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Playlist of Mythology of Romania

  • Maia and hermes


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  • 【English Subbed】Mythologias End 【Hatsune Miku】


    This song really deserved english subs, So , here's it

    Original NicoNicoUpload:
    Romaji Lyrics:
    English Lyrics:

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  • Fallennumen - Infernales Daemonum INTRO


    Fallennumen is a musical project formed in Transylvania, Romania.

    Genre: Black Metal/Depressive suicidal black metal

    Infernales Daemonum is the intro for the coming future EP, based on demonic mythology.

  • Marțolea - Muma Pădurii


    Album: Noaptea Dihăniilor
    Year 2010
    Marțolea is a Demonic entity in Romanian mythology who lives up in the mountains and
    descends on Tuesday nights to lure with his singing and punish the women caught working.

    Muma Pădurii (Mother of the woods) -- ugly evil hag living deep in the woods and showing
    no mercy to those who try to harm the forest in any way.

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  • Marțolea - Samca


    Marțolea is the project of Alin Drimus, who also contributed with pipe parts to Negură Bunget's OM album.

    Marțolea is a Demonic entity in Romanian mythology who lives up in the mountains and descends on Tuesday nights to lure with his singing and punish the women caught working.

    Gâlmele Întunericului is old Romanian for The fiends of darkness. Gâlmele Întunericului is a musical expression that combines elements from black metal and Romanian traditional folklore. Each track refers to a mythological creature from the folklore of Bucovina. They are considered malefic forces of nature, that take different forms, from maidens, to ugly old hags. These creatures are present in the deep woods, always at night. Unlucky travelers may be lured and charmed by them. Few manage to escape from the horrible things that await them. Even nowadays, these supra-natural beings have a strong influence over the lives of people, being present in many folk tales and stories in Bucovina region.

    Samca unholy spirit who often materializes as a monstrous spitting fire naked woman bringing disease to children and pregnant women in order to cease human life by all means.

    Samca lyrics

    Am purces pe cale, pe cărare,
    Gras și frumos,
    Când la jumătate de cale...
    Am întâlnit o Samcă,
    Cu patru picioare
    Cu piele de urs îmbrăcată!
    Trupul mi l-au schimonosit,
    Pieptul mi-au stricat,
    Ochii mi-au păienjenit,
    Sangele mi-au băut,
    Carnea mi-au mâncat,
    Puterea mi-au luat...
    Si nimeni nu m-o auzit...

    Gâlmele Întunericului was recorded in Molidului studio in September 2008. There are many traditional Romanian instruments present on this recording, some of them very rare nowadays. The instruments contribute to create a dark and authentic Romanian atmosphere.

  • GOD The Barbarian Horde - Greuceanul


    The new single Greuceanul from the upcoming ZAL MOX EP:

    With lyrics inspired from the rich mythology and old Romanian folklore and tales, embraced with the ancestral history of our people, the song Greuceanul is intended to be a transcendence between myth and spirituality, legend and truth. The ancient myth of the hero, the invincible. Or, simply put, the Prince Charming! He who is the chosen one by the old Gods and the special darling of the Fates who enchanted him since birth! And he who fought always against evil, helped by the deceitful winged donkey, a wondrous horse in reality, who's eating embers and takes him through the sky's clouds... he is a reminder of the immemorial Thracian Knight myth and the one of the ancient Dacian god Zamolxe, or the one of the fierce/ruthless Medieval prince Negru-Voda (The Black-Vaivode), but not only. A myth, a legend or a beautiful tale, all kept as very sacred treasures among the lyrical folkish creations and through the Romanian word traditions.

    You can also listen and free download the new song on our Bandcamp page:

    Enjoy it and feel free to comment, give a like or share!

    Music: GOD The Barbarian Horde
    Lyrics: Constantin 'Costel Castor' Lapusneanu
    Recording Studio: Getic Art Studio
    Producer: GOD The Barbarian Horde
    Mixing & Mastering: Paul Barzu & Eugen 'Gelu' Lapusneanu


    Auzit-ați de-un voinic,
    Ce pre lume a venit
    subt un ceriu înstelatu
    ș-un pământ îmbelșugatu?
    Dar daca un an trecea,
    cât alții-n șapte el creștea,
    Ursitoare i-au uratu,
    vrăji-magii l-au conjuratu,
    cu fierturi mi l-au spălatu,
    cu ierburi l-au fășuratu,
    protejatu l-au lăsatu,
    toatele l-au descântatu,
    ș-apăi puteri mari i-au datu,
    'N lumea ră l-au lepădatu.

    Auzit-ați flăcăuan,
    boreean și greucean,
    năpustindu-să talaz,
    la dușmani punea zăgaz.
    Frunză verde de alun,
    Asta-i una din bătrâni,
    Frunză verde de trifoi,
    I-ascultați aci, flăcăi!
    Frunză verde de arțar,
    de stejar și mândru brad
    și-ncă una de castan,
    să vă hie de alean!

