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Playlist of Nargaroth

  • Nargaroth - Possessed By Black Fucking Metal


    Last song of the gig at Wolfszeit Festival 2016.

    Artist: Nargaroth (
    Song: Possessed By Black Fucking Metal
    Album: Black Metal ist Krieg
    Release: 2001
    Camera: Grave + SR
    Cutting: Grave
    Photo: Mina Wallace photography

  • Nargaroth ~ Black Metal Ist Krieg FULL ALBUM


    Album: Black Metal ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Inter Arma Production
    released January 1, 2001
    ℗ 2017 Nargaroth & Inter Arma Productions

    Track List
    00:00 - 1. Introduction
    02:24 - 2. Black Metal ist Krieg
    07:17 - 3. Far Beyond the Stars (Azhubham Haani Cover)
    12:08 - 4. Seven Tears Are Flowing to the River
    26:59 - 5. I Burn for You (Lord Fould Cover)
    29:58 - 6. The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem
    39:22 - 7. Pisen pro Satana (Root cover)
    42:04 - 8. Amarok - Zorn des Lammes III
    51:37 - 9. Erik, May You Rape the Angels
    58:38 - 10. The Gates of Eternity (Moonblood Cover)
    63:45 - 11. Possessed by Black Fucking Metal

    This provoking and multi controversial album was the result of the desolate state of the German Black Metal scene at the turn of the millennium. The “old days” were gone and many of the once respected bands had wimped out, had crossed a commercial Rubicon and weren't worth following. I think it was the time the third generation in Black Metal had to set course and define their new goals – and such never comes easy and without blood spilling. Just as it is said in the outro of my first album: “the future is always born in pain”. In my memories, these times were marked with musically and ideologically emptiness, so called “trueness” discussions as well as petty wars between bands. I considered this album as 'soundtrack' of this period in German Black Metal and as an opposed outcry against this deterioration, even though I, myself was not the most constructive element in those times.
    I recorded this album over a long period in the Czech Republic and in an extremely cold former BND/FIS Bunker in Germany and I finished it on the 30th of December in 2000. For a long time people intended to misinterpret the concept of this album and were more interested into discussing or gossiping over eventual and non existing political contents or about melody similarities to other songs. And although I wish I would have written some of the explanatory notes to every song in a less provoking and adolescent manner, what suffered most from this behavior of the German Scene of that time, was the only thing that should have always mattered: the music and the art. In the end, this album has it's legacy and became for many people the first touch with Black Metal and a worldwide known example for the sound of German Black Metal style.

    Kanwulf: Vocals, all String Instruments
    Butcher from MANIAC BUTCHER and Occulta Mors from MOONBLOOD: Drums

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  • Nargaroth - FULL - Seven tears Are Flowing To The River


    Full version, one the few good songs by Nargaroth.

  • Black Metal Ist Krieg - Nargaroth


    Song: Black Metal Ist Krieg
    Band: Nargaroth
    Album: Black Metal Ist Krieg


    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black fucking Metal ist Krieg!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black fucking Metal ist Krieg!
    Black Metal ist Krieg!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Ihr Wichser, es ist Krieg!
    Black Metal!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black Metal ist Krieg!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Fuck, Metal ist Krieg!
    Black Metal!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black fucking Metal ist Krieg!
    Black Metal ist Krieg!

    Ihr Wichser, es ist Krieg!
    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Ihr Wichser...

    Black Metal ist Krieg!
    Black fucking Metal ist Krieg!

    Fuck you!
    Krieg, es ist Krieg!

    Black Metal ist Krieg!

    Ihr Wichser, Krieg!
    Es ist Krieg!

    Black Metal ist Krieg.

