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Playlist of Mythology of Romania

  • Roman Battle Music & Epic Roman Music


    Roman battle music & epic Roman music which will take you back to the age of Caesars, gladiators, & fierce Roman legions.

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    Tracklist :

    0:00 – Rising Legion
    3:18 – Hadrian's Wall
    6:53 – The Roman Empire
    10:38 – Pax Romana
    14:35 – Roman Republic
    17:48 – Mark Antony
    21:43 – Barbarian Invasion
    25:04 – Centurions
    28:45 – The Colosseum
    32:00 – Spartacus the Gladiator
    35:28 – Pompeii
    39:13 – Battle March
    42:51 – Augustus Caesar
    46:30 – Nero
    50:21 – Julius Caesar
    54:05 – Roman City
    57:26 – The Senate

    These beautiful pictures are from Sprachprofi (1st pic), Popius (2nd pic), Juan de la Corte (3rd pic), Thomas Cole (4th pic), Juan Antonio Ribera (5th pic), George Edward Robertson (6th pic), Nejron Photo (7th pic), Fernando Cortes (8th pic), Antonio Joli (9th pic), Robert Duncanson (10th pic), Carlo Sanquirico (11th pic), Vuk Kostic (12th pic), Jean-Joseph Tailasson (13th pic), Hugo Robert (14th pic), Jean-Léon Gérôme (15th pic), Giovanni_Paolo_Panini (16th pic), and Cesare Maccari (last pic).


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    The album artwork for The Roman Empire is from Vuk Kostic:

    #romanmusic #battlemusic #epicmusic #roman #battle #caesar

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

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  • Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet


    Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet
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    In this production of the best loved classical ballet 'Swan Lake' the naturally gifted Yulia Makhalina dances the challenging role of Odette/Odile while the part of Prince Siegfried is danced by Igor Zelensky. This classic Kirov production includes the familiar happy ending in the final act where Siegfried fights and ultimately defeats the evil magician von Rothbart and at dawn is reunited with Odette.

    Act I, Scene 1 - A park near Prince Siegfried's castle
    0:00 Introduction: Moderato assai - Allegro non troppo - Tempo I
    2:35 1. Scène: Allegro giusto
    5:47 2. Waltz: Tempo di valse
    11:37 3. Scène: Allegro moderato
    15:23 4. Pas de trois
    22:27 6. Pas d'action: Andantino quasi moderato - Allegro
    24:00 8. Dance with Goblets: Tempo di polacca

    Act I, Scene 2 - Beside a lake
    27:15 10. Scene: Moderato
    29:51 11. Scene: Allegro moderato, Moderato, Allegro vivo
    34:26 12. Scene: Allegro, Moderato assai quasi andante
    38:22 13. Dances of the Swans
    50:15 IV. Dance of the Little Swans
    58:06 14. Scene: Moderato

    Act II - The ballroom in Siegfried's palace
    59:55 15. Scene: March - Allegro giusto
    1:02:39 16. Ballabile: Dance of the Corps de Ballet and the Dwarves: Moderato assai, Allegro vivo
    1:04:14 17. Entrance of the Guests and Waltz: Allegro, Tempo di valse
    1:08:22 18. Scene: Allegro, Allegro giusto
    1:10:07 21. Spanish Dance: Allegro non troppo (Tempo di bolero)
    1:12:05 22. Neapolitan Dance: Allegro moderato, Andantino quasi moderato, Presto
    1:13:56 20. Hungarian Dance: Czardas – Moderato assai, Allegro moderato, Vivace
    1:16:37 23. Mazurka: Tempo di mazurka
    1:19:32 05. Grand Pas d'action (The Black Swan Pas de Deux)
    1:30:47 24. Scene: Allegro, Tempo di valse, Allegro vivo

    Act III - Beside the lake
    1:32:40 25. Entr'acte: Moderato
    1:35:15 Valse des Cygnes (a.k.a. Waltz for White and Black Swans, orch. by Drigo from Tchaikovsky's Op.72 for Piano -No.11 Valse Bluette)
    1:40:29 28. Scene: Allegro agitato, Molto meno mosso, Allegro vivace
    1:43:57 29. Scene finale: Andante
    1:45:04 Scene Dansante (orch. by Drigo from Tchaikovsky's Op.72 for Piano -No.15 Un poco di Chopin)
    1:49:03 29. Scene finale: Allegro, Alla breve, Moderato e maestoso, Moderato

    1:53:20 Credits


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  • Loituma - Ievan Polkka


    one more time, Ieva's Polka was written by a couplet writer active in 1920-1930 by the name of Eino Kettunen. This performance was recorded in 1996. Language is Finnish.

  • İtalya Milli Marşı - National Anthem of Italy : Il Canto degli Italiani Türkçe Altyazılı


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  • The First Twelve Months of the PRC - The China History Podcast, presented by Laszlo Montgomery


    This episode looks at the events that happened right after Mao Zedong has his big moment atop the Tiananmen viewing platform on October 1, 1949.