    Auzit-ați flăcăuan,
    boreean și greucean,
    ce luptat-a c-un zmăuan,
    pomenit de-amu mai an!
    Auzit-ați de-un blajin,
    pământean și năzdrăvan --
    neam di urieși era,
    din povești se scobora!

    Ghionoaie și strigoaie,
    iele, hare, vrăjitoare...
    La voinic i-au dat cercare,
    să-l vrăjească, amăgiască,
    mințile să-i le cetească...
    Dară el e luminatu.
    De la zăi o fost lăsatu,
    să nu cază vrăjilor și tuturor rălelor.
    Iară el îi mândru-n stat,
    și-a luptat neînfricat, luptele le-a câștigat.
    Bividiu stelat avea,
    ce jăratecu-l mânca,
    și prin nori mi ți-l ducea,
    departe spre zăi îl purta.
    Stindard-balaur avea,
    prin ceruri de-l flutura,
    dușmanii îi îngrozea
    și tot răul îl stârpea!

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  • Martolea - Muma Padurii


    Martolea is a romanian folk metal band, the project of Alin Drimus who, among other things, played the pipes and whistle on Negura Bunget's album Om.Galmele Intunericului is their debut album and it means The Fiends of Darkness, 5 romanian mythology demonic entities,which are the names of the songs on the album.This is track no.2. Muma Padurii (the Mother of the Forest) is a character from the romanian mythology.In romanian folkloric tradition she is a witch considered to be an ugly woman, that scares people, isolated in the middle of the forest.A synonymous word is thought to be Baba Cloanta (the Fanged Hag).It appears that she is present in the slavic peoples' folklore as the Yaga Hag

  • Greece


    International Folklore--Greece

  • Mythology


    Keti's new Mythology cd - a tribute to A-Z Bellydance teachers worldwide. The three tracks played here are Akasha, Mercurial Gypsy and Huntress Moon. The cd contains 16 songs. Available from

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  • Estonian witchcraft


    My beautiful experience studying some natural magick with a real Estonian witch - Metsamoor.

  • Rona Romania


    La Chanson Rona Romania, tirée de l'album de VidiMoZz NEMA PROBLEMA avec Madame Rona Hartner et mise en image par Nocode Prod.

  • All Seeing Eye


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    All Seeing Eye · Northlane

    Hollow Existence

    ℗ 2010 UNFD

    Released on: 2010-01-17

    Music Publisher: UNIFIED Music Publishing

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Rona Romania Rmx


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Rona Romania Rmx · Tchik Tchik Cyrilik · Rona Hartner

    Run in a dancing triP

    ℗ 2018 Tchik Tchik Cyrilik

    Released on: 2018-11-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Exédium - Ielele


    Exédium - Ielele

    Hello guys, im back with a fusion of Romanian folklore and drum and bass called Ielele. I was inspired by the Romanian mythology.

    Ielele are a mystical creatures, the legend goes that Ielele are beautiful girls who dance at night near the rivers, in forests or on crossroads, they are mostly naked or they are dressed with white clothing. Ielele can float above the ground and they have on their ankles small bells. If you hear them or see them, don't disturb their dance, they will punish you. The legend also tells that they are minimum 3 girls or 7.

    Hope you enjoy it !

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    #ielele #folclordnb #dnbromania #exedium #muzicanoua

  • Necrotum - Tales From the Crypt


    Band: Necrotum
    Genre: Old-School Death Metal
    EP: Tales From the Crypt
    Year: 2019
    Country: Romania (Brașov)

    01 | 00:00 | Kingdom of the Dead
    02 | 04:19 | Reconquered Domain

    Filip Garlonta: Vocals, Guitars, Drums
    Vlad Ciubuc: Bass

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    #DeathMetal #OldSchoolDeathMetal #Necrotum #Romania #RMA

    Death Metal playlist:

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    ⚠️ This EP has been uploaded with permission of Necrotum.

  • Sanctrum - The Underdogs live in Romania


    Sanctrum preforming the song Autumn in Romania.

    Download our EP Autumn for free on



    I. Sacrifice 00:00
    II. Waltz of Shadows 02:06
    III. Dominus Inferno 05:59
    IV. Banquet of Blood 09:27
    V. Eternal Struggle 14:46
    VI. Sunrise 21:46

    THE LEGEND OF DRACULA is a concert suite in 6 movements for string orchestra, composed and arranged by David Westerlund. This music is free to share. Sheet music for performance available on request,

  • Oliver Zisko: The Wondrous Stag/A CSODASZARVAS


    Download the album or order the CD in a very easy way:


    Oliver Zisko The Wondrous Stag Cd trailer

    This album contains the songs of The Wondrous Stag fiery drum show which we have been performing since 2015 together with my wife who is a dancer, choreographer and educator. The album versions sound a bit different than the live ones. Every songs’ fiery drum parts were changed to drum solos or similar parts than the fiery ones but played with ordinary drum sticks. Thus, we can call this a concept solo album.
    I invited my friend, Marius Pop from Romania, to perform in four of the songs and he elevated the musical quality of this record to a higher level with his amazing guitar performance...

