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Playlist of Outlandish

  • Outlandish - Callin U


    Music video by Outlandish performing Callin U. (C) 2007 RCA / SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMNET DENMARK A/S

    #Outlandish #CallinU #Vevo

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  • Outlandish - Aicha


    Music video by Outlandish performing Aicha. (C) 2003 RCA/BMG Denmark A/S

    #Outlandish #Aicha #Vevo

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  • Outlandish


    Provided to YouTube by OVO Sound/Warner Records

    Outlandish · dvsn

    A Muse In Her Feelings

    ℗ 2020 OVO Sound/Warner Records Inc.

    Masterer: Chris Athens
    Assistant Masterer: Dave Huffman
    Recorded by: Dereshean OTR Jarrett
    Assistant Mix Engineer: Greg Moffett
    Additional Vocals: HaSizzle
    Producer: Nineteen85
    Mixer: Noel Gadget Campbell
    Keyboards, Programmer: Paul Nineteen85 Jefferies
    Writer: D. Daley
    Writer: P. Jefferies
    Writer: T. Bryant

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Outlandish - My Old Man


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    Video credits :
    Lyric Video by Anders Ladegaard
    Camera: Amar Mahmood
    Edited by: Waqas Ali

    :labelmade: records 2016

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  • Outlandish - Warrior//Worrier



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    Warrior // Worrier

    Do whatever you love and you will be free
    If you can't buy happiness try to lease
    Or buy a better mirror stare a little longer now

    One thousand reasons to cry out
    Is that a life?
    A thousand reasons to smile, I tell you why
    Consolation to you tears I'ma light up your way

    For what its worth
    You're my warrior
    And I'm your worrier

    Do not be confused by the murderers
    Goodness is bigger than us you can't see it cause
    It is silent yeah but it's feeding this world

    You are not depressed cause you fell out of love
    Everything is a test maybe you´re better off
    What you call a problem I just call them lessons of love

    For what it's worth
    You're my warrior
    And I'm your worrier

    Come on let's take a walk
    Shh don't say a word
    Let's not talk
    Let the silence do all the communicating tonight
    Life is not just a walk in the park
    I know that
    But its a start right
    They say silence is gold
    But its kind of hard when so much remains untold
    You looking the other way me kicking up dust
    Blocking the sun still got shades on
    Blocking our point of view
    Yeah we differ a lot about what and what not´s
    What we ain't and what we could have got
    Thinking our arms ain't to short to box with God
    This ain't a midnight stroll in Paris
    More like a careless walk through a field of land mines
    I cherish you
    Though you are a warrior too
    What are we to do

    God never promised you days without pain
    Laughter without sorrow
    Sun without rain
    But He did promise strength for you every day

    Still in Tears!! Oh how can I not be sad
    For my guidance was
    Was upon your hands
    Wrapped around, I pray, I pray you understand

    For what it's worth
    You're my warrior
    And I'm you worrier

    Te falta el aire (Do you need air?)
    Te compro el viento (I'll buy the wind)
    Soy tu dinero (I'll be you money)

    Si yo te quiero (Now that I love you?)
    Porque te vas ( Why are you leaving?)
    Mi fusilero (My executioner)

    Soy lo que veo (I'm what I see)
    Soy lo que das (I'm what you give)
    Tu prisionero (I'm your prisoner)

    Lo que me diste (What you gave me)
    Lo guardo adrentro (I keep it inside)
    Soy tu guerrero (I'm your warrior)

    From my mother I learned
    Never is too late
    That's its always possible to start out again
    You may feel you've stopped but you're just on your way

    You are not depressed
    You just unemployed
    Time is all we got, don't you kill it boy
    Everybody is in love when things are going well

    For what it's worth
    You're my warrior
    And I'm your worrier

  • Outlandish - Better Days - Official video


    New single from OUTLANDISH BETTER DAYS


    Music credits:
    Produced by Moh Denebi
    Co-produced by Jay-B Bisgaard & Outlandish
    Mix and master by Anders Schumann at studio C4
    Management by Thomas Børresen

