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Playlist of Music Thing Modular

  • Music Thing Modular - Turing Machine mkii 2016


    Coming mid April to

    Here's the new mkii version of the Turing Machine for 2016. There's some added features, new expanders and everything new and old is all 100% compatible ... ace!

    00:00 Features, expanders, compatibility, history - talking! :)
    03:15 Turing Machine mkii
    08:18 Volts Expander
    11:10 Dual Melody Lines
    13:50 Pulse Expander mkii
    17:48 Patch From Scratch
    21:55 Audio Rate Chiptune / Pulse Oscillator

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  • Music Thing Modular - Start Up


    Today we start a series on easy beginner modules!
    This one is the Startup from Music Thing Modular, a cool first module that is a stereo mixer, a headphone amp and a clock generator with tap tempo and a divider/multiplier.
    And you only need to solder the panel components.

    Check it out here:

    Video Shot and edited by Quincas and Edgar López

    my website:
    my Patreon:

    BG music by Quincas from the Youtube Audio Library

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  • Music Thing Modular - Radio Music jam


    My music:

    I gave this amazing DIY eurorack module a spin and managed to create some pretty strange rhytms in the process. I try to explain how the Radio Music works and my process for creating sounds on the modular.

    Other modules used in this videos are:

    Doepfer A160, A151 , A-180-2
    Music Thing Modular - Turing Machine
    Hexinverter - Mutant Bassdrum
    Tiptop Audio - Hats909
    Pittsburgh Modular - Synthesizer Box
    Manhattan Audio - CP3

    Latest album:

  • Music Thing Modular - Graphic EQ - Kit Overview


    Building and playing with the cool Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ module! Super easy for beginners, PCB comes with all the SMD already soldered. And it sounds really nice :)

    More info here:

    My Website:
    My Patreon:

    Video shot and edited by Quincas and Edgar López

    Music by Quincas Moreira from the youtube Audio Library

    Song: Robot Boogie:

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  • Music Thing Modular Magnetophone and VCV Rack


    These two go perfect together. Music Thing Modular Magnetophone as a sound source and VCV Rack as an effect processor.

  • Best first Eurorack module? Start Up from Music Thing Modular // Superbooth 2019


    Is this a module we all need? There's certainly a strong argument for it with tap tempo clocks, stereo mixing and headphone/line out. It certainly meets the desire of Music Thing Modular as a module that would be a great first module for small systems. The new clock phasing modes add a nice Steve Reich flare and influence and in 4hp it's a module that's hard to ignore for small or large systems I think. Super useful!

    Get it here -

    Superbooth 2019 videos -

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  • Music Thing Modular Turing Machine for VCV Rack


    Get my new album made to 100% with VCV Rack for free:
    Music Thing Modular:
    Stellare Modular:

  • ribosomal 16s vs music thing radio


    Heres an OTT test of a Music Thing Radio. The Ribosomal 16s provides CV control of the Radio stations, in this case speeches from the free world. The Radio is triggered from a MFB drum sequencer.
    Resistance is futile!



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    Recorded and Produced With:
    RODE NT5 (
    RODE WS9 Wind Covers (
    Rycote InVision 7HG Table Stands (
    Zoom F4 (
    Processed with Izotope RX6 (

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  • Music Thing Reverb Demo


    Music Thing Spring Reverb

  • Superbooth 2017 - Music Thing Modular


    Steve from from Thonk takes us through the new Music Thing Modular kit at Superbooth 2017. You've got the Chord Organ, Graphic EQ, Startup, updated Spring Reverb / expander and the awesome Magnetophon!

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  • Music Thing Radio Music alt. firmware


    Loop divider experimental firmware

  • Makenoise modular jam: Mutable Instruments/Music Thing Modular Ears


    Got the mutable/music things ears. Playing a contact mic with echophone. I was impressed by Mikrophonie module demo vid but this module isn't an instant gratification for me so far (well, actually most modules begin with so) and need a lot of exploration... Maybe I want the MI Rings..

    The Sharedsystem's CV bus lane has a built-in audio in jack so this is kind of redundant. But having two inputs doesn't hurt; could be for external effects etc.