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  • Nargaroth -the day burzum killed mayhem


    Black Metal, Nargaroth, MayheM, Euronymous, burzum.

    a year of misery?
    darkness fills the sky.
    i hear the warriors cry.
    the legend tells a story
    from a viking from the north,
    who met a death warrior
    black metal was never really the same.
    the legend call it murder
    and the viking had survived.
    but the eyes of the death warrior
    never saw again the sun upon the sky.
    and the quintessence:
    everyone recognized war,
    that black metal isn't just
    entertainment anymore.
    i can still remember
    my emotions so confused.
    my soul was seeking answers.
    no knife i let unused.
    so many questions
    i had to satisfy.
    my soul was under torture,
    but i knew my way was right
    i see a cemetery fall asleep under fog
    and i know the old days will never come
    1993, this year of misery was the knife
    which split the black metal scene apart.
    since that mighty day black metal split his way,
    and the unity was never the same again.
    lies, rumors and hate. moneymaking, sadness
    and shame
    and all this by, the day as burzum killed mayhem.
    remember this day! remember this way!
    that you never betray, what here leads you
    on your way!
    and i never will forget
    the day as this both warriors met.
    the blood was hot the moon was red
    and black metal created his own grave.
    and i dream from days before
    black metal maniacs, no whore,
    in the legions of war
    the demons in our heads the law.
    so i summon you once again,
    we should never forget the pain
    from older days in our veins
    we now cut of that it can flow like rain.
    arrghh, this was the legend from
    the day as burzum killed mayhem.

  • Nargaroth


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Nargaroth · Nargaroth


    ℗ 1998 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 1998-12-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Nargaroth - Sommer


    Instagram @thelykanthrop

  • Nargaroth / Nychts - Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare


    Music composed and arranged by Nychts, lyrics and voice by Nargaroth.

    Visiones Espectrales de una Guerra Mental es el titulo de esta hermosa cancion de Nargaroth, contenida en su album con el mismo titulo, con una breve pero intensa letra que a mi parecer habla precisamente de eso, una guerra mental! una guerra de poderes y emociones que se desarolla en nuestro interior, es pos de una futura evolucion espiritual... o un decaimiento hacia la pudricion fisica, emocional, y aun mas, por que para crear algo nuevo, primero hay que destruir lo viejo, barrer con los viejos dogmas e ideas inculcados en una sociedad muy falta de valores y buscar uno mismo su propio camino, si... es lo que a mi me gusta pensar, en fin... con una excelente recopilacion de imagenes, los dejo con esta canción, que la disfruten!

    Nargaroth - Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare

    En el sueño del Anciano...
    Yo era entretejido en seda espectral!
    En el sueño del Anciano...
    Yo era entretejido en seda espectral!

    En el sueño del Anciano...
    una serpiente alimentaba
    mi hambre con las Lágrimas de Babilonia
    En el sueño del Anciano
    Él vio un vacío...
    en mis ojos insaciables!

    En el sueño del Anciano
    Yo tiré mi corazón...
    dentro del núcleo cósmico...
    En el sueño del Anciano
    Me fui como un Hijo...
    y regrese como precursor del Caos!

    En el sueño del Anciano...
    Era yo entretejido en seda espectral!
    En El sueño del Anciano...
    Era yo entretejido en seda espectral!



    Nargaroth - “Whither goest thou”

    Album “Era of Threnody”
    Release: 16.05.2017
    Available as Jewelcase CD and Gatefold Double LP in limited colors
    Label: Inter Arma Productions

    Directed by Telmo Filipe
    Executive Producer: Guilherme Henriques
    Artwork: Bernth
    Fotos: Mina Wallace Photography
    Mask: MadMaskMan Ryan Meyer

    WOHIN GEHST DU? (Whither goest thou?)

    Weine nicht mein Mütterchen
    doch dein verlorener Sohn muss geh'n.
    Ich nehme dein Abschiedslied mit mir,
    deine Tränen und dein Weh'.

    So zieht es mich in die Welt,
    die mir weder fremd noch Heim.
    Und sehne mich nach dem Morgen
    und all die Pfade die ich gehen werde.

    Ich wandere wo Sterne fallen
    und ruhe wo sie sterben.
    Ich träume wo die Nornen singen
    und wo weise Kraniche kreisen.

    In den Tiefen der Ozeane
    verberge ich meinen verfluchten Namen,
    auf das niemand ihn finde
    und kein Leid geschehe.

    Ich sehe meine (Ur)Großmutter
    die kummervolle Tränen vergoss
    und ich fühle ihre welken Hände,
    auf meinem Haupt.

    Ich höre noch ihre brüchige Stimme
    und das alte russische Lied,
    welches sie in mein Herz sang
    und ich in mir trage, immerdar.

