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Playlist of NOFX

  • NOFX - Franco Un-American


    NOFX - Frano-Unamerican from the album The War on Errorism. NOFX’s first studio full length on Fat and hopefully their last.
    Warning: owning this record might piss off your army recruiter, grizzled grampa, or those wacky flag-wavin’ nationalist buddies of yours.


  • NOFX- Stickin In My Eye


    Listen to the full album at
    Stickin In My Eye by NOFX from the album 'White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean', available now!
    Download the album on iTunes:


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  • NOFX - Wolves In Wolves Clothing


    I noticed that this album was probably the only one by NOFX that wasn't on Youtube... so I uploaded it. Enjoy!
    I do not own the rights of this album.

    If you like it, buy it online or in stores.
    Fat Wreck Chords online store link :

    Tracklist :
    1) 60% (00:00)
    2) USA-holes (02:25)
    3) Seeing Souble At The Triple Rock (04:39)
    4) We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drums (06:49)
    5) The Marxist Brothers (09:27)
    6) The Man I Killed (12:11)
    7) Benny Got Blowed Up (13:30)
    8) Leaving Jesusland (14:35)
    9) Getting High On The Down Low (17:29)
    10) Cool and Unusual Punishment (18:43)
    11) Wolves In Wolves' Clothing (20:49)
    12) Cantado En Espanol (22:46)
    13) 100 Times Fuckeder (24:13)
    14) Instant Crassic (26:10)
    15) You Will Lose Faith (26:45)
    16) One Celled Creature (29:17)
    17) Doornails (30:49)
    18) 60% (Reprise) (33:04)

  • NOFX - Live at Resurrection Fest 2014 Full show


    NOFX at Resurrection Fest 2014. Full show (01/07/14).
    NOFX en el Resurrection Fest 2014. Concierto completo (01/07/14).

    Viveiro, Spain (31/07/14 - 02/08/14)


    01) 01:50 - 60%
    02) 03:55 - Dinosaurs Will Die
    03) 07:02 - Murder The Government
    04) 07:52 - The Brews
    05) 11:10 - 72 Hookers
    06) 15:28 - Eat The Meek
    07) 20:04 - Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
    08) 22:08 - Leave It Alone
    09) 25:08 - Champs Elysées (Joe Dassin cover)
    10) 27:27 - I Believe In Goddess
    11) 29:51 - Linoleum
    12) 32:59 - Radio (Rancid cover)
    13) 36:35 - Franco Un-American
    14) 39:22 - We Called It America
    15) 41:40 - The Shortest Pier (Tony Sly cover)
    16) 43:46 - Perfect Government (Mark Curry cover)
    17) 47:42 - What Now, Herb? (Herb Alpert cover)
    18) 48:32 - Stickin' In My Eye
    19) 53:41 - Bob
    20) 56:18 - Bottle To The Ground
    21) 58:46 - Kill All The White Man

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  • NoFX - Anarchy Camp


    NoFX playlist :

  • NOFX - Six Years On Dope


    First song off of NOFX - First Ditch Effort! OUT OCTOBER 7th!

    More info here:
    Tour Dates Here:

    I was a misanthrope on the end of a rope
    I spent 20 years 6 years on dope
    Takin’ a piss while givin’ up hope
    I lived a lifetime 6 years on dope
    I was a human trash can, shortening my life span
    Live fast die tan, I think that was the plan
    Savin’ all my money for a one way ticket to Afghanistan

    I was a ezoobeson drunk, strung out on junk, live fast die punk
    I thought I was sunk from gin swillin’ and fish tank penicillin
    I was a moron bro with impetigo, a pleased as punch Dog Patch Wino
    Casual sex and herpes complex, now I’m on Interferon and Valtrex

    I was a child adult, a walking insult, every shot got more difficult
    I was a teenage trash bin, a breathing mannequin
    A caustic cause who musta loved sufferin’
    Do pinhole eyes romanticize heroin
    I was a moron bro, a circus sideshow, a dying slow Dog Patch Wino

    Video by: Moca of Digital Marionette Studios

    Instagram: @digitalmarionette
    Twitter: @motzo

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  • NOFX - Live at Highfield 2016 Pro-Shot


