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Playlist of Mr.President

  • Pia Mia - Mr. President


    Purchase Mr. President off 'The Gift' EP


    Music video by Pia Mia performing Mr. President. (C) 2014 Wolfpack/Interscope Records

    #PiaMia #MrPresident #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

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  • Dear Mr President lyrics Pink


    These are the lyrics to What i think is Pink's best song!!! Enjoy

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  • MR. PRESIDENT - Coco Jambo live in Copenhagen 26 May 2018


    song starts at around 00:40. From we love the 90s / Vi elsker 90'erne / Rødovre/Copenhagen. Excellent sound.

    About the performers:
    She is Hungarian-born Erika Kovács.
    He is British rapper Delroy Rennalls (aka Layzee Dee), in the act since 1994.

    This originally German act was formed in Bremen in 1991.

  • Dear Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by LaFace Records

    Dear Mr. President · P!nk · Indigo Girls

    I'm Not Dead

    ℗ 2006 RCA Records, a divison of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 2006-04-04

    Associated Performer: P!nk feat. Indigo Girls
    Composer, Lyricist, Producer, Recording Engineer: Billy Mann
    Background Vocal, Guitar: Emily Saliers
    Background Vocal: Amy Ray
    Mixing Engineer: Al Clay
    Assistant Engineer: Chris Rojas
    Coordinator: Lana Israel
    Mastering Engineer: Tom Coyne

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • 4 Non Blondes - Dear Mr. President


    Listen to the Best Of 4 Non Blondes here:
    Stream more from 4 Non Blondes:

    Follow 4 Non Blondes & Linda Perry

    Music video by 4 Non Blondes performing Dear Mr. President. (C) 1992 Interscope Records

  • Mr. President - Show Me The Way


    Video is back in YouTube
    VHS rip of the 1998 by VIVA TV (The video clip was first published in 1996)
    stereo audio
    Standard Resolution 640 X 480 pixels

    included in the playlist VIVA Special of the 90s:

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  • Mr.President - Up n away


    video clip

  • Letter to Mr. President - TommyInnit’s Theme Dream SMP


    Your Tommy.

    Remember the Your Tubbo and Your Tommy compass? Yeah. As much as I love angst, when it comes to Tommy and Tubbo it hits so so different, maybe it's because they're my two fave characters besides Technoblade. CAN'T BE A TOMMY/TUBBO/TECHNO APOLOGIST IF MFS DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG AMIRITE!!!!

    This is a collaboration with @Precious Jewel Amor , we wrote from two different perspectives of Tubbo and Tommy for extra pain :) She wrote the main melody first and then I wrote the counter-melody for it! This was super duper fun and I cried when I first listened to her demo ngl.

    Listen from Tubbo's POV here:

    Dear Mr. President
    How have you been?
    I've been so lonely
    The world turns so slowly

    I'm here for a good time
    Not for a long time
    The sun never rises
    On the right side since youre gone

    I'm counting down my days
    Wishing that I could see you again
    Before I end all the pain
    I wish I have more time

    Don't you remember you call me your Tommy
    We were supposed to fight the tyranny
    But I've swallowed the cold, the bitter truth
    Everything just leads back to you

    Dear Mr. President,
    It's been a long time
    It feels kind of cold, though
    But I think I've found my warmth

    But I thought it was us against the world?
    What is there now to be worth fighting for?
    Trace back my steps, feeling unsure

    Don't you remember I call you my Tubbo
    We were supposed to fight together
    But the world seems to grow colder
    Everything will lead back to you

    Everything will lead back to you
    Everything will lead back to you

    Your Tommy

    Q: Can I use this in my animatic/edits/videos?
    A: Yes of course!! As long as you give proper credits, I would love to see all of your lovely creations!!

    Q: What program do you use to produce?
    A: GarageBand on an iPad

    Q: Can I repost your song?
    A: Absolutely not. Even with credits. Unless you make it transformative (translate, make tutorials, covers, etc) You can play my songs on stream though!! If you do that there's no need to credit me :D as long as you don't claim it as your own.

    Q: What mic do you use?
    A: For this one I finally used a proper mic lmao I use Audio Technica

    Q: Can you give me the instrumental file?
    A: I don't give out instrumentals, sorryy!


