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Playlist of Monster School : JURASSIC WORLD CHALLENGE

  • minecraft mobs in real life #2 HD


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    Ender Dragon:

    Ender Dragon:

    Music: music: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release]

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  • Jurassic World Evolution Remake~ Rise by Skillet


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  • SHORT Bakon meets The Afton Family - GreyBox ORIGINAL



    Sappheiros - Embrace

    All Afton Family Characters Except (Chris, Nightmare Bakonette, Bakon, And Noob) Belong to HunterVR . Ballora And Circus Baby Made By Circus Baby.

  • SPINOSAURUS SONG - Dinosaur Battles - Spinosaurus vs T-Rex - Dinosaur Songs by Howdytoons


    Listen on Spotify:

    Spinosaurus is here! Are you ready for him? He's ready to ATTACK! This Dino is a ruthless Carnivore, on land and in the sea. He's also massive, even bigger than the T-Rex! Watch this epic new video and find out why everyone bows down to the Spinosaurus.

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    Lyrics: Spinosaurus
    Words and Music by Mike Whitla
    © 2019 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing

    He’s the one you are calling Spinosaurus, he’s got a-sail upon his back
    He’s got a head it’s like an alligator and he is ready to attack
    He is the one from your nightmares Biggest of all the carnivores

    Down in the swamp he waits for you
    Swimming around looking for food

    Spinosaurus bigger than Tyrannosaurus.
    He’s the one that you should fear. Bow Down to Spinosaurus!
    Oooh No! He’ll eat you, Spinosaurus,
    In the swamp he will appear. Bow down to Spinosaurus!

    Now all the fish are in his tum
    He warms his bones beneath the sun
    And as it sets he dreams of prey
    That he will hunt another day

    He’s gonna eat you now
    Or he’ll eat you later

    Swimming around looking for prey
    But all the fish have have swum away
    Out of the swamp he now must creep
    The taste of meat is what he seeks
    Just by the shore he spies some flesh
    He’ll have to deal with old T-Rex

    T-Rex won’t want to share his snack
    Then Spinosaurus will attack

    Spinosaurus fights with Tyrannosaurus.
    Who’s the one that will succeed? He comes now, Spinosaurus!
    Oooh No! He’ll eat you Spinosaurus.
    On your flesh he wants to feed. Bow down to Spinosaurus!

    Spinosaurus is on the hunt watch out or he’ll get ya!!

    His teeth are sharp he wants to eat now
    His hunger grows , he wants a snack.
    His claws are set , to hunt he knows how.
    He smells your fear, So now he attacks

    Spinosaurus fights with Tyrannosaurus.
    Who’s the one that will succeed? He comes now, Spinosaurus!
    Oooh No! He’ll eat you Spinosaurus.
    On your flesh he wants to feed. Bow down to Spinosaurus!

    Mike Whitla: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
    Jimmy Reid: Guitar, Vocals
    Adam Hay: Drums
    Mixed by: Vic Florencia
    Animation: Chao-Peng Tsai

    Howdytoons brings you the best music videos and cartoons for kids including Dinostory and Prehistorica.
    Stay tuned for more Dinosaur Songs.

    Music about Dinosaurs

    Music © 2019 Rock'n'Rainbow Music Publishing
    Video © 2019 Howdytoons Productions Inc.

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  • Jurassic World Monster Skillet Amv - Predator 3500 & Jurassicthehunted | RaveDJ


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    Original videos
    Rise Jurassic world. -

    Saurophaganax ~ Monster Skillet AMV -

  • Dj Siren Head || Dj viral Tiktok Siren Head Remix || Bass Bossted 2020


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    Remixer Drop the bassline
    Film siren head

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  • Animated Music Song - ♪ Jurassic World The Musical & Tjoc RapFnaf Rap Remix | RaveDj


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    Original Videos
    ♪ JURASSIC WORLD THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song -

  • SpongeBob sings Old Town Road by Lil Nas X


    SpongeBob loves to ride his seahorse along the old town road. Why he does this is a Mystery...