    :labelmade: records 2013

    - -

    Video Produced by Zentropa
    Director Tobias Gundorff Boesen
    Story by Isam Bachiri, Waqas Qadri, Lenny Martinez
    Taxi driver Hassan El Sayed
    Executive Producer Sisse Graum Jørgensen
    Producer Clara Thyssen
    Director of Photography Thomas Gerhardt, DFF
    Editor Sune F. Andersen Dan Loghin
    Production Manager Sasia Mølgaard
    1. AD Jòn Hammer, Kasper Dissing
    Gaffer Jonathan Reim Eskildsen, Mathias Tegtmeier
    Lightning Technician Lauge Felix Black Pedersen
    Camera Assistant Esben Johan Frese, Tobias Nordenlund, Lukas Lassen
    Low Loader driver Mikael Kort Kristensen
    Location Manager Alexander Nielsen
    Prop Master Susse Riber
    Make-up Artist Kiki Wikkelsøe Davidsen, Karen Louise Larsen, Julie Laumann
    Casting Carina Jeppesen, Phillip Christensen
    Production Assistant Soheil Ozlati, Christian Petersen, Mathias Kruse Gregersen
    Postproduction Coordinator Line Plougsbæk
    Grader Simon Lytting, Jesper Bækdal Jensen
    DIT Gustav Spanget Schilling
    Editor Assistant Daniel Brinck

    Cast Nynne Von Der Fehr
    Fanndís Sara Guðjónsdóttir
    Birgit Irene Olsen
    Hamza El-Gourfti
    Tina Leegaard Dyrving
    Ruben Ingemann Jensen
    Mads Korsgaard
    Anton Honik
    Sofie Dreyer Mikkelsen
    Silje Glimsdal
    Frederik Bruun Andersen
    Andreas Alsgren
    Anita Syed
    Lucas Alexander
    Fie Drejer
    Isam Bachiri
    Lenny Martinez
    Waqas Qadri

    Thank you Amager-Øbro Taxi
    Klippegangen Aps
    Filmgear v. Anez Aqsad
    Tonni Jensen
    Mayers Bageri
    The Sandwich

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  • Feels Like Saving The World


    Video for FEELS LIKE SAVING THE WORLD - taken from the album SOUND OF A REBEL

  • Outlandish - Warrior/Worrier


    Outlandish - Warrior/Worrier

  • OUTLANDISH - A mind full of whispers- Official video :labelmade: 2013


    The single A mind full of whispers is taken from the album Warrior//Worrier

    Buy the album on Itunes :

    Listen to the album on Spotify :

    - -

    Music credits :

    (Chief 1, K.A. Hussein, A. Sulaiman, W. Qadri, I. Bachiri, R.L. Martinez)
    Produced by Chief 1 for REACH
    Co-Produced by Kewan
    Piano & Cello played by Kewan
    Drums, keys & guitar played by Chief 1

    Video credits :
    Video by Sauna Cigar
    Director: Martin Skovbjerg
    D.O.P.: Jacob Møller
    Grading: Werkstette

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  • Outlandish - Ready to love - Official video


    New video from OUTLANDISH

    Sandanimation by Shayma Al-Mughairy

    The single Ready to love is taken from the new album Warrior//Worrier

    Buy the album on Itunes :

    Listen to the album on Spotify :

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  • Rock All Day


    Video for ROCK ALL DAY by Outlandish. Video directed by Mr. Jakob Printzlau, also known as the leadsinger of The Fashion.
    The track is taken from the new Outlandish album SOUND OF A REBEL.

  • Outlandish Warrior : Worrier



  • Outlandish - Aicha


    Cover of Aicha by Keuken Sessies

    Vocals & Synthesizer: Marina Smallegange
    Guitar & Backing vocals: Arne-Jan de Jong
    Fimling, mixing & editing: Jaap Smallegange

  • Outlandish - I Only Ask Of God


    Music video by Outlandish performing I Only Ask Of God. (C) 2006 RCA / SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT DENMARK A/S

  • Outlandish - Look Into My Eyes


    Music video by Outlandish performing Look Into My Eyes. (C) 2005 RCA/SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT DANMARK A/S

  • Outlandish - Let Off Some Steam


    Music video by Outlandish performing Let Off Some Steam. (C) 2010 RCA / Sony Music Entertainment Denmark A/S



    Video for OUTLANDISH new single KEEP THE RECORD ON PLAY.
    Directed by Ridwan Adhami / RidzDesign!

    Single is taken from the album SOUND OF A REBEL

    #outlandish #newyork



    The official music video for Outlandish new single THIS MOMENT.
    A song about the everyday struggle about doing what is easy and doing what is right.
    The video was recorded in the beautiful Faroe Islands.

