevestigt Korg’s ARP 2600


  • Korg ARP 2600 FS synth - Gearslutz @ NAMM 2020


    Korg have done a limited reissue of one of the granddaddies of all synths, the ARP 2600, in a full-size, modernised-but-faithful to the original 49 key monster, and needless to say, we want ten... have a closer look at this and get your name on a waiting list pronto if you want one!

    Discuss this at Gearslutz -

  • Korgs ARP 2600 sounds as big as you think #NAMM2020


    Read more:

    Korg is re-releasing the semi-modular ARP 2600, the voice of R2-D2, the synth used on classic Weather Report and Depeche Mode albums, and the synth described as the Holy Grail. You’ll need your finger on the trigger, however, as this will be a limited edition one-time-only production run.

  • Cheaper ARP 2600 Coming,Behringer ARP 2600 Production Updates !


    Behringer dropped some updates on their ARP 2600 project today on You Tube, many people are craving a cheaper version since the Korg's remake of the ARP 2600 has a heft price tag and limited edition status.

    As a budget musician I'm amped to get my hands on the Behringer version of the ARP 2600.

  • NAMM 2020: Don Lewis on the Korg ARP 2600


    We catch a performance and demo by the legendary Don Lewis on the new ARP 2600 re-release from Korg. He is using is voice + an envelope follower to shape and control the sounds from the instrument.

    Don Lewis was an early pioneer of synthesizer music and consulted on the original ARP 2600. He is now a member of the board of the Alan R Pearlman (ARP) foundation.

    For more information on the foundation, please visit
    For more on the new ARP 2600 from Korg, please visit
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    Don Lewis performed at The NAMM Show in 1969 as a Hammond artist. He was using an Acetone Rhythm that he had modified which was the catalyst for his lifelong friendship with Ikutaro Kakehashi. Don consulted and helped introduce ARP to NAMM in 1972. At Roland, he consulted and programmed JP-4, TR-808, VP series Vocoders, D-50 and many others. As a consultant and artist for Yamaha, Don was an original programmer for the DX-7 and . In 1977, Don built LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra) integrating ARP, Oberheim, Hammond, Yamaha and Roland products. He is considered by Kakehashi to be his inspiration for MIDI.

  • TTSH pattern - ARP 2600 clone


    TTSH - ARP 2600 clone fed by the System 8 arpeggiator, with a little TR-8s behind it and some Model D (minimoog clone) on top.

  • Korg | Winter NAMM 2020 | Vintage King Audio


    We stopped by the Korg booth at Winter NAMM to hear about some of their fantastic new offerings, including the lust-worthy ARP 2600 recreation, the all-new Wavestate digital synth, and the MS-20 Full Sized Limited Edition in four unique colors!
    Learn about the Korg ARP 2600 here:
    Check out all of Korg's new offerings here:

    #NAMM #NAMMShow #2020NAMMShow #NAMM2020 #VintageKing

    More Winter NAMM 2020 Gear:

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    About Vintage King:
    For over 20 years, Vintage King has done things differently. We've never played follow the leader or settled for just good enough. With a relentless drive to provide the best experience, products, knowledge, and service, our first concern is always for you and your gear needs. From your first quality microphone to the console you dream about owning and everything in between, Vintage King is about creating quality sound. We're here for you - No matter where your audio travels take you.

    Korg | Winter NAMM 2020 | Vintage King Audio

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  • Flood - Andy Whitmore & John Isle - Best Minimoog, Arp Odyssey solo in the world - Jam for YouTube


    Flood - Andy Whitmore & John Isle - Greystoke Studio, 25/7/18

    Featuring Roland Jupiter 4, Arp Odyssey - vintage & Minimoog - vintage.