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    #OldTownRoad #LilNasX #SpongeBob

  • Jurassic Park - Monster


    Thank you for 50 subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!! ???????????? I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clips from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Song by Skillet.

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  • ♫ Wrecking Mob - A Minecraft Parody of Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball


    Download on iTunes:
    Buy a Wrecking Mob T-shirt:

    The song this parody was based off, Wrecking Ball can be viewed here:

    People who helped me in making this awesome music video!

    Main animator:
    Music/Audio Engineering/Backing Vocals:
    Lip Synching:

    Special thanks to BlueMonkeyYT and WeedLion for animation advice and especially BlueMonkeyYT for the thumbnail/album art!

    Minecade for tons of help and using their booth during Minecon to get the rest of the music video completed! Check them out at


    I craft, I mine, I took my time
    To build a castle with a view.
    Two moats, twelve boats, don't want to gloat,
    but there's so much that I could do.

    Enchanting diamond swords, mob grinder beneath the floor.
    Everything that I need.
    I've got twenty tennis courts, I don't even play that sport.
    Everything that I need.

    But then the freaking Creepers came.
    Blew up everything in my game.
    From my couch room to my kitchen plates.
    All they did was destroy everything.
    Yeah they destroyed everything.

    Take number two. Creepers: screw you!
    I'll go where you cannot reach me.
    I'll build a base in outer space.
    Leave me alone, I beseech thee.

    I just wanna live my life, free from constant Creeper strife,
    living safe and carefree.
    Maybe down the pipeline, I'll relax and spend my time
    living safe and carefree.

    But then the freaking Creepers came.
    How'd they even get in outer space?
    It's enough for you to go insane.
    Because of them I am suffocating.

    But then the freaking Creepers came
    Planted me into a shallow grave.
    Haven't got anyone else to blame.
    I should have known this would happen to me.
    Yeah it, it happened to me.

    I've gained the wrath of all these mobs,
    and I just wanna know why.
    Whenever they get close to me,
    They only want me to die.
    I've gained the wrath of all these mobs,
    and I just wanna know why.
    They only want me to die.

    I figured it out today, I'll do things my own way.
    I'll be finally free.

    It's time for me to take a stand.
    You hear that? I am my own man.
    You'll taste defeat by my bare hands.
    Sweet revenge is so fulfilling.

    Creepers beware today's my day.
    I'll take the fight back to your home base.
    You've blown me up, now how about a taste?
    This is for what you've done to me.
    Yeah, what you've done to me.
    Yeah, what you've done to me.

  • Disney Music - Lava


    Download the song “Lava” here:
    Google Play:
    Sheet Music:

    Music video by Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig, James Ford Murphy performing Lava. (C) 2015 Walt Disney Records

    #DisneyMusic #Lava #Vevo

  • Minezoic | Minecraft Dinosaur Animation Short


    Well peeps, my dinosaur rig is back with this better than before animation that will make you never think about Jurassic Park the same...!

  • R E A L I T Y - Concept 1&6//// awake and alive ////



    #Minecraft animations

    Song - awake and alive

  • JAWS THEME - Piano Tutorial


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    Learn the Jaws Theme by John Williams on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

    Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson

    Follow Sheet Music Boss!

    The Theme from Jaws is one of the most iconic pieces of music ever written for modern cinema. The opening motif has been parodied and remade countless times to signify or lampoon the idea of a shark chase. This piano tutorial is an arrangement of John Williams' amazing theme, and presents many challenges, even for experienced pianists. We hope you enjoy this piano version of the Jaws theme!

  • game ikan hiu - makan orang - android


    Game android hungry shark evolution.
    game ikan hiu makan ikan
    game ikan hiu makan orang

  • Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp



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    Starring: Bryan and Neil
    Featuring: Liz, Brinna and Rose.
    Shot, Directed and Edited: Kenny Abdo and Benjamin Johnson.