    -uploaded in HD at

  • Martolea - Muma Padurii


    Martolea is a romanian folk metal band, the project of Alin Drimus who, among other things, played the pipes and whistle on Negura Bunget's album Om.Galmele Intunericului is their debut album and it means The Fiends of Darkness, 5 romanian mythology demonic entities,which are the names of the songs on the album.This is track no.2. Muma Padurii (the Mother of the Forest) is a character from the romanian mythology.In romanian folkloric tradition she is a witch considered to be an ugly woman, that scares people, isolated in the middle of the forest.A synonymous word is thought to be Baba Cloanta (the Fanged Hag).It appears that she is present in the slavic peoples' folklore as the Yaga Hag

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  • Marțolea - Muma Pădurii


    Album: Noaptea Dihăniilor
    Year 2010
    Marțolea is a Demonic entity in Romanian mythology who lives up in the mountains and
    descends on Tuesday nights to lure with his singing and punish the women caught working.

    Muma Pădurii (Mother of the woods) -- ugly evil hag living deep in the woods and showing
    no mercy to those who try to harm the forest in any way.

  • Our Bandtrip to Romania! Part ONE! Not the Last Gig Part 1


    (한글자막 켜세용!!^^)This is about the band trip Grace Kim&The Skittles had for The International Jazz In the Park Competition on May 3-5. Let us walk you through to Cluj-Napoca, Romania with us XD!!
    Starring Grace Kim&The Skittles: Athena Sofianou, Daniel Said, David Wiedemann, Donavon J C King, Henry Green
    Other co-stars: Ruxandra Mazilu, Alex Bianca, JAZÚ, Ehud Ettun Trio, Project Connections
    Follow Grace Kim&The Skittles!

    PS. David later confessed he was confused with one of the UNICUM brand not Palinkaaa haha (..He looked it up)

  • GOD The Barbarian Horde - Greuceanul


    The new single Greuceanul from the upcoming ZAL MOX EP:

    With lyrics inspired from the rich mythology and old Romanian folklore and tales, embraced with the ancestral history of our people, the song Greuceanul is intended to be a transcendence between myth and spirituality, legend and truth. The ancient myth of the hero, the invincible. Or, simply put, the Prince Charming! He who is the chosen one by the old Gods and the special darling of the Fates who enchanted him since birth! And he who fought always against evil, helped by the deceitful winged donkey, a wondrous horse in reality, who's eating embers and takes him through the sky's clouds... he is a reminder of the immemorial Thracian Knight myth and the one of the ancient Dacian god Zamolxe, or the one of the fierce/ruthless Medieval prince Negru-Voda (The Black-Vaivode), but not only. A myth, a legend or a beautiful tale, all kept as very sacred treasures among the lyrical folkish creations and through the Romanian word traditions.

    You can also listen and free download the new song on our Bandcamp page:

    Enjoy it and feel free to comment, give a like or share!

    Music: GOD The Barbarian Horde
    Lyrics: Constantin 'Costel Castor' Lapusneanu
    Recording Studio: Getic Art Studio
    Producer: GOD The Barbarian Horde
    Mixing & Mastering: Paul Barzu & Eugen 'Gelu' Lapusneanu


    Auzit-ați de-un voinic,
    Ce pre lume a venit
    subt un ceriu înstelatu
    ș-un pământ îmbelșugatu?
    Dar daca un an trecea,
    cât alții-n șapte el creștea,
    Ursitoare i-au uratu,
    vrăji-magii l-au conjuratu,
    cu fierturi mi l-au spălatu,
    cu ierburi l-au fășuratu,
    protejatu l-au lăsatu,
    toatele l-au descântatu,
    ș-apăi puteri mari i-au datu,
    'N lumea ră l-au lepădatu.

    Auzit-ați flăcăuan,
    boreean și greucean,
    năpustindu-să talaz,
    la dușmani punea zăgaz.
    Frunză verde de alun,
    Asta-i una din bătrâni,
    Frunză verde de trifoi,
    I-ascultați aci, flăcăi!
    Frunză verde de arțar,
    de stejar și mândru brad
    și-ncă una de castan,
    să vă hie de alean!

    Auzit-ați flăcăuan,
    boreean și greucean,
    ce luptat-a c-un zmăuan,
    pomenit de-amu mai an!
    Auzit-ați de-un blajin,
    pământean și năzdrăvan --
    neam di urieși era,
    din povești se scobora!

    Ghionoaie și strigoaie,
    iele, hare, vrăjitoare...
    La voinic i-au dat cercare,
    să-l vrăjească, amăgiască,
    mințile să-i le cetească...
    Dară el e luminatu.
    De la zăi o fost lăsatu,
    să nu cază vrăjilor și tuturor rălelor.
    Iară el îi mândru-n stat,
    și-a luptat neînfricat, luptele le-a câștigat.
    Bividiu stelat avea,
    ce jăratecu-l mânca,
    și prin nori mi ți-l ducea,
    departe spre zăi îl purta.
    Stindard-balaur avea,
    prin ceruri de-l flutura,
    dușmanii îi îngrozea
    și tot răul îl stârpea!