    NOFX - live at Highfield 2016 - Full Concert
    1)60% - 00:00
    2)Stickin' In My Eye - 02:09
    3)Fuck The Kids - 05:30
    4)Linoleum - 05:53
    5)Murder The Government - 08:26
    6)The Brews - 09:11
    7)Radio (Rancid cover) - 11:50
    8)Six Years On Dope - 14:39
    9)72 Hookers - 16:42
    10)Seeing Double At The Triple Rock - 20:30
    11)What Now, My Love? (Gilbert Bécaud cover) - 22:53
    12)Idiots Are Taking Over - 24:54
    13)The Man I Killed - 28:16
    14)I Believe In Goddess - 30:26
    15)Les Champs-Élysées (Jason Crest cover) - 32:05
    16)Leave It Alone - 34:00
    17)Eat The Meek - 36:21
    18)Herojuana - 40:23
    19)Mattersville - 43:30
    20)Franco Un-American - 45:53
    21)Don't Call me White - 49:00
    22)Theme From A NOFX Album - 52:26

  • NOFX- separation of church and skate


    Lost in a sea of combat boots,
    flush the bouncers with wasted youth
    When did punk rock become so safe?
    When did the scene become a joke?
    The kids who used to live for beer and speed
    now want their fries and coke
    Cursing and flipping birds are not allowed,
    in fact let's keep noise levels down

    Must separate the church and skate!

    Why don't we put pads on the kids?
    Helmets, head gear and mouth pieces!
    Then we could pad the floor and walls,
    put cameras inside bathroom stalls
    We make sure only nice bands play,
    make every show a matinee
    Teach kids to be all they can be,
    and we could sing my country tis of thee
    sweet land of liberty

    When did punk rock become so safe?
    I know it wasn't Duane or Fletcher,
    Who put up the barricades
    Like a stake in the heart,
    Somehow we got driven apart


    I want conflict! I want dissent!
    I want the scene to represent...
    Our hatred of authority,
    our fight against complacency
    stop singing songs about girls and love!
    You killed the owl! You freed the dove!
    confrontation and politics...
    Replaced with harmonies and shticks
    When did punk rock become so tame?
    These fucking bands all sound the same
    We want our fights we want our thugs!
    We want our burns we want our drugs!
    where is the violent apathy?!
    These fucking records are rated G!

    When did punk rock become so safe?!

  • NOFX - Punk in Drublic FULL ALBUM


    NOFX - Punk in Drublic ( 1994 Epitaph )

    Linoleum 00:00
    Leave It Alone 02:09
    Dig 04:14
    The Cause 06:30
    Don't Call Me White 08:08
    My Heart Is Yearning 10:41
    Perfect Government 13:05
    The Brews 15:11
    The Quass 17:52
    Dying Degree 19:11
    Fleas 21:01
    Lori Meyers 22:49
    Jeff Wears Birkenstocks 25:10
    Punk Guy 26:37
    Happy Guy 27:46
    Reeko 29:45
    Scavenger Type 32:50

    punk hardcore skate

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  • NOFX - Drugs are good Lyrics


    Comment and Rated!

  • NOFX - Radio


  • Fish in a Gun Barrel


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Fish in a Gun Barrel · NOFX

    Fish in a Gun Barrel

    ℗ 2019 Fat Wreck Chords

    Released on: 2019-08-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • NOFX - Dont Call Me White


    NOFX - Don't Call Me White Live @ Bizarre Festival 1995 (Cologne/Germany)
    I've Uploaded The Whole Show,
    1. Linoleum
    2. Shower Days
    3. The Longest Line
    4. Punk Guy
    5. Bob
    6. Johnny Appleseed
    7. Don't Call Me White
    8. My Heart Is Yearning
    9. Perfect Government
    10. Polka Song
    11. Hot Dog In A Hallway
    12. Stickin' In My Eye
    13. The Brews
    14. Buggley Eyes

    Just Look At My Other Vids And Subscribe For More !

  • NOFX - I Am An Alcoholic


    I made this video cause my friend wanted me first time editing a video XD

  • NOFX - The Longest Line


    Song 16 of the album The Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us by NOFX.

