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Playlist of Mario

  • Super Mario Bass Guitar 2!!!!!


    Playing Super Mario Bros Level 1-2 on my bass guitar!
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    Hi, my name is Nathan Navarro and I want to share my love for all things bass with you. I review gear, perform as a recording and touring bassist, and write original music. Every now and then I'll throw in a cover song or a lesson. :)

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  • SUPER MARIO SUPER MEDLEY - A CAPpella Mario Odyssey - David Fowler





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  • Trilha Sonora do Mario Bros no acordeon - Douglas Borsatti


    Soundtrack Mario Bros on accordion by Douglas Borsatti...


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    ▶Skype: douglas_borsatti

  • Super Mario Bros DJENT


    My djent/metal cover of the music from Super Mario Bros!!

    Stevie T Facebook :

    Recorded & mastered by Carmen Sorge

    Thanks to Mike Sorge for the NES

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  • Mario - Thinkin About You


    Mario's official music video for 'Thinkin' About You'. Click to listen to Mario on Spotify:

    As featured on DNA. Click to buy the track or album via
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    More From Mario
    Just A Friend 2002:
    How Do I Breathe:
    How Could You:

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    Its 2:30 and it seems like everybody is about to leave
    And I can see you reaching out for me
    Without a single word I know just what you're thinking oww
    Im hoping you can stay a little while longer
    Cause I like to see that there's chemistry between you and me
    Im pretty sure we'll make that good old kind of love

    When the afterparty is over
    And everyone around us is leaving
    Thats when I want you to come closer (that's when I want you girl)
    Cause you're the only one that im needing
    So when the afterparty is over
    And for no particular reason
    I want you to pull me in closer (pull me in closer)
    And tell me that tonight you aint leaving
    Said I been think, think, think, thinking about you all night
    Said I been thinking about you all night
    Said I been thinking about you all night
    So tell me that tonight you aint leaving
    Said I been think, think, think, thinking about you all night
    Said I been thinking about you all night
    Said I been thinking about you all night
    So tell me that tonight you aint leaving
    Been thinking bout you wooaahhh

  • Super Mario Bros.


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    PMJ tour tap dance superstar Demi Remick taps her way through the nostalgic themes from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario World in this retro medley.

    -- -- --

    Follow The Musicians:
    Demi Remick (Tap)

    Mike Chisnall (Guitar)

    Adam Kubota (Bass):

    Jason Faubus (Clarinet):

    JP Floyd (Trombone):

    Tom Jorgensen (Drums)

    Jesse Elder (Piano):

    Arrangement by: Jesse Elder & Scott Bradlee
    Engineered by: Thai Ly Long

    Video by: Braverijah Sage

    -- -- --
    #SuperMarioBros #TapDance #PMJ

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    Learn the Super Mario Bros. Theme by Koji Kondo on piano with this tutorial! Please enjoy!

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    The Super Mario Bros. Theme written by Koji Kondo is the unnofficial anthem of gamers. It's been adapted for countless games featuring Mario, the mascot of Nintendo. It has an upbeat calypso sound and while it was originally played on just an 8-bit system, it often uses steel drums for the melody in other versions. It's probably the most recognisable theme from video games so we hope you enjoy our Super Mario Bros Theme piano tutorial!

    ▶ Sheet music:



  • The Super Mario Super Medley - A Collaborative Musical Tribute to the History of Mario | FamilyJules


    Thank you, Mario.

    This medley is my ultimate tribute to not only one of the first game series I ever played, which kindled my passion for games and music, but also to all of the amazing and talented friends I have made across the years I've been on YouTube. Thank you so much for playing, listening, and working together to make beautiful tributes to what we love.

    - Special Thanks to Corey Dyer for the 3D Animation -

    If anyone in this medley stood out to you please check them out:

    1 (0:18) Jonny Atma -
    2 (0:38) Ace Waters -
    3 (0:53) AHmusic -
    4 (1:09) HollowRiku -
    5 (1:30) Jacksfilms -
    6 (1:52) Dr. Pez -
    7 (2:11) Ubaldo B -
    8 (2:34) Forsaken Panda -
    9 (2:49) Daniel Tidwell -
    10 (3:08) BMBGuitar -
    11 (3:21) 331Erock -
    12 (3:34) Ferdk -
    13 (3:49) 8BitBrigadier -
    14 (4:03) ToxicxEternity -
    15 (4:19) Steven Morris -
    16 (4:43) Zurachi -
    17 (5:01) David Russell -
    18 (5:25) ArtificialFear -
    19 (5:46) Ryan Lafford -
    20 (6:06) Paul Farrer Music -
    21 (6:19) RichaadEB -
    22 (6:32) The8BitDrummer -
    23 (6:37) LennartAlsing -
    24 (6:54) PPF -
    25 (7:15) BillyTheBard11th -
    26 (7:39) Delcake -
    27 (7:44) Jackson Parodi -
    28 (8:00) ThunderScott -
    29 (8:23) Tsuko G. -
    30 (8:49) Dannlink -
    31 (8:54) Christian Richardson -
    32 (9:06) Ro Panuganti -
    33 (9:20) SixteenInMono -
    34 (9:41) Jake McCoy -
    35 (9:54) Patti Rudisill -
    36 (9:59) Kristin Nagius -
    37 (10:06) CSGuitar89 -
    38 (10:20) Legendav -
    39 (10:37) Super Guitar Bros. -
    40 (10:50) LittleVMills -
    41 (11:09) BlackearacheXD -
    42 (11:25) String Player Gamer -
    43 (11:33) David Ramos -
    44 (11:41) Project Genesis -
    45 (11:55) Marc Papeghin -
    46 (11:59) subversiveasset -
    47 (12:15) Nstens1117 -
    48 (12:31) Krissalad -
    49 (12:52) mklachu -
    50 (13:14) Soundole -
    51 (13:29) Lord Bif Music -
    52 (13:52) Josiah Everhart -
    53 (14:15) Doug Perry -
    54 (14:29) MetalFortress -
    55 (14:50) ChequerChequer -
    56 (15:07) Sab Irene -
    57 (15:26) gabocarina96 -
    58 (15:44) Mark The Hammer -
    59 (16:04) TeraCMusic -
    60 (16:20) Lyle Rath -
    61 (16:44) insaneintherainmusic -
    62 (16:52) Mitch Cairns -
    63 (17:10) Julia Henderson -
    64 (17:13) Shady Cicada -
    65 (17:28) TimberTaft -
    66 (17:31) HomykSmash -
    67 (17:40) Caleb Hyles -
    68 (17:49) Adriana Figueroa -
    69 (18:08) Jonathan Young -
    70 (18:25) Austin Dickey -

    All compositions owned by Nintendo except Super Luigi U Theme by Stevie Pilgrim:

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  • Super Mario Bros. REMIX by Tina | TOP DJ 2015 puntata 3


    Il tema di Super Mario Bros. mixato con la dance anni 90 - Il dj set di TINA BAFFY dall'episodio 3 di TOP DJ 2015!

