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Playlist of Mastering Music with the Pros: The Lurssen Mastering Console

  • Mastering Music with the Pros: The Lurssen Mastering Console - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    Download the Before & After Samples of this mastering session:

    Download the Lurssen Mastering Console Demo:
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    Learn most about Lurssen Mastering:

    Hi friends, I hope you’re doing marvelously well!

    One topic I frequently receive questions and emails about is mastering, especially how you can craft great masters at home using plugins. So today we'll try to shine some light on it for you!

    I'm excited to sit down with the incredibly talented Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering. I've been blessed to work with Lurssen in the past and in my opinion they are doing some of the finest analogue mastering work out there. Their
    credit list seems endless and they've won five Grammys!

    In this video, they give us a detailed breakdown of their thought process behind mastering and show us the exact workflow and processors they use to craft brilliant analogue masters.

    But what's even better: They also show you how you can apply the same principles inside of your DAW using their 'IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console'. This plugin was specifically designed to give you their exact processing and mastering chains, with a sweet sounding, easy-to-use software!

    I have to admit I was very impressed by the performance of this plugin. It preserves the integrity of the music while making it louder, fuller and more impactful. Even if you are not planning on using it as your final mastering stage, it’s a great way to get a quick sweet-sounding master to send to your clients or the label.

    I'm excited to hear what you think!

    Please leave a bunch of comments and questions below the video and download the demo ( of the plugin
    to try it out on your own music!

    Have a marvellous time recording, mixing and mastering,


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  • How to master your music with Lurssen Mastering Console


    - Available for Mac/PC and iOS.

    Learn how to master your music with IK's Lurssen Mastering Console - from the experts themselves, Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Multi Grammy Award-winning studio Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. Watch as they not only explain how to master audio using Lurssen Mastering Console but also the concepts, techniques, and workflow they use on todays hottest hits.

    Learn about mastering audio from the masters themselves with Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC and iOS.

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  • How to use the Lurssen Mastering Console |


    Learn how to use the Lurssen Mastering Console from IK Multimedia to master your music. Created in collaboration with Mastering Engineers Gavin Lurssen the Lurssen sound so sought after by the world’s top-tier recording artists and producers.

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    Alex Solano has over 15 years of audio engineering and training experience and is a leading product expert. As the founder of Pulsating Waves, Alex helps artists and producers achieve their goals to publish commercial records. Specialties include:

    -Hip Hop/R&B

  • How To Use: Lurssen Mastering Console @MattMontanez


    In this video I go through the IK Multimedia Plugin Lurssen Mastering Console. I show you what it sounds like and what it does to a mix. I go through each knob and what it does. It is a great sounding mastering plugin that has become my favorite as of today. It sounds great on hiphop, rap, r&b, pop, rock, edm and so much more! Huge shout out to my friend C-Minor who told me about this plugin!

    Selfish Fool - Amanda Cunningham:

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  • IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console Software Review by Sweetwater


    Mitch Gallagher presents Lurssen Mastering Console software from IK Multimedia. This mastering software emulates the entire mastering processing chain employed by top mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen. As a standalone mastering solution or as a plug-in for your favorite DAW, Lurssen Mastering Console delivers realistic emulations of tube and solid state equalizers, limiters, de-essers and compressors. Choose from 25 mastering templates created by Lurssen and Cohen for specific musical genres, using the same workflow as they do in their mastering studio.

    Get the IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console here:

    The Sweetwater Minute, Vol. 333

  • Mastering a song: Lurssen Mastering Console vs LANDR


    We wanted to compare the IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console (a plugin for your DAW) and the online AI-driven mastering service LANDR.

