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Playlist of Murphy's Law (band)

  • Murphys Law What Will The Neighbors Think? Video


    This is a great video that not a lot of you have ever seen till now, ASTORIA, QUEENS RULES!

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  • MURPHYS LAW - back with a bong full


    back with a bong (1989)

    01 Intro
    02 Panty Raid
    03 Yahoo!
    04 Attack Of The Killer Beers
    05 Cavity Creeps
    06 Ska Song
    07 Quest For Herb
    08 America Rules
    09 Rage
    10 Wall Of Death
    11 Secret Agent Skin
    12 Push Comes To Shove
    13 Bong

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  • Sit Home And Rot - Murphys Law


    Back With A Bong

  • Murphys Law


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Murphy's Law · Geraldine Hunt feat. Freddie James & Rosalind aka Cheri

    Soultry, Jazzy, & Sexy

    ℗ 1999 Sheva Shetar

    Released on: 1999-12-27

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  • Ska Song


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    Ska Song · Murphy's Law

    Back with a Bong!

    ℗ 2014 I Scream Records

    Released on: 2014-02-18

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  • murphys law live


    year? location?

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  • Respect - Murphys Law


    Murphys Law Band in Springfield, OH performs cover song RESPECT. Singer Jessica Hannah, Guitar John Campbell, Drums Stuart Morris, Bass Joe Donely, Keyboards Rob Bardnell.

  • Honky Tonk Woman - Murphys Law


    Murphys Law Band in Springfield, OH performs Honky Tonk Woman live. Singer Jessica Hannah, Guitar John Campbell, Drums Stuart Morris, Bass Warne Kimball.

  • John F. Kennedy Murphys Law 1999


    10 Man Front marching around the track

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  • Doze Jazz Guys & Urban Renewal by Murphys Law


    Bass -- Russell Warmolts
    Design -- Earl Klasky
    Drums -- John Reilly
    Engineer -- Jack Sherdel
    Guitar, Trombone, Flute, Vocals -- Joe Parrino
    Harmonica, Chimes, Other [Vibes], Percussion -- George Christ
    Producer -- Jimmy Jenner
    Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bagpipes -- Ron Allard
    Vocals, Keyboards, Twelve-string Guitar, Rhythm Guitar -- J.F. Murphy

    A1 Bagpipes
    A2 Mad Monk
    A3 Those Magnificent Clowns
    A4 Bushwackers
    A5 The Seabird & The Flying Dutchman
    A6 Almost A Take (Beer Barrel Polka)
    B1 Doze Jazz Guys
    B2 I'd Rather Be
    B3 Somebody To Believe In
    B4 Usin' You
    B5 Urban Renewal (Medley From West Side Story)

    Well, this is why I do this, finding a treasure of a record that has apparently been completely lost to time...

    Here's a really special treat and discovery for all of you out there, a fabulously well-written rock album with progressive touches. We remember the beautiful and generous Ipanema Isabel discovered this group with her post of Murphy and Salt and their huge hit Last Illusion, a song I've now sung something like a million times: friendship is the only beast that's never been known to bite until it's dead (cf. here:
    Well, it turns out that songwriter Murphy actually put out 5 albums in total, and this is his last big record, a swan song featuring what sounds like an artist at the peak of his powers.

    First off, we can't move on without mentioning the incredible photos of this band, in their full-on neanderthal seventies attire and facial hair. The latest DNA studies do confirm that homo sapiens interbred with the neanderthals some 60,000-20,000 years ago (mostly in Europe), with some 4-5 percent of our DNA being actually from them. Interestingly, our species also interbred with an obscure group, another distinct species of hominid, called the Denisovans from central Asia and Siberia. Perhaps this is the final explanation for the continued existence of mullets. Anyways, I defy anyone to look at the back cover of the record without laughing out loud-- it's impossible. I think Murphy is the one with the lambchops. Notice how the others are mostly wearing tanktops (wifebeaters)-- how attractive! And why is the guy with the potbelly and baseball bat standing in front? Is he standing guard over some philly steak sandwiches? I defer again to my wife's comment which you've heard before, they were all stoned back then...

    It turns out the music on this record is actually very good, although the first comment I heard from my wife was, Is that a cow mooing on that song?
    Yes, we're talking about the seventies here, and of course, there will be a cow mooing on one song. Note also the last song on side 1: beer barrel polka I think it's safe to pass this one by without even a listen, of course what we have here is the band members drunk and stoned attempting to do a polka while falling over each other-- pretty much de rigueur for this time period.

    I've said this so many times before, it boggles the mind that satellite radio and FM radio play the same oldies over and over again when there are songs equally good and undiscovered to hear-- what's wrong with these people, they never want to hear anything new? Hours go by before I ever hear anything I haven't heard before. But here we have several really tuneful, perfectly executed rock songs with a lot of dynamism and enough original hooks and chord changes to make it eminently interesting and constantly new with some left over to hang up 4-5 jean jackets. And all of this barrels on with the force and energy of J F Murphy's fantastic singing.