    Guarda l'episodio completo:
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  • Super Mario vs. Sonic the Hedgehog - Video Game Rap Battle


    Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog finally settle their rivalry in the ultimate Video Game Rap Battle.

    Buy the song on iTunes►

    Video and Animation by SlimPlay►

    Sonic Voiced and Mixed by ShadyVox►

    Mario Voiced by and Co-Written by Cam Greely►

    Co-Written by Mat4yo►

    Beat by Adamack►

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  • Super Mario Theme - Sungha Jung


    Sungha arranged and played 'Super Mario Theme'.

    TAB : Super Mario Bros. Main Theme [Ukulele Tab Solo]:

  • Super Mario Bros Meets Metal


    ***Streaming Concert August 23, 2015:

    Hey guys,

    First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You guys made 2012 AMAZING for me, thank you so much. I personally wanted to stay away from this song because its been done so many times in so many awesome ways but it always got requested to I figured for a 1st upload of the year I'd give it a shot. I wanted to make it sound as if the game was being played. Thank you all so much for everything. It means the world. Big ups for all the suggestions, messages, donations, fan art, subs, and support. You guys rock my casbah!

    Best to ya,



    MP3 and Tab book:





  • Super Mario World Castle Theme | Cover by FamilyJules


    Super Mario World Castle Theme Metal Guitar Cover by FamilyJules
    ???? ▼ Super Carpal Tunnel Maker 2 ▼ ????
    (Tabs for all parts available on Patreon!)

    This cover is part of FamilyJules Video Game Covers Vol. 5!
    ???? Spotify:
    ???? iTunes:
    ▶️ Google:
    ????️ Amazon:


    Even though I would consider myself a (casual) speedrunner of Super Mario 64, I am GARBAGE at 2D Mario games. I played my fair share of Super Mario Bros 1-3, but it never quite clicked for me like 64. I also completely missed out on Super Mario Maker, so you can imagine my excitement when SMM2 hit the Switch this past week! However my excitement was very quickly extinguished because, again, I'm GARBAGE at 2D Mario.

    I've been having fun with it, and I was struggling taking on this absolutely impossible cover, classic as it may be. The arpeggio that runs through the whole song is a huge deterrent I'm sure for many cover artists as it was for me. Much of the time working on this cover was me grinding the part to a metronome. Turns out 16th note triplets at 126 is fairly difficult.

    Nonetheless, it's been really fun trying out new sounds and new guitars! This cover features my newest 7-string guitar, the Schecter C-7 Multiscale SLS Elite! I can't wait to use it more once I get used to the fanned frets. The pickups sound sooooooo good but they're very hard to wrangle all the goodness in a full mix! Hope I did a good job here!

    Thanks for listening! :)


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    Proudly endorsed by:
    Ernie Ball Strings (
    Schecter Guitars (


    Composed by: Koji Kondo
    Filming by: Adriana Figueroa


    Instruments Used:

    Lead Guitar: Ernie Ball Majesty Monarchy Series
    Rhythm Guitar: C-7 Multiscale SLS Elite
    Bass: Schecter Diamond-J 5

    Interface: Axe-Fx II XL+
    Mixer: Makie ProFX12
    Microphone: Shure SM7B + Audio Technica AT2020
    Audio Software: Cubase 10
    Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
    Video Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5s

    Check out my entire list of equipment here:



    COMBATE MORTAL Entre 2 personajes cuyos juegos han sido marcados en nuestra infancia, El fontanero Mario Bros Vs. El Loco Marsupial Crash Bandicoot ¿Quien gano? ¿Cual sera el Próximo Combate? La decisión es tuya.

    Inspirado en Epic Rap Battles of History, Epicas Batallas de Rap del Frikismo & Mortal Kombat.

    DESCARGA la cancion por SoundCloud: ► ◄
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    Beat Producido por: Fx-M Black Beats
    Año: 2015
    Grabacion, Edicion de video y diseño: JayFmusicRap

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    Nos vemos :3

  • Sonic Vs Mario Rap Battle


    This Song is Available on Spotify here -

    And iTunes here -

    Thank you to KingHenryTheEtch for rapping as Mario and editing the video.

    + Connect with the Don +

    + iTunes -

    + Spotify -

    + Instagram -

    + Twitter -

    + Snapchat - fraser-nash

    + PS4 - DonFraserNash

    Here's the lyrics -

    Sonic verse -

    Im battling mario, so I gotta go slow,
    Id hate for you to miss me roasting you,
    Your games are all the same saving princess peach,
    I hate to say it but she’s just not that into you,

    Who gets kidnapped 23 times without a clue?
    Mario she’s having an affair dude,
    I mean come one who would most chose?
    Big king bowser, or well you?

    Think of all the times you been played you’re a loser,
    Even your mushrooms tell you to get a life,
    You’re lost tried being a ref, doctor etc,
    But the only thing you’re master of, is pipe,

    And you’re only fun when you’re mushroom high,
    I’d rather be friends with toad cus he’s a fun gi,
    I got those speedy jabs, quick kicks you want more,
    You’ll be feeling like yoshi, Dino sore,

    Sonic chorus -

    Goomba’s moving like roombas how will I ever evade,
    The mushroom kingdom and sewer systems, don’t compare to green hills landscape,
    I was told I should be afraid of attacking him,
    But I got a lot of experience fighting fat moustache men,

    Mario chorus -

    I'ma battle this a hedgehog
    I'ma throwa some a shade
    Cos I still get a paid and I still get a played
    Sonic you should be very afraid a

    I'm a good at fixing a pipes
    Peach will a be a my wife a
    All you do a is run, yea your games no a fun
    Now it's time for our worlds to collide a


    So you Wanna fight, gonna need some bandages
    Forget the bricks, I'm giving knucle a sandwhiches!
    I popped a shroom so I know I'll handle this
    I'll bust you open while your image languishes

    Your eyes are crazy, do you see in widescreen?
    And lay off Peach, Harvey Weinstein!
    I guess the gloves are for awful hygene
    So take a step back, you have Covid-19?

