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Playlist of Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Gives COVID

  • Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Gives COVID-19 Update, Vaccine & New Measures


    Newark Mayor Ras Baraka joins Ebro in the Morning to give an update on COVID-19 numbers in the city of Newark and in New Jersey altogether, share on how they will handle a potential vaccine, and update on new measures being taken to bring numbers back down.

    His new spoken-word single 'What We Want Part 2' featuring Luke James & Jerry Wonda is available now !

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  • Newark Mayor Ras Baraka On Defund The Police & Holding Officers Accountable


    Newark Mayor Ras Baraka sits down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss his stance on Defund The Police, & how he plans to implement the idea in the New Jersey city.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Newark


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  • Newark Mayor Ras Baraka Breaks Down How Reparations for Black Americans Should Work


    Part 2:
    In this clip, producer Jerry Wonda and Newark, NJ mayor Ras Baraka spoke about their new collaboration featuring Luke James. Jerry detailed how the collab came together and Ras offered background to his spoken word contribution. He also weighed in on the discussion of reparations and how he envisions them being distributed.

    Watch Ras Baraka, Luke James & Jerry Wonda - What We Want Part 2:

  • What We Want Part 2 - Ras Baraka, Luke James & Jerry Wonda


    Ras J. Baraka, Luke James & Jerry Wonda - What We Want Part Two
    Stream/Download -

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    Ras Baraka on TIDAL
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    Prod Co: Tebass Films
    Director: Ishell Vaughan
    Producer: Teneille Doyle
    Exec Producer: Jerry Duplessis
    Camera Ops: Nimi Hendrix
    Lighting: Joseph Viso
    Photography: Melanie Featherstone (MN), Duane Lyken
    Additional Cameras: Kellen Witschen (MN)


    Produced by: Jerry Wonda Duplessis
    Co Produced by: Arden Keyz Altino
    Mixed by: Serge Tsai
    Assistant Engineer: Rene Desrivieres
    Mastered by Tatsuya Sato at The Mastering Palace
    Musicians: Arden Keyz Altino - Keyboards, Gerardo Spice Godreau - Conga, Brandyn Porter - Guitar, Harold O'neal - Keys, Jamale Hopkins - Drums, Leon Lacey - Strings
    Additional Vocals by: Dudley Alexander Duverne
    A&R: Guerby Audio Girault
    Recorded at: Platinum Sound Recording Studios (NY)

    The official YouTube channel of Ras Baraka Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more:

    Watch “What We Want” - Official Video:

    Video Links
    What We Want- Official Music Video (Twitter)
    What We Want- Official Music Video (Facebook)

    Press Links
    Rolling Stone- What We Want
    Access Wire- What We Want
    Yahoo! Finance- What We Want


    (c) Wonda Music/BMG

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  • What We Want - Ras Baraka



    Unfettered images of our grandmothers In our dreams
    WE WANT to praise our own God and
    WE WANT to see his reflection in our children’s eyes
    WE WANT to draw him blue like jazz with long dreads and thick lips
    WE WANT music everyday and especially on Sunday
    WE WANT dancing to be a prerequisite for success
    WE WANT the blue jazz funk rock soul hip-hop r and b
    And the wealth created from it to be our babies inheritance and
    WE WANT it taught in elementary schools all over the world
    WE WANT to speak for ourselves
    We don’t want handouts
    We just want everything we created
    And everything we created
    And everything that was created as a result of what we created
    With interest
    But the good thing is-we are willing to share

    WE NEED a guarantee income for all Education like fresh air
    And food and water and shelter
    And be FREE from sickness and diseases
    WE NEED long life to collectively oppose death and stagnation
    WE NEED ideas and imagination
    We should be against hoods the sheeted whites ones
    The ones that take and keep taking from the meek
    And often defenseless
    Even the glorified trap - Yeah we against the trap too

    WE NEED our skies free from poison to be able to breath in sunshine and feel the wind on our faces
    WE NEED and end to war and oppression
    WE NEED the people to own their own labor
    WE NEED every corner of every country developed and ever community empowered
    WE NEED it all turned right side up we need the raw materials from the earth used to end poverty anywhere it exists
    WE NEED the callouses on our hands and the pains in our lower back to be added to our savings
    WE NEED health care to be free and information to be FREE and ideas to be FREE the news to be FREE and the PEOPLE TO BE FREE

