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Playlist of National Alert Test

  • German Emergency Alert System is a sick beat


    d e n B e a t f a l l e n l a s s e n

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  • Federal Signal - Modulator


    These sounds are recreated with Fl Studio. But I tried to make them as similar as possible.
    All of these sounds are shortened.

    You can hear these sound from FS - Modulator.

    0:00 - Start
    0:06 - Westminster Chime
    0:26 - Alert
    0:49 - Attack
    1:22 - Wail
    1:56 - Pulsed Steady (Pulsed Alert)
    2:27 - Pulsed Wail
    3:02 - Hi-Lo
    3:28 - Alternate Wail

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  • Nuclear Alarm Siren - 10 minutes


    HD remastered version here:

    #alarm #nuclear #siren

  • South Carolina EAS | Emergency Alert System | Severe Thunderstorm Warning


    Horry and Georgetown Counties under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning on June 20th, 2020. Emergency Alert System

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  • Test of Spencer, MA Emergency Alert System 1610AM


    If the Zombie Apocalypse ever happens, Spencer will be able to broadcast it live.

  • Dutch Air Raid / Nederlands luchtalarm


    Please watch: (437) DUTCH RAILROAD CROSSING - LONG VIDEO - Zevenbergsche Hoek - AKI Spoorovergang
    Dutch national emergency signalling system. Special edit (HQ)

    Nederlands Luchtalarm met de test op maandag 2 juli 2012. Speciale montage.

    LET OP: In verband met wet- en regelgeving, adviseert Dutch Train Channel je om het geluid bij het afspelen bij deze video niet te hard te zetten. Buren kunnen denken dat er echt wat aan de hand is.
    Misbruik van het geluid van deze video is strafbaar voor de eindgebruiker!

    This channel features mostly railroad crossings in the Netherlands, but does also occasionally presents videos of bridges, model trains, church bells and other events.
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  • First ever National EAS TEST


    This is the view from my office with multiple radio and TV stations. Initiated on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at 2pm.

  • Bulgarian National Sirens - Alert


    Bulgarian National Sirens - Alert
    Technical Test
    01.10.2012, 13:00h., Sofia, BG

  • Emergency Alert System - National Test 11-09-13


    for more info vist:


    The FCC issued the test at 2:00 pm EST on November 9, 2013. A National Test was issued to see if stations could broadcast national emergencies, such as a nuclear attack, terrorist attack, etc. The test failed, with only a small fraction of networks, cable systems, and digital antenna stations receiving the test. DirecTV viewers didn't even hear the test; Lady Gaga's Paparazzi was played (unknown why - a mistake or a glitch?).

    The FCC since then (they claim) that they have fixed their equipment, remapped some Primary Entry Point Systems, and other various things. It is unknown when the next national test will be conducted (will there be another test?). However, some people have noticed unexpected tests (claiming that it's a national test). I will let you decide what is right or wrong.

    Feel free to like, subscribe, comment (especially if you have questions about the EAS or NOAA Weather Radio), or send me a message (especially if you have questions about the EAS or NOAA Weather Radio).

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  • This Is A Test Of The National Wireless Emergency Alert -Cell phone Test Spoof


    Today President Donald Trump had the following text sent out: This is a test of the national wireless emergency alert system no action is needed. It Had to write a funny spoof song about it. Cell phone test.

    This was what Fema actually said:

    WHY: The purpose of the test is to ensure that EAS and WEA are both effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level. Periodic testing of public alert and warning systems helps to assess the operational readiness of alerting infrastructure and to identify any needed technological and administrative improvements.
    HOW: The EAS and WEA test messages will be sent using FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), a centralized Internet-based system administered by FEMA that enables authorities to send authenticated emergency messages to the public through multiple communications networks.
    WHO: FEMA will administer the test, in cooperation with the FCC and the National Weather Service, and with the participation of the communications industry.
    WHEN: October 3, 2018, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT on cell phones and 2:20 p.m. EDT on TV and radio. (This is the test back-up date; the test was previously postponed due to response efforts to Hurricane Florence.)