    The ARP Odyssey is an analog synthesizer introduced in 1972. Responding to pressure from Moog Music to create a portable, affordable (the Minimoog was US$1,495 upon release) performance synthesizer, ARP scaled down its popular 2600 synthesizer and created the Odyssey, which became the best-selling synthesizer they made.
    There were several variations of the Odyssey over the years. Following an announcement in February 2014, the synthesizer was reissued by Korg in early 2015, in cooperation with the synthesizer's original designer and ARP co-founder, David Friend.

    The Minimoog is a monophonic analog synthesizer, invented by Bill Hemsath and Robert Moog. It was released in 1970 by R.A. Moog Inc. (Moog Music after 1972), and production was stopped in 1981. In May 2016, Moog announced a limited-run pilot production reissue of the Model D. It went into full production shortly afterwards, but Moog Music announced on June 27, 2017 that it was ending the production run of the Model D reissue.
    The Minimoog was designed in response to the use of synthesizers in rock and pop music. Large modular synthesizers were expensive, cumbersome, and delicate, and not ideal for live performance; the Minimoog was designed to include the most important parts of a modular synthesizer in a compact package, without the need for patch cords. It later surpassed this original purpose, however, and became a distinctive and popular instrument in its own right. It remains in demand today, over four decades after its introduction, for its intuitive design and powerful bass and lead sounds.

    The Roland Jupiter-4 (JP-4) was an analog synthesizer manufactured by the Roland Corporation between 1978 and 1981. It was notable as the company's first self contained polyphonic synthesizer, and for containing digital control of analog circuits (termed Compuphonic by Roland), allowing for such features as programmable memories and voice assignment modes.
    Priced at US$2,895, it was cheaper than polyphonic machines from its competitors (such as the Yamaha CS-80, Korg PS-3300, Prophet-5 and 
    Oberheim OB-X). However, it did not sell well in comparison. (These poor fortunes were reversed on the release of its successor model in 1981, the popular Jupiter-8.)

    Fender Stratrocaster - 2003 Mexican Fender Strat

    Platinum Selling Music Producer.
    14 UK Top-10 Chart Hits.
    Have a song and need it to sound amazing? That’s great, because I’m rather good at doing just that! Perhaps you’re a singer or band looking to create a killer demo. Or maybe you’re an established artist looking for a top producer to heighten your chances of getting another hit. My name’s Andy Whitmore I help and encourage people just like you to make your music the very best it can be. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years, and I’ve helped everyone from Peter Andre and Atomic Kitten, to Elton John and Terence Trent D’arby. I can’t promise a Gold or Platinum selling record; but I can guarantee that your breath will be taken away by the final result. I’ll naturally tune in to your style; mix, add instruments, polish vocals and use the facilities of my fully equipped recording studio and my experience to bring out the strength in your music and make it appeal to the audience you are targeting.


    Love dance music?
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  • Patchworks


    Short demo of some highly regarded vintage synths:

    ARP 2600: Sequenced by Mutable Instruments Scales
    Buchla 200/200e: Bass, Bongo and FX
    Oberheim 4 Voice: Lead (could not resist to program one of Lyle Mays´ famous sounds ...)
    Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter 2: Additional Effects
    Vermona DRM1 MKII: Drums

    Only slight reverb from TCM2000/3000 to retain original sound character of all synths. Thanks for watching ...

  • Korg Arp 2600 Synthesizer


    Korg Arp 2600 Synthesizer. Should Korg make more of their Arp 2600's clones are should they just stop where they are and not bring any more out the door? Will this help sales for the Behringer Arp 2600 if Korg does stop making their clones?

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  • Korg ARP 2600 Coming to NAMM 2020?


    The teaser released a few days ago backed up with what was stated by JMJ a few months ago really makes it look like Korg is unleashing a new ARP 2600 clone to NAMM this year.

    Companies like Behringer have stepped into the synthesizer game and stole a lot of the social media hype/marketing momentum this year so I feel companies like Korg need to roll out some big guns this year and the ARP 2600 is the perfect synthesizer to fit that bill.