    Both received same raw mix (guitars, drum, bass) with around 6 to 10 dB of headroom

    0:04 Raw mix, no mastering plugins applied
    2:05 Mastered with Lurssen Mastering Console, Hard Rock - Metal (Brighter) factory preset
    4:07 Mastered with LANDR, uploaded as an individual track, mastered as a WAV (medium intensity)

    To our ears, even with medium intensity, LANDR version came out a bit more compressed than LMC.
    Of course this can be tweaked as LMC has many presets and parameters, and LANDR has a few options for mastering.
    What is your take ? Leave a comment or find us on social media.

    Read the article:

    IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console:


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    Thanks for watching !

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  • Lurssen Mastering Console Review


    Hand on with the Lurssen Mastering Console from Ik Multimedia, a very simple but powerful mastering suite for Mac OS, Windows & iOS (iPad or iPhone). Also works as a plugin in your D.A.W on mono, stereo or multi channels (Surround). Currently on deal for 99 Euros + Tax!

  • Mastering Pharrell Williams & Caparezza with Gavin Lurssen & Reuben Cohen


    Step inside the elite studio of Lurssen Mastering for our first ever series with Gavin Lurssen & Reuben Cohen! The two engineers give an overview of the passive mastering console and modified outboard chain they use on a daily basis, alongside detailed explanations of how each piece of gear affects the audio. Cohen opens the mix of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and recalls the original mastering settings, taking you through every step of the process and comparing mastered vs. unmastered versions. Lurssen does similar with ‘Ti Fa Stare Bene’ by Caparezza, revealing why he made certain decisions with particular gear. Other topics discussed include gain structure, converter clipping, monitoring, subwoofer crossover, reference tracks, LUFS for streaming, MFiT, and mastering albums vs. singles.

    Available now, exclusively on

  • CLA MixDown vs MixCentric vs Lurssen Mastering Console


    Trying out a demo of the new CLA MixDown plugin from Waves to see if it's worth purchasing considering I already have Waves
    MixCentric and Lurssen Mastering Console. I'm comparing all 3 plugins on the master buss testing their mixdown capability.
    No other EQ or compressor is used on the mix buss and no limiter either. Click Show More for track and artist info.

    The track is Locked In a 2006 collaboration between Rolanoid and Scott Nunan (aka Julian Maverick). Bandcamp link below. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and most music sites. This video is the radio mix.

    My Dance and Chillout Music Productions (Rolanoid):

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    My Pop Productions (Michael Dodds):

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  • Mixing live stream using the LMC - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    ➡️➡️Today we'll be taking a look at the Lurssen Mastering Console:
    ➡️➡️IK Multimedia 4 for 1 sale- get 4 plug-ins for the price of 1!:
    ➡️➡️ Mastering with the excellent program, Lurssen Mastering Console (LMC):

    ➡️➡️Sign up here to get a free recording & Mixing Bundle:

    Lurssen Mastering Console is a groundbreaking new mastering tool for either iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC that puts a lifetime’s worth of professional mastering experience at your fingertips.

    Created by IK Multimedia in collaboration with Mastering Engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Multi Grammy Award winning facility Lurssen Mastering, Inc. in Los Angeles, it puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques that have made the Lurssen sound so sought after by the world’s top-tier recording artists and producers.

    For more information about IK Multimedia visit


    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • GearGier #1 Using a Stereo Mastering Console by Crookwood


    Ep.1 is about a analogue Mastering Console by Crookwood.
    Other Gear shown: elysia alpha compressor, elysia museq, neve medici, dolby 740, bettermaker Mastering Limiter. Please read info:
    Finally! I Did it!

    The Idea for GearGier (The greed for Gear) spooked arround my head for years. Basically everyone of us who is into music making, processing or listening loves (sometimes hates) the gear!
    I just want to make Videos about Gear i love and which was sometimes hunted down by me all over the Globe.
    There are tons of reviews of new gear but what about the old or rare stuff?
    Allthough we start with a available piece of gear,
    there will be more hard to find Gear in future espisodes!

    I am surely a Professional in my Job but i´m everything but a professional in Videoproduction ;-)

    Please fogive me if the Videoquality is not up to your standards.
    I am still learning.

