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Playlist of Mariage d'Amour

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    Mariage dAmour


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    Many think that is Chopin - Spring Waltz, but it is not true. This piece Mariage d'Amour is composed by Paul de Senneville and arranged by George Davidson. The composition of Mariage d'Amour was popularized by Richard Clayderman.

    🌟Fun fact:
    Mariage d'Amour means Marriage of Love.

    (not available)

    Yamaha P-255
    Nikon D5300
    Stereo Audio Cable

    Composed by Paul de Senneville
    Arranged by George Davidson
    Performed and improved by Toms Mucenieks

    Enjoy! ;)

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    Mariage dAmour - Paul de Senneville || Jacobs Piano


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    This piece is originally written by Paul de Senneville and performed by Richard Clayderman. The piece was rearranged by pianist George Davidson and it is his version I perform here. This version is also incorrectly known as Chopin's Spring Waltz. I believe this is caused by a popular, but wrong titled, video here on youtube.

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    Enjoy! /Jacob

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    Chopin - Spring Waltz Please Read Description


    🌟Disclaimer: This piece is also known as Mariage D'amour by Paul de Senneville. ''Chopin - Spring Waltz'' is just a pseudonym. Chopin hasn't written this piece. I uploaded this piece when I, just like you, didn't know the truth that this piece is not by Chopin! But... Unfortunately, if I'll change the name of this video to the correct one, other videos with name Chopin Spring Waltz will rise on top(there's hundreds of them!), so I put this disclaimer on top of description of the most popular video. I truly didn't want to pour misinformation around. I'm genuinely sorry for inconveniences it caused to you... :(

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    (not available)

    Yamaha DGX-650
    Nikon D5300
    Stereo Audio Cable

    Performed by Toms Mucenieks

    Enjoy! ;)

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    Mariage dAmour - Paul de Senneville \\ Synthesia Piano Tutorial


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    This piece is originally written by Paul de Senneville and performed by Richard Clayderman. The piece was rearranged by pianist George Davidson and this is his version. This version is also incorrectly known as Spring Waltz by classical composer Frédéric Chopin. I believe this is caused by a popular, but wrong titled, video here on youtube (which has now been deleted).

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    Richard Clayderman


    Mariage d'amour

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    Richard Clayderman - Mariage DAmour


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    How To Play: Mariage dAmour - Paul De Senneville/George Davidson | Piano Tutorial Lesson + Sheets


    Piano Tutorial Lesson: Learn how to play MARIAGE D'AMOUR by PAUL DE SENNEVILLE on piano.
    • Sheet Music available here: | 20% off:

    This piano piece is composed by Paul de Senneville and performed by Richard Clayderman. George Davidson rearranged this piece and I added my own touch to his version.

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    Part 1
    0:06 Preview
    0:52 Left Hand
    1:36 Left Hand (played)
    3:05 Right Hand
    5:03 Left & Right Hand

    Part 2
    06:24 Preview
    07:00 Left Hand
    07:54 Left Hand (played)
    09:22 Right Hand
    10:26 Left & Right Hand

    Part 3
    11:40 Preview
    12:14 Left Hand
    12:42 Right Hand
    13:19 Right Hand (played)
    13:09 Left & Right Hand

    Part 4 (Ending)
    14:59 How It Can Be Played Like

    • Easy:
    • Easy (Slow):
    • Advanced:
    • Advanced (Slow):

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    Mariage dAmour - EASY Piano Tutorial by PlutaX


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    Mariage DAmour George Davidson | Waltz


    Love conquers All ♡
    ◇Video Edited by OLJA
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    Mariage d'amour (English: Love marriage) is a piece of French solo piano music, composed by Paul de Senneville in 1987, and first performed by the pianist Richard Clayderman from his album Lettre À Ma Mère in 1994.] Later, pianist George Davidson performed this piece of music from his album My Heart Will Go On with a slightly different version. This piece is sometimes erroneously attributed to Frédéric Chopin as his Spring Waltz because of an upload on YouTube with the wrong title

    ◆Video Edited by OLJA

    ➤Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

    ◆ All photos, stills, clips and music are copyrighted to their respective owners. This video is for recreational purposes only. !It serves the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment for beautiful music . If you like the music, please support the artists by buying their music through the given portal links.

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    Mariage D Amour ... Richard Clayderman


    Wtańcz mnie w swoje piękno i... niech skrzypce drżą.
    Przez paniczny strach,aż znajdę w nim bezpieczny port!
    Chcę oliwną być gałązką...podnieś mnie i... leć!
    Tańcz mnie po miłości kres ...