    The „Wondrous Stag” is an ancient legend of the wanderings of the Hun and Magyar tribes who started a long journey somewhere in Central or South-Central Asia. A mysterious deer led them towards a new home…

    All songs are instrumental pieces.

    Mixed and mastered by Viktor Scheer

    Photos by Tamas Toth

    Cover art & design by Gyula Havancsak

    Composed by Oliver Zisko

  • Kingdom of Greece Royal Greek Navy March Aegean Sailor/Ο Ναύτης του Αιγαίου


    Requested by: Baron's Honorary Greek

    The Hellenic Navy (HN) (Greek: Πολεμικό Ναυτικό, Polemikó Naftikó, abbreviated ΠΝ) is the naval force of Greece, part of the Hellenic Armed Forces. The modern Greek navy has its roots in the naval forces of various Aegean Islands, which fought in the Greek War of Independence. During the periods of monarchy (1833–1924 and 1936–1973) it was known as the Royal Navy (Βασιλικόν Ναυτικόν, Vasilikón Naftikón, abbreviated ΒΝ).
    The total displacement of all the navy's vessels is approximately 150,000 tons.
    The motto of the Hellenic Navy is Μέγα το της Θαλάσσης Κράτος from Thucydides' account of Pericles' oration on the eve of the Peloponnesian War. This has been translated as The rule of the sea is a great matter. The Hellenic Navy's emblem consists of an anchor in front of a crossed Christian cross and trident, with the cross symbolizing Greek Orthodoxy, and the trident symbolizing Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology. Pericles' words are written across the top of the emblem.

  • Yloush & Asha ~ God gave us flowers


    Yloush & Asha (aka Székely Ilona & Asha Elijah or Asher Quinn) perform 'God gave us flowers' at the magic tree, Paprika patak, Solymár, Hungary. This track features on the album God Gave Us Flowers, which is still in production. CD & download soon.

    The setting for this film is on the Via Mária pilgrimage route, which runs from Austria to Romania, and this tree is not called 'The magic tree' per se... it's only me that calls it that!! (But it is!!) It's a wonderful little sanctuary in the woods behind Solymár, by a sacred stone and a Maypole. Solymár lies at the foot of the Pilis mountains... the heart chakra of the planet.

    I've known this spot for years! Horses come here to graze, and kids come to play. So I took my keyboard down, plugged it into nature, and we made a film! This piano piece itself is on a previous album of mine called Heart & Soul Rhapsodies, and Yloush sang along to it earlier this summer as we drove to Romania to join a pilgrimage where this route actually ends... in Transylvania (old Hungary). That gave me the idea to record a whole album of duets with her... just my piano and her voice. Now I call this track (graced by Yloush's voice of sweet honey) 'God gave us flowers'.

    We are friends, colleagues and neighbours in Budapest! Whenever she sings... in the car, or the kitchen... it captivates me and I get new creative ideas! We fool around with the mad fantasy that she could hire herself out as a car singer for long journeys!

    In my imagination I see something timeless and pastoral when I hear this piano and vocal together... Hungary has that kind of allure. There is some combination of Grail mythology in the land, mixed with a kind of sunny innocence... the endless golden plains and the green, rolling hills... young mothers, children, horses, flowers...

    I am greatly inspired by the mysterious magic, and spiritual purity of this land and its people, and my soul feels very welcomed and at home there. Especially up here in the Pilis, there is a kind of very tender feminine presence in the landscape and fragrant elemental energy in the rounded, forested hills... as if Mary and her angels keep watch over all who go there.

    This little poem occurred to me as I made the film, and that's what suggested the title...

    God gave us angels
    And God gave us the moon
    God gave us flowers
    With their sweet perfume

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  • Panarmonicus - The Night Spirit


    Electronica Ambient track based on an ancient Romanian carol for the Winter Solstice.
    Vâlva Nopții in Romanian, roughly translated as The Feminine Spirit of the Night, is a creature in Romanian mythology, half fairy, half banshee, guiding good people and punishing bad ones.
    From the double album Sol invictus.