    #outlandish #elmoro #outlandmoro #this moment

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    Song Produced by Waqas
    Co Produced by Lenny Martinez
    Written by Waqas, Lenny Martinez & Andreas Odbjerg
    Mix and Mastered by Tor Kristensen
    Guitar & Bass: Vicky Singh
    Saz: Serhat Sert

    Video Concept: Waqas & Lenny Martinez
    Video Directed by Outlandish
    DP: Tony Lorentzen
    Edit and Colorgrade: Waqas


    Labelmade Records

    Outlandish were styled by: Vernon Sport, Halo, G-star, Hi-Tech, Twelve Pieces, Blundstone.






    I Can feel there´s something about this moment that we simply can't ignore
    The polls are melting
    Mother Earth is hurting
    Cause she knows what lies in store
    What is that we are leaving behind
    Tell me how come we are so blind
    Is it too late?
    Tell me is too late?

    I will try to better
    Try to keep it humble
    With a whole lotta cheddar
    Try to spend less
    But I gotta show so I gotta go
    Buy a lot of clothes that I don’t need
    Cause I can’t wear what I wore last week
    Flying out try not to waste
    Wanna travel less
    But gotta show face
    Mother Nature
    Making sure we won’t forget her
    Why she so sad though
    Why she so mad
    Out on a vendetta
    Better write her
    But it Better be a letter
    Cause Even when I stream Our planet on Netflix Its considered pollution
    Like bags in the ocean
    Eat less meat
    I’m meat head
    Mindfuld of spending
    I’m just pretending
    Cause all I need is you
    All I see is you
    Wanna base my whole lifestyle around you
    But im a hypocrite

    I Can feel there´s something about this moment that we simply can't ignore
    The polls are melting
    Mother Earth is hurting
    Cause she knows what lies in store
    What is that we are leaving behind
    Tell me how come we are so blind
    Is it too late?
    Tell me is too late?

    Yo sé que puedo ser mejor
    Yo sé que puedo por tu amor
    Pero le temo a ese dolor
    No sé lo que es pedir perdón cuando no es mi culpa
    No sé lo que es pedir perdón aunque es mi culpa
    ¿Y quién tiene la culpa?
    Voy a avanzar
    A utilizar la razón
    Voy a cambiar
    A mejorar
    Dejar una nueva impresión
    Porque el futuro definirá quien fui yo
    Porque tu vida definirá quien fui yo

    I Can feel there´s something about this moment that we simply can't ignore
    The polls are melting
    Mother Earth is hurting
    Cause she knows what lies in store
    What is that we are leaving behind
    Tell me how come we are so blind
    Is it too late?
    Tell me is too late?

  • Outlandish - Let Off Some Steam


    Shot in Queens New York at an old paint factory this song is about getting rid of your frustrations in a creative and positive way. The video features different characters letting off some steam due to various obstacles in their everyday life.

  • dvsn - Outlandish


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  • Outlandish after every rainfall must come a rainbow


    The official music video of After every rainfall must come a rainbow. Shot in 1 night in Medley Studio Copenhagen. All the involved people worked for free including our guitarist, cameraman, lighting engineer, video editor and producer. A special thank you to VesterKopi for delivering the 1400 printed photo's free of charge.

  • any given time-outlandish


    any given time süper şarkı mutlaka dinleyim

  • Outlandish - Callin U


    This video was nominated for Shockwaves NME awards 2009 music! (:
    Thank you for all the views :D

    The part where one guy sings in spanish, the meaning/translation is :

    I love you, I miss you, I forget you
    Even though you never let me down and always are by my side
    For all the times I've failed and hurt you deeply
    Better later than never to give you a 1000 apologies
    I'm shouting silently, callin' you, I'm listening to you, I'm tryin'
    You nourish me
    When the air that I breathe is violent and turbulent
    I'm forgettin' you, I'm callin' you, I'm feelin' you

    This was a request by Akram (:

  • I Only Ask Of God - Outlandish Con Letra


    I Only Ask Of God (Video Official) - Outlandish Con Letra

    Canto autor - Leon Gieco

  • Outrageous Outlandish - by Duce Williams | Music2Brain


    Welcome to Music2Brain!

    Here you will find beautiful photos, video and timelapse recordings that I would like to share with you.
    So that the pictures can be better transported, I deposited them with beautiful music.
    Since I always get asked a lot of questions about the music, I have superimposed the credits of the artists.
    Since Music2Brain is still under construction, suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism are welcome!

