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Playlist of Mixing Muse Guitars

  • Mixing Muse Guitars - Chris Lord-Alge


    “Deconstructing a Mix” video series with mix legend Chris Lord-Alge mixing the song Survival by MUSE from scratch in his own studio in Los Angeles. Watch the entire process, explained step by step by CLA himself.
    These videos are now available, exclusively on

    Become a member of an exclusive online community of Engineers and Producers, access an incredible array of exclusive services and discover the approaches and techniques of the world’s top music mixers and producers.

  • Deconstructing a Mix #13 - Muse - Chris Lord-Alge


    “Deconstructing a Mix” video series with mix legend Chris Lord-Alge mixing the song Survival by MUSE from scratch in his own studio in Los Angeles. Watch the entire process, explained step by step by CLA himself.
    These videos are now available, exclusively on

    Become a member of an exclusive online community of Engineers and Producers, access an incredible array of exclusive services and discover the approaches and techniques of the world’s top music mixers and producers.
    Since 2010, the Mix With The Masters Program has been consisting in a series of weeklong music production seminars held in the south of France and conducted by A-list producers. Each seminar offers an exchange of in-depth first-hand studio experience and knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else. The process of greatness fostering greatness has long been recognized, and is the reason why master classes are organized. The Mix With The Masters Program is part of this tradition.
    You can now not only attend a weeklong MWTM seminar but also become a member to get an unlimited access to hundreds of videos, take advantage of unique online services such as Webinars, One-Day Seminars and much more ...

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  • Mixing Avenged Sevenfold - Andy Wallace


    “Deconstructing a Mix” video series with mixer Andy Wallace mixing the song Natural Born Killers by Avenged Sevenfold from scratch on an SSL 9000 K in New-York. In this 4-hour journey watch the entire process, explained step by step by Andy Wallace himself.
    These videos are now available, exclusively on

    Become a member of an exclusive online community of Engineers and Producers, access an incredible array of exclusive services and discover the approaches and techniques of the world’s top music mixers and producers.
    Since 2010, the Mix With The Masters Program has been consisting in a series of weeklong music production seminars held in the south of France and conducted by A-list producers. Each seminar offers an exchange of in-depth first-hand studio experience and knowledge that is unparalleled and not available anywhere else. The process of greatness fostering greatness has long been recognized, and is the reason why master classes are organized. The Mix With The Masters Program is part of this tradition.
    You can now not only attend a weeklong MWTM seminar but also become a member to get an unlimited access to hundreds of videos, take advantage of unique online services such as Webinars, One-Day Seminars and much more ...

  • Muse madness


    Some Muse studio features ;-)

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  • Mixing Bass Guitar | Fat Bottomed Tips by Joe Barresi


    Mixing bass guitar tracks (DI and amps) to one fat bottomed sound. Hard rock producer and mixing engineer Joe Barresi shares his means to that (low) end. Learn more from Joe:

    Waves plugins used in this video:

    Renaissance Bass



    Music: “Mercury Gift” by Zico Chain

    Check out Joe's ProSound Workshop:

  • Mixing Distorted Guitars | High Gain Tips by Joe Barresi


    Mixing distorted guitars (rhythm and lead) for a wide, crunchy, heavy tone. Hard rock producer and mixing engineer Joe Barresi is upfront about his guitar mixing techniques. Learn more from Joe:

    When & What:

    • 0:06 — Joe's General Approach

    • 2:56 — Compressing (+EQ) Rhythm Guitars

    • 5:04 — The Clint Eastwood Track

    • 6:07 — Parallel Distortion

    • 8:26 — Making Stuff Outside the Speakers

    • 9:51 — Making Solo Guitars Stand Out

    Waves plugins used in this video:

    • SSL E-Channel —

    • S1 Stereo Imager —

    • Renaissance Axx —

    • API 560 —


    Music: “Mercury Gift” by Zico Chain

    Also check out Joe's ProSound Workshop -

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  • Mixing Masterclass: Secrets of the Mix with Chris Lord-Alge


    In this webinar, producer & mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Muse) opens up a session and shares some of his mixing secrets while taking questions from live viewers. Watch more from CLA:

    0:00 Intro
    2:26 Prepping your mix and ‘setting it up for success’
    15:34 Mixing vocals; first 5 things to do to get the vocal to sit in the mix
    32:34 Mixing drums; getting the drums and the bass to sit together
    40:52 Gain staging: how to balance your tracks before processing

    Song: IVO, “Peace & Freedom”

    This masterclass originally streamed live Oct 28, 2017 as part of the Waves #OpenSessions series.

