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Playlist of Notes in Time

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    Music Basics: Notes and Rhythm. Lesson 1: Note Values, Duration, and Time Signatures


    Definitions and basic concepts

    Narrated by Maestro Gerard Schwarz

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    The Heptones & the High Notes - Party Time


    Leroy Sibbles and Barry Llewelyn promoting K238studios!
    After giving an exclusive interview.
    'Party Time' was recorded at the P60 Amstelveen.

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    Notes in Time - Eliza Gilkyson


    Episode 1 - An interview and performance by 2015 Grammy nominated Austin singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson. Gilkyson discusses her influences and her early days in the Austin folk scene. Produced by ATXN in conjunction with the Austin Music Office.

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    Progressive House · Relaxing Focus Music · 24/7 Live Radio


    Welcome to our Progressive House & Trance Music live stream!
    Our live radio will provide you the soundtrack of your day-to-day activities.

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    Time Signatures, Bars and Barlines


    Understanding basic time signatures ( 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 ) and their relationship to bar, bar lines and counting in music.


    RIAM Teaching and Learning Network:


    Daily Beetle Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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    Every Time I Die - Shit Happens: The Series - Cliffs Notes


    The brand new series from Every Time I Die, Shit Happens: The Series

    Check back each week for new episodes!


    Visit us!

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    Google +:

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    You cant play 2 notes at the same time.


    My attempt at a James Morrison multiphonics solo transcription, I have no idea how he is doing it.


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    One Summer Time 【Music Video】 「Notes 4 You」より


    でも1stフルアルバム「Notes 4 You」発売記念!という訳で

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    Counting Notes in 4/4 Time


    Example of whole note, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes in 4/4 time. See video at for more examples. If you find this video helpful, please give a thumb up and subscribe.

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    Times Famous Singers Hit Their Highest Notes Ever


    How to tell the note Singers Singing (ft. Famous Singers)

    *Be aware that many of the singers can go a lot higher when they want to. High notes that are properly sung (no screaming, voice crack) and sung in official performances (no back stage/studio/selfie vocals are included) are shown here.

    Famous singers such as Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Adele, Ariana grande, Avril Lavigne, Bebe Rexha, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, Celine Dion, Charlie Puth, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles (One Direction), Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix), Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lauren Jauregui (Fifth Harmony), Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Normani Kordei (5H), Perry Edwards (LM), Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Sia, Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly, Whitney Houston, Zara Larsson, Zayn Malik singing their highest notes (hardest vocals) live compilation.

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    PART TIME KILLER - Notes To Myself


    Recorded and Mixed by Vesku Sinkko @ Rathouse Studio
    Mastered by Jason Livermore @ Blasting Room Studios

    (c) & (p) Part Time Killer 2019


    Apple music / itunes:




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    12 more times Freddie Mercury hit notes LIVE exactly like studio


    Hey, part 2 is here!!! When expectations exceed reality; Freddie Mercury hitting notes live exactly like he did on studio, no more and no less. • Links:
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    • Part 1 of this video:
    • Freddie Mercury voice analyses playlist:
    • Special thanks to my Patreon Motown1966 for being the coolest!!!

    #FreddieMercury #Queen

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    Notes in Time - Malford Milligan


    Episode 2 - An Interview and performance by Austin based soul, blues, and rock singer Malford Milligan. Produced by ATXN and the Austin Music Office.

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    Deep Purple Child In Time Bass Cover with Notes & Tablature


    Click link for Bass Tab & Notes:
    Copyright © Warner Music Group
    Song: Child In Time
    Artist: Deep Purple
    Album: Deep Purple in Rock (1970)
    Original Bass Player: Roger Glover
    Bass: Fender Precision
    Strings: Fender® USA, Nickel Plated Stainless Steel .045, .065, .085, .105
    Software: Guitar Rig 5,
    Audio: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
    Mixer: Phonic AM240
    Camera: Canon FS200
    Standard Tuning

    Child in Time is a song by the English rock band Deep Purple. A protest song against the Vietnam War, it is featured on the band's 1970 album Deep Purple in Rock and runs for over 10 minutes.