    You love the speed, do you take narcotics?
    I Respect the law, stick to gin and sonics
    A mutant freak, anthropomorphic
    You lost your way, but I'm still iconic

    So try to fight me, the wins a pipe dream
    Your only run... the early a nineties
    it don't surprise me that your titles stink
    Are you sure you weren't collecting onion rings?

    Sonic chorus -

    Goomba’s moving like roombas how will I ever evade,
    The mushroom kingdom and sewer systems, don’t compare to green hills landscape,
    I was told I should be afraid of attacking him,
    But I got a lot of experience fighting fat moustache men,

    Mario chorus -

    I'ma battle this a hedgehog
    I'ma throwa some a shade
    Cos I still get a paid and I still get a played
    Sonic you should be very afraid a

    I'm a good at fixing a pipes
    Peach will a be a my wife a
    All you do a is run, yea your games no a fun
    Now it's time for our worlds to collide a

    Sonic -

    You didn’t mention my movie, I’m not surprised,
    And not cus it sold well, world wide,
    But becus you made a little movie to!
    It’s soo bad people walked out halfway through,

    Mario -

    You did a movie, too late to save ya
    I’ll stick to consoles, I’m not a faker
    You know I’m the only true record breaker
    But your sequels all flopped, nearly crippled SEGA

    Sonic -

    You’re dissing my maker sega, when you were,
    Firstly, just a donkey Kong character,
    I’d rather get opinions of Luigi your bro,
    You won’t get this joke, It’s a meme mario!

    Mario -

    So You’re bringing up memes, gonna get the stash out
    You’re blowing up the web I think it’s time to tapped out
    You know without me, there’d be no you
    Just a fidget spinning freak wearing Dorothy’s shoes

    Sonic -

    You’re still pumping out games like you’re desperate for dough,
    You’re soo dated your favourite search engine’s yahoo!
    Slow psychically and mentally the teachers couldn’t teach,
    Next you’ll attack trump cus you heard he was in peach

    Mario -

    I think your franchise should be abandoned
    Your titles are as bad as your anime fandom
    I’m busy busting bricks with my own two fists
    You know your spines ain’t sharp but you’re still a prick

    Sonic chorus -

    Goomba’s moving like roombas how will I ever evade,
    The mushroom kingdom and sewer systems, don’t compare to green hills landscape,
    I was told I should be afraid of attacking him,
    But I got a lot of experience fighting fat moustache men,

    Mario chorus -

    I'ma battle this a hedgehog
    I'ma throwa some a shade
    Cos I still get a paid and I still get a played
    Sonic you should be very afraid a

    I'm a good at fixing a pipes
    Peach will a be a my wife a
    All you do a is run, yea your games no a fun
    Now it's time for our worlds to collide a

  • Super Mario World - Castle Theme Epic Orchestral Cover


    This one has been in my mind for years, no jokes. I wanted to do this song for a very long time and I finally got to do it. It really has a feeling of suspense that the original version just can't give properly. I'm pretty happy with the result.
    This art is by Jason Chan and is found here :

  • Super Mario Theme - EASY Piano Tutorial by PlutaX


    Learn piano songs like this with flowkey:
    Download Simply Piano for FREE :


  • Top 50 Mario Songs of All Time


    My personal list of the 50 best Mario songs of all time! If you enjoyed the video please consider liking the video and subscribe; it is very much appreciated!
    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????:

    ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????? ???? ???????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????!

    ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????!

    ???????? ???????????????????? ???? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? .???????????? ???????? .?????????????????
    * All my top lists have high quality .MP3 (320kbit/s) and uncompressed .FLAC (1572kbit/s) files available for all my Patrons on Patreon! It also helps me out a ton and you get some other cool perks as well. Check out my Patreon here;

    ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????????!

    0:32 yoshi's island - flower garden
    2:35 super mario galaxy - throwback galaxy (bob-omb battlefield)
    4:37 super mario bros. 2 - overworld
    6:09 super mario world - athletic theme
    8:12 super mario bros. 3 - overworld
    9:20 new super mario bros - athletic theme
    11:22 super mario land - overworld
    12:26 paper mario: the thousand year door - enemy battle
    13:49 mario kart ds - airship fotress
    15:52 super mario sunshine - delfino plaza
    17:54 super mario bros. 3 - athletic
    19:13 super mario 64 - koopa's road
    20:27 new super mario bros. u - overworld theme
    22:30 super mario galaxy - battlerock galaxy
    24:32 mario kart: double dash - waluigi/wario colosseum
    26:35 super mario world - overworld
    28:38 mario kart 64 - choco mountain
    30:41 super mario 3d world - hisstocrat
    32:43 luigi's mansion - main theme (smash bros. remix)
    34:45 mario kart: double dash - mushroom city
    36:49 super mario rpg - beware the forest's mushrooms
    38:50 super mario bros. 3 - credits
    40:53 super mario sunshine - secret course
    42:35 super mario 3d world - world bowser
    43:53 super mario galaxy 2 - melty monster galaxy
    45:56 super mario 3d world - chainlink charge
    47:47 yoshi's island - athletic
    49:48 new super mario bros. u - castle theme
    51:50 mario kart 8 - title theme
    53:50 mario kart: double dash - title theme
    55:52 paper mario: the thousand year door - main theme
    57:55 super mario galaxy 2 - staff roll
    59:58 paper mario: the thousand year door - petal meadows
    1:02:01 super mario 3d land - overworld
    1:03:16 super mario world - castle theme
    1:05:18 super mario galaxy 2 - puzzle plank galaxy
    1:07:20 super mario 3d world - beep block skyway
    1:09:21 paper mario: sticker star - title theme
    1:11:25 super mario galaxy 2 - fluffy bluff galaxy
    1:13:27 super mario 3d world - super bell hill
    1:15:28 super mario galaxy - good egg galaxy
    1:17:25 super mario galaxy - credits
    1:21:05 super mario galaxy - buoy base galaxy
    1:23:09 super mario world - ending
    1:25:12 super mario 64 - staff roll
    1:27:14 new super mario bros. 2 - staff credits
    1:30:29 super mario galaxy 2 - sky station galaxy 1
    1:32:31 super mario galaxy - gusty garden galaxy
    1:34:33 mario & luigi: bowser's inside story - final boss
    1:36:38 super mario galaxy 2 - storming the sky fleet