    This is a Minecraft but, water rises or lava rises or any other Minecraft 1.16 challenges like that, but this time I wrote an original song for Tommy based on the events of the Dream SMP, a Minecraft server owned by Dream. This is a Minecraft speedrun challenge where I SPEEDRUN songwriting. This is like a fanart or fan animatic or animation but this time it's a theme song. This is an EPIC collaboration! I did another one of these for Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, Dream, Nihachu, Fundy, Philza and many more. TommyInnit is a big man but I AM THE BIGGEST MAN for writing an original song in a style I've never done before. Tubbo is a big man too cause he's PogChamp. Man I love them so much. POG CHAMP!!!!

    #TommyInnit @TommyInnit #DreamSMP

  • Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by Parlophone UK

    Mr. President · Kylie Minogue

    Kiss Me Once

    ℗ 2014 KDB Pty Limited

    Producer: Kelly Sheehan
    Backing Vocals: Kelly Sheehan
    Lead Vocals: Kylie Minogue
    Backing Vocals: Kylie Minogue
    Producer: Thomas Olsen
    Writer: Jacob Kasher Hindlin
    Writer: Kelly Sheehan
    Writer: Kylie Minogue

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Mr. President - Coco Jamboo OFFICIAL VIDEO VHS


    Mr.President Coco Jambo
    Retro VHS edition


    I gorące pozdrowienia dla Polaków, robicie tu dobra robotę!

  • Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by Bad Boy Records

    Mr. President · Janelle Monáe

    Metropolis: The Chase Suite

    ℗ 1290 Bad Boy Records, LLC. Manufactured and Distributed by Atlantic Recording Corporation, A Warner Music Group Company. 1290 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY 10104. All Rights Reserved.

    Writer: Charles Joseph II
    Writer: Janelle Monae Robinson
    Writer: Nathaniel Irvin III

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mr. President - Give A Little Love /1999/


    Mr. President - Give A Little Love


    Mr. President - Give A Little Love /1999

    ► Techno ( Videos Del Recuerdo )

    Mr. President fue un grupo musical alemán de eurodance originario de Bremen, que obtuvo fama mundial por su éxito Coco Jambo en 1996. Esta canción le dio su única entrada en las listas de singles de Estados Unidos, alcanzando el puesto 21. El nombre original del grupo fue Satellite One. La última formación se disolvió en 2008

    La banda se formó originalmente en Bremen por DJs Jens Neumann y Kai Matthiesen en 1991 bajo el título One satélite . Aunque la banda se presentó inicialmente a los clubes sin vocalistas , el dúo pronto se dio cuenta de que iban a necesitar los cantantes con el fin de encontrar el éxito en los principales charts de música . 18 años de edad, nativo Bremen Daniela Haak y rapero estadounidense George Jones fueron contratados para frente a la banda como un dúo , pero se convirtieron en un trío después de 15 años Judith T -Seven Hildebrandt fue contratado un par de semanas más tarde. Tras la insistencia de Hildebrandt a ser conocido como T -Seven en el escenario, Haak y Jones estaban convencidos de crear nombres artísticos para sí mismos , y lo hicieron , convirtiéndose en Lady Danii y Sir Profeta , respectivamente.

    Después de unos años de actuar en clubes sin ningún éxito comercial , Neumann y Matthiesen , ahora los administradores , así como los productores , decidieron cambiar el nombre de la banda con el señor Presidente, la situación ' señor ' de música y ritmo . Bajo el nuevo nombre de la banda , el grupo creó un club de baile underground éxito con la canción MM (Marilyn Monroe) en 1993. Aunque no para trazar , MM ' s popularidad era una señal de lo que vendrá para la banda.
    Up N 'Away , cambio en la formación y el éxito en 1995

    Tras el éxito de su single anterior , el Sr. Presidente irrumpió en las listas de éxitos con la canción Up N 'Away . Al igual que la canción se convirtió en un éxito a principios de 1994 , George Jones dejó la banda durante varios desacuerdos internos dentro de la banda. Aunque el proyecto fue abandonado brevemente , Neumann contrató Delroy Lazy Dee Rennalls a mediados de 1994 para reemplazar a Jones. Después de varios meses de duración en el estudio , el primer álbum del señor Presidente de larga duración , Up N 'Away - El álbum fue lanzado con una nueva versión de Up N ' Away con la voz de Lazy lugar de Jones. Tres canciones adicionales en el álbum fueron seleccionados como singles ( I Follow the Sun , 4 en el suelo y vamos a llevar ), y cada uno de ellos entraron en las listas europeas .