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  • ATB & Josh Gallahan in Romania


    ATB & Josh Gallahan in Romania

  • Marțolea - Samca


    Marțolea is the project of Alin Drimus, who also contributed with pipe parts to Negură Bunget's OM album.

    Marțolea is a Demonic entity in Romanian mythology who lives up in the mountains and descends on Tuesday nights to lure with his singing and punish the women caught working.

    Gâlmele Întunericului is old Romanian for The fiends of darkness. Gâlmele Întunericului is a musical expression that combines elements from black metal and Romanian traditional folklore. Each track refers to a mythological creature from the folklore of Bucovina. They are considered malefic forces of nature, that take different forms, from maidens, to ugly old hags. These creatures are present in the deep woods, always at night. Unlucky travelers may be lured and charmed by them. Few manage to escape from the horrible things that await them. Even nowadays, these supra-natural beings have a strong influence over the lives of people, being present in many folk tales and stories in Bucovina region.

    Samca unholy spirit who often materializes as a monstrous spitting fire naked woman bringing disease to children and pregnant women in order to cease human life by all means.

    Samca lyrics

    Am purces pe cale, pe cărare,
    Gras și frumos,
    Când la jumătate de cale...
    Am întâlnit o Samcă,
    Cu patru picioare
    Cu piele de urs îmbrăcată!
    Trupul mi l-au schimonosit,
    Pieptul mi-au stricat,
    Ochii mi-au păienjenit,
    Sangele mi-au băut,
    Carnea mi-au mâncat,
    Puterea mi-au luat...
    Si nimeni nu m-o auzit...

    Gâlmele Întunericului was recorded in Molidului studio in September 2008. There are many traditional Romanian instruments present on this recording, some of them very rare nowadays. The instruments contribute to create a dark and authentic Romanian atmosphere.

  • Mythology redefined in Victorian Operas Lorelei


    It is familiar mythology: Sirens who lure sailors to their deaths with an irresistible song. Is it really the Lorelei’s fault though? The River Rhine has a particularly dangerous bend, and perhaps the Lorelei don’t quite deserve the blame.

    This siren song finds strength in numbers with a trio of talent so alluring it’s impossible to resist. Ali McGregor, Dimity Shepherd, and Antoinette Halloran await you at the rock for an intoxicating encounter with love and death: part cabaret, part opera, all seduction.

    'Lorelei' makes its world premiere at The Coopers Malthouse from 3-10 November.

    Book Now:

  • Delia - Verde imparat


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    Am prins rădăcini adânci, tu eşti verde împărat
    M-ai făcut împărăteasă peste-ntregul tău palat,
    Şi la nuntă ne-au cântat mii de roiuri de albine
    Şi ne-a cununat un brad peste-un lac de apă vie,
    Din sărutul tău îmi cresc ramuri şi iar infloresc
    Mii de fluturi ni se-adună, martori cum eu te iubesc,
    Mă-nvelesc cu răsuflarea vântului ce-aduce timpul
    Mă iubesc cu tine verde, verdele-nconjoara chipul.
    (oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh)
    Mă iubesc cu tine verde, verdele-nconjoara chipul 2X
    Trag petale peste mine, îmi fac plapumă de var
    Mă acopăr cu iubire, cantecul din frunze zboară,
    Peste codrii, peste nori, dansul ţine până-n zori
    Ca să ţii o viaţă-ntreagă minte cum e să te-nsori.
    (oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh)
    Ca să ţii o viaţă-ntreagă minte cum e să te-nsori 2X

    Delia - Verde imparat by Cat Music & Global Records
    Muzica si text: Delia
    Productie: Alex Cotoi
    Regie: Alex Ceausu
    Post-Productie: Cristi Smarandoiu, Cristian Balan

    Cat Music is the main player in the Romanian music industry, representing some of the most influential and successful artists from Romania, for the past 20 years. Cat Music's portfolio includes phenomenal bands and artists, who wrote and keep on writing the music history in Romania.

  • Exédium - Ielele



    Exédium - Ielele

    Hello guys, im back with a fusion of Romanian folklore and drum and bass called Ielele. I was inspired by the Romanian mythology.

    Ielele are a mystical creatures, the legend goes that Ielele are beautiful girls who dance at night near the rivers, in forests or on crossroads, they are mostly naked or they are dressed with white clothing. Ielele can float above the ground and they have on their ankles small bells. If you hear them or see them, don't disturb their dance, they will punish you. The legend also tells that they are minimum 3 girls or 7.

    Hope you enjoy it !

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    #ielele #folclordnb #dnbromania #exedium #muzicanoua

  • Fallennumen - Infernales Daemonum INTRO


    Fallennumen is a musical project formed in Transylvania, Romania.

