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Playlist of Modeselektor

  • Modeselektor feat. Tommy Cash - Who


    Modeselektor WHO ELSE (MTR096)
    Stream & download:


    An EASYdoesit Production (

    Director: Chehad Abdallah
    Director of Photography: Konstantin Mazov
    Executive Producer: Sebastian von Gumpert
    Producer & 1st AD: Christopher Kane
    Junior Producer: Marie Zeller
    Set Manager: Louis Lorenzen
    Runner/Driver: Katharina Soltkahn
    1. AC: Ashton Green
    2. AC: Nicklas Stinner
    Cam Trainee: Vanessa Mihali
    DIT: Ferdinand Stöckel
    Gaffer: Richard Nitsche
    Electrician: Benedict Aufzug, Thomas Standtke
    Helping Hand: Wanja Hof
    Grip: Felix Sablotny
    Grip Assistant: Niso Collins
    Art Department: Eugenio Perazzo, Anne Lewald, Pieter Deuchert, Jakob Krause
    Styling: Marianka Benesch
    Styling Assistant: Lenki Behm
    SFX / Hair & Makeup Artist: Jasmin Arnold
    Hair & Makeup Artist: Julia Barde
    Animal Trainer: Marko Hafenberg
    Editor: Anselm Koneffke
    Color Grading : Erik van den Heuvel
    VFX: Elias Asisi
    Catering: Ingrid Gollan-Kane

    Casting: Marie Zeller
    Casting Agency: Facelent

    Cast: Tommy Cash as himself
    Instagram -
    Youtube -
    Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Jona Hansen, Julie Savery, Lukas Stöver, Marlene Pina Morkel

    Julie Savery

    Niklas Tom Hübner, Burkhard Klimek, Stefan Klimek

    Monkeytown Music GmbH
    Managing Partner & Artist Management
    Modeselektor: Raymond Merkel
    Label Management & Artist Management Modeselektor: Marit Posch

    Mangement Tommy Cash:
    Alex Troitsky & Marili Jõgi

    Special thanks to:
    Brachmann, Charlie le Mindu, fomme, Lina Phyllis, Lou de Bètoly, Nightboutique, Richert Beil,
    Spatz Hutdesign Passau, The Store Berlin, Theaterkunst, Yulia Kjellsson

    © 2019 Monkeytown Records

  • Modeselektor Boiler Room x T2 Berlin DJ Set


    ► Modeselektor throwing it back at our T2 Rave in the Boiler Room Berlin
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  • Modeselektor feat Flohio - Wealth


    Modeselektor feat Flohio Wealth (MTR092)
    → Stream & Download:
    → Vinyl:

    Modeselektor Live Shows:

    Music by Modeselektor & Flohio
    Written by Siriusmo & Pfadfinderei
    Directed by Pfadfinderei
    Art Direction by Pfadfinderei
    Production - Jeanz & Pfadfinderei
    Director of Photography - Philipp Kirsamer
    Technical Crew - Jörg Büttner, Frank Beitlich, Victor Söllig, Martin Knipsel
    Styling - Nathalie Okpu & Wibke Deertz
    Hair/ MakeUp - Arielle Troß
    Photos - Birgit Kaulfuß

    Thanks to A.D. Deertz, Souvenir Official, Raketa Studio, Monkeytown Records

    © 2018 Monkeytown Records

  • Catnapp x Modeselektor - The Mover


    WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

    CATNAPP x Modeselektor The Mover / BREAK LP ( MTR101)
    Vinyl & digital:

    Creative Direction & Production: Catnapp & Juan Jvy Vazquez
    Concept & Direction: Jvy Vazquez

    VFX Artists:
    Karol Sudolski
    e x i t s i m u l a t i o n
    Milagro De Catamarca
    Ksti Hu
    ROLI Deluxe
    Fernanda Bermejo
    Kylan Luginbuhl
    Rad Mora
    Andy Anderson
    Tissue Hunter

    Camera: Luciana Damiao & Jvy Vazquez
    Montage & VFX supervisor: Jvy Vazquez
    Styling Catnapp: Mayte Stevani
    Live set light design: Pfadfinderei
    VFX consultant: Mathías Chumino
    Color Grading: Agustin Farias

    Conceived in the cyberspace / assembled in Berlin, Germany.

    © 2019 Monkeytown Records

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  • WMF Love Song


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    WMF Love Song · Modeselektor

    Who Else

    ℗ Monkeytown Records

    Released on: 2019-02-22

    Composer: Gernot Bronsert
    Music Publisher: Monkeytown Publishing
    Composer: Sebastian Szary
    Music Publisher: administered by Sony ATV

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Silikon


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Silikon · Modeselektor · Sacha Perera

    Hello Mom!