  • Mr. President - Jojo Action 1997


    Mr. President - Jojo Action 1997

    JoJo c'est la vie
    JoJo c'est la vie

    His name is JoJo
    He's sexy talkin' hip hip hip
    And JoJo go go
    He's funky walkin' tip tip tip

    He's sweet as honey can be
    A coconut tree
    I feel lazy, crazy

    When JoJo's acting
    Selecting he says, You, you, you
    He takes you dancing
    Romancing makes you blue, blue, blue

    He's like a bird on a tree
    A sweet harmony
    I feel lazy crazy

    JoJo action, satisfaction
    Candy apple tree
    JoJo action, satisfaction
    JoJo honey bee

    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme satisfaction
    JoJo c'est la vie
    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme me satisfaction
    JoJo come with me

    When JoJo' s smoking
    He's joking kinda tip, tip, tip
    Gives you illusion
    Confusion very hip, hip, hip
    He makes you fire and ice
    And JoJo's so nice
    I feel lazy crazy

    JoJo action, satisfaction
    Candy apple tree
    JoJo action, satisfaction
    JoJo honey bee

    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme satisfaction
    JoJo c'est la vie
    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme me satisfaction
    JoJo come with me

    Hey JoJo, you are down at the disco
    Turn up yo collar
    And you're ready to go go
    Hip hip hip, let's do it
    Tip tip tip, come on
    You're the man
    The center of attraction
    That's why they call you JoJo action
    Hip hip hip, everybody, tip tip tip
    Come on

    JoJo action, satisfaction
    Candy apple tree
    JoJo action, satisfaction
    JoJo honey bee

    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme satisfaction
    JoJo c'est la vie
    Listen JoJo action
    Gimme me satisfaction
    JoJo come with me

    JoJo action, satisfaction
    JoJo c'est la vie
    JoJo action, satisfaction
    JoJo come with me

  • Mr. President - Coco Jamboo HD 0815007


    Mr. President - Coco Jamboo, ein Hit 1996. Audio-CD-Sound zu altem Video-Material aus TV-Show.
    Sound replaced by audio-cd-sound. Full song.

  • Coco Jamboo


    Provided to YouTube by music.Faktory

    Coco Jamboo · Mr. President

    We see the same sun

    ℗ MACC Media Acccounting GmbH

    Released on: 1990-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mr President - Left And Right


    Exctracted from Mr President's 1st LP, called Number One and released by Favorite Recordings in 2011.



  • Letter To A Dead Friend/Letter To Mr. President | Dream SMP


    Your Tommy. Your Tubbo. best listened to with earphones. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as well!!!

    This is a collaboration with @Kanaya! She entertained the idea of a Tommy/Tubbo duet, and I sent her an instrumental almost right away! I'm beyond honored that she offered to write a Tommy POV, putting her own twist in it! She also made the art in this video!

    (super talented person, you should subscribe to her)

    Follow her socials here!

    Check out Tubbo!!! He's really cool :)
    Main Channel:
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    Check out TommyInnit! Super POG, I must say:
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    #dreamSMP #tubbo #tommyinnit

  • Mr. President - We See The Same Sun Full Album


    Mr.President - We See The Same Sun 1996 Album

    01. Intro - ( 00:00 )
    02. Coco Jamboo - ( 01:23 )
    03. Side To Side - ( 05:02 )
    04. Goodbye, Lonely Heart - ( 08:36 )
    05. I Give You My Heart - ( 12:02 )
    06. Love Zone - ( 15:38 )
    07. Show Me The Way - ( 19:03 )
    08. Olympic Dreams - ( 22:34 )
    09. You Can Get It! - ( 26:10 )
    10. Don't You Ever Stop - ( 29:53 )
    11. Turn It Up! - ( 33:45 )
    12. I Love The Way You Love Me - ( 37:29 )
    13. I Love To Love - ( 41:00 )
    14. Where The Sun Goes Down - ( 44:12 )
    15. Outro - ( 47:38 )

  • Lara Fabian - Mr. President


    Mr.President - Igor Krutoi & Lara Fabian, New Wave, 2010, Юрмала

  • Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by Danmark Music Group

    Mr. President · Mr. President

    Knoxville - Mr. Presidents Bedste

    ℗ SALUT

    Released on: 2020-01-10

    Lyricist: Mr. President
    Composer: Mr. President

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Coco Jambo- Mr. President


    Mr. President singing Coco Jambo, was a cover in the 90's, Here you can watch the video and listen the audio and the same time watch the lyrics. Please rate and comment about it. Thanks for watching.

