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Playlist of Obosheshe

  • MAHIMA DURGA KAALI KI महिमा दुर्गा काली की - हिंदी डब भक्ति फिल्म - देवराज, दुर्गाश्री, चरण हसन


    After giving birth to a Lakshmi, her mother passes away, leaving her dad with no alternative but to re-marry a woman named Malti, who hates Lakshmi right from day one. Lakshmi finds solace and peace of mind worshiping Devi Maa Kaali, and it is through Devi Maa's blessings that she gets married to Dr. Anju, from a wealthy family and background, and goes to live in his house with his kind-hearted mother. They live harmoniously for several months, and then tragedy strikes when Anju is crippled and paralyzed in a motor vehicle accident and is bed-ridden. To make matters worse, his mother finds out that Lakshmi has been sneaking out late at night out of the house. Suspecting her infidelity, she questions her, but Lakshmi refuses to divulge where she has been going and who she has been meeting. The question remains, who does Lakshmi go to meet late at night, and why did these visits start shortly after Anju's accident?

  • Divya Shakti Hindi Dubbed Full Movie || hindi dubbed movies full movie


    Divya Shakti Hindi Movie Dubbed From Trinetram Telugu Starring Raasi, Sijju, Sindhu Menon, K.R.Vijaya, Director: Kodi Ramakrishna,
    Music: Vandemataram Srinivas.

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