  • The Night Marchers - Code Of Conduct


    * The Night Marchers Crew from USA
    Text : Decibel Grand / Def / Punahele Huakai Po. ( USA )
    Instrumental : KenZo & ILLusionist ( Romania )
    Artwork : Exile
    * CONTACT :

    * KenZo : MAIL / YM : / /
    * ILLusionist :
    * The Night Marchers : / / /


  • ATB & Josh Gallahan in Romania


    ATB & Josh Gallahan in Romania

  • Martolea - Caii lui Santoader


    Martolea is a romanian folk metal band, the project of Alin Drimus who, among other things, played the pipes and whistle on Negura Bunget's album Om.Galmele Intunericului is their debut album and it means The Fiends of Darkness, 5 romanian mythology demonic entities,which are the names of the songs on the album.This is track no.1. Martolea is a mythical romanian demonic entity who was said to appear on tuesday-to-wednessday nights and punish the women he found working.

  • Therion - The Siren of the Woods Live In Romania Remastered


    Therion - Siren of the Woods Live In Romania (2005) Fan Remastered Edition.

    Audio y video remasterizado y renderizado a 1080p

    Therion Sitio Oficial:

    El tema The Siren of the Woods forma parte del disco Theli del año 1996.

    Theli (1996)

    Theli es el quinto álbum de la banda sueca de metal sinfónico Therion, considerado como el disco donde a base de la continua evolución musical de Therion llegaron finalmente hasta crear y desarrollar posteriormente el género Metal sinfónico, siendo Theli un disco referencia para las bandas de symphonic metal posteriores. Theli también incluye una balada, The Siren of the Woods, escrita en la antigua lengua acadia. En la portada del disco aparece Seth una deidad egipcia.

    Lista de Canciones:

    Preludium – 1:43
    To Mega Therion – 6:34
    Cults of the Shadow – 5:14
    In the Desert of Set – 5:29
    Interludium – 1:47
    Nightside of Eden – 7:31
    Opus Eclipse – 3:41
    Invocation of Naamah – 5:31
    The Siren of the Woods – 9:55
    Grand Finale / Postludium – 4:0

    Discográfica : Nuclear Blast


    Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Roman Battle Music & Epic Roman Music


    Roman battle music & epic Roman music which will take you back to the age of Caesars, gladiators, & fierce Roman legions.

    🔱 If you like this Roman music, you might like this compilation as well:

    Greek music |

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    Tracklist :

    0:00 – Rising Legion
    3:18 – Hadrian's Wall
    6:53 – The Roman Empire
    10:38 – Pax Romana
    14:35 – Roman Republic
    17:48 – Mark Antony
    21:43 – Barbarian Invasion
    25:04 – Centurions
    28:45 – The Colosseum
    32:00 – Spartacus the Gladiator
    35:28 – Pompeii
    39:13 – Battle March
    42:51 – Augustus Caesar
    46:30 – Nero
    50:21 – Julius Caesar
    54:05 – Roman City
    57:26 – The Senate

    These beautiful pictures are from Sprachprofi (1st pic), Popius (2nd pic), Juan de la Corte (3rd pic), Thomas Cole (4th pic), Juan Antonio Ribera (5th pic), George Edward Robertson (6th pic), Nejron Photo (7th pic), Fernando Cortes (8th pic), Antonio Joli (9th pic), Robert Duncanson (10th pic), Carlo Sanquirico (11th pic), Vuk Kostic (12th pic), Jean-Joseph Tailasson (13th pic), Hugo Robert (14th pic), Jean-Léon Gérôme (15th pic), Giovanni_Paolo_Panini (16th pic), and Cesare Maccari (last pic).


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    DeviantART page:
















    This great thumbnail can be found here:

    The album artwork for The Roman Empire is from Vuk Kostic:

    #romanmusic #battlemusic #epicmusic #roman #battle #caesar

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

  • INDRA - The Call of Shiva


    Excerpt from Pole Shift
    Album: THE CALL OF SHIVA (2005)
    INDRA is an electronic musician and composer from Romania, whose career began in 1993 when synthesizers took over his life. He has released more than 60 CD studio albums and several live performances on DVD.

    'Music can be truly magical when it is sublimely conceived in a spirit of pure, profound and harmonious ideas.'


    ॐ - - - SHIVA
    The One, The Highest, The Unconceivable and thousands of other names are attributed to the Supreme Lord who is SHIVA. He is The Great Saviour, The Master, The Magician, The Ascet, The Ever Benevolent, The Last Abode for those who seek for His mercy and grace. The light of SHIVA's consciousness is symbolically conceived to be an infinite, perfectly polished mirror within which the entire universe is reflected. What is it then this world if not His willing into existence and evolution? Though, The Supreme Lord SHIVA is absolute and hence free of the limitations inherent in all that is relative.

  • TJ - PIEMONTE feat. Varu


    TJ – Piemonte ft. Varu ( Official Video )

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    Video directed by Saracie Studios
    Shot and Produced by Saracie Studios

    Produced by LCS
    Recorded at Varu Studios
    Mix & Mastered by Varu @varustudios for @SourceRecords

    Fashion styling & Image creation by Anto Dumi
    MUA & Hairstyling by Dan Paunet
    Clothing by Armani Exchange & Boggi Milano

    Find us on the web :

    TJ :
    Varu :
    Saracie Studios:
    Matei Zgimboi:
    Antonio Eduard Mihai:
    Anto Dumi :
    Dan Paunet :
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    Mara :

    (C) & (P) Source Records

    All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. In order to avoid copyright infringement, please, do not upload this song on your channel.