  • Mr. President - Upn Away Full Album


    Mr.President - Up'n away (Album 1995)

    01. Intro - ( 00:00 )
    02. Up'n Away - ( 01:21 )
    03. 4 On The Floor - ( 05:16 )
    04. On My Mind - ( 08:33 )
    05. I Believe - ( 12:29 )
    06. Close To You - ( 16:06 )
    07. Never Leave Me - ( 19:30 )
    08. I'll Follow The Sun - ( 23:18 )
    09. Easy Come, Easy Go - ( 26:43 )
    10. Sweet Lies - ( 29:57 )
    11. Close To Your Heart - ( 34:19 )
    12. Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now) - ( 37:34 )
    13. I Would Die For You - ( 40:14 )
    14. Keep It Up! - ( 43:29 )
    15. Outro - ( 46:33 )
    16. Up'n Away (Peter's Groove Away Mix - ( 47:31 )

  • Mr President - JoJo Action


    Great energetic perfomance by Mr President in Oslo, Norway, enjoy :)

  • mr.president-i believe



  • Mr. President - Coco Jambo


  • Ray Stevens - Mr. President - Mr. President


    What are you going to do!?!

  • Mr. President - Turn it Up Radio Edit


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    1996 - Germany

    Members along the time :
    Robin Masters, Kai Matthiesen, Judith Hildebrandt, Daniela Haak, Sir Prophet Of Funk, Delroy Rennalls, Nadia, Myra

    The project was led by Robin Masters and Kai Matthiesen. There were many vocalists over the years: Judith Hildebrandt (AKA T Seven) who left the project in 2000. Daniela Haak (AKA Lady Danii) who also appeared in Kai Matthiesen's project Reset. Rapper Sir Prophet Of Funk who was kicked out of the project when the two girls refused to work with him anymore because of his attitude after the success of Up 'n' Away. Follow-up rapper Delroy Rennalls (AKA Lazy D). A female singer called Nadia who was supposed to take the place of T Seven but didn't stayed for long: her part was given to Myra who did background-vocals for Mr. President before and was also involved to the project Paffendorf.

  • Dear Mr President - P!nk - Piano Karaoke Instrumental


    Piano Karaoke Instrumental for Dear Mr President by P!nk

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  • dear mr. president - flesh and blood


    free of all the pain, nothings a drag now i feel as one..

  • Mr.President -The Abba Medley


    The Abba Medley

  • Mr President - Coco Jambo


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  • Ulli Bögershausen - Dear Mr. President


    Ulli Boegershausen plays Dear Mr. President, original composition by Pink

  • Pink - Dear Mr. President - EASY Piano Tutorial


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  • Mr. President - Space Gate 1999


    [Artist: Mr. President ]
    [Title: Space Gate ]
    [More Infos: ]

  • Mr. President - Simbaleo.wmv


  • Marilyn Monroe - Happy Birthday Mr. President


    Highest quality recording I could find of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to President JFK in 1962, including his reaction afterwards. English subtitles included.


    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday, Mr. President
    Happy birthday to you

    Thanks, Mr. President
    For all the things you've done
    The battles that you've won
    The way you deal with U.S. Steel
    And our problems by the ton
    We thank you so much
    Everybody, happy birthday

  • Pia Mia- Mr. President Lyrics HQ


    EDIT: Wow, that's a lot of views...

    Lyric video to Mr. President by Pia Mia

    I do not own the song!! All rights go to Pia Mia!!

  • Nightcore - Dear Mr President


    Nightcored by me

  • Fitz and The Tantrums & Daryl Hall: Dear Mr. President


    Fitz and The Tantrums perform Dear Mr. President with Daryl Hall at his home in upstate New York for the web show Live from Daryl's House.

    Download Pickin' Up The Pieces on iTunes:

  • Mr President Take Me To The Limit Live at Popcorn 1997


  • Fitz And The Tantrums- Dear Mr. President


    *No copyright is intended. This video is simply for entertainment purposes

    Artist: Fitz And The Tantrums
    Album: Pickin' Up The Pieces
    Year: 2010
    Track List:
    1. Breakin' The Chains Of Love
    2. Dear Mr. President
    3. Pickin' Up The Pieces
    4. MoneyGrabber
    5. L.O.V.
    6. News 4 You
    7. Don't Gotta Work It Out
    8. Rich Girls
    9. Winds Of Change
    10. Tighter

  • Mr. President - Gonna Get Along - videoclip


    Mr. President - Gonna Get Along -(1280 x 720p HD) videoclip

  • Please Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy

    Please Mr. President · Guitar Shorty

    Bare Knuckle

    ℗ 2010 Alligator Records & Artist Management, Inc.