    Ian Gillan has said that Child in Time is based on It's a Beautiful Day's psychedelic song Bombay Calling. It's a Beautiful Day in return borrowed Purple's Wring That Neck and turned it into Don and Dewey on their second album Marrying Maiden (1970). As Ian Gillan put it in a 2002 interview, There are two sides to that song - the musical side and the lyrical side. On the musical side, there used to be this song 'Bombay Calling' by a band called It's A Beautiful Day. It was fresh and original, when Jon was one day playing it on his keyboard. It sounded good, and we thought we'd play around with it, change it a bit and do something new keeping that as a base. But then, I had never heard the original 'Bombay Calling'. So we created this song using the Cold War as the theme, and wrote the lines 'Sweet child in time, you'll see the line.' That's how the lyrical side came in. Then, Jon had the keyboard parts ready and Ritchie had the guitar parts ready. The song basically reflected the mood of the moment, and that's why it became so popular.

    Child in Time is an essentially simple composition, featuring an organ intro, three power chords, and a two-minute-long guitar solo. Lyrically dark, vocalist Ian Gillan utilizes his wide vocal range and goes from quiet singing to loud, high-pitched, banshee-esque screaming. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore comes in with a slow solo, which builds up to a fast-pace playing and then ends abruptly, with the whole song cycle starting over again sans guitar solo. The song was one of the last on which Blackmore recorded his parts using the Gibson ES-335 that had been his mainstay electric instrument in Deep Purple's early years prior to switching to Fender Stratocasters. With themes of war and inhumanity, the song is regarded as a heavy metal anthem and an example of heavy rock and art rock.

    A staple of the Deep Purple live concerts in 1970–73 and later after their initial reunion tours of 1985 and 1987–88, the song has not been featured regularly at concerts since 1995. Gillan cites many personal reasons for leaving the song out, but it is likely that, given his advancing years, the song is becoming increasingly difficult to perform without sampled vocal backings. Its last appearance in Deep Purple's live set was at Kharkov's Opera Theatre's scene in 2002. In that performance, high-pitched guitar was used to cover up Gillan's then-limited vocal range during the screaming parts. A similar technique is used on current live performances of Space Truckin'.

    A live version later appeared on the 1972 live album Made in Japan. Another live version can be found on the Scandinavian Nights / Live in Stockholm live album, recorded in September 1970. Gillan also featured a live jazz influenced version of the song in his Ian Gillan Band project of the late 1970s.

    Copyright Disclaimer:
    All audio and video segments remain the property of the original artists and publishing companies. No profit is gained from this.
    I’m making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of the bass guitar. I believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in title 17&107 of the United States Code, and under articles 29 & 29.1 of the Canadian Copyright Act.
    In accordance with the above Copyright Acts, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.
    Source Wikipedia.
    Bass performed by Constantine Isslamow
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    No SWEARING, or obvious garbage posts = Instant Delete

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    Good Riddance - Green Day 2017


    Not one of Billie Joe's best performances. I expect more from Green Day, especially with a fan favorite like Time of Your Life. Parody, obviously.

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    Twitter: @MagikMikeMusic


    Playing on the original concept first done by Susboy on Soundcloud, if I'm not mistaken.

    Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) is a song by the American punk rock band Green Day. Although written by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong before the release of the band's third album Dookie (1994), the song was not released until Green Day's fifth album, Nimrod (1997), and was the second single released from that album. An alternative version (in a different key, with a faster tempo and sparer arrangement) appeared as a B-side to the 1995 German import single for Brain Stew/Jaded.[1]
    Although it was not issued as a single at the time of its release in the United States, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) sold over 2.6 million copies as a digital download in the country.[2] The song was certified Gold in the United Kingdom for sales of 400,000. Billie Joe Armstrong wrote Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) in 1990 and did not show the song to his bandmates until the Dookie recording sessions in 1993.[4] During the sessions, the song was determined to be too different from the rest of the songs on Dookie, and producer Rob Cavallo was unsure of how to structure the recording.[4] When the time came to record Nimrod, Armstrong decided to use the song, and Cavallo suggested they add strings to the track. He sent the band to play foosball in another room while he recorded the strings, which took like fifteen, twenty minutes, maybe a half an hour at the most.[4] Cavallo reflected on his decision to add the strings I knew we had done the right thing. It was a hit the second I heard it.[4]

    Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
    A 30 second sample of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).
    Problems playing this file? See media help.
    In comparison to previous Green Day material, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) features more mellow, contemplative lyrics with acoustic music. Band member Mike Dirnt said that the release of this song was probably the most punk thing they could have done.[5] The song is more commonly promoted on the radio as Time of Your Life, and it became a Billboard Country Rock chart-topper and an international hit, and was the only song from Nimrod that was a crossover success when released in single form. To the band's surprise, the song became a hit at prom dances.[10][11][12][13] Because of the song's lyrics, which many graduating seniors interpret as nostalgic and reflective of their time in high school, it has become a staple song at proms. Armstrong remarked that, in retrospect, the lyrics make sense when viewed that way. The people that you grew up and braved the trials of high school with will always hold a special place. Through all the BS of high school you hope that your friends had the time of their life, and that's what the song is talking about.[14]
    In the Seinfeld episode The Chronicle, a clip show that aired at the end of the show's ninth and final season, the song was played over a series of clips, outtakes and backstage moments.
    In Shades of Gray, the 19th episode of the fourth season of ER, PA Jeanie Boulet, played by actress Gloria Reuben, sang this song as a farewell to a young boy (Scott Anspaugh, son of Dr. Donald Anspaugh) who had died in her care.
    In 2008, country legend Glen Campbell recorded the song for his album Meet Glen Campbell. On August 18, 2008, he performed the song as part of his special on AOL Sessions.[15]
    Four days prior to Jay Leno's initial departure from The Tonight Show in 2009, Dwight Yoakam ended his performance of If There Was a Way with the chorus' final stanza.[16]
    On November 26, 2010, The American Idiot musical cast also performed the song on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC.
    On October 25, 2013, Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes released a country cover recording of the song on their YouTube channel.[17]
    On May 28, 2015, Rolling Stone named Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) as one of the 20 Best Graduation Songs of the Past 20 Years (1995–2015).[18]
    On March 25, 2016, the Golden State Warriors used Green Day's song to honor David Lee in a tribute video. Lee played with the Warriors from 2010–2015 and became part of the 2014–2015 championship squad. Lee was traded to the Boston Celtics in the offseason, which is why he was unable to immediately receive his championship ring until later on in the season, when he was already a member of the Dallas Maverick.

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    Charice high notes killed One Moment In Time Live


    I bet, Im not only the one who repeatedly watched this video of Charice... lets say, i watched this for several dozen times..Thumbs up if you did the same.. LOL!

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    Stignani enrolled at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in 1916, aged 13, and graduated there in 1923 in piano and composition. In 1925, 22 years old, she made her debut at the prestigious San Carlo Theater in Naples.

    Our facebook page:

    Our website:

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    Music Notes and Timing


    Each note indicates how much count it should receive (how long you should down the key). Three notes are used in the music sheet but there are more (research those). Identify the notes one at a time then read below for the designated counts. To learn more click here:

    Whole note -- Four beats (1 and -2 and -- 3 and - 4 and).

    Half note -- Two beats (1 and 2 and).

    Quarter note -- One beat (1 and)

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    How To Belt And Hold A Note - Sustaining High Notes - Vocal Tutorial - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy


    How To Belt and Hold A Note - Sustaining High Notes - Vocal Tutorial - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy
    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to share with you my experience on how to correctly hold a singing note (or how to hold a high note).

    I have seen so many bizarre explanations on this important subject and yet from sources that neither really sing them selves, or display anyone doing what they claim is legit.

