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Playlist of Oxymoron

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    Oxxxymiron - Город под подошвой


    Концерты Oxxxymiron в Казахстане впервые за 7 лет -

    Город под подошвой:
    Купить в iTunes/Apple Music:

    Track produced by Scady
    Recorded, mixed & mastered by Max Kravtsov

    Video made and produced by Fancy Shot (
    Режиссер - Martim Condeixa
    Продюсер - Дмитрий Муравьев
    Арт-директор - Петр Бондаренко
    Оператор-постановщик - Leandro Ferrão


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    Oxymoron - Run from Reality - GMM Records


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    Oxymoron - Best Before 2000 - The Singles Full Album


    Oxymoron - Best Before 2000 - The Singles
    Released 2008-01-04 on Knockout Records

    1. 00:00:00 Oxymoron Dead End Generation
    2. 00:03:26 Oxymoron Black Cats
    3. 00:05:58 Oxymoron Bondage
    4. 00:08:35 Oxymoron Beware Poisonous
    5. 00:12:18 Oxymoron Another Day, Another Mess
    6. 00:15:39 Oxymoron Anti
    7. 00:18:30 Oxymoron Idols Are Out
    8. 00:20:34 Oxymoron Crisis Identity
    9. 00:23:45 Oxymoron F.O.E.
    10. 00:26:35 Oxymoron Big Brother
    11. 00:30:41 Oxymoron Skunk
    12. 00:33:10 Oxymoron Borstal
    13. 00:36:11 Oxymoron A.U. - Cock Sparrer
    14. 00:40:49 Oxymoron Faces From Below
    15. 00:43:18 Oxymoron Weirdoz
    16. 00:46:24 Oxymoron Hey You
    17. 00:48:55 Oxymoron The Whole World's...
    18. 00:51:55 Oxymoron New Age

    The story of this band begins in the early nineties, when punk had almost vanished and was just a mere shadow of ist former heyday. In those days a new trend of hardcore had replaced it largely and crossover was quit popular, but there wasnt much going on anymore if you were looking out for real punk let alone real skinhead bands.
    © 2000 Knockout Records
    ℗ 2000 Knockout Records

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    Oxymoron - Fuck The Nineties...Heres Our Noize Full Album


    Oxymoron - Fuck The Nineties...Here's Our Noize
    Released 2007-08-24 on Knockout Records

    1. 00:00:00 Oxymoron Bored and violent
    2. 00:02:42 Oxymoron Dead End Generation
    3. 00:06:05 Oxymoron Hey you
    4. 00:08:38 Oxymoron Dirty punk
    5. 00:11:39 Oxymoron Fuckers everywhere
    6. 00:13:57 Oxymoron Borstal
    7. 00:16:49 Oxymoron The Factory
    8. 00:19:14 Oxymoron Mohican Tunes
    9. 00:22:17 Oxymoron Beware, Posonous!
    10. 00:25:44 Oxymoron Drug Shock
    11. 00:28:33 Oxymoron Selfrule
    12. 00:31:04 Oxymoron Nuclear war
    13. 00:34:25 Oxymoron Dawn patrol
    14. 00:37:06 Oxymoron On the outside
    15. 00:39:31 Oxymoron Strike

    Usally its not necessary to write long comments about this album. This is the debutalbum of one of the finest German Streetpunk bands ever. It gives the band most respect all over the world and made it possible for them to tour all across Europe, the USA and Japan
    © 2000 Knockout Records
    ℗ 2000 Knockout Records

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    Oxymoron - Crisis Identity


    Oxymoron - Best Before 2000. Release 1999. Germany.