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    #mario #nintendo #top50

  • Super Mario World - Game Over


    Super Mario World Game Over Song Remix
    Remixed by BKNAPP

    ♫ Listen on Soundcloud:

    ???? Follow BKNAPP:

    ???? Follow EDM Bot:

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    Zene:Burai On The Beat

    SMINK /Suu Makeup/

    [Refrén] MARIO:
    Elfeledlek hidd el baebe
    Minden egyes szép emléket
    Fújjon el a szél messze tőlem
    Mindennek vége
    Újra kezdtük százszor de mégse ment
    Bármit teszek úgysem vagyok jó neked
    Folyton össze töröd a szívemet
    Darabokra szakítod a lelkemet

    [Verse 1] MARIO:
    Azt mondtad bébi még a legelején
    Örökre csak az enyém leszel ameddig élsz
    Hazugság volt az egész és majdnem átvertél
    De kicsim csibész vagyok nem egy veréb
    Bennem büszke a vér
    Ehhez kevés vagy ne játszd magad
    Elég volt most már leléphetnél

    [Refrén] MARIO:
    Elfeledlek hidd el baebe
    Minden egyes szép emléket
    Fújjon el a szél messze tőlem
    Mindennek vége
    Újra kezdtük százszor de mégse ment
    Bármit teszek úgysem vagyok jó neked
    Folyton össze töröd a szívemet
    Darabokra szakítod a lelkemet

    [Verse 2]ESSEMM
    Sose voltam az akinek semmi se szent
    De bármit tervezetünk el eddig semmi se ment
    Volt idő mikor magam is elhittelek
    Aztán sírva közölted, hogy mindent elviccelek
    Tudod a problémáktól meg nem ijedek
    Barmi kerül az utamba mindig neki megyek
    De ha én mondom, hogy nehéz veled elhiheted
    Aztán jött a nem fáj a fejem meg ilyenek
    Fújjon el a szél messze tőlem ne integess
    Az kell hogy ne sírj miattam velem ne is nevess
    Soha ne is keress csukd be szemed hogy temess
    Hogy önmagad lehess felejts el engem hogy mehess
    Igen mi vagyunk azok az elveszettek
    Azok akik megszeretnek aztán nem szeretnek
    Akik elengedik kezed miután elvezettek
    Sokszor mondtam nem felejtek de most elfeledlek

    [Refrén] MARIO:
    Elfeledlek hidd el baebe
    Minden egyes szép emléket
    Fújjon el a szél messze tőlem
    Mindennek vége
    Újra kezdtük százszor de mégse ment
    Bármit teszek úgysem vagyok jó neked
    Folyton össze töröd a szívemet
    Darabokra szakítod a lelkemet

    [Verse 3]MARIOxESSEMM
    Nem adom fel soha, de most mennem kell
    Talán utoljára most láttál felejts el
    Könnyek és mosolyok már nem kellenek
    Megyek de nem veled
    Volt hogy a tűz de most vihar tombol
    Történt ami történt jó volt ami jó volt
    Búcsú és ölelések már nem kellenek
    Megyek de nem veled!



    18 Super Mario Bros sounds in Synthesia. Learn how to play them on piano. Enjoy!

  • Relaxing Super Mario Jazz Covers


    A compilation of relaxing jazz covers of Super Mario's music.


    0:00 - Super Mario Bros.
    4:22 - Super Mario Bros. 3
    8:56 - Koopa Beach
    13:00 - Dire, Dire Docks
    16:16 - Super Mario World
    21:27 - Rainbow Road
    27:05 - Thank You, Mario!
    32:43 - Good Night, Mario

    Annnd now for the credits, who of course are the ones making this compilation possible. If you liked this video have a look at their work and support them if you want to.

    Koopa Beach and Rainbow Road are by The OneUps, purchase their music or listen for free here:

    Dire, Dire Docks is by insaneintherain music, check out more of his content below:

    Or if you'd like to purchase the song like I did:

    And finally, the remainder of the tracks are all off the Super Mario World OST disc which you can download for free over here:

    If you want the image, it's by Elizabeth Sherry and can be downloaded right here:

    Or go even one step further and hang it on your wall:

  • Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros 2


    Hi Guys! This is my SUPER drum medley of the Super Mario Bros 2 theme by Koji Kondo. Thanks everyone for the awesome support, I have no words...You're the best! ^_^
    More Vadrum Videos? SUBSCRIBE NOW! :-D

    Check out this and other drum videos, infos about me, my drumkit and much more at my personal website:

    You can also find me on:
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    #drums #supermariobros2 #supermario

  • Lets Play LIVE! #1 - Super Mario Bros. w/FULL ORCHESTRA!


    The entire first two worlds of gameplay from Super Mario Bros. for the NES with music accompanied LIVE by a full sized jazz big band, orchestra, and choir! All sound FX performed live on drum pads! Featuring George Salazar on the controller! Orchestrated and arranged for a 65 piece orchestra and big band with choir!

    Featuring all musical themes from Super Mario Bros re-orchestrated in styles such ranging from Swing, Fusion, Classical, Mambo, Strauss Waltz, Rock, Metal, Stravinsky, Burning Up-tempo, and more! Check out every theme from Super Mario Bros being heard live by this full orchestra and choir synced with on screen game play!


    The 8-Bit Big Band is a 30 member Jazz/pops orchestra that formed to celebrate and realize some of the best themes from video game music written from all consoles and eras! Blending together themes from Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, PC, and more and then re-arranging in genres and styles of all musical inspirations for big band or pops orchestra instrumentation and orchestration.

    Band leader/Arranger/Orchestrated by:


    Follow us on Insta/Twitter for more behind the scenes clips!