    Leonard Cohen

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    Mariage D Amour


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    Here's my version of Mariage D' Amour, written by Paul de Senneville. This piece is usually played on piano but I'm playing it on guitar instead :)

    This is one of my favorite pieces because I used to hear my older brother play it on the piano all the time before I could play guitar. I have always wished to play it but now I can, so here it is on classical guitar.

    I hope you like it!

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    Mariage dAmour Beautiful Piano Cover


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    *This is Mariage D'amoure composed by Paul Senneville and arranged George Davidson* Idk why people call it Spring Waltz.

    Sorry. Haven't uploaded for a while. Hope you like this. :)
    That's synthesia in background. Somehow managed it to work with my piano. :D

    Piano: Yamaha DGX-650
    Camera: LG G4

    Composed by Paul Senneville
    Arranged by George Davidson
    Performed by Toms Mucenieks

    Share, subscribe, etc, etc! =)

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    Mariage damour Spring Waltz


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Mariage d'amour Spring Waltz (Piano) · Marco Velocci

    Mariage d'amour (Piano)

    ℗ Valle Giovanni Edizioni Musicali

    Released on: 2017-12-13

    Arranger: George Davidson
    Composer: Paul de Senneville
    Composer: Olivier Toussaint

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Mariage dAmour


    Provided to YouTube by Soundrop

    Mariage d'Amour · Jacob's Piano

    Mariage d'Amour

    ℗ 2016 Jacob's Piano

    Released on: 2017-03-19

    Lyricist: Paul de Senneville

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Mariage DAmour - Richard Clayderman - Jarvis Huy Phan Piano Cover Video


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    Mariage D'Amour

    Composed by Paul De Senneville

    Originally Performed by Richard Clayderman

    Performed by Jarvis Phan

    Recorded by Antarez Audio - Sound Engineer by Iver Zhang

    Directed by Jansen Tong

    Edited by Mohammed Fadl

    Camera by Jansen Tong, Mohammed Fadl, Gilbert Giacomini

    Special thanks to the music staff of Vancouver Community College

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    MARIAGE dAMOUR PAUL SENNEVILLE PIANO Tutorial Mariage dAmour Music Sheet Брак по любви Как играть


    MARIAGE d'AMOUR PAUL SENNEVILLE PIANO Tutorial Mariage dAmour Music Sheet Брак по любви Как играть на пианино Поль Синневиль Фортепиано Ноты Туториал Очень красивая музыка на пианино Very beautiful piano music Amazing piano musuc #MariagedamourHowtoplay #MariagedamourTutorial #VerybeautifulPianoMusic #SpringWaltz #SpringWaltzChopinHowToPlay #бракполюбвимузыка #бракполюбвинапианино #оченькрасиваямузыканапианино #PaulSennevilleMusicSheet


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    How To Play - Mariage dAmour


    This is a step by step piano tutorial on Mariage d'Amour by Richard Clayderman (Also known as the Chopin Spring Waltz)
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    夢中的婚禮 Mariage Damour - Steven Law


    Arranged and Played by Steven Law
    My Fans Page:

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    Chopin - Spring Waltz


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    In this PIANO TUTORIAL you can learn HOW TO PLAY Spring Waltz by Frederic Chopin! ;)

    🌟Fun fact:
    Spring Waltz doesn't exist. Chopin never wrote it. It's Mariage D Amour arranged by George Davidson. I just wanted to make this tutorial for people searching how to learn Spring Waltz.

    Yamaha DGX-650
    Stereo Audio Cable

    Tutorial created by Toms Mucenieks

    Enjoy! ;)

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    💛☀️💛 mariage d’amour


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    Mariage dAmour - SLOW EASY Piano Tutorial by PlutaX


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    Paris Aspen Arin - Mariage D’Amour


    Kimmel Center Philadelphia Peace Day Concert

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    Mariage DAmour


    More Music @

    This piece is called Mariage D'Amour and it is one of Richard Clayderman's most known and romantic pieces. I am redoing it because I happened to watch the performance by the Chinese armless pianist, Liu Wei who plays this piece by his feet. That is a biggest surprise I have ever seen in my life. This is for him and all people who are on the down side of advantage and rely purely on courage. As always, thank you for watching. If you like my videos, please feel free to subscribe to my channel.