    Watch more Open Sessions:

    Special thanks to White Noise Lab studios:

  • Multiple Guitar Tracking


    Leo´s covers are available for sale here:




    Become a Patreon and get all the songs and support me doing more music covers:

    Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway where I record and produce bands, do video work and play live shows.

    On my youtube channel there is lots of videos with covers, gear reviews , studio updates and other shenaningans.

    For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

    Please subscribe if you like what you see/hear and I am forever gratefull to everyone who buys songs so I can keep doing this as a living.

    I do not add people I dont know on my personal facebook page, so please follow these links which are my fan pages:
    Youtube channel:


  • Muse - Something Human


    Matt Bellamy just released on his instagram a video of him playing Muse's brand new single on an acoustic guitar to be released on July 19th.

    Enjoy !

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  • Live Event with Chris Lord-Alge - Part 4: CLA Guitar Plugin


    CLA Guitars:



    Guitar cover of unsustainable by Muse using a Cort mbc1 Matt Bellamy signature guitar and digitech whammy pedal programmed with mix craft pro.

  • Chris Lord-Alge - Snare Drum Mixing Tutorial Using Slate Digitals VMR


    Chris Lord Alge, one of the industry's top mixers known for creating larger than life sounding mixes, finally reveals his techniques to make his trademark snare drum sounds!

    This is a free excerpt from his full Audio Legends Mixing Course.

    With Audio Legends, you can download Chris's actual session in your own DAW format and examine all of his mixing techniques in your own studio, as he takes you through the session in detail in a seven part video series.




    In the 6th video in my TONE SECRETS series, I offer some tips and advice on how to record and mix acoustic guitars, this video features the UAD SSL 4000E channel strip plug in, for info:

    Check out A Rush To The Head:
    Check out Clean To Scream by Pete Thorn:
    Check out To Live And Die In Nashville by Pete Thorn:
    Check out The Groomed Noodler, new single by Pete Thorn here:

    Check out Pete Thorn's Guitar Nerd CD here:

  • Mix Together | Fools Gold by Sunday Muse | Mixing Guitar & Mandolin 7




    Home Studio Corner:

  • 5 Iconic Muse Sounds // Synth Guitar Demo //


    Check out my Instagram:

    Watch as I play through 5 iconic riffs and sounds from the Muse albums: Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black holes & Revelations, all played on synth guitar.

    In this video I re-create the sounds and playing style of Matt Bellamy on various Muse songs and Muse live recordings by using customised patches and effects only possible when having a synth guitar pickup installed into an electric guitar.

    This video is a demo of the synth guitar setup in recreating sounds from Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme from Muse, I am currently working on tutorials on how to create the sounds through the synth guitar.

    Songs in order:
    Time is Running out - (Bass guitar fuzz tone)
    Map of the Problematique (Guitar Sequencer effect)
    Fury (whammy pedal controlled by vKnob)
    Matt Bellamy's built in Kaoss Pad LFO effect
    Plug in Baby (Fuzz factory effect)

    If you have a request for re-creating the tone or sound of a song or artist that you like, please post suggestions in the comment section.

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    Instagram -
    Facebook -

  • Muse Survival Guitar Tutorial


    Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Survival by Muse. I'm using a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Jekyll & Hyde Distortion pedal by Visual Sound.

  • FuzzFactory in a Guitar.  MUSE/ Matthew Bellamy.


    Fuzz Factoryをギターに内蔵させてみました。

  • Muse - The Making Of The 2nd Law! - Bonus DVD


    Only promotional purposes. No copyright infringement intended of this song/video/perfomance. Sólo con intenciones promocionales. No se pretende la infracción de los derechos de autor de ésta canción/vídeo/actuación

  • BehindTheMix - Mixing Monkey Wrench Guitars


    Steve goes into a little depth and shows how the guitars were mixed on our cover of Monkey wrench. Any questions are welcome, tell me what you want to see and i'll make a video to show you. Be sure to subscribe yo!

