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Playlist of Nausea

  • Craft Spells - Nausea


    video edited by:

    For more good music, follow my spotify playlist Compact Cassette
    ( I update and change it weekly (a regularly modified rotation, kind of like a radio station).

    Self titled track from the new album, Nausea.

    Footage is from a VHS tape of a homemade horror movie some kids shot in 1988.

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    Official music video for Nausea by Craft Spells, off their album Nausea.
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    More From Craft Spells:
    Your Tomb (Official Video):
    After The Moment (Official Video):

    Video by Colin Macfadyen

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  • General Nausea


    From the Greeta Expanded Universe, comes General Nausea, a sentient blood-disease created by Dr. Yana Lizkinov(if you know who that is). A tangled mess of living blood vessels sealed in a protective rubber suit that wants to be endlessly at war with humanity.

    Anyway, yea... more superhero DnD stuff.

    -Google Play: -coming soon-






  • death in june - a nausea


    a nausea, from the peaceful snow DIJ album, november 2010

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  • Nause feat. Jaynie - From Now


    The second track leading up to IEM Katowice is 'From Now' by Swedish platinum Producer Nause feat. Jaynie ????????????????

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  • Beck - Nausea


    Music video by Beck performing Nausea. (C) 2006 Interscope Records

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  • NEMURIORCA - nausea



    作詞 : 辻久カオル
    作曲, 編曲 : 辻久カオル

    ピーチネオン彩られた 君が今日も素敵で。
    地平に示された「1 DAY」をスクリーンにおさめて


    思わず伏せ ジオグラフィー
    宇宙船へ行け!True ブレスに想い込めて

    不安だけ記された地図 陰る僕らのランデヴー
    サヨナラ ピースサイン ここからもう振り向けない

    戸惑う くたびれる 緩くなった靴ヒモ 締め直す

    巻き込まれそう Lies 別れは告げず

    今の この星空は 決して永遠に見られない
    煙巻き上げて そして
    この旅路は 決して誰にも邪魔はさせない
    大気圏を超えて 行方 誰も届かない

    思い出し 涙しそうなの
    高く高く 舞い上がる
    限界点 臨界点 越えるまで

    oh oh oh …

    君と この星空は 決して永遠に見られない
    ただ燃え尽きるまで そして
    この旅路が 星空の1つになれたなら
    唯一 キラリ 遠く ヒカリ
    次は僕らが 君の旅路を照らすよ


    Ashay @yonakiyasya_ele


    アイリ @AIRIORCA
    ウツノ・ミヤ @UTSUNOORCA
    コオリ @KOORIORCA
    ロキチャン @ROKIORCA


    アイリ →
    ウツノ・ミヤ →
    ツクシ →
    タケダ →
    コオリ →
    ロキチャン →


  • Craft Spells Nausea - Pandora Whiteboard Sessions


    Listen to Craft Spells on Pandora now:

    Craft Spells is an alternative rock band from Seattle, fronted by Justin Vallesteros. Their vocal-centric style frequently features basic rock song structures, electronica influences, and major key tonality.

    Other artists that can be heard on their station include Savoir Adore, Washed Out, and Neon Indian. They came by the office and played the title track off their album Nausea.

  • Craft Spells - Nausea


    Is it so strange
    Is it so strange to to walk back home
    I wouldn’t listen for, what it’s worth
    Watching my time wrinkle alone
    Bringing me back now, paranoia
    Giving me something to give up
    Moving along now
    It’s made me dizzy
    Watching the clouds as i go home

    You’ve kept youself away from everyone you used know
    You brought yourself here now everybody’s gonna know

    Is it so strange
    Is it so strange to be alone
    I wouldn’t listen for what it’s worth
    Watching the sky as it unfolds
    Bringing me back now, paranoia
    Giving me something to give up
    Moving along now, it’s made me dizzy
    Watching the clouds as i go home

    You’ve kept youself away from everyone you used to know
    You brought yourself here now everybody’s gonna know

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  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Slash

    Nausea · X

    Los Angeles

    ℗ 1980 Slash Records

    Writer: Cervenka
    Writer: Doe
    Writer: Exene Cervenka
    Writer: John Doe

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • X-Nausea


    Album: Los Angeles
    Track: 4
    Year: 1980

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Nausea · Grumpster



    Released on: 2019-11-08

    Producer: Ryan Perras

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Nausea · Therapy?


    ℗ 1992 A&M Records Ltd.