    Instagram ►
    Twitter ►
    Spotify ►
    BandCamp ►

    Patreon ►

    --- FULL CREDITS ---

    The 58 members of The 8-bit Big Band: Let's Play Live:

    Conductor/Arrangement/Orchestration/Bandleader - Charlie Rosen

    Nintendo Entertainment System - George Salazar

    Harp - Lianne Cline

    Flute - Mira Magrill
    Oboe - Steve Lyon
    Bassoon - Jenice Rosen

    Alto Sax 1 - Andrew Gould
    Alto Sax 2 - Josh Plotner
    Tenor Sax 1 - Sam Dillon (solo on world 2-3)
    Tenor Sax 2 - Zac Zinger
    Baritone Sax - Andrew Gutauskas

    Trumpet 1 - Bryan Davis
    Trumpet 2 - John Lake
    Trumpet 3 - Gabe Medd (solo on world 1-2)
    Trumpet 4 - Danny Jonokuchi

    Trombone 1 - Alex Jeun
    Trombone 2 - Jimmy O'Connell
    Trombone 3 - Mariel Bildsten
    Trombone 4 - Becca Patterson

    Violin 1 - Katie Kresek (CM), Tomoko Akaboshi, Lavinia Pavlish, Frederique Gnaman, Mary Jo Stilp, Emily Gelineau

    Violin 2 - Kiku Enomoto, Sita Chay, Kevin Kuh, Ally Jenkins, Ellie Goodman, Erikka Walsh

    Viola - Tia Allen, Elise Frawley, Will Marshall, Sarah Greene

    Cello - Alon Bisk, Marta Bagratuni, Susan Mandel

    Piano - Natalie Tennenbaum
    Guitar/Tres - Charlie Rosen
    Bass - Adam Neely
    Drums - Jared Schonig

    Mallets - Sarah Tompkins
    Congas/Bongos/Hand Perc - Wilson Torres
    Roland SPD 1 - Jamie Eblen
    Roland SPD 2 - Josh Bailey

    Sopranos - Danielle Gimbal, Kate Bullock, Jane Kivnic, Grace Choi

    Altos - Gracie Nash, Ashley Sweetman, Badia Farha, Jane Bruce

    Tenors - George Slotin, Vanjah Boikai, Troy Burton, Josh Greenblatt, Sommer Carbuccia

    Baritones - Sean Switzer, Josh Page, Keith White

    Directed by Hunter Bird
    Recorded at The Power Station NYC
    Engineered and Mixed by John Kilgore
    Mastered by Alan Silverman - Arf Mastering
    Shot and edited by Halleloo Creative

  • 【Super Mario Odyssey】Jump Up, Super Star! 【Piano Cover】スーパーマリオ オデッセイ メインテーマ かてぃん


    Jump Up, Super Star! (Super Mario Odyssey Theme Song)

    I played the main theme of Super Mario Odyssey. I struggled to reproduce such a big band rhythm on a piano but had a lot of fun. I put several Mario sound effects and BGMs of Mario, I hope you'll find them!

    Join Cateen Lab→
    You can see lecture videos of my piano arrangement, improvisation.

    Twitter :
    Instagram :

    Movie :キムラナオキ

    Thank you for watching! If you like it, please subscribe to my channel and comment here! (any language is welcome)

    Discover the new way to learn piano ►

  • Koji Kondo - Super Mario Bros. 3 Guitar Medley


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    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    [Unfortunately this medley would be way too expensive to distribute, so no download links this time. I'll resume distributing stuff with my next video.]

    I really like the Falling from the Sky theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, but it's only like four seconds long, so I figured if I wanted to record it I'd have to pad it out a little. I decided it would be a good opportunity for a medley, especially since there are a lot of other themes from Super Mario Bros. 3 that I really like. So I picked a handful of them and then indiscriminately jammed them into one video.

    Also, shoutouts to all of my Patrons for supporting the creation of this video! Thanks to my Patrons, I was able to afford the timbales rental and the tiny saxophone seen during the overworld theme.

  • Super Mario Bros Medley - Sonya Belousova


    Celebrate 30 years of Super Mario Bros with this piano arrangement of original Mario Themes on a custom Nintendo Piano by Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey.

    Sheet Music ►►
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    Download Our Songs ►►

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    Official Website ►►

    For SERIOUS Business Inquiries only: playerpianomusic (at)

    Music Arranged and Performed by: Sonya Belousova
    Video Produced and Directed by: Tom Grey
    Cinematography by: Ryan Meyer
    NES Piano by: Megan Burns
    Executive Producer: Adam Mitropoulos
    Executive Producer: Jesse Kretchmer

    Recording Engineer: Jeremy Underwood
    Music recorded at the Firehouse Recording Studios
    Mixing Engineer: Guillermo Marin

    I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.

  • Mario G. Klau - Beda


    Mario G. Klau’s official music video for new single ‘Beda’ (From The Album ‘Sepanjang Hidupku’)
    Download and Stream :
    #MarioGKlau #Beda

    RBT Codes:
    Telkomsel : MARIOBEDA kirim ke 1212
    XL : MARIOBEDA kirim ke 1818

    Song Composed by Mario G. Klau
    Arranged by Nico Veryandi
    Published by Canal Music Publishing B.V. administered by PT. Suara Publisindo / PT. Suara Publisindo

    Video Producer: Mohammad Heikal
    Line Producer: Dara Dwitanti
    Asst. Producer: Galih Rama
    Video Director: Stella Marlena
    Asst. Director: Natasha Aurellian
    Director of Photography: Satrio Wicaksono
    Camera Operator 1: Agustinus Gatot Jalu
    Camera Operator 2: Hafidz Nur Rahmadi
    Art Director: Bagus Dian Permana
    Asst. Art Director: Ary Natanael
    Lighting Technician 1: Samuel
    Lighting Technician 2: Josafat Ririmase
    Talent: Gisca Dmelia
    Make-up Artist: Iffata Salsabila
    Costume Supervisor: Siti Sarah
    Film Editor: Andreas Rozano

    Lyrics :
    Kejujuran ini
    Ketulusan ini
    Semua kan ku beri
    Untuk kamu cinta terakhir ku

    Perbedaan ini
    Semua kan ku beri
    Walau rintangan trus menghadang
    Aku berjuang untuk mu

    Oh Tuhan ku ingin kan dirinya
    Hidup di hari tua dengan nya
    Walau banyak perbedaan ku tetap ingin dia
    Percayalah kan ku jaga kau sayang

    Cinta yang tulus
    Kasih yang sungguh
    Itu yang slalu aku trima dari diri mu
    Walau berliku
    Yang aku tempuh
    Takan melemahkan ku hadapi semua itu

    Kepercayaan yang kau berikan
    Akan ku jaga sampai akhir hayat hidup ku
    Genggam tangan ku
    Peluk diri ku
    Yakinlah bahwa ku yang terakhir untuk mu

    Oh Tuhan ku ingin kan dirinya
    Hidup di hari tua dengan nya
    Walau banyak perbedaan ku tetap ingin dia
    Percayalah kan ku jaga kau sayang

    Percayalah kan ku jaga kau sayang

    Percayalah kan ku jaga kau sayang

    Listen “Beda” on:
    Apple Music:
    YouTube Music:
    Langit Musik:

    Follow Mario G. Klau:

    Official Music Video by Mario G. Klau performing Beda © 2020 PT. Universal Music Indonesia

  • The Grand Finale - Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story


    Music: The Grand Finale
    Composer: Yoko Shimomura
    Platform: Nintendo DS

  • Mario De La Garza AUDICION COMPLETA Halo La Voz Mexico 2020


  • World Bowser - Super Mario 3D World


    Music: World Bowser
    Composers: Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, Yasuaki Iwata, Koji Kondo
    Platform: Wii U

  • Carlos Mario, Majo y Salomé cantan Flor Pálida - Batallas| La Voz Kids Colombia 2018


    Con una versión perfecta de Flor Pálida de Fernando Borrego los niños enorgullecieron a Andrés. Majo fue versátil, Salomé fue precisa y Carlos Mario impactante, tanto que ganó esta batalla.