  • Kit Review # 3 - Music Thing Modular Chord Organ


    Review of the Music Thing Modular Chord Organ module, which is the same hardware as the Radio Music but with a new firmware and panel. Thanks go to Thonk for supplying the kit!
    You can get yours right here:

    I forgot to point it out during the unboxing, the Teensy board is included. Everything you need is included except a micro USB cable for programming the Teensy, and an SD card for your chords list.

    AND, there's a new firmware, out right after I posted this video, that allows for 1v/oct tracking of the Root parameter! Download the new firmware here:

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  • Music Thing Modular - Radio Music


    This is the first test of the Radio Music module by Music Thing Modular.

    LFO's controlling the STATION tuning and START point of the individual samples. A trigger from Mutable Instruments Grids is triggering the RESET of the sample playback.

    Drums are from Ableton Live and the synth textures from the Roland System 1m.

    Next step is to copy a load of my own samples and music onto the SD card. Great little module and not too tricky to build.

  • Modular Workout #05 - Chord Organism


    Ebcidic links + more info below:

    Live modular jam recorded 25th February 2017 using:
    - 10U Eurorack modular synth
    - PLAYdifferently Model 1 mixer
    - Bugbrand PT Delay

    High chord stabs coming from the 'Chord Organ' module by Music Thing using an alternative firmware for the 'RadioMusic' module - this is going through the Doepfer A-124 VCF5 'Wasp filter'.
    Slow bass chord pads also coming from the 'Chord Organ' module by Music Thing - this is routed via a God's Box Humpback filter (out of shot).

    Dealer Link to Music Thing / Thonk 'Chord Organ' module:

    Kick and hats coming from Jomox & Tiptop respectively
    Deep bass sound coming from the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas
    Snare from Erica Synths Pico drums
    Reverb from Z-DSP using Halls of Valhalla card
    Noise washes coming from the Orthogonal Devices ER301
    Delay from Bugbrand PT Delay & Z-DSP Clocked delay card
    All sequencing from two ER101/102 Orthogonal Devices sequencers.

    Recommend listening with headphones or decent sound system for best sonic experience.

  • turing machine mk2 module automatic melody generator :)


    music thing modular

  • Superbooth 2016: Music Thing Modular Turing Machine and Prototypes


    Superbooth 2016: Music Thing Modular Turing Machine and Prototypes Tom Whitwell shows off his new Turing Machine and some really interesting prototypes

  • Why We Bleep Podcast 011 - Tom Whitwell/Music Thing Modular


    Thanks to episode sponsors for your modular/synth purchasing needs and for your DIY needs!

    On the one year anniversary of Why We Bleep, we decided to return to revisit our very first guest, the immense and fascinating Music Thing Modular-making journalist, consultant and all round thought-provoking person that is Tom Whitwell. In it we generally hang out and chat discuss all manner of music technology, gear, people, things and ideas.


    Shoutout to the work of the Yorkshire Sound Women's Network at the end of the podcast and the #audioequitypledge - Read about the Audio Equity Pledge and perhaps you might like to take it in 2019:

    Read about the Yorkshire Sound Women's Network and the word they do here:

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    Recorded and Produced With:
    RODE NT5 (
    RODE WS9 Wind Covers (
    Rycote InVision 7HG Table Stands (
    Zoom F4 (
    Processed with Izotope RX6 (

    Things we discuss:

    Andrew Nonlinearcircuits -
    cellF - brains in a petri dish making music (kill it with fire please thanks)
    Eurorack module with soil in it -
    Cerith Wyn Evans - Composition for 37 Flutes
    Pow! Academy -
    The Pure Data Musican was called Aimee-Sofia Brown:
    Tom’s Strange Music you can and should purchase on Bandcamp:
    Dave Bristow on Programming the DX7
    Even longer Dave Bristow talk on the DX7
    Tom’s DX7 MKII
    Whimsical Raps Modules that are obviously amazing but are explained in a way I find baffling (whoops, “Mannequins” is their module, shows what I know)
    W/ ‘tape loop’ module
    Cold Mac module:
    John Cage Bot
    John Cages Diary
    George Antheil - The Bad Boy of Music
    Hedy Lamarr & George Anthiel Inventing Spread Spectrum Radio
    Gottwood Festival (highly recommended)
    Houghton Festival (also highly recommended)
    Moog DFAM
    The New Sound of Music Documentary which includes Synthi 100:
    David Vorhaus:
    Hainbach’s youtube channel:
    Fourtet Live on Spotify -
    Eiko Ishibashi - The Dream My Bones Dream h/t to @frozenreeds on twitter
    Zoo Look Album
    Aphexs New EP
    Sequentix Cirklon Sequencer
    Ableton Push 2
    Yamaha A4000 Sampler
    HxC Floppy Emulator
    My album of 2018 - Susumu Yokota - Sakura
    Susumu Yokota - Symbol (Tom’s pick)
    Prince - Piano & a Microphone
    Beardytron’s amazing new music making rig -
    Thonk Prok Drum Modules
    Arturia Analog Lab
    Pygmy Gamelan