    Ich lausche fernem Klagen,
    dem Klang der Verzweiflung.
    Der Sprache der Sünde.
    Alle Menschen sollen irren!

    Ich heule mit den Wölfen der Schöpfung
    in silberner Nacht
    und die Obhut des Polarsterns
    erleuchtet unser Schicksal.

    Oh verweile doch,
    du bist so schön!
    Meine Seele sollst du läutern,
    im Schein des Nordlichts.

    Nero brannte dereinst nieder,
    was neu erschaffen werden sollt'
    und begrub im Wahnsinn
    die Ruinen seiner Schuld.

    Wir können uns von unserer Vergangenheit lösen
    und alles hinter uns lassen.
    Doch was uns zu Sündern macht(e),
    lebt in uns ewiglich und immerdar.

    Die Essenz (das Zentrum) des (Wortes) Lebens
    bedeutet „ob“ oder „wenn“.
    Dieses Wissen möge entscheiden,
    ob das Leben uns 'führt' oder 'zerrt'.

    Ich entferne das Kainsmal
    und labe mich am Trank einer Sylphe.
    Im Krieg mit der Welt!
    Im Krieg mit mir selbst!

    ¿HACIA DONDE TE DIRIGES? (Whither goest thou?)

    I. No llores mi vieja madre
    tu perdido hijo debe partir
    yo llevaré tu canción conmigo
    tus lágrimas y tu aflicción

    II. Entonces fui arrojado a este mundo
    que no es ni extraño ni es mi hogar
    y ansío el mañana
    y los caminos por los que deambularé

    III. Deambulo donde las estrellas caen
    y duermo donde ellas mueren
    Sueño donde las nornas cantan
    y donde las sabias grullas vuelan

    IV. En las profundidades de los océanos
    oculto mi nombre maldito
    para que nadie pueda encontrarlo
    y para que no suceda un infortunio

    V. Veo a mi abuela
    que lloró lágrimas preocupadas
    siento en mi cabeza
    sus débiles manos

    VI. Aún escucho su vieja voz
    y las viejas canciones rusas
    que ella le cantó a mi corazón
    y yo llevé conmigo

    VIII. Aúllo con los lobos
    en la noche plateada
    La égida de la estrella del norte
    ilumina nuestro destino

    IX. ¡Ay! Quédate ahora
    Tu, tan pálida
    purificarás mi alma
    en el resplandor de las luces del norte

    X. Una vez Nero prendió fuego
    a lo que debía reconstruir
    y enterró en demencia
    las ruinas de la culpa

    XI. Podemos quemar
    el camino de nuestras vidas
    y dejarlo todo atrás
    pero lo que nos hace pecadores
    permanecerá en nuestra mente

    En la feroz tierra salvaje, el hombre camina solo ahora. Un abandonado hombre sin un país, sin esperanza; su alma agitada como los vientos calurosos y arenas embravecidas. Él es impulsado, siempre hacia adelante, por un dios desconocido, hacia una tierra nunca antes vista…

    XII. La esencia (el centro) de (el mundo)
    Vida significa “si”, como lo sabemos
    Esta sabiduría puede decidir
    si reinamos o si nos arrodillamos

    XIII. Arrancaré la máscara de Caín
    y beberé de una sílfide
    En guerra con el mundo ahora
    En guerra conmigo mismo

    En la derretida tierra salvaje del pecado, donde los centinelas de granito se paran como torres de muertos vivientes para bloquearle la entrada a él. Cada noche trae consigo el negro abrazo de la soledad. En el burlón susurro de la brisa, él escucha las voces en eco de la oscuridad. Su mente torturada se pregunta si ellos traen el recuerdo de triunfos pasados o si lloran con un mal presentimiento de desastres que ocurrirán, o si el calor del desierto ha fundido su razón convirtiéndola en locura.