    La Voz Kids Colombia temporada 3.

    Suscríbete a nuestro canal:





  • Super Mario Odyssey - Jump up, Super Star! // Piano Cover


    This is the theme song of Super Mario Odyssey, arranged for piano!

    MIDI (Patreon):

    Arranged by Tim Burnelis
    Performed in Synthesia
    Original by Nintendo

  • Mario but it SLAPS ????


    When you send a metal guitarist your Mario track ????
    Another collab track!
    Kris Xenopoulos slapping that 8 string.

    Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros.

    ???? CATCH ME ON:
    TikTok (very new):
    Bandcamp (older YouTube songs):

    ???? CATCH KRIS ON:

  • Staff Roll - Super Mario 64


    Music: Staff Roll
    Composer: Koji Kondo
    Platform: Nintendo 64

  • Super Mario World - Overworld Theme LaunchPad Cover


    ♫ Soundcloud Download:

    ➽ Goblin Store (Merch):

    2nd Channel (Goblin Mixes):

    ────Follow On Social Media─────


    Shout out to Kaskobi for the LaunchPad stickers:

    Shout out to Red Screen Productions for the video production:

  • Yoshis Island - Super Mario World


    Music: Yoshi's Island
    Composer: Koji Kondo
    Platform: SNES

    Please read the channel description.

  • MARIO x LACIKA Feat ESSEMM - Lehetsz bármilyen távol - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


    Menedzser:Kiss József aka Dj Junior: 06 30 941 83 24

    Promóter : Varga Mónika: 06 70 772 07 73




    Felvétel/mix/master: Tóth Ádám
    Klip: Matuz Adam

    Verse 1:
    Nézd milyen üres most az ég
    Pedig még nem rég
    Ezer csillag szórta fentről ránk a fényt
    Ne kérd, hogy elfeledjek mindent
    Rajtad kívül másom nincsen
    kérlek ne menj messze
    Hozzuk helyre mind ezt

    Lehetsz bármilyen távol (napok, hetek)
    Bennem még ugyanúgy lángol (telhetnek el)
    Kérlek ne engedd, hogy fájjon
    A te két szemed még amiért bármit megteszek

    Én aki mindig rossz úton járt
    Annyi csalódás után
    Most végre úgy éreztem szívem nálad haza talált
    És te, aki nem hiszel már bennem
    Hiszen annyi rosszat tettem
    De minden bűnömért megfizettem

    Miért kéne kettőnkben tévednem?
    Úgy illünk egymáshoz mint a filmekben
    Ezért hallgasd szívemnek dallamát
    És lásd amit nem láthat senki más,
    Bár álmod valóra válthatnám
    Hogyha kérnéd megtenném a csillagokat is elhoznám.

    A hideg éjszakában érted a szívem lángol
    Csak neked zenélek, amíg a közönség táncol
    Miattam ne sírj, arcodon ne legyen fátyol
    Mert én érted rajongok, míg a tömeg engem sztárol
    Amikor fúj a szél és a felhők alatt ázol
    Ott akarok lenni veled, nem máskor, hanem mától
    Melletted kell, hogy legyek, én nem lehetek máshol
    Bármennyit megyek érted, lehetsz bármilyen távol

  • Attempting to Make a Video Game Theme with Mario Paint in One Night || Shady Cicada


    ► Full song at - 13:09

    Video Game Themes. They tend to be themes in video games. Crazy fact, I know. I've said a load of things about video game themes already, but it's pretty interesting to hear how trans-formative they are, due to the melodies that accompany some of them. Sometimes a theme is so memorable (and possibly iconic) that it can transcend genres/styles and still stay true to what it originally was, giving listeners the same feeling it was intended to give. (Some non-video game songs can do this too by the way). Take an iconic video game song, turn it into 8-bit, make it a beatsaber level, create a rock version of it, or even make a Mario Paint version and you can guarantee there will be someone who vibes with it. Speaking of Mario Paint, it was HUGE for covers back in the day. I would binge watch so many of them when I was a young teen (a smol shady who knew nothing about music composition yet). I always wondered how they made these themes on Mario Paint. Now I'm finally at a stage where people are requesting me to try it out, so here's me trying to make an original video game theme with it. This is Attempting to Make a Video Game Theme with Mario Paint in One Night. I hope you enjoy! This song was inspired by the Mario games (duh), various JRPG themes, and a little bit of Undertale/Deltarune.

    The program in this video is Mario Paint Composer. The original site has been down for who knows how long. Just look around for a bit and you'll find it.

    -Songs in the video (all made by me)-
    ► Daydreamer
    ► Push On!
    ► Swan Song

    -Support me on Patreon-

    ► Subscribe:
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    ► Twitch:
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    Current Balloon Boy avatar drawn by Dorsa Bidhendi:
    Shady Cicada Banner drawing by ShyGuyXXL:


    Guitar: Schecter Banshee Elite 6 (with Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega Pick ups)
    Bass: Ibanez Soundgear SDGR
    Strings: Elixir Light-Heavy
    Orchestra: East West Symphonic Orchestra (Gold Version)
    Synths/Synth Drums/Various Instruments: Xpand!2

    Interface: Line 6 UX2
    Audio Software (DAW): Cubase 5
    Tone Software: POD Farm 2 & Bias FX
    Drums: Superior Drummer 2.0
    Mixing/Mastering Software: Izotope 5
    Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
    Video Camera: Canon Rebel T5i