    In this video, I physically demonstrate long notes myself, at varying degrees of my range, to display actual application on how to hold a note.

    As I mention in the video, it can be kind of deceiving and here's what I mean.

    I see internet comments (particularly from the SLS community) you already know how to breathe... so breathe...

    This is an asinine statement.

    Tell that to a runner, an olympic swimmer, a mountain biker, a scuba diver or even someone doing yoga.

    They all have different disciplines for breathing and what is required to achieve their level of activity.

    It is no different with singing.

    For those that really understand the concept, we don't want to breathe like we speak.

    We want to breathe like we sing. BIG difference.

    When we speak, (especially when we do it without good diaphragmatic
    support) we release a considerable amount of air. (the diaphragm is the main muscle for inhalation and exhalation respiratory response.

    When we understand how to compress that air in the lung and glottis, we can use the diaphragm as a sort of sling shot to push air. (I call it the snap of air)

    When we learn to conserve this air, this can be extremely powerful tool in holding a singing note.

    As I mention in the video, vibratory cycles are also very different throughout the spectrum of range in the voice.

    Lower vibratory cycles require less energy (this is true), but in order to achieve that same volume and resonance as a high note, (because the cords are vibrating slower), they require MORE air to move the folds at the same velocity (volume) than that of a high note (which vibrates much faster).

    This doesn't mean we can't hold long low notes. What I am saying is that in order to hold a low note at the same volume as a high note, it requires more air.

    So this is why it is a bit deceiving: It is actually easier to hold a high note when compressed correctly, than a low note at the same volume.

    Now, everyone's range is different, and a low note to one maybe at the higher end of range for another. So this is an over simplification, but I wanted to give you an over all view of how this works.

    The key is learning how to manage and control that air with good open throat technique.

    I hope you found this information useful.

    Here's to Great Singing!

    Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Where The PROOF Is In The Singing.

    Here is info on the clips featured in this Video:

    Still Loving You / Scorpions:

    I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Donny Hathaway:

    Dream On / Aerosmith:

    Numb / Linkin Park:

    Juke Box Hero / Foreigner:

    Painkiller / Judas Priest:

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    Learn how to sing better for beginners, all the way to learning advanced PRO vocal techniques. Increase vocal range and become a better singer than you ever thought possible! Check out Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and see what the possibilities really are!

    Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

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    20 Times Céline Dion Sang TOO High!


    Video inspired by 10 Times Mariah Carey Sang TOO High from mariahxlambily

    Actually they are 19 times, not 20 haha

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    Piano for Beginners, Lesson 13 || 2/4 time and semiquavers



    My crowdfunding campaign:
    Worksheet download:

    Series playlist:

    This is tutorial 13 in my ongoing piano for beginners series. In this episode we're learning about a new time signature - 2/4, which is similar to 4/4, but subtly different - and semiquavers, or sixteenth notes. There's a new piece to learn, and I also share some thoughts about learning speeds and practice methods.

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    Music Basics: Notes and Rhythm. Lesson 3: Meters in Double and Triple Time, Upbeats


    Narrated by Maestro Gerard Schwarz

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    Notes on Space and Time


    Notes on Space and Time
    by Sara Rodrigues

    Performed by:
    Evie Hilyer (viola)
    Roxanna Albayati (cello)
    Nicole Trotman (flute)
    Gabriele Cavallo (clarinet)

    'Notes on Space and Time' is designed to be a mobile piece, where its site-specificity and time of performance will feed and shape its outcome. Based on chance operations and procedures, it requires the performers to select and produce content from the moment it starts. In the end, a mapping or 'note' of the piece on space and time is created.

    It was produced for the exhibition 'John in a Cage with' at Chalton Gallery, curated by Helena Lugo and Cristina Ramos

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    16 times Freddie Mercury hit notes LIVE exactly like studio


    When expectations exceed reality, am I right! Freddie Mercury hitting notes live exactly like he did on studio, no more and no less. • Links & corrections:
    • Join our community:
    • Freddie Mercury voice analyses playlist:
    • (!) Corrections: at 1:07 it should've said We Are The Champions, not Bohemian Rhapsody. How did I miss that? The date and location of the concert are correct, though.
    • Special thanks to my Patreon Motown1966 for being the coolest!!!