    WE NEED to end to slavery in all forms and end to exploration and
    WE NEED all the money in all the banks every part of the world to be used for our collective benefit
    WE NEED to outlaw lies and teach the peoples history in all languages from the view point of all of us
    WE NEED to allow everyone to vote to be represented no matter where the are as soon as they are of age to dismantle the electoral college and make a Racism and White supremacy illegal
    WE NEED to ban the confederate flag and label every monument to genocide with a red letter or just plain tear them down and replace them with statures of black and brown women that carried us through the darkest moments of history
    WE NEED to destroy all nuclear weapons but first start with automatic rifles and handguns
    WE NEED to replace the war on drugs with a war on ignorance we need to destroy the pipeline to cages and use the savings to develop the human spirit to treat illness social, mental and physical
    WE NEED freedom not just the bill of rights but rights to build our own lives to be FREE from destituteness and hatred and hungry children
    FREE from sickness with cures
    Underdevelopment and cold winter nights with no heat
    FREE from losing our land or block our community our homes
    FREE from choking to death in our own backyard
    And schools that undermine our self esteem
    FREE from praising those that lynched us and
    FREE to pray in any language and to any one we choose
    FREE to be free how we define it and free to not live with nothing and
    FREE enough to know the world is made up of all of us not some of us and that only when all of us are free none of us will be and that our collective existence is tied directly to our individual existence a coexistence with ourselves one big we this is -

    Lyrics: Ras Baraka @rasjbaraka
    Music: Jerry Wonda @princewonda
    Video Directed by: Ayana Stafford-Morris
    Video Produced by: Udi Aloni

  • Laura Stylez Shares First Experiences Of Motherhood & Gives Us A First Look Of Her Daughter!


    Happy Birthday Laura Stylez! She checks in to give much-needed comfort and energy, and share her happiness and first experiences as a first-time mother, and an update on her health! She also graces us with the first look at Baby Kenzie!

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #LauraStylez


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  • WATCH: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gives coronavirus update -- July 7, 2020


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  • Salaam Remi On The Fugees, Verzuz Battle, + Drops Gems For New Artists!


    Legendary producer Salaam Remi stopped by Ebro in the Morning to discuss some of his classic success with acts such as Super Cat and The Fugees, as well as talk about who he would face off against in a hypothetical Verzuz Battle, and also drops some gems on how to succeeed in today's music climate.

    His new project, 'Black On Purpose' is available now.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #SalaamRemi


  • Kurtis Blow Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of The Breaks


    Legend Kurtis Blow sits down with Ebro in the Morning to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his hit single The Breaks.

    He also gives us an update on his health, and thoughts about setting up an old school fund to share with some of the pioneers of hip hop.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #TheBreaks


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  • Combat Jacks son Chi Ossé Announces City Council Candidacy In New York


    Chi Ossé talks about running for City Council in Crown Heights & Bedsty Brooklyn. He talks about Police Reform, Protesting For the First time, and Kanye West running for President 2020

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #CombatJack


  • NYC encampment to defund police enters 7th day


    The encampment around City Hall Park in lower Manhattan entered its seventh day Monday demanding that lawmakers slash the New York City police budget.The protesters are seeking more spending on other needs like housing and education. (June 29)

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  • Ebro GOES OFF & Challenges Actions On Black Issues Since George Floyds Killing


    Ebro in the Morning address the latest reactions from different brands and people, as well as actions made on black & brown issues since the killing of George Floyd by a police officer went viral.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #BlackLivesMatter


  • Ritchie Torres On His Stance On Helping South Bronx, Affordable Housing, Jails + Defund The Police


    Congressman hopeful for New York's 15th Congressional District Ritchie Torres joins Ebro in the Morning to face Ebro, Laura Stylez, & Rosenberg and share why he believes he is the best candidate in the tight race.

    He shares his stances on how he plans to help the South Bronx, affordable housing, defund the police, jails, and more.

    Today is primary day in New York! Visit for more information.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Election2020


  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio daily briefing


    NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio holds his daily COVID-19 briefing. Updates:

    Check out more Eyewitness News -



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    Hi! We’re abc7NY, also known as Channel 7 on TV, home to Eyewitness News, New York’s Number 1 news. We hope you love us on YouTube as much as you do on television!


    Phone: 917-260-7700

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  • Presidential historian discusses the legacy of the 2020 election l GMA


    Mark Updegrove talks about how history will look back at this tight race for president.

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    #GMA #PresidentialElection #Biden #Trump #Election2020 #Vote

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On History Of Juneteenth, Racism In America + Upcoming Election


    Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sits down with Ebro in the Morning to celebrate Juneteenth, and what the United States government is doing to make June 19 a national holiday. She also breaks down Juneteenth, racism in America, and more.