  • Krievi - Krīvi - Venäläiset - Russians - Московити


    Ethnic Russians (in English), Krievi (in Latvian), Krīvi (in Latgalian), Росіяни (in Ukrainian), Rosjanie (in Polish), Venälaižed (in Veps), Venelased (in Estonian), Vindläseq (in Vöro). Russia (English) but Venäma in Estonian and Krievija in Latvian (bcs of Kriviches tribe) and Krīvija in Latgalian. Kriv was legendary Baltic (!) forefather of Kriviches, some sort of a heathen high priest. According to a recent genetic study, namely Baltic Lithuanians happened to be the closest genetic relatives of central Russians (Orel, Bryansk, Smolensk, Ryazan, Ivanovo oblasts - lands of Viatiaches tribe. Viatiches practised Baltic burials. Besides that they abosrbed Baltic Golyad) - see video on genetics of Russians.

    Modern Russian ethnicity got formed out of several tribes. Several Slavic tribes, mainly Kriviches (northern and western Russians, from Kriv, Baltic forefather), Viatiches (south and central Russians / Slavs with Baltic substratum), Baltic tribe of East Galindians (Golyad of Moscow region), plus a number of Finnic tribes (Merians, Vepses, Komi-Permians, Muroma and Erzyans (Mordvins). European Russians are mainly Balto-Slavs with significant Finnic admixture (especially in the north). I would say that Viatiches (Slavic tribe with Baltic element) played the crucial role in the formation of Russian ethnos -

    Viatichi - Kaluga (around Kaluga), east & south Moscow (along Moscow river) region, north Orel, north Ryazan region

    Meria (Finns) - Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Tver, and Kostroma regions (mixed with Kriviches)

    Kriviches (many believe it is an old Baltic tribe) - Pskov, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Tver, Ivanovo regions (mixed with Meria)

    Golyad (East Galindians) - pure Balts - northern Kaluga region (around Borovsk and Omninsk, basin of Protva river) and western Moscow region (Vereya, Naro-Fominsk)

    Radimichi - around city of Briansk

    Novgorod Slovenes (spoke dialect similiar to Polish) - Novgorod, St. Petersburg regions (mixed with Veps / Ves tribe there). Some say Slovenes were a separate ethnicty from Muscovites (Pure Muscovites = Viatiches+Galinidians and some Merians). Novgorod Slovenes+Vepses (Finns) produced Pomors (northernmost Russians of Arkhangelsk & White Sea coast). Pomor shirt emroidery is identic to Veps.

    Center of Viatiches tribe was in Korno (Kornoye, Mosalsk district of Kaluga province).
    Chronicle says that Viatko, progenitor of Viatiches came from Poland. Viatiches, unlike other Slavs, had Baltic burials and jewellery (they have built up on some Baltic substrathus).

    Vantit (Vait) - Arabic name for the land of Viatiches (original Russians). Viatichia would be more fair and distinctive ethnic name for Russia.

    Note that the name Russia / Russians originally was just a political & religious term and didnt have any ethnic or tribal connotation. It was brought by the Viking sailors and first implied Maritime Swedes (Roden) - Ruotsi is Sweden in Finnish), then it served as uniting term for medieval Ukrainian tribes and people (Kyivan Rus state as Kyiv was the center of Viking Rurikide dynasty), then it was adopted as official name for Muscovite state (since the early 18th century) becoming uniting term for the tribes centered around Moscow, what we understand as modern ethnic Russians. Its similar to political terms Rome and Romans, that was transplanted from one people to another (Ancient Rome and Romans, then Romance people, Romeiko - Byzantine Greeks, Romania and Romanians etc).
    Ukrainians consists of completely different tribes (Derevlians, White Croats, Dulibes (Volhynians), Siverians which have nothing to do with modern ethnic Russians (Muscovites) and what is today understood as Russia (former Muscovy). Totally different folk costumes, patterns, embroidery, culture, language, genetics etc.
    Belarusians likewise consist of different tribes (Drehoviches + Polotsk Kriviches and some Volhynians) that are very different from Viatiches tribe (progenitor Russian tribe). Though northern Belarusians belonged to same Kriviches tribes, but this tribe had 2 branches that developed separately - northern Pskov Kriviches (in Russia) and southern - Polostk & Smolensk Kriviches (northern and eastern Belarusians). These werent the same as they lived in great distance. Baltokrievija is Latvian name for Belarus. In general Russians and Belarusians, unlike Ukrainian, have significant Baltic element (hence Baltic akanie (pronouncing o as a) in their languages, unknown in Ukrainian. Ethnically Ukrainians are more close to south Belarusians, Lusatian Serbs (ancient Croats), south Poles, Slovaks, and Czechs (all have Scytho-Sarmatian h sound instead of Balto-Slavic g)