    (!) All concerts used on the video:
    • Somebody To Love (Stockholm 1978) -
    • My Melancholy Blues (Detroit 1977) -
    • Bohemian Rhapsody (London 1977) -
    • We Are The Champions (Copenhagen 1978) -
    • A Kind Of Magic (Leiden 1986) -
    • Love Of My Life (New York 1977) -
    • Bohemian Rhapsody (Newcastle 1979) -
    • Death On Two Legs (Oakland 1980) -
    • Killer Queen (Sun City 1984) -
    • Radio Ga Ga (Brussels 1984) -
    • Bohemian Rhapsody (Frejus 1986) -
    • It's A Hard Life (Brussels 1984) -
    • Under Pressure (Montreal 1981) -
    • We Are The Champions (Puebla 1981) -
    • You Take My Breath Away (Hyde Park 1976) -
    • Under Pressure (London 1984) -

    #FreddieMercury #Queen

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    10 Times Mariah Carey Sang TOO High!


    *I don't own all the content, if you would like a video removed just let me know!*

    Instagram - @mxlambily
    Twitter - @intimatedaze
    Facebook - @mariahxlambily
    Business enquiries -
    PayPal donations -

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    Top Notes - Wonderful Time 1960


    For ELTOHOF. Group info:

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    Note Duration: Cutting the Notes at The Right Time


    Improve your groove by paying attention to how long you are actually holding the notes as it also affects how the listener perceives the other instruments.

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    ► Stay in touch:


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    Bass Battle/UPGRADE Avi VS Tim VS Geoff


    *My Sixth Video*

    I upgrade the battle with feedbacks.

    Avi Kaplan VS Geoff Castellucci VS Tim Foust - BASS BATTLE

    They are my best baser:)

    Mistakes can be seen
    I love FEEDBACK

    Use earphone or headphone then you can hear the bass better


    Thanks for watching:)

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    Triplets over sixteenth notes in 4/4 - Bounce Metronome


    You get this polyrhythm whenever you play triplets over sixteenth notes in 4/4.

    You can make this rhythm in Bounce Metronome ( as e.g. a 4: 12 : 16 polyrhythm and in other ways also, e.g. with music notation. Or two 4/4 time signatures, set one to 2 subdiv, another to 3, and mute the main beats for the second one, etc.

    Recently though, I've been thinking, should have an option to make it easier to have polyrhythmic subdivisions of each beat. The idea is to have something like the existing option - if you enter say 8 subdivisions you get a check box also 4 2 to add extra parts for those also. As far as the code is concerned is very similar.

    So - not sure how to do it but one idea is, that in all the field where you set the numbers of subdivisions of a beat - to let the user enter not just one but any number of subdivisions one after the other, e.g. 2, 3 into the same box (or 2:3 if you prefer but the : is redundant - unless I add option for 2+3 subdivisions which I could also do) - for polyrhythmic sudivisions of the beat

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    Music Rhythm Video 1C--Dotted Notes in Simple Time


    For next video, see Video 1D--Tied Notes and more Syncopation.
    Check out Dan's Music Ear-Training Course, Beginning Music Ear Training and Aural Skills 1

    See Dan's facebook page:

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    Drum lesson - Ghost notes in 3/4 time.


    Download My App -

    Adding ghost notes to grooves makes all the difference. Emmanuel Bludo teaches a neat trick on the drums. I hope it helps.
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    Thanks for watching!

