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  • MARINA 5 ANNOUNCEMENT! - What You Need to Know


    Welcome back to the Happy Homewrecker channel! In this short video, we'll be going over the M5 (Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land) announcement and the new merch announcements. Make sure to subscribe for more MARINA related videos!

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  • How has MARINAs speaking voice changed over the years?


    Hey guys! Welcome back to another video, in this video, we'll be looking back at MARINA's interviews and seeing how her voice has changed throughout the years. I Couldn't find anything from 2014 for some reason so sorry about that one. But other than that, I hope you enjoy this one.


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  • 2021 GRAMMY Nominations Announced


    The 63rd Annual GRAMMY Award nominations have been officially announced.

    For the complete list of nominees, click here:

    Want to see who takes home GRAMMY gold? Tune in to the 63rd GRAMMY Awards airing Sunday, January 31, 2021 only on CBS. Check your local listings.

    About the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs:
    Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future.

    Connect with the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs:

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    #GRAMMYs #RecordingAcademy #GRAMMYnominations

  • aespa 에스파 ‘MY, KARINA’


    aespa's debut single Black Mamba is Out!
    ????Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    ????Black Mamba MV:
    ????The Debut Stage

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    aespa official

    #aespa #æspa #에스파

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  • Never Immortal - Halsey vs. Marina & The Diamonds


    Now Or Never by Halsey vs. Immortal by Marina & The Diamonds.
    Quick lil' announcement that although I was planning on a Pride mashup for this year, life got in the way and so did the mashup version of writer's block so I'm not going to make one this year. I'll link last year's down below :)

    Love Gets Better Together:


    If you're having trouble watching any of my videos and you're on a mobile device, try on a computer. If you're still having issues viewing, leave a comment in the discussion tab with the name of the mashup you're having issues with.

  • 13th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition - 2006 - Chronicle


    13th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition 2006
    Poznań, 14-29 October 2006

    XIII Międzynarodowy Konkurs Skrzypcowy im. Henryka Wieniawskiego
    Poznań, 14-29 października 2006

    1st Prize: Agata SZYMCZEWSKA -- Poland
    2nd Prize: Airi SUZUKI -- Japan
    3rd Prize: Anna Maria STAŚKIEWICZ -- Poland
    4th Prize: Lev SOLODOVNIKOV -- Russia
    5th Prize: Maria MACHOWSKA -- Poland, Jarosław NADRZYCKI -- Poland
    6th Prize: Wojciech PŁAWNER -- Poland
    Award: Simeon KLIMASHEVSKIY -- Russia

    Konstanty Andrzej KULKA (chairman/przewodniczący)
    Edouard GRACH
    Koichiro HARADA
    Marina JASHWILI
    Wolfgang MARSCHNER
    Bartek NIZIOŁ
    Igor OZIM
    Zlatko STAHULJAK
    Wanda WIŁKOMIRSKA (vice-chairwoman/wiceprzewodnicząca)
    Lina YU
    Grigorij ZHYSLIN

    Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society

    Towarzystwo Muzyczne im. Henryka Wieniawskiego

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  • Above & Beyond #ABGT250 Live at The Gorge Amphitheatre, Washington State


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    Above & Beyond live for the 250th edition of Group Therapy Radio. Broadcast from The Gorge Amphitheatre, WA on September 16th, 2017.
    Video produced by Anjunabeats and NOMOBO.
    4K live production by

    With thanks to our friends at T-Mobile, Live Nation, Twitter, USC Events and every single one of you who attended - we will treasure this night for the rest of our lives. Thank you.

    Watch ABGT400 London:
    Watch ABGT350 Prague:
    Watch ABGT300 Hong Kong:
    Watch ABGT200 Amsterdam :
    Watch ABGT150 Sydney:
    Watch ABGT100 New York City:

    1. Above & Beyond 'Hideaway' (Anjunabeats)
    2. Grum 'Price of Love' [Above & Beyond Respray] (Anjunabeats)
    3. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal ’This Love Kills Me' [Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix / Above & Beyond Respray] (Anjunabeats)
    4. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston 'My Own Hymn' [Extended Mix] (Anjunabeats)
    5. Fatum 'Chocolate' (Anjunabeats)
    6. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab vs. Thomas Gold 'Sirens Of The Sea / Chant'
    7. Spencer Brown feat. Rachel K Collier ’Always Do You' [Oliver Smith Remix] (Anjunabeats)
    8. Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May 'Signs of the Fall' (Anjunabeats)
    9. Above & Beyond ‘1001’ (Is It Love) (Anjunabeats)
    10. Cara Dillon & 2Devine vs. Maor Levi & Kevin Wild 'Black Is The Colour / Wasting My Young Years'
    11. ilan Bluestone ‘Another Lover’ (Anjunabeats)
    12. Above & Beyond feat. Marty Longstaff ‘Tightrope’ [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
    13. Above & Beyond ‘Balearic Balls’
    14. Tim Mason ‘Aalto' (Anjunabeats)
    15. Mat Zo & Arty vs. Bart Claessen ‘Elf / Rebound’
    16. Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa 'Alright Now' [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
    17. Above & Beyond ‘Rocket Science' (Anjunabeats)
    18. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford ’Northern Soul' (Anjunabeats)
    19. Above & Beyond ‘Red Rocks’ (Anjunabeats)
    20. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston ’Peace of Mind' [Arty Remix] (Anjunabeats)
    21. Above & Beyond 'Alone Tonight' [ABGT250 Edit] (Anjunabeats)
    22. Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas ‘Sink The Lighthouse' [Maor Levi Remix] (Anjunabeats)
    23. Above & Beyond 'Black Room Boy' [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
    24. Above & Beyond feat. Alex Vargas ‘Blue Sky Action' (Anjunabeats)
    25. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston ’We’re All We Need' ilan Bluestone Remix / ABGT50 Acoustic Edit] (Anjunabeats)
    26. Above & Beyond ‘Common Ground’ (Anjunabeats)

    Live dates:

    #ABGT #AboveandBeyond

  • ╔═ ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???? ???????????????? - | ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥


  • Northern Lights in Singapore


    Northern Lights in Singapore,
    by Aleksandra Stratimirovic
    An announcement for upcoming event

    3-26th March 2017
    iLight Marina Bay festival
    Marina Bay Waterfront

    Northern Lights is a light-art piece inspired by the enthralling experience of the aurora borealis, the spectacular and poetic natural light phenomenon that occurs in the sky of the northern hemisphere.

    Northern Lights travelled to Jardin du Palais Royal, France, 2014, Amsterdam Light Festival, 2015, Jerusalem Light Festival, 2016, and now, coming to iLight Marina Bay festival, Singapore.

    Northern Lights was realized in collaboration with Amsterdam Light Festival.

    Music: excerpt from a 'Northern lights dragon over Singapore' by Nenad Vještica Khan, composed for this event.

    Video editing: Nenad Vještica Khan

    Picture of Singapore used taken from:

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  • NAVY SEALs STORM Gates’ Wyoming Ranch


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  • Im sorry....



    Starring Miz Cracker as Lady Gaga
    Directed by Marina Barham
    Producer: Lauren Roerich
    Assistant Director: Cameron Strittmatter
    Director of Photography: Jacob Wilson
    First Assistant Camera: Sun Jung Kim
    Editor: Marina Elise
    Second Assistant Camera: Valeria Martinez
    B-Cam Operator: Justin Donaldson
    Boom Operator: Eowyn Innes
    Production Assistant: Taryn Cohn
    Production Assistant: Olivia Stevers
    Production Assistant: Sierra Holloway
    BTS Photographer: Walker Smith
    Outfit by: David Dalrymple

    EXTRAS: Kyle Eckert, Quincy Ellis, Juicy Liu, Troy Allen, Colin Hedrick, Erin Scoigletti, Emily Seddon, Jenn Ingraham, Heidi Haux, Jan Sport, Paige Spangler, Rachael Holbreich, Julia Sweeney, Julie Costello, Savannah White, Jonah Moeller, Aaron Landon, Nelson Lin, Roberto Aguilar, Abby Scofield, Tim Lyzen, Eddie Nasatka, Jake Hughes, Laurel McPherson, Rhetta Mykeal, Alfredo Macias, Kari Kerning, Zach Flores, Henry Thomas

  • Marina - New Album Fan Made Eras Promo


    Just something I edited together for fun to celebrate Marina's upcoming album Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land!

  • HSC Wish Marina High School


    Kaleb Wish

  • My Big Announcement!


    Its been a crazy last few weeks, and I'm excited to finally share some big news with everyone!

  • Stefen and Marinas Tiny House Part 1


    Building the tiny house in Sacramento where it will be sustainable, recycled, and a reclaimed home. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Give me some tips, ask questions, or come and help me build it! This video is about the metal frame we welded together and used metal studs for the framing.