    Feel free to use the comment section below and have a good

  • MAOR APPELBAUM - In-Depth Interview With A Master of Mastering | GEAR GODS


    50% off RelationShapes, the only guitar scale system course you'll ever need:

    We got a thorough rundown on the art of mastering music from one of the best in the business, Maor Appelbaum (Yes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Meatloaf, Limp Bizkit, Sepultura, Faith No More, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra, William Shatner, Halford and many many more).

    Camera and questions by Alex Nasla
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    Catch up on all of Gear Gods coverage of NAMM 2016 at




    Mastering session. song; The Epilogue artist; Crosses

    Quick video so folks can see the studio, and get a chance to hear the subtle difference mastering can make to an already great song and mix.

  • IK Tech Talks Live May 26th @ 4PM - Lurssen Mastering Console: Complete Walkthrough #IKCreator


    Tech Talks is one piece of a new daily-streaming series from IK Multimedia, where we’ll be going over tips and tricks for all your IK products, with a live Q & A and give-way at the end of each episode. This week’s stream we’ll be going through a complete walk through of Lurssen Mastering Console. From stand alone and plug-in use to transferring projects to iOS. All using a track built in the tracks made in previous IK Tech Talks. Stay tuned live for a chance to win Lurssen Mastering console completely unlocked for both Mac/PC and iOS. That’s over $300 in mastering tools completely free to take your mixes to th next level.

    Stay tuned for our weekly episodes @4PM (EDT) as well as our other daily live streams. Thanks for watching, make sure to follow and subscribe.

    For more information visit If we missed your questions, don't worry, post a comment or reach out to us and we’ll get back to you.

    Learn more about Lurssen Mastering Console

    Learn more about the latest IK promotions here:

  • Lurssen Mastering【Masterização em 5 Minutos】#EstúdioBento


    【???? Ferramenta de Masterização para Iniciantes, Masterização em 5 Minutos ????】

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  • Is LANDR Any Good? // Cheap Mastering At Home // Honest AI mastering review and walk through


    Is LANDR any good?
    If you enjoy the video please subscribe to my channel for more!

    I've been using LANDR, an AI mastering service for twelve months now, what's it all about? Do I think it can replace professional mastering services?

  • Analogplanet Visits Sterling Sound and Interviews Mastering Engineer Ryan K. Smith


    Reissue label Intervention Records recently cut lacquers at Sterling Sound for an AAA reissue of Big Audio Dynamite's debut album This is Big Audio Dynamite. editor Michael Fremer visited to observe and then to interview mastering enginner Ryan K. Smith who's cut everything from Graceland to West Side Story.

  • Mastering - What is it? What is it not? | GEEK TALK


    A simplistic explanation of what mastering is and what it is not.

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    Vaughn George Twitter: @VaughnGeorgeE

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  • Initial Audio Master Suite


    Initial Audio Master Suite (2019 review, Jazz House music master)

    Press info:
    With Master Suite mastering becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Simply adjust the loudness and finalize your track with the 3 band equalizer and stereo image controls. Sending out Songs and Instrumentals to clients, record labels, online stores and streaming services requires them to have a industry standard loudness in order to have a state of the art sound. The LUFS display indicates a industry standard loudness by turning green and warns you when you start getting too loud. An intelligent algorithm applies the right amount of limiting and compression which can be controlled with soften and mix. The HD interface looks clean, feels great and can be seamlessly resized to match your screen resolution.

    More info:

  • Final Touch - Basics of Mastering


    In this video, Berklee professor and online course author/instructor demonstrates the basics of mastering with Final Touch, from the multi band EQ to the maximizer. We just added new Audiobus support, various bug fixes and more improvements to Final Touch.