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    Hit Those Notes One Last Time - Ariana Grande 2017



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    TWITTER: @MagikMikeMusic

    influenced by the works of soundcloud user Susboy (created the original Never Gonna Hit Those Notes)

    One Last Time is a song recorded by American singer Ariana Grande for her second studio album My Everything. It was written by David Guetta, Savan Kotecha, Giorgio Tuinfort, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Falk. The song was produced by the latter two, with Tuinfort serving as a co-producer and Ilya serving both as a co-producer and vocal producer. One Last Time was first released on the iTunes Store on August 22, 2014 as the second promotional single from the album. On February 10, 2015, the song was sent to contemporary hit radio as the fifth and final single from the album. A French version of the song featuring French singer Kendji Girac, alternatively titled Attends-moi, was released on February 16, 2015 in France, Belgium and Switzerland. It is also included on the deluxe version of Girac's debut studio album Kendji (2015). An Italian version of the song featuring Italian rapper Fedez was released on May 26, 2015 only in Italy.
    One Last Time is a dance-pop and EDM song. Its instrumentation consists of sampled drums and a synth line. The single reached the top-twenty in twelve countries, including Australia, Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, where it became Grande's sixth top-twenty single on the US Billboard Hot 100. The single's peak of number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 ended Grande's streak of consecutive top ten hits from 2014. It was later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).
    The song's accompanying music video was released on February 15, 2015 and was directed by Max Landis. The music video is visually presented as a found footage, similar to Landis' previous work. The video faced controversy due to its similarity to the music video for the Australian band SAFIA's single You Are the One, with Grande and Landis being accused of intellectual property theft. Grande promoted the song with a live performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 2015 NBA All-Star Game halftime show, and during her first world tour, The Honeymoon Tour (2015).
    Grande re-released One Last Time as a charity single in June 2017, following the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing at her concert. This resulted in the song reaching a new peak of number 2 in the UK Singles Chart following the One Love Manchester concert, as well as reaching a new peak of number 15 in the Irish Singles Chart. Grande will donate all proceeds to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund to aid the victims of the bombing and their families.

    One Last Time

    I was a liar
    I gave in to the fire
    I know I should've fought it
    At least I'm being honest
    Feel like a failure
    'Cause I know that I failed you
    I should've done you better
    'Cause you don't want a liar

    And I know, and I know, and I know
    She gives you everything,
    But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
    And I know, and I know, and I know
    That you got everything,
    But I got nothing here without you

    So one last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home
    One more time
    I promise, after that, I'll let you go
    Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
    All I really care is you wake up in my arms
    One last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home

    I don't deserve it
    I know I don't deserve it,
    But stay with me a minute
    I swear I'll make it worth it
    Can't you forgive me?
    At least just temporarily
    I know that this is my fault
    I should've been more careful

    And I know, and I know, and I know
    She gives you everything,
    But, boy, I couldn't give it to you
    And I know, and I know, and I know
    That you got everything,
    But I got nothing here without you, baby

    So one last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home
    One more time
    I promise, after that I'll let you go
    Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
    All I really care is you wake up in my arms
    One last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home (la li he)

    I know I should've fought it
    At least I'm being honest (yeah)
    But stay with me a minute
    I swear I'll make it worth it, babe
    'Cause I don't wanna be without you

    So one last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home (who takes you home, babe)
    One more time
    I promise, after that I'll let you go
    Baby, I don't care if you got her in your heart
    All I really care is you wake up in my arms (wake up in my arms)
    One last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home (yeah)

    One last time
    I need to be the one who takes you home

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    Charice pempengco one of the best high notes-one moment in time-on ASAP music room.


    charice pempengco one of the best high notes

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    The Funkiest 4 Notes Of All Time: Bass Guitar Lesson


    Funk basslines are awesome for learning the bass guitar. This lesson will show you a few notes you can use over and over again.

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    ** If you want me to play bass on a track for you, I run a remote bass recording service: I've recorded thousands of tracks online for hundreds of happy clients over the last 10 years.**

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    Unusual violin technique, polyphonic playing. 3 & 4 notes played at the same time.


    Extraordinary violin technique demonstrated. 3 or 4 strings being played simutaneously with a conventional violin bow and violin. Clearly demonstrated and explained by James Plattes. Instructional video. Enjoy the video and try the technique.