  • An Intro to Making Generative Music on Modular


    Please support on Patreon! Breaking down some of the most useful module types one-by-one to aid in the pursuit of making generative music on your modular. AKA: How to jumble your stuff! TABLE OF CONTENTS:

    2:38 VCAS - To Modulate Modulation
    8:35 LFOS - To Enact Changes Over Time
    11:00 Random Voltage Generators - To Add Life
    12:17 Pitch Quantisers - To Make Randomness Musical
    14:15 Clock Dividers - For Long, Timed Occurrences
    19:49 Sequential Switches - To Jumble Your Shit
    23:25 Logic Modules - To Make Ace New Clock Patterns Out of Simple Or Unruly Ones



    And thanks Nick, for the Plog.

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  • Finding hooks with a Music Thing Modular RADIO module


    Radio music (standard library from MTM) is reset with a sequencer, and the audio passes trough a low pass filter with envelope follower attached to the cutoff frequency, also some delay is added after the filter.

    some of the modules used:

    tiptop audio :
    circadian rhythms

    Metasonix :

    ebbe und flut (unit patched up to modular)

    eventide: timefactor

  • How I Use Music Thing Modulars Radio Music


    Short patch-from-scratch video to demonstrate how I tend to use Radio Music in my Eurorack setup!

  • Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb


    Spring reverb module for Eurorack modular synths. Audio is slightly out of sync with video, sorry. Full details below...

    Top knob is reverb level.
    Right hand smaller knob is Tilt, a simple hifi-style tone control that changes the colour of the reverb.
    Left hand smaller knob is Control, an attenuverter control for the incoming CV. 12 o'clock = no CV, clockwise = increasing CV, anticlockwise = inverted CV.

    Patch: DPO sine waves sequenced by Turing Machine and Wogglebug. Gated through QMMG, envelopes from Maths. The CV input makes 80s-style gated reverb and pseudo-reverse reverb possible.

    For this demo, using a 9EB2C1B full sized reverb tank.

    Information, schematics, PCB files available at
    The design and all documentation are Creative Commons Licensed.

  • Playing with a beta Music Thing Modular Mikrophonie


    A simple contact microphone and amp in a modular format. Simple but inspiring! Not sure when it will be released yet but keep an eye on

  • Music Thing Modular Radio Music - Faux Granular


    The first channel I turn up is the output of the Radio Music. Patch Notes for the Radio Music are below.

    A loop of a chord progression is loaded into the Radio Music. A very fast series of triggers (from the 4MS shuffling clock multiplier) is patched into the Reset input. The Start input is modulated by the CV output of the sequencer on the right hand side. The clock multiplier is then randomly rotated in time with the master clock. This causes the loop to repeat very quickly at different speeds, while the start point bounces to new locations within the loop. This also works well with drum loops.

  • Kit Review # 5 - Music Thing Mikrophonie


    Unboxing, commented construction timelapse, and a demonstration of this fabulous module by Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular!

    Thanks to Thonk for supplying the kit :)
    You can get yours here:

    Here's a great video of Stockhausen and his buddies performing the piece this module is named after:

    Please back me on Patreon, so I can keep on doing this!

    Enjoy, see you next week!

  • Modulating a sequence with a Turing Machine


    If you've ever wondered how to get a pre-programmed sequence to evolve in the same way random Turing Machine melodies do, you've come to the right place. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. And don't forget to check out my latest releases on BandCamp at

  • music thing modular radio music classic


  • Music Thing Modular - Spring Reverb mkii



    Here's the mkii / mk2 or version 2 (call it what you want!) Music Thing Modular - Spring Reverb. It's a fantastic 6HP Spring Reverb module that has RCA connectors for a Spring tank around the back of the module or has them on a breakout expander which also let's you blend between the tank signal and the accutronics digital brick (which you should also buy, with the expander, as blending a tank with that is great!) The module also has a tilt EQ function that adjusts the signal into the reverb to adjust the tone and response (heavy bass transients can make those springs slap around) as well as a fully WET output and feedback input for creative patching, a XFADE input.