    THE WIRELESS ALERT TEST MESSAGE: The WEA test message will appear on consumers’ phones and read, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” Phones will display this national test using the header “Presidential Alert.” These nationwide alerts, established pursuant to the WARN Act of 2006, are meant for use in a national emergency and are the only type of alert that can be sent simultaneously nationwide by FEMA.
    RECIPIENTS: Many members of the public will receive the WEA test message on their cell phones. Specifically, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT, cell towers will broadcast the WEA test for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, WEA-compatible wireless phones that are switched on, within range of an active cell tower, and whose wireless provider participates in WEA, should be capable of receiving the test message. Wireless phones should receive the message only once.
    BACKGROUND ON SYSTEM: The WEA system, launched in 2012, is used to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations through alerts on cell phones. Alerts are created and sent by authorized federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governmental agencies through IPAWS to participating wireless providers, which deliver the alerts to compatible handsets in geo-targeted areas. To help ensure that WEA alerts are accessible to the entire public, including people with disabilities, WEA alerts are accompanied by a unique tone and vibration. The national WEA test will use the same special tone and vibration. In the event of a national emergency, a Presidential WEA alert would be issued at the direction of the President and/or his/her designee, and activated by FEMA.

    TV & RADIO ALERT TEST: The EAS portion of the test is scheduled to last approximately one minute and will be conducted with the participation of radio and television broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio and television providers, and wireline video providers (“EAS participants”).
    THE TV & RADIO TEST MESSAGE: The EAS test message will be similar to the regular monthly EAS test messages with which the public is familiar. It will state: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Emergency Alert System. This system was developed by broadcast and cable operators in voluntary cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Federal Communications Commission, and local authorities to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. If this had been an actual emergency an official message would have followed the tone alert you heard at the start of this message. A similar wireless emergency alert test message has been sent to all cell phones nationwide. Some cell phones will receive the message; others will not. No action is required.”
    BILINGUAL: The EAS test message will be transmitted in both English and Spanish, with EAS participants deciding which version to use for their communities.
    BACKGROUND ON SYSTEM: Emergency alerts are created and sent by authorized federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies. EAS participants receive the alerts through IPAWS or through local “over the air” monitoring sources. EAS participants then disseminate the emergency alerts to affected communities. The FCC prescribes technical and procedural rules for communications providers’ participation in this process.

  • CBS2 The Talk Hosts and Audience Reacts


  • Emergency Broadcast System Sound Effects All Sounds


    Download :
    Credit :
    1 - intro music : Big Horns Intro performs Audionautix with a Creative Commons Attribution license (
    2- sound effects : in the download file
    File Content
    EAS Warning of Civil unrest and or Zombies Sound Effect
    emergencyalertsystemdistortedfmnoise Sound Effect
    Enjoy ...!
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  • Test of Emergency Alert System on Satellite TV - May 9 2012


    they are always do it on the 9th of the day that they decide to do it, do you realize that?

  • EAS #66 National Periodic Test


  • Heres a test of the Emergency Broadcast System


    Here's a test of the Emergency Broadcast System

  • EAS #152 National Periodic Test 2017


  • Emergency Alert System Sound Effects All Sounds


    Download :
    emergency alarm Sound Effects All sounds review + direct download link and win a gift :
    Warning Alarm beeps Sound Effects direct download link ? :
    Credit :
    1 - intro music : Big Horns Intro performs Audionautix with a Creative Commons Attribution license (
    2- sound effects : in the download file
    File Content
    Emergency Alert System- Invasion of the United States Sound Effect
    EAS tone Sound Effect
    Emergency Intercom Sound Effect
    Emergency Alarm Sound Effect
    EAS Warning of Civil unrest and or Zombies Sound Effect
    Siren ( Carpeted Hallway Ambient ) Sound Effect
    emergencyalertsystemdistortedfmnoise Sound Effect
    DIN Alarm European Sound Effect
    Space SFX #4 - Siren 1 Sound Effect
    Whelen WPS-3016 Siren Sound Effect

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  • Emergency Alert System - Invasion


    this is what happens when you raid area 51 assholes

  • Monthly Emergency Alert System Testing


    This is only a test.