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    Music Theory for Beginners | Lesson Four | Time Signatures, Triplets, Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes


    Ever wondered what a bar is? What quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and triplets actually ARE? Well look no further because in this Music Theory for Beginners lesson, I will be teaching you all these things and more! Including what time signatures are, and how to change time signatures in FL Studio!

    Knowing how to count music is a very important part of learning how to make music and write songs. Whether you like to play Rap, Rock, EDM, Metal, Country, or Sewer Pop Punk Crust Jazz, you WILL need to know exactly what is going on in terms of note values and timing! Music Theory is important!

    There are several note values and lengths that are in Music Theory. These being Quarter notes, Eighth notes, Sixteenth notes, Eighth note triplets, and quarter note triplets.

    There are also different TIME SIGNATURES. Such as 4/4 (the most popular one), 3/4, 3/8, or anything you can come up with! All a time signature is is telling you how many beats there are in a bar/measure, then saying what value those beats have.

    For example, if you are in 4/4 timing, that means your song has 4 beats per one measure. And each of those beats has the value/length of one quarter note.

    In 3/8 time, you have 3 beats per measure, and each of those beats have the value of one eighth note!

    In FL Studio, this is a little complicated. To change time signatures in FL Studio, you need to click Options, then General Settings, then go to the Project tab, then you can change the time signature from there!

    I hope I didn't gloss over anything, or go on for too long. If you have any questions/comments PLEASE tell me them down below in the comments section! Thanks guys!


    Quarter notes - 1:25

    What is a measure? What is a bar? - 2:50

    What Are Eighth Notes? - 3:01

    What are Sixteenth notes? - 4:15

    What are Time Signatures? - 5:50

    How to change time signature in FL Studio! - 7:33

    What are TRIPLETS? - 10:32

    Eighth Note Triplets - 11:08

    Quarter Note Triplets - 12:50

    How To Snap/Quantize Triplets In FL Studio - 13:05

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    11 Times Ariana Grande Attempted Her HARDEST High Notes


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    10 Times Mariah Carey Was TOO AFRAID To Hit High Notes!


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    Once Upon A Time in the West--Ennio Morricone: Peace Notes--Venice 2007


    Ennio Morricone: Peace Notes--Venice 2007

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    Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Time Be My Lover


    Harold Melvin was one of the driving forces behind Philadelphia soul, leading his group the Blue Notes to the top of the charts during their stint on Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff's Philadelphia International label. Despite Melvin's billing out front, the Blue Notes' focal point was lead singer and onetime drummer Teddy Pendergrass, whose surging baritone graced the Blue Notes' recordings during their glory years of 1972-1975 and gave them a truly distinctive sound. Their output ranged from sweeping, extended proto-disco dance tracks to silky, smoldering ballads, all wrapped up in Gamble and Huff's lushly orchestrated production. When Pendergrass left for a solo career, Melvin & the Blue Notes' commercial fortunes largely reverted to the pre-Pendergrass days (of which there were quite a few), although they did continue to record for a time. They never really disbanded, and by the time Melvin passed away in 1997, he'd been leading the Blue Notes for over four decades.

    Melvin was born June 25, 1939, in Philadelphia. A self-taught pianist, he began singing doo wop as a teenager with a group called the Charlemagnes, and put together the very first edition of the Blue Notes in 1954. The original lineup was a quintet featuring Melvin as the lead singer (for a time), songwriter, arranger, and choreographer; ironically, he would mostly relinquish those duties by the time the group achieved its greatest success. The other members were co-leader Bernard Williams, Roosevelt Brodie, Jesse Gillis, Jr., and Franklin Peaker. The Blue Notes cut their first single, If You Love Me, for Josie in 1956, and turned it into a regional hit. They recorded for several other labels over the next few years, Dot chief among them, before scoring their first R&B chart hit in 1960 with My Hero (released on Val-Ue). Numerous personnel shifts kept the group in flux despite steady recording activity, and Bernard Williams split off to lead what he dubbed the Original Blue Notes in the mid-'60s. Melvin assembled a new version of the Blue Notes centered around lead singer John Atkins, who returned the group to the R&B charts in 1965 with the Landa single Get Out (And Let Me Cry). Further releases on Arctic, Checker, and Uni followed over the rest of the '60s, as well as more personnel changes. During the late '60s, the group toured often with the Cadillacs, whose young drummer Teddy Pendergrass would prove to be Melvin's greatest discovery.