  • Dan Lazarescou: Baba Dochia for Violin and Orchestra


    I. Thaw at Toaca
    II. The Lark (Lie-Ciocarlie)
    III. Baba Dochia
    IV. Ceahlau - The Mountain King

    Baba Dochia is a symphonic poem celebrating the legendary mountain Ceahlau, the king of Carpathian Mountains in Romanian Moldova. In Romanian mythology, Baba Dochia is an old woman associated with the return of Spring. Spring is coming with its thaw and freeze, hope and loss, joy and heartbreak, life and death.

    Thaw at Toaca begins with the compelling beats of toaca, a wooden board struck with wood mallets used in Romanian monasteries for the call to prayer. Toaca is also the name of the majestic peak of Ceahlau.

    The Lark and Baba Dochia are inspired by the heartbreaking Romanian folk song Lie-Ciocarlie and a sorrowful version of The Story of Baba Dochia.

    Finally, after loss and death, the last section resumes the thaw and celebrates the crowning return of Spring on Ceahlau - The Mountain King.

    Recorded at Ravel Virtual Studios, NY, NY. Music director Ron Artinian

  • Tim Ripper Owens - Crossholder - message to Romanian Metal Fans 2013


    This is the second video message from Tim Ripper Owens to romanian Metal Fans!

    SOLO OCT tour dates. W/Crossholder
    Romanian Tour schedule:
    17.10 / Cluj-Napoca, Euphoria Music Hall
    19.10 / Bucharest, Private Hell Club
    20.10 / Tg. Mures, Jazz & Blues Club
    21.10 / Timisoara, Club Daos
    22.10 / Arad, Club Flex

    Rock on!
    MetalWar Management!

  • Ghost Order Ft. Myth - B.A.T.S


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    Lazy Days E​.​P
    by Ghost Order. Available at name your price:

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  • Myth - Va urma...


    Versuri : Myth
    Mix/Master : Myth
    Non-profit music!

  • RoadkillSoda Space Echo & Time 2016 Acoustic Stoner Rock


    RoadkillSoda Space Echo & Time (Full Album) 2016
    Country: Romania / Genres: Acoustic Stoner Rock
    1. Made Of Stone 00:00
    2. Wrong 03:49
    3. Set You Free 11:11
    4. Drove Away 14:43
    5. Out Of Phase 18:06
    6. Aura Lake 21:48
    7. Can't Take Control 34:31
    8. Freebird 39:19

    Released 22nd December 2016

    Download the album for Free/Name your price here:

  • Mayari Project - Love me


    Video si montaj CKfoto Romania:

    Mayari Project was set up at the begining of 2012.
    It is the newest project appeared on the Romanian musical market
    which brings a fresh sound in the multitude of genres that are currently on the charts.
    The band consist of two girls, Rynna and Wajiha, togeter with a dj and dancers, creating in this way the ideal recipe for a total and complet show.
    Why MAYARI?
    Mayari in the Phillipine mythology represents the goddess of the moon, the star who inspired the artistic creation, be they musicians, writers, painters or simple lovers, adding to her a plus of beauty and sensibility.

  • Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet


    Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet
    Buy from Amazon:

    In this production of the best loved classical ballet 'Swan Lake' the naturally gifted Yulia Makhalina dances the challenging role of Odette/Odile while the part of Prince Siegfried is danced by Igor Zelensky. This classic Kirov production includes the familiar happy ending in the final act where Siegfried fights and ultimately defeats the evil magician von Rothbart and at dawn is reunited with Odette.

    Act I, Scene 1 - A park near Prince Siegfried's castle
    0:00 Introduction: Moderato assai - Allegro non troppo - Tempo I
    2:35 1. Scène: Allegro giusto
    5:47 2. Waltz: Tempo di valse
    11:37 3. Scène: Allegro moderato
    15:23 4. Pas de trois
    22:27 6. Pas d'action: Andantino quasi moderato - Allegro
    24:00 8. Dance with Goblets: Tempo di polacca

    Act I, Scene 2 - Beside a lake
    27:15 10. Scene: Moderato
    29:51 11. Scene: Allegro moderato, Moderato, Allegro vivo
    34:26 12. Scene: Allegro, Moderato assai quasi andante
    38:22 13. Dances of the Swans
    50:15 IV. Dance of the Little Swans
    58:06 14. Scene: Moderato