  • Marina Shifrin: 2Legit 2Gangnam Style!


    The infamous Marina Shifrin virally(?) quit her jab by dancing the early morning away- but THIS is the unseen footage.. you haven't seen, until you've seen it..

    - created at

  • Massari in Mall


    Massari paying a visit to Kuwait decided to drop by the mall

  • Sakura Gakuin - Horiuchi Marina on Hello! PlayStation®Vita TV Commercial さくら学院


    Marina on her second TV commercial, originally aired in 2013-11-01.

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  • Marina - Purge The Poison New Song


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    Credits: Marina

    #Marina #PurgeThePoison #Lyrics

    MARINA - Purge The Poison


    Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Available June 11th

    Purge The Poison Available Now -

    Text 323.433.6663 to join the sisterhood -

    Subscribe to the MARINA YouTube Channel -

    Follow MARINA

    ©If anyone has any issues with this video kindly contact us we will remove this video immediately.
    This is a fan made video.

    All my friends are witches
    And we live in Hollywood
    Mystical bitches
    Making our own sisterhood
    Whilst society is falling
    We are quietly reforming
    Protecting the planet
    Healing our own damage

    Quarantined, all alone
    Mother nature on the phone
    What have you been doing?
    Don’t forget, I am your home
    Virus come, fires burn
    Until human beings learn
    From every disaster
    You are not my master

    Need to purge the poison
    Show us our humanity
    All the bad and good
    Racism and misogyny
    Nothing’s hidden anymore
    Capitalism made us poor
    God forgive America
    For every single war

    Need to purge the poison
    From my system until
    Human beings listen
    Tell me, who’d you think are?
    It’s your own decision
    But your home is now your prison
    You forgot that without me
    You won’t go far

    2007, when size zero was the rage
    Britney shaved her head and all we did was call her crazed
    Harvey Weinstein’s gone to jail, #metoo​ helped us to unveil
    Truth and all its glory
    The ending of a story

    It’s a New World Order
    Everything just falls away
    Our life as we knew it
    Now belongs to yesterday
    Inside all the love and the hate
    We can all regenerate
    Stop how we been living
    Every single day

    Need to purge the poison
    From my system until
    Human beings listen
    Tell me, who’d you think are?
    It’s your own decision
    But your home is now your prison
    You forgot that without me
    You won’t go far

    I just want a world where I can see the feminine
    We only make up one quarter of the government
    Like an angel gone to hell
    Cast the moon under our spell
    Owning our power
    Taking back what’s ours

    Earth is like a white rose
    Quiet cloud of petals cold
    A place so corrupt where Angel’s flesh and blood is sold
    The feminine is born as new
    Studded with a diamond dew
    Saw the dawn was coming
    Everybody knew

    Need to purge the poison
    From my system until Human beings listen
    Tell me, who’d you think are?
    It’s your own decision
    But your home is now your prison
    You forgot that without me
    You won’t go far

    Need to purge the poison
    From my system until Human beings listen
    Tell me, who’d you think are?
    It’s your own decision
    But your home is now your prison
    You forgot that without me
    You won’t go far

  • US & Canada Tour Announcement


    Pre-order the new album Gameshow out 10/14:

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  • MARINA - Lies



    PURGE THE POISON Available Now.

    Text 323.433.6663 to join the sisterhood.

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    #MARINA #Lies #ElectraHeart

  • Sunset Tiki Bar at Doctors Lake Marina and Take A Free Ride Fleming Island FL


    Sunset Tiki Bar at Doctors Lake Marina partners with Take A Free Ride to provide safe transportation to their patrons.

  • Inductee Announcement


    So-Fla-Pa Horodecki's Pool Party 5/29/21

  • Marina City Live @ Q101 Piqniq Concert 6/30/18


    Marina City Live @ Q101 Piqniq Concert 6/30/18 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Tinley Park, IL

  • Marina and The Diamonds - Weeds


    Official Audio for Weeds by Marina and The Diamonds

  • Womanizer x Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land Britney Spears & MARINA


    Songs used:

    Britney Spears - Womanizer (vocals)

    MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land (instrumental & acapella)

  • Marina and The Chipmunks!! New episode tonight!!!


    Watch ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks tonight, 5:30 on Nickelodeon! Thanks for being so supportive, y'all

  • Coffee, Music, & Me: A Long Walk to Merlion


    This is the continuation of my long walk to Merlion. Here is the linked where the long walk starts.

