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Playlist of Overload (Pakistani band)

  • Overload _ Pichal Pairee - Pakistani Band


    Song: Pichal Pairee
    Band: Overload
    Album: Pichal Pairee
    Country of origin: Pakistan


    Meera Meesha Rahman - vocals, backing vocals
    Farhad Humayun - drums
    Sheraz Siddiq - keyboards
    Mahmood Rahman - guitar

    Hassan Mohyeddin - percussions
    Pappu Sain - dhol
    Jhoora Sain - dhol

    Nasir Sain - dhol
    Kaala Sain - dhol
    Ustaad Allah Lok - pakhawaj
    Jaffer Hussain - clarinet

    Overload is a rock/fusion band originating from Lahore, Pakistan, formed in 2004. The band are directed by founder and drummer Farhad Humayun. Since their inception, the group has released two albums, one self-titled, released in 2006 and Pichal Pairee (literally 'feet attached backwards' in Urdu), released on 14 August 2009. The first album was a No. 1 hit, while the second album, even though released exclusively online for free, still topped the charts locally.

    Three songs from their debut album 'Overload' were released as singles: Cursed, Dhamaal and Storm. Two singles were also released from their second album 'Pichal Pairee'; Pichal Pairee and Mela Kariye. The original line-up consisted of Farhad Humayun, Sheraz Siddiq, Hassan Mohyeddin, Pappu Sain & Jhoora Sain. Pappu Sain, regarded as the greatest Dhol player in the world, left the band due to ill health. Pappue Saeein was suffering from acute diabetes, and claustrophobia, which limited air travel. He was replaced by Nasir Sain. Hassan Mohyeddin exited from the band and pursued an education in Tabla and music roduction.

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  • Farhad Humayun & Overload - Nimmi Nimmi


    Buy the song here: spotify:album:4xkea8lM66HDqbfFViFbmk

    Amazon at

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  • Overload - Cursed


    Overload's first original music video. Officially the most played track on Pakistani radio & celebrations
    Buy the track here: spotify:track:0YITZxkTzvhIytlPiyrmAG
    Buy the album here:


    apple music

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    Composition and Arrangement - Farhad Humayun;
    Drums & Percussion Arrangement by Farhad Humayun;

    Featured Artists:
    Percussion - Hassan Mohyeddin;
    Pappu Saein - Dhol;
    Jhura Saein - Dhol;
    Mekal Hassan - Guitars;
    Sameer Ahmad - Bass;

    Recorded at DFS;
    Mixed & Mastered by Mekal Hassan;
    Produced by Farhad Humayun;

    DOP & Post - Armaghan Hassan

  • Overload: Cursed feat.Pakistans Top Dhol Master:Pappu Dholi


    A fusion of the best of precussion, including the ultimate Dhol. Lahori Ustad Pappu Saeen and Jurah Saeen, rip up the track along with the other drummers/precussioners.

    This rhythm/beat is the the most favored dhol beat in Pakistan (Dhamaal), in contrast to the Chaal in India.

    PLAY THIS LOUD ! (^_^)/

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  • Pakistani band Overload- Storm


    A very nice track with a very nice animated video

  • Farhad Humayun & Overload- Dhamal live at LUMS HD


    Drums Drums Drums! A live video at the Lahore University of Management Sciences from the Galaxy A tour 2015 feat. former Simply Red and The Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibrahim

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  • Overload - Dhamaal


    Percussion based band Overload's latest music video for their track 'Dhamaal'. This is their third and last video that features Pappu Saeen and
    Jhoora Saeen; marking an end to the band's collaboration with them. The video is directed and shot by Bilal Lashari.

  • Overload _ Lahore - Pakistani Band


    Band: Overload
    Title: Lahore
    Language: Urdu
    Country of origin: Pakistan

  • Papu Saeen & Overload


    Dhol Specialist Papu Saeen & Overload from Pakistan at Horisont Mela 2006. Oslo, Norway.

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  • Storm - Overload


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    Pakistan's first ever video done in 2D traditional animation. Directed & animated by Syed Shaharyar Jabbar

    Composition and Arrangement by Sheraz Siddiq;
    Drums & Percussion Arrangements by Farhad Humayun;

    Featured Artists:
    Hassan Mohyeddin - Percussion;
    Pappu Saein - Dhol;
    Jhura Saein - Dhol;
    Sarmad Ghafoor - Guitars & Bass;

    Recorded and Engineered by Wasim Baig;
    Mastered by Sarmad Ghafoor;
    Produced by Farhad Humayun;

  • Overload - Dhamaal


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    Drums & Percussion Arrangement by Farhad Humayun;
    Composition and Arrangement by Sheraz Siddiq;

    Featured Artists:
    Hassan Mohyeddin: Percussion;
    Pappu Saein - Dhol;
    Jhura Saein - Dhol;
    Sarmad Ghafoor - Guitars;