    AOC is also on the ballot for this upcoming primary election representing New York's 14th congressional district.

    Early voting has began in New York, with the official primary election day June 23.

    For more information visit or

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #AOC


  • Jumaane Williams Breaks Down NYCs Approved Budget & NYPD Budget Cuts


    Jumaane Williams Breaks Down New York City's recently passed budget, the approved cuts to the NYPD, and why the Public Advocate does not the cuts are a true first step in the Defund the Police movement.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #JumaaneWilliams


  • This Is America - Ron Artis II & The Truth


    Live In The Studio - Vol. 2

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  • Jamaal Bowman On Defund The Police, Green New Deal, Bronx & AOCs Endorsement


    Jamaal Bowman is a former middle school principal who is now challenging Eliot Engel as the Democratic nominee for Congress in NY-16.

    He spoke about his stances on Defund the Police, the Green New Deal, the biggest issues in the Bronx, Joe Biden, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Election2020


  • What Happened In Rayshard Brooks Killing, Officer Arrests + Police Accountability


    Attorneys Justin D. Miller & L. Chris Stewart for the Rayshard Brooks family break down what happened the night he was tragically killed by police officers, what we saw in the tape, and next steps in the case against the officers, and also address needed improvements in police accountability.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #RayshardBrooks


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  • Candidate For Congress Hector Oseguera On How He Plans To Help New Jersey’s 8th District


    Candidate for New Jersey’s 8th District Hector Oseguera is currently challenging incumbent Representative Albio Sires in New Jersey's Democratic primary July 7.

    He joins Ebro in the Morning to discuss how he plans to improve the area, and where he stands on police reform, economy, and more.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Election2020


  • NYC’s Youngest Council Member Could Be Headed For Congress | The Last Word | MSNBC


    Ritchie Torres currently leads the Democratic primary for NY’s 15th Congressional district. He returns to the Last Word, four years after giving viewers an inside look at NYC’s public housing, to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on his community and what change in Congress would look like. Aired on 06/26/2020.
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    NYC’s Youngest Council Member Could Be Headed For Congress | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Have You Ever Been Discriminated Against While Purchasing Real Estate?


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  • Buju Banton On The Power Of Reggae Music, Koffee, Welcome Home Concert + Black Lives Matter Protests


    Legend Buju Banton joins Ebro in the Morning to discuss his thoughts about reggae music today, some artists he is supporting, looking back at his Welcome Home concert in Jamaica, the Black Lives Matter protests, his classic hits & more!

    Buju Banton's 13th studio album 'Upside Down 2020' is scheduled to be released Friday, June 26th!

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #BujuBanton


  • BREAKING DOWN The Fabolous vs Jadakiss Verzuz Battle


    Go behind the scenes of Ebro in the Morning! Watch the show live from your laptop as they discuss the biggest topics of the day, and go behind the scenes behind the conversations off-air. Uncensored.

    Topics Include:
    Song by song recap of the Fabolous vs Jadakiss battle last night.

     #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #FabolousVsJadakiss

  • Salaam Remi On Producing For The Fugees, Nas, Amy Winehouse and The New Generation


    Producer Salaam Remi discusses how he got started in the music industry, helping shape the sound of The Fugees, Nas and Amy Winehouse, working with Mack Wilds now and releasing a ton of new music every three months.

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  • How local politicians are responding to defund the police


    Councilmember At-Large of Montgomery County, Maryland Will Jawando explains why he embraces the defund the police movement through a reallocation of funds to education and social services.

    About Rising: 
    Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC insiders who can predict what is going to happen. It also sets the day's political agenda by breaking exclusive news with a team of scoop-driven reporters and demanding answers during interviews with the country's most important political newsmakers. 

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  • Salaam Remi Goes At it with Fat Joe about his Beef Nas, Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Fugees


  • Americans showed up for this election in record numbers l GMA


    The 2020 presidential race had the highest voter turnout in U.S. history.

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    #GMA #PresidentialElection #Biden #Trump #Election2020 #Vote

  • Luke James - I Want You


    Music video by Luke James performing I Want You. (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

  • State of the economy is a top issue in 2020 presidential election l GMA


    The unemployment rate stands at 7.9% as voters consider this a factor in selecting the next president.

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    #GMA #PresidentialElection #Biden #Trump #Election2020 #Vote

  • What If... We defunded the police? | What If


    While “defund the police” makes for a catchy slogan, the logic behind it is nuanced.

    Although the slogan was popularised by the George Floyd protests in the US, theorists in the UK have been discussing whether we should reallocate police funds for decades.