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    Richard Clayderman - Mariage damour


    Richard Clayderman Live At The Coliseo
    Mariage d'Amour (Piano & Strings)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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    Mariage D’amour 夢中的婚禮 by Winona



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    George Davidson - Mariage Damour


    Artist : George Davidson

    Title : Mariage D'amour

    Album : My heart will go on

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    Mariage DAmour - Richard Clayderman, Piano


    Buy PDF

    Piano Sheet Music, Mariage D'Amour (Dream wedding) - Paul de Senneville, Richard Clayderman, Piano PDF

    Piano Tutorial, Piano Sheet Music PDF

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    The Best of Richard Clayderman


    Track list for this album:
    00:00 Hungarian Sonata
    03:16 A Comme Amour
    06:34 Mariage D Amour
    09:15 For Elise
    13:29 For My Sweetheart
    16:24 Jardin Secret
    18:37 Ballade Pour Adeline
    21:17 Love Story
    24:21 Green Fields
    26:56 Black Bird Flies
    29:13 Turkish Rondo
    32:34 Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us)
    34:53 Concerto Pour Une Jeune
    38:37 Winter Sonata
    42:11 Right Here Waiting For You
    45:58 Invisible Love
    49:27 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
    52:39 Love Is Blue
    55:37 Boulevard Des Solitudes
    59:21 The Sound Of Silence
    1:02:36 Gemini
    1:05:48 Yesterday Once More
    1:09:03 I Have A Dream
    1:12:12 Top Of The World
    1:15:20 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
    1:19:55 Serenade
    1:23:06 Moonlight Sonata
    1:26:34 Lemon Tree
    1:29:50 Woman in Love
    1:32:19 Les Derniers Jours d’Anastasia Kemsky
    1:35:37 Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
    1:38:55 Fall In Love
    1:42:03 I Will Always Love You

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    Mariage D Amour


    A hardcore/drum and bass remix of a famous piano song Mariage D'Amour, also known as Chopin's Spring Waltz.

    Mariage D'Amour
    Composed by Paul de Senneville / made popular by Richard Clayderman
    Remixed by Cashew
    Visualized by CattoTako (Cattohato + Takato)
    Made for StepF2 / Stepmania.

    CattoHato's channel:
    Subscribe to him for more furry/rhythm game shenanigans!

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    Mariage DAmour - Từ Hạc Vi


    👉 Nhạc cụ Vũ Thịnh - Chuyên cung cấp các dòng sáo: Sáo ngang, sáo mèo, tiêu, dizi, sáo bầu, harmonica, ocarina, Kalimba...
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    ☎️: 0961.972.300
    📪: Số 1, ngõ 52 Tương Mai, P. Đồng Tâm, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

    My facebook:
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    Chúc các bạn có những giây phút thư giãn trên kênh của mình. Hãy đăng kí và chia sẻ nếu thấy video hay.
    Cảm ơn cả nhà đã ủng hộ!

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    Mariage dAmour - Original vs Oriental


    This is my version of mariage d'amour in original and oriental style, watch until the end.

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    Mariage DAmour


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Mariage D'Amour · George Davidson

    My Heart Will Go On

    ℗ 1998 GD Productions Inc.

    Released on: 2000-12-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    MARIAGE DAMOUR . Richard Clayderman. Joaquín al violín.


    „Aprende canciones con el piano de manera rápida y sencilla con esta app:

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    Hướng dẫn MARIAGE DAMOUR Piano easy


    Các bạn hãy đăng ký kênh của mình để cập nhật những bài hướng dẫn Piano mới nhất nhé. Cảm ơn các bạn!

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    Berk Can Arslan - Mariage dAmour


    Berk Can Arslan'ın cover çalışmaları devam ediyor.. Mariage d'Amour eserini kendi tarzıyla yorumlayan Berk Can Arslan'ın diğer videolarını izlemek ve kanalına abone olmak için; ►

    Berk Can Arslan'ın ikinci video klip çalışması Son Rüya yayında!

    Berk Can Arslan'ın profesyonel kariyerinin ilk albümü Dokunuş YouTube'da ve tüm dijital müzik platformlarında yayında!


    Beste: Reşid Behbudov
    Düzenleme: Berk Can Arslan


    Berk Can Arslan'ın müzik sektörüne giriş parçası Kavuşma çok yakında YouTube ve tüm dijital müzik platformlarında yayında!

    Kavuşma parçası tüm dijital müzik platformlarında yayında!






    Berk Can Arslan'ı Sosyal Medya'da Takip Edin!

    #BerkCanArslan #Dokunuş #SonRüya

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    Paul de Senneville MARIAGE DAMOUR HD


    Thanks for watching! ~ Mikko & Elisa ~ Photos of the beautiful landscapes of Finland by Mikko Lönnberg:

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    Mariage Damour /Richard Clayderman Music Box


    Recently posted music box videos

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    * This sound is an original sound created by R3 Music Box.
    * If you use this sound as BGM, you do not need my permission.
    * Real music box is not for sale.
    * Can not provide the score or MIDI data.

    #r3musicbox #cover #bgm #lullaby #sleep #musicbox

    日本語版のR3 Music Boxチャンネル

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    Richard Clayderman - Mariage Damour - Piano Cover by Artemis


    I'm 14-year-old soprano, pianist, actress, model, martial artist, and gymnasts. I loved playing Richard Clayderman's Marriage D'amour!
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    Google +:
    Snapchat: IAm_Artemis
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    Special thanks to the First Baptist church for letting me film in their beautiful sanctuary.