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  • Music Thing Modular Chord Organ Demo【Wurlys!モジュラーシンセ動画】


    Music Thing Modular Chord Organのデモ動画です。
    Chord Organは4HPというコンパクトサイズながら和音を出力することができるデジタルオシレーターモジュールです。


    途中からIntellijel uMIDIからのピッチCVやMOD CVを入力してパラメーターをコントロールしています。

  • Music Thing Modular / Thonk - Mikrophonie


    Not really a full overview (a video will be coming in the near future using the Mikrophonie as a CV source and input interface) but a quick video just showing the Music Thing Modular / Thonk Mikorphonie. Was my first DIY build that went without any problems so super easy to build and a simple module to play around in for some instant fun in your modular set up.

  • Music Thing Modular Radio Music


  • Equalizer in a Eurorack - Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ and ALM PE-1


    In this Video we will have a closer look at a graphic and a parametric Equalizer, and what benefits they can bring in an Eurorack system.
    The Music Thing Modular Graphic EQ is, as the names says, a graphical Equalizer with fixed frequencies. The ALM PE-1* is a parametric Equalizer and hence a bit more versatile.
    In the Video we listen to both Equalizers, and find out where you can use them in your Eurorack system.

    * I messed things up a little, talking about Pip Slope, whereas Pip Slope is another module from ALM. The correct name for the parametric Equalizer is PE-1.

    A thumbs up for the Video and of course a subscription to the SundayAfternoonModular channel are very much appreciated!

    Please note that my videos are NOT sponsored by anyone or any company. All the modules I am testing here, I have saved for and bought with my own money.

  • Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer and Music Thing Modular Radio Music


    Ginkosynthese Sampleslicer and Music Thing Modular Radio Music chopping up Donald Trump

  • Voltages expander for Turing Machine RLS module


    Open Source hardware, full details at:

    Kits available from Thonk:

  • Music Thing Modular Mikrophonie Eurorack Contact Microphone module


    Very quick demo to show the raw sound of the built in contact mic - just connected directly to the output, then through the Echophon.

  • DUB TECHNO live BY EURORACK modular synths / mutable instruments clouds / music thing modular


    my first time dub techno jam.

    music thing modular : chord organ

    reverb effect :
    mutable instruments clouds (uBurst)
    synthroteck echo

    erica synths sample drum

    korg sq-1

  • Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb Crossfade Mode


    The MTM Spring Reverb contains a vactrol crossfader that you can also use independently. Here, it is crossfading between the DPO Final and Square outputs.
    The module can be built with either a Silonex or a VTL5C3 vactrol. The VTL5C3 sounds smoother for this use, with a slower response that can be 'pinged'.

    Video and audio are slightly out of sync, sorry.

    Information, schematics, PCB files available at
    The design and all documentation are Creative Commons Licensed.

  • Music Thing - Radio Music Eurorack Module Test


    First test of the Music Thing Modular - Radio Music Eurorack module.

    Purchased from Modulow Electric Corp with customised 'blue' parts.

  • music thing modular STEREO spring reverb Desktop short


    modular stereo spring reverb

  • Music Thing Modular - Chord Organ


  • Radio Music Module


    Music Thing Modular and Thonk provide us with a kit offering of the Radio Music module.

    This is my build version of the kit with black faceplate and knobs. I did change the LED colors to blue but those were too dim for the power being provided so I went back to red but left the green start indicator.

    The Radio Music module is meant to be used as a source of random audio but can be uniquely controlled (or not) to suit your taste and style. I outfitted mine with a 32GB microSD card and the 16 folders you set up act as the stations on the device.

    This is some initial testing I am doing here and having a fun time with one station which I loaded Apollo 11 highlights audio from the suggested links on the module build documentation. I was one year and four days old when that glorious Saturn V lifted off.