    Genre: Black Metal/Depressive suicidal black metal

    Infernales Daemonum is the intro for the coming future EP, based on demonic mythology.

  • Therion - The Siren of the Woods Live In Romania Remastered


    Therion - Siren of the Woods Live In Romania (2005) Fan Remastered Edition.

    Audio y video remasterizado y renderizado a 1080p

    Therion Sitio Oficial:

    El tema The Siren of the Woods forma parte del disco Theli del año 1996.

    Theli (1996)

    Theli es el quinto álbum de la banda sueca de metal sinfónico Therion, considerado como el disco donde a base de la continua evolución musical de Therion llegaron finalmente hasta crear y desarrollar posteriormente el género Metal sinfónico, siendo Theli un disco referencia para las bandas de symphonic metal posteriores. Theli también incluye una balada, The Siren of the Woods, escrita en la antigua lengua acadia. En la portada del disco aparece Seth una deidad egipcia.

    Lista de Canciones:

    Preludium – 1:43
    To Mega Therion – 6:34
    Cults of the Shadow – 5:14
    In the Desert of Set – 5:29
    Interludium – 1:47
    Nightside of Eden – 7:31
    Opus Eclipse – 3:41
    Invocation of Naamah – 5:31
    The Siren of the Woods – 9:55
    Grand Finale / Postludium – 4:0

    Discográfica : Nuclear Blast


    Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Obssy - Zmeu


    The Zmeu (plural: zmei, feminine: zmeoaică/zmeoaice) is a fantastic creature of Romanian folklore and Romanian mythology. Sometimes compared to other fantastic creatures, such as the balaur or the vârcolac, the zmeu is nevertheless distinct, because it usually has clear anthropomorphic traits: it is humanoid and has legs, arms, the ability to create and use artifacts such as weapons, and has the desire to marry young girls. In some stories, Zmeu appears in the sky and spits fire. In other stories, it has a magical precious stone on its head that shines like the sun. It likes beautiful young girls, whom it kidnaps, usually for the purpose of marrying them. It is almost always defeated by a daring prince or knight-errant. Its natural form is that of a dragon or balaur.
    - Wikipedia

  • Winters Verge - I Accept


    I Accept is the first single and lyric video from WINTER VERGE's new album The Ballad James Tig (out: September 11th, 2020)!

    Winter’s Verge is one of Cyprus’ most successful metal bands. Since its formation in 2005, the band has released four studio albums and three EPs, and built a strong reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in Cyprus, with a powerful blend of epic, melodic and symphonic metal. The band is made up of the most experienced and respected musicians in the Cypriot rock and metal scene – George Charalambous (v), Deniel Pavlovsky and Savvas Parperi (g), Stavry Michael (keys), Miguel Trapezaris (b) and Danny Georgiou (d).

    Winter’s Verge’s music is highly conceptual and takes place within a mythological realm called Tiberon – all songs and lyrics allowing fans to explore the themes, characters and locations for their own interpretation.
    Their discography covers the albums “Eternal Damnation” (LMP Records, 2008) which was produced by RD Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY). The band then released 2010’s “Tales of Tragedy”, this time on Massacre Records. The album was highly regarded by the metal press and developed the band’s sound further, with fan favorites like ‘The Captain’s Log’ or ‘Reflections of the Past’. The release of the album coincided with a European tour with power metal legends Stratovarius, which won the band thousands of new fans. 2012 brought “Beyond Vengeance”. This album was also critically acclaimed and was followed by extensive live performances, where tracks like ‘Unto the Darkness’ or ‘Dying’ becoming staples of the live setlist. After a brief hiatus and line-up changes, Winter’s Verge got back to business, recording the band’s 4th album, ‘IV’, as independent release in 2015. It was supported by Winter’s Verge’s second European tour in 2016 winning new fans in e.g. countries like Greece, Romania and Bulgaria with an appearance at the Metalhead Meeting festival in Romania.

    After a short break Winter’s Verge got back to the business of writing and recording. An EP entitled “Wolves of Tiberon” released in 2016. Its concept further explored the world of Tiberon that exists as a setting for Winter’s Verge mythology, giving more details, characters and stories for the deep mythology.

    Now in 2020, after three years in the making, Winter’s Verge are ready to release one of their most ambitious projects to date, “The Ballad of James Tig”. With a concept and lyrics by renowned local author and playwright Frixos Masouras, the new album is another concept storyline with a huge sounding scope and symphonic sound. It’s the story of James Tig, a man who lost his family at sea when he was a young boy, and had set his life-long dream to find the legendary Killagorak a sea monster, who he believes was what killed his family when he was very young, seeking revenge. Teodora Stoyanova Freya (MAGIC OF THE NORTH) provided vocals - playing the part of Nina in the story.