    Dinosaur Stomp by Koo Koo Kanga Roo Copyright 2017

    Pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it

    I am a stegosaurus
    call me a brontosaurus
    I'll get you with my taurus
    hey hey hey hey
    Way down Jurassic Park
    Hanging out after dark
    Im scary like a shark
    hey hey hey hey
    I hang with little foot
    he gives me great input
    we eat at pizza hut
    hey hey hey hey
    I am a dinosaur
    most of us like to roar
    roam jungles and explore

    Pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it

    Tyrannosaurus rex
    smashing all your objects
    ill put you in a hex
    hey hey hey hey
    I’m in the jungle roaring
    but when it gets too boring
    I go a carnivoring
    hey hey hey hey
    velociraptor name
    eating meat is my game
    extinction I became
    hey hey hey hey
    swoop - there goes a pterodactyl
    nothing rhymes pterodactyl
    I just like pterodactyls
    hey hey hey hey

    Pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    pick up your foot and stomp it, stomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it
    open up your jaws and chomp it chomp it

  • Mothras Theme Extended - Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Custom Theme Piano IN PROGRESS


    I know that this isn't the type of video you all were looking for. I am working on the ones you are, trust me there is nothing that I want more than to take off school right now and come work on videos again. But sadly, that is not how the world works. I hope that by tonight I will have normal videos coming out for you all to enjoy.

    As for now, I hope you can enjoy the trial extended version of my Mothra theme for Godzilla 2. I feel like Mothra's theme is the hardest I've had to write and I'm still struggling to nail the right tone but I am satisfied with these as some rough attempt versions.

  • Godzilla- Feel like a monster


    Sorry that I’ve been gone and haven’t published any videos but I’ll get back right on it please comment and subscribe for more

  • The Minecraft Movie Fan Made


    The Minecraft Movie by The Pig

  • Tribute Legends Never Die: Remix League of Legends


    Tribute Legends Never Die: Remix (ft. Alan Walker) League of Legends
    Rest in peace, our king...

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    ♫ Music by Audiomachine
    Track: Return of the King
    Composer: John A. Graves
    Album: Intros

    Official Website


    →Video was edited by bonD

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    #EMVNCinematic #ChadwickBoseman #BlackPanther

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  • Microsoft Dinosaurs Excerpt #06


  • China Anne McClain - Night Is Young


    Disney+ is the only place to stream your favorites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more. Access it all in the US, Canada and the Netherlands at

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    #Descendants #DisneyChannel

    Music video by China Anne McClain performing Night Is Young. (C) 2015 Walt Disney Records

  • EP01


    요즘 가장 핫한 가수들을 대기실에서 라이브로 만난다
    SBS KPOP PLAY 출첵라이브!

    3개월만에 미니앨범 5집으로 돌아온 스트레이키즈와 함께했습니다
    역대급 텐션 up! 스테이들 빨리빨리 모여라~

    스트레이키즈 출첵라이브 2부도 기대해주세요 ~! 6 v 6 ~!

    SBS KPOP PLAY is communicating with you on Youtube
    Please subscribe our channel and have more fun♥


  • Kisah Hello Kitty


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  • Jurassic Park


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Jurassic Park · Headphone Activist

    Crystal Souls - EP

    ℗ 2016 Headphone Activist

    Released on: 2016-11-14

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • DripFrog - Ganging


    DripFrog Ganging (Official Music Video)
    By DripFrog
    Ganging by DripFrog © 2020

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    Instagram: @officialdripfrog

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  • Saurus


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Saurus · LCone · Gilles Knobel · David Largier · Livio Carlin · Chekaa


    ℗ FarMore Records A Division of the FM Music Group GmbH

    Released on: 2020-05-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Seeing A Red Lights Warning!! - Dayatora & Pastel Flurry | RaveDj


