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Playlist of On the John Debella feud

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    On the John Debella feud


    Can't recall the date, it's either '08 or '07, but Captain James T. Wig discusses former Philly Zookeeper John Debella and what went on during that time.

    In the wake of the crickets following his shambles of a book release, I figured I'd put a few more of these out. Robin also discusses her book Quivers: A Life, which we at Radio Gunk took the time to dissect and review for you all (here's part one--part two is on YT also) . Everybody who thinks she was abused should listen to this and pull the wax out of your ears. We weren't convinced, and you won't be either.

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    WYSP Philadelphia - Howard Stern Talks DeBella Battle - Oct 1993: 1/2)


    WYSP Philadelphia - Howard Stern - Oct 1993. Howard talks about his radio battle with WMMR Philadelphia morning guy, John DeBella.

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    Jasons mom calls in


    The woman who gave birth to a pothead goblin calls in to the show.

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    WUS Black berry + Arties life vs Ralphs life


    The beginning of PC Howard begins. Featuring Gilbert Gottfried

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    Norm MacDonald interview


    This is the first time we hear the Bob Uecker stuff from Artie and Norm.

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    Arties original Lorne Michaels story


    Artie describes a meeting with Lorne Michaels which should have been in his book but never was.

    Join us over at and subscribe to the podcast! I'm on twitter at @FillmoreFingers

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    Sal goofs on Robins failed TV pilot


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    Benjy gets f*cked by Buchwald


    I don't usually post recent show clips and doubt this will last long if at all, but Benjy pulls back some of the clandestine fuckery curtain that Don Buchwald and the Pelican have put in front of the show when he reveals he was promised credit in the new BS project Howard Stern Comes Again by Buchwald and he wasn't even mentioned.

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    Bella Thorne - GOAT



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    Shake it Up | Something to Dance for / TTYLXOX Mash-Up Music Video | Official Disney Channel UK


    Check out Zendaya and Bella's music mash up using their new songs 'Something to dance for' and 'TTYLXOX'. The Shake it Up girls have got together and shaken up their own singles by making this music mash up!

    For more Disney Channel fun and games, head to

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    Salvador Ferreiro - Faith


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