    Recorded and Engineered by Wasim Baig;
    Mastered by Sarmad Ghafoor;
    Produced by Farhad Humayun;

    DOP - Bilal Leshari

  • Overload - Batti


    Farhad's debut as the singer of Overload after having played drums and leading the band for years

  • Ankahi - Overload - Official Music Video HD


    Overload's epic Ankahi marks the first ever appearance of the superstar of film, Nadeem, in a music video. Also starring TV legend, Navid Shahzad & 'Kathak' Nighat Chaodhry,
    Music by Sheraz Siddiq
    Audio Engineered , Mixed & Mastered by Sheraz Siddiq & Farhad Humayun at Riot Studios, Lahore, Pakistan
    Produced & Directed by Farhad Humayun
    Post & Editing by Hassaan Ashraf
    Line Producer Navid Shahzad
    Lyrics by Tahir Shaheer
    All music, lyrics & visual content is the property of Overload - Copyright Overload 2012


    Bay nishaan
    Bay rung soona aasmaan
    Jalti zameen
    Saai bhi gum gai kahin

    Khwaabon ki namnaak see yeh kirchian
    Aankhain bujhee
    Saansain honay lageen dheemi

    Awaz kyun dab see gai
    Aahon may kyun khamooshian
    Keh to sahi tu Ankahi
    Azaad hai
    Teri zubaan
    Teri zubaan

    Baant dee tukron may kyun yeh zindagi
    Deewarain hain,
    Oonchi, mehdood see sochain
    Loge kyun behtay jazeeron par kharay
    Daawa karain
    Saee zameen pairon talay unkay


    Sun nay ka bhi kar hosla
    Jee lenay de sab ko yehaan
    Mil jaai gee sachi khushi
    Baantay ga aasanian

    Awaz kyun dab see gai
    Aahon may kyun khamoshian
    Mauj e hawaa khul ke zaraa
    Khushboo lutaa

  • Overload - MAHI Live in Lahore


    Mahi played Live at L.U.M.S in 2015
    Vocals - Farhad Humayun
    Guitars - Aziz Ibrahim
    System 700 & DJ - Shaihan Hasan

  • Overload - Dhamaal


    Rhythm of the mystics of South Asia. Watch official music video here:

    Buy this track: spotify:track:2CY6CpJ2VInZu1cNsFmDgv
    Buy the album:


    apple music

  • Aaroh _ Pyaar Ka Jaal - Pakistani Band


    Band: Aaroh
    Song: Pyaar Ka Jaal
    Language: Urdu
    Country: Pakistan

    Aaroh (literally means ascending in classical music) is a Pakistani rock band founded by Farooq Ahmed and Nabeel Nihal. They surfaced into mainstream scene after winning the Battle of the Bands competition in 2002 sponsored by Pepsi. In 2004, Nabeel Nihal was replaced by Haider Hashimi as the band's lead guitarist.

    Aaroh's music is a fusion of western rock music and eastern style of vocals. As implied by the word aaroh, which refers to the ascending scale in the eastern vocals such as Sa Re Ga Ma,the band's music epitomizes the classical eastern music fused with rock. Aaroh's acclaim to fame is due to their exuberant live performance backed up with thought provoking lyrics.

    Band Members:
    Farooq Ahmed
    Khalid Khan
    Haider Hashimi
    Saeed Ahmad Mughal

  • Vichar Gai - Overload Live at The Apartment S01 E08


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    Playing an original tune VICHAR GAI from their acclaimed 2009 album 'Pichal Pairee'. The song became a solid hit for the band overseas after the release of the album in Norway & remains very close to Farhad & Sheraz as one of their most accomplished & mature musical pieces.
    Featuring the maestro Ustad Jaffer Hussain on Clarinet
    Engineered, Mixed & Produced by Farhad Humayun at Riot Studios, Lahore
    Camera work by Mohsin Khawar & Fahad Mahmood
    Directed & Edited by Hassaan Ashraf
    Overload is Farhad Humayun - Vocals & Drums & Sheraz Siddiq on Keys

    Umair Nadeem on Guitar, Farhan Ali on Bass, Ken Xeerick on Drums.

  • Here I Go Again - Overload Live at The Apartment S01 EP06


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    Overload covering Whitesnake's 1987 version of Here I Go Again.