    Released on: 1992-10-17

    Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer: Harvey Birrell
    Composer Lyricist: Andrew Cairns
    Composer Lyricist: Michael McKeegan
    Composer Lyricist: Fyfe Ewing

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    From the Full Cold Moon compilation released by Heartworm Press / Deathwish Inc.
    Available everywhere digitally.


    Nausea, the Earth and Me

    Tell me why do I try to find a way out
    When this hole leads me back to a hole

    Tell me how does strength make a difference
    When all I ever strongly feel is indifference

    Watching smoke explore the canals of my body
    From cocaine to caffeine and all in between

    Disgusting family sitting in a restaurant
    Passing animals and stories around the table

    Child actor in art school explores perversion
    Like an unwanted roach dancing in your ear

    Tell me why am I even listening
    When you've never said a thing I want to hear

    Coming soon via

    Photo by Lukas Hodge

  • Dark Piano Music - Nausea


    An original called Nausea.

    I felt sick, so I quickly recorded first thing that sprang to mind. It may be disgusting but I was fighting back sick while recording this and was sick shortly after. I'm ill now though, it's time to sleep. This piece is trying to capture that feeling you have when you know you are about to be sick.
    I will put the pic link in the morning.

    Pic link Sorry I cant find the artist for it. If anyone knows who it is let me know please =)

    This is me writing on this video a few days after posting it, I was projectile vomiting and ill for 2 days after this. Listening back to it I am reminded of the feeling I had. Im pleased with that.

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  • Nausea & Shudder


    Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS

    Nausea & Shudder · the GazettE


    ℗ King Record Co., Ltd.

    Released on: 2006-02-08

    Artist: the GazettE
    Lyricist: RUKI
    Composer: the GazettE

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Awal Digital Ltd

    Nausea · Jeff Rosenstock · Jeff Rosenstock

    We Cool?

    ℗ SideOneDummy Records under exclusive license from Jeff Rosenstock

    Released on: 2015-03-03

    Composer Lyricist: Jeff Rosenstock

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    demo - 01 - suffer (demo) 0:00
    demo - 02 - condemned systems (demo) 2:03
    demo - 03 - starving nations (demo) 4:04
    demo - 04 - will it ever end (demo) 6:46
    demo - 05 - world downfall (demo) 8:23
    demo - 06 - think for yourself (demo) 10:01
    demo - 07 - why judge others (demo) 11:29
    demo - 08 - world chaos (demo) 12:46
    demo - 09 - the end (demo) 13:52

  • NAUSEA - World Struggle : Demos 1988 - 1992 | FULL ALBUM


    NAUSEA World struggle : demos 1988 - 1992 - F.O.A.D. 056

    Get the CD version HERE:


    00:00 Re-Animator
    01:56 Cold System
    04:31 Why Judge Others
    05:48 Think For Yourself
    07:15 World Chaos
    08:20 Starving Nations
    10:59 Will It Ever End
    12:35 World Downfall
    14:34 Condamned System
    16:42 Starving Nations (Alt. Mix)
    18:16 The End
    18:43 Tumor
    22:25 Uprising Land Control
    27:07 Immunity
    28:58 Conform
    30:28 World Struggle
    32:15 Displeasure
    35:30 Old Flesh
    38:33 Control
    40:47 Human Waste
    42:55 World Chaos
    44:50 Starving Nations
    46:41 I Dont't Care
    47:40 Human Waste

  • Craft Spells - Nausea


    Your Daily Dose of Music ????
    Indie / Alternative / Lo-Fi / Dream Pop / Surf Rock / Electronic.
    Join the community :

    Craft Spells

    Record Label : Captured Tracks.

    Artwork :

    0:00 - Nausea
    4:15 - Komorebi
    8:50 - Changing Faces
    13:12 - Instrumental
    14:30 - Dwindle
    18:32 - Twirl
    22:50 - Laughing for my Life
    26:46 - First Show
    29:50 - If I Could
    32:52 - Breaking the Angle Against the Tide
    36:41 - Still Fields (October 10, 1987)

    Purchase physical LP/CD/Cassette via the label store

    After a dormant period following the release of the Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells’ Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It’s Craft Spells’ second proper full length LP, and first since 2010’s critically acclaimed Idle Labor.

    We don't own the rights of some uploaded songs, contact us if you want us to delete a video.