    Made on RaveDJ at
    Make your own Mix or Mashup at

    Original Videos
    Opinions AMV (Animatic/Animation) [Baldi’s Basics Part 2] Flashing lights warning!! -
    Seeing Red (Animation Meme) -

  • Olgoi-Khorkhoi: Mongolian Death Worm


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Olgoi-Khorkhoi: Mongolian Death Worm · Mombi Yuleman

    Triptych, Vol. 1

    ℗ 1299080 Records DK

    Released on: 2019-06-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ariana Grande - Problem Minecraft


    This video is made by Bram and made with minecraft PE :)

  • Herobrine never dies


    this is a animation to prove that herobrine cant die. enjoy :D

  • Minecraft Herobrine Trolling- Trolling a nerd in Minecraft


    Well, Looks like we will be trolling a 16 year old nerd! This one was tricky!

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  • Hip Hop by Pace Won and Mr. Green


    Pace Won and Mr. Green
    The Only Color That Matters Is Green
    Raw Poetix Records
    Directed By Phil Sedehi
    Cinematography by Lucas Pruchnik
    Edited By Jed I. Rosenberg

    Here goes some fiction for the heads out thurrrr! Miss Teen usa aka Miss South Carolina could even understand that the Britney Spears is a Stargate alien from the planet Mars or maybe Venus. (I'm not sure) Lil Wayne and Rhianna also concur that these fellas blur the line of
    reality through art fatality. Mortal Kombat on you Wombats!!! Finish him for breakfast lunch and dinner to see who the winner is on who wants to me a millionare or even chamillionare. I found a billion google type candies worn by a sexy gal named Mandy. She was totally crazy and loved to listen to Swizz Beatz and even Snoop Dogg ! Here's my most favorite tale: One day I saw a cute fat kitten run amok. His name was John and he had a lil sister named Mary Ann Butt Crack and an even smaller sister named Suzy Asscrack. They went to the store to buy a crack rock for Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Oj Simpson. then Johnny Cochran stepped
    on Suzy and went to court with her parents. Meanwhile, the boy cat from around the corner who went to the same school where the Olsen Twins escaped with 2 girls and one cup, found some hardcore booty shake records from the 90's. He listened to the classic songs yet new
    they were disrespectful to women. Ergo the Freak in captivity is none other than the new character Tommy with whom all adore. Tom is a wolf and he likes to eat cats for Breakfast!!! He plays on his playstation
    and sony psp all day long while watching snowboard videos. Meanwhile the super hot Cat was riding his skateboard while playing Kanye west on his Ipod and then BOOM!!!The Battle Begins!!! the Wolf Jumped in
    front of him and said give me your rubik's cube and your Jessica Alba lunchbox or I'll call the police and tell them about the alternative avant garde lifestyle that you've been living. WHAT ?! said the cat ( lol ) He looked into his pocket for the proper code to release his dragonball z monster that was hidden in his little kitten pocket.
    KABOOOM!! A giant 100 foot tall two headed Homer and Bart Simpson behemoth arose from inside his red ball of power. The simpsons were a threat that the wolf never imagined would serve to challenge him in an animal fight. So he called up Daft Punk on his cell phone and told them to bring a metal stripper to destroy these cartoon machines before his eyes! So then, Outta the Blue....a robot parody of a funny novel I once read called the Davinci code came out of nowhere to protect the wolf. Then Marge And Maggie simpson fell from the sky like angels to lay their wrath upon the strong dog. Even Lisa appeared with an Oprah medallion on her side that was glaring with the aura of a Scientology gem that would make Harry Potter jealous. The silly wolf made a stupid mistake. He slipped on a banana and fell on his ass so hard that he could no longer walk! The cat side are you alright? are you Hurt?! or in pain?...and the wolf replied You foolish pussy cat! Daft Punk and Kanye are coming to get you ! ...the cat said dont make me pull 50 cent out of my pokemon ball too! I'm warning you!
    Then a blond fairy appeared and told them all to stop or she would turn them into frogs!!! ( rofl ) Then the magic fairy said do you want me to give you a sex change operation?! or do y'all want me to delete your myspace pages!!!?? Both animals replied NO dont do that Please dont do that! We just want to be Platinum rap stars like on that tmz channel. Can you surgically bond us to Angelina Jolie possibly? the Fairy replied I want an apology for Michael Jackson. Then Oj appeared with a baseball bat and a basketball jersey screaming I want a Hershey! The cat said I'm so thirsty for some milk ..cookies would complement that nice. or maybe I just stick with eating mice. So they all went back to Oj's house to watch Full House versus the Family Guy's spouse! and then the whole city got destroyed by a nuclear bomb develop by terrorists funded by your Mom! Sike!!