    Act II - The ballroom in Siegfried's palace
    59:55 15. Scene: March - Allegro giusto
    1:02:39 16. Ballabile: Dance of the Corps de Ballet and the Dwarves: Moderato assai, Allegro vivo
    1:04:14 17. Entrance of the Guests and Waltz: Allegro, Tempo di valse
    1:08:22 18. Scene: Allegro, Allegro giusto
    1:10:07 21. Spanish Dance: Allegro non troppo (Tempo di bolero)
    1:12:05 22. Neapolitan Dance: Allegro moderato, Andantino quasi moderato, Presto
    1:13:56 20. Hungarian Dance: Czardas – Moderato assai, Allegro moderato, Vivace
    1:16:37 23. Mazurka: Tempo di mazurka
    1:19:32 05. Grand Pas d'action (The Black Swan Pas de Deux)
    1:30:47 24. Scene: Allegro, Tempo di valse, Allegro vivo

    Act III - Beside the lake
    1:32:40 25. Entr'acte: Moderato
    1:35:15 Valse des Cygnes (a.k.a. Waltz for White and Black Swans, orch. by Drigo from Tchaikovsky's Op.72 for Piano -No.11 Valse Bluette)
    1:40:29 28. Scene: Allegro agitato, Molto meno mosso, Allegro vivace
    1:43:57 29. Scene finale: Andante
    1:45:04 Scene Dansante (orch. by Drigo from Tchaikovsky's Op.72 for Piano -No.15 Un poco di Chopin)
    1:49:03 29. Scene finale: Allegro, Alla breve, Moderato e maestoso, Moderato

    1:53:20 Credits


    Warner Classics
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    Enjoy this ever-expanding library of official performance videos and exclusive interviews from the classical greats. Check back regularly for more music from your favourite composers including Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Satie, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Handel and more.

  • 【APヘタリアMMD】As the Gods Say / 神のまにまに【SUB】


    English Sub | Italiano | Sub Español | Française | Thai sub | Indonesian | Viet sub | 日本語字幕 | 中文字幕 | 한글자막 | Romaji
    Please click CC (Captions) icon under youtube seekbar, if the subtitles are not displayed.

    Reprint from NICONICO Douga :

    Author : かの 様 (Kano /

    Song Title : 『神のまにまに』 (Kami no Manima ni / As the Gods Say / At God’s Mercy / 隨神之側)
    Music & Lyrics : れるりり (Rerulili / Youtube Official Channel :
    Singer : 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), 鏡音リン (Kagamine Rin), GUMI

    Translation of Lyrics :
    English : Umatsu ( Coleena Wu ( / English(Singable) : JubyPhonic ( / French : kurotsuki92i ( / Italian : PineappleYuki ( / Spanish : Dark_Kudoh ( / Indonesian : Annisa Fahriaji ( / Vietnamese : Bựa Nhân Thời Đại ( / Thai : Yutake Miyanetowa ( / Chinese : 唐傘小僧 ( / Korean : 네루 (waagood) (

    Translation note :
    Eight millions of pain and sadness : There are eight millions of goddness in Japan's mythology

    *) This video producer is not me. I added subtitles only.
    *) I have not received the revenue from this video.
    Vocaloid | MikuMikuDance | MMD-PV | AP Hetalia | APヘタリア | APH MMD | Reruriri | Fansub | Multi Lang Sub | Eng sub | Sub ITA | Vostfr | Thaisub | Vietsub

  • protest iranian in romania .MPG


  • Negură Bunget - Dedesuptul


    Folk-influenced atmospheric black metal band from Timişoara, Romania
    Lyrical Themes:Transylvanian Spirituality/ Mythology, Nature

    With more than 250 live appearances so far, Negură Bunget is ready to unleash the power of their black metal, promoting its musical and spiritual vision and, as always... The Transilvanian Spirituality.
    Negură Bunget is a black fog coming from a deep dark dense forest. The name tries to picture somehow the kind of atmosphere, both musical and spiritual we'd want to create through our music. It has also a symbolical nature, standing for the inexpressible parts of our ideology. The two words are also from the Tracic substrate of the Romanian language (the oldest one, containing about 90 words) as the interest for our local history and spirituality is something of crucial importance and meanings for us as a band.

    All rights reserved

  • Getica Tribute


    Images taken from the once-would-be Romanian RPG called Getica.
    Background song: Bucovina - Strasnic Neamul Meu (meaning Strong is my nation).
    The images and the song refer to the Dacians who, along with the Romans, represent the ancestors of the present-day Romanian people.

  • Direkt - Ultralight


    Mythology V.A.

    GFD ‎– GFD007
    Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation
    18 Oct 2019
    Tech House, Minimal, Minimal Techno, House

    Low Bit Rate: 128 kbps

    ⚠ Important disclaimers
    This video was upload for promotional purposes only. If the owner does not wish to have their items on display, please contact me and i will remove it right away.