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  • Therapy? - Nausea


    promo video directed by Jon Klein

  • Beck - Nausea


    Music video by Beck performing Nausea. (C) 2006 Interscope Records

  • Relaxation for Nausea


  • Iron Mais Nausea Official Videoclip


    Iron Mais NAUSEA
    from NAUSEA EP out on Ammonia Records the 26th of February 2016!
    Buy Nausea on itunes:

    video by LUCERNA FILMS

    Regia e Montaggio: Andrea Larosa
    Produzione: Beppe Platania

    c&p 2016 Ammonia Records/Punx Crew

  • Hellyeah - Nausea


    This music belongs to the respectful owners/producers.No copyright theft intended

  • Nausea


    Composer: Brendon Randall-Myers
    Buy the full album here:
    Sandwiches at 3:04

    This is a wonderful clarigrind piece off of my most recent CD Refractions Vol.2
    Bass clarinet with distortion, pitch shifter and drum machine

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Zebralution GmbH

    Nausea · Get Well Soon


    ℗ 2009 Get Well Soon

    Released on: 2010-01-22

    Music Publisher: Ceuso Publishing
    Composer: Konstantin Gropper
    Lyricist: Konstantin Gropper

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Seed

    Nausea · Hot Sugar

    The Melody of Dust

    ℗ 2017 Noise Collector Records

    Released on: 2017-03-31

    Mixer: Hot Sugar
    Producer: Hot Sugar
    Composer: Nicolas Koenig-Dzialowski
    Music Publisher: Nicolas Koenig-Dzialowski

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • NonostanteClizia - La Nausea - Official Video


    NAUSEA - Video Ufficiale - NonostanteClizia
    Regia Fabio Capalbo
    Fotografia Giada Bossi
    Montaggio Fabio Capalbo e Martina Zamolo con Francesca e Federica Brusati

    Girato presso:

    il Palasport di Vigevano (PV) - un ringraziamento al Dr. Belotti e i custodi Antonio, Gigi e Ruggero.

    LaRoom - teatro di posa multifunzionale di Vigevano e piscine Santa Maria, Vigevano (PV)

    Una produzione Ala Bianca Group srl
    iscriviti cliccando qui:

    Giovani, anzi giovanissimi, i NonostanteClizia arrivano da una piccola città di provincia, Acqui Terme, ed è qui che si incontrano Valerio Gaglione, (voce e chitarra) Marco Gervino (chitarre e voce), Simone Barisione (tastiere, synth), Matteo Porta (basso) e Manuel Concilio (batteria). Quando Valerio e Simone, durante una chiacchierata, scoprono di avere in comune la lettura di un romanzo: Nonostante Clizia, dello scrittore milanese Andrea Pinketts, pensano che questo potrebbe essere un nome perfetto per il loro gruppo. Scelta poetica che si sposa ottimamente con l’intensità dei testi di questi ragazzi.

    Cantano delle problematiche di un io complicato, a tratti paranoico; scrivono di ribellione e di insofferenza verso un mondo non proprio a misura d’uomo, facendone un’analisi cinica, quasi distaccata; ci raccontano la vita che scorre vista dai loro occhi. Gli occhi di chi sa che avere 20 anni non è cosa semplice.

    I NonostanteClizia sono un talento inesploso, una forza della natura intrisa nelle esistenze apparentemente normali dei cinque ragazzi: Valerio, il cantante, studia all’accademia delle belle arti; Simone, oltre che star dietro le tastiere e maneggiare i synt, fa teatro e scrive racconti; Marco, all’altra chitarra, insegna, sta per diplomarsi al conservatorio e studia filosofia all’università; Matteo, al basso, frequenta la Sae per diventare un tecnico del suono; Manuel, il batterista, lavora all’autogrill, ma anche per far questo bisogna avere doti fuori dal normale.

    Con alle spalle due demo autoprodotti, Sarà la moda (2009) e Amori etichettati (2010), i NonostanteClizia debuttano ad aprile 2013 con un EP tal titolo BANG! registrato e prodotto da Matteo Cantaluppi presso Mono Studio e uscito per MEMORYMEN distr. Venus, edizioni musicali Ethnoworld.