    NOFX - The Longest Line
    Composed by Fat Mike.

  • NOFX



  • NOFX - Linoleum


    NOFX performing Linoleum at Resurrection Fest 2014.
    NOFX tocando Linoleum en el Resurrection Fest 2014.

    Full show / Concierto completo:

    Viveiro, Spain (31/07/14 - 02/08/14)

    Don't forget / No olvidéis:

  • NOFX - The Decline


    NOFX is pissed off and they want to tell you all about it. Show more for lyrics.


    Where are all the stupid people from?
    And how'd they get to be so dumb?
    Bred on purple mountain range
    Feed amber waves of grains
    To lesser human beings, zero feelings

    Blame it on
    Human nature, mans destiny (mans destiny)
    Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy)
    Fear of God
    The fear of change
    The fear of truth

    Add the Bill of Rights, subtract the wrongs
    There's no answers
    Memorize and sing star spangled songs
    When the questions
    Aren't ever asked
    Is anybody learning from the past?
    We're living in united stagnation

    Father what have I done?
    I took that .22
    A gift to me from you
    To bed with me each night
    Kept it clean
    Polished it well
    Cherished every cartridge, every shell

    Down, by the creek, under brush, under dirt
    There's a carcass of my second kill
    Down, by the park, under stone, under pine
    There's a carcass of my brother William
    Brother where, have you gone to?
    I swear, I never thought I could
    I see so many times
    They told me to shoot straight
    Don't pull the trigger, squeeze
    That will insure a kill
    A kill is what you want
    A kill is why we breed

    The Christians love their guns
    The church and NRA
    Pray for their salvations
    Prey on the lower faiths

    The story book's been read
    And every line believed
    Curriculum's been set
    Logic is a threat
    Reason searched and seized

    Jerry spent some time in Michigan
    A twenty year vacation, after all he had a dime
    A dime is worth a lot more in Detroit
    A dime in California, a twenty dollar fine

    Jerry only stayed a couple months
    It's hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the ass
    Asphyxiation is simple and fast
    It beats seventeen fun years of being someone's bitch

    Don't think (Stay)
    Drink your wine (Home)
    Watch the fire burn (Be)
    His problems not mine (Safe)
    Just be that model citizen

    I wish I had a schilling
    (For each senseless killing)
    For every senseless killing
    I'd buy a government
    America's for sale
    And you can get a good deal on it
    (A good deal on it)
    And make a healthy profit
    Or maybe, tear it apart
    Start with assumption
    That a million people are smart
    Smarter than one

    Serotonin's gone
    She gave up, drifted away
    Sara fled, thought process gone
    She left her answering machine on
    The greeting left spoken sincere
    Messages no one will ever hear

    Ten thousand messages a day
    A million more transmissions lay
    Victims of the laissez faire
    Ten thousand voices, a hundred guns
    A hundred decibels turns to one
    One bullet, one empty head
    Now with Serotonin gone

    The man who used to speak
    Performs a cute routine
    Feel a little patronized
    Don't feel bad
    They found a way inside your head
    And you feel a bit misled
    It's not that they don't care, yeah

    The television's put a thought inside your head
    Like a Barry Manilow, jingle
    I'd like, to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    A symphonic blank stare, yeah
    It doesn't make you care (make you care)
    Not designed to make you care (make you care)
    They're betting you won't care (you won't...)

    Place a wager on your greed
    A wager on your pride
    Why try to beat them when, a million others tried?

    We are the whore
    Intellectually spayed
    We are the queer
    Dysfunctionally raised

    One more pill to kill the pain
    One more pill to kill the pain
    One more pill to kill the pain
    Living through conformity

    One more prayer to keep me safe
    One more prayer to keep us warm
    One more prayer to keep us safe
    There's gonna be a better place

    Lost the battle, lost the war
    Lost the things worth living for
    Lost the will to win the fight
    One more pill to kill the pain

    Na na na na na
    La na na na na
    Na na na na na
    Na na na na na

    The going get tough, the tough get debt
    Don't pay attention, pay the rent
    Next of kins pay for your sins
    A little faith should keep us safe

    Save us
    The human, existence
    Is failing, resistance
    Essential, the future
    Written off, the odds are
    Astronomically against us
    Only moron and genius
    Would fight a losing battle
    Against the super ego
    When giving in is so damn comforting

    And so we go, on with our lives
    We know the truth, but prefer lies
    Lies are simple, simple is bliss
    Why go against tradition when we can
    Admit defeat, live in decline
    Be the victim of our own design
    The status quo, built on suspect
    Why would anyone stick out their neck?