    Released on: 2010-03-02

    Producer: Wyzard
    Music Publisher: Eyeball Music, P.O. Box 60234, Chicago, IL 60660 & G'Noosh Mouth Music, 2564 Wellesley Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064
    Composer: Iglauer, B., Wyzard & Kearney, D.
    Lyricist: Iglauer, B., Wyzard & Kearney, D.

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Dear Mr. President


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Dear Mr. President · P!nk

    The People Speak

    ℗ 2009 Voices of a People's History, LLC., under exclusive license to Universal Music Enterprises.

    Released on: 2009-01-01

    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Stacy Campbell
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Jenny Douglas-McRae
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Justin Derrico
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Shawn Everett
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Bob Clearmountain
    Producer: Tony Berg
    Producer: David Baerwald
    Composer Lyricist: Billy Mann
    Composer Lyricist: P!nk

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mr. President - take me to the limit 1997


    [Artist: Mr. President ]
    [Title: take me to the limit (Extended Mix) ]
    [More Infos: ]



  • Dear Mr.President - Pink


    Pink (p!nk) sings Dear Mr.President a very nice song with LYRICS!!!!!!!

  • Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit - Soundtrack - Patrick Doyle - Ryan, Mr. President


    Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit - Soundtrack - Patrick Doyle

    Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube:

  • Mr President - On and On


    Un bon morceau des Mr. President. Pas très connu apparemment vu qu'il n'était pas encore sur youtube en mars 2012 ;-)
    Fait partie de leur album Space Gate sorti en 1999

    Oh yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah yeah
    On and on On and on On and on On and on

    On and on, keep movin´ on, and keep on
    clappin ´til the beats stays on
    On and on, a love so strong, I look into
    your eyes and my heart is gone
    On and on, hear my song, I love you
    know, but for just how long?
    On and on, a love goes on, don´t
    stop ´til you hear this song
    On and on, a love´s not gone, I feel
    your touch in the rising sun
    On and on, my heart beats on, whisper in
    my ear when I feel your tongue
    On and on, a love so strong, weak in your
    arms, ´til the break of done
    On and on, my love goes on, don´t
    stop until you hear this song
    don´t stop until you hear this song

    On and on there´s no time for me to run away
    On and on, stay with me the whole night thru
    Just keep on to wright up my lonely days
    On and on, on and on
    Oh yeah, on and on, yeah yeah, oh yeah
    On and on, yeah yeah

    On and on
    On and on
    Oh yea-yeah, oh yea-yeah, yea-yeah!

    On and on, keep movin´ on, and keep on
    clappin ´til the beats stays on
    On and on, a love so strong, I look into
    your eyes and my heart is gone
    On and on, hear my song, I love you
    know, but for just how long?
    On and on, a love goes on, don´t stop
    ´til you hear this, don´t stop ´til
    you hear this

    Chorus x 1

    On and on
    wright up my lonely days
    On and on
    wright up my lonely days
    On and on
    wright up my lonely days
    On and on, on and on, on and on
    On and on

  • Izzy and the Black Trees - Mr. President


    Mr. President from Trust No One album released by Antena Krzyku 2020. Listen on Spotify, Tidal and other streaming services.
    CD album order

    #fuzzrock #izzyandtheblacktrees #alternative #modernalternative #girlinaband #izzyandtheblacktrees #storytelling #mrpresident #president #90sindie #rock #indie #indiemusic #indieband #indiegirl

    Produced and mixed by Mariusz Dojs
    Mastered by Hippocratic Mastering UK


    Oh mister president, I will be dead tomorrow
    Covered in rhinestone blood, peachy lips turn pale
    Spoke with you yesterday, how unsettled was I
    In an empty hotel room
    The last memory of me died

    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes

    Can’t believe what they’re saying
    All the girls should be like a lilac flower
    Always glamorous and pristine

    Down the staircase I was running from myself
    I lost my breath, oh darling it’s just a movie
    See how frightening it can get

    Down the staircase I was running from myself
    I lost my breath, oh darling it’s just a movie
    See how frightening it can get

    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes
    All the girls with dancefloor eyes



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