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    Oxymoron - The Pack Is Back Full Album


    Oxymoron - The Pack Is Back
    Released 2008-01-04 on Knockout Records

    1. 00:00:00 Oxymoron Get A Gun
    2. 00:02:31 Oxymoron Down The Drain
    3. 00:05:02 Oxymoron Razor's Blade
    4. 00:07:40 Oxymoron You're A Bore (You Whore)
    5. 00:10:41 Oxymoron We Rule O.K.
    6. 00:13:22 Oxymoron Bleed
    7. 00:15:53 Oxymoron Concrete Jungle
    8. 00:19:35 Oxymoron Kamikaze
    9. 00:22:29 Oxymoron Obscene Army
    10. 00:24:20 Oxymoron The Pigs
    11. 00:27:05 Oxymoron Crazy World
    12. 00:30:12 Oxymoron Scream & Shout
    13. 00:33:11 Oxymoron Insane
    14. 00:35:57 Oxymoron Weirdoz

    Second longplayer, released by Knock Out Records (KOLP/KOCD 058, april 1997) and distributed by Cargo Records in the USA. Later re-issued by Cyclone Records and GMM Records in the USA. Released on tape in poland.
    © 1997 Knockout Records
    ℗ 1997 Knockout Records

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    Oxymoron - The Pigs


    Es la cación de Oxymoron - The Pigs

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    Oxxxymiron - Где нас нет


    Зацени мою последнюю работу
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    Schoolboy Q - Prescription/Oxymoron


    Oxymoron (Deluxe Edition)
    Track #7
    Download this album on iTunes:

    Support Q

    - Lyrics

    Part 1 - Prescription

    [Verse 1]
    Prescription drugs, show me love
    Percocets, Adderall
    Xanny bars, get codeine involved
    Stuck in this body high, can't shake it off
    I'm falling off, I can't hold a thought
    What's wrong with me? Now the pressure creep
    I'm stressing deep, even in my sleep
    My mommy call, I hit ignore
    My daughter calls, I press ignore
    My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor
    I'm blanking out, woke up on the couch
    Dinner on my shirt, my stomach hurts
    I had a bust out in the 80's but yo, the karma's worse
    I cry when nothing's wrong, I'm mad when peace is involved
    My senses harmed, sluggish ruggish
    A couple Xannies popped, open my pill box
    Prescription drugs

    [Interlude: Joy]
    What's wrong, daddy?! Wake up! Wake up!

    [Verse 2]
    Prescription drugs, I fell in love
    My little secret, she gon' kill a thug
    My body numb, she like to give me hugs
    I love her touch, I get a rush
    When she don't come around, I start to go nuts
    My heart erupts, I'm curled in pain
    My phone ring, ring and ring and ring
    If you ain't selling drugs, then I don't hear a thing
    May 7, Ali calls, p.m. of 6:45, I finally answer this time
    He said Come to the stu', I'm mixing all your rhymes
    I don't decline, at least that's in my mind
    Grab the keys, need some wood for the trees
    Dap the clerk 'fore I leave, max on my AC
    Continue right, remember seeing light
    Wise night, but that's my life
    Prescription drugs

    [Outro: Joy]
    What's wrong? You tired? You mad? Okay, I love you, daddy

    Part 2 - Oxymoron

    [Hook 2x]
    I just stopped selling crack today
    I just stopped selling crack today
    (What you say? What you say?)
    O-X-Y, a moron, O-X-Y, a moron

    [Verse 1]
    Crazy, got my sex on wet in her Mercedes
    Ladies, get these off new shoes for my baby
    Oxy, I don't know no Pablo or no papi
    What you know about a pill, plus a 8-ball
    You gotta re-up 50 times just to get a rack off, ungh
    I can get a hundred of 'em, make over 3 G's
    Only took two days, only re-up'd one time
    Where the sun barely shine and it rain for about
    Nine months out the year, man it's something right here
    For Seattle nigga, cheers, when I look up at y'all city like lookin' in the mirror
    Damn near had a career, just might shed a tear, ungh
    Man, this shit right here for my niggas who ain't make it home
    Sitting on a tear, got a dap to a nigga bright in here, feeling life ain't fair
    If I was in your shoes, I would've copped, don't care
    Had a scene, had the medics like clear, ungh
    Big body cold like a Polar Bear, ungh
    I done sold more shit than hookers, expensive tees, resemble a push up
    Stopped selling crack, cause white don't fuck with narcos
    Vanity slave, got whips and chains
    Dirty money, clean money the same, even if I got life, I ain't saying a name