    See our monkey wrench cover here:

  • MUSE - The Dark Side Guitar Solo


    The Dark Side guitar solo. Make your own accompaniment! #musethedarkside #guitarsolo #inthegarage

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  • MUSE - The Making of the 2nd Law





  • Muse Animals ISOLATED GUITAR Live Madrid 20 10 2012 IEM Mix


    This is Matt playing Animals Live. Absolutely no idea how this was made, maybe IEM Mix of his Guitar Tech.

    Video recorded by Sergio Rey on YouTube and Audio recorded by SOUSOUS.

  • Muse - Animals Best Quality Making Of The 2nd Law


    Read the description

    I do not own copyright of the video and not music.

    I made this video from the making of the 2nd law, I edited that part of the full song. Remember that this is not the final version might have changes to its launch. This is the best quality I could do excuse any inconvenience.

  • Tips on Mixing Electric Guitars Played Through Virtual Amps


    Having trouble getting the sound you want from electric guitars played through virtual amplifiers? Here’s how you can use plugins modeled on vintage analog hardware in order to get that warm, smooth sound you’re looking for.
    Tape, Tubes & Transistors: GTR3:

  • How To Sound Like Muse - Supermassive Black Hole w/Kaoss Pad Solo


    Here's a little video attempting to get the tones on Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, using the BLEEP by Rainger FX, even tried to mimic a Kaoss Pad with it's IGOR Expression pad, hope you enjoy!

    Check out more of Rainger FX's Product's:

    More of my How To Sound Like Videos:

    More of my Gear Demos:

    I do Skype Guitar Lessons, if you're interested, email:





    If you want to see my previous video wait till the end and there will be a link.


    Fender 1959 Reissue Telecaster
    Fender Silverface Twin Reverb
    Rainger FX BLEEP!

    Hosa Cables
    Elixir Strings

    Rode NTG4
    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo MKII
    Logic Pro X
    Final Cut Pro X

    Copyright to respective owners. I do not claim this song as my own and this video is purely for educational purposes.

  • Matthew Bellamy Manson Guitars Part 1


    Matt Bellamy Guitars

    1.-Manson 007
    2.-Manson String E Guitar
    3.-Manson Mirror
    4.-Manson Chrome Bomber
    5.-Manson M1D1 Black
    6.-Manson Ali Top
    7.-Manson BLack midi
    8.-Manson Keytar
    9.-Manson Mirror Kaoss
    10.-Manson Double Neck
    11.-Manson MB-1 Red Glitter
    12.-Manson dl-1
    13.-Manson Delorean
    14.-Manson Laser
    15.-Manson Bomber
    16.-Manson M1D1 Mirror
    17.-Manson Red Glitter
    18.-Manson Red Glitter 2.0
    19.-Manson Rust Relic
    20.-Manson Delorean 3.0
    21.-Manson Carbon

  • Kemper Profiles - Muse by PMP


    Amazing Kemper profiles inspired in the Matt bellamy guitar sounds , Muse band. By Perfectmixprofiles.
    This presets and much more profiles:

    The guitar tones on this video are recorded whit PMP Profiles.
    -No original guitar mixed !!!
    -No equ or fx post recorded !!!


    The PMP (Perfect Mix Profiles) for Kemper are created for direct recording guitars.


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  • Tips for Mixing Multiple Electric Guitars


    Get tips on how to EQ and compress multiple guitars to get them all blending well in your mix, using plugins from the Waves API Collection:

  • CLA MixDown – Plugin Overview with Chris Lord-Alge


    Get inside tips from Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Muse) on how to finalize your mixes with his signature mix buss plugin. Learn more:

    In this video Chris shows you how to:

    - Combine the plugin’s mix buss compression, EQ and console overdrive options
    - Properly set gain reduction with CLA MixDown
    - Set CLA MixDown to the ‘sweet spot’ that captures most closely how Chris himself normally processes his mix buss, vs. driving the plugin harder when needed

    Music: “Peace and Freedom” by IVO

  • Mix Together | Fools Gold by Sunday Muse | Guitar EQ Tweaks 13




    Home Studio Corner:

  • MUSE In Ear Monitor Mix - MOTP - Wembley 2010


    Extremly rare, this is a recording of the monitor mix sent to chris's IEM's during the gig, i have most of the setlist and will upload more songs on request.
    Interesting to hear the change from 8ths to 16ths after the drum fill (bass wise) and also to hear the backing vocals more clearly and the click track they use to keep it all together! Enjoy!

