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Playlist of Mike Portnoy

  • Mike Portnoy Drum & Vox Cam - Sons Of Apollo Goodbye Divinity


    Mike Portnoy Drum & Vox Cam - Sons Of Apollo Goodbye Divinity

    LEFT - Band Mix
    RIGHT - Isolated Drums & MP Vox

    Taken from the Upcoming MP Drum Cam DVD - MPMMXX
    Coming Jan 2020

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  • Cymbal Vote - Mike Portnoy - Performance


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  • Jordan Rudess on playing with Mike Portnoy, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple


    Jordan-huge fan: you're awesome! Three quick questions: what was it like jamming with Mike Portnoy on Instrumedley last year? Did you enjoy jamming with Yngwie Malmsteen at NAMM in 2005? Was it a thrill to jam with Deep Purple, too? Thanks so much :) 6/13/2020

  • Mike Portnoy - Pull Me Under, The Mirror, Lie and Metropolis Pt. 1


    Video of Portnoy performing with Dream Theater, from In Constant Motion DVD

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  • Mike Portnoy - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?


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    Legendary drummer Mike Portnoy sits down with Graham 'Gruhamed' Hartmann for a round of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?'.

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  • Mike Portnoy - The Great Debate


    Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater - song of In Constant Motion DVD - Disc 1.

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  • Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian - Apocalypse 1470 B.C.



    Live In Tokyo is a live performance from November 14, 2012 at Zepp Tokyo for supergroup PSMS, which features drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic), bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth), guitarist Tony MacAlpine & keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Billy Idol). This 95 minute concert showcases a wide range of instrumental performances from each of the members' careers & collaborations. Included in the set are Shy Boy from Sheehan's band Talas, MacAlpine's The Stranger, Sherinian's Apocalypse 1470 B.C. and Dream Theater's A Change Of Seasons: The Crimson Sunrise. Coming out Sept 2013.



    Official site:

    Eagle Rock Facebook:


  • Mike Portnoy - Odd-Time Signatures Demonstration


    Mike Portnoy shows some Odd-Time Signature examples from Dream Theater Songs

    Mike Portnoy Drums
    John Myung Bass
    Derek Sherinian Keyboards

    From Mike's 1995 Video Lesson Progressive Drums Concepts

    Visit his official site for more info on Mik's videos:

  • Mike Portnoy - Octavarium - DrumCam


    Mike Portnoy - Score DVD Octavarium (Edited) - DrumCam - 2006

    I do not own any rights! This video uploaded on for fun and not for earning money.

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  • Erotomania - Mike Portnoy


    Taken from progressive drum concepts. Mike portnoy perfoming EROTOMANIA with a drum solo at the end. Enjoy!

  • Mike Portnoy - MP Vinyl Ep 3 of 8


    Mike Portnoy - MP Vinyl Ep 3 of 8 (F-L)

    Flying Colors - 1:30
    Foo Fighters - 6:00
    G3 - 8:15
    Genesis - 10:00
    Ghost - 12:00
    Kevin Gilbert - 12:45
    GOASTT (Sean Lennon) - 15:00
    Steve Hackett - 16:10
    Haken - 17:30
    George Harrison - 19:10
    Headspace - 20:40
    Heaven & Hell - 21:00
    Jimi Hendrix - 22:00
    Janes Addiction - 22:45
    Jellyfish - 24:20
    Jethro Tull - 26:35
    King Crimson - 27:30
    King Diamond - 29:40
    Kiss - 31:00
    Kyng - 38:15
    Lamb Of God - 38:30
    Leprous - 39:15

  • 10 Times Mike Portnoy Was the Best Drummer on Earth


    Check out this killer compilation of the legendary #DreamTheater / #WineryDogs drummer’s most spectacular parts.

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  • Mike Portnoy - MP Vinyl Ep 2 of 8


    Mike Portnoy - MP Vinyl Ep 2 of 8 (B-F)

  • Mike Portnoy Performs at the LP Studio


    Solo Performance from Mike Portnoy

    LP Mini Timbales

    LP Tito Puente 9-1/4” & 10-1/4” Timbalitos

    LP Jam Block, Medium Pitch

    LP Jam Tamb

    LP 6” Micro Snare

    LP Rock Ridge Rider® Cowbell

  • The Dance of Eternity - Mike Portnoy HD


    This Dream Theater song has 104 time signature changes in under six minutes, using very unorthodox signatures such as 7/16 or 15/8.


    Probably the hardest song of dream theater. (to perfom, to cover, etc).

  • Mike Portnoy - As I Am Drums of Thought


    A video showing how Mike recorded his part of the album Train of Thought

  • Mike Portnoy - Were A Happy Family


    Music Written by Ramones
    Lyrics Rewritten by Mike Portnoy

    All Instruments & Vocals - Mike Portnoy
    Engineered & Mixed by Thomas Cuce

    Video Directed by Mike Portnoy
    Edited by Max Portnoy
    Filmed by Melody Portnoy

    We’re A Happy Family
    We’re A Happy Family
    We’re A Happy Family
    ME, MOM & MICKEY!!
    ME, MAX & MELLO!!

