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Playlist of March: Cairo Red Shield

  • March: Cairo Red Shield - Albert S. Raikes


    Canadian Staff Band (SA), Brian Burditt, Bandmaster

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  • Cairo Red Shield - Salvation Army Band


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  • The Red Shield - Henry Goffin


    Massed bands of The New York Staff Band and Black Dyke Band perform The Red Shield by Henry Goffin at the NYSB's 129th annual festival held on March 19, 2016 at the Centennial Memorial Temple in New York City.

  • Cairo Red Shield - Chicago Staff Band of The Salvation Army


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  • The Red Shield - Black Dyke Band


    No copyright intended - may this music glorify Gods name. Links below.

    This is The Red Shield performed by The Black Dyke Band. It is taken from their album 'World Class Marches of the Salvation Army - Volume I' which features many great band marches. It was released in 2009. Further volumes were recorded and released by the Black Dyke Band. This march was intended for street parades and open air. It was written in 1928 and the title refers to the worldly recognised Red Shield logo of the Salvation Army.

    The CD track listing is below.
    1. The Red Shield
    2. Star Lake
    3. Silver Star
    4. The Invincible Army
    5. Soldiers of Christ
    6. California
    7. Anthem of the Free
    8. Rousseau
    9. Mighty To Save
    10. Crown of Conquest
    11. In the Firing Line
    12. Emblem of the Army
    13. Torchbearers
    14. Wisbech Citadel
    15. Under Two Flags
    16. Rosehill
    17. Fighting For The Lord
    18. Montreal Citadel

    This CD and the other volumes (I-IV) are available to buy online from:
    Amazon -

    Black Dyke Website -

    SP&S Online - (can buy individual tracks at this link as well as complete album)

    God bless

  • Cairo Red Shield - Royal Oak Citadel Band


    The Royal Oak Citadel Band of the Salvation Army, under the direction of Fred Mbesi, perform Stan Raikes's classic march Cairo Red Shield on September 30, 2012.

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  • Cairo Red Shield March.MTS


    Boscombe Band playing at Lymington United Reformed Church, November 2010

  • Melbourne Red Shield Band March


    Premiere of the March written by Noel Jones to celebrate the renaming of the band from the Melbourne Veterans Band to the Melbourne Red Shield Band. Played by the Melbourne Red Shield Band and the Melbourne Staff Band 21 June 2014

  • Cairo Red Shield - Boscombe Band of The Salvation Army


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  • The Red Shield - Enfield Citadel Band of The Salvation Army


  • March: St. Gertude - Sullivan/G. Langford.


    Black Dyke Mills Band

  • Cairo Red Shield.WMV


    Amsterdam West and London Central Fellowship band playing Cairo Red Shield.

  • March - The Red Shield - Melbourne Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • MARCH - THE RED SHIELD - Combined Bands


    Bandmaster Doug Hardy
    Brass out West Concert
    August 2018
    Blacktown City Salvation Army Corps (Sydney, Australia)

  • The Red Shield, H.C. Goffin – Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern


    29th Besson Swiss Open Contest – September 2018, KKL Lucerne

    The Red Shield by H.C. Goffin
    performance by Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern
    conducted by Michael Bach

  • March - The Red Shield - Brass of Praise of The Salvation Army


  • The red Shield


    Africa-brasset spelar The red shield i Jönköping 20 nov 2011.

  • Cairo Red Shield


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Cairo Red Shield · Palmerston North Salvation Army Band

    Torch Bearers

    ℗ 1960 H.M.V. New Zealand Ltd

    Released on: 1960-01-01

    Producer: Peter Hitchcock
    Composer Lyricist: Albert Raikes

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Red shield - played at the brassweekend by guest soloist Dudley Bright and the


    The Red shield, played at the brassweekend by guest soloist Dudley Bright and the trombone section from the Amsterdam Staff Band of the Salvation Army.
    1st Edwin Outhuijse, 2nd Mirjam Potters and Bass Mark Onstwedder.

  • The Red Shield - Brassband Breukelen


    Op een concert van een brassband mag natuurlijk een echte mars niet ontbreken. Deze mars komt uit het Leger des Heils repertoire, The Red Shield kinkt in de Hanzehof in Zutphen.