    “Il tuo stile”, primo singolo estratto dall'EP, viene trasmesso da molte radio italiane tra le quali Virgin Radio che li ospita nei suoi studi per un live acustico ( Il video, girato da Stefano Poletti ( esce in anteprima esclusiva su

    Il secondo singolo “I ragazzi dell'Alaska” ( uscito ad ottobre, entra subito in rotazione su radio 105 e si posiziona 37 nella classifica italiana airplay su earone. I NonostanteClizia sono inoltre ospiti di “105 NIGHT-EXPRESS” per intervista + live(

    A novembre 2013 i NonostanteClizia vengono scelti come artisti del mese di MTV NewGeneration . Il video de “I Ragazzi dell'Alaska”, dopo la vetrina Just discovered su newgeneration, entra quindi nella programmazione di MTV Music .
    Ecco come MTV New Generation, ha commentato la scelta: In un momento in cui troppo spesso la musica 'mainstream' viene tacciata di superficialità e di dar troppo risalto a ritornelli 'tormentone' che nascondono parole e sonorità fin troppo banali, questi cinque ragazzi di Acqui Terme dimostrano di voler prendere le distanza da tutto ciò. Anticonformisti e coinvolgenti i NonostanteClizia possono davvero fare strada nel panorama indie italiano. Impossibile rimanere impassibili al loro ascolto!.

    A dicembre i NonostanteClizia sono tra i 60 finalisti che partecipano alle audizioni Nuove Proposte per la 64esima edizione del Festival di Sanremo e suonano all'Hiroshima Mon Amour di Torino e ai Magazzini Generali di Milano in apertura a Fabrizio Moro.

    A gennaio 2014 riparte il tour e I NonostanteClizia pubblicano su youtube ( il video non ufficiale di Julian realizzato con un cut-up di spezzoni del film “Less than Zero”, tratto dal libro ononimo di Bret Easton Ellis, che ha ispirato il testo di questa canzone.

    Il tour prosegue fino ad agosto 2014 e, il primo settembre, i ragazzi entrano in studio per le registrazioni del nuovo album che uscirà a inizio 2015 per AlaBiancaGroup/Warner. Il disco viene registrato al Mam Recording Studio di Riccardo Parravicini con la produzione artistica di Riccardo Tesio e la collaborazione di Gianni Maroccolo.

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Earache Records Ltd

    Nausea · At The Gates

    Slaughter Of The Soul

    ℗ 2009 Earache Records Ltd

    Released on: 2009-03-25

    Composer: Bjorler
    Composer: Larsson
    Composer: Lindberg

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • GLASSPVCK - Nausea


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    GLASSPVCK - Nausea

  • Beck - Nausea


    Beck - Nausea (Letterman)

  • Nausea - Smash Racism


    your flag
    war flag
    red, white and blue
    the colors of a history
    that have changed nothing for you
    the patriotic banner
    for the racists to rally under
    used as propaganda
    lead you to fight another
    open your eyes and look around
    at the racism and the hate
    open your mind and understand
    the oppression by the state
    in your mind breeds violence and hate
    tools to strengthen the fascist state
    oppressing minorities
    for god and for country
    the ignorance you practice
    will never set you free
    open your eyes and look around
    at the racism and the hate
    open your mind and understand
    the freedom from the state
    it's time to say enough
    it's time to scream no more
    put all racism on the offensive
    all people join together
    smash racism now

  • A Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    A Nausea · Death In June

    The Snow Bunker Tapes

    ℗ 2013 NER

    Released on: 2013-03-21

    Music Publisher: NER

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Get Well Soon - Nausea


    Get Well Soon - Nausea [Vexations 2010]

    Get Well Soon is a music project and a band of the German singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Konstantin Gropper (born September 28, 1982).



  • Nausea - Self Destruct


    Look at this world man has created
    People dependent on greed and hatred

    Wars between religion
    Wars between races
    Still fighting battles
    Their ancestors started

    You destroy
    You exploit
    We condone
    We self destruct

    Blood money pours from every wound
    Wars for profit selling weapons of doom

    Destroying ourselves
    Destroying our land
    Taking the future from our children's hands

    You destroy
    You exploit
    We condone
    We self destruct

    The graves of Auschwitz were not enough
    Nagasaki, Hiroshima are a sea of blood
    Did you forget Cambodia, Vietnam?
    It was miles away in a primitive land.

    You destroy
    You exploit
    We condone
    We self destruct

  • Levela - Nausea


    Stream / Download:
    Taken from his EP 'Realities'. Full EP out now.