    The drums were recorded at Panasound Studio, with the rest of the album recorded and mixed at Winter's Verge Studios between mid 2018 and the end of 2019. George Charalambous (v) mixed & produced the album; the mastering was handled by George Eracleous (Oneirism Studios). The artwork was designed by George Vasiliou.

  • PRIMORDIAL - Where Lie the Gods - LIVE in Cologne 2018


    From 2018 Exile Amongst the Ruins album.

  • Phuture Sound ft Tavy - Beat Of Your Heart


    Phuture Sound is a trance project from Romania.

    Its audio productions include uplifting trance, epic trance, classic trance and progressive trance.

    More on Facebook:

    Record Label: Crossair Recordings

    Suncatcher Vocal Remix:
    Shaun Greggan Remix:
    Alexander Zhakulin Remix:
    Kenneth Cruz & Sunset Remix:

    Crossair Recordings:

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  • Martolea - Caii lui Santoader


    Martolea is a romanian folk metal band, the project of Alin Drimus who, among other things, played the pipes and whistle on Negura Bunget's album Om.Galmele Intunericului is their debut album and it means The Fiends of Darkness, 5 romanian mythology demonic entities,which are the names of the songs on the album.This is track no.1. Martolea is a mythical romanian demonic entity who was said to appear on tuesday-to-wednessday nights and punish the women he found working.

  • Countryhumans Greece//TRNDSTTR//


    Song:Black Coast(TRNDSTTR)
    **pictures belong to their owners**

    #CountryHumans #Greece

  • ALL Friends Band - Man of Constant Sorrow Official Video


    In 1913 Dick Burnett recorded the first version of this song. After 100 years, ALL recorded their own version of this old Appalachian Mountain ballad.

  • Panarmonicus - The Night Spirit


    Electronica Ambient track based on an ancient Romanian carol for the Winter Solstice.
    Vâlva Nopții in Romanian, roughly translated as The Feminine Spirit of the Night, is a creature in Romanian mythology, half fairy, half banshee, guiding good people and punishing bad ones.
    From the double album Sol invictus.

  • God is an Astronaut - Route 666 FullHD


    LIVE concert at Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
    Cluj-Arena, Underground Parking 13 April 2014

    Sorry for the distort :(

  • GFD & Funk E - Day 17


    Mythology V.A.

    GFD ‎– GFD007
    Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation
    18 Oct 2019
    Tech House, Minimal, Minimal Techno, House

    Low Bit Rate: 128 kbps

    ⚠ Important disclaimers
    This video was upload for promotional purposes only. If the owner does not wish to have their items on display, please contact me and i will remove it right away.

  • Trubadurii din Transilvania - Stis Acropolis ta meri


    contact : / tel: +4 0734.741.281

  • Terpsichore - Picking of Sticks


    Medieval music / Terpsichore is the muse of dance in greek mythology, but is also the name of Michael Praetorius' codex. The medieval & Renaissance band Terpsichore performed for the first time on the 23th of July 2010, at the festival Sighisoara Medievala, Transylvania, Romania. The new band is formed of well-known musicians from Nomen Est Omen Ensemble and Grafic.

  • Corvus Corax - Cherion


    In Greek mythology, Chiron also Cheiron or Kheiron (Gr hand) was held to be the superlative centaur among his brethren.
    Corvus Corax is a German band known for playing Neo-Medieval music using an abundance of authentic instruments. Their name is the Latin name for the Common Raven. The band was formed in 1989 by Castus Rabensang, Wim (Venustus) and Meister Selbfried (Master Selfpeace) in East Germany. The band often uses bagpipes as the solo instrument; their live performances attract attention with the bizarre look of the musicians being reminiscent of ancient Greek myths: half-naked, dressed in unusual clothes, wearing primitive tribal decorations, often tattooed.

    lyrics :

    Ourh de pleupaz te iecon amfoterwden
    masrtierai ee d autonepotrunei macesaosa.

  • Olivia Bourkoff - The Sound of Silence


    Olivia Bourkoff performs The Sound of Silence [ Paul Simon] at The New York Songwriters Circle at The Bitter End. April 8, 2019

  • ARS LONGA: Early Music at St. Barbara Wooden Church Croatia


    Release available on all digital services worldwide:

    Listen in HD on Presto Classical:

    1.Henry Purcell (1659. – 1695.)
    Trio Sonata In 4 Parts No 3 In A Minor, Z 804
    Aria They tell us that you mighty powers above
    From opera The Indian Queen, Z. 630, 3rd Part

    2.William Babell (1688. – 1723.)
    Sonata for solo instrument and basso continuo in G Major

    3.Henry Purcell
    O let me weep, Z 629/40
    From opera The Fairy-Queen, Z.629, 5th Part

    4.William Croft (1678. – 1727.)
    Suita No. 14 in G minor for solo harpsichord
    Minuett Prelude

    5.Henry Purcell
    Aria Fairest Isle
    From opera King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z. 628, Act 5