    [Verse 2]
    Groovy, when I die tell Spike Lee make a movie
    Oh wee, cops bringing dogs so they don't sniff my bitch booty
    Oxy, O-X-Y, only feel like I could stop me
    Quincy, now how you nigga sliding up every now and then in a Bentley?
    Easy, 60-40-50, you can get one for 30 if you let me hook this titty
    Let a nigga fuck then my dogs see your kitty
    Just stopped selling crack today
    When it get hot, smoke a pill, watch it glide like Dr. J
    I prescribe you I'm your doctor, kay?
    You can crush this shit, you can sniff this shit
    You can take this shit, you can smoke this shit
    Do you like this shit, nigga?
    Your brain go numb, synthetic heroine
    Without the injections, do the same love and affection
    How could they say feeling good is an addiction?
    But the world is full of shit, so I don't listen
    In fact We living to die is a contradiction
    So trapping in a Nissan, O-X-Y, I keep 'em, O-X-Y, you need one


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    Oxymoron - Lifes a Bitch


    Life's a Bitch - Oxymoron. Album: Westworld. Track: 3. Year: 1999.

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    Oxymoron - Insane


    Album: The Pack is Back

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    Guru Guru - Oxymoron - Live, 1972


    Beat-Club 25.03.1972

    Audio & Video Remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2014

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    AKADO - Oxymoron №2 ПЕРЕЗАЛИВ


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    © AKADO, ℗ Uniphonix Records. 2008. All rights are reserved.

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    BIG MENU feat. Escandaloso Xpósito - Oxymoron


    Track 4 from the EP:

    BIG MENU - Reunion EP (2015)

    Recorded at laNau (Barcelona):

    Mixed by Curro Ureba at Trafalgar Estudio (Cádiz):

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    Oxymoron - Dirty Punk


    Have some fun listening to this, then check some Crass songs or better yet:

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    OXYMORON - f.o.e


    a brick stone wall blocks up your escape
    can't hide or run away
    a shiver running down your neck
    reminds you of your fright
    he's behind you, he's the foe and you don't know his face
    despite these years among us
    he's been living in disguise

    the foe - the foe is hunting after you
    the foe - and time is running out for you

    spider lines are set on you,
    your tongue is getting dry
    the sound of footsteps getting close,
    you collapse on the pave in the end he tracked you down,
    he's been lying in wait not sure if he's inside your head
    you're waiting for the strike

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    Oxymoron - Kamikaze


    Support the band! Buy from their page!

    Album - The Pack Is Back

    Living in a shell had never been a thing for me
    Safe in private places you just ponder what's to be
    I'm in need of action but you rather fade away
    Living in your own world where you keep to things you can take
    You slogged all day and get your pay
    And lock yourself away
    Are you sure You're living?
    Just going through the motions
    Ordered life and slaving
    I'm fed up with this bullshit
    Are you sure you're living?
    Headlong into my fate
    I'm better off without it
    and live on straight ahead
    All the time you're abusing those you claim who go astray
    Still don't dare to break out of the boring life you lead

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    Markul feat Oxxxymiron - FATA MORGANA


    Концерты Oxxxymiron в Казахстане впервые за 7 лет:
    Билеты на тур Маркула:

    Video credits:
    Written and directed by Lado Kvataniya
    Director of photography Andrey Krauzov
    Produced by Alexander Medvedko
    Executive Producers Ilya Stewart Murad Osmann
    Hype Production:

    Track credits:
    Recorded by Porchy (
    Beat produced by Kontrabandz
    Additional vocals by Porchy
    Mixed by Porchy & Ameriqa (
    Mastered by Big Bass Brain Gardner (