  • Super Mario Bros: Music in 8 Bits


    How many of you grew up playing Super Mario Brothers? (hand emoji) Our Soldiers are bringing you the sounds of Mario, Luigi, mushroom power-ups and all the coins on today's We Stand Ready. #usarmybands #songsofcomfort #dontstopthemusic #armymusic #militarymusic #supermario #nintendo #videogamemusic

    1:22 Original Theme / Super Mario Sunshine - Secret Course
    4:03 Donkey Kong 64 - Jungle Japes
    6:25 Grant Kirkhope Interview
    8:56 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Athletic Theme
    10:35 Super Mario World Arranged - Super Mario World Theme
    15:24 Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield / Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Throwback Galaxy
    17:33 Super Mario Odyssey - New Donk City Theme

    For more information visit our website or contact:
    The United States Army Field Band
    4214 Field Band Drive
    STE 5330
    Fort Meade, Maryland 20755-7055

  • Super Mario World


    Super Mario: Overworld Theme composed by Koji Kondo
    Fingerstyle Guitar by Marcos Kaiser
    Johnny B. Goode:
    The Last of the Mohicans:
    Mortal Kombat:
    The Simpsons Theme:
    Titanic Theme:
    Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now):
    Rocky II (Going The Distance):
    Pink Panther (Theme):

  • Mario Fresh feat. Alex Velea - Am ramas cu gandul la tine


    Subscribe to your favourite music:

    FreshlyBaked Playlist:

    Mario Fresh – Am ramas cu gandul la tine
    Muzica: Serban Cazan, Batranu Razvan
    Text: Velea Alexandru, Micu Dorian
    © 2014 Roton, Ha Ha Ha Production, GoldenBoy Concept
    (P) 2014 Roton


    Primul te iubesc, primul tau sarut
    Nu stiam ce-nseamna dar doream atat de mult
    Sa-l aud, sa simt
    Buzele tale nu mint, esti ca o floare
    Un crin ce sta sub soare
    Lasa-ma sa te ating
    Sa simt buzele tale, nu mint esti ca o floare
    Un crin ce sta sub soare
    Lasa-ma sa te ating

    Bridge :
    Haide sa vezi, cum e viata langa mine
    Si realizez ca nu mai vad pe nimeni, tu esti prima iubire.

    Refren :
    Am ramas cu gandul la tine
    M-ai cucerit cu o simpla privire
    Si tot ce e, e despre tine
    Zi-mi ce sa fac sa vii pe la mine

    Alex :
    M-am indragostit prima data eram intr-a 7a
    Ma gandeam la ea ziua, ma gandeam si noaptea
    Nu stiam, cum sa fac cum sa-i spun
    Dintr-o data, era lumea meu, dupa ea eram nebun
    N-aveam curaj s-o sun, inima era o bomba ( Tic - Tac - Bum )
    Asteptam sa vina seara, mergeam pana la ea la bloc
    N-aveam texte, cautam pretexte
    Propuneam un joc
    ( hei ) adevar sau provocare
    Eram mare hot de mic
    Ma alegeam c-o sarutare

    Refren :
    Am ramas cu gandul la tine
    M-ai cucerit cu o simpla privire
    Si tot ce e, e despre tine
    Zi-mi ce sa fac sa vii pe la mine

    Bridge :
    Haide sa vezi, cum e viata langa mine
    Si realizez ca nu mai vad pe nimeni, tu esti prima iubire

    Refren :
    Am ramas cu gandul la tine
    M-ai cucerit cu o simpla privire
    Si tot ce e, e despre tine
    Zi-mi ce sa fac sa vii pe la mine

    Roton Music TV is the channel where hitmakers gather!
    With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Roton earned its position in the top of the most important labels in Romania.
    Starting with 2011, Roton is the Warner Music Licensee for Romania.
    The artists we represent are one of the most successful in Romania and also were a huge breakthrough in the international market, topping radio and sales around the world.
    Roton is home of artists such as Inna, Fly Project, Akcent, Alexandra Stan, Antonia, Corina, Anda Adam, Amna, Connect-R, Maxim, Sandra N, Radio Killer, Andreea Balan and many more.
    We post new amazing videos and hits at least twice a week. Some of our playlists are updated weekly. We update FreshlyBaked playlist every Wednesday while SuperWeekend is updated every Friday.
    Our music is available here so, tune in and enjoy it!

  • JJD - Mario Free Download



    This is my tribute to the video game character Mario by Nintendo®. Be sure to hit the thumbs up if you like it, and subscribe if you want to hear more!

    No copyright infringement intended. US Copyright Act 1976 (USC) - Fair use

  • Super Mario World - Castle / Boss - Super Guitar Bros


    Sam and Steve do the castle theme from Super Mario World. Then they get to the boss. Then they beat the boss.

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    0:00 - 2:21 Castle
    2:21 - 3:14 Koopa Kid Battle
    3:14 - 3:30 Fortress Clear

  • Jump Up, Super Star || Metal Cover ft. @Christian Richardson + Tiggs


    Jump Up, Super Star! from that brand new Super Mario Odyssey game ya'll have been playing so much of.
    ▶️ Get my NEW MARIO Album ▫️▫️▫️▫️
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    A 2.5 year old project that me and my buddy @Christian Richardson started is FINALLY out. I didn't write a description properly, but I can sum it up as.. I've wanted to work with Christian, given our awesome shared influences of prog and modern rock and friendship, and we spent years going through so so much revisions, work, life delays, and couldn't be happier this is out. There's a ton of love in every song, every riff, and we hope you will hear that too. ALSO we are doing an exclusive Bandcamp run until July when the album will be made available on Spotify etc...

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    ▫️▫️ Tiggs Channel:
    ▫️▫️ Christian Richardson's Channel:
    Sprouteeh (Album Artist):

    ▫️▫️ Composed by Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, Koji Kondo

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    I'm Ro P. and I make progressive-rock music, covers, and more! If you like crazy riffs, diverse rockin' tunes, or video games you should check out my channel!

    I do NOT make TABS or SHEETS for my music.

  • In The Final - Piano Tutorial


    One of our most requested tutorials! Enjoy!
    Sheet music:
    Learn piano easily:
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    Learn how to play In The Final from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story by Yoko Shimomura on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!

    In The Final is the boss battle music heard in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It begins with a fast line of arpeggios and develops into a driving and exciting boss theme with emotional undertones to remind the player of the importance of the battle. In this piano tutorial you will learn how to play In The Final from Bowser's Inside Story in its entirety: enjoy!