  • Goku vs dinosaurio


    Todo el Contenido De la Serie y Derechos Pertenecen a Toei Animation y Akira Toriyama. Dejen su like para mas Contenido de Esta Grandiosa Serie. Suscribanse y Activen la Campanita Para Mas Videos de Este Anime y que Tengan un Buen Dia.

  • Minecraft Animation Dance


  • TIME WARP | Fairy Tail Origins || Minecraft Music Video


    Time is... fleeting!

    Check out the episode where the music video is featured here!!

    Fairy Tail Origins Playlist:

    Join the Origins Fan Discord here!

    ► Fairy Tail Origin Wizards
    ● Michael -
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    ● Bryan -
    ● Kaykrae -
    ● Jakey -
    ● Colin -
    ● Seek -
    ● Mario -
    ● Brandon -
    ● Brick -
    ● Inmo -
    ● Marshie -
    ● David -
    ● Lemonz -
    ● Lhollo -
    ● CaptainPuffy -
    ● mblohr -
    ● owTreyalP -
    ● Zaro -
    ● Relena -
    ● Crateup -
    ● Gingy -

    #FairyTailOrigins #FTO #Minecraft #TheShipIsSailing #Brakey #YourSong????

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    Music provided by Epidemic Sounds

  • ???? UNFIXABLE - FNAF 5 SONG - REMIX ????


    ``````````````ПРОЧИТАЙ ОПИСАНИЕ``````````````

    Автор - DAGames


    Amnesia - The Dark Descent -
    Layes of Fear -
    Bendy And The Ink Machine -
    Sally face -
    Fran Bow -
    Doki Doki Literature Club -
    Ultimate Custom Night -

    Фан игры Undertale -

    Dishonored The Knife Of Dunwall -

    Cuphead -
    Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy -

    RAFT -
    Oxygen Not Included -
    Don't Starve -

    Speedpaint's -
    Флэш игры -
    Реакции -
    Туториалы -
    Монтажики -
    Papers,please -
    Тривиадор -

    Что-то о Бенди чернильной машине:
    Бенди и машина читов -
    Bendy in Nightmare Run -

    Прохождение Minecraft 1.13 -

    VK -
    Группа vk -
    Мой второй канал -
    Твич -
    Мой канал стримов -
    Soundcloud -
    Мой Discord сервер -

    Инфа обо мне:
    Привет,я Slavarus,или же Вячеслав.
    Мне 12 лет и я просто школьник,который любит делать видео на ютуб.
    Тут вы найдёте:стримы,просто видео,туториалы и т.д.
    живу в России

    Вопросы которые могут возникнуть:

    Через что ты монтируешь?
    -Сони Вегаc,чел,Сони Вегас)
    Через что ты записываешь видео?
    Какие игры тебе больше нравятся?
    -Смотря какакой жанр.

    Программы которые использую:

    Sony Vegas,
    Camtasia Studio 8,
    Cinema 4D (не часто её использую. ПОЧТИ никогда)
    SAI (если нужны арты)
    КиноСтудия (если нужна анимация)

    Если есть желание помочь каналу -
    WebMoney R480035667639

    Если хотите пиар - 100 рублей.