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    OXYMORON - New age


    When I hear... the sound of concrete and steel
    I sense a rhythm, that science can't feel
    I feel the beat... of our hearts as one
    I hold your colour, when my vision is gone
    This power is something but the force is blind
    Transmitted through a network, of your own kind
    As minutes tick away... and days become years
    I know this old feeling, it's a substance in my tears
    And the kids on the street
    And the kids everywhere
    And all I gotta say is the kids don't care
    Let's go
    When I hear...
    I sense a rhythm...
    I feel the beat...
    I hold your colour...
    When you've got me running and you stop my machine
    You try to tell me something, that has never been
    When you stop me running, with my own pack
    You know you've got me swearing that I'll get my own back

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    OXYMORON - Anti


    There's too much pressure braking down on me
    But I'm fed up, full of disdain
    Law and Order - just an empty phrase
    I'm antisocial cause I have it my own way

    No survival if you ignore their dictates
    I've got no idol and my god is me
    All this mess-up has blown my fuse
    So call me a rebell or a living abuse

    I'm Anti - fashion
    Anti - religion
    Anti - police
    And Anti - system
    Anti - commercial
    Anti - prison
    Anti - everything

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    oxymoron-you rule


    oxymoron-you rule live cbgb 10-22-00

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    oxymoron bored & violent


    There's violence coming up, trouble on the streets.
    Gangs are taking over, but where will this lead?
    Do you care for their frustration, no you don't!
    The kids have no relation to your mode.

    The same like back in '76,
    Bored and full of violence,
    Can't you see in fact what's going on.
    It started off in '77,
    When the kids got up together.
    Discipline gets nowhere but to hatred.

    Yellow press rack their brains over who's to blame.
    Ain't the message obvious, what do you mean?
    Or is all the increasing outrage just a joke?
    But how come your prisons are packed, ain't this odd?

    There's writings on the wall and broken panes.
    The youth don't put up with your silly games.
    Do you care for their frustrations, no you don't!
    The kids have no relation to your mode.

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    Oxymoron - Live in Nottingham 1996, debut UK gig


    We loved German punk's Oxymoron's debut LP F**k the 90's here's our noise a lot! Here's a video from Nottingham, the UK Punk capital of the 90's, where they played their first ever UK show to a wild crowd. Here's it is....

    Punk Lives Live is a Work-in-progress musical archive documenting the history of much of British Punk Rock scene from the 80's and 90's (and beyond). Most of it shot as part of a musical journey by Control/Kontrol! editor and front man of Underclass UK, Stuart Newman.

    Shot mostly in the days when the 80's bubble had burst but before the gravy train of week long festivals, all the money and industry feckwits had gone and Punk Rock had gone back to what it did best - be raw and be honest! There was no one to upset, unlike 2019 where upsetting big festival promoters or PC enforcing websites make most bands nodding heads.

    Some of the best punk rock songs from the top punk rock bands in British punk history. We’ve documented the bands time and the UK media tried to ignore and white wash over.

    New content coming in production....

    for latest details....

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    Oxymoron - Dead End Generation


    It's the same old game, but you can't keep up.
    Your mouth is gonna cry, but they wanna keep it shut.
    What do you expect in this break down age?
    Spit out mate and give vent to your rage.

    The scene is set for a marching up.
    There's no way back and forward is a concrete gap.
    You won't get out if you smash your head against the wall.
    So stand your ground and you aint gonna fall.

    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    You're just another faction - oh wake up.
    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    Sick of the situation - oh wake up.

    The course you're trying is a vacant lot.
    One day soon you'll end up with a shot.
    As a member of the dead-end youth.
    You're sick of the games they're gonna play on you.

    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    You're just another faction - oh wake up.
    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    Sick of the situation - oh wake up.

    Don't let them kick in your head, try it till the end.
    Gonna kick in your head.
    Spit out, give vent to your rage, and trust nobody.
    Gonna spit out your rage.

    It's the same old game, but you can't keep up.
    Your mouth is gonna cry, but they wanna keep it shut.
    What do you expect in this break down age?
    Spit out mate and give vent to your rage.

    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    You're just another faction - oh wake up.
    Dead end generation - oh wake up.
    Sick of the situation - oh wake up.