  • 6+1 MUSE sounds/presets for Guitar Rig 5


    Greetings everyone!This is another free preset pack for all Muse fans out there.You can download them here :

    Check out the instructions first!

    Presets and songs :

    1)Plugin Baby
    2)Hysteria (Rhythm + Lead patch)
    3)Unnatural Selection
    4)Supermassive Black Hole
    6)Knights of Cydonia

    Website :
    Facebook :
    Lessons via Skype :

    -Mike Kyre (Μιχάλης Κυριακού)

  • Best MUSE moments: Hidden in mix and subtle


    Some interesting moments from Muse songs you probably didn't hear before.

    Links to full-length videos:
    Fury -
    Escape -
    Assassin -
    The Small Print -
    Sing For Absolution -
    Sunburn -
    Exogenesis I-III -
    Apocalypse Please -
    In Your World- blocked worldwide :(
    Origin Of Symmetry, part 1 -
    Origin Of Symmetry, part 2 -

    Playlist with related Muse stuff:
    I claim ownership of nothing in this video.
    Please note that English is not my first language, some spelling or grammatic errors might be in this video.

  • How To Mix FAT Bass Guitar: Slate Digital Pro Tricks


    Everything Bundle members now have their very own private mixing course! The first installment transforms a rock tune that was recorded in a living room into a punchy radio-ready mix, and Steven takes you through the entire process in multiple installment chapters. It's hours of private instruction, where you'll learn a ton of tips and tricks the pros use on their own mixes.

    To show you the amount of detail and information these courses provide, we've pulled out this excerpt from Chapter Three, where Steven demonstrates the processing he put together on bass.

    To join the Everything Bundle and gain access to the full course - which includes the multi-track audio and session files in every major DAW format - check out the Everything Bundle page online at Your mixes will thank you!



    Patreon Announcement: 0:41
    Performance: 1:25
    Artist's Gear History: 5:15
    Tone Breakdown: 7:25

    Patreon Page:

    PATREON PERKS: Behind the scenes Pre Production video content and full in depth explanations of the Kemper & tones.

    Behind the scenes video footage of in depth explanation of the equipment used and entire production process

    Continuing on with the 'GET THAT TONE!' series. Here is the 2nd episode where we focus on Matt Belamy and the song 'Hysteria' by his band Muse..

    This series specifically for guitarists, that is dedicated to helping you achieve the guitar tone from some of our favourite records.

    Throughout each episode I demonstrate the tone that is trying to be achieved in the context of a performance before breaking down how I achieved it using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Each episode comes with additional bonus content that can be access via my Patreon page.

  • FOH Mixing: Live Tips and Tricks by Ozzy’s Mix Engineer


    How does FOH Greg Price get his mixes to really rock? Get a glimpse of his stacked vocal effects and his coined good cop, bad cop parallel drum compression using Waves plugins and the Avid S6L console. Get more WavesLive:

    In this video:

    0:21 Building Ozzy's vocal chain

    1:26 Ozzy's vocal effects pyramid

    2:26 Parallel compression: Good Cop, Bad Cop

    4:57 Why use Waves SoundGrid?

    5:41 Waves plugins integrated with the Avid S6L console

    6:08 Waves vintage modeling: An old-school engineer's dream

  • Muse - Survival - Guitar cover


    Artista: Muse
    Tema: Survival
    Album: The 2nd law
    Afinacion Ab - Eb - Ab - Db - Gb - Bb - Eb
    Guitarra: Main Custom

  • Muse The Making Of Absolution Full


    From 26:18 to 29:08 minute is on mute, sorry for that.