    We spoke to Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper, who says that by reinvesting in youth services, education and training we could eventually get to a point where we don't need the police at all.

  • Top Obama strategist says Trumps tactics arent working


    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to denounce the Confederate flag during a press briefing after President Donald Trump bemoaned NASCAR's recent decision to ban it from all races and events. CNN's David Axelrod analyzes Trump's strategy of stoking racial divide in the nation to gain re-election.

    #Trump #CNN #News

  • Mayor of Minneapolis addresses calls to defund police l GMA


    Jacob Frey addresses the Minneapolis City Council's intent to move toward dismantling the city's police department and police reform.

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    #GMA #Minneapolis #JacobFrey #DefundthePolice #GeorgeFloydProtests #PoliceReform

  • Minneapolis moves to defund police department


    The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked some monumental changes, with cities making moves to defund police forces. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Brian Sozzi, and Andy Serwer discuss.
    #Minneapolis #Minneapolice #GeorgeFloyd
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  • Donald Trump Reacts To Election Results + Networks Cut Off Press Conference


    Ebro in the Morning discusses some of the biggest fails of the day during the CongratulationsYouPlayedYourself segment

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #Election2020


  • Samelys Lopez On Running For Congress, Improving The Bronx & Importance Of The Census


    Samelys Lopez is running for election to the U.S. House to represent New York's 15th Congressional District. She speaks with Ebro in the Morning about her thoughts on how to improve conditions in the Bronx, why she decided to run for office, the importance of having candidates such as herself running for office, the COVID-19 response, and why people should fill out the census.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #EarnMyVote


  • Musician Jon Batiste Speaks On WE ARE: A REVIVAL Demonstration At The Barclays Center


    Jon Batiste, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, announces WE ARE: A REVIVAL to be held on Friday, June 12 at 5PM outside Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. A celebration of Black lives through live music, this performance will be led by Batiste in conjunction with Sing For Hope, an organization offering messages of hope to veterans and community members alike through music. Batiste will be joined by band members and friends to collectively offer inspiration and hope to all.

    He details his plans tonight on Ebro in the Morning.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #JonBatiste


  • Reactions to Kanye Wests Announcement He Is Running For President!


    Ebro in the Morning discusses the latest trending topics during the Flashing Lights segment:

    Topics Include:
    - Kanye West Announces he is running for President
    - Pressure For Washington Redskins To Change Their Name

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #KanyeWest

  • The Peoples Candidate Forum: Ritchie Torres


    Councilmember Ritchie Torres joins The People's Candidate Forum as a Candidate for Congress in District 15.

    The People's Candidate Forum 2.0 is flipping the script on elections in the South Bronx by switching the format from debate to job interview, where the power gets put back in the hands of the people. It's our tax dollar base, let's make sure our electeds use it wisely and for the total benefit of the community.

    This event is produced by Nos Quedamos in partnership with BronxNet TV in order to make the 15th Congressional District primary election more accessible to the people of the South Bronx, emphasizing the power residents have in making this vital decision. 
    @nosquedamos | @bronxnettv

  • Trump Appointee Hinders Transition With Refusal To Greenlight Biden Victory | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    Denise Turner Roth, former GSA administrator, talks with Ali Velshi about the role of the GSA administrator in a presidential transition and how the refusal of Donald Trump's appointee to GSA administrator to ascertain Joe Biden's election victory hinders the new administration's transition. Aired on 11/09/2020.
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    MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more.

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    #DeniseTurnerRother #GSAAdministrator #MSNBC

    Trump Appointee Hinders Transition With Refusal To Greenlight Biden Victory | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Nick Ferrari takes on Black Lives Matter caller who wants to defund the police | LBC


    Nick Ferrari took on this caller who wanted to defund the police - but still wanted them to protect people.

    Black Lives Matter have called for a national defunding of police, leading to the abolition of the police and encouraging communities to police themselves.

    Jamie called in from Durham and insisted that the police should be defunded. But he also said he wanted the police to still be there to break up fights, police football matches and such things.

    Nick told him he couldn't have it both ways - either you fund the police, or you abolish it.

    Having said he wanted to defund the police, Jamie said: I don't believe in abolition. I think there are times when we do need a police force, to break fights up, to police football games and what have you.

    But Nick pointed out: Jamie, you won't have them if you don't fund them.

    You can't defund the police and then expect them to be there.

    Things then got even more fiery. Watch the full call at the top of the page.