    Learn more about Berklee Online's Music Writing and Production with the iPad course. Now enrolling, Summer Term Starts June 29 :

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  • 20. JTs Pro Tools tips - Quick mastering using the L2


    Here's a video on how to smash some quick mastering on your track using the Waves L2. It's mostly about getting that final level up close to zero.. These tips can apply to basically any mastering limiter out there, including the free Massey L2007

  • Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS CS Bus Compressor Tutorial


    for more information

    The Bus Compressor is based on the mix bus VCA compressor of a worldwide known and acknowledged British mixing console from the 80's. This legendary processor has been painstakingly analyzed and measured down to the very single active and passive component to obtain a dead on behavior that will impart that famous glue effect on mix tracks without any compromise.

    In this tutorial we look at several applications of the plug-in: The subtle yet effective glue effect, compressing a drum bus from subtle to slamming or squashed, and all of the components of this plug-in including the great GRIT switch. Learn about the dual functionality of the RESET button, sidechain hi pass, and mid-side processing.

    Bus Compressor is one of the 20 professional mixing and mastering processors available in the T-RackS Custom Shop. Download the free T-RackS Custom Shop software, which comes with the Classic T-RackS Equalizer and a full metering suite, and you'll have access to the Custom Shop, where you can try our processors before you buy.

  • iZotope Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced | Mastering software for professional-sounding tracks


    Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced. Learn more at:

    Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add rich character with the critically-acclaimed music production tools in Ozone Advanced, including the new Vintage Limiter, Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape modules. Audition masters before rendering with the new Codec Preview. Apply Ozone’s processing to mix busses, too, with individual plug-ins of all ten Ozone Advanced modules.

  • NAMM 2016: Lurssen Mastering Console Demonstration


    for more info

    Watch Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering demonstrate Lurssen Mastering Console live at Winter NAMM 2016.

    Lurssen Mastering Console is a groundbreaking new mastering tool that puts a lifetime’s worth of professional mastering experience at your fingertips. Created in collaboration with Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen and their team at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, it puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques that have made the Lurssen sound so sought after by the world’s top-tier recording artists and producers. More at

  • Ozone 9 vs Lurssen Mastering Console; Check, Review, compare.


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  • Lurssen Mastering Console Plugin Demo/Review


    IK Multimedia just released its latest plugin a collaboration with Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles. I think the plugin kicks ass and holds up to the Lurssen name see it in action here!

    Names KJ I currently hail from Sweden but I'm from the good ol' US of A. Welcome to my Youtube, here you will find Original music, Gear Demos, Backing Tracks, Cover Tunes, Lessons and more!

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    Me on the WEB

  • NAMM 2020: Gavin Lurssen & Reuben Cohen - Mastering at home with Lurssen Mastering Console


    From IK's NAMM 2020 booth: Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen talk about their process, gear, and how you can master at home with Lurssen Mastering Console. Learn more about Lurssen Mastering Console at

  • Mastering Game of Thrones - Lurssen Mastering


    Watch as Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering talk about their experience with the score of Game of Thrones.

    Creating Game of Thrones, one of the world's most popular TV shows takes the dedication and talent of many different people - including GRAMMY-winning mastering engineers Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen, the creators of Lurssen Mastering Console. Each season these two work with composer Ramin Djawadi to help bring the show to life, mastering the score of each episode to guide the story. IK recently caught up with these two to reflect on their journey over 8 seasons, and to give us some advice on mastering scores for film and TV.

    Lurssen Mastering Console:
    Lurssen Mastering:

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  • NAMM 2016 - Lurssen Mastering Console


    Dave interviews Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen and discusses the Lurssen Mastering Console a groundbreaking new mastering tool. Created in collaboration with Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen and their team at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, it puts you at the controls in the studio with all of the secret tools, settings and techniques that have made the Lurssen sound so sought after by the world’s top-tier recording artists and producers.

  • Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/ PC - Overview


    for more information

    Lurssen Mastering Console for Mac/PC works as a standalone mastering workstation application or as a mastering plugin for your DAW.