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    ScHoolboy Q - Man Of The Year


    Download ScHoolboy Q's Man of the Year on iTunes:
    Get ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron:

    Directors: Dave Free, Scott Fleishman, Fredo Tovar
    Producer: Michael Mihail
    Production Company: TDE
    Music video by SchoolBoy Q performing Man Of The Year. (C) 2014 Interscope

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    Oxymoron - Scream And Shout


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    OXYMORON - Black cats


    Shadowlike they haunt me at night
    Horrible dreams to grab my sleep
    Whatever I do, wherever I go
    They're always near beside

    If these turn up there ain't no joy
    All I can's detroy
    If these turn up there ain't no joy
    Nothing works to scare 'em away

    Black cats, black cats
    Always getting in my vision
    Black cats,black cats
    An evil omen - Black cats

    Stumbling through the streets at night
    I was overcome again by this bothersome plague
    It didn't come off it's over now
    This was the final show
    If these turn up there ain't no joy
    All I can's detroy
    If these turn up there ain't no joy
    Nothing works to scare 'em away

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    OXYMORON - westworld


    Imprisoned face to face in this strange artificial place
    with free-wheeled criminals who carry knives and loaded guns
    Aggravation's usual for the western world
    Radio stations send their warning - red alert

    In the Westworld
    Concrete desert
    In the Westworld
    Endless strife to survive

    The leaders lost control, now violence and corruption rule
    The fittest survive this zone, you wait untill it catches you
    Violation's common in the western world
    Radio stations send their warning - red alert

    Imprisoned face to face in times all-out computerized
    gunslingers prowl in troops this animated danger zone
    Violation civilization
    Savage destert, this is Westworld
    Through the nation sounds the calling - red alert
    Destination still unknown, maybe WW III

    In the Westworld
    Concrete desert
    In the Westworld
    On our own in a danger zone

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    Oxymoron - Down The Drain


    The Pack Is Back (1997)

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    VA - A Tribute To Oxymoron – Fuck The Tributes,Here’s Our Noize…


    Tracklist :
    01 - DDC - BORED AND VIOLENT 00:00
    05 - VIOLENT AFFAIR - WE RULE OK 12:15
    06 - ANGER FLARES - GET A GUN 14:54
    07 - BAD ENGRISH - WEIRDOZ 17:28
    08 - SNIPER 66 - LIFES A BITCH 20:02
    09 - OUT OF ORDER - DAWN PATROL 24:23
    12 - HARDKNOCKS - INSANE 33:23
    13 - LEGION 76 - KAMIKAZE 36:01
    15 - DIE TRYING - ANTI (CD ONLY) 42:26

    Vinyl's and CD's here: and

    Shirts, patches, pins here:

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    Oxymoron - Lifes a Bitch


    Life's a Bitch by Oxymoron from the album Westworld
    Released 2012-06-13 on Knockout Records

    © 1999 Knockout Records
    ℗ 1999 Knockout Records

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    Oxymoron · Lil Debbie & Kid Class

    I’m The Rapper He’s The Producer

    ℗ 2018 Lil Debbie Records

    Released on: 2018-02-02

    A R T I S T: Kid Class
    M A I N_ A R T I S T: Lil Debbie

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    ScHoolboy Q - Break The Bank


    Get ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron:

    Music video by SchoolBoy Q performing Break The Bank. (C) 2013 Interscope Records

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    Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron ALBUM REVIEW



    Schoolboy Q might not be an amazing lyricist, and his new album might have a handful of filler hooks, but Oxymoron also shows him riding a variety of beats with an impressive level of precision. Not only that, but a number of tracks here bring back the grit and vulgarity of 90s gangsta rap, and give it a progressive instrumental backdrop.

    What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?


    This video is a reupload that fixed a messed up album cover and misinformation dealing in what year Habits & Contradictions came out.

    I've also been confused about the various versions of this album.

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    Oxymoron - A.U.