    #NickFerrari #Coronavirus #LBC

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  • Why We Shouldnt Allow Cashless Retail Stores | Op-Ed | NowThis


    25% of consumers are left behind when retailers refuse to accept cash in NYC — so NYC Councilmember Ritchie Torres wants to make cashless establishments illegal.
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    Here’s how cashless retailers leave behind some consumers. Nearly 8.4 million U.S. households do not have a bank account.

    Ritchie Torres, New York City council member: 'If you open a dollar bill, it reads “this note is legal tender for all debts, public or private”. The language could not be clearer, and yet even if you have this dollar bill, legal tender, with the full faith and credit of the United States behind you, there is a rising tide of businesses here in New York City and elsewhere in the country that refuse to accept cash, that only accept credit.

    All of which raises the one-dollar question: what in fact does a cashless marketplace mean for society at large, what does it mean to those New Yorkers, those American, who have no access to credit? What if you’re homeless? What if you’re undocumented? What if you’re otherwise underbanked? If you have no access to credit, then you have no means of purchasing goods and services — purchasing food and clothing — in an increasingly cashless marketplace.

    Now defenders of cashless businesses love to promote the myth that ‘everyone has credit,’ those who claim credit is universally within reach are living in a bubble of privilege far removed from the reality of widespread poverty in New York City. 25% of New Yorkers are underbanked.

    So if a cashless business model appears to be neutral in theory, it has a real-world exclusionary effect on the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Making credit a requirement for consumption is a little like making identification a requirement for voting: the effect is the same, the disempowerment of America’s vulnerable communities.

    But a cashless marketplace not only affects the poor. It has consequences for all of us. Even if you have access to credit, you might prefer cash as a mode of payment for reasons relating to privacy, because it does not involve the sharing of private information.

    To confront the creeping cashlessness of the marketplace, I am introducing legislation that would require every retail and food establishment in the city to accept cash payment. In New York City, it will become unlawful for a business to discriminate based on mode of payment. If you have the money to buy food, clothing and shelter, then, under my bill, you will have the legal right to do so. Period.

    Since 1964, with the enactment of the Civil Rights Act, there has been a legal guarantee against discrimination in public accommodations. Private businesses are public accommodations and therefore have an obligation to treat all of us equally, regardless of whether we pay by cash or by credit. Credit can be one option among many but it should never be the sole option.'

    #NYC #Cashless #Stores #Retail #Economy #Inequality

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  • Ritchie Torres pushes for House seat in 2020


    The youngest member of the New York City Council, Ritchie Torres, is aiming for a seat in the House of Representatives. But the Bronx resident has competition, including a fellow city council member he compares to Donald Trump. Torres joined CBSN AM to talk about his campaign.

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    That’s the sound of strength in numbers
    There’s nothing brave and nothing useful
    You scrawling your aggro s*** on the walls of the cubicle
    Saying my race and class ain’t suitable
    So I raise my pink fist and say black is beautiful
    Do you hear that thunder?
    That’s the sound of strength in numbers
    I am I
    I am I
    Unify, Unify, Unify
    Do you hear that thunder?

    The official music video for GROUNDS by IDLES.


  • Ebro Has A Message For Rappers Supporting Donald Trump


    Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, & Laura Stylez discuss a list of hip hop artists who have shown support for Donald Trump recently and the misconception of those with money and the message they are putting out on social media about taxes.

    #EbrointheMorning #Hot97 #50Cent


  • What We Want Part II Promo Video


    Available 10/30
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  • Living inside and outside of the hip hop revolution: Reggie Ossé at TEDxGowanus


    Reggie Ossé has been on the front lines of Hip Hop culture since it began. Growing up in NYC, eventually becoming an attorney for up-and-coming Rap stars (Jay-Z and Damon Dash to name a few), and now as the host of The Combat Jack Show podcast, Ossé didn't just witness Hip Hop's ascendency to popular culture, he also helped create it. But as the culture he knows and loves became assimilated into the mainstream, he could not help but feel pushed to the outside... influencing but not participating in an America in which he is an icon.

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  • BronxTalk: Ritchie Torres


    Gary Axelbank is joined by Councilman Ritchie Torres for a conversation on NYCHA, facial recognition technology regulation, cashless business ban, and more.

  • Ritchie Torres on NYCHA and the New York City Council | BK Live


    Ritchie Torres is a Deputy Majority Leader of the New York City Council, the only LGBTQ Black-Latino elected in New York State, and the chair of the Committee on Public Housing. Not to mention he is the youngest member of the New York City Council. Torres talks about NYCHA and the New York City Council.

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