    Whitesnake is a British Hard Rock band headed by the legendary David Coverdale. Coverdale was formerly the lead singer of the band Deep Purple and sang hits like Stormbringer & Soldier Of Fortune. The band has had many lineup changes throughout its career and has had some of the most influential players in it like Adrtian Vandenberg, Tommy Aldrige, Rudy Sarzo, Steve Vai, Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Vivian Campbell & John Sykes

    Overload is:
    Farhad Humayun - Drums/Vocals
    Sheraz Siddiq - Keys & Synth

    Featured Artists in this session:

    Farhan Ali - Bass
    Kenneth Xeerick - Drums
    Ahmed Waqar - Guitar (Blue)
    Umair Nadeem - Guitar (silver)

    Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Farhad Humayun at Riot Studios, Lahore

  • Farhad Humayun - Mur Ke Dekho


    Buy the song here:

    Or stream here:

    spotify: spotify:album:6i7lGnDhQMDGYv9tvBjEUY

    Farhad Humayun's first solo Urdu release
    Directed by Farhad Humayun
    Starring Ramina Maripova
    Music Produced by Sarmad Ghafoor
    Lyrics & Composition by Farhad Humayun
    Additional Lyrics by Sarmad Ghafoor
    Mastering - Jonathan Espinosa at SSR
    Background Animation - Numair Abbas
    Post Production - Checkpost
    Styling & Wardrobe - Uzma Rao
    Filmed at Riot Studios, Lahore

  • Neray Aah | Overload and Rachel Viccaji | Season 5 | Coke Studio Pakistan


    Coke Studio Sessions. Produced by Rohail Hyatt.

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  • Zamana by SYMT - Overload Live at The Apartment S01 EP05


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    Overload teamed up with to Symt members Haroon Shahid, Hassan Omar & Farhan Ali sing a new version of their original track ZAMANA. It was quite 'The Cool'
    Recorded live at Farhad Humayun's apartment. Mixed & Mastered at Riot Studios using MOTU, Focusrite, Joe Meek, Shure, AKG, Yamaha, Pearl, Martin - The b ettere the gear the better the audio.

  • The Nuke _ Waaday - Pakistani Band


    Band: The Nuke
    Song: Waaday
    Language: Urdu
    Country of origin: Pakistan

    Atta Ur Rehman
    Jahanzeb Zaffar
    Rahil Mushtaq

    About The Nuke:
    For years your senses have been longing for a musical ecstasy that can drive over every maniac, every bigot and every music buff. The next big sensation of the era comes as The Nuke unleashes its wings in the never ending skies of melodic escapade.

    These nuke guys are strong headed and smart. They know their job well and perform it religiously. The Nuke as a band is definitely a great addition to Pakistani music scene and is all set to infuse your soul with an enthralling and mesmerizing feeling that you would have never experienced before.



    Overload has proudly been a launchpad for many upcoming artists. This was hers
    Mela Kariyay remains one of the band's feisty numbers, popular at weddings and celebrations - The music bed is cheekily used from the an earlier track 'Cursed'. Produced & Directed by Farhad Humayun

  • One - Overload Live at The Apartment S01 E03


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    One by the Irish band U2 is the third track from their 1991 album Achtung Baby, and it was released as the album's third single in March 1992.

    Recorded at Riot Studio on 13-May-2011

    Farhad Humayun - Vocals/Drums
    Sheraz Siddiq - Keyboards/Backing Vocals
    Haroon Shahid - Guitars/Backing Vocals
    Shahzad Hameed - Guitars
    Farhan Ali - Bass

  • Overload - Only


    Buy this track here:
    Buy the album here:


    apple music

    The first track of the record breaking Overload album released in 2005, Only is Aik Taal (12/8) in classical music terms

  • Pukaar _ Aag - Pakistani Band


    Band: Pukaar
    Song: Aag (Fire)
    Language: Urdu
    Country of origin: Pakistan

  • Mahi | Overload | Season 6 | Coke Studio Pakistan


    Produced by Rohail Hyatt.

  • Farhad Humayun & Overload - Bolo Na


    Bolo Na was released on the 40th day of mourning of the 158 APS school children and faculty massacred by the Taliban in North Pakistan.
    Click Cc for English subtitles
    Buy the song:

  • Nimmi Nimmi - Overload live in LUMs Lahore Pakistan feat Aziz Ibrahim 3rd April 2015


    Overload - Farhad Humayun, Nasir Sain & Sheraz Siddiq with UK guitarist Aziz Ibrahim (The Stone Roses/Steven Wilson/Simply Red/Asia/Paul Weller) debut appearance performing live at LUMs in Lahore Pakistan 2015 for the Samsung Galaxy A tour.

  • It is a misconception that Maulanas dictate to Pakistan: Laal band


    Hum Log: Members of the popular Laal band from Pakistan pay a visit to NDTV and tell us what motivated them to use music as a medium to bring about a change in the society. They also say that the belief that Mullahs rule the life of people in Pakistan is hype. The band, which is pro-Communist also sings some of their popular songs for us. (Audio in Hindi)

    Watch full show:

  • Overload - Teen Taal


    16 Beat Epic from the debut Overload album titled Overload
    Buy this track: spotify:track:5QpN64Z3hnO9GuK9L83hqm
    Buy the album:


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  • Dream On - Overload Live at The Apartment S01 E10


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    Dream On is the first single by Aerosmith from their 1973 debut album, Aerosmith. Written by lead singer Steven Tyler, this blues-influenced power ballad became their first major hit and classic rock radio staple.