    A U Come outside
    I'm fed up with you looking
    Like the cat who got the cooking
    I said A U
    You and me outside
    You've got the kind of face
    The face of a git
    And I really want to hit it
    I said A U
    You and me outside
    Coz I've been watching you
    Chatting up all the girls
    And I'm fed up with you
    And I've drunk enough

    Someone's gonna get a slap tonight
    Someone's gonna get whacked tonight
    Someone's gonna get a smack tonight
    From me
    And it's gonna be you

    A U You look like a poof
    How loud do I shout it ?
    Tell me what you're gonna do about it ?

    A U You and me outside
    You're a bloke who's heading for one
    A real fist magnet if ever I saw one
    A U You and me outside
    I saw you kiss that girl
    Over in the corner
    It's not jealousy
    It's just you and me

    You've got too much dosh, you're everything I hate
    You talk all posh, you make me so irate
    You're so cock sure, you're a liability
    I told you before, it's not jealousy
    It's not jealously
    It's just you and me

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    Tonydow - Oxymoron


    Activa los subtítulos.
    Beat x Canis Major/Oxymoron.
    Mixed x Rockes.




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    Evelle's hilarious skit with Kenny Blaq using songs by 2Face Idibia

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    Oxymoron - Live @ CBGBs in NYC 4/21/96


    Oxymoron - Live @ CBGB's in N.Y.C. 4/21/96

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    Oxymoron - Run From Reality


    Run From Reality - Oxymoron. Album: Westworld. Track: 5. Year: 1999.

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    Oxymoron - Psychopath


    Psychopath by Oxymoron from the album Feed The Breed
    Released 2008-01-04 on Knockout Records

    Germanys flagship in all things street punk has returned and the world is bracing itself for the next invasion... Back in the early nineties, when the new punk wave was gathering momentum and breathing new life into a scene that had been stagnating for years, OXYMORON were the group at the forefront of all the activity. They have now mutated into a real driving force as well as the storefront sign announcing to all that the movement is again something to be reckoned with...
    © 2001 Knockout Records
    ℗ 2001 Knockout Records

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    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Prescription/Oxymoron · ScHoolboy Q


    ℗ 2014 Interscope Records

    Released on: 2014-01-01

    Producer: Sounwave
    Producer: Willie B.
    Composer Lyricist: Q. Hanley
    Composer Lyricist: M. Spears
    Composer Lyricist: W. Brown

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    Lions Law - Crisis Identity


    Lion's Law covering Oxymoron
    Taken from the Oxymoron Tribute out on Contra Records (Europe)

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    Oxymoron - Crazy World


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    OXYMORON - Run from Reality


    Suddenly the things ain't what they used to be
    Now everything's changed and I wonder why
    Too scared to face the possibilities
    My life's so different I wanna close my eyes

    Can't get rid of the gnawing fear inside me
    Denying it all is just the real insanity

    I try to run, I try to flee
    but you can't run from reality
    I try to run, to run away
    no use to call 999

    It's been my self-protection but now I've got the prove
    So far I've been to blind to accept the fucking truth
    Well now I've come to see which way the cat jumps
    And that's the reason why it's getting out of hand

    Can't get it out, this gnawing fear inside me
    Denying it all is just sheer insecurity

    Suddenly hte things ain't what they used to be
    The lie I've been living is catching up with me
    Yeah I quit my job cos I wanna be free
    But what a living do I get without a pay
    no way

    Repressed them all, these bothering things that annoyed me
    It ain't nothing new to turn your back on reality

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    ScHoolboy Q - Studio ft. BJ The Chicago Kid


    ScHoolboy Q - Studio (Explicit)
    Oxymoron available now

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    Error Crew live @I Believe in Miracles 2 04/08/2018


    Error Crew covering Skunk by Oxymoron

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    17. Yay Yay - ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron


    Track 17. Yay Yay - ScHoolboy Q - Oxymoron

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    Oxymoron-Black cats


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    Oxymoron - Youre a bore you whore


    Band: Oxymoron
    Song: You're a bore you whore
    Album: The Pack is Back

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    Oxymoron - We Rule Ok


    Oxymoron = kickass Oi! punk band. Great song, listen up, lyrics are on there.

    p.s. i have no clue what he's saying in that part right before the lyrics, if someone can figure it out, post a comment and i'll edit it.



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