    In Part 1 we walked from Esplanade Station (Circle Line), to Marina Square, Millenia Walk, to Millenia Walk, to Suntec Singapore Convention, to War Memorial Park, to St. Andrew's Cathedral, to National Gallery Singapore, to Singapore Cricket Club, to Lim Bo Seng Memorial, to Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, to Asian Civilisations Museum, to Cavenagh Bridge, to OUE Link, to OUE Tower, to Clifford Square .

    Here in part 2, we continue our walk from to One Fullerton, to Merlion Jetty/ Singapore River Cruise, to Merlion Park, to Jubilee Bridge, to Esplanade Forecourt Garden, and to CityLink where this journey ends.

    A. Music Source :
    1. Dance for You - Revel Day
    2. Like a Queen - spring gang
    3. What Can I Do - Dayon
    4. That Just Ain't Enough for Me - Stonekeepers
    5. Better Place - spring gang
    6. Take Whatever - spring gang
    7. You'll Be Fine - spring gang
    8. You're Mine - The Furthermores
    9. Slow You Down - Park Lane
    10.Without Your Love - L.M. Styles
    11.All Is Said - The New Fools
    12.Stays the Same - Gloria Tells

  • Dis moi oui marina Arnaud Seassari


    facebook : instagram :

  • Lately | Leena Salim live at Marina Mandarin Hotel | Singapore


    Leena Salim performing live at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore Jun 2012.

    Keyboard: Stephen Francis | Flute: Terry

  • Shampain Marina and the Diamonds - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Ballroom 12/17/12


    Shampain Marina and the Diamonds - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Ballroom 12/17/12
    Lonely Hearts Club Tour

  • GET TO KNOW: Sandro Nicolas - Cyprus ???????? - 2020


    The fourth artist to be announced is... Sandro Nicolas from Germany. He was announced by the Cypriot Broadcaster on November 29, 2019. Sandro is the fourth of 41 artists to be announced for Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam.

    What is your opinion about Sandro? Do you think he will finish high? Please let me know in the comments. Did you like this video or would you like to see more of it? Subscribe to my channel and stay informed about the latest news.

    #Gettoknow #Eurovision #Sandro

    ???? Follow me now on Instagram! mreurovision2020
    For Daily Eurovision!

    Details of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020:
    Belgium ???????? - Hooverphonic - (to be announced)
    Bulgaria ???????? - Victoria - (to be announced)
    Cyprus ???????? - Sandro Nicolas - (to be announced)
    Spain ???????? - Blas Cantó - (to be announced)

    esc, jesc, junior, eurovision, song, contest, 2018, 2019, mr eurovision, channel, trailer, like, comment, subscribe, national, selection, final, grand, semi, winner, represent, announcement, country, countries, Eurovision in concert, Israel Calling, London Eurovision Party, Eurovision Madrid, recap, prediction, my top, history, all entries, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, North Macedonia, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, ukraine, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, Israel, Tel Aviv, Toy, Dare to Dream, Slogan, Stage, Artwork, ADAL, Australia Decides, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Destination Eurovision, Dora, Eesti Laul, ESCZ, Eurovizijos, Evrovizijska Melodija, Festival de Cancao, FIK, Melodifestivalen, MGP, Montevizija, O Melodie Pentru Europa, Operacion Triunfo, Sanremo, Selectia Nationala, Söngvakepnin, Supernova, UMK, Unser Lied für Israel, Vidbir, You Decide, Jonida Maliqi, Ktehju Tokes, SRBUK, Walking Out, Kate Miller-Heidke, Zero Gravity, Paenda, Limits, Truth, Chingiz, Like It, Zena, Wake Up, Eliot, The Dream, Roko Blazevic, Tamta, Replay, Friend of a Friend, Lake Malawi, Love is Forever, Leonora, Storm, Victor Crone, Look Away, Darude, Rot, Bilal Hassani, Sul Tsin Lare, Oto Nemsadze, Sister, S!sters, Better Love, Katerine Duska, Az en apam, Joci Papai, Hatrid mun sigra, Hatiri, Sarah McTernan, 22, Home, Kobi Marimi, Soldi, Mahmood, That Night, Carousel, Run with the lions, Jurijus Vaklenko, Chamelon, Michela Pace, Stay, Anna Odobescu, Heaven, D-mol, Arcade, Duncan Laurence, Proud, Tamara Todevska, Spirit in the Sky, KEiiNO, Pali she, Tulia, Telemoveis, Conan Osiris, On a Sunday, Ester Peony, Scream, Sergey Lazarev, Say Na Na Na, Serhat, Kruna, Nevena Bozovic, Sebi, Zala Kralj & Gasper Santl, La Venda, Miki, Too Late For Love, John Lundvik, She Got Me, Luca Hanni, Bigger Than Us, Michael Rice, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Maastricht, Arnhem, Hooverphonic, Blas Cantó, Victoria, Sandro Nicolas