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    Hyvinkää - Finland
    Steelfest Open Air

    Sigue a Nargaroth:

    Sigue a Friedhof Magazine:

  • Nargaroth ~ Black Blasphemic Death Metal OFFICIAL VIDEO


    Artist: Nargaroth (
    Song: Black Blasphemic Death Metal
    Album: Black Metal manda Hijos de Puta
    Release: 2012
    Video by: SVAROG Design (
    Photos by: Sunvemetal (


    This first official video of NARGAROTH is made by a Serbian fan, that spent hours and hours to work on the footage and graphics. When I asked him what he want to have for is tremendous work, he said: He would appreciate if I share it from his page and if he can get maybe some merchandise. This are my ideals of passionate collaboration in Underground Black Metal and I am glad I still can experience it! Thank you!
    As announced I release this video in memory of Rob. K. (husband, father of a little child) from Waltenhofen who died on 01.01.2014. His wife contacted me in August 2013 about the situation in her life because of a heavy illness of her husband. She wrote me in the conversation about his situation, how bad it turned and finally the heavy decision to bring him into a hospice in December 2013. I always let greet him, but on 1st January about noon he passed away, filled with morphine. Yesterday she wrote me that there was pouring rain on his funeral when she carried his urn to the grave (I couldn't be there due the funeral of my Grandfather the very next day). When I let her know the video dedication, she said it brought tears into her eyes. Its a good thing and to walk the last mile with your fans I see as my duty. And a bit I smile when I know that Rob got buried with the ashes of his guitar!
    Its not the first time I get notice of it or visit NARGAROTH fans that die(d) soon in hospitals or at home. And every time I die a little too and with video I remember them all.


  • Winter


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Winter · Nargaroth


    ℗ 2009 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 2009-09-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nargaroth - Sommer - Ragnard Rock Fest 2016


    All videos are copyright of their respective owners.

    © La compagnie d'Edoras
    Rising Moon Production

    Videos by Mazzone Adrien (Bisounours666)

    Edit by Mazzone Adrien (Bisounours666)

    Music : Nargaroth - Sommer

  • Nargaroth - The Day Burzum killed Mayhem



    from the album Black Metal ist Krieg (2001)

    released by/purchase @

    this video/s are for promotional use only i make no money or try to
    if the band or label wishes it removed contact me and ill delete asap

  • Nargaroth - Hate Song


    Hey, ihr Pisser
    Ihr Besserwisser
    Und Hosenschisser.

    Mit euren Lügen
    Könnt ihr nur euch betrügen
    Sie könn mich nicht besiegen.

    Ich habe Pill'n geschmissen
    Ist doch drauf geschissen
    'S hat doch nur mich zerrissen.

    Hab scheiss Drogen gezogen
    Mich dabei selbst belogen
    Phantasien gebogen.

    Hab'n Haufen Zeug geraucht
    Anderer Liebe missbraucht
    Durchs Leben durchgeschlaucht.

    Hab Frauen arschgefickt
    Mein' Narzissmus begluckt
    Bin trotzdem nich verrückt.

    Nach 10 Jahren
    Die die Hölle waren
    Bin ich wieder heimgefahren.

    Hab mich selbst erkannt
    Am liebsten weggerannt
    Und alles abgebrannt.

    Bin endlich aufgewacht
    Schrei nicht mehr jede Nacht
    Mein Dämon ausgelacht.

    Ich bin zu Haus'


    Hey you wankers
    You know-alls
    and chicken.

    Your lies
    Can only fool yourselves
    They cannot defeat me.

    I've thrown pills
    So fucking what
    It tore apart me alone.

    Did the fucking drugs
    Lied to myself then
    Crafted fantasies.

    Have smoked loads of shit
    Abused the love of others
    Fiddled through life.

    Fucked women up the arse
    Satisfied my five fingers
    Yet I'm not crazy.

    After 10 years
    Which equalled Hell
    I have turned back home.

    Have recognized myself
    Better run away
    And burn all to the ground.

    Have finally woken up
    Not screaming every night
    My demon did I laugh at.

    I am home.