    Check out my Soundcloud:

  • This is a test of the emergency broadcast system...


    ...this is me also eating a cookie.

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  • Emergency Broadcast System Alert Message


  • The Emergency Alert System Sparta



    This is a V2 like thingy to Spida's remix, which I can't find anywhere now

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  • 97.5 WPST Emergency Alert System test 11/5/1997


    Full at

  • Monthly Test of the Emergency Alert System


  • Josiah Junior National AMBER Alert Test


    Recorded On The Dash And Dot Show On Josiah Junior The Channel
    Everything Expect Josiah Junior Is Not Owned By Me

  • Emergency Alert System Required Monthly Test Scan V3


    I own nothing.



  • 103.5 WKTU National EAS Test 2019


    This EAS Test was live on 103.5 WKTU in New York City on 8/7/2019. I was a little late and didn’t catch the first EAS tone but was able to catch the whole message. This was screen recorded on my iPhone using the iHeartRadio radio app and sorry for the volume bar during the video.

  • Sparta Remix | Emegency Alert System | Sparta Extended TTE Remix




    Toure Taylor Backup:

    Toure Taylor Alt:

    Toure Taylor Clips:

  • Amber Alert


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Amber Alert · Motif Alumni · Kas

    All Hallows Eve

    ℗ Backcourt Records/Sound Of Excellence

    Released on: 2016-10-31

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Emergency Broadcast System - This is only a test


    Remix de...Felguk - Galaxy Traveller (Neelix rmx)

  • Emergency Alert System Remix


    This might actually make a decent morning alarm...

  • Message from Emergency Alert System take 2: working it out


    working out the theme from take 1

  • Emergency Alert System National Periodic Test 9/28/2016 1322 at WCDZ WCMT


    For educational / instructional use only. Not for rebroadcast. Any other audio is incidental and not intended to infringe on copyright.

  • Apple/iOS Emergency Alert Sound Effect


    Hear the sound that occurs when an amber alert or possibly weather alert on your iPhone. You may only hear this sound on an Apple iPhone



    No copyright infringement intended.

  • EAS #67 Required Monthly Test For PA October 2016


  • National EAS Test inside Hot 106, Providence


    The first ever nation-wide EAS test that was supposed to air on all radio and TV stations at once. Didn't work out as planned!

  • EAS Alert #036. National Periodic Test.


    The US just did their National Periodic Test.

  • Nov27.2019 alert ready test setup 2


  • FREE Emergency Alert System Type Beat


    This beat is not free for profit. To purchase this beat, contact me at But it would be a waste of money to buy this trash. So don't buy it. Don't even try. I wont respond.

  • Emergency Alert System


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Emergency Alert System · 911 Joe Salvatorio


    ℗ 2008 Joseph S. Perna

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • emergency alert system


    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun freak ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

  • Kirklees Local TV - Test


  • Emergency Alert


    Provided to YouTube by Soundrop

    Emergency Alert · Bobby Jack

    Computer Closer

    ℗ 2019 MB Recordings

    Released on: 2019-04-01

    Composer: Bobby Jack

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • WXJ42 Required Weekly Test


  • EAS / SKY - Consejo para iniciar en la producción


    Revive partes de nuestra espectacular #conferencia con #SKY

    Aprende sobre la trayectoria de uno de los #productores más importantes de la música en #Colombia y con una de las trayectorias más sobresalientes en la industria.

    Aprende - Siente - Crea


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    Medellín- Colombia / 2020

  • EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM EASyCAP live stream!!!!!!!!!


    If you are in other countries use an American VPN

    thx to @ZZTV-NY EAS for finding this!

  • Zombie Outbreak Emergency Alert




    Created using VideoFX Live:



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