    Lurssen Mastering Console is a new and unique mastering approach developed in collaboration with multi-Grammy Award winning and world-renowned mastering studio, Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, CA. Designed to be an effortless mastering tool for musicians and producers of all skill levels, it digitally recreates the unique whole is greater than its parts approach utilized by Gavin Lurssen and his team in the studio. Lurssen Mastering Console provides a top of the line mastering processor chain with parameters that can be recalled as 25 different Styles, created by Gavin and his team to reflect the settings they've developed in their over 25 years of experience mastering hip-hop, rock, pop, Americana and more.

    Also available on iPad!



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    jangan lupa ya di Subsribe,like and Comment.Salam Audio.Gbu.

    CP ; C-LA MEDIA via ✆ 082344109722 (WhatsApp).

  • Mastering console vst


    Va Raxs vst mastering adesso 64bit
    La consolle sviluppata da Synthblitz Audio con un rapporto qualità prezzo insuperabile,fa tutto quello che fanno i software dal costo 10 volte superiore

  • 【VOCALOID original】ヤングポアソン密度 / Young Poisson Density【Lurssen Mastering Console】



    【ボカロ オリジナル曲】「ヤングポアソン密度 / Young Poisson Density」

    ・唄 : 蒼姫ラピス (iVOCALOID)
    ・演奏 : GarageBand (iPad)
    ・作詞・作曲・編曲 : コウジマ オオシ
    ・マスタリングスタジオ : Lurssen Mastering Console (iPad)
    ・映像制作 : LumaFusion (iPad)
     ※写真素材 : Rudy and Peter Skitterians(Pixabay)



    前の曲 :
    次の曲 :


  • Lursen Mastering Console Vs Ozone iZotope 7


    Hello every one!
    In this video I want to show two standalone program that can do Mastering music without the use of third-party plug-ins and daw - Lurssen Mastering Console and Ozone iZotope 7
    On the example of my work - Good Time I'll show you how it works for me . I think this is something interesting and would like to hear your opinion about these products from IK Multimedia and Ozone. Write in the comments who it uses, and how it applies them to your work !

  • Lurssen Mastering Console by IK Multimedia Demo


    My name is Matthew Wang and today, I will be reviewing the Lurssen Mastering Console application (only the computer version not the iPad one) as I attempt to master two of my songs, Singapore Sunrise and Bury Me. One is a classical-ish sounding tune and the other is a pretty straightforward balls to the wall rock track in the style of bands such as the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Dorje. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed, please subscribe!

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    or on Instagram: @ MattWMusic
    or Facebook: @metalmatt

  • Видеоблог MixnMaster.RU - Плагин мастеринг консоли Lurssen


    Краткий обзор возможностей плагина Lurssen Mastering Console

    Официальный сайт на русском
    Official web page


  • Reseña Del Lurssen Mastering Console Plugin


    Reseña Del Lurssen Mastering Console Plugin. Más videos y artículos como este aquí en:

    En este tutorial te damos la reseña de este increíble plugin nuevo, el Lurssen Mastering Console desarrollado por la compañía de IK Multimedia y el famoso ingeniero de masterización Gavin Lurssen.

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    Página dedicada a enseñar todo sobre la producción y post producción musical.

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  • Lurssen Mastering Console EQ Curves, Q-Clone




    Here I go up against a professionally mastered track using only Logic Pro X stock plugins.
    here is the Link to the professional mastering tutorial
    #audiomastering #mastering #logicprox

  • LANDR vs. Producer | How to Master | MASTERING CHALLENGE


    Thanks for joining me today!
    [Please remember to like and subscribe if you found this video helpful]

    In this video, I will be comparing the quality of my mastering skills to the mastering of LANDR. You will see my personal step by step process of mastering.