    6.John Blow (1649. – 1708.)
    From opera Venus and Adonis, Act 2
    The insolent, the arrogant
    Call the graces
    Mortals below, Cupids above
    The Graces’ Dance
    Saraband for the Graces
    A Ground

    7.Henry Purcell
    An Evening Hymn 'Now that the sun hath veiled his light', Z193

    Concert recording from wooden church St Barbara (Croatia).
    Recorded in XY Stereo (2 Channels) by Mladen Malek
    NOTA BENE Records Croatia

    ARS LONGA - Early Music Ensemble
    Monika Cerovčec - soprano
    Ana Benić - flute
    Stjepan Nodilo - oboa i blokflute
    Lea Sušanj Lujo - cello
    Izidor Erazem Grafenauer - teorba, barok guitar
    Linda Mravunac Fabijanić, harpsichord

    Wooden churches and chapels represent the peak of the traditional Baroque architecture of North Croatia. Although there were many of them initially, especially in the areas rich in the common oak, merely about 40 of them dating from the 17th to 19th century still remain today.
    The complex of wooden sacral architecture which impresses with its architectural simplicity and originality was created in Turopolje, which served as a center of concentrated original traditional creative power spreading its influence onto Pokuplje and Posavina, the geographical space where the tradition of building wooden churches continued deep into the 20th century.
    This authentic and valuable piece of cultural heritage offers an exceptionally attractive tourist destination, yet it remains insufficiently presented. Therefore, the Sancta Barbara Wooden Chapels Festival will organize exquisite musical programs in these unique authentic sacred spaces of wooden chapels.

    Sancta Barbara
    7 – 14 July 2019
    Produced by:

    Distributed by Nota Bene Distribution

    We love classical music!
    For all inquiries please send mail to

    (p)(c) 2019 NOTA BENE Croatia (EU)
    All rights reserved! Sva prava pridržana!
    #Purcell #arslonga #notabenedistribution

  • Lycus - Live in LOS ANGELES - 720P - Multi Angle


    Lycus from Oakland crushing the 5star bar in DTLA 7/17/13
    shot and edited by RH.
    more info on LYCUS...

  • Solomonar - Ravaged


  • Interview with Celtachor


    Before their epic Celtic-sounding set at Warhorns Festival, Valkyrian Music editor Nico Davidson was able to catch Irish black metallers Celtachor for an interview where they discussed the band's upcoming new album, Irish mythology and films.

    Video by Alasdair Dunn

  • Romania Top + Hit Mix + 2015 + dj.mario puma


  • Cross Boarder Orchestra Ireland. Irelands Call with Emmet Cahill. 2016.


    SSE Arena Belfast Feb 2016.

  • HEDWIGs THEME REMAKE Lluís Romani Ft. Javier Pajuelo New Harry Potters SoundTrack


    A friend and I have remade one of the greatest music pieces of John Williams, Hedwig's Theme, the soundtrack of Harry Potter's movies! It has been a very hard (and satisfying) job so hope u enjoy it!

  • Barry Gibb - Mythology Tour 3-10-13


    Mick and Donna's 30th Wedding Anniversary outing! Excellent evening, only sorry that there is only one of the Bee Gee's left.

  • Gorgon - Ashes and Blood


    Gorgon - Ashes and Blood
    Live au Rock Metal Camp Fest 2017
    Saint-Hilaire-Les-Places (87)

  • TTIP roundtable in Budapest


    Az Athena Intézet Fenntarthatósági Programjának keretében nemzetközi és hazai szakértők elemzték a Transzatlanti Szabadkereskedelmi Megállapodás (TTIP) lehetséges hatásait. A konferencia meghívott vendégei voltak: dr. Harm Schepel professzor - University of Kent in Brussels, dr. Werner Raza igazgató, Austrian Foundation for Development Research. A konferencia felkért hozzászólói: dr. Kutasi Gábor - BCE Világgazdasági Tanszék, dr. György László - BME Pénzügyek Tanszék.

    A rendezvény fő célja az volt, hogy tájékoztatást adjon a magyar szakmai közvéleménynek és a téma iránt érdeklődőknek az egyezményről, ami jelenleg az egyik legfontosabb és legtöbb vitát kiváltó kérdés az Európai Unióban. A TTIP támogatói szerint a szabadkereskedelmi megállapodás megerősítheti a gazdasági növekedést az óceán mindkét partján, kritikusai szerint viszont indokolatlanul megerősíti a transznacionális vállalatokat a kormányokkal szemben, amelyek a közérdeket védik. A tárgyalások egyik leginkább kritikus pontja a beruházók és az állam közötti vitarendezési mechanizmus (ISDS – Investor to State Dispute Settlement), ami jelentős jogköröket adna cégeknek azokkal a kormányokkal szemben, amelyek a cégek véleménye szerint veszélyeztetik befektetéseiket. Ez jelentős hatással lehet az egyes államok szuverenitására még akkor is, ha hasonló vitarendezési megoldások korábban más nemzetközi egyezményekben már szerepeltek.