    Along with the radio music module here you will hear a Din Sync Osc303 being driven by a Turing machine (Another Music Thing Modular creation) being filtered by a Blue Lantern Diode filter and put through a synthrotek development delay module. Another voice using the Synthrotek Chaos Nand module and ring modulated by a Delptronics unit. 4MS Atoner and Noise swash processing audio from the radio music module with cv coming from a Flame knob recorder. Pulses and control voltages also coming from two other additional Turing machine with expander modules. These are feeding to the Delptronics Little drummer boy and Din Sync Drum Dokta v1.

    These were proud moments for our space agency, our Nation, and the World. Let us not forget.


  • music thing modular STEREO spring reverb Desktop


    2 springs, 2 big tanks
    1 signal for both, 2 modulations
    spring 1 to left channel, spring 2 to right channel

  • SSL 1440 Radio Music


    More info at:

    #syntheticsoundlabs #RadioMusic #modularsynth

  • Music Thing Modular - Superbooth 2016


    Here Tom Whitwell takes us through the new Music Thing Modular modules available at (now The Turing Machine or coming soon).

    My overview video of the new Turing Machine and expanders is here -

    New Superbooth video EVERYDAY!

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  • Nonlinearcircuits x Music Thing Modular Interview


    Genius synth designer Andrew Fitch from Nonlinearcircuits appeared at CV Freqs, the London Modular Meet via Skype from his workshop in Perth, Australia.
    A couple of days beforehand, I (Tom from Music Thing Modular) did this test interview with him to check the whole system worked. We talked about chaos, clutter, the amazing Perth DIY scene and the best way to get started with his modules.
    You can buy Andrew's modules from his site:

    or from Thonk in the UK:

  • Studies for Dual Radio Music I - Modular Synth Ambient


    I built a portable battery powered case to explore a minimal Eurorack setup anywhere.

    Modules used;

    Music Thing Startup - In odd timing mode, one clock triggers Pam's and both clocks trigger the Radio Musics respectively. Used as a stereo output as well.

    Pamela's New Workout - Slow stepped LFO controlling Radio Music Start Point and different LFO's Modulating Clouds.

    2 x Music Thing Radio Music - Orchestral String Sample

    Mutable Instruments Clouds - In Looping Delay Mode. Freeze triggered using short pulse width over 32 bars from Pam's.

    Whilst making it originally, I fell asleep...

    The changes occur over long periods.

  • Music Thing Modular - Turing Machine mk2 TEST PLAY


    Turing Machine mk2 というシーケンサーなモジュラーシンセキットの組み立てが完了した記念?のテストプレイです。

  • Ambient DSI Tetra and Modular/Eurorack - Rings, Clouds, Music Thing Chords Organ


    Greetings friends, I love the DSI Tetra, it is such a versatile instrument in a small box. Here it is making good friends with Mutable RIngs/Clouds and my new Music Thing Radio with the Chord Organ alt firmware on. It is also my first video using my new Tiptop mantis case which I am enjoying a lot!!

    I was on holidays with the family 2 weeks ago in a lovely place called Lyme Regis in the South of England and started composing the keyboard loop and the drums in this song. I then come back to “sunny” Manchester (cold and wet) and complete an improvisation with the rest of the kit. So decided to put in some small videos from the holiday mixed with the main video

    This is my favourite type of arrangement where I have a few midi loops created in Ableton and then I allow the modular to go wild, it is like playing in a small band… a duo really,,,, I need friends :)

    Synth: Dave Smith Instruments Tetra

    Main modules:
    Music Thing Radio with alt firmware Chord Organ and Turing Machine
    Mutable Instruments Rings, Clouds, Ripples, Shades, Tides
    Make Noise Maths
    Intellijel Dixie, uscale, uvcf
    Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
    Qu-bit nanorand
    2hp mix

    Software: Ableton 9 with Push, Valhalla Vintage Verb and Soundtoys plugins

    Main Voices:

    1/ Rings in FM mode going into Clouds alt mode 2. Melody created using nano Rand and Turing Machine going through the intellijel uscale

    2/ Music Thing Chord Organ going through a intellijel uVCF in low pass mode

    3/ Intellijel Dixie and E350 going into Ripples with an envelope from Maths

    Recorded all in one take into multitrack Ableton Live by a MOTU 828 mk2. Some compression in the Master Channel to finish the track. No EQ used in the channels. Very basic sound

    Thanks for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe



  • Turing Machine Vactrol Mix Expander Demo