    Plugins used: Waves linear Multiband Compressor, Fab Filter Pro EQ, iZotope Ozone 5

    What is LANDR?
    LANDR is an online, cloud-based, automated mastering service developed by MixGenius in Montreal, QC. It allows for the upload of audio tracks in various formats which are then instantly digitally mastered using artificial intelligence algorithms. They offer free and paid services.

    7% off Distrokid membership:


    YouTube: My Shindig Music

    Business inquiries:

    Music used:
    Mona Lisa by Jurado -
    She Said by Jurado -
    Immortal by Elley Duhé -

  • How to Master Your Tracks ITB Lurssen VS Slate VS Native Plugins


    In this segment Andy runs a two track rock mix through the Lurssen Matering Console, the Slate Digital FG-X and the native compressor, eq and limiter plugins found in Digital Performer. After the mastering discussion there is a break break down and look at the project file for the actual song.

    New content on the reg.
    Get the new new.

  • the perfect mastering chain for your songs FL studio 20.7


    the perfect mastering chain for your songs (Master Touch by Goldinum Beats) FL studio 20.7

    ????????Master Touch version 2.0 by Goldinum Beats????????

    This mastering preset is a all in one mastering chain. Its perfectly crafted for those who are new to mastering as well as pros, to polish off a mix so it can compete loudness-wise with songs on the radio. The preset was made with FL Studio plugins only. I tried it on lots of projects and beats of various Genres, and the results was outstanding. I also compared Master Touch with mastering presets of the most famous mastering plugins like (T-Racks 5 Mastering Suite, O-Zone 9, MasterDesk by Brainworx, Lurssen Mastering Console, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain) and the results was similar because I could use Master Touch to Shape my Mixes to sound exactly the same as the presets of the plugins mentioned above, So its guaranteed that you can get the best results if you use Master Touch The right way.

    Free Download Link

    This is Goldinum Beats, Thanks for your support. GOD BLESS.

  • IK Tracks Mastering


    IK Tracks Mastering

  • Audio Mastering on your iPad


    The Mobile Musician presents Dave Gray's latest insights on iOS apps. The Mobile Musician is The Leading News and Information Source for Musicians Focused on Creating, Producing and Sharing Music on the Move.

    In this video Dave looks at mastering your track on your iPad using Audio Mastering.

    Dave Gray has performed on, produced and engineered hundreds of projects. He is also an ethnomusicologist. Dave started producing and engineering after working with Rick Rubin in Los Angeles. Gray has also performed and recorded with artists from major labels: Columbia, Wind Up, Warner Bros. and Capital records. His PhD specializes in the production techniques of multi-award winning Canadian music producer Daniel Lanois.

    Dave can be found on the links below

  • COMPRESSORE MULTIBANDA: Come, Quando e Perché Usarlo


    In questo Video spiego la logica che c'è dietro all'utilizzo di un Compressore Multibanda. Vi mostro inoltre un esempio pratico di come usare il compressore multibanda Waves C4 su un basso che ha timbro inconsistente.

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    Stiamo tenendo dei Corsi Personalizzati (Individuali e di Gruppo) su tutti gli aspetti della Produzione Musicale. Contattaci se vuoi prenotare la tua Lezione (anche a distanza su Skype)!

    Il nostro Studio di Registrazione:

    Il nostro Studio di Mastering:

    #comeusaremultibanda #compressoremultibanda #compressionemultibanda

    TAGS (Ignora):
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  • How to Prepare Songs for Mastering


    Matty goes over how to correctly prepare songs before you send in for mastering.