    Az Európai Bizottság széleskörű konzultációt kezdett az ügyben, az Európai Parlament pedig szintén jelenleg tárgyalja a TTIP kérdését: júniusi plenáris ülésén az Európai Parlament ajánlásokat fogad el a Bizottság részére a TTIP-tárgyalások irányára vonatkozóan. A végső szerződésszöveg csak az Európai Parlament egyetértésével válhat majd jogerőssé, így különösen fontos, hogy a tárgyalások figyelembe vegyék a képviselők által hangsúlyozott szempontokat.

  • Yloush & Asha ~ God gave us flowers


    Yloush & Asha (aka Székely Ilona & Asha Elijah or Asher Quinn) perform 'God gave us flowers' at the magic tree, Paprika patak, Solymár, Hungary. This track features on the album God Gave Us Flowers, which is still in production. CD & download soon.

    The setting for this film is on the Via Mária pilgrimage route, which runs from Austria to Romania, and this tree is not called 'The magic tree' per se... it's only me that calls it that!! (But it is!!) It's a wonderful little sanctuary in the woods behind Solymár, by a sacred stone and a Maypole. Solymár lies at the foot of the Pilis mountains... the heart chakra of the planet.

    I've known this spot for years! Horses come here to graze, and kids come to play. So I took my keyboard down, plugged it into nature, and we made a film! This piano piece itself is on a previous album of mine called Heart & Soul Rhapsodies, and Yloush sang along to it earlier this summer as we drove to Romania to join a pilgrimage where this route actually ends... in Transylvania (old Hungary). That gave me the idea to record a whole album of duets with her... just my piano and her voice. Now I call this track (graced by Yloush's voice of sweet honey) 'God gave us flowers'.

    We are friends, colleagues and neighbours in Budapest! Whenever she sings... in the car, or the kitchen... it captivates me and I get new creative ideas! We fool around with the mad fantasy that she could hire herself out as a car singer for long journeys!

    In my imagination I see something timeless and pastoral when I hear this piano and vocal together... Hungary has that kind of allure. There is some combination of Grail mythology in the land, mixed with a kind of sunny innocence... the endless golden plains and the green, rolling hills... young mothers, children, horses, flowers...

    I am greatly inspired by the mysterious magic, and spiritual purity of this land and its people, and my soul feels very welcomed and at home there. Especially up here in the Pilis, there is a kind of very tender feminine presence in the landscape and fragrant elemental energy in the rounded, forested hills... as if Mary and her angels keep watch over all who go there.

    This little poem occurred to me as I made the film, and that's what suggested the title...

    God gave us angels
    And God gave us the moon
    God gave us flowers
    With their sweet perfume

  • G-Pal ft Anna Maria X ~ Ocean of Blue


    G-Pal ft Anna Maria X ~ Ocean of Blue (Ozgur Ozkan and Giddyhead Unofficial Remix)
    follow me:

    mmm ❤ mousikes that I loveeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Free Download

    Ozgur Ozkan



    Anna Maria X

    DISCLAIMER : Just promote and share music.All the rights belongs to the artists and the owners!!! If you have any problems with the uploads please contact me and I will remove the video immediately. Thank you !!

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  • Sleeping Sun by ANNISSA


    An alternate rendition of the beautiful Nightwish song Sleeping Sun.

    Celtic inspired instrumental by Mars Marshall

    I'm ANNISSA, a symphonic metal singer specialised in the worlds of mythology and history.

    My other personal twist is that the songs I sing and co-write are about the great female figures of ancient times, may they be goddesses in legends or queens in history.

    I'm currently working on my first EP that's going to be about Greek Goddess Persephone, the queen of the Underworld.

    The first song from this EP is called The Elysian Fields, and this is an a cappella version of that song.

    If you would like to get the radio version of this song for FREE, just click here :

    Also, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and don't hesitate to follow me and my musical journey on my other social :

    Facebook :
    Instagram :

    If you like Mythology inspired jewellery and accessories, have a look here :


    The sun is sleeping quietly
    Once upon a century
    Wistful oceans calm and red
    Ardent caresses laid to rest

    For my dreams I hold my life
    For wishes I behold my night
    The truth at the end of time
    Losing faith makes a crime

    I wish for this night-time
    To last for a lifetime
    The darkness around me
    Shores of a solar sea

    Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
    With you

    Sorrow has a human heart
    From my god it will depart
    I'd sail before a thousand moons
    Never finding where to go

    Two hundred twenty-two days of light
    Will be desired by a night
    A moment for the poet's play
    Until there's nothing left to say

    I wish for this night-time
    To last for a lifetime
    The darkness around me
    Shores of a solar sea

    Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
    With you

    I wish for this night-time
    To last for a lifetime
    The darkness around me
    Shores of a solar sea

    Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
    With you

    Songwriters: Tuomas Lauri Johannes Holopainen

  • Demeter - Dementu


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    • Interpretare : Demeter
    • Text : Demeter, Antidot
    • Mix & Mastering : Antidot
    • Studio : AndyMusic (
    • Backing Vocals : Antidot
    • Photographer : Sirghe Cezar
    • Artwork photo : EMDA Design (
    • Artwork video : Antidot


    ✖ Rugăm sa nu re-uploadaţi piesa ! Daca vă place, adăugaţi-o la favorite.
    ✖ Orice promovare din partea voastră este binevenită !