    ℗ 2005 BPitch Control

    Released on: 2005-09-26

    Music Publisher: Copyright Control

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The White Flash


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    The White Flash · Modeselektor

    Happy Birthday!


    Released on: 2007-09-10

    Music Publisher: copyright control
    Music Publisher: JB Max

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Modeselektor ‎– Who Else fULL alBUM


    MS 2019! ¡Enjoy _ Rights received YES ☒ NO ☑

  • Modeselektor-Berlin 2011


    Modeselektor-Berlin [2011]

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  • Modeselektor - The Black Block


    Modeselektor - The Black Block

    Taken from the album Modeselektor - Happy Birthday! (BPC159), released in 2007 on BPitch Control.

    Video by Elevenseven

  • Modeselektor - Blue Clouds


    A video I made for Modeselektor's song 'Blue Clouds' using images from Fritz Lang's movie 'Metropolis' (1927).

    'Blue Clouds' is taken from the 'Monkeytown' album (available here:

  • Modeselektor - Boogy Bytes Vol 3 Mix HD


    Back, maybe?
    BUY IT ♥

    Wasn't on Youtube for people to give it a listien so I put the thing together into an hour mix.
    Updated with Time Stamps.
    1. Intro by The Panacea • 0:00
    2. Siriusmo - Wow • 0:40
    3. The Detroit Experiment - Vernors • 3:42
    4. Flying Lotus - 1983 • 5:38
    5. Spank Rock - Rick Rubin • 7:17
    6. Paul Kalkbrenner - GIA2000 (Modeselektor GIA2007 Remix) • 9:16
    7. James Holden - Idiot • 10:05
    8. Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix) • 15:01
    9. Chantal - The Realm (Accapella) • 17:42
    10. Nathan Fake - Charlys House (Apparat RMX) • 18:44
    11. Errorsmith - Free For All • 21:55
    12. Skream - Midnight Request Line • 24:26
    13. Rhythm & Sound w Bobbo Shanti Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) • 27:23
    14. Burial - Southern Comfort • 31:16
    15. Jean Jaques Perrey & Luke Vibert - Moog Acid (Plastician Mix) • 33:01
    16. Various - Lost • 36:26
    17. ______ • 39:20
    18. Siriusmo - Discosau • 39:36
    19. Modeselektor feat. Teki Latex?? • 42:11
    20. TTC Feat. Modeselektor - Une Bande De Mec Sympha • 42:49
    21. Clatterbox - Collision Detection • 46:39
    22. Mr. Oizo - Half a Scissor • 47:22
    23. Marcel Dettmann - Lets do It • 49:10
    24. mu-Ziq - mu-Ziq Theme • 52:11
    25. Phon.o - Ridin Dirty • 55:01
    26. Radiohead - Idioteque (Modeselektor Mix) • 56:18
    28 Outro (Modeselektor) • 1:02:00

  • Modeselektor - The Dark Side Of The Sun


    Modeselektor - The Dark Side Of The Sun ( Feat. Puppetmastaz ) 2007 Happy Birthday!

  • Modeselektor......Wealth


    #MylifelikeaSoundtrack #Soundtrack

    This channel presents great artists to my liking
    I have no rights to the music and do not earn money with it.
    I hope the artists agree.
    If it should not be so please ask me immediately.
    I'll delete the song .

  • Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - This


  • Modeselektor ft. TTC - Dancing Box


    Enjoy this awesome song.

  • Modeselektor Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set


    ► As expected, Modeselektor's Boiler Room debut was so good, even the police tried to get involved.
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  • Modeselektor - Happy Birthday


  • Modeselektor Kalif Storch


    'Kalif Storch' by Modeselektor – out now!

    Stream / Download ⇢

    Taken from Modeselektor's Modeselektion Vol. 04 released 1st June 2018 via Monkeytown Records x Ninja Tune.

    Pre-Order now:

  • Modeselektor - Deboutonner


    by bruno levy

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  • Modeselektor - Grillwalker


    non-official video clip

  • Modeselektor - Sucker Pin


    Modeselektor Sucker pin song, from Happy birthday album.

  • Modeselektor - Art & Cash


    Music by Modeselektor | Directed by Pfadfinderei | Performed by Fantastic Nobodies

  • modeselektor - edgar


  • Modeselektor Boiler Room Berlin x MELT! Festival DJ Set


    ► Download audio: ► More here:
    ► Modeselektor's surprise appearance at Boiler Room x Melt! Festival.