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  • Oceania Cruises Riviera La Reserve 07.05.2018


    La Reserve offre seminari sui vini e cene gourmet di sette portate per i suoi 24 ospiti. Si trova a bordo di Riviera e Marina. L’esperienza culinaria richiede un supplemento

  • Cover Contest For Linkin Park Songs Announcement


    Cover contest for Linkin Park songs announcement.

    Linkin Park tribute band from Belarus (Minsk city).

    Live videos of Lincoln Park:
    Papercut -
    In The End -



    #LincolnPark #LincolnParkTributeBand #LinkinPark #MikeShinoda #ChesterBennington #ChesterForever #LPfamily #live #cover #tribute #tributeband #coverband #linkinparktribute #linkinparktributeband #linkinparkcover #320changesdirection #makechesterproud

  • MAROON 5 | Dont Wanna Know



    Snapchat: snap_96onedream


    PO Box 73752
    WC1A 9LS

  • Stokowski. Carmen


    Bizet: Carmen - Hollywood Bowl, 1946
    LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI, conductor.

    - Cast -
    Winifred Heidt (Carmen)
    Ramón Vinay (Don José)
    James Pease (Escamillo)
    Marina Koshetz (Micaëla)
    Bajo Charles Ferguson (Zuñiga)
    Alice Lee (Frasquita)
    Barbara Patton (Mercédès)
    Henry Reese (Le Dancaïre)
    Thomas McGranahan (Le Remendado)

    Orchestra and Chorus of the Hollywood Bowl Symphony
    Live recording, 11/VII/1946

    #RamónVinay #Carmen #LeopoldStokowski


  • 18 ~ Break Time Announcement ~ MumboJumbo @ DcoyDucks


    Barry Hynes - Guitar & Vocals, Greg Slusher - Bass Guitar & Vocals, Paul Fish - Drums & Vocals

    ~ Mumbo Jumbo ~

    Labor Day Weekend - Party Time at Dcoy Ducks!! - Especially for our energetic & very enthusiastic gentlemanly dancer with a cap, who was the first on the floor... while already-overly-juiced-primed-and-lubed since we loaded-in and set-up, an hour earlier, my only problem with him was he kept stumbling into the tripod & camera & knocking it off frame & finally, by the end of the first set, I found it leaning perpendicularly against the wall, thankfully wedged against the jukebox, that kept it from crashing to the floor...

    While on break, I set the camera up on the other side of the room, when I was able to secure a semi-safe location to place the tripod - It worked much better...!!!

    Recorded Friday, Aug. 30, 2013, 10-2 am, at Dcoy Ducks, 5410 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach (Anna Maria Island), FLA, USA, by some DamnGeezer....

    ( ~ Save A Life - Please Watch Out For Motorcycles - Look Both Ways - Check Your Mirrors Twice... Then Check Again... Thank You - Bless Your Heart ~ )

  • Splatfest - Theme Announcement - Splatoon 2 Soundtrack


    Splatoon 2 (+ Octo Expansion) Playlist:
    Watch the 24/7 Nintendo Music Stream:
    Composers: Toru Minegishi, Ryo Nagamatsu, Shiho Fujii

    Join us on Discord!



    Lyric & Music : Karasuya Sabo
    theme : Akane Fujiwara (CV: Taguchi Hanayu) Noda Kokomi (CV: Yuri Akijo) Seto Marina (CV: Yusha Hirano) MurasakiSaki Chris (CV: AokiMao) Rina Miyashiro (CV: Mari Gomi Gaya) Hirai Kana (CV: Yu Ikehane) Madoka Shiraishi (CV: nuevos greens Mako) Tokion Hinata (CV: Nana Matsudaira) REVOLUTIA Full ver
    Copyright Info:

    Be aware this channel is only for promotion purpose.
    All music belongs to the original creators.

