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Playlist of MI CASA

  • Heer And Hero


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    Heer and Hero follows the journey of a girl, Geet (Minissha Lamba) a fashion designer, who wins a chance to visit Paris for a fashion show. However, her marriage is fixed and her father stops her from going to Paris. Three boys - Raj, Fateh and Bhupi are all in love with Geet and want her to fly to Paris. They help her escape on the day of her wedding. They all are in love with Geet and do not want to miss a chance to win over her love. To find out which Hero gets the Heer; watch the film. .

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  • Choliya Dance Kumaoni -Tilsari


    Dating back to over a thousand years, the Chholiya Dance has its origins in the warring Kshatriyas of Kumaun- the Khasas, when marriages were performed at the point of the swords.
    The native Kshatriyas were united by the Chand Kings who arrived' on the scene in the 10th century. Flux of immigrants Rajputs who made native kshatriyas a small minority also took on the hill customs and influenced pahari culture with their traditions & language.The days of marriages on the point of sword were over but the traditions attached to it still continued.
    That is why the groom is still known as Kunwar (कुंवर) or Raja (राजा) (King) in Kumaun. He rides a horse in the marriage procession and wears a Khukri in his belt.[3]



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