    Enjoy the wonderful pictures and the music!

  • Outlandish Feat. Randi Laubek - I Danmark Er Jeg Født .avi


    Live, Danish Christmas Show 2009

  • Outlandish ALANYA 2011


    A small visit to Alanya Turkey where we performed with Danish DJ Kato great fun had some time for sightseeing and chilling around the city

    #outlandish #alanya #tour

  • Outlandish - Aicha


    легендарная группа Outlandish приехала в гости Алматы на фестиваль star of Asia

  • Outlandish-Kom Igen Live in New York



  • Someday -Outlandish-


    Someday from new Outlandish's album Sound of a rebel

  • Shine A Light Outlandish & REBEL


    heard your stuff and to be honest there is potential in you there are good qualities in what you are doing but right now you are like a ruff diamond which needs to be worked on, meaning theres still some things you need to learn in order to reach a higher level inshallah.

    The biggest things is your flow it needs to be more work try to experiment more with often we get so caught up with the lyrical content that we forget to upgrade our flows. Cause lyrically you got some good things going for you. Try to be more local in your story telling, People know that on the wider scale the world is messed up with the wars going on etc etc, instead its far more interresting for the listener to hear how it effects you in your everyday life invite in to your house paint a picture of how it is to be YOU!

    Look into my eys does just that its merely a story of this girl next door and her life compared to the life of us in the west told from a street point of view we need more of that cause thats a reality that the masses are unaware of....

    ...theres plenty of time to perfect your art inshallah dont rush just keep pushing with patience and that which is better will inshallah come your way

    take care



  • Outlandish - Aicha - Desert Walk Live


    from the World Culture Festival
    Recorded by kArAkiF

  • Outlandish Beyond Words


    Outlandish Beyond Words With Majestic Mosques

  • No More feat. Outlandish


    No More from Door (2016)

  • Pete Castle sings the Outlandish Knight


    Traditional Ballad (Child number 4) performed by folk singer and storyteller Pete Castle ( ) Pete says: I particularly like these ancient ballads which are a mixture of Shakespearean tragedy, Brian Rix farce, kid's fairy tale, Punch and Judy, and Rene Magritte style surrealism! The plots don't always hang together but the images are so powerful that your imagination can fill in the gaps. This is one of many versions of Child #4 Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight. It's found all over the English speaking world and there are other tellings of the story in Europe which take the tale back 1000s of years.

  • HD Outlandish - If Only


    More, than just a song...

    God Bless ♥
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Check this out!! =D

    Nice video this is hereby our first unofficial video of If only one of our all time favourites :)

  • Outlandish - callin u



  • Outlandish - Kun Min


    For more videos:

  • TV2 feat. Outlandish-popmusikerens


    live danish music awards 2006

  • Outlandish - Feels Like Saving The World


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  • Native Deen ft Outlandish - Still Strong


    This is an amazing song by Outlandish & Native Deen
    {[CAUTION- contains music]}

  • Outlandish Hederytmer 2010


  • Outlandish - Gypsy cab, Viften d. 26.10.2012, Rødovre


    Outlandish - Gypsy cab, Viften d. 26.10.2012, Rødovre

  • Outlandish - After Every Rainfall Must Come A Rainbow Lyrics on Screen


    Video of the song After Every Rainfall Must Come A Rainbow with lyrics on the screen. Performed by Outlandish.




  • Outlandish-The Beatles Revolution 1 Live


    Outlandish Live Singing Revolution ! by The Beatles

  • NÜ - Just let me leave ft.Outlandish


    NÜ - Just let me leave ft.Outlandish (Lyrics / Lyrics video)


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    Your arms around me, hounds are barking up my birch wood tree
    Pupils glowing, thoughts are flowing
    Towards my lovely company

    Your perfect kisses pulled me softly
    Why can't I just leave?
    But I don't want to leave
    Why don't you let me leave

    Just like everybody
    Just like everybody

    I've become so numb to your affection
    Coming down on me
    Why do you want me to stay?
    You're not like anybody
    Like anybody

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  • Turkman Souljah Outlandish Tour


    Turkman Souljah Outlandish Tour

  • Aisha - Outlandish


    Uno de los mejores éxitos entre otros muchos de Outlandish.

  • Duce Williams - Outrageous Outlandish Lyrics


    Outrageous Outlandish by Duce Williams



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