  • Nargaroth-War/Freezing Moon


    Cover de BURZUM / MAYHEM
    En vivo Blue Factor Billar Bar México DF 17 de diciembre 2011

    Visita mi blog :

  • Nargaroth - Era of Threnody NEW ALBUM 2017


    Album: Era of Threnody
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Inter Arma Production
    released May 16, 2017
    ℗ 2017 Nargaroth & Inter Arma Productions

    Track List
    1.Dawn of Epiphany - 00:00
    2.Whither Goest Thou - 8:07
    3.Conjunction Underneath the Alpha Wheel - 14:31
    4. Orphans Drifting in a Desert Night - 21:38
    5. The Agony of a Dying Phoenix - 27:12
    6. Epicedium to a Broken Dream - 34:43
    7. Love Is a Dog from Hell - 40:24
    8. Era of Threnody - 43:07
    9. TXFO - 52:31
    10. My Eternal Grief, Anguish Neverending - 56:17

    Each stage of one’s life has its very own struggles, temptations or aberrations and most of us feels a longing for something. Something that heals or fulfills our life and sometimes leaves us in despair. The events, whose overcoming process is reflected in this album, drove me into a self-imposed nomadic lifestyle, which took me around the world – homeless, aimless. In brief periods of pause, I lived in rural volcanic regions of Mexico and in the seclusion of Canadian Indian reserves, where the lyrics to this album were written.
    My personal notion is that there are only few musical forms of expression with a masculine temper in their emotional quality that I find appealing. Since I consider a traditional archetype of Flamenco one of these few expressions, I have been following up to the idea of incorporating it into my music for quite a while. But the necessary high level guitar skills have prevented its realization for a long time. When I did a concert in Paris in 2013, I mentioned my idea to Bernth, who – among other things – was studying Jazz guitar at a musical academy in Vienna and belonged to NARGAROTH´s live lineup. Later, when – independently of each other – both of our lives’ familiar orders fell apart we joined to realize this project. Original flamenco, being the music of nomadic, homeless and rural people, merged seamlessly into my life story and the history behind this album.
    It took me well over a year to overcome my mournfulness and the background factors that led to the events occurring in 2014/15 and to take control of my fate again. During times of emotional uproar, my creative abilities are limited, because melancholy – which I completely succumb to – takes full control of me. I only try in hindsight to find out how to put my experience to music, which is why this album is two years late. All of the songs refer to actual experiences and events mostly having taken place in Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert.
    It seems almost redundant to mention that the trigger of this life event was a rather inauspicious course of events in a matter of heart. What else could make a man stumble in such a way and leading him to make album about it? Thus, I close with the words that marked the beginning of my journey:

    “I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found.“
    John Steinbeck

  • Nargaroth - Pisen Pro Satana


    Nargaroth cover

  • A Whisper Underneath the Bark of Old Trees


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    A Whisper Underneath the Bark of Old Trees · Nargaroth

    Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare

    ℗ 2011 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 2011-03-26

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Herbst


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Herbst · Nargaroth


    ℗ 2009 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 2009-09-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Black Metal On An Acoustic Guitar - Nargaroth - Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River


    You can download this cover for free here:

    And you can get Riot Drums here:

    Here's a cover (covering the main parts, not all the variations on the riffs) of Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River by Nargaroth. I'm playing a Tanglewood Sundance guitar into a Samson CO1 mic.

  • Dawn of Epiphany


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Dawn of Epiphany · Nargaroth

    Era of Threnody

    ℗ 2017 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 2017-05-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nargaroth - War/Freezing Moon


    Hervorragendes Konzert. Gut, dass der Klang noch besser wurde.
    Albernes Internettheater der Kommunistennazis von der Antifa im Vorfeld der Veranstaltung. Jeder hat halt ein Hobby, ich bevorzuge eine Modelleisenbahn derr Firma de' BIELL.

  • Fruehling


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Fruehling · Nargaroth


    ℗ 2009 Inter Arma Productions

    Released on: 2009-09-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Nargaroth - Possessed by Black Fucking Metal


    From album Black Metal ist Krieg

    Once Upon A Time As Black Metal Ruled.
    The Blood Was Hot. The Hearts Were Strong.
    The Future Seems To Be Ours.

    But Nothing More Remained. Because Black Metal Died.
    Gone The Days Of Pure Underground. Of Spirit, Pain And Fire.

    So Listen To Your heart, What Black Metal Means To You.
    You're Weak Destroy Yourself. You're From Old Days Remember His Corpse.

    So I Summon The Old Warriors. That We Shall Begin.
    To Kill The False And Hate One To Satisfy Our Hate.