  • Modeselektor - Grillwalker


    Modeselektor - Grillwalker from Monkeytown album. This is a promo

  • Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke - White Flash


    This footage is not my own but modified by me. It is not for profit but for the sole purpose of entertainment.

  • Modeselektor - Pretentious Friends


    New Modeselektor tune featuring Busdriver, from forthcoming album Monkeytown.
    Out on September 27th.

  • Modeselektor - Let Your Love Grow


    Label: BPitch Control (#BPC 159CD)
    Released: 10 Sep 2007
    Track no. 4

  • Modeselektor live in Budapest


    Watch Berlin-based duo MODESELEKTOR perform 'Pretentious Friends', 'Dirty Snowball' & 'Let Your Love Grow' live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival Budapest (13 September 2012) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebfest12

    Find more live videos here:
    Read our festival review here:
    Check out festival pictures here:

  • Modeselektor . Monkeytown


    Color: Ceruleo [Sky Blue] _____ Review Overview 7.8

    Comment which is your Favorite Track. noHiPSTER's favorite is - 30:54 C2 - Grillwalker

    Visit our musicBlog page for listen more album or this link for read our Story about Modeselektor

    00:00 A1 - Blue Clouds
    06:00 A2 - Pretentious Friends
    09:32 A3 - Shipwreck
    15:41 B1 - Evil Twin
    19:41 B2 - German Clap
    26:10 C1 - Berlin
    30:54 C2 - Grillwalker
    34:56 C3 - Green Light Go
    39:41 D1 - Humanized
    44:07 D2 - This
    50:24 D3 - War

    Join noHiPSTER

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  • New MODESELEKTOR future techno DJ mix


    Modeselektor play LEAF, London on March 6 & 7,
    More info & download mix here:
    Photo: Mixmag Fashion
    More Modeselektor: TRACKLIST: 'Show More'

    Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have been carving out their own niche since forming as Modeselektor back in the 90s. Never bound by genre, the pair have constantly created hybrid forms of techno, bass and electro since they started working together and their unpredictable activity means you'll never know what they're going to do next. Together, they're one of the most respected and innovative acts in the world of dance music.

    Not content with being a leading production outfit, Modeslektor are on-point DJs with an ear for new, progressive sounds and recently they've been pushing the hardened club tracks that labels like Sound Pellegrino and ClekClekBoom specialise in. We wanted to hear what's in their record bags right now so we asked them to put together an exclusive In Session mix. They haven't disappointed; this one veers from Lee Gamble to DJ Sliink, The Haxan Cloak to MikeQ.

    Tastemakers in the truest sense of of the word, their rise kicked off in 2005 when they found an early home found on Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control imprint with debut album 'Hello Mom'. A second, 'Happy Birthday', was released via the label in 2007 and their heavy but wildly original style was established. People started going bat-shit crazy for the duo from Berlin and their profile rose at a rapid rate.

    Their working relationship with other artists has always been strong and in 2009 they joined up with fellow German and long-time friend Apparat to found Moderat. Their all-analogue, self-titled debut album had people all over the world losing it and a second Moderat LP in 2013 only intensified their global status.

    In 2011 they released 'Monkeytown' via their own label of the same name and since then they've continued to fuck the game up in any way they can. They run 50 Weapons, the label responsible for heavy-hitting techno from the likes of Shed, Laurent Garnier and Bambounou. They frequently collaborate with the likes of Thom Yorke, Siriusmo, Pfadfinderei (the video company responsible for their insane visuals) and also run a stage called Meltselektor at German festival Melt.

    We're still waiting for the fourth Modeselektor album; this could be down to their hectic tour schedule or it could be that they're in their laboratory cooking up something gnarly for us. Either way the guys have recorded this latest In Session mix and once again they've struck a curveball.

    Modeselektor will play at LEAF, London on March 6 & 7, Friday's performance will be live and Saturday will feature a DJ set, to grab tickets to the event and for more information head over to the official website.

    1994 - Conleche
    Quirke - Acid Beth
    Lee Gamble - Your Concrete
    Lee Gamble - Ornith Mimik
    Laurel Halo - Metal Confectzion (OPN Edit)
    Mr. Mitch - Fly Soup
    Django Django - First Light (Mickey Pearce Remix) DVA - Maaad Hater (Version)
    Anthony Naples - Refugio
    Bambounou - Oez
    Jonny Jewel - End Credits
    OPN - Meet Your Creator
    The Haxan Cloak - Hounfour
    Shackleton - Dominion Rings
    Aphex Twin - 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]
    Siriusmo - Itchy
    Clark - Strength Through Fragility
    Mike Q & DJ Sliink - Werk'd It
    Altered Natives - Callaloo
    Truncate - Breake Down
    Planetary Assault Systems - The 808 Track
    Scuba - Family Entertainment
    Liddicat - DGAF (Instrumental)
    Gescom - Key Nell 3

  • Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - The White Flash


    song of modeselektor the white flash (feat radioheads Thom Yorke )

  • Modeselektor - German Clap


  • Modeselektor - BBC Essential Mix 2011


    Track list:

    Surgeon -- Dark Matter
    Beasty Respond -- Syncopy (Blawan's Trecther Mechanica)
    Bambounou -- Alpha
    Zomby -- Mosaik
    Lorca -- Holdback
    Tom Bulwer & 2deep -- London Nights
    Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeca -- Creeper
    Björk -- Dullflame Of Desire (Modeselektor's Remix For Girls)
    Moderat -- Rusty Nails
    Radiohead -- Morning Mr. Magpie (Modeselektor's Good Evening Mrs. Magpie Remix)
    Marcel Dettmann -- Shatter Proof
    Radiohead -- Bloom (Blawan Remix)
    Ossie -- Creepy Crawlies
    2562 -- Flashback
    Dark Sky -- Speeding Blue
    Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Noob & Havard Bass -- Extreme Compote
    Toadally Krossed Out -- Go
    Fis-t -- Ultra Night Hunter
    Plastikman -- Spastik
    Cosmin TRG -- Izolat
    Anstam -- Baldwin
    Untold -- Stop What You're Doing (James Blake Remix)
    Instra:mental -- Thomp
    Robert Hood -- Range
    Alex Cortex -- Hyendo Pt.2
    Equalized 04 -- B
    Substance -- Relish Bonus
    Vainqueur -- Lyot (Maurizio Remix)

  • Modeselektor - Kill Bill Vol. 4


    Artist - Modeselektor
    Track - Kill Bill Vol.04
    Album - Hello Mom!
    Year - 2005

  • We Are Modeselektor Documentary


    The connection between Berlin stalwarts Modeselektor and Telekom Electronic Beats TV goes way back, though the most important collaboration to date was the acclaimed 2013 ‘WE ARE MODESELEKTOR!’ documentary. Until now only available on DVD and Blu-Ray, it can now be watched online exclusively on our channel.

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  • Modeselektor - live at Lowlands 2019


    Watch the full show here:

    German Clap
    The Black Block
    I Am Your God

    LL19: Modeselektor heeft de heipaal mee naar Biddinghuizen
    Maar Duits dj- en producersduo beukt nooit eenvoudig rechtdoor:

    3voor12 Radio met Eva Koreman brengt je de allernieuwste muzikale trends, alternative tracks en de actualiteit van vandaag én morgen. Regelmatig zijn er artiesten te gast om te praten over hun nieuwe releases (en om ze te spelen, natuurlijk). Tune in: iedere maandag t/m donderdag van 21.00u - 00.00u op NPO 3FM.

    ❯ Meer 3voor12?

  • Modeselektor - Blue Clouds


    Modeselektor - Blue Clouds from Monkeytown. This is a promo

  • Modeselektor - Hasir


    this is a copy of the song Hasir of MODESELEKTOR

  • Good Evening Mrs Magpie - Modeselektor RMX


    ‘Good Evening Mrs. Magpie (Modeselektor RMX)’ is taken from TKOL RMX 1234567 out on XL Recordings. Buy & stream it here:

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    Facebook –
    Instagram –
    Twitter –

    Website –
    W.A.S.T.E. -

  • Modeselektor - Nights Off


  • Modeselektor - 2000007 ft. TTC


    Modeselektor - 2000007 ft. TTC

  • Modeselektor House of Vans x Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set


    ► Download audio: ► More here:
    ► 2,000 people in a venue, a giant confetti canon and Modeselektor. Boiler Room history in the making.

  • Wow - Modeselektor Edit


    Siriusmo - All the Girls

  • Modeselektor - The Black Block HQ


    Modeselektor - The Black Block Taken from the album Modeselektor - Happy Birthday! (BPC159) Video by Elevenseven

  • Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - Shipwreck


  • Modeselektor - Black Barbie


    Nice Track... 3

  • Modeselektor Live in Moscow 2019


    Modeselektor (Live in Moscow) - 14/09/2019
    Tour 2019 for supporting new album «Who Else»
    More info about event:

    Обзоры и live aftermovie от Больше анонсов фестивалей вы найдете на наших официальных ресурсах:

    Insta: @gotopartymoscow
    YouTube канал: gotoparty

  • Modeselektor - The First Rebirth


    No abuse. No intent for copyright . Uploaded just for fun

    Modeselektor The First Rebirth



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