    Pay attention to the first track on side B because it's the progressive instrumental masterpiece, showing how good an arranger and writer this guy was (Doze Jazz Guys). The last track on the album is Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story in a medley, plus Gershwin's Rhapsody thrown in for good measure, but really I would say he does a pretty good job of it-- it's not quite as good as Stern Combo Messien's Rhapsody though (on their live album). Of course, SCM is an all-out prog band. Murphy is responsible for all the writing and arranging, as far as I can see.

    I would like also to hear from the man himself, we've heard from many artists on this blog, mostly complimentary comments relating to their pride in their work resurfacing. I personally think J F Murphy is a great, great songwriter, who should stand along the other great songwriters rock in the seventies produced, like Jackson Browne, etc. His gruff baritone voice in particular really is perfect for this style. And what is he doing now I wonder?

  • Murphys Law


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Murphy's Law · Apollo

    First Band on Mars

    ℗ 2006 Innovation

    Released on: 2006-11-10

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  • Cheri - Murphys Law TOTP 1982?


    Cheri - Murphys Law TOTP yet another one from the VHS archive..too good not to be shared.

  • Murphys Law - Live - Schleswig swingt 2016


    MURPHY'S LAW ist eine Band die sich toller Coversongs aus den Genres Pop, Disco, Funk, Soul & Rock bedient, um diese auf der Bühne zu einer tollen Liveparty explodieren zu lassen. (

    00:00: Alive And Kicking (Cover)
    09:09: Sympathy For The Devil (Cover)
    13:34: Love Shack (Cover)
    18:40: One (Cover)

    Kameras: Dirk Andresen, Fabian Andresen, Olaf Hinrichsen
    Synchronisation und Schnitt: Andy Franke

    Multitrack Recording; Andy Franke
    Mix & Mastering: Andy Franke

  • Murphys Law - California Pipeline


    Classic NYHC

  • Murphys Law-Skinhead Rebel


    Profile Records (1986)

  • Bong - Murphys Law


    Back With A Bong

  • Murphys Law - Only Our Rivers Run Free


    Murphy's Law, an Irish folk band based in Berlin. This is Only Our Rivers Run Free, written by Mickey MacConnell in 1965, performed by Murphy's Law.

  • Murphys Law - Skinhead Girl


    Copyright disclaimer! I do NOT own the song featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only.

    band: Murphy's Law
    album: The Party's Over
    song: Skinhead Girl
    year: 2001.

    Published by Artemis Records.

  • Murphy’s Law at BOTB


    Murphy’s Law from Breakdowns On The Bay! This show was so sick!

  • Keith Blair Band - Bright Lights @ Murphys Law, Lafayette, La


    Bright Lights - Keith, Steve Adams & Lee Allen who played with Buckwheat Zydeco or 40 years.

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  • Murphys Law feat. Sören Lass


    Gig am 16.4.2017 im Jazil Schleswig.

  • Murphys Law - Kat Riggins


    This video is about Murphy's Law - Kat Riggins

  • CHERI - Murphys Law 12 Version


    Cheri - Murphy's Law [12'' Version]

    Label: Venture Records (VD-5019)
    Format: Vinyl, 12, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Released: 1982 [US]
    Producer: Freddie James, Geraldine Hunt
    Written by Daniel Joseph, Geraldine Hunt
    Remix by Michael Arato
    Mastered by Herb Powers Jr.

    For promotional purpose only!

  • Murphys Law Band Promo Video


    Murphy's Law Band Promo Video recorded in 2014. Features Randy Linville on Drums, Frank Schmidt on Keys, Angela Murphy on Vocals, Chuck Evans on guitar and Nick Amering on Bass. This band is from around the Cincinnati, OH area and booking inquiries can call 513-777-3769

  • Supermarket- Murphys Law


    Sydney band, SUPERMARKET, appearing on Midday 1985/86(?).
    Jim Kelly, Mick Kenny, Barry Leef, Erana Clark, Sheryl Black, Naomi Eyers, Russell Dunlop, Sunil di Silva, Victor Rounds, John Hoffman, Paul Panichi, Col Lochlan, Herbie Cannon & Bob Johnson

  • SU - Murphys Law 1985



  • Murphys Law


    Murphys Law is an Irish band based around the Hull area. My dad recently became a part-time member, and this is the band practising for their next gig at Baton beer Festival 09.

  • MURPHYS LAW 1 - Teahouse Concerts Berlin 2018


    MURPHYS LAW ist die wohl populärste irische Band, die es zur Zeit in Berlin gibt. Die Gruppe um Frontmann Donny O`Connor gilt als eine der Lieblingsgruppen des Konzertsommer - Publikums und hat sich seit mehreren Jahren mit ihrer Spielfreude in die Herzen der Besucherinnen und Besucher gespielt. Die Gruppe lebt in Berlin und kann auch in irischen Pubs bewundert werden. Viel Spaß!