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    Vision Recordings
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  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by Triple Vision Record Distribution

    Nausea · Levela


    ℗ Vision Recordings

    Released on: 2019-12-20

    Producer: Callum Smart
    Writer: Callum Smart
    Composer: Callum Smart
    Music Publisher: Copyright Control

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Nausea · DIÄT

    Positive Energy

    ℗ 2015 Iron Lung Records

    Released on: 2015-09-18

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • YACHT - Nausea


    Here's us covering X's Nausea 10 years ago in Switzerland at the Montreux Jazz Festival. So punk even Rob's bass is cutting out for half the song!

    We quarantine-cleaned out a box of old DVDs and found this whole show. Hadn't ever watched it because we hate ourselves!

    From July 25th, 2010
    YACHT & Phoenix
    Montreux, Switzerland

  • Hypnotic Nausea - The Death of All Religions


    The Death of All Religions (2019)

    Hypnotic Nausea is an experimental heavy rock band from Athens Greece.
    Holy City 00:00
    Spiritual Allegiance 11:03
    Dogma 12:59
    Silent Moment 19:20
    Outside 21:12
    Crippled God 25:38
    Priest 27:37
    Faded Faith 36:57
    The Death Of All Religions 39:37
    Inquietum Cor 43:51
    A concept album that focuses on the ways in which organized religion operates in the context of a society that has not developed the appropriate defenses to avoid spiritual enslavement. People who serve people with thirst for power, personal gain and imposition, under the look of an invented god.
    released March 29, 2019

    Produced by Hypnotic Nausea, Hector.D & George Ravaya
    Mixed & Mastered by Hector.D at HD.Factory
    Drums recorded at Trianon Theater, Athens by Hector.D
    Recorded at Soundflakes Recording Studios, Athens by Nick Papadopoulos and Hector.D

    Vocals on “Priest” by Jon Voyager
    Narration on “Inquietum Cor” by George Ravaya
    Keyboards on “Inquietum Cor” by MakisTsamkosoglou

    Concept & Music by Hypnotic Nausea
    Lyrics by George B.
    Artwork by George P.
    Graphic Design by We Love Rain

  • The Cinematics - Nausea


    Artist: The Cinematics
    Album: Kino
    Track: 01

    I do not own any rights of this song.
    Originally released by - digital download by The Cinematics.

  • Nausea by Taryn Ward


    Nausea: Japhey Dow & Friends in Paris
    Catch more of Taryn’s handiwork here:

    Filmed during a two week skate trip to Paris – the clip features regular collaborator Japhey Dow alongside Pedro Alvarado, Taryn and Lucas Marchal.

    Watch them sample the architectural delights that Paris has to offer and, refreshingly, a Parisian edit with no Republique footage.

    Nausea features the skateboarding of Japhey Dow, Pedro Alvarado, Taryn Ward and Lucas Marchal.

    Filmed & Edited by Taryn Ward.

    Friction -
    homesick -
    Japhey’s Welcome to Morning Bell section -

  • Icicle - Nausea


    Album: Under The Ice
    Artwork: and ( I just share the track and the artwork)

  • Craft Spells - Nausea |Lyrics/Subtitulada Inglés - Español|


    Imagen del video:
    Nausea interpretada por Craft Spells, aquí les dejo la letra y traducción.
    Espero les guste (:

    I don't own anything.

  • 2XM - Nausea


    12' out on nail shop:


    party lo-fi:

    afterparty lo-fi:


  • Nausea


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Nausea · Lucas King

    Dark Piano for Dark Thoughts

    ℗ Lucas King Music

    Released on: 2017-06-25

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Craft Spells - Nausea


    off Nausea (2014, Captured Tracks)

    -uploaded in HD at

  • Plastic Picnic - Nausea in Paradise | A Do512 Lounge Session


    Recorded live in Austin, Texas.

    Special thanks to Karbach Brewing Co.

    Download Do512's new app, DoStuff for iOS & Android

    Shop Red Velvet - a store by Do512

    Do Awesome Stuff in Austin | Do512

    Matthew Swofford & Patrick Herzfeld

    Thomas Allison
    Esteban Sals
    Chris Mccully

    Pablo Shirley

  • NAUSEA - DEMO 1990


    01 - suffer (demo) 0:00
    02 - condemned systems (demo) 2:03
    03 - starving nations (demo) 4:04
    04 - will it ever end (demo) 6:46
    05 - world downfall (demo) 8:23
    06 - think for yourself (demo) 10:01
    07 - why judge others (demo) 11:29
    08 - world chaos (demo) 12:46
    09 - the end (demo) 13:52



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