    Would you pick up the ARP 2600 if it was cloned via Korg this year?

    I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've received via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music.

    Till next time,stay creative

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  • Improv #14 for VCS3, ARP 2600, Moog Voyager, Mellotrons and Vietnamese Gong


    Improvised soundscape for mostly analog instruments.

  • NAMM2020 : KORG ARP 2600 FS 開発者インタビュー by Rock oN


  • Korg Arp 2600 unboxing


    Unboxing the new Korg Arp 2600 in store before taking home plus a bit of noodling at the end.
    I'll post some more vids on my IG @biting_eye and do some comparisons between the original and new Korg edition. :)

  • LONBERG HOLM ZERANG BAKER - February 5, 1999 - BOXmedia Festival


    JIM BAKER - ARP 2600 Synthesizer

    February 5, 1999
    Lounge Ax - Chicago
    Video shot by Marci McDade

  • ARP 2600 Synthesizer Family demo flexi disc with Odyssey, Pro Soloist


    (c)2007-20 by RetroSound
    supported by UVI:

    A rare piece what I have found in my big synthesizer history archive.

    The #ARP #Synthesizer demo vinyl from the year 1973 featuring the #ARP2600 and ARP Pro-Soloist.

    Created by (c)Roger Powell / Dave Fredericks

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  • #Jamuary2020 ☀12 ???? Arp2600 for NordModular G1 - Part 2


    #Jamuary2020 #Nordmodular #ARP2600

    Seguimos probando patches para nord modular g1 emulando el mítico ARP2600
    Video Completo en: ????

    Descarga los patches aquí:


    ►► UZZ
    ►► Roland TR-8
    ►► Roland TB-3
    ►► Maschine Mikro MK2
    ►► Ableton PUSH 2
    ►► Nord Modular G1 (Rack)


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    Gracias por la ver el video!!!

  • NAMM 2020 | Korg ARP 2600



    Audio equipment used in this video:
    - Sennheiser AVX
    - Tascam DR-70D


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  • Korg Arp 2600 vs Behringer Arp 2600 Discussion


    Lets talk today about Korg Arp 2600 vs Behringer Arp 2600! Which one are you most likely to go for and why?

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  • NAMM 2020: Korg ARP 2600 Sound Demo


    NAMM 2020: Korg ARP 2600 Sound Demo (no talking)

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  • NAMM 2020: Korg MS-20 FS Sounds


    On the heels of their reissue of the classic ARP 2600, Korg have announced plans to bring back the Korg MS-20—in its original size and in several limited edition colors. Keep up to date with our NAMM coverage on our blog Signal:

    The Korg MS-20 made waves when it was first introduced in 1978; it was one of the most affordable synthesizers of all time, bringing the immediacy of fixed-architecture synths and the flexibility of modular into a single strangely-shaped package. With its intense, howling dual filter, peculiar external signal processing, and open-ended patch bay, the MS-20 is still one of the most singular synthesizers ever made, with a gritty, robust voice all its own.
    Korg's MS-20 FS will be available in the spring in four limited edition colors. For anyone looking to re-live the sound of a synth that defined the sound of the late '70s and 80s, MS-20 FS is not to be missed.

    Korg instruments available here:

    #PerfectCircuit #NAMM2020 #Korg

  • NAMM2020 Korg Booth : ARP 2600 FS 実機解説 by Rock oN


  • Improvisation on two ARP 2600s


    Two ARP 2600's with the same patch: ring modulator through lowpass filter, clock frequency controles sample and hold for oscillator frequency modulation, and clock triggers the envelope generator for filter frequency modulation.

  • Korg MS20 & EHX Big Muff Triangle


  • NAMM 2020: The ARP 2600!


    A demo of the Korg's new ARP 2600 reissue at NAMM 2020. This is a new instrument that needs no explanation.