    All content is © Copyright to their respective owners. Nothing is owned/ made/produced by me.

  • Eric Valentines Electric Guitars — Surf Guitar


    In the third and final part of our series from Eric Valentine on guitar recording, see how the respected producer/engineer crafts a shimmering surf guitar sound in the vein of Smash Mouth or Third Eye Blind. You can look forward to the use of three amps, a real echo chamber and judicial use of modulation effects.



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    Follow Sound On Sound on Instagram: @soundonsoundmag

  • Every MUSE Song On Bass


    Every B-Side and Bonus track included.

    Medley performed by Andre Antunes

    Want more videos like this one? Subscribe here:

    0:00 Sunburn
    0:06 Muscle Museum
    0:18 Fillip
    0:26 Falling Down
    0:38 Cave
    0:54 Showbiz
    1:10 Unintended
    1:20 Uno
    1:33 Sober
    1:41 Spiral Static
    1:49 Escape
    1:55 Overdue
    2:01 Hate this & I'll love you
    2:10 New Born
    2:23 Bliss
    2:37Space Dementia
    2:48 Hyper Music
    2:57 Plug in Baby
    3:04 Citizen Erased
    3:14 Micro Buts
    3:20 Screenager
    3:26 Dark Shines
    3:35 Feeling Good
    3:42 Futurism
    3:48 Megalomania
    3:51 Dead Star
    3:54 In your world
    4:02 Can't take my eyes off you
    4:06 Apocalypse Please
    4:17 Time is running out
    4:25 Sing for absolution
    4:31 Stockholm syndrome
    4:38 Falling away with you
    4:43 Hysteria
    4:54 Blackout
    5:06 Butterflies & Hurricanes
    5:10 The Small Print
    5:22 Fury
    5:28 Endlessly
    5:37 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
    5:47 Ruled by Secrecy
    5:57 Take a bow
    6:03 Starlight
    6:10 Supermassive Black Hole
    6:18 Map of the Problematique
    6:26 Soldier's poem
    6:40 Invincible
    6:45 Assassin
    6:52 Exo-Politics
    7:00 City of Delusion
    7:16 Hoodoo
    7:27 Knights of Cydonia
    7:42 Glorious
    8:06 Resistance
    8:20 Undisclosed Desires
    8:28 United States of Eurasia
    8:39 Guiding Light
    8:47 Unnatural Selection
    8:53 MK Ultra
    9:05 I Belong To You
    9:14 Exogenesis Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
    9:26 Exogenesis Symphony PArt 2(Cross Pollination)
    9:38 Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (redemption)
    9:53 Neutron Star Collision
    10:01 Supremacy
    10:12 Madness
    10:18 Panic Station
    10:27 Survival
    10:33 Follow Me
    10:51 Animals
    10:59 Explorers
    11:01 Big Freeze
    11:09 Save Me
    11:18 Liquid State
    11:25 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
    11:32 The 2nd law: Isolated System
    11:36 Dead Inside
    11:45 Mercy
    11:52 Reapers
    11:57 The Handler
    12:12 Defector
    12:24 Revolt
    12:35 Aftermath
    12:48 The Globalist
    12:56 Psycho


    13:19 Jimmy Kane
    13:24 Forced In
    13:31 Pink Ego Box
    13:39 Do We Need This?
    13:46 Agitated
    13:52 Twin
    13:57 Host
    14:01 Coma
    14:07 Con-science
    14:14 Minimum
    14:19 Ashamed
    14:23 Yes Please
    14:29 Recess
    14:46 Nishe
    14:48 Nature 1
    14:52 Execution Commentary
    14:58 Shrinking Universe
    15:05 Map of Your Head
    15:12 The Gallery
    15:17 Hyper Chondriac Music
    15:31 Shine
    15:37 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
    15:44 The Groove
    15:54 Eternally Missed
    16:04 Crying Shame
    16:10 Easily
    16:27 You Fucking Motherfucker
    16:31 Who Knows Who
    16:36 Prague
    16:44 Popcorn

  • Muse - Uprising


    Taken from the multitrack masters to Muse's Uprising.

    Skip to 0:39 for first chord.

    Not much guitar until the end...