    This video was filmed in June 2012.


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    Mariage DAmour - George Davidson


    Follow Us :

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    Mariage damour | Paul de Senneville performed by Sebastian Sidi


    Mariage d'amour | Paul de Senneville perfromed by Sebastian Sidi
    featuring Amy Serrano on Violin

    This version is sometimes erroneously attributed to Frédéric Chopin as Spring Waltz

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    Chopin Spring Waltz 1 hours


    ►Simplicity and Beauty:
    ►Favorite Tune:
    ►Chopin Live:

    Piano: 1 Hour Chopin Spring Waltz In fact this song was composed by Paul de Senneville. This beautiful song is popularly known as Spring Waltz. Maybe she was inspired by the great master. Check out:

    Instrumental music channel with the best of classical music for your enjoyment. Classical music with the best of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Villa Lobos, Grieg, Debussy and other composers,

    Enjoy these beautiful songs of piano, violin, cello, guitar and orchestra to study, relax, meditate, calm down, work ...

    Read more:
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    Leave your like in the video and share. ❤ Thank you!


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    Mariage DAmour | Richard Clayderman | Harp Cover | Harp Music | Sarasota, Florida | #emmatheharpist


    ☀️ Website:

    🌴 Instagram:

    🌺 #emmatheharpist #harpist #sarasota #sarasotaharpist #floridaharpist #florida #harp #harpmusic #music #goodvibes #harpvibes

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    MARIAGE DAMOUR P.SENNEVILLE Tutorial|Pop song|piano|Ноты|Как играть|разбор|


    MARIAGE D'AMOUR Composed Paul de SENNEVILLE and Oliver TOUSSAINT, also called Chopin-Spring Waltz. Tutorial sheet|Pop song|piano|Ноты|Как играть|разбор|

    HOW to PLAY PIANO CHORDS|Аккорды Ноты|Как играть| :

    TUTORIAL PIANO SHEETS FOLK SONG | Много хороших песен:

    SUBSCRIBE my FREE PIANO LESSONS |Уроки на пианино:

    Training channel. The channel is dedicated to playing the piano and musical creativity.
    Piano Tutorial by A.Vasilyeva. Easy versions for beginner pianists. You can easily learn to read and play music. If you need scores write:

    Учебный канал. Канал посвящен игре на фортепиано и музыкальному творчеству. Вы можете разбирать мелодии от базового до продвинутого, просматривая эти музыкальные клипы.
    Учебный лист от А.Васильевой. Легкие версии для начинающих пианистов. Вы можете легко научиться читать и играть по нотам. А так же сверху нот подписаны цифры, чтобы разучивать эту мелодию правильными пальцами. Ссылка на ноты :


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    Mariage dAmour - Ilse de Ziah


    Thank you for watching! Would you like to be amazing and support me making more? If you would like to help me to continue making beautiful cello music and have the sheet music to this, visit

    to see how.

    This is my version of Marriage d'Amour also known as Spring Waltz from another YouTube clip. Written for Richard Clayderman by Paul Senneville in 1978, this romantic piece has lovely chord changes.

    Thank you to the support of my patrons from Patreon who support me in making my videos.

    For other sheet music I have arranged for solo cello visit

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    Richard Clayderman - Mariage damour



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    Mariage dAmour // RICHARD CLAYDERMAN


    Mariage d'Amour was among the first pieces that earned him his popularity, second only to Ballade Pour Adeline.
    ♫ Learn piano with the songs you love: - sponsored by flowkey
    - - - - -
    Richard Clayderman is one of the most successful pianists in the world. He has recorded over 1,300 melodies and is still doing tours around the world today.
    - - - - -
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    Mariage D麓amour


    Provided to YouTube by DH1MEDIA

    Mariage D麓amour · Johnny Days Orchestra

    Love Instrumental, Vol. 4

    ℗ 2012 IM Music Group

    Released on: 2017-01-20

    Main Artist: Johnny Days Orchestra

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    MARIAGE DAMOUR piano cover 梦中的婚礼


    my new digital piano YAMAHA DGX 640 lol

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    Mariage DAmour


    A romantic love song by Paul de Senneville .

    Please subscribe and click Thumb up if you enjoy this song. Thank you.

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    Piano Performance: Mariage Damour


    Piano Performance: Mariage D'amour (Dream Wedding)
    Performer: Mickey Chen
    Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center, Taipei

    鋼琴演奏: 夢中的婚禮
    彈奏者: 陳何易

    Mariage D'amour
    Dream Wedding
    Mickey Chen
    Richard Clayderman



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