    For more information, please visit
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    The ARP 2600 is brought back to life in a single, one-time-only production run. Now is your opportunity to own one of the most sought after and coveted instruments from the vintage synthesizer era. This limited-edition release is a loving reproduction of the 2600, handcrafted in Japan and includes USB and DIN-style MIDI connections, XLR audio outputs, plus the improved ARP 3620 Duophonic Keyboard with an added arpeggiator / sequencer. Your new ARP 2600 will arrive in a custom-branded hard shell case, complete with casters.

  • Serge ResEQ Feedback


    first test of internal feedback with the Random*Source Serge Resonant Equalizer. Audio out goes to ErbeVerb then to the mixer.

  • NAMM 2020: Korg ARP2600 Semi-Modular Synth


    Noisegate looks at Korg’s resurrection of the ARP2600 Semi-Modular Synth from the floor at NAMM 2020.

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  • NAMM 2020 - Korg ARP2600 Limited Edition Re-Release


    Originally made from 1971-81, The ARP 2600 is brought back to life in a single, one-time-only production run! First thing I did at NAMM 2020!

  • Tape looping the ARP 2600 synthesizer


    My music on Bandcamp:

    Filmed on 10.02.2020 at Klangendum studio at WORM Rotterdam.
    Camera: Sasha Kretova

  • ARP 2600 Filter Modulation Patching


    In this video, Meta Function demonstrate filter modulation patching on an ARP 2600.

    The ARP 2600 is famous for providing the sound of R2D2 in the original Star Wars film, its heavy use on Stevie Wonder's early material and providing the main riff on Underworld's 'Rez. This is a V4.0 2600 released in 1974 and features ARP's then new G-clef logo alongside the sort after Model 4012 filter (which was a copy of Moog's patented ladder-filter design that eventually led to a legal dispute forcing ARP to design a new filter).

    In this video a mix of saw and square waveshapes from oscillator one are run through the lowpass ladder filter. With oscillator 2 and 3 running as LFOs, various filter modulations are patched including Env 2, S&H, the Voltage Processor and the Electronic Switch. Due to the switching and voltage processes, interesting filter modulation can be heard as LFO 1 sine switches or inverts LFO 2 square.

    Sequenced via a Sequentix Cirklon.

    Audio recorded via Calrec S2 console and SSL convertors. All dry, no FX, EQ or compression. The only post production performed was normalization.

    Watch at 1080p with good quality audio monitoring for the best experience.

    Meta Function developed the Max For Live synthesizer, the Wave Junction in partnership with A four voice paraphonic synth with 2 multi-mode osc, three multi-mode filters, 5 LFOs, 5 Envs and a 12 slot modulation matrix.

    You can buy it from Sonicstate right here for £19.95:

    Note: Ableton Live 9.6.1 and Max4Live 7.2.2 required.

    For more info see:

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  • The ARP 2600: Sample and Hold


    Here is a higher-quality version of the ARP 2600 Sample and Hold video.

  • arp 2600 and son beat


    this is a beat my son programmed into the drum machine. he is almost 2. accompanied by arp 2600 and wurlitzer. bit of b3 stabs in there as well.

  • Cross-modulation with two ARP 2600s


    Cross-modulation with two ARP 2600's: oscillator to lowpass filters on both instruments but the filter outputs modulate each other’s oscillator. Modulation is intensified by controlling the filters.

  • Arp 2600 Soundscape


    Multi layered Arp 2600 soundscape. Additional FX from Logic Pro, and Roland System 500/505 filter.

  • Ambient improv with 5u ,Model D. Deepmind 12,TTSH ARP 2600 and Nebulae


    Ambient improv with 5u ,Model D. Deepmind 12,TTSH ARP 2600 and Nebulae 1 and 2 playing cello samples from a session I did with Michael Daigles for the TV show :5e Rang

  • Synth and Software - NAMM 2020 - Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi Modular Synthesizer


    Check out the Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi Modular Synthesizer at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show!

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