    My Soul Is Possessed By Black Fucking Metal
    My Soul Is Possessed By Black Fucking Metal
    My Soul Is Possessed By Black Fucking Metal
    My Soul Is Possessed By Black Fucking Metal
    My Soul Is Possessed By Black Fucking Metal

  • Nargaroth ~ Rasluka Part I & Part II FULL ALBUM


    Album: Rasluka (Russian for Farewell)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Inter Arma Production
    released June 23, 2011
    ℗ 2017 Nargaroth & Inter Arma Productions

    Rasluka ~ Part I (originally released 2004)
    00:00 - 1. Introduction - Trauermarsch
    03:33 - 2. Rasluka
    11:32 - 3. Wo die Kraniche ziehn'
    16:34 - 4. Tränen eines Mannes

    Rasluka ~ Part II (originally released 2002)
    24:18 - 5. Introduction - In stillem Gedenken
    25:34 - 6. ...und ich sah Sonn' nimmer heben
    35:58 - 7. Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus
    43:04 - 8. ...vom freien Willen eines schwarzen Einhorns

    Rasluka - Part I and Part II were brought to sound from 3. - 5. June 2001
    As a parting are to be dedicated to R.S. (25.9.1976 - 9.9.1995) who hanged himself and to Ronald Belford Scott (9.7.1946 - 19/20.2.1980), who after a night of drinking suffocated on his own vomit.

    For more information about this album in deutsch, english, français & español see and check the Releases section.

    The Rasluka series presents the attempt to interpret one of the most difficult experiences in my life, namely the passing of a very close friend of mine and we all know such as a friend comes rare in life. In addition, the series contains thoughts from my perspective about the life and death of a musician, who played an important roll from my youth to today. Rasluka is the phonetic morphology for the Russian expression of parting ways or Farewell. The released works under this name should be rightfully understood in content as such. Originally released in two parts in MCD format, the current “Rasluka~Unity” album combines both on one album.

    2002 MCD Booklet Text:
    When I received the message of death on the evening of September 9, 1995 and consequently in a rush of pain newly remodeled my residence, I didn't suspect how extensively this event would influence me. I repressed and tried to forget what happened, yet directly from the dark empire of repression came a substance so manipulatively effecting my spirit that I dare say my social or coexistentual incapacity can be partially traced directly back to a powerlessness born on a mild September evening. A few hours before the tragedy R. came to me asking if he could leave a few pieces of his HiFi equipment with me because a court official was to visit him and he wasn't prepared to give it up. Shortly after he made his way I was already curious as to which pieces lay in the cellar, but I didn't want to go behind my friends back and go through the property he had trusted with me. Later, it must have been a few weeks after his suicide, Charoon was with me and we spoke, like so often, about the event. Then I remembered the cartons still waiting in the cellar. We decided to carry them up and open them, but even on the way up out of the cellar I realized that something was wrong. Because as Charoon easily balanced a carton with one hand, my carton's weight was giving me considerable problems. As we opened them we found in one carton some t-shirts and longsleeves from R. and in the other his entire music collection, from CDs to cassettes to video tapes. I must not mention what this moment and its corresponding realization destroyed in me. To this day I ask myself if I could had prevented this tragedy had I thrown away my decency on the day R. brought me the cartons and simply opened them.

  • Nargaroth - Herbstleyd


    Black Metal from Germany (Eilenburg, Saxony) Lyrical Themes: Hatred, War, Misanthropy

  • Nargaroth Interview HMHTV


    -englisch subtitled-

    Gibt es eine Band die so viel Staub in der deutschen Black Metal Szene aufgewirbelt hat wie NARGAROTH? Für uns war der Name NARGAROTH immer ein spannendes Thema, dem wir uns anlässlich der Deutschland-Comeback-Tour Reconquista angenommen haben.
    Ihr bekommt hier ein Interview und Livesequenzen von der Show in Oberhausen (Januar 2012) zu sehen.

    Da sich Ash/ Kanwulf als sehr aufgeschlossener Interviewpartner entpuppte, haben wir hier das komplette Interview veröffentlicht.