    Sitting here it seems
    A never ending scene
    Running out of magazines
    Living in Quarantine

    We can’t see our friends
    When will this ever end??
    I cant just pretend
    The curve will never mend

    Max is playing games
    The Cats are just the same
    Mello’s sleeping late
    Mickey thinks its great

    Mommy’s on the couch
    Watching Netflix
    We’re all just getting by
    Selling Daddy’s sticks


  • Mike Portnoy - MP Vinyl Ep 1 of 8


    A walk through MP's latest Vinyl Collection Ep 1 of 8...(New Re-issues A&B)

  • Mike Portnoy - OSI project


  • CYMBAL VOTE - Mike Portnoy Performs Indifferent


    Vote for your favorite SABIAN Cymbal Vote models now!

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  • Mike Portnoy - I Wanna Stay Home


    Mike Portnoy - I Wanna Stay Home (Jellyfish Cover)
    (featuring Melody Portnoy, Roger Joseph Manning Jr & Jason Falkner)
    Taken from The Prog Report's Prog From Home Concert - May 9th 2020

    Mike Portnoy - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
    Melody Portnoy - Vocals
    Roger Joseph Manning Jr - Keyboards
    Jason Falkner - Guitar

    Engineered & Mixed by Thomas Cuce
    Video Edited by Daniel Levy

  • impossible drum solo by mike portnoy



  • Mike Portnoy: book-no, John Myung-yes!


    [I am a huge fan-what can I say? :)]
    The great Mike Portnoy (truly my favorite musician/drummer-such an inspiration) offers excellent comments on NOT doing a book and some sweet news about John Myung ????6/17/2020
    (4th Cameo-so far! You are the Sir Paul of Prog Metal!) Mike, please do the Vince Palamara thing-two questions: have you ever thought of penning an autobiography? Do you keep in touch with John Myung? You're #1-you're my favorite musician/drummer!!
    Note: Mike had previously confirmed his get-together with John Myung from 12/31/19 on 1/1/2020 on his Facebook Mike Portnoy official (fan) page ????

    To my shock and amazement, this video has spawned several articles!

  • Dream Theater Instrumedley PORTNOY ONLY - The Dance of Instrumentals


    The Dance of instrumentals they say. I would say The Dance of Geniality.

    This is a tribute to one of the best gathering of musicians of all times. The best progressive band ever. Portnoy only version.

    Watch the multi display version FULL HD!

    Enjoy, watch some of my other videos and subscribe if you liked! Information about original songs at Wikipedia:

  • Mike Portnoy - The Glass Prison


    Live performance of The Glass Prison (Dream Theater) by Mike Portnoy, taken from the first DVD of In Constant Motion. All rights go to Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy and Hudson Music.


  • James LaBrie on Mike Portnoy !


    From 5/8/2020- the great Dream Theater singer talks Mike Portnoy and more
    “You are my favorite vocalist!!!! :) Two questions: have you been in touch with Mike Portnoy at all these last 10 years (I so want to see a one-off-ONLY reunion like you guys did with Derek & Charlie!) and your opinion on Steve Walsh and John Elefante”

  • Mike Portnoys The Shattered Fortress - Overture 1928, Strange Deja Vu - Live In Tilburg 2017


    Mike Portnoy's The Shattered Fortress - Overture 1928, Strange Deja Vu - Live In Tilburg 2017
    Mike Portnoy - Drums & Vocals
    Eric Gillette - Guitar
    Charlie Griffiths - Guitar
    Richard Henshall - Guitar
    Diego Tejeida - Keyboards
    Conner Green - Bass
    Ross Jennings - Vocals

  • Mike Portnoy on Dance of Eternity, Made in Japan and more!


    5/27/20- the great Mike Portnoy (Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Flying Colors, Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo, etc.) answers my questions regarding the most difficult song(s) to play and his thoughts on Ian Paice. This is my third Cameo from Mike! What can I say? I am a huge fan ????

  • Mike Portnoy - Paradigm Shift


    Mike Portnoy performs Paradigm Shift by Liquid Tension Experiment, taken from the Liquid Drum Theater DVD (Disc 1).


  • Mike Portnoy - Honor Thy Father


    Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater - song of In Constant Motion DVD - Disc 1.

  • Mike Portnoy Solo 1


    Mike Portnoy Solo1 from Constant Motion

  • Mike Portnoy - Drums Solo


    Recorded Live At Teatro Cariola, Santiago, May 27th 2016

  • Mike Portnoy - Gimme Some Truth


    Music & Lyrics by John Lennon
    Mike Portnoy - Drums, Vocals, Bass & Guitars

    Video Directed by Christian Rios
    Engineered and Mixed by Thomas Cuce

    I’m sorry if this video pisses some of you off...but sadly this is America in 2020 and it pisses me off too.
    This a song written by a man who not only wrote songs about peace, love and hope (“All You Need Is Love”, “Give Peace A Chance”, “Imagine”) but also used his voice to speak up against racism, injustice and encouraged people to rise up (“Revolution”, “Come Together” and this song) If this song or video pisses you off, remember I am only holding up a mirror to what is happening in this country right now...if you don’t like what you see, please use that anger, passion and longing for change to vote in November...