  • Quick Mixing Tips #2 - Acoustic Guitar


    With Acustica Audio plugins (AU,VST,AAX), the revolutionary VVKT technology based processors - which sample and recreate the rarest and most iconic analog processors in the digital domain - getting that professional, 'record-ready' sound in the box has never been easier.

    In this quick tutorial we'll be taking a look at Acoustic Guitar:

    Plugins used:




    El Rey:


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    Discover more about Acustica Audio breakthrough technology:

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    Join our official FB group of users:

  • Adrian Bushby, Mix Engineer for Muse & Foo Fighters, shows his SSL mixing studio and interview


    Grammy winning mix engineer and producer Adrian Bushby talks with Mike Exeter about mixing, production, techniques and more in an hour long interview at Adrian's SSL Mix Studio in London.
    Click to subscribe to our channel:

    Adrian Bushby is a 2 x Grammy award winning mixer, engineer and producer. Mike Exeter visited Adrian at his private mix room in London August 2019 to talk about his working methods and to find out how he goes about taking a recording in to a finished master.

    Having won his first Grammy back in 2008 for recording the Foo Fighters Adrian went on to win a second in 2011 for Muse’s multi-platinum album ‘Resistance’.


    Muse The 2nd Law / Album / Ad-Production & Eng
    Band Of Skulls Wanderluster / Single / Mix
    POLICA Wandering Star / Single / Mix
    The Heavy What Makes A Good Man? & Curse Me Good / Singles / Mix
    LULS Young & Swing Low / Singles / Mix
    Skunk Anansie Black Traffic / Album / Mix
    The Enemy Streets In The Sky / Album / Mix
    The Rapture Children / Single / Mix
    Just Jack Forthcoming Singles / Mix
    Crystal Fighters Earth Island & Champion Sound / Singles / Mix
    Hooray For Earth No Love / Single / Mix
    Alex Winston Choice Notes / Single / Mix
    Cast Of Cheers Human Elevator & Winter / Singles / Mix
    The Subways We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time & It’s A Party / Singles / Mix
    The Rapture How Deep Is Your Love? / Single – Mix
    Two Door Cinema Club Undercover Martyn / Single / Mix
    Clement Marfo & The Frontline Forthcoming Single / Mix
    Bluejuice Company / Album / Mix
    Evaline There There / Single / Mix
    Get People Rain Tears / EP / Mix
    Morning Parade On Your Shoulders / Single / Mix
    Art Vs Science The Experiment / Album / Mix
    Karvel Get Happy & End Of The Night / Mix
    Two Door Cinema Club I Can Talk / Single / Mix
    Vision of Trees No Flag & Sometimes It Kills / Singles / Mix
    The Good Natured Be My Animal / Single / Mix
    Band of Skulls Fires / Single / Mix
    Muse Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) / Single / Eng
    Muse Resistance / No.1 Album / Eng
    Everything Everything Man Alive / Album / Mix
    The Kooks Sway / Single / Mix
    Duncan Lloyd Seeing Double / Album / Mix
    Air Traffic Come On / Single / Mix
    Feeder Silent Cry / Album / Mix
    Red Light Company Fine Fascination / Co-prod & Mix
    Foo Fighters Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace/ Album / Eng
    Foo Fighters Band on the Run / Radio 1 anniversary/ Prod & Mix
    Good Shoes Small Town Girl / Single / Mix
    Willie Mason We Can Be Strong / Single / Mix
    Funeral For a Friend Tales Don’t Tell Themselves / Album / Eng
    Cathy Davey Forthcoming Album / Mix
    Maximo Park Our Earthly Pleasures / Album / Eng & Mix
    The Coral Forthcoming Tracks / Mix
    Jamie T Calm Down Dearest/ Single no.9 / Mix
    Super Jimenez Forthcoming Singles / Prod & Mix
    Ben Kweller Ben Kweller / Album / Mix
    Maccabees Latchmere / Single / Mix
    The Feeling Fill My Little World / Single / Mix
    Gomez How We Operate / Album / Eng & Mix
    Depeche Mode ‘Precious’ / Single Mix
    Feeder Pushing the Senses / Album & Singles / Eng & Mix
    Cherry Falls Winter Winter / Album & Singles / Prod & Mix
    Dashboard Confessional A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar / (No 2 US) Album / Eng & Mix
    Skin Faithless / Single /Add Prod & Mix
    Feeder Comfort in Sound / Album & Singles / Mix
    Will Young Anything Is Possible / No 1 Single / Mix
    Kylie More More More / Single / Mix
    New Order Get Ready / Album & Singles / Mix
    Starsailor Love Is Here / Album / Eng
    Starsailor Good Souls / Single / Mix
    Doves The Man Who Told Everything / Single / Eng & Mix
    Smashing Pumpkins Perfect / Single / Mix & Eng
    Placebo Without You I’m Nothing / Album / Eng & Mix
    Spice Girls Spice World / Album / Eng
    Spice Girls Spice / Album / Eng & Mix
    U2 The Real Thing / Single & 12” Remix / Mix & Eng
    U2 Mysterious Ways / 12” / Mix & Eng
    Human League Stay With Me / 12” / Mix & Eng
    Massive Attack Just Be Thankful / 12” / Mix & Eng
    New Order Republic / Album / Eng
    New Order ‘World’ / 12” / Mix & Eng
    New Order Touched By the Hand of God / 12” / Mix & Eng
    Neneh Cherry Money Talks / 12” / Mix & Eng
    Jamiroquai Return of the Space Cowboy / Single / Eng
    My Bloody Valentine Loveless / Album / Eng