  • Nargaroth - Abschiedsbrief des Prometheus



    from the album Rasluka Part II (2002)

    released by/purchase @

    this video/s are for promotional use only i make no money or try to
    if the band or label wishes it removed contact me and ill delete

  • nargaroth - amarok zorn des lammes III


    Support Artist:

  • Nargaroth ~ Herbstleyd FULL ALBUM


    Album: Herbstley (Autumn Woe)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Inter Arma Production
    released November 1, 1998
    ℗ 2017 Nargaroth & Inter Arma Productions

    00:00 - 1. Introduction / Herbstleyd
    16:01 - 2. Karmageddon
    20:25 - 3. Nargaroth
    23:26 - 4. Des alten Kriegers Seelenruh'
    32:06 - 5. Amarok - Zorn des Lammes
    50:45 - 6. Das schwarze Gemälde
    59:26 - 7. Vom Traum, die Menschheit zu töten / Outroduction

    When I went outside afterwards, the light was just … perfect. Golden autumn. I could always sense it, every year there was this cold, sharp serenity in the air, this light, these colors. As if the earth disclosed upon us that summer is over, and irrecoverably so. Winter is coming, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Many say that they always fall in love in spring. But not I! I always fall in love in fall. This season is so incredibly… hopeless. And I will never see it again. But even if the enemy will kill every human being on earth, autumn will always be there.

    There is a greater darkness than that which we are fighting. It is the darkness of the soul which has lost its way. The war we are waging is not against great powers or sovereigns, but against chaos and despondency. Much graver than the death of physical matter is the death of hope, the death of dreams. And to this menace we must never surrender. The future is everywhere about us. In the phase of transition it is waiting for being newly born in the phase of enlightenment. No-one knows what the future will look like and where it will lead us. Just one thing we do know: It is always born in pain…

  • Nargaroth - Artefucked


    Black Metal from Germany (Eilenburg, Saxony) Lyrical Themes: Hatred, War, Misanthropy

  • I Burn For You Nargaroth


    fucking burn all

  • Nargaroth - Semper Fi


    Black Metal de Alemania

  • Nargaroth - ...Und Ich Sah Sonn` Nimmer Heben


    Nargaroth - ...Und Ich Sah Sonn` Nimmer Heben

  • Nargaroth- The Gates Of Eternity .wmv


    Black Metal Ist Krieg

  • Nargaroth Interview HMHTV II


    Zu unserem 10jährigen Jubiläum haben wir uns erneut mit Ash getroffen. Diesmal sprachen wir natürlich über NARGAROTH, Musik und das Metal-Business, aber auch über persönliche Dinge, die Ash in den Jahren seit dem letzten Interview widerfahren sind. Etwa das Leben in der Wildnis. Dank privatem Videomaterial von Ash könnt ihr hier Impressionen aus dieser Zeit sehen. Zieht's euch rein: HMHTV meets NARGAROTH Teil 2.

    With Heavy Metal Home TV we celebrate our tenth anniversary. Thats why we decided to met up again with Ash and do an interview. Since the first interview in the year 2012 there happend a lot to Ash and NARGAROTH. For example: Ash left society and decided to life in the wilderness. We also discussed about Music, NARGAROTH and the current Metal Business. So enjoy HMHTV meets NARGAROTH for the second time!

  • NARGAROTH. Live Metal Devastation México 2019


    NARGAROTH. Live Metal Devastation México 2019

  • Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River Guitar Tutorial by Nargaroth


    Thanks to


    For pointing out the errors in my last video. Hopefully I've got it right this time!

    Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River by Nargaroth. I'm using a Vigier Excalibur Supra, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp and a Fulltone Distortion Pro pedal.

  • La Historia de Nargaroth


    Buenas Tardes Gente! Al fin acá les traigo lo que muchos estaban esperando, La historia de Nargaroth! Espero que la disfruten y si asi fue, que la compartan y se suscriban para mucho mas! Se viene la historia de Marduk!
    ▼Canciones Utilizadas▼
    Black Metal Its Krieg
    Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River
    Whiter Goest Thou?




  • Nargaroth--Shall We Begin


    Sem Comparação !

  • Nargaroth - Dawn of Epiphany


    Genre : Black Metal
    Country : Germany
    Year : 2017

    From the album : Era of Threnody.