  • Seems to Me - Taylor Caspersen


    Apple Music:



    I wanna know, why you feel this way
    I want you to make it clear, who's lost it all
    I need to know, what it takes to go
    What planet are you on, anymore

    You wanna know, what’s my problem
    You want me to tell a lie, you don’t know I’m true
    You want success, to be at your request
    What future do you see, for yourself

    I wanna know, why you’d threaten me
    Why’d ya need to call my ma, make yourself a misery
    You take precedence, like you’re some kind of big event
    What kinda man are you, coming to be

    Words seem to be, thrown thoughtlessly
    You’re quick to judge, when you don’t know a thing
    You acting tough, coming at me
    Take a look at yourself, tell me what you see

    you never stopped to ask a question
    you never stopped to open your eyes

    Seems to me, you don’t get a thing
    you don’t understand, who I am
    Seems to me, you’re not easy to please
    it’s so worth it to be, who I am

    Seems to me, you don’t get a thing
    you don’t understand, who I am
    Seems to me, you’re not easy to please
    it’s so worth it to be, who I am


    ~ Gear Featured in this Video ~

    - Instruments -
    Guitars/Bass: 2010 Fender Telecaster, 2015 Epiphone Dove, 2016 Rickenbacker 330FG, 2017 Fender HH Telecaster with Seymour Duncan P-rails, and 2010 Squier Affinity Jazz Bass.
    Keyboards: 2017 Nord Electro 5D
    Drums & Cymbals: Yamaha Custom Birch Drum Shells with Evans Heads (14 snare, 12 rack tom, 16 floor tom, 22 kick,) Vater Stewart Copeland Signature Drumsticks, Paiste 22 Dark Crisp Ride, Sabian 16 AAX O-zone Crash, Paiste PST5 14 Sound Edge Hi-hats, Paiste PST5 15 Medium Crash, and Stagg 11 Myra Splash.
    Percussion: Meinl Recording-Combo ABS Tambourine

    - Microphones -
    Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine, Drums (Room): Warm Audio WA-47
    Electric Guitars: Shure Beta 57A and vintage Shure Unisphere I
    Drum Overheads: Behringer B-2 (mono) and Shure PGA81's (stereo)
    Snare Mics: Shure SM57 (top) and Shure PG57 (bottom)
    Kick Mics: Shure SM58 (inside) and Shure Beta57a (outside)

    - Amplifiers -
    Lead and Rhythm Guitars: 1997 Fender Tweed Blues Deville 212 60-watt

    - Recording and Film Gear -
    Filmed with Zoom Q8
    Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
    Console & Preamps: Tascam DP-32SD
    Headphones: Audio-Technica M50 (w/ upgraded foam pads) Closed-Back and Audio-Technica R70x Open-Back
    Monitors: KRK Rokit 5's
    Mixed in Pro Tools with Waves and IK Multimedia Plugins
    Mastered with Lurssen Mastering Console


  • How to export files in the Final Touch mastering app on iPad


    How to export files in the Final Touch mastering app on iPad

    If you have followed this series all the way through, you should now have a final mastered file ready to export and share with the world.

    So how do you export songs from Final Touch on the iPad so that you can share and released them?

    In this video, I show you how to export your songs from Final Touch so that you can release you mastered songs to the world on Soundcloud, YouTube and even using a distribution platform like DistroKid to release to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and all the rest!

    Check the related videos below for more information, or catch up on the whole series here -

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    Releasing Music - DistroKid - (7% off first year)
    Video Editing (Desktop) - Adobe Premiere Pro
    Video Editing (Mobile) - LumaFusion
    Design & Images - Canva -

    == Web & Social ==

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    #FinalTouch #Mastering #iPad

  • AETERNITAS videoblog #13 - mastering


    Videoblog #13 from the German symphonic metal band AETERNITAS.

    This blog provides insight into the mastering at the Wonderlandstudio for the upcoming album House of Usher.

  • Jolico - After Lockdown


    Loops created on Reason Compact.
    Arranged and mixed down in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.
    Mastered in AUM with the following AuV3 plugins:
    - DirectionalEQ
    - NYCompressor
    - EQ550
    - WOOTT
    - MagicDeathEye (3 instances. One on each band)
    - Perforator
    - Parametric EQ
    - 6144
    - MagicDeathEyeStereo
    - NoLimits

    With AudioShare of course.



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