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  • The Red Shield


    Queen City Brass Band Fall Concert 2011
    Oct 17, 2011 Jason Robison - Director
    Charlotte, NC
    The Red Shield March

  • Floraburn Red Shield


    US Heavy/Stoner Rock band Floraburn
    Single Release (Jan 2015)

  • Enfield Band Red Shield March


    The Enfield Band of the Salvation Army, live recording from Melbourne Australia in 1980. Recorded onto Cassette. Audio Restored and transferred to Digital format by C.F. Audio.

  • The Red Shield


    Massed Band:
    - Valdres Brass
    - Hasle Brass
    - Oslo Temple Band
    conducted by John Philip Hannevik

  • Cairo Red Sheild - Cardiff Canton SA Band Remembrance 2013


    Cardiff Canton Band playing the march Cairo Red Shield during the remembrance day march 2013.

  • Baritone vs Euphonium - Comparison


    First thing to note - I don't have a decent mic, so you can't really observe the true scale of the tonal differences between these two instruments.

    In this video I compare two instruments - a Besson 700 series Baritone with a Besson Sovereign Euphonium. In the process I use a small excerpt from 'Slavische Fantasie' and the march 'Cairo Red Shield'.

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  • Salvation Army Canadian Staff Band - The Red Shield


    The Red Shield March - Henry C. Goffin
    Salvation Army Canadian Staff Band
    recorded on: April 9, 2016
    performed at: Salvation Army Fairview Citadel, 50 Gesner Street, Halifax

    The Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation Army visited Halifax on April 9th, 2016. After running clinics and workshops for players in many of the local Nova Scotian Salvation Army church brass bands, they performed an incredible evening concert for the public.

    I hope these videos will adequately portray just how pleased the audience was with the level of performance and fun these amazing players brought to the stage. Thank you CSB! Please visit us here in Halifax again very soon!

  • March - Rosehill - New York Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • Bristol Easton & Cardiff Canton Band - Cairo Red Shield


    Bristol Easton and Cardiff Canton Bands of The Salvation Army in a partnership festival at Cardiff Canton Corps, 12th April 2014.

  • Rousseau Festival March


    Bergen Brass Band Festival March Rosseau

    Recorded at Siddis Brass Festival in Stavanger, Norway 2002.

    Conductor Helge Haukås.

  • Golden Jubilee - New York Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • Symphonic Concert March - Melbourne Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • The Contestor


    British Brass Band march by T.J. Powell

  • Montreal Citadel


    City of Oxford Band perform Montreal Citadel by Norman Audoire at their 'Friendship Through Music' Concert in St Barnabas Church in Jericho, Oxford in May 2013. Conducted by Steve Sizeland

  • William Himes: God of Wonders .


    New York Staff Band (SA). B/M Brian Bowen.

  • The Canadian - Canadian Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • Red Shield March


    University of Warwick Brass Band playing Red Shield March

  • The Red Shield


    Enfield Citadel Band playing The Red Shield in a joint concert with the London Central Fellowship Band at the Ipswich Salvation Army 21.04.2012

  • ARC Centennial March - Wellington South Band


    Last weekend I conducted the Wellington South Salvation Army band through a number of pieces during a divisional band festival. Here's the March ARC Centennial.

    This march was written by Stephen Bulla to celebrate 100 years of the Adult Rehabilitation Centres work in the USA helping with drug and alcohol addiction recovery.


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  • Star Lake - New York Staff Band of The Salvation Army


  • Irish Guards Band plays The Red Shield, Major Generals Review, 30th May 2015


  • The red shield.STAVANGER


    Goffin.the Stavanger Band/Avid Anthun

  • March: Viva Birkinshaw - William Rimmer


    Black Dyke Mills Band - Major Peter Parkes

  • Red Shield - Newton Citadel Salvation Army Band


  • March - Montreal Citadel - Ottawa Citadel Band of The Salvation Army


  • Powerpoint - Salvation Army Band


  • March - Rosehill - Enfield Citadel Band


  • March - Indomitable - Blackpool Citadel Band of The Salvation Army


  • March - Unconquered - Derby Central Band of The Salvation Army


  • Band of the Irish Guards Playing The Red Shield


    The Irish Guard Band at Spruce Meadows 2013