  • Nargaroth -I burn for you


  • Nargaroth ~ Semper Fidelis FULL ALBUM


    Album: Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
    Genre: Black Metal
    Country: Germany
    Label: Inter Arma Production
    released August 17, 2007
    ℗ 2017 Nargaroth & Inter Arma Productions

    00:00 - 01. Introduction
    01:12 - 02. Artefucked
    11:01 - 03. Der Satan ist's
    16:59 - 04. Vereinsamt
    25:55 - 05. Der Leiermann
    33:33 - 06. Semper Fi
    39:09 - 07. Hate Song
    46:29 - 08. Into the Dead Faces of Aftermath
    48:06 - 09. Meine Phantasien sind wie brennendes Laub... nicht von Dauer...
    60:00 - 10. I Got My Dead Man Sleep
    71:06 - 11. I Still Know
    77:11 - 12. Outroduction

    For more information about this album in deutsch, english, français & español see and check the Releases section.

    Recorded in Franconia/Germany from 04.06.2001 to 22.07.2001, Vocals in October 2006

    Dedicated to Marcel Spallek S. R.I.P. (+17.3.2006) and all the soldiers of the German Federal Armed Forces in action abroad

    CD Booklet Text:
    This album was recorded in a rehearsal style. Back then, I simply put one or two microphones above the drum kit, and, in addition, I took my old guitar amplifier from 1992 – one of those you get together with your guitar on purchase. In spite of having caught fire in the course of its life because it was forgotten by me when standing on the stove, and in spite of my frequently attacking it with the neck of my guitar or throwing it through the apartment out of anger at its poor sound, it had already served me well on the “Geliebte des Regens” album. After all those years, it appears to me to be the only alternative to the either frequently over-produced or effectboard-internal and synthetic sounds of many guitars, which can be heard everywhere on current releases. Repulsive. May I be called an everlasting nostalgic or grumbler, but by the sound of these guitars, the reverberating or echoing vocals, I am reminded of that to which I pledge allegiance in my heart even today. I am remembering... and it depresses me that everything is so long ago. Often, I feel driven and travel around restlessly, but every time I hear the intro, I have the impression to be at home ~ the sin forgiven.

  • Nargaroth - Amarok III


    Nargaroth - Amarok

  • Nargaroth - Erik, May You Rape the Angels


    A good song by Nargaroth from the Black Metal ist Krieg Album

  • Nargaroth- Far Beyond The Stars .wmv


    Black Metal Ist Krieg

  • Nargaroth - Black Metal Ist Krieg


    Black metal ist Krieg, un gran temaso en vivo de esta banda Black Metal directo a la vena.

  • Nychts - Nargaroth Leipzig 2008


  • Nargaroth - Sommer


    Ash: Esta grabación no es un álbum de black metal y, por tanto no puede ser juzgado con el mismo criterio. Es un intento de reflejar, tanto lírica como musicalmente, las características de las cuatro estaciones así como las sensaciones de la (enfermedad mental) llamada amor y sus cambios en una noción clásica.

    Ash: This album is not a Black Metal album and, therefore, cannot be regarded with the same
    criteria. It is the attempt to reflect, musically and in the lyrics, the characteristics of the
    four seasons as well as the sensations of the (“mental illness”) love in a classical notion
    and its changes.


    Ich bin der Tau auf dem Gras,
    der dein Herz nähret,
    der Kuß, der vergaß,
    daß nichts ewig währet.

    Ich bin der Schrei im Wind,
    der zu künden begehrt,
    daß Sterne wir sind,
    die selbst ein Gott 'fürchtig ehrt.

    Bin dein' Rüstung und auch Schild,
    Im Hagel und im Sturm.
    Im Kampf gegen die Schatten
    und den erdlohen Wurm.

    Bin der Regen im Sommer,
    der stillet deinen Durst.
    Bin das Licht nach dem Donner,
    das uns leuchtet 'gen dem Kurs.

    Bin die Welle im Wasser,
    die deine Narben kühlt,
    die schon bluten ach so lang'
    und darbend deine Seel' aufwühlt.

    Denn du hast mich gefunden,
    im schwertiefen Erz.
    Geheilt meine Wunden,
    getröstet mein Herz.

    Als Mann meine Hand zum Schutze erhoben,
    bett' ich dich auf efeu'sches Meer.
    Und bleibe mit dir auf ewig verwoben
    (und) will einer and'ren sein nimmer mehr.



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