  • Mike Portnoy - Liquid Drum Theater: LTE Full DVD 1


    Mike Portnoy performs eight songs/segments and breaks down parts from each, explaining how to develop a toolbox of fills and patterns to draw from. Featured throughout is exclusive footage of the making of the first LTE album, as well as rare live footage of the band.

  • Mike Portnoy - Brasil Tour


    Vídeo gravado em turnê com um dos bateristas mais renomados do mundo, Mike Portnoy, que conta com uma bagagem pra lá de pesada.Dream Threather e Avenged Sevenfold são alguns dos projetos do qual já fez parte.

    Direção e Filmagem: Felipe Mendes @Feemendess
    Áudio da câmera mixado por: Julio Bondezan @eaebond


  • Mike Portnoy Modern Drummer 2003


    Espetacular Apresentação
    Yellow Matter Custard - Cover Beatles SuperBand
    Com Neal Morse, Matt Bissonette e Paul Gilbert
    Dream Theater Instrumently

  • 1993 Mike Portnoy Drum solo - 東京 City


    26-year old Mike performs a solo in Tokyo in 60fps! followed by the last part of 'Ytse Jam' from Dream Theater's 1989 debut album, When Dream And Day Unite for those who don't pay attention to their discography.

    0:01 “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!” courtesy of Michael Buffer, not Mike Buffa, who worked with DT as a roadie!
    2:26 By Demons Be Driven” courtesy of Pantera.

  • Mike Portnoy - In The Name Of God .flv


  • Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Mike Portnoy


    Mike Portnoy - The Spirit Carries On

  • Metropolis Part 1: Mike Portnoy View.


    I reuploaded this from some other person because the video was a little ahead of the audio so I wanted to fix it. Here is this guy's channel:

  • Mike Portnoy in Studio


    Set maravilhoso, pelo menos na minha opinião!!!


  • Mike Portnoys Influences: John Bonham


    Mike Portnoy talks about John Bonham's influence on him as a drummer.

  • Mike & Max Portnoy: Born to Drum


    In celebration of Father's Day, here is Born to Drum, featuring Mike Portnoy and Max Portnoy chatting and playing on Mike's Siamese kit.

    Look for Next To None's new album PHASES available on July 7th through Inside Out Music in Europe and EMP Label Group in North America


  • Under a Glass Moon - LIVE SCORE - Mike Portnoy HQ


  • Dream Theaters John Petrucci on Portnoys Departure, Drummer Auditions


  • YYZ by PAN ROCKS! featuring Mike Portnoy, Pete Thorn & Philip Bynoe


    Rush Classic YYZ performed steelpan style by The Pan Rocks Steel Drum Rock Orchestra led by Tracy Thornton featuring Mike Portnoy (drums), Pete Thorn (Guitar), Philip Bynoe (Bass), Walter Ino (Keys/Synths) and produced by Matt Starr. Recorded from the Pan Rocks RUSH sessions @ Eldorado Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

    Video Produced By: Tracy Thornton
    (Instagram #Panman33)
    Directed and Edited by: Matthew B. Moore @ King Coyote Productions
    (Instagram #tshmatthew)
    Director of Photography: Justin Reich
    Engineered By: Phil English @ Eldorado Recording Studios Los Angeles
    Audio Editing: Benjy Johnson & Tracy Thornton @ Earthtones Studios Greensboro, NC
    Mixed By: Smiley Sean Atrium Studios Los Angeles, CA
    Mastered By: Dave Collins @ Dave Collins Mastering Pasadena, CA

    Steel band Arrangement By: Tracy Thornton & Seth Kilbourne
    Steel Band Charts by: Seth Kilbourne

    More more info and contact:
    Official Website:

  • The Spirit Carries On - LIVE SCORE - Mike Portnoy HQ


  • A Nightmare to Remember - Mike Portnoy HQ


  • Mike Portnoy Cygnus And The Sea Monsters One Night In Chicago


    Mike Portnoy - Drums and Percussion
    Paul Gilbert - Guitar
    Sean Malone - Bass
    Jason McMaster - Vocals

    Recorder live at the Drum Pad's 20th Anniversary Show
    The Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL
    September 18th, 2005

    Tracklist :

    1. 2112 (20:42)
    2. Cygnus X-1 (11:01)
    3. Hemispheres (17:56)
    4. YYZ / Drum Solo (9:06

  • CYMBAL VOTE - Mike Portnoy Reviews the 16 AAX X-Plosion Hats


    Vote for this cymbal now!

    Yes, it's true -- big Hats rock. No list would be complete without them. So we're introducing 16 Hats -- and even better -- 16 AAX X-Plosion Hats! The award- winning design of our best-selling X-Plosion crashes guarantees this incredibly versatile pairing will sound simply amazing. The medium top, medium-heavy bottom combo provides incredible foot. A high profile bell and sustain- enhancing process ensure they're very open and loud. Or they can be very tight and articulate. Oh, and yes, they're also available as a 14 pair.



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