    Pendergrass first joined the Blue Notes' backing band, but demonstrated so much vocal talent that after John Atkins left in 1970, Melvin soon elevated him to the post of lead vocalist. This move helped them land a deal with Gamble and Huff's Philadelphia International label in 1972, just as the company was taking its place as soul music's new epicenter; Pendergrass' voice was similar to that of Dells singer Marvin Junior, whom Gamble & Huff had courted heavily. By this time, the Blue Notes consisted of Melvin, Pendergrass, bass vocalist Lawrence Brown, baritone vocalist Bernard Wilson, and tenor vocalist Lloyd Parks. With Gamble & Huff now supplying top-quality material and production, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes would become one of the most popular groups in R&B over the next few years. Their self-titled debut mostly featured songs that had been written in anticipation of landing Marvin Junior. The first single, I Miss You, was a hit on the R&B charts, but their second was a smash -- the classic ballad If You Don't Know Me by Now, which featured an anguished, star-making vocal turn from Pendergrass. If You Don't Know Me by Now went all the way to number one R&B, and also became their only Top Five hit on the pop side; it was later covered in 1989 for a number one hit by Simply Red.

    The Blue Notes scored again in 1973 with the string-laden dance track The Love I Lost, credited by many observers as one of the first disco records; it was their second R&B chart-topper and Top Ten pop single. The accompanying album, Black & Blue, produced another R&B Top Ten in the follow-up Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back). In 1974, Lloyd Parks was replaced by Jerry Cummings, who debuted on the R&B chart-topping LP To Be True. Where Are All My Friends and Bad Luck continued their string of Top Ten R&B hits, and a new addition to the group, female vocalist Sharon Paige, helped bring them back to the top of the R&B charts in 1975 with the duet Hope That We Can Be Together Soon. Another excellent album followed later that year in Wake Up Everybody, whose title track was another R&B number one; Tell the World How I Feel About 'Cha Baby also reached the R&B Top Ten, and the album cut Don't Leave Me This Way was later covered for a disco smash by Thelma Houston.

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    Split Enz - Time For A Change 1975


    Timothy Finn - Vocals & Piano
    Philip Judd - Vocals, Guitar
    Mike Chunn - Bass
    Noel Crombie - Percussion
    Emlyn Crowther - Drums
    Eddie Rayner - Organ
    Wally Wilkinson - Lead Guitar

    I know there is already a few different versions of this song uploaded, but I couldn't find this one; the one from Mental Notes, which is my favourite version.

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    Time Signature 9/8 as quarter notes and eighth notes alternating


    HD version of the video for wikipedia Made with Bounce Metronome:

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    Counting 16th notes in actual music


    This is a followup to my video, Counting 16th note rhythms (in Simple Time where the quarter note gets the beat) :

    Check out Dan's Music Ear-Training Course, Beginning Music Ear Training and Aural Skills 1

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    How to Count Dotted Quarter Notes - Animated Rhythm Lesson


    Learn how to count dotted quarter notes to syncopate your rhythm!


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    Hit The High Notes Every Time With This Surprise Technique


    Daniella Morris shows us the surprise technique that all great singers use to hit those challenging higher notes in Gershwin's classic piece, 'Summertime'/

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    Time Tells All Cliff notes



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    Hertzman - Times Up


    (LDR028) Hertzman - Catalepsy EP

    Label: Lethal Dose Recordings

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    One Last Time - Ariana Grande | Easy Keyboard Tutorial With Notes


    A slow, easy piano tutorial/lesson teaching you how to play One Last Time by Ariana Grande on the keyboard with your right hand.

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