  • Making Monsters


    A take on an early personal imaging device . . . peering into the smudged lens, turning the crank handle round and around . . . Perhaps (since technology evolves so fast) an ancestor of the late Jurassic period to the iPod.

    Was influenced by the scholar Jonathan Crary discussing the impact of the first vision technologies, the thaumatropes, phenakistoscopes, and zootropes of the early 1800's, in his wonderful book, Techniques of the Observer: On Vision and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century.

    The quote on the poster is lifted from Pixar's website: There is a scene in Toy Story 2 when the old man repairing Woody tells the impatient toy collector, 'You can't rush art'. This is especially true at Pixar, where films go through four stages: development, creating the storyline; pre-production, addressing technical challenges; production, making the film; and post production, 'polishing' the final product.

    It's likely too obvious to be worth saying, but it seems that despite the evolution of entertainment technology, great stories don't just happen on their own. Works of art still require an ongoing, concerted effort by creatives.

  • Defending Villitown | Minecraft Animation


    Yesterday, I made a Steve Rig, and I figured I'd test it out.

  • Riding The Alphabot


    A music parody from an old Children's computer game - The Great Word Adventure - featuring Howie Mandell.

  • 用Minecraft 音樂盒做《we will rock you 》????????



  • | Minecraft Animation | the song we will Rock you


    เพจเฟสบุ๊ค misler channel

    FB: ส่วนตัว

  • Minecraft Song Parodie Where Them Mobs At - A Parodie of David Guetta´s Where Them Gils A


    Soo endlich wieder eine Minecraft Parodie die mit Style und einer echt coolen Animation an den Start geht.

    Viel Spaß!!!=)=)

  • Revenge - A Minecraft Parody of Ushers DJ Got Us Fallin In Love


    Due to popular demand somehow.

    #CaptainSparklez #EPICMinecraft #LiveAction #Creeper #Awman

  • The Flying Dinosaurs - Someone Else


  • THVTHURSDAY - Promise


    solo es un trozito.
    mezclado x mi


    sometimes i feel so bad
    yo solo quiero ponerte a bailar
    aquella noche me dejaste mal
    y ahora tengo ganas de mas

    sometimes i feel so bad
    yo solo quiero ponerte a bailar
    aquella noche me dejaste mal
    y ahora tengo ganas de mas

    Buscandome la vida
    take it easy
    no te rayes
    yo soy asi

    Tu mi kylie
    y yo tu travis
    que te parece si nos vamos de aqui

  • Roan & Neyfer - Todo termino



    Les Presentamos El nuevo Tema De Roan & Neyfer (Gnz), Todo Termino, Con colaboración en el Violín, Chris Reyes, penúltimo tema del álbum #YouLove, Esperamos Que Se De Vuestro Agrado.
    ...Un Abrazo Familia...

    *comparte y no olvides suscribirte*.

    Sitio web:

    Descargar Canción

    Artista: Roan & Neyfer

    Beat: GnzBeat

    Producción: GnzBeat™

    Todos los derechos Reservados ®

  • Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 by ONeil & Kinkel/Phillips


    Canyon Del Oro HIgh School Orchestra Winter Concert, December 7, 2015

  • THVTHURSDAY - Dance For Me


    mezclado x mi


    sigo jodio
    sigo en lo mio
    no quiero mas lio
    yo quiero contigo

    vamos a partirlo
    directos al infierno
    vamos a partirlo
    vamos a darle fuego

    so dance for me
    so dance for me
    drugs on me , im lost

    so dance for me
    so dance for me
    drugs on me , im lost

    hace frio dame tu calor
    vente conmigo de colocon
    voy con mi pikete
    voy con mi gente

    con arte como dellafuente

    hace frio dame tu calor
    vente conmigo de colocon
    voy con mi pikete
    voy con mi gente

    con arte como dellafuente

    we stay in line
    dont fuck me again



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