  • Hathor band 1995-2012


    Song:Saruman part two

  • Mayari Project - Hayati Eden Shalev & Tamir Assayag 2012 NEW HD


    Mayari Project - Hayati (ESTA Official Remix)
    Eden Shalev & Tamir Assayag
    Editare foto si video CKfoto Romania:

    Mayari Project Page:
    Manager : Razvan Boarta : 0752.444.949
    Mayari Project Mail:
    ESTA Mail:
    Tamir Assayag Page:
    Tamir Assayag Facebook:
    Eden Shalev:
    Eden Shalev Page:
    Mayari Project was set up at the begining of 2012.
    It is the newest project appeared on the Romanian musical market
    which brings a fresh sound in the multitude of genres that are currently on the charts.
    The band consist of two girls, Rynna and Wajiha, togeter with a dj and dancers, creating in this way the ideal recipe for a total and complet show.
    Why MAYARI?
    Mayari in the Phillipine mythology represents the goddess of the moon, the star who inspired the artistic creation, be they musicians, writers, painters or simple lovers, adding to her a plus of beauty and sensibility.

  • Naeramarth - The Innumerable Stars


    Naeramarth's debut album, The Innumerable Stars is available now at

    The Innumerable Stars was self-produced by Naeramarth, mastered by David Castillo at Ghost Ward (Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity, Leprous) and features guests Jørgen Munkeby (Shining (NOR), Ihsahn), vocalist Paul Black, and Opera Soprano Lennika Wright. Recommended for fans of Ihsahn, Leprous, Enslaved, Steven Wilson, Devin Townsend, and Opeth.

    1. Through the Cosmos I: Event Horizon (0:00)
    2. Asterisms (3:16)
    3. Condescension (12:07)
    4. Cabed Naeramarth (18:50)
    5. Luminous Beings (22:04)
    6. Subterranean (29:08)
    7. Lunar Sea (35:44)
    8. Through the Cosmos II: The Arrival (40:45)

  • Enlil - 7 Tears Are Flowing To The River


    From the upcoming album Hesiod's Theagony. A cover (or rendition) of one of the most beautiful black metal songs. We consider this Nargaroth cover as an acknowledgement of gratitude and respect.

    -Members :

    Mehdi Cornwallis : Guitar/Vocals
    Anas Achibane : Guitar
    Hamza Lemdarhri : Drums
    Imane Naim : Bass

    Recorded, mixed, and produced by Enlil.
    All rights reserved to Nargaroth and Enlil
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    Bandcamp :

  • European Championship of folklore EUROFOLK 2018 -


  • Marduk II Brasov


    The legendary band Marduk live in concert, Brasov, Romania, 05.05.2018.

  • Enlil - Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River


    From the upcoming album Hesiod's Theagony. A cover (or rendition) of one of the most beautiful black metal songs. We consider this Nargaroth cover as an acknowledgement of gratitude and respect.

    Members :
    Mehdi Cornwallis : Guitar/Vocals
    Anas Achibane : Guitar
    Hamza Lemdarhri : Drums
    Imane Naim : Bass

    Recorded, mixed, and produced by Enlil.

    Like us on FB :

    Bandcamp :

  • Unleashing My Demons - Hades, God of Underworld Official Teaser Video


    - Unleashing My Demons - Hades, God of Underworld - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site,! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube!

    Free! Uncensored! Retarded!!

    Unleashing My Demons - Hades, God of Underworld Official Teaser Video - A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Focsani, Romania

    Artist Biography: Band Members : George ( Kira ) , Gabi ( Ray ) , Radu ( Deadly ) . The band was born in summer of 2013 when 3 friends wanted to make something fun

    Director Name: Deadly
    Producer Name: Deadly


    Song Lyrics: Doomsday is here..Get ready to die x4

    Hades god of underworld
    Child of Cronus and Rhea
    Queen of the earth
    Rises to perish this fucking world
    Taking control over the air
    Earth and seas
    People running on the streets screaming for help
    No one will save you now

    Skies are darkened by color of fear
    As rain turns into blood
    Filling the dry earth

    Screaming at the skies for savior
    And receiving nothing but plagues
    Where is your god
    Where is your fucking god!

    You are at the mercy of the mighty one
    Hades slayer of humanity
    Where is your god now?
    There is now faith there is no hope
    I can't breath anymore

    I feel my lungs filling with blood x2

    Pain pulsing through my spine stopping my heart
    The air is getting drier
    The earth shakes like an quake
    It's Hades releasing the beasts of underworld

    Creatures of the unknown
    Never seen by human eyes
    Crumble among the streets devouring every living thing
    Sentenced by judgement to oblivion
    This world became a playing ground for him


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  • Terpsichore - Picking of Sticks


    Medieval music / Terpsichore is the muse of dance in greek mythology, but is also the name of Michael Praetorius' codex. The medieval & Renaissance band Terpsichore performed for the first time on the 23th of July 2010, at the festival Sighisoara Medievala, Transylvania, Romania. The new band is formed of well-known musicians from Nomen Est Omen Ensemble and Grafic.



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