    ✖ Pentru EVENIMENTE sau alte servicii, puteţi lăsa un mesaj în privat.

    » Download Demeter - Dementu : -
    © ANTIDOT | 2015

  • Vallquar-ワルキューレ- セレナーデLive CLIP


    2nd Anniversary project
    7/28 心斎橋FANJ twice
    8/29 博多DRUM SON

  • Au Revoir by Fantome


    Tiger tries to make friends. Music by Fantome. The song Au Revoir is from the album Bare Mythology. Visit Fantome on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Bandcamp. Tiger appears courtesy of Tallahassee Zoo.

  • Odiolab - Ammonite


    BMSS Records proudly presents Medieval, the stunning debut album of the Greek band Odiolab. A versatile excursion through sonic spaces and audible pathways, a voyage through a vast range of Up-tempo celebrations and Down-tempo meditations, grooves, rhythms and arrangements. The two members Labros and Diogenes offer a unique approach to the terms Psychedelic and Trance through a story telling and surprising concept which has it's true influences in the ancient Greek mythology. Classical instruments form a harmony with the latest inventions technology has to offer. The result is an epic album which pays respect and tribute to all time classics, but will surprise the experienced listener and the demanding audiophile. This is truly music!

    The ecstatic vision of madness leads down under to the god of thunder. Drawn on her breast is the golden ratio. As darkness falls, waves rise higher but the lighthouse stands tall. Leading the spirit to the vertex where conceit lurks.

    Odiolab - Medieval, released 2015-04-14, BMSS Records, 0719926495004


    Trancentral is a channel dedicated to the trance culture and music- psychedelic, progressive, goa & trance. The music, the festivals, the parties, the DJs, the dancers, the history. It's all here!

    ????Psychedelic fashion, art, jewelry & accessories:

  • Marduk II Brasov


    The legendary band Marduk live in concert, Brasov, Romania, 05.05.2018.

  • le triomphe de lanarchie


    chanson de marc ogeret, paroles charles avray
    (chanson du début du xxéme siécle)

    Tu veux bâtir des cités idéales,
    Détruis d'abord les monstruosités.
    Gouvernements, casernes, cathédrales,
    Qui sont pour nous autant d'absurdités.
    Sans plus attendre, gagnons le communisme
    Ne nous groupons que par affinités
    Notre bonheur naîtra de l'altruisme
    Que nos désirs soient des réalités


    Debout, debout, compagnons de misère
    L'heure est venue, il faut nous révolter
    Que le sang coule, et rougisse la terre
    Mais que ce soit pour notre liberté
    C'est reculer que d'être stationnaire
    On le devient de trop philosopher
    Debout, debout, vieux révolutionnaire
    Et l'anarchie enfin va triompher

    Empare-toi maintenant de l'usine
    Du capital, deviens le fossoyeur
    Ta vie vaut mieux que d'être une machine
    Tout est à tous, rien n'est à l'exploiteur
    Sans préjugé, suis les lois de nature
    Et ne produis que par nécessité
    Travail facile, ou besogne très dure
    N'ont de valeur qu'en leur utilité


    On rêve amour au-delà des frontières
    On rêve amour aussi de ton côté
    On rêve amour dans les nations entières
    L'erreur fait place à la réalité
    Oui, la patrie est une baliverne
    Un sentiment doublé de lâcheté
    Ne deviens pas de la viande à caserne
    Jeune conscrit, mieux te vaut déserter


    Tous tes élus fous-les à la potence
    Lorsque l'on souffre on doit savoir châtier
    Leurs électeurs fouaille-les d'importance
    Envers aucun il ne faut de pitié
    Eloigne-toi de toute politique
    Dans une loi ne vois qu'un châtiment
    Car ton bonheur n'est pas problématique
    Pour vivre heureux Homme vis librement


    Quand ta pensée invoque ta confiance
    Avec la science il faut te concilier
    C'est le savoir qui forge la conscience
    L'être ignorant est un irrégulier
    Si l'énergie indique un caractère
    La discussion en dit la qualitté
    Entends réponds mais ne sois pas sectaire
    Ton avenir est dans la vérité


    Place pour tous au banquet de la vie
    Notre appétit seul peut se limiter
    Que pour chacun, la table soit servie
    Le ventre plein, l'homme peut discuter
    Que la nitro, comme la dynamite
    Soit là pendant qu'on discute raison
    S'il est besoin, renversons la marmite
    Et de nos maux, hâtons la guérison



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