    This piano arrangement of In The Final is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our Synthesia piano tutorial, or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!

    Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson

    Get the newest sheets:
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  • Mario : le plus grand succès de Franco


    Nous sommes à la Cité de La voix du Zaïre, où sont regroupées la radio et la télévision du pays. Franco est au studio Maman Angebi, qui porte le nom d’une grande dame de la télévision zaïroise. Il est l’invité de la célèbre émission « Variété Samedi Soir ».

    Présenté par Lukunku Sampu, vedette de la télévision zaïroise (une sorte de Michel Drucker, pour le public français). Le tube Mario (une quinzaine de minutes) est sorti en 1985 et ce live à la télé peut-être de la même année, sinon de 1986. C’est peut-être le moment où Franco présente le Madilu, confirmé comme chanteur majeur du groupe à Bruxelles un peu auparavant.

    Mario, tout le monde a chanté son nom, fredonnant l’air de la chanson, aux quatre coins du continent. Ceux qui ne parlent pas lingala ont retenu le nom, mais bien peu en ont compris le sens. Mario est une manière de gigolo qui vit aux crochets d’une femme qui a réussi et l’entretient. Mais elle se plaint de lui : de ses abus, de son machisme (alors qu’il vit à ses dépens) de sa brutalité et de son irresponsabilité. C’est les reproches de cette femme fatiguée (na lembi, en lingala) qui sont au cœur de la chanson. Madilu lui prête sa voix. Quant à Franco ici, il admoneste Mario et se fait l’interprète de la malheureuse.

    Qui est Mario ? Il y a eu beaucoup de spéculations. Franco ayant été le peintre de la société, nombreux sont ceux qui ont cru reconnaître des connaissances ou des célébrités. Mais comme personne ne savait clairement qui était ce gigolo que l’on dénonce, Franco a laissé grandir le suspense, ce qui a créé ce qu’on appellerait aujourd’hui « le buzz » : mais qui est donc Mario ?

    Traduit pour PAM par Kerwin Mayizo.

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  • Super Mario Bros. Theme feat. John Petrucci | FamilyJules


    Super Mario Bros. Theme feat. John Petrucci and FamilyJules

    Get this cover (also on Spotify!):
    Google Play:

    This was a dream come true. Ernie Ball hit me up and asked me if I would like to do a video with John Petrucci this month while he was doing his tour for G3. John is one of my biggest influences of all time, I've been listening to Dream Theater for as long as I can remember and owe so much of my playing ability to his tutorials on YouTube as well as his DVD, Rock Discipline. He is one of my biggest idols of all time and getting to do this with him was immeasurably huge for me. It's so hard to even think of words to describe it here. Thank you again to Ernie Ball for their extreme generosity in giving me this gorgeous guitar and the amazing opportunity to work with John Petrucci! I hope you guys enjoy the Mario theme re-imagined by the greatest prog guitarist of our time.

    Usually I extend my covers to be much longer but due to John's strict tour schedule, it was difficult for him to do anymore than a minute long tune. Needless to say, he didn't need much more to annihilate this song. I'm so grateful he was able to carve time out of his busy schedule to do this.

    Please check out the Monarchy Series Majesty by Ernie Ball Music Man. It is a work of art and an absolute dream to play. I will be playing it a lot more on YouTube after Year 4 is over!

    Check out John Petrucci at G3!

    Follow Ernie Ball!

    If you'd like to support me, buy my music online or pledge to me on Patreon!

    Proudly endorsed by:
    Ernie Ball Strings (
    Schecter Guitars (

    Composed by: Koji Kondo
    Filming by: Adriana Figueroa

    John's Guitar: Imperial Blue Monarchy Series Majesty
    Jules' Guitar: Majestic Purple Monarchy Series Majesty

    Interface: Axe-Fx II XL+
    Mixer: Makie ProFX8
    Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020
    Audio Software: Cubase 8
    Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
    Video Camera: Canon Eos Rebel T3i

  • Jump Up, Super Star!


    A cover of Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey feat. insaneintherainmusic (
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    • ================ •

    Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey
    Original: Mahito Yokota

    - Vocals: Adriana Figueroa (
    - Arrangement: insaneintherainmusic (
    - Mastering: FamilyJules (
    - Artwork: Psuede (

    Check out more of Psuede's wonderful artwork here!

    • ================ •


    HUGE thanks to my Diamond Level Patreon Producers who helped support this cover!
    (Learn more about how to become one here:

    ♡ ♡ Erik Kurtz, Mark Bartholomew, Alma Jordan, William Luciani & Gentlecat ♡ ♡

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    [[ LYRICS: ]]

    Here we go, off the rails
    Don't you know it's time to raise our sails?
    It's freedom like you never knew

    Don't need bags, or a pass
    Say the word, I'll be there in a flash
    You could say my hat is off to you

    Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon
    From this great wide wacky world
    Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah!

    It's time to jump up in the air
    Jump up, don't be scared
    Just jump up and your cares will soar away
    And if the dark clouds start to swirl
    Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause
    I'll be your 1-Up Girl

    So let's all jump up super high
    High up in the sky,
    There's no power-up like dancing
    You know that you're my Super Star
    No one else can take me this far
    I'm flipping the switch
    Get ready for this, oh
    Let's do the Odyssey!

    Odyssey, ya see (x7)
    Odyssey, Odyssey!

    Spin the wheel, take a chance
    Every journey starts a new romance
    A new world's calling out to you

    Take a turn, off the path
    Find a new addition to the cast
    You know that any captain needs a crew

    Take it in stride as you move, side to side
    They're just different points of view
    Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah!

    Come on and jump up in the air
    Jump without a care
    Jump up 'cause you know that I'll be there
    And if you find you're short on joy
    Don't fret, just don't forget that
    You're still our 1-Up Boy

    So go on, straighten up your cap
    Let your toes begin to tap
    This rhythm is a power 'shroom
    Don't forget you're the Super Star
    No one else can make it this far
    Put a comb through that stache
    Now you've got panache, oh
    Let's do the Odyssey!

    It's time to jump up in the air
    Jump up, don't be scared
    Just jump up and your cares will soar away
    And if the dark clouds start to swirl
    Don't fear, don't shed a tear, 'cause
    I'll be your 1-Up Girl

    Now listen all you boys and girls
    All around the world
    Don't be afraid to get up and move
    You know that we're all Super Stars
    We're the ones who've made it this far
    Put a smile on that face
    There's no time to waste, oh
    Let's do the Odyssey!



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