  • Overload- Vichar Gaye Live


    Pakistani band Overload live at Melafestivalen 2009. Oslo, Norway.

  • Overload Band


    Overload Band performed at Willis Concert Bar, Olongapo City

  • overload band-sasmuan


    battle of the band sasmuan, pampanga

  • Overload - Cursed


    Officially the most played track on Pakistani radio and celebrations! Watch music video here:

    Buy the track here:
    Buy the album here:


    apple music

  • Azal _ Sari Duniya Hill Jayegi - Pakistani Band


    Song: Sari Duniya Hill Jayegi (Conquer The World)
    Band: Azal
    Language: Urdu
    Country of origin: Pakistan

  • Farhad Humayun & OVERLOAD - Jeet


    I am victory!
    Yes YOU are!

  • Co-Ven _ Ready To Die - Pakistani Band


    Band: Co-Ven
    Song: Ready To Die
    Country of origin: Pakistan



    Battle of The Band in conjunction with Karnival Kemahiran Kebangsaan 2013.

    Event : Battle Of The Band KEKK 2013
    Location : MAEPS, Serdang
    Date : 28/9/2013

    Brought to you by:

  • Azal _ Aisi Taisi - Pakistani Band


    Band: Azal
    Song: Aisi Taisi
    Language: Urdu
    Country: Pakistan

  • Overload - Wearing Out


    An instrumental Rock piece created by Farhad Humayun, Sheraz Siddiq & MindRiot guitarist Assad Jamil in the late 90s while the Pakistani underground scene was the coolest thing
    Buy it here: spotify:track:0zG8yAcJKjxdQzbaE7gklK
    Buy the album:


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  • Vergeltung - System Overload


    Artist: Vergeltung
    Song: System Overload
    Album: System Overload
    Year: 2008
    Style: Industrial Metal

  • SYMT ZAMANA Music Video Top Pakistani Band/Singer


    Haroon Shahid Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    Hassan Omer Lead Guitars

    Powered by the killer good looks of frontman Haroon Shahid with the ever creative Hassan Omer on lead guitars, SYMT are bracing for one helluva ride. The pumped up drum sound of Overloads Farhad Humayun (who is also the producer of the upcoming album) with adventurous bass playing by Mahmood Rahman and mastering by Shahzad Hassan (Shahi) provide the it element that makes SYMTs upcoming debut the DEFINITIVE Pakistani modern rock act sound to emerge in some while.

    But Haroon is not just about a huge fan following & killer good looks! He has the voice to back it up. Known as the Gandeiri Boy because of his sexy rendition of a popular cultural hit, Haroon is the winner of multiple awards at the local underground scene. With influences ranging from bands as diverse as Junoon to Collective Soul, Haroon has been acclaimed for his vocals & harmonies since he was a kid.

    Both Haroon and Hassan acknowledge that SYMT is a bit of a tongue twister! But before you start getting any ideas, it simply implies that everything in the universe has a direction! Both also appreciate the great management team of Lips3Sixty Entertainment they have had along the way as support which leaves them with just one thing to do Create music!

    Hunted down by uber music marketing guru Doc Rafat Siddiqi who is credited with launching a large chunk of Pakistans leading artists, SYMT and Doc are aligned to create history and rock out to the world.

    Their first single Zamana is screening everywhere (Net, TV, FM). Directed by the reclusive director Kamran Yar Kami, this is one video you dont want to miss.

    Discover your SYMT in concert soon!

  • Fuzon Akhiyan To Ole Ole Video




    Tribute performance by RANUM & OVERLOAD to both legendary bands, SWEET CHARITY & LEFTHANDED.

    This video features full performance by OVERLOAD.
    Date: 31st March 2018
    Venue: SLED Productions x Decline Studio, Singapore
    Organised by RANUM's awesome keyboardist, Azharie Ekoan

  • Overload- Live in Oslo 07


    Pakistani band Overload live at Melafestivalen 2009. Oslo, Norway.

  • Urr Jaon - Strings | Official Lyrics | Pakistani Rock Songs 2018


    Listen to the full song at:

    Strings' new album's second song had such a strong message about child labor that it left our hearts drenched and our minds refreshed. Now let's sing along to this song and never let their message die.
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  • Saari Raat by Noori the Pakistani Rock Band | Pakistani Songs


    Pakistani Songs | Saari Raat by Noori the Pakistani Rock Band
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    Saari Raat
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    Noori Band
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    Noori the Pakistani Rock Band

  • Overload- Live in Oslo 2


    Pakistani band overload live at Melafestivalen 2009. Oslo, Norway.



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