  • Faulty door at Dhoby Ghaut station


    A faulty door at Dhoby Ghaut station caused delays between Marina Bay and Newton Stations on both bounds, at about 5.15pm on Wednesday (Oct 15). (Video: Lin Xiaoqian)

  • TRAIN RACE SMRT C651 arriving Woodlands


  • The Broods We Had Everything Live 5/26/17 at Chicago IL House Of Blues


    The Broods We Had Everything Live 5/26/17 at Chicago IL House Of Blues

  • Paano mag-apply sa BFP? 2020 Guide | Qualifications | Requirements | Schedule Update


    BFP Application Guide 2020
    -Schedule Announcement
    Follow us on Facebook:

    Visit our Website:

    Follow! Like! Subscribe! Share!

  • Maroon 5 Announces Summer Tour With Train


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    Watch Adam Levine's tour announcement:

    Another big tour announcement today! Keep it here for the story!

    Hey there! You're tuned in to ClevverMusic, and I'm bridget Daly in Hollywood California. Adam Levine made a monster announcement this morning—that Maroon 5 will be touring with Train this summer! Adam made the announcement via his YouTube channel, saying that they're really excited about this summer, but Adam himself is most stoked to be playing the Hollywood Bowl. He said it's a venue he's always dreamed about.

    As for tickets, fan club members can buy them April 26th, and everyone else will have to wait til April 29th and 30th to buy tickets. Gavin DeGraw will serve as the opening act for the first leg of the tour, while Matt Nathanson will open for the tour's second leg.Check out all the dates on to see if they're coming to a city near you! Will you be attending one of the shows? Let us know below, and subscribe to ClevverMusic's YouTube channel for more industry buzz. I'm Bridget Daly, see ya next time!

  • Aaron Jay Kernis: Lullaby Solungga Liu, piano


    Composed by Aaron Jay Kernis
    Performed by Solungga Liu
    Published by G. Schirmer (used with permission)

    Program Notes:
    Lullaby is the central movement of my piano suite entitled Before Sleep and Dreams written in 1987-1990. The suite is reminiscent of the spirit of works such as Schumann’s Kinderszenen or Debussy’s Children’s Corner, and contains references to the Romantic and Impressionistic keyboard styles of Debussy and Chopin. The structure of Before Sleep and Dreams is based on my idea (not actual experience at the time) of what putting a small child to bed might be like. Lullaby has a gentle melancholy and a lyric, searching tone that suggests, through the rocking motion of the minor thirds that open and pervade the movement, the orchestral world of Mahler, who was a formative influence on my earlier work. - Aaron Jay Kernis

    Recorded December 15, 2020 in Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts

    Video and Sound by Michael Laurello
    ℗ 2020 Bowling Green State University

  • Marina Evans-Любовь по проводам, премьера 2021,новая музыка 2021


    Marina Evans-Любовь по проводам, премьера 2021,новая музыка 2021

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    ❤️ Инстаграм автора канала:

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  • 5 Seconds Of Summer- Youngblood


    Hello guuysss
    Here we are with 5SOS again...
    So, don't forget to share the video, like it and subscribe to our channel.

    So much love Xx

  • Full Episode: Cuomo Pressure Continues, Impeachment Possibilities, Next on Nursing Homes


    On this week's edition of New York NOW: Gov. Andrew Cuomo said again this week that he's not planning to resign amidst claims of sexual harassment and an investigation into his administration's handling of nursing homes.

    Bernadette Hogan from the New York Post and Marina Villenueve from the Associated Press join us with the latest.

    Republicans in the State Assembly are pushing Democrats to move forward with impeachment proceedings for Cuomo. We have more on that with Assemblymember Ed Ra, R-Nassau.

    And the controversy over the Cuomo administration's handling of nursing homes continues. Senate Health Chair Gustavo Rivera, D-Bronx, has an update.

    #NewYorkNOW #AndrewCuomo #NursingHomes

  • Mazurka No. 5


    Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

    Mazurka No. 5 · Anna Brozek

    Maciejewski: Complete Piano Mazurkas

    ℗ 2011 Sarton Records

    Released on: 2011-10-04

    Artist: Anna Brozek
    Composer: Roman Maciejewski

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • F1 2013 - Singapore , 1:41.443


    Preview of the Singapore Grand Prix 2014 (19-21.09.2014)
    Hot lap with Ciung
    I know this isn't best time, right? :P
    All assists off
    Logitech Driving Force GT
    Just for fun :D
    Video made especially for this race weekend.



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