  • Murphys Law - Humors of Berlin


    Live recording from Low Swing Studios November 2015. Video by Henning Köstler.

  • J.C. Smith at Murphys Law Jam 12-19-09 - 2 songs


    All star band- Bob Welsh on guitar, JC on guitar and vocals, Gary Rosen on bass, June Core on drums. Toward end of clip JC does a deft recovery from almost falling after tripping on a cord while June does a drum solo.

  • Murphys Law - Woke Up Tied Up



  • But Beautiful by the Murphys Law Pub session band.


    Just a tune from a monthly Jam Session at Murphy's Law Pub in The Hague, Holland, on 25 November 2016. Throughly enjoyable evenings - they are getting scarce...
    Hans Eekhoff (t), Flip Robers (tb), Jan Wouter Alt (as), Michael Funke (cl), Rob Agerbeek (p), Marc Muijzer (g), Jacques Kingma (b), Nanning van der Hoop (d).

  • House band at Murphys Law 12-21-09


    Johnny Cat on guitar, Dennis Dove on drums and vocals, Mike Phillips on bass. Dennis gets funky.

  • Murphys Law - Ska Song / Skinhead Girl


    PUNKCAST1471-02 Murphy's Law performing live at Santos' Party House NYC on 'Hump Day' - Oct 29 2008.

    Download @

  • Murphys Law - Shoot em Up


    Murphy's Law performing an origional, Shoot 'em Up live at the ELHS band show. Unfortunatly the leveing is off so you can't hear the lead very well.

  • The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ Todd Youth


    The New York Hardcore Chronicles 10 Questions w/ one of the pioneers of New York Hardcore Todd Youth (Fireburn / Warzone / Murphy's Law / Agnostic Front / Bloodclot / Danzig / Samhain / Motorhead / Glen Campbell / Ace Frehley / Chrome Locust / D-Generation / Chelsea Smiles)
    Directed by Drew stone

  • Murphys Law -Happy Birthday & Quest for Herb


    Murphy's Law
    Clip # 3
    In the further adventures of Murphy's Law, they lay some loving on their favorite band COC, sing Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, Happy Birthday, and go on a Quest For Herb.
    Way back yonder in 1996
    This is the punk band Murphy's Law

    Murphy's Law is returning to Va! Catch them on the Nearly 10 Year Tour!
    Sun, June 25th Peppermint Beach Club Virginia Beach, VA
    filmed with permission by Mitch

  • SU - Murphys Law 1986


    Freedom Bowl In Atlanta Ga Jan. 1986

  • Murphys Law @ The Dubliner Irish Pub Berlin


    The Dubliner Irish Pub

    Gleimstraße 33-35, 10437 Berlin

  • Rockin Johnny with the Aki Kumar Blues Band @ Murphys Law, Sunnyvale


    Rockin' Johnny Buring (on tour from Chicago) sits in with the Aki Kumar Blues Band @ Murphy's Law in Sunnyvale. Featuring Little Jonny (guitar), Johnny Cat Soubrand (guitar), Dave Chavez (bass), Nick Fishman (drums) AND Aki Kumar (camera).

  • Cheri - Murphys Law


    Track From 1982. :p

  • John F. Kennedy - Murphys Law 1987


    John F. Kennedy Band

  • Blue Thunder Theme || Band Cover


    Check out the full 1M1 album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more :
    Full album on Youtube : Available Soon
    Official website :

    Composed by Arthur R. Rubinstein
    Arranged by Didier Martini
    Keyboards, Brass & Percussion by Didier Martini
    Brass & Drums by Marc Papeghin

  • O. perry walker marching band playing murphys law


    marching uptown down st charles st

  • Karmakaze Live at Murphys Law Jan. 29th 2006: Dashes


    This is Karmakaze performing Dashes at their first show at Murphy's Law Jan. 29th 2006. Band Members: Rick Horton - Guitar, Ryan Melanson - Bass, Mike Debuc - Drums. For more music go to

  • Keith Blair Band from Murphys Law on Pinhook Rd


  • Murphys Law by Cheri With Lyrics


    The Song Murphys Law by Cheri With Lyrics

  • Murphys Law - Voodoo letterkenny - Crash


    Murphys law, live in voodoo letterkenny, performing dave matthew's Crash.

  • BUNOSCIONN & FRIENDS im Murphys Law Salzburg 2016


    Beschreibung: Murphy's Law das Irische Pup in Salzburg
    mit der Band Bunoscionn & Friends am 9.10.2016
    Traditionelle irische Musik.
    Ciaran (guit) Michelle (banjo) Tom (voc)
    Conleth (b) Mick (dr)

  • Murphys Law - Only Rivers run free


    Die irische- deutsche Band Murphy´s Law aus Berlin hatte am 16.4.2013 ihren ersen Auftritt im Irish Pub im europa center und wurde dabei an der Geige von Sara Thögersen untestützt.