    Fellow members of
    Club We've Got Ours
    I'd like to introduce you to our host
    He's got his, and I've got mine
    Meet the decline

    We are the queer
    We are the whore
    In the class war
    We are worker
    We love our queen
    We sacrifice
    We're soilent green

    We are the queer
    We are the whore
    In the class war

  • Nofx-Bob


    Bob the music video

  • NOFX - Wolves in wolves clothing


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  • NOFX - Cokie The Clown


    The latest video from NOFX. See Fat Mike as his alter ego, Cokie The Clown, shower famous punkers with flour from a flower.


  • linoleum nofx


    1st song punk in drublic

  • NOFX - Kill All the White Man


    NOFX - Kill All the White Man

  • Dont call me white - Nofx


    Nofx rulesss

  • Fat Mike - Whats In My Bag?


    Fat Mike of NOFX goes shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. NOFX's last album 'Ribbed: Live in a Dive' is available from Fat Wreck Chords.

    Check out his picks:
    Battalion Of Saints - Complete Discography (LP)
    Sam Garbarski - Bye Bye Germany (DVD)
    Tom Neely - Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: The Completely Ridiculous Edition (BOOK)
    Stefan Ruzowitzky - The Counterfeiters (DVD)
    Aaron Cometbus - Cometbus #52 - The Spirit of St. Louis (BOOK)
    Tom Tykwer - Run Lola Run (DVD)
    Yony Leyser - Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution (DVD)
    Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski - Bound (BLU-RAY)
    Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Sharon Cheslow - Banned in DC: Photos and Anecdotes from the DC Punk Underground (79-85) (BOOK)
    Eagles Of Death Metal - Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis (BLU-RAY)

    Get NOFX's music:

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  • NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher


    After countless submissions, and hours of watching ALL the vids in their entirety, and yes, we even watched the full THREE minutes of a large man eating chicken wings (thanks for that), we've narrowed it down to three winners. We're rolling out the next winner in a week or so but here's a video of all kinds of crazy shit set to a Stoke Extinguisher soundtrack! Once we've posted all three we'll have you cast your vote on who the winner should be.

  • NOFX - The Idiots Are Taking Over


    Lyrics to 'The Idiots Are Taking Over', by NOFX.
    Album: 'The War On Errorism'

  • NoFX - Idiots Are Taking Over


    NoFX playlist :

  • NOFX - Theme From A NOFX Album


    Listen to the full album at
    Theme From A NOFX Album by NOFX from the album 'Pump Up The Valuum,' available now
    Download the album on iTunes:

  • NOFX - 7 Of The Month Club #5



    A1. Five 00:00
    B1. My Bro Cancer-vive Cancer 02:26

    All music belongs to NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords.

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  • Nofx - Stand by me


    This is a lyrics video with Nofx - Stand by me.

  • NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die


    Song 1 of the album The Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us by NOFX.

    NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die
    Composed by Fat Mike.

  • NOFX - Eat The Meek


    artist: NOFX
    release: So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
    label: Epitaph Records
    year: 1997

    Why must we stay where we don't belong
    Why must we stay where we don't belong

    Because there's never gonna be enough space
    So eat the meek, savor the taste
    It's always gonna be a delicacy
    So Lick your chops and eat the meek

    Why must we stay where we don't belong
    Why must we stay where we don't belong, don't belong

    The factory mass producing fear, bottled,
    Capped, distributed near and far
    Sold for a reasonable price
    And the people, they love it, they feed it
    Brush with it, bathe with it, breathe it
    Inject it direct to the blood
    It seems to be replacing love

    Why must we stay where we don't belong
    Why must we stay where we don't belong, don't belong

    Because there's always gonna be token truth
    Forgotten code discarded youth
    You know there's always gonna be pedigree
    One own the air one pay to breathe