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  • Knights of Cydonia - Muse - Guitar Cover with Tabs


    This is a guitar cover of Knights of Cydonia by Muse with scrolling tabs. The tab is my own interpretation of the song so isn't guaranteed to be accurate.

    PDF available -

    Tuning - Standard (EADGBE)
    Guitar - Vintage V100
    Amp 1 - Line 6 Pod Farm with Metal Pack
    Editing - Song Vegas Pro 11
    Mixing - Reaper

  • Muse - Stockholm Syndrome


    guitar only. one of the best MUSE's riffs ever :)

  • Music Production - Randy Staub Mixing Techniques | Metallica


    This episode of Everything Music contains the Music Production and Mixing Techniques of Randy Staub. I explore Randy’s concept of EQ, Compression, Effects on all groups of instruments. I talk about the sounds and mixing of the Metallica Black Album, Randy’s use of Drum Samples, Guitar Effects and Vocal treatments. The Hi Rez audio files and Pro Tools Sessions with Samples are available through my Patreon page

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  • Music Production - How To Record Amazing Clean Guitar Sounds!


    Music Production - How To Record Amazing Clean Guitar Sounds!

    In this episode I will show you techniques for recording clean guitars through a combo amp - in this case a Vox AC30. I demonstrate how to mic with 2 microphones and also the Front and Back mic technique. In this video I am using a Shure SM57 on one speaker and a Sennheiser MD421 on the other. You can also use an SM57 with a large or small diaphragm condenser mic.

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  • Getting Started: Mixing Acoustic Guitars in GarageBand


    Learn how to get started compressing and EQing acoustic guitars in GarageBand to get a great sound in just a few minutes, using plugins from the Waves Silver bundle. Learn more:

    Take your demo recordings to a professional level in GarageBand using Waves Silver, a collection of 16 plugins for mixing and mastering at an affordable price.

  • Mix Together | Fools Gold by Sunday Muse | Mixing Bass 6




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  • 10 Ways to Mic A Guitar Amp with Brian Deck | Reverb Recording Tricks


    Read more at the Reverb Tank:

    One of the major truths of recording music goes something like this: put the right instrument in the hands of the right player and getting a great sound will be easy. But today, we're diving deeper into the process and looking at ten different mic techniques you can use to record a guitar amplifier and achieve the sound you're after.

    Two important takeaways. First, we were working in a top-notch recording facility, but these techniques translate into any recording application—in the studio, in your practice space, in your bedroom, or anywhere else. Second and perhaps most importantly, every player and every session is different. The mic placement you use on a alt-country rhythm guitar part won't necessarily be the approach you'd use on a blazing metal lead.

    Always experiment, move the mics, and never settle for anything less than what sounds cool to you.



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