    Why must we stay where we don't belong
    Why must we stay where we don't belong

    Why must we stay where we don't belong, don't belong

  • NOFX - My Bro Cancer-vive Cancer


    This is a new NOFX song, included on Fat Music For Wrecked People: Punk Rock Holiday 2019 compilation, which was only available at Punk Rock Holiday 1.9 in Tolmin, Slovenia.
    This track was also featured on these Fat Wreck comps:
    Fat Music For Wrecked People: Riot Fest Chicago 2019
    Fat Music For Wrecked People: Brakrock 2019

    All music belongs to NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords.
    Details at:

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  • NOFX Xmas Has Been Xed


    Xmas Has Been X'ed is off of NOFX's Self-Entitled album, available on Fat Wreck Chords.


    Directed by Ryan Harlin
    Shot on location at San Francisco Santacon 2012

  • NOFX - Bob


    Song 3 of the album The Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us by NOFX.

    NOFX - Bob
    Composed by Fat Mike.

  • NOFX - Erik Sandin Iso Cam - Bottles to The Ground


    At The Belasco Theater - Hepatitis Bathtub Tour

  • NOFX - Backstage Passport 2


    Backstage Passport 2 is your ticket to accompany NOFX on more berserk international adventures, done as only they can.

  • NOFX - Drugs Are Good


    Artist: NOFX
    Song: Drugs Are Good
    Album: 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
    Copyright: 2002 Fat Wreck Chords

  • NOFX - Youre Wrong


    You're Wrong
    Never Trust A Hippy

  • NOFX - Fish in a Gun Barrel w/ Fat Mike introduction


    'Fish in a Gun Barrel' was written June 13th, 2016.
    Tour Dates:

  • Nofx - All Outta Angst


    A NOFX music video that I made using After Effects and Illustrator back in 2007.

  • NOFX Backstage Passport Episode 1 Full Episode


    NOFX - Backstage Passport is the Fuse all-access documentary series that follows longtime punk band NOFX on their 2008 world tour. NOFX was formed by vocalist and bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin in 1983. The two rallied up some musician friends in Los Angeles, and put out their debut EP in 1985. NOFX rose to popularity and went gold with their 1994 album Punk in Drublic. With over 20 years on the scene, NOFX has been through it all and stood the test of time. After the success of Punk in Drublic, NOFX received offers to sign with major labels, but took a stand by staying on indie label Epitaph Records. The band has taken influences from punk rock, skate punk, and ska punk, focusing heavily on themes like politics, society, racism, the government and politics, and religion. The band has been known to dislike the media, doing very few interviews and only making a handful of music videos, so Fuse's series is a rare treat. Join Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, El Hefe, Erik Sandin, as the guys tour in places like Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Japan, meeting crazed fans from around the world on NOFX - Backstage

  • NOFX - Acoustic Collection Vol. 1


    00:00 You Will Lose Faith
    03:11 You're Wrong
    05:18 My Orphan Year
    08:17 The Man I Killed
    10:15 We're Bros
    11:18 13 Stitches
    13:15 Doornails
    15:30 I, Melvin
    17:55 Scavenger Type

    All songs written by Michael Burkett

    ©Fat Wreck Chords

  • NOFX - Liza and Louise


    Listen to the full album at
    Liza and Louise by NOFX from the album 'White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean,' available now
    Download the album on iTunes:

  • NOFX @ Fat Wrecked for 25 Years MTV 2016/02/14


    Champs Elysees 00:11
    Eat the Meek 02:02
    Leave it Alone 05:47
    I Believe in Goddess 07:52
    Linoleum 09:26

  • NOFX - Shes Gone


    Artist: NOFX
    Song: She's Gone
    Album: White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean (1992)

  • NOFX - Best God In Show


    Lyrics to 'Best God In Show', by NOFX.

  • NOFX - 7 Of The Month Club #6



    A1. My Trois 00:00
    B1. She Don't Wanna Go To Sleep 02:48

    All music belongs to NOFX and Fat Wreck Chords.

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  • NOFX - Seeing Double at The Triple Rock


    NOFX - Seeing Double at